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Abrasive bands;Abrasive boards for use on fingernails;Abrasive cloth;Abrasive compounds;Abrasive emery paper;Abrasive emery paper for use on fingernails;Abrasive granules;Abrasive paper;Abrasive paper for use on the fingernails;Abrasive paper [sandpaper];Abrasive paste;Abrasive preparations;Abrasive preparations for polishing;Abrasive preparations for use on the body;Abrasive preparations for vehicle care;Abrasive rolls;Abrasive sand;Abrasive sanding sponges;Abrasive sheets;Abrasive strips;Abrasives;Acne cleansers, cosmetic;Adhesive removers;Adhesives for affixing artificial eyelashes;Adhesives for affixing artificial fingernails;Adhesives for affixing false eyebrows;Adhesives for affixing false eyelashes;Adhesives for affixing false hair;Adhesives for affixing false nails;Adhesives for artificial nails;Adhesives for cosmetic purposes;Adhesives for cosmetic use;Adhesives for false eyelashes, hair and nails;Adhesives for fixing false nails;After shave lotions;After sun creams;After sun moisturisers;Aftershave;After-shave;Aftershave balm;Aftershave balms;After-shave balms;Aftershave creams;After-shave creams;Aftershave emulsions;After-shave emulsions;After-shave gel;Aftershave gel...

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abrasive   bandsabrasive   boards   use   fingernailsabrasive   clothabrasive   compoundsabrasive   emery   paperabrasive   emery   paper   use   fingernailsabrasive   granulesabrasive   paperabrasive   paper   use   fingernailsabrasive   paper   sandpaperabrasive   pasteabrasive   preparationsabrasive   preparations   polishingabrasive   preparations   use   bodyabrasive   preparations   vehicle   careabrasive   rollsabrasive   sandabrasive   sanding   spongesabrasive   sheetsabrasive   stripsabrasivesacne   cleansers  
On Sunday, May 24, 2020, a united kingdom trademark registration was filed for Nature's Nose by Brian O'Keefe ********, ********, ***** ****. The United Kingdom IP office has given the trademark application number of UK00003493262. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The Nature's Nose trademark is filed in the category of Cosmetics and Cleaning Products , Natural Agricultural Products , Lubricant and Fuel Products .
Word Mark: Nature's Nose
Current Status:
LIVE (Circa: 2020)
Application Number: UK00003493262
Filing Date: Sunday, May 24, 2020
Registration Date: Friday, August 21, 2020
Type of Mark: Individual
Mark Feature: Word
2020/024: Friday, June 12, 2020
Last Applicant/Owner: ********
***** ****
Correspondent: Not Available

