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Gold Provisional Patent Application

What is it?

  • A provisional patent application provides proof of the date of your invention from the moment it is submitted.
  • Filing a provisional patent is often the fastest, most efficient way of protecting your rights up front.
  • Note: You have one year after filing a provisional patent application to apply for a full (utility) patent.
  • The LegalForce provisional application service offers exceptional value and comes backed by dedicated customer support.

+ government fee

I am the inventor or legally represent the inventor for this application.

  • Describe

    Your idea in writing
  • Upload

    Your figures
  • Submit

    Your provisional patent application will be professionally prepared and submitted to the USPTO.

We Make It Easy

What You Do:

Describe your invention so that others can understand it. You can write it in words, draw or illustrate it.

What You Get:

  • Completion of your provisional patent application and Electronic filing to the USPTO.
  • Review of your application by a U.S. licensed patent agent or patent attorney.
  • Up to 10 pages of disclosure.
  • Get patent pending status
  • Preserves your date of invention for 1 year to file a Utility (non-provisional) Patent Application.
  • (Optional)Drafting one independent claim and coordination of up to four (4) pages of technical illustrations.

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