PeL THINK BETTER - THINK PRIVILEGE United Kingdom Trademark Information

Kitchen jars;Kitchen sieves;Kitchen mitts;Kitchen sponges;Kitchen utensils;Kitchen containers;Kitchen graters;Kitchen moulds;Scrapers (kitchen implements);Kitchen paper racks;Moulds [kitchen utensils];Kitchen paper holders;Molds [kitchen utensils];Spatulas [kitchen utensils];Kitchen paper dispensers;Kitchen cutting boards;Tenderizers [kitchen utensils];Turners (kitchen utensil);Egg separators [kitchen utensils];Turners for kitchen use;Pestles for kitchen use;Statues, figurines, plaques and works of art, made of materials such as porcelain, terra-cotta or glass, included in the class;Bathroom pails;Bathroom glass holder;Bathroom basins [receptacles];Toilet and bathroom cleaning utensils ;Rings for towels [bathroom fittings];Clothes airers [clothes horse];Clothes pegs [clothes pins];Polishing cloths;Clothes-pegs;Cleaning cloth;Dish cloths;Clothes brushes;Clothes-pins;Floor cloths;Scouring cloths;Ironing cloths;Sports bottles [empty];Electric pet brushes;Automatic pet feeders;Cages for pets;Brushes for pets;Pet feeding dishes;Electronic pet feeders;Toothbrushes for pets;Pet grooming glove;Pet feeding bowls;Pet treat jars;Pet drinking bowls;Cages for carrying pets;Trays (Litter -) ...

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kitchen   jarskitchen   sieveskitchen   mittskitchen   spongeskitchen   utensilskitchen   containerskitchen   graterskitchen   mouldsscrapers   kitchen   implementskitchen   paper   racksmoulds   kitchen   utensilskitchen   paper   holdersmolds   kitchen   utensilsspatulas   kitchen   utensilskitchen   paper   dispenserskitchen   cutting   boardstenderizers   kitchen   utensilsturners   kitchen   utensilegg   separators   kitchen   utensilsturners   kitchen   usepestles   kitchen   usestatues    
On Monday, April 5, 2021, a united kingdom trademark registration was filed for PeL THINK BETTER - THINK PRIVILEGE by PRIVILEGE ENTERPRISE LTD 11, ESKDALE AVENUE, ROCHDALE LANCASHIRE GB OL113JX. The United Kingdom IP office has given the trademark application number of UK00003622182. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The PeL THINK BETTER - THINK PRIVILEGE trademark is filed in the category of Houseware and Glass Products , Clothing Products , Toys and Sporting Goods Products , Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products .
Current Status:
LIVE (Circa: 2021)
Application Number: UK00003622182
Filing Date: Monday, April 5, 2021
Registration Date: Friday, August 20, 2021
Type of Mark: Individual
Mark Feature: Figurative
2021/024: Friday, June 11, 2021
Last Applicant/Owner: 11
Correspondent: Not Available

Classification Information

Class Description: 021 - Houseware and Glass Products
Goods & Services: Kitchen jars;Kitchen sieves;Kitchen mitts;Kitchen sponges;Kitchen utensils;Kitchen containers;Kitchen graters;Kitchen moulds;Scrapers (kitchen implements);Kitchen paper racks;Moulds [kitchen utensils];Kitchen paper holders;Molds [kitchen utensils];Spatulas [kitchen utensils];Kitchen paper dispensers;Kitchen cutting boards;Tenderizers [kitchen utensils];Turners (kitchen utensil);Egg separators [kitchen utensils];Turners for kitchen use;Pestles for kitchen use;Statues, figurines, plaques and works of art, made of materials such as porcelain, terra-cotta or glass, included in the class;Bathroom pails;Bathroom glass holder;Bathroom basins [receptacles];Toilet and bathroom cleaning utensils ;Rings for towels [bathroom fittings];Clothes airers [clothes horse];Clothes pegs [clothes pins];Polishing cloths;Clothes-pegs;Cleaning cloth;Dish cloths;Clothes brushes;Clothes-pins;Floor cloths;Scouring cloths;Ironing cloths;Sports bottles [empty];Electric pet brushes;Automatic pet feeders;Cages for pets;Brushes for pets;Pet feeding dishes;Electronic pet feeders;Toothbrushes for pets;Pet grooming glove;Pet feeding bowls;Pet treat jars;Pet drinking bowls;Cages for carrying pets;Trays (Litter -) for pets;Litter trays for pets;Deshedding combs for pets;Pet feeding bowls, automatic;Deshedding brushes for pets;Pets (Cages for household -);Animal-activated pet feeders;Feeding vessels for pets;Litter boxes for pets;Wire cages for household pets;Food containers for pet animals;Pets (Litter boxes [trays] for -);Litter boxes [trays] for pets;Pet paw cleaners, non-electric;De-shedding combs for pets;Pet feeding and drinking bowls;Brushes for grooming pet animals;Litter trays for pet animals;Automatic litter boxes for pets;Household containers for storing pet food;Bread boards;Chopping boards;Carving boards;Cutting boards;Boards (Ironing -);Ironing boards;Cheese boards;Washing boards;Knife boards;Pastry boards;Ironing board covers;Ironing boards (kotedai);Ice cream scoops;Ice scoops;Ice scoops [barware];Scoops [tableware];Rice scoops;Sugar scoops;Non-electric ice cream makers;Ice cream makers, non-electric;Fish scoops;Tart scoops;Coffee scoops;Dog food scoops;Ice cream makers, other than self-refrigerating;Scoops for household purposes;Ice buckets;Ice pails;Ice tongs;Japanese style cooked rice scoops (shamoji);Garlic cellars;Garlic presses;Presses (Garlic -) [kitchen utensils];Non-electric ice crushers;Garlic presses (Hand-operated -);Garlic presses [kitchen utensils];Roller tubes for peeling garlic;Crushers for kitchen use, non-electric;Mixing spoons;Slotted spoons;Spoon rests;Spoon supports;Serving spoons;Mixing spoons [kitchen utensils];Basting spoons [cooking utensils];Spoons (Basting -), for kitchen use;Basting spoons, for kitchen use;Cookware, except forks, knives and spoons;Tableware, except forks, knives and spoons;Tableware, other than knives, forks and spoons;Cookware and tableware, except forks, knives and spoons;Polishing gloves;Gloves (Gardening -);Oven gloves;Dust gloves;Household gloves;Gloves (Polishing -);Glove stretchers;Stretchers (Glove -);Gardening gloves;Dusting gloves;Stretchers for gloves;Rubber household gloves;Gloves for polishing;Gloves for gardening;Household plastic gloves;Animal grooming gloves;Window-boxes;Sandwich boxes;Soap boxes;Bento boxes;Boxes (Soap -);Candy boxes;Lunch boxes;Lunch-boxes;Picnic boxes;Window boxes;Cool boxes;Bread boxes;Enamel boxes;Enamelled boxes;Lunch boxes made of plastic;Lunch boxes made of metal;Lunch pails;Boxes for candies;Boxes of ceramics;Boxes of porcelain;Boxes of glass;Boxes for sweets;Boxes of earthenware;Boxes for sweetmeats;Tissue box covers;Boxes of china;Ceramic coin boxes;Cat litter boxes;Candle rings;Candle sticks;Candle holders;Candle extinguishers;Candle snuffers;Pillar candle plates;Candle drip rings;Candle jars [holders];Glass holders for candles;Candle holders of wrought iron;Candle holders of precious metal;Candle extinguishers of precious metal;Candle rings of precious metal;Candle extinguishers, not of precious metal;Candle warmers, electric and non-electric;Candle holders not of precious metal;Candle rings, not of precious metal;Candle snuffers, not of precious metal;Non-electric wall sconces [candle holders];Hair combs;Hair brushes;Hair tinting brushes;Electric lint removers;Battery operated lint removers;Non-electric lint removers;Lint rollers [adhesive] for removing lint from clothing;Lint removers, electric or non-electric;Lint rollers;Lint brushes;Lint rollers for clothes;Lint rollers for floors;Boot removers;Make-up removing appliances;Electric make-up removing appliances;Pizza stones;Pizza peels;Pizza tray stands;Cake stands;Cake stands of non-metallic materials;Cake molds;Cake pans;Cake plates;Cake moulds;Cake rings;Cake rests;Cake bases;Cake servers;Cake trays;Cake domes;Cake brushes;Cake tins;Teapot stands;Shaving stands;Pot stands;Bottle stands;Cruet stands;Ham stands;Dish stands;Cupcake stands;Porcelain cake decorations;Cake molds [moulds];Baking mats;Vinyl place mats;Plastic place mats;Sushi rolling mats;Drip mats for tea;Place mats of plastic;Dinner mats of plastics material;Rolling pins;Rolling pins, domestic;Rolling pins [for cooking purposes];Toilet roll dispensers;Toilet roll holders;Sushi rolling equipment;Toilet roll stands;Pins of metal (Cooking -);Cooking pins of metal;Unworked glass, except building glass;Spun glass;Unwrought glass;Crude glass;Rough glass;Unprocessed glass;Glass powder;Glass jars;Glass rods;Glass stoppers;Glass tableware;Glass dishes;Shot glasses;Drinking glasses;Beer glasses;Opal glass;Glasses [receptacles];Glass containers;Glass pots;Bowls (Glass -);Porous glass;Glass holders;Glass caps;Stamped glass;Glass plates;Pilsner glasses;Glass flasks;Opaline glass;Enamelled glass;Semiworked glass;Pressed glass;Ornamental glass;Glass ornaments;Glass bowls;Glass pans;Glass vases;Glass mugs;Schnapps glasses;Glass (Opal -);Glass candlesticks;Glass [receptacles];Whisky glasses;Unworked glass;Glass cups;Glass decanters;Glass carafes;Glass flowerpots;Glass sheets;Pint glasses;Preserve glasses;Wine glasses;Cordial glasses;Cocktail glasses;Margarita glasses;Glass signboards;Glass bottles;Semi-worked glass, except building glass;Unworked glass [except glass used in building];Sheet glass (except glass used in building);Partly processed glass;Stained glass figurines;Anti-reflecting glass;Plaques of glass;Jardinieres of glass;Glass storage jars;Polished plate glass;Drinking glass holders;Insulated glass holders;Confectioners' decorating bags [pastry bags];Pastry bags;Containers for ice;Moulds (Ice cube -);Ice cube moulds;Ice cube trays;Reusable ice cubes;Molds (Ice cube -);Double wall cups;Wall soap dishes;Biscuit cutters;Cookie cutters;Pastry cutters;Cookie [biscuit] cutters;Potato ricers;Vegetable brushes with peelers;Water bottles;Aluminum water bottles;Plastic water bottles;Plastic water bottles [empty];Water bottles for bicycles;Aluminum water bottles, empty;Water bottles sold empty;Siphon bottles for carbonated water;Empty water bottles for bicycles;Siphon bottles for aerated water;Reusable stainless steel water bottles;Water bottles for bicycles, sold empty;Reusable plastic water bottles sold empty;Bottles;Reusable stainless steel water bottles sold empty;Refrigerating bottles;Perfume bottles;Bottle pourers;Biodegradable bottles;Bottle buckets;Bottle openers;Bottle gourds;Biobased bottles;Bottle coolers;Plastic bottles;Vacuum bottles;Reusable bottles;Bottles (Refrigerating -);Bottle cradles;Bottle brushes;Gourds (Bottle -);Decorative sand bottles;Empty spray bottles;Bottle cleaning brushes;Insulated vacuum bottles;Wine bottle cradles;Feeding bottle brushes;Bottle coolers [receptacles];Stands for bottles;Squeeze bottles, empty;Squeeze bottle [empty];Insulated bottles [flasks];Brushes for feeding bottles;Sports bottles sold empty;Drinking bottles for sports;Perfume bottles sold empty;Non-electric bottle openers;Vacuum bottles [insulated flasks];Sake serving bottles (tokkuri);Hair color application bottles;Neoprene zippered bottle holders;Drip preventers for bottles;Bottle openers incorporating knives;Sake serving bottles [tokkuri];Bottle openers [hand-operated];Shaker bottles sold empty;Glass stoppers for bottles;Colanders;Colanders for household purposes;Colanders for household use;Garbage cans;Trash cans;Watering can sprinklers;Wine openers;Step trash cans;Roses for watering cans;Nozzles for watering cans;Zesters;Knife blocks;Knife rests;Knife rests for the table.
Class Description: 025 - Clothing Products
Goods & Services: Clothing;Clothes;Wristbands [clothing];Tops [clothing];Knitted clothing;Oilskins [clothing];Motorcyclists' clothing;Hoods [clothing];Leisure clothing;Infant clothing;Children's clothing;Childrens' clothing;Sports clothing;Leather clothing;Gloves [clothing];Waterproof clothing;Plush clothing;Girls' clothing;Swaddling clothes;Knitwear [clothing];Cloth bibs;Cyclists' clothing;Playsuits [clothing];Slipovers [clothing];Jerseys [clothing];Weatherproof clothing;Casual clothing;Denims [clothing];Combinations [clothing];Furs [clothing];Shorts [clothing];Collars [clothing];Babies' clothing;Ties [clothing];Outer clothing;Cashmere clothing;Bandeaux [clothing];Women's clothing;Bodies [clothing];Embroidered clothing;Layettes [clothing];Jackets [clothing];Kerchiefs [clothing];Chaps (clothing);Maternity clothing;Thermal clothing;Belts [clothing];Muffs [clothing];Capes (clothing);Motorists' clothing;Boas [clothing];Slips [clothing];Veils [clothing];Wraps [clothing];Athletic clothing;Baby doll pyjamas;Garments for protecting clothing;Collar liners for protecting clothing collars;Collar guards for protecting clothing collars;Sports garments;Under garments;Foundation garments;Leather garments;Sleeping garments;Religious garments;Linen (Body -) [garments];Body linen [garments];Corsets [clothing, foundation garments];Sports shoes;Sports pants;Sports bibs;Sport stockings;Sports shirts;Sports footwear;Sports overuniforms;Sports vests;Sports singlets;Sports wear;Sports jerseys and breeches for sports;Sports jackets;Sports socks;Sports caps;Sport shirts;Sports jerseys;Sport shoes;Sports bras;Sport coats;Clothes for sports;Sports over uniforms;Clothes for sport;Board shorts;Waist belts;Garter belts;Fabric belts;Tuxedo belts;Suspender belts;Belts of textile;Belts (Money -) [clothing];Fabric belts [clothing];Leather belts [clothing];Money belts [clothing];Belts for clothing;Suspender belts for men;Belts made of leather;Suspender belts for women;Belts made out of cloth;Belts made from imitation leather;Wrap belts for kimonos (datemaki);Gloves;Wetsuit gloves;Motorcycle gloves;Driving gloves;Fingerless gloves;Camouflage gloves;Snowboard gloves;Cycling Gloves;Knitted gloves;Riding gloves;Riding Gloves;Winter gloves;Ski gloves;Gloves for apparel;Gloves as clothing;Gloves for cyclists;Boxing shoes;Boxing shorts;Toe boxes;Removable collars;Socks;Men's socks;Bed socks;Trouser socks;Ankle socks;Anklets [socks];Sock suspenders;Tennis socks;Thermal socks;Slipper socks;Woollen socks;Pop socks;Footless socks;Water socks;Toe socks;Yoga socks;American football socks;Non-slip socks;Anti-perspirant socks;Socks and stockings;Japanese style socks (tabi);Socks for men;Men's dress socks;Sweat-absorbent socks;Inner socks for footwear;Japanese style socks (tabi covers);Socks for infants and toddlers;Swimming caps;Swimming suits;Swim shorts;Swimming costumes;Swimming trunks;Swim briefs;Swim caps;Swim suits;Swim trunks;Swimming caps [bathing caps];Swim wear for children;Fitted swimming costumes with bra cups;Swim wear for gentlemen and ladies;Jackets;Fur jackets;Bed jackets;Sleeveless jackets;Stuff jackets;Camouflage jackets;Dinner jackets;Snowboard jackets;Down jackets;Rainproof jackets;Rain jackets;Fishing jackets;Fleece jackets;Shell jackets;Leather jackets;Sweat jackets;Knit jackets;Suede jackets;Waterproof jackets;Weatherproof jackets;Wind jackets;Fishermen's jackets;Jacket liners;Reversible jackets;Hunting jackets;Bomber jackets;Casual jackets;Track jackets;Ski jackets;Blouson jackets;Padded jackets;Riding jackets;Denim jackets;Heavy jackets;Sleeved jackets;Donkey jackets;Long jackets;Smoking jackets;Motorcycle jackets;Wind-jackets;Windproof jackets;Sheepskin jackets;Safari jackets;Light-reflecting jackets;Jackets (Stuff -) [clothing];Polar fleece jackets;Quilted jackets [clothing];Wind-resistant jackets;Wind resistant jackets;Warm-up jackets;Stuff jackets [clothing];Jackets being sports clothing;Fur coats and jackets;Men's and women's jackets, coats, trousers, vests;Korean outer jackets worn over basic garment [Magoja];Gym boots;Gym suits;Gym shorts;Roller shoes.
Class Description: 028 - Toys and Sporting Goods Products
Goods & Services: Softball home plates;Home video game machines;Portable home gymnastic apparatus;Toys;Toy bakeware and toy cookware;Toy banks;Toy horns;Bathtub toys;Toy balls;Toy tools;Toy wheelbarrows;Educational toys;Developmental toys;Children's toys;Infant toys;Toy dolls;Toy flowers;Fabric toys;Toy watches;Toy projectors;Toy tents;Pet toys;Squeeze toys;Toy swords;Toy playsets;Toy trumpets;Push toys;Puzzles [toys];Windup toys;Toy hats;Toy harmonicas;Toy automobiles;Toy pistols;Fluffy toys;Sand toys;Smart toys;Intelligent toys;Wheeled toys;Toy dogs;Mechanical toys;Toy plants;Toy figures;Bath toys;Toy balloons;Action toys;Toy castles;Toy whistles;Dog toys;Toy bakeware;Model toys;Toy fish;Toy guitars;Toy bicycles;Toy holsters;Sketching toys;Talking toys;Rocking toys;Toy fireworks;Toy cars;Toy weapons;Cuddly toys;Plush toys;Toy windmills;Drones [toys];Masks (Toy -);Toy masks;Toy pinwheels;Drawing toys;Modular toys;Assembly toys;Fidget toys;Toy lorries;Toy jewellery;Toy figurines;Wooden toys;Toy telephones;Rattles [toys];Whistles [toys];Cloth toys;Toy scooters;Water toys;Toy furniture;Toy houses;Toy models;Toy cookware;Inflatable toys;Toy binoculars;Toy trains;Toy airplanes;Toy periscopes;Toy robots;Mobiles [toys];Toy mobiles;Toy blocks;Toy pianos;Electronic toys;Toy boats;Toy fingernails;Stuffed toys;Toy animals;Toy arrows;Toy armor;Crib toys;Toy microscopes;Toy dough;Toy trucks;Toy pushchairs;Toy strollers;Toy cameras;Toy birds;Toy gliders;Toy glockenspiels;Bouncing toys;Noisemakers [toys];Whistling toys;Toy rockets;Pull toys;Toy tableware;Scooters [toys];Toy nuchukus;Toy prams;Toy garages;Toy wagons;Punching toys;Toy food;Toy aeroplanes;Toy aircraft;Toy microphones;Plastic toys;Toy xylophones;Sandbox toys;Musical toys;Toy sets;Toy brooches;Toy vehicles;Construction toys;Toy guns;Pistols (Toy -);Soft toys;Bendable toys;Toy putty;Stacking toys;Toy telescopes;Outdoor toys;Clockwork toys;Toy record players;Toy building structures;Doll clothing;Dolls' clothes;Dolls' clothing;Clothing for dolls;Dolls' clothing accessories;Clothes for European dolls;Articles of clothing for dolls;Clothes for Japanese traditional dolls;Dolls;Dolls' beds;Talking dolls;Dolls' furniture;Dolls' rooms;Rooms (Dolls' -);Porcelain dolls;Sakura dolls;Mascot dolls;Dolls' houses;Doll rooms;Matryoshka dolls;Doll playsets;Doll accessories;Plush dolls;Christmas dolls;Bobblehead dolls;Doll furniture;Doll houses;Fabric dolls;Stuffed dolls;Doll costumes;Kokeshi dolls;Rag dolls;Paper dolls;Matryoshka dolls [wooden nested Russian dolls];Dolls in sitting posture (osuwari dolls);Traditionally dressed dolls;Playsets for dolls;Helmets for dolls;Carriages for dolls;Dolls' furniture accessories;Feeding bottles (Dolls' -);Headgear for dolls;Dolls for playing;Doll house furniture;Rooms for dolls;Accessories for dolls;European style dolls;Dolls' feeding bottles;Jewellery for dolls;Bobble-head dolls;Shoes for dolls;Cots for dolls;Japanese traditional dolls;Headwear for dolls;Doll house furnishings;Bean bag dolls;Furniture for doll houses;Traditionally dressed western dolls;Furniture for dolls' houses;Furnishings for doll houses;Furnishings for dolls' houses;Sports games;Sport hoops;Sports equipment;Sports balls;Sporting articles;Sport balls;Bats [sporting articles];Sleighs [sports articles];Sledges [sporting articles];Rings for sports;Sandboxes [sporting articles];Hammers for sports;Putters [sporting apparatus];Sports training apparatus;Springboards for sports;Balls for sports;Discuses for sports;Slingshots [sporting articles];Slingshots [sports articles];Toys for pets;Toys for domestic pets;Pet toys containing catnip;Ball launchers for pets;Toys for pet animals;Sports equipment for pets;Toys and playthings for pets;Pet toys made of rope;Cases for play accessories;Batting gloves [accessories for games];Tools (Divot repair -) [golf accessories];Divot repair tools [golf accessories];Divot repair tools being golf accessories;Pitch mark repair tools [golf accessories];Wake boards;Body boards;Surf boards;Board games;Boards games;Snow boards;Chess boards;Bodysurfing boards;Mountain boards;Shogi boards;Cribbage boards;Kick boards;Skim boards;Go boards;Dart boards;Swimming boards;Ski boards;Sail boards;Swimming kick boards;Sail board masts;Dart board cabinets;Electronic board games;Swimming belts;Belts for weightlifting;Weight lifting belts;Waist trimmer exercise belts;Belts (Weight lifting -) [sports articles];Back supports [belts] for weightlifters;Weight lifting belts [sports articles];Ice skates;Skates (Ice -);Boxing gloves;Gloves (Boxing -);Karate gloves;Batting gloves;Fencing gloves;Windsurfing gloves;Bowling gloves;Baseball gloves;Gloves (Baseball -);Golf gloves;Golfing gloves;Billiard gloves;Football gloves;Softball gloves;Hockey gloves;Gloves (Fencing -);Gloves (Golf -);Swimming gloves;Handball gloves;Sparring gloves;Lacrosse gloves;Gloves for sports;Gloves for games;Weight lifting gloves;Racquet ball gloves;Gloves for golf;Water-skiing gloves;Vaulting boxes;Gauntlets [gloves for archery];Gloves for American football;Boxing rings;Toy musical boxes;Fishing tackle boxes;Toy mail boxes;Fishing lure boxes;Fishing fly boxes;Music box toys;Candle holders for Christmas trees;Ornaments for Christmas trees, except lights, candles and confectionery;Curling stones;Curling brooms;Curling brooms [sports articles];Swim fins;Swimming kickboards;Swim rings;Swimming jackets;Swimming flippers;Swimming equipment;Swimming webs;Swimming floats;Swimming rings;Play swimming pools;Inflatable swimming floats;Swimming webs [flippers];Swimming flippers [webs];Swimming hand paddles;Flippers for swimming;Inflatable swimming pools;Swimming pools [play articles];Starting blocks [swimming equipment];Flotation apparatus for swimming;Starting blocks for swimming;Arm floats for swimming;Racing lanes [swimming equipment];Swimming pool racing lanes;Pools (Swimming -) [play articles];Swimming pool air floats;Webbed gloves for swimming;Swimming floats for recreational use;Swim floats for recreational use;Inflatable swimming pools [play articles];Racing lanes for swimming pools;Swim boards for recreational use;Inflatable games for swimming pools;Toys for use in swimming pools;Gym balls;Baby gyms;Gym balls for yoga;Jungle gyms [play equipment];Dart mats;Golf mats;Puzzle mats [toys];Gym chalk for improving hand grip in sports activities;Play mats containing infant toys;Putting practice mats [golf implement];Snuffle mats being dog toys;Play mats incorporating infant toys [playthings];Nine-pin bowling alleys;Bags for ice hockey sticks;Ice hockey pucks;Ice skate blades;Bag stands for golf bags;Toy clocks and watches;Artificial climbing walls;Roller skates;Roller-skates;Skates (Roller -);Roller skis;Skates (In-line roller -);Divot repair tools.