Classification Information

Class Description: 003 - Cosmetics and Cleaning Products
Goods & Services: Abrasive bands;Abrasive boards for use on fingernails;Abrasive cloth;Abrasive compounds;Abrasive emery paper;Abrasive emery paper for use on fingernails;Abrasive granules;Abrasive paper;Abrasive paper for use on the fingernails;Abrasive paper [sandpaper];Abrasive paste;Abrasive preparations;Abrasive preparations for polishing;Abrasive preparations for use on the body;Abrasive preparations for vehicle care;Abrasive rolls;Abrasive sand;Abrasive sanding sponges;Abrasive sheets;Abrasive strips;Abrasives;Acne cleansers, cosmetic;Adhesive removers;Adhesives for affixing artificial eyelashes;Adhesives for affixing artificial fingernails;Adhesives for affixing false eyebrows;Adhesives for affixing false eyelashes;Adhesives for affixing false hair;Adhesives for affixing false nails;Adhesives for artificial nails;Adhesives for cosmetic purposes;Adhesives for cosmetic use;Adhesives for false eyelashes, hair and nails;Adhesives for fixing false nails;After shave lotions;After sun creams;After sun moisturisers;Aftershave;After-shave;Aftershave balm;Aftershave balms;After-shave balms;Aftershave creams;After-shave creams;Aftershave emulsions;After-shave emulsions;After-shave gel;Aftershave gels;Aftershave lotions;After-shave lotions;Aftershave milk;Aftershave moisturising cream;Aftershave preparations;After-shave preparations;Aftershaves;After-sun creams;After-sun lotions;After-sun lotions [for cosmetic use];After-sun milk;After-sun milk [cosmetics];After-sun milk for cosmetic use;After-sun milks;After-sun milks [cosmetics];After-sun oils [cosmetics];After-sun preparations for cosmetic use;Age retardant gel;Age retardant lotion;Age spot reducing creams;Agents for removing wax;Air (Canned pressurized -) for cleaning and dusting purposes;Air fragrance preparations;Air fragrance reed diffusers;Air fragrancing preparations;Alcoholic solvents being cleaning preparations;Alkali (Volatile -) [ammonia] detergent;All-purpose cotton buds for personal use;Almond milk for cosmetic purposes;Almond oil;Almond soap;Almond soaps;Aloe soap;Aloe soaps;Aloe vera gel for cosmetic purposes;Aloe vera preparations for cosmetic purposes;Alum blocks for shaving;Alum stones [astringents];Amber [perfume];Ambergris;Amla oil for cosmetic purposes;Ammonia for cleaning purposes;Ammonia [volatile alkali] [detergent];Ammonia [volatile alkali] detergent;Animal grooming preparations;Anti-ageing creams;Anti-ageing creams [for cosmetic use];Anti-ageing moisturiser;Anti-ageing serum;Anti-ageing serums for cosmetic purposes;Anti-aging cream;Anti-aging creams;Anti-aging creams [for cosmetic use];Anti-aging moisturizers;Anti-aging moisturizers used as cosmetics;Anti-aging serum for cosmetic use;Anti-aging skincare preparations;Anti-freckle creams;Anti-perspirant deodorants;Anti-perspirant preparations;Antiperspirant soap;Antiperspirants;Anti-perspirants;Antiperspirants for personal use;Anti-perspirants for personal use;Anti-perspirants in the form of sprays;Antiperspirants [toiletries];Anti-smear agents for cleaning purposes;Antistatic drier sheets;Antistatic dryer sheets;Anti-static dryer sheets;Antistatic preparations for household purposes;Antistatic sprays for clothing;Anti-static sprays for clothing;Anti-wrinkle cream;Anti-wrinkle cream [for cosmetic use];Anti-wrinkle creams;Anti-wrinkle creams [for cosmetic use];Aromatherapy creams;Aromatherapy lotions;Aromatherapy oil;Aromatherapy oils;Aromatherapy pillows comprising potpourri in fabric containers;Aromatherapy preparations;Aromatic essential oils;Aromatic oils;Aromatic oils for the bath;Aromatic plant extracts;Aromatic potpourris;Aromatics;Aromatics [essential oils];Aromatics for fragrances;Aromatics for household purposes;Aromatics for perfumes;Artificial eyelashes;Artificial fingernails;Artificial fingernails of precious metal;Artificial nails;Artificial nails for cosmetic purposes;Artificial pumice stone;Artificial tanning preparations;Ash (Volcanic -) for cleaning;Astringents for cosmetic purposes;Automobile cleaners;Automobile cleaning preparations;Automobile polish;Automobile polishes;Automobile wax;Automotive cleaning preparations;Auto-tanning creams;Babies' creams [non-medicated];Baby bath mousse;Baby body milks;Baby bottom balm;Baby bubble bath;Baby care products (Non-medicated -);Baby hair conditioner;Baby lotion;Baby lotions;Baby oil;Baby oils;Baby powder;Baby powders;Baby shampoo;Baby shampoo mousse;Baby suncreams;Baby wipes;Baby wipes impregnated with cleaning preparations;Badian essence;Balms (Non-medicated -);Balms other than for medical purposes;Balms, other than for medical purposes;Bar soap;Bark (Quillaia -) for washing;Barrier creams;Bars of soap;Base cream;Bases for flower perfumes;Basma [cosmetic dye];Bath and shower foam;Bath and shower gel;Bath and shower gels;Bath and shower gels, not for medical purposes;Bath and shower oils [non-medicated];Bath and shower preparations;Bath beads;Bath bombs;Bath concentrates (Non-medicated -);Bath cream;Bath creams;Bath creams (Non-medicated -);Bath crystals;Bath crystals (Non-medicated -);Bath crystals, not for medical use;Bath flakes;Bath foam;Bath foams;Bath foams (Non-medicated -);Bath gel;Bath gels;Bath gels (Non-medicated -);Bath herbs;Bath lotion;Bath lotions (Non-medicated -);Bath milk;Bath oil;Bath oil, not for medical use;Bath oils;Bath oils for cosmetic purposes;Bath oils (Non-medicated -);Bath pearls;Bath pearls (Non-medicated -);Bath powder;Bath powder [cosmetics];Bath powders (Non-medicated -);Bath preparations;Bath preparations for animals;Bath preparations (Non-medicated -);Bath preparations, not for medical purposes;Bath preparations, not medicated;Bath salts;Bath salts, not for medical purposes;Bath soak for cosmetic use;Bath soap;Bath soaps;Bathing lotions;Baths (Cosmetic preparations for -);Bay rums;Bay rums for cosmetic use;Beard balm;Beard care preparations;Beard dyes;Beard oil;Beauty balm creams;Beauty care cosmetics;Beauty care preparations;Beauty creams;Beauty creams for body care;Beauty gels;Beauty lotions;Beauty masks;Beauty masks for hands;Beauty milk;Beauty milks;Beauty preparations for the hair;Beauty serums;Beauty serums with anti-ageing properties;Beauty soap;Beauty tonics for application to the body;Beauty tonics for application to the face;Bergamot oil;Beverages (Flavorings [flavourings] for -) essential oils;Biological laundry detergents;Bleach;Bleaches for use on the hair;Bleaching (Leather -) preparations;Bleaching preparations;Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use;Bleaching preparations [decolorants] for cosmetic purposes;Bleaching preparations [decolorants] for household purposes;Bleaching preparations for cosmetic purposes;Bleaching preparations for household use;Bleaching preparations for laundry use;Bleaching preparations for the hair;Bleaching preparations [laundry];Bleaching salts;Bleaching soda;Blemish balm creams;Blended essential oils;Blueing for laundry;Blueing (Laundry -);Bluing for laundry;Blush;Blush pencils;Blusher;Blushers;Body and facial butters;Body and facial creams [cosmetics];Body and facial gels [cosmetics];Body and facial oils;Body art stickers;Body butter;Body butters;Body care cosmetics;Body cleaning and beauty care preparations;Body cleansing foams;Body cream;Body cream for cosmetic use;Body cream soap;Body creams;Body creams [cosmetics];Body deodorants;Body deodorants [perfumery];Body emulsions;Body emulsions for cosmetic use;Body gels;Body gels [cosmetics];Body glitters;Body lotion;Body lotions;Body mask cream;Body mask lotion;Body mask powder;Body masks;Body massage oils;Body milk;Body milks;Body mist;Body moisturisers;Body oil;Body oil [for cosmetic use];Body oil spray;Body oils;Body oils [for cosmetic use];Body paint (cosmetic);Body paint for cosmetic purposes;Body polish;Body powder;Body powder (Non-medicated -);Body scrub;Body scrubs;Body scrubs [cosmetic];Body shampoos;Body soap;Body soufflé;Body splash;Body spray;Body sprays;Body sprays [non-medicated];Body talcum powder;Body wash;Body washes;Boot cream;Boot polish;Boