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Trekeze United Kingdom Trademark Information

All purpose sport bags;All-purpose athletic bags;All-purpose carrying bags;All-purpose sports bags;Animal carriers [bags];Animal harnesses;Animal leads;Animal leashes;Ankle-mounted wallets;Art portfolios [cases];Articles of luggage;Artificial fur bags;Athletic bags;Athletics bags;Attaché bags;Attache cases;Attaché cases;Attache cases made of imitation leather;Attache cases made of leather;Back packs;Backpacks;Backpacks [rucksacks];Baggage;Baggage tags;Bags;Bags [envelopes, pouches] for packaging of leather;Bags [envelopes, pouches] of leather for packaging;Bags [envelopes, pouches] of leather, for packaging;Bags for campers;Bags for carrying animals;Bags for carrying pets;Bags for climbers;Bags for clothes;Bags for school;Bags for sports;Bags for sports clothing;Bags for travel;Bags for umbrellas;Bags (Game -) [hunting accessories];Bags (Garment -) for travel;Bags made of imitation leather;Bags made of leather;Bags (Net -) for shopping;Banknote holders;Barrel bags;Beach bags;Beach umbrellas;Beach umbrellas [beach parasols];Beachbags;Beauty cases;Beauty cases [not fitted];Belt bags;Belt bags and hip bags;Belt pouches;Billfolds;Book bags;Boot bags;Boston bags;Brief cases;Briefbags...

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purpose   sport   bagsallpurpose   athletic   bagsallpurpose   carrying   bagsallpurpose   sports   bagsanimal   carriers   bagsanimal   harnessesanimal   leadsanimal   leashesanklemounted   walletsart   portfolios   casesarticles   luggageartificial   fur   bagsathletic   bagsathletics   bagsattach   bagsattache   casesattach   casesattache   cases   imitation   leatherattache   cases   leatherback   packsbackpacksbackpacks   rucksacksbaggagebaggage   tagsbagsbags   envelopes     pouches   packaging  
On Thursday, June 06, 2019, a united kingdom trademark registration was filed for Trekeze by . The United Kingdom IP office has given the trademark application number of UK00003405308. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The Trekeze trademark is filed in the category of Leather Products (not including clothing) , Houseware and Glass Products , Advertising, Business & Retail Services .
Word Mark: Trekeze
Current Status:
LIVE (Circa: 2019)
Application Number: UK00003405308
Filing Date: Thursday, June 06, 2019
Registration Date: Friday, August 30, 2019
Type of Mark: Individual
Mark Feature: Figurative
2019/025: Friday, June 21, 2019
Last Applicant/Owner:
Correspondent: Not Available

Classification Information

Class Description: 018 - Leather Products (not including clothing)
Goods & Services: All purpose sport bags;All-purpose athletic bags;All-purpose carrying bags;All-purpose sports bags;Animal carriers [bags];Animal harnesses;Animal leads;Animal leashes;Ankle-mounted wallets;Art portfolios [cases];Articles of luggage;Artificial fur bags;Athletic bags;Athletics bags;Attaché bags;Attache cases;Attaché cases;Attache cases made of imitation leather;Attache cases made of leather;Back packs;Backpacks;Backpacks [rucksacks];Baggage;Baggage tags;Bags;Bags [envelopes, pouches] for packaging of leather;Bags [envelopes, pouches] of leather for packaging;Bags [envelopes, pouches] of leather, for packaging;Bags for campers;Bags for carrying animals;Bags for carrying pets;Bags for climbers;Bags for clothes;Bags for school;Bags for sports;Bags for sports clothing;Bags for travel;Bags for umbrellas;Bags (Game -) [hunting accessories];Bags (Garment -) for travel;Bags made of imitation leather;Bags made of leather;Bags (Net -) for shopping;Banknote holders;Barrel bags;Beach bags;Beach umbrellas;Beach umbrellas [beach parasols];Beachbags;Beauty cases;Beauty cases [not fitted];Belt bags;Belt bags and hip bags;Belt pouches;Billfolds;Book bags;Boot bags;Boston bags;Brief cases;Briefbags;Briefcases;Briefcases and attache cases;Briefcases for documents;Briefcases [leather goods];Briefcases [leatherware];Briefcases made of leather;Briefcase-type portfolios;Bucket bags;Bum bags;Bumbags;Business