Class Description: 009 - Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products
Goods & Services: Headphones;Headphone consoles;Stereo headphones;Wireless headphones;Headphone amplifiers;Music headphones;Headphone-microphone combinations;Cases for headphones;In-ear headphones;Noise cancelling headphones;Ear pads for headphones;Headphones for smart phones;Adapter cables for headphones;Two-way plugs for headphones;Personal headphones for sound transmitting apparatuses;Personal headphones for use with sound transmitting systems;Homing heads;Kitchen scales;Kitchen timers;Home theater projectors;Home automation software;Smart home software;Home cinema systems;Home theatre systems;Home automation devices;Personal home computers;Home automation systems;Home remote controls;Kitchen weighing scales;Audio speakers for home;Servers for home automation;Bathroom scales;Digital bathroom scales;Flotation clothing;Protective clothing [body armour];Clothes for protection against injury;Fire (Clothing for protection against -);Clothing for protection against chemicals;Clothing for protection against radiation;Clothing for protection against accidents;Protective work clothing [for protection against accident or injury];Asbestos clothing for protection against fire;Clothing for protection against biological hazards;Thermal protective aids [clothing] for protection against accident or injury;Protective clothing for the prevention of injury;Protective clothing made from ballistic resistant materials;Garments and clothes for protection against fire;Leather clothing for protection against accident or injury;Clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire;Safety clothing for protection against accident or injury;Protective clothing for the prevention of accident or injury;Electrically cooled clothing for protection against accident or injury;Articles of protective clothing for wear by motorcyclists for protection against accident or injury;Protective goggles;Masks [Protective -];Protecting masks;Head protection;Helmets (Protective -);Shoes (Protective -);Eye protection;Visors [protective];Protective masks;Protection masks;Protective helmets;Protective headgear;Protective visors;Protective spectacles;Protective eyeglasses;Protective glasses;Protective eyewear;Protective face-shields for protective helmets;Fireproof garments;Garments for protection against fire;Sports glasses;Sports eyewear;Sport whistles;Sports helmets;Sports goggles;Sports' glasses;Sports whistles;Sports training simulators;Goggles for sports;Sports betting applications;Protective sports helmets;Eyeglasses for sports;Sports (Goggles for -);Sunglasses for pets;Life jackets for pets;Internet phones;Digital phones;Video phones;Smart phones;Ear phones;Cellular phones;Conference phones;Phone cases;Phone plugs;VOIP phones;Cell phones;Mobile phones;Mobile phone straps;Digital cellular phones;Mobile phone covers;Mobile phone speakers;Phone extension jacks;Wearable smart phones;Batteries for phones;Mobile phone cases;Cell phone covers;Braille mobile phones;Cell phone straps;Cell phone cases;Phone extension leads;Mobile phone docking stations;Cell phone battery chargers;Mobile phone battery chargers;Phone covers [specifically adapted];Batteries for mobile phones;Chargers for mobile phones;Displays for mobile phones;Straps for mobile phones;Straps for cellular phones;Cases for mobile phones;Keyboards for mobile phones;Software for mobile phones;Displays for smart phones;Holders for cell phones;Protective cases for cell phones;Holders adapted for mobile phones;Application software for mobile phones;Flip covers for mobile phones;Downloadable smart phone applications (software);Downloadable smart phone application software;Downloadable screen savers for phones;Waterproof cases for smart phones;Protective cases for mobile phones;Downloadable ringtones for mobile phones;Wireless headsets for smart phones;Dashboard mounts for mobile phones;Stands adapted for mobile phones;Power supplies for smart phones;Auxiliary batteries for mobile phones;Carrying cases for cell phones;Downloadable emoticons for mobile phones;Leather cases for mobile phones;Cases adapted for mobile phones;Downloadable graphics for mobile phones;Hands free kits for phones;Kits (Hands free -) for phones;Docking stations for mobile phones;Wireless headsets for mobile phones;Battery chargers for mobile phones;Protective covers for cell phones;Display modules for mobile phones;Auxiliary speakers for mobile phones;Carrying cases for cellular phones;Carrying cases for mobile phones;Selfie sticks used as smartphone accessories;Leather cases for cellular phones;Carriers adapted for mobile phones;Flip covers for smart phones;Application software for smart phones;Computer software for mobile phones;Computer software for cellular phones;Flip covers for cellular phones;Mobile phone connectors for vehicles;Electronic game software for mobile phones;Anti-dust plugs for cell phones;Hands-free microphones for cell phones;Hands-free headsets for cell phones;Hands-free kits for cell 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