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Goods and Services: Airline travel bags;All purpose sport bags;All-purpose athletic bags;All-purpose carryi...
LIVE (Circa: 2019)


Goods and Services: Beauty care cosmetics.
DEAD (Circa: 2019)

Co co glow beauty

Goods and Services: Phonographic records.
LIVE (Circa: 2019)

Transpose Records

Goods and Services: Communications services provided over the Internet;Advisory services relating to commun...
LIVE (Circa: 2019)

Start-Up Africa

Goods and Services: Recruitment (Personnel -);Recruitment advertising;Recruitment and personnel management ...
LIVE (Circa: 2019)


Goods and Services: Clothing.
LIVE (Circa: 2019)


Goods and Services: Ice cream parlour services;Ice cream parlors.
LIVE (Circa: 2019)


Goods and Services: Education services relating to yoga;Education services relating to yoga.
LIVE (Circa: 2019)

Nordic Yoga

Goods and Services: Book bindings;Book covers;Book jackets;Books;Books for children;Business cards;Calendar...
LIVE (Circa: 2019)

Yorkshire Shepherdess

Goods and Services: Apparatus for the diagnosis of inflammatory diseases.|Pharmaceutical preparations for t...
LIVE (Circa: 2019)

My IBD Care

Goods and Services: Restaurants.
LIVE (Circa: 2019)

The Stormy Cup

Goods and Services: Administration of business affairs;Advertising on the Internet for others;Clerical serv...
LIVE (Circa: 2019)

11th Hour Beauty