card cases;Business card holders in the nature of card cases;Business card holders in the nature of wallets;Business cases;Cabin bags;Calling card cases;Camping bags;Canvas bags;Canvas shopping bags;Card cases [notecases];Card holders made of imitation leather;Card holders made of leather;Card wallets;Card wallets [leatherware];Carriers for suits, for shirts and for dresses;Carriers for suits, shirts and dresses;Carry-all bags;Carryalls;Carrying bags;Carrying cases;Carrying cases for documents;Carry-on bags;Carry-on suitcases;Cases for business cards;Cases for holding keys;Cases for keys;Cases of imitation leather;Cases of leather or leatherboard;Cases, of leather or leatherboard;Casings, of leather, for plate springs;Casings, of leather, for springs;Casual bags;Chain mesh purses;Change purses;Change purses of precious metal;Changing bags;Charm bags (omamori-ire);Charm bags [omamori-ire];Children's shoulder bags;Cloth bags;Clutch bags;Clutch handbags;Clutch purses;Clutch purses [handbags];Clutches [purses];Coin holders;Coin purse frames;Coin purses;Coin purses not made of precious metal;Coin purses, not of precious metal;Coin purses, not of precious metals;Combination walking sticks and umbrellas;Compression cubes adapted for luggage;Conference folders;Conference portfolios;Cosmetic bags;Cosmetic bags sold empty;Cosmetic cases sold empty;Cosmetic purses;Courier bags;Covers for parasols;Covers for umbrellas;Covers (Umbrella -);Credit card cases;Credit card cases [wallets];Credit card holders;Credit card holders made of imitation leather;Credit card holders made of leather;Credit-card holders;Crossbody bags;Cross-body bags;Daypacks;Diplomatic bags;Document cases;Document cases of leather;Document holders [carrying cases];Dog leads;Dog leashes;Dog shoes;Draw reins;Drawstring bags;Drawstring pouches;Driving licence cases;Duffel bags;Duffel bags for travel;Duffle bags;Empty instrument cases for use by doctors;Envelopes, of leather, for packaging;Evening bags;Evening handbags;Evening purses;Fanny packs;Fashion handbags;Felt pouches;Fitted belts for luggage;Fitted protective covers for luggage;Flexible bags for garments;Flight bags;Folding briefcases;Folding walking sticks;Folio cases;Frames for umbrellas;Frames for umbrellas or parasols;Frames (Handbag -);Game bags;Game bags [hunting accessories];Garden umbrellas;Garment bags;Garment bags for travel;Garment bags for travel made of leather;Garment carriers;General purpose sport trolley bags;Gentlemen's handbags;Gent's handbags;Gladstone bags;Golf bag tags of leather;Golf umbrellas;Grips [bags];Grips for holding shopping bags;Grocery tote bags;Gym bags;Hand bags;Handbag frames;Handbag straps;Handbags;Handbags for ladies;Handbags for men;Handbags made of imitations leather;Handbags made of leather;Handbags, not made of precious metal;Handbags, not of precious metal;Handbags, purses and wallets;Handles for canes;Handles for walking-sticks;Handles (Suitcase -);Handles (Walking stick -);Hat boxes for travel;Hat boxes of leather;Haversacks;Hiking bags;Hiking poles;Hiking rucksacks;Hiking sticks;Hip bags;Hipsacks;Holdalls;Hold-alls;Holdalls for sports clothing;Holders in the nature of cases for keys;Holders in the nature of wallets for keys;Hunters' game bags;Hunting bags;Imitation leather bags;Imitation leather hat boxes;Inserts for luggage in the form of compression cubes;Japanese oiled-paper umbrellas (janome-gasa);Japanese paper umbrellas (karakasa);Japanese paper umbrellas [karakasa];Japanese utility pouches (shingen-bukuro);Key bags;Key cases;Key cases [leather goods];Key cases made of leather;Key cases of imitation leather;Key cases of leather;Key pouches;Key wallets;Keycases;Key-cases;Key-cases of leather and skins;Kit bags;Knap sacks;Knapsacks;Knitted bags;Knitted bags, not of precious metals;Knitting bags;Kori wicker trunks;Labels for luggage;Labels of leather;Ladies handbags;Ladies' handbags;Leads for animals;Leads (Leather -);Leashes for animals;Leashes (Leather -);Leather bags;Leather bags and wallets;Leather boxes;Leather briefcases;Leather cases;Leather cases for keys;Leather coin purses;Leather credit card cases;Leather credit card holder;Leather credit card wallets;Leather handbags;Leather key cases;Leather leads;Leather leashes;Leather luggage straps;Leather or leather-board boxes;Leather pouches;Leather purses;Leather shopping bags;Leather suitcases;Leather wallets;Lockable luggage straps;Luggage;Luggage bags;Luggage, bags, wallets and other carriers;Luggage covers;Luggage label holders;Luggage labels;Luggage straps;Luggage tags;Luggage tags [leatherware];Luggage trunks;Makeup bags;Make-up bags;Make-up bags sold empty;Make-up boxes;Make-up cases;Mesh shopping bags;Messenger bags;Metal luggage tags;Motorized suitcases;Mountaineering sticks;Multi-purpose purses;Music bags;Music cases;Net bags for shopping;Nightwear cases [overnight cases];Nose bags;Notecases;Outdoor umbrellas;Overnight bags;Overnight cases;Overnight suitcases;Parasols;Parasols [sun umbrellas];Patio umbrellas;Pet leads;Plastic luggage tags;Pocket wallets;Pocketbooks;Pocketbooks [handbags];Portfolio cases [briefcases];Pouches;Pouches for holding make-up, keys and other personal items;Pouches of leather;Pouches, of leather, for packaging;Pouchettes;Protective suit carriers;Purse frames;Purse frames [handbags];Purses;Purses [leatherware];Purses made of precious metal;Purses, not made of precious metal;Purses not made of precious metal;Purses, not made of precious metal [handbags];Purses [not of precious metal];Purses, not of precious metal;Purses, not of precious metal [handbags];Purses of precious metal;Rainproof parasols;Randsels [Japanese school satchels];Reins;Reins [harness];Reusable shopping bags;Ribs (Umbrella or parasol -);Roll bags;Roller bags;Roller suitcases;Rubber luggage tags;Ruck sacks;Rucksacks;Rucksacks for mountaineers;Rucksacks on castors;Saddle blankets;Saddlebags;Satchels;Satchels (School -);School backpacks;School bags;School book bags;School knapsacks;School satchels;Schoolbags;Schoolchildren's backpacks;Shaving bags sold empty;Shoe bags;Shoe bags for travel;Shopping bags;Shopping bags made of skin;Shopping bags with wheels attached;Shoulder bags;Sling bags;Slouch handbags;Small backpacks;Small bags for men;Small clutch purses;Small purses;Small rucksacks;Small suitcases;Soldiers' equipment (Straps for -);Souvenir bags;Specialty holsters adapted for carrying folding walking sticks;Sport bags;Sports bags;Sports [Bags for -];Sports packs;Sticks (Mountaineering -);Straps for luggage;Straps for soldiers' equipment;Straps for suitcases;String bags for shopping;Suit bags;Suit carriers;Suitcase handles;Suitcases;Suitcases, motorized, rideable;Suitcases with wheels;Sun umbrellas;Sun umbrellas [hand-held];Tags for luggage;Textile shopping bags;Tie cases;Tie cases for travel;Toilet bags;Toiletry bags;Toiletry bags sold empty;Toiletry cases sold empty;Tote bags;Towelling bags;Travel baggage;Travel bags;Travel bags made of plastic materials;Travel cases;Travel garment covers;Travel luggage;Traveling bags;Traveling sets;Traveling sets [leatherware];Traveling trunks;Travelling bags;Travelling bags [leatherware];Travelling bags made of imitation leather;Travelling bags made of leather;Travelling cases;Travelling cases of leather;Travelling sets;Travelling sets [leatherware];Travelling trunks;Trekking sticks;Trolley duffels;Trunks and suitcases;Trunks and traveling bags;Trunks and travelling bags;Trunks being luggage;Trunks [luggage];Two-wheeled shopping bags;Umbrella bags;Unfitted vanity cases;Vanity cases, not fitted;Vanity cases sold empty;Waist bags;Waist packs;Waist pouches;Wallets;Wallets for attachment to belts;Wallets including card holders;Wallets incorporating card holders;Wallets, not of precious metal;Wallets [not of precious metal];Wallets of precious metal;Wallets (Pocket -);Wallets with card compartments;Wash bags for carrying toiletries;Wash bags (not fitted);Waterproof bags;Weekend bags;Wheeled bags;Wheeled luggage;Wheeled shopping bags;Wheeled suitcases;Work bags;Wrist mounted carryall bags;Wrist mounted purses;Wrist-mounted wallets;Airline travel bags.
Class Description: 021 - Houseware and Glass Products
Goods & Services: All-purpose portable household containers;Aluminum water bottles;Aluminum water bottles, empty;Bath brushes;Bath sponges;Bathtub brushes;Beverage coolers [containers];Beverages (Heat insulated containers for -);Beverageware;Body sponges;Boot brushes;Bota bags;Bottle brushes;Bottle cleaning brushes;Bottle coolers;Bottle coolers [receptacles];Bottle cradles;Bottle gourds;Bottle openers;Bottle openers, electric and non-electric;Bottle openers [hand-operated];Bottle pourers;Bottle stands;Bottles;Bottles (Refrigerating -);Bottles, sold empty;Boxes (Soap -);Brushes adapted to receive a cleaning agent;Brushes for cleaning;Brushes for cleaning footwear;Brushes for cleaning tanks and containers;Brushes for footwear;Brushes for household purposes;Brushes for household use;Brushes for personal hygiene;Caddies for holding hair accessories for household and domestic use;Cages for carrying pets;Cages for household pets;Cages for pets;Camping grills;Car washing mitts;Cases adapted for cosmetic utensils;Cases adapted for toilet utensils;Cases (Comb -);Cases for toiletry articles;Cleaning articles;Cleaning brushes;Cleaning brushes for barbecue grills;Cleaning brushes for sports equipment;Cleaning cloth;Cleaning cloths;Cleaning cloths for camera lenses;Cleaning combs;Cleaning instruments, hand-operated;Cleaning mitts of fabric;Cleaning pads;Cleaning rags;Cleaning (Rags [cloth] for -);Cleaning sponges;Clothes brushes;Clothes drying hangers;Clothes drying hangers specially designed for specialty clothing;Cloths for cleaning;Cloths for cleaning made from cellulose;Cloths for cleaning purposes;Cloths for eye-glasses;Cloths for polishing;Cloths for wiping eyeglasses;Cloths for wiping glasses;Cloths for wiping optical lenses;Cloths for wiping spectacles;Coffee brewers (Non-electric -);Coffee cups;Coffee filters, non-electric;Coffee filters not of paper being part of non-electric coffee makers;Coffee filters, not of paper, being part of non-electric coffee makers;Coffee grinders;Coffee grinders, hand-operated;Coffee makers, non-electric;Coffee mills (Hand operated -);Coffee mugs;Coffee percolators, non-electric;Coffee pots;Coffee pots [non-electric];Coffee pots not of precious metal;Coffee scoops;Coffee stirrers;Coffeepots, non-electric;Cold packs for chilling food and beverages;Cold packs used to keep food and drink cold;Coldboxes (Non-electric portable -);Coldboxes (Portable -), non-electric br;Comb cases;Comb (electric);Combined lids for kitchen containers;Combs;Combs (Electric -);Combs for animals;Combs for back-combing hair;Combs for the hair (Large-toothed -);Combs for use on domestic animals;Containers for beverages;Containers for cosmetics;Containers for dentifrices;Containers for household or kitchen use;Containers for household use;Containers for ice;Containers for ice, for household purposes;Cooking mesh bags, other than for microwaves;Cooking pans;Cooking pans [non-electric];Cooking pot sets;Cooking pots;Cooking pots and pans [non-electric];Cooking pots for use in microwave ovens;Cooking pots [non-electric];Cooking skewers;Cooking skewers, not of metal;Cooking skewers of metal;Cooking utensils;Cooking utensils for barbecue use;Cooking utensils for use with domestic barbecues;Cooking utensils, non-electric;Cookware;Cookware and tableware, except forks, knives and spoons;Cookware, except forks, knives and spoons;Cookware for use in microwave ovens;Cookware [pots and pans];Cool bags;Cool boxes;Coolers for wine;Coolers [ice pails];Coolers [non-electric containers];Coolers (Non-electric portable -) Am;Cooling buckets for wine;Cork screws;Corkscrews;Corkscrews, electric and non-electric;Corkscrews with knives;Cosmetic and toilet utensils;Cosmetic bags [fitted];Cosmetic brushes;Cosmetic powder compacts;Cosmetic spatulas;Cosmetic spatulas for use with depilatory preparations;Cosmetic sponges;Cosmetic utensils;Cosmetics applicators;Cosmetics brushes;Couscous cooking pots, non-electric;Covers for dishes;Crockery;Crockery made of porcelain;Cup holders;Cup lids;Cups;Cups and mugs;Cups made of china;Cups made of earthenware;Cups made of plastics;Cups made of pottery;Cups, not of precious metal;Cups of paper or plastic;Cups of precious metal;Cutlery trays;Cutting boards;Deep fryers, non-electric;Dental cleaning articles;Dental floss;Dental floss dispensers;Dental floss [floss for dental purposes];Dental floss (floss for dental purposes);Dental picks for personal use;Dental sticks for personal use;Devices for pest and vermin control;Dinner mats of plastics material;Dinnerware;Dinnerware of porcelain;Dish brushes;Dish covers;Dish drying racks;Dishcloths for washing dishes;Dishes;Dishes for microwave ovens;Dishes for soap;Dishes [household utensils];Dishes not of precious metal;Dishware;Dishwashing brushes;Dispensers for cosmetics;Dispensers for facial tissues;Dispensers for liquid soap;Dispensers for liquid soap [for household purposes];Dispensers for liquids for use with bottles;Dispensers for paper hand towels;Dispensers for paper towels;Dispensers for paper wipes [other than fixed];Dispensers (Soap -);Dispensing paper towels (Boxes for -);Dispensing paper towels (Metal boxes for -);Double heat insulated containers for food;Double wall cups;Drinking bottles;Drinking bottles for sports;Drinking cups;Drinking cups [not of precious metal];Drinking flasks;Drinking flasks [for travellers];Drinking flasks for travellers;Drinking glass holders;Drinking glasses;Drinking goblets;Drinking horns;Drinking mugs made of porcelain;Drinking receptacles;Drinking steins;Drinking straw dispensers;Drinking straws;Drinking vessels;Drinks containers;Drip preventers for bottles;Drying racks for clothes;Drying racks for laundry;Drying racks for washing;Egg frying pans;Egg poachers;Egg separators;Egg separators [kitchen utensils];Egg separators, non-electric, for household purposes;Egg yolk separators;Electric and non-electric toothbrushes;Electric apparatus for killing insects;Electric brushes, except parts of machines;Electric combs;Electric devices for attracting and killing insects;Electric hair combs;Electric make-up removing appliances;Electric rotating hair brushes;Electric tooth brushes;Electric toothbrushes;Electrical insect killing apparatus;Electrical toothbrushes;Electrically heated hair brushes;Empty spray bottles;Empty water bottles for bicycles;Exfoliating brushes;Exfoliating mitts;Exfoliating pads;Exfoliating slippers;Eye make-up applicators;Eyebrow brushes;Eyeglass cleaning cloths;Eyelash brushes;Eyelash combs;Eyeliner brushes;Facial cleansing sponges;Facial sponges for applying make-up;Fitted holders for hair fixers;Fitted holders for skin creams;Fitted liners for ice buckets;Fitted picnic baskets;Fitted picnic baskets, including dishes;Fitted racks for hair fixers;Fitted racks for skin care creams;Fitted toilet bags;Fitted vanity cases;Flasks;Flasks for travellers;Flasks for travellers (Drinking -);Flavored toothpicks;Floating drink holders;Floss for dental purposes;Fly catchers [traps or whisks];Fly swatters;Fly traps;Foam drink holders;Foil food containers;Food containers for pet animals;Food cooling devices, containing heat exchange fluids, for household purposes;Food mashers;Food preserving jars of glass;Food steamers, non-electric;Food storage containers;Food whisks (Non- electric -);Footwear (Brushes for -);Frames for drying and maintaining the shape of clothing items;Fried egg molds;Frying pan lids;Frying pans;Frying pans [non-electric];Glass cleaning implements;Glass containers;Glass cups;Glass flasks;Glass flasks [containers];Glass jars;Glass jars [carboys];Glass mugs;Glass stoppers for bottles;Glass storage jars;Glass tableware;Glasses [drinking vessels];Glasses, drinking vessels and barware;Glassware;Glassware for household purposes;Glassware (Painted -);Glossing cloths [not abrasive];Gloves for polishing;Gloves (Polishing -);Goblets;Golf brushes;Gourds (Bottle -);Griddles [cooking utensils];Griddles [non-electric];Griddles [non-electric cooking utensils];Grill pans made of precious stone;Grill scrapers [cleaning articles];Grill supports;Grills [cooking utensils];Grills in the nature of cooking utensils;Hair brushes;Hair combs;Hair for brushes;Hairbrushes;Hand soap holders;Hand tools for the application of cosmetics;Hand towel dispensers, other than fixed;Hand-operated coffee grinders;Hand-operated food grinders;Hand-operated pepper grinders;Hand-operated pepper mills;Hand-operated salt mills;Hand-operated ski brushes;Hand-operated spice mills;Heads for electric toothbrushes;Heat insulated containers;Heat insulated containers for drinks;Heat insulated domestic vessels of earthenware;Heat insulated domestic vessels of glass;Heat insulated domestic vessels of porcelain;Heat retaining containers for food;Heat-insulated containers;Heat-insulated containers for beverages;Heat-insulated containers for household use;Height adjustable ceiling-mounted drying racks for laundry;Hip flasks;Holders for brushes;Holders for cosmetics;Holders for shaving brushes;Holders for toilet paper;Holders for toothbrushes;Holders for towels;Holders for tumblers;Holders (Toilet paper -);Horns (Drinking -);Hot air hair brushes;Hot pots, not electrically heated;Hot pots [not electrically heated];Household containers;Household containers for storing pet food;Household containers of precious metal;Household or kitchen containers;Household or kitchen utensils;Household utensils;Household utensils for cleaning, brushes and brush-making materials;Ice buckets;Ice cube molds;Ice cube molds for refrigerators;Ice cube molds [moulds];Ice cube moulds;Ice cube moulds for refrigerators;Ice cube trays;Ice pails;Ice scoops;Ice scoops [barware];Ice tongs;Inflatable drink holders;Insulated bottles [flasks];Insulated containers for beverage cans, for domestic use;Insulated flasks;Insulated flasks for household use;Insulated food cover domes;Insulated lids for plates and dishes;Insulated mugs;Insulated vacuum bottles;Insulating flasks;Insulating jars;Insulating sleeve holder for beverage cups;Insulating sleeve holders for beverage cans;Interdental brushes for cleaning the teeth;Isothermic bags;Japanese cast iron kettles, non-electric (tetsubin);Japanese nests of food boxes (jubako);Japanese nests of food boxes [jubako];Jars;Jars (Glass -) [carboys];Jewelry dishes;Jugs;Jugs, not of precious metal;Kettles [non-electric];Kettles, non-electric;Kitchen boards for chopping;Kitchen containers;Kitchen cutting boards;Kitchen grinders, non-electric;Kitchen jars;Kitchen mixers, non-electric;Kitchen paper dispensers;Kitchen paper holders;Kitchen sponges;Kitchen utensils;Kitchen utensils, not of precious metal;Kitchen utensils of silicon;Knife boards;Large-toothed combs for the hair;Laundry baskets;Laundry baskets for household purposes;Laundry bins for household purposes;Laundry drying racks;Leathers for cleaning purposes;Leathers for polishing purposes;Lint brushes;Lint removers, electric or non-electric;Lint rollers;Lint rollers [adhesive] for removing lint from clothing;Lint rollers for clothes;Lintless cleaning cloths;Lip brushes;Liqueur cups;Liqueur flasks;Liqueur sets;Liquid soap dispensers;Liquid soap holders;Lockable non-metal household containers for food;Lotion containers, empty, for household use;Lunch boxes;Lunch boxes made of metal;Lunch boxes made of plastic;Lunch pails;Lunchboxes;Lunch-boxes;Make-up brushes;Make-up removing appliances;Makeup sponge holders;Make-up sponges;Manual toothbrushes;Mascara brushes;Mason jars;Materials [cloths] for polishing;Meal trays;Meat tongs;Mess-tins;Mess-tins [rice cooking canteens];Metal pans;Microfiber cloths for cleaning;Mills for domestic purposes, hand-operated;Mills for household purposes, hand-operated;Mixing spoons;Mixing spoons [kitchen utensils];Molds (Ice cube -);Moulds (Ice cube -);Mugs;Mugs made of ceramic materials;Mugs made of china;Mugs made of earthenware;Mugs made of fine bone china;Mugs made of plastic;Mugs made of porcelain;Mugs, not of precious metal;Mugs of china;Mugs of porcelain;Mugs of precious metal;Nail brushes;Neoprene zippered bottle holders;Non electric coffee pots not of precious metal;Non-electric bottle openers;Non-electric coffee drippers for brewing coffee;Non-electric coffee frothers;Non-electric coffee percolators;Non-electric coffee pots;Non-electric coffee servers of precious metal;Non-electric cooking pans;Non-electric cooking pots and pans;Non-electric cooking steamers;Non-electric coolers for wine;Non-electric deep fryers;Non-electric egg beaters;Non-electric food blenders [for household purposes];Non-electric food mixers;Non-electric food mixers [for household purposes];Non-electric food steamers;Non-electric frying pans;Non-electric griddles;Non-electric griddles [cooking utensils];Non-electric Japanese cast iron kettles [tetsubin];Non-electric kettles;Non-electric lint removers;Non-electric make-up removing appliances;Non-electric milk frothers;Non-electric pasta makers for domestic use;Non-electric plunger style coffee makers;Non-electric portable coldboxes;Non-electric portable coolers;Non-electric portable coolers (Am.);Non-electric pressure cookers;Non-electric pressure cooking saucepans;Non-electric rice cooking pots;Non-electric teapots;Non-electric toothbrushes;Non-electric woks;Non-electrical coffee grinders;Non-mechanized pet waterers in the nature of portable water and fluid dispensers for pets;Oral care kits comprising toothbrushes and floss;Oven-to-table tableware;Pads for cleaning;Pails;Pans (Frying -);Paper cups;Paper plates;Pepper grinders;Pepper grinders, hand-operated;Pepper mills;Pepper mills, hand-operated;Pepper mills [hand-operated];Pepper pots;Pepper shakers;Percolators (Coffee -), non-electric;Pet drinking bowls;Pet feeding and drinking bowls;Pet feeding dishes;Pets (Cages for household -);Pewter goblets;Pewter tankards;Picnic baskets (Fitted -), including dishes;Picnic boxes;Picnic crockery;Pilsner drinking glasses;Pilsner glasses;Pint glasses;Pint tankards;Pitchers;Place mats, not of paper or textile;Place mats of plastic;Plastic bottles;Plastic bowls [basins];Plastic bowls [household containers];Plastic buckets;Plastic containers for dispensing drink to pets;Plastic containers for dispensing food to pets;Plastic cups;Plastic ice cube moulds;Plastic juice box holders;Plastic plates;Plastic plates [dishes];Plastic water bottles;Plastic water bottles [empty];Plates;Plates (Paper -);Plug-in diffusers for mosquito repellents;Plunger-style coffee makers, non-electric;Polishing cloths;Pomanders [containers];Porcelain mugs;Portable beverage container holders;Portable beverage coolers;Portable beverage dispensers;Portable coldboxes [non-electric];Portable coldboxes (Non-electric -);Portable cooking kits for outdoor use;Portable cool boxes, non-electric;Portable coolers;Portable coolers, non-electric;Portable coolers (Non-electric -);Portable pots and pans for camping;Portable refrigerating boxes [non-electric];Pot lids;Pots;Powder compacts;Powder compacts [cases];Powder compacts [empty];Powder compacts sold empty;Presses (Trouser -);Pressure cooking saucepans, non-electric;Racks for airing clothes;Rags [cloth] for cleaning;Rags for cleaning;Refillable coffee capsules;Refillable tea capsules;Refrigerating bottles;Reusable ice cubes;Reusable plastic water bottles sold empty;Reusable silicone food covers;Reusable stainless steel water bottles;Reusable stainless steel water bottles sold empty;Rice cookers for use in microwave ovens;Rice paddles [cooked rice serving scoops];Salt and pepper mills;Salt and pepper shakers;Salt cellars;Salt cellars of precious metal;Salt cellars [shakers];Salt mills;Salt mills [hand operated];Salt shakers;Salt shakers of precious metal;Sandwich boxes;Saucepan lids;Saucepans;Saucepans (Earthenware -);Shallow pans for cooking;Shampoo dispensers;Shampoo holders;Shaving bowls;Shaving brush holders;Shaving brush stands;Shaving brushes;Shaving brushes of badger hair;Shaving dishes;Shaving pots;Shaving stands;Shoe brushes;Shoe polishers (Non-electric -);Shoe polishing mitts;Shoe scrapers incorporating brushes;Shoe shine cloths;Shower gel dispensers;Shower gel holders;Shower gel racks;Siphon bottles for aerated water;Siphon bottles for carbonated water;Siphons for aerated water;Siphons for carbonated water;Siphons for sparkling water;Skewers [cooking implements];Skewers (cooking utensil);Skewers for use in cooking;Skewers of wood;Ski wax brushes;Skillets;Skillets (Non-electric -);Skin care cream dispensers;Skin cleansing brushes;Skins of chamois for cleaning;Small jugs;Soap boxes;Soap containers;Soap dishes;Soap dispensers;Soap holders;Spice grinders (Non-electric -);Spice shakers;Sponge bags;Sponge holders;Sponges;Sponges for applying body powder;Sponges for household purposes;Sports bottles [empty];Sports bottles sold empty;Squeeze bottle [empty];Squeeze bottles, empty;Stands for shaving brushes;Stands for shaving utensils;Stands for tooth brushes;Storage jars;Storage tins;Straw dispensers;Straws for drinking;Table plates;Table plates (Disposable -);Tablecloth holders;Tablemats, not of paper or textile;Tablemats of plastic;Tableware;Tableware, cookware and containers;Tableware, except forks, knives and spoons;Tableware of porcelain;Tableware, other than knives, forks and spoons;Tankards;Tankards of precious metal;Tea canisters;Tea filters;Tea kettles [non-electric];Tea kettles, non-electric;Tea makers [non-electric];Tea pots;Tea pots of precious metal;Tea services [tableware];Tea sets;Tea strainers;Tea urns (Non-electric -);Teapots;Teapots of precious metal;Thermal insulated bags for food or beverages;Thermal insulated containers for food or beverage;Thermal insulated containers for food or beverages;Thermal insulated tote bags for food or beverages;Thermal insulated wrap for cans to keep the contents cold or hot;Thermally insulated containers for food;Thermally insulated flasks for household use;Tie presses;Toilet cases;Toiletry cases;Toiletry cases [fitted];Tooth brush cases;Tooth brushes;Tooth brushes, non-electric;Toothbrush cases;Toothbrush containers;Toothbrush holders;Toothbrushes;Toothbrushes, electric;Toothbrushes [non-electric];Toothpicks;Towel baskets;Traps (Electric -) for insects;Traps for pests;Traps for vermin;Traps (Insect -);Traps (Non-electric -) for insects;Travel mugs;Trouser presses;Tumblers;Tumblers [drinking vessels];Tumblers for use as drinking glasses;Ultrasonic bird repellers;Ultrasonic pest repellers;Utensil jars;Utensils for cosmetic purposes;Utensils for household purposes;Vacuum bottles;Vacuum bottles [insulated flasks];Vacuum coffee makers;Vacuum flask cookers;Vacuum flasks;Vacuum flasks for holding drinks;Vacuum flasks for holding food;Vacuum jars;Vacuum jugs (Non-electric -);Vacuum mugs;Vacuum pumps for wine bottles;Vanity cases (Fitted -);Vaporizers for perfume [empty];Vaporizers for perfume sold empty;Vessels of metal for making ices and iced drinks;Vinyl place mats;Wash bags (Fitted -);Water bottles;Water bottles for bicycles;Water bottles for bicycles, sold empty;Water bottles sold empty;Whisky glasses;Whisky stones;Whistling kettles;Wide tooth combs for hair;Wine buckets;Wine chillers;Wine coolers;Wine openers;Wiping cloth for wiping eye glasses;Wire cages for household pets;Woks;Wooden chopping blocks [utensils];Wooden chopping boards for kitchen use.
Class Description: 035 - Advertising, Business & Retail Services
Goods & Services: Online advertisements;Online advertising;On-line advertising;On-line advertising and marketing services;Online advertising network matching services for connecting advertisers to websites;Online advertising on a computer network;On-line advertising on a computer network;On-line advertising on computer communication networks;Online advertising on computer networks;On-line advertising on computer networks;Online advertising services;Online advertising via a computer communications network;On-line advertising via a computer communications network;Online business networking services;Online community management services;Online data processing services;On-line data processing services;Online marketing;Online ordering services;On-line promotion of computer networks and websites;Online retail services relating to clothing;Online retail services relating to handbags;Online retail services relating to luggage;Online retail services relating to toys;Online retail store services in relation to clothing;Online retail store services relating to clothing;On-line trading services in which seller posts products to be auctioned and bidding is done via the Internet.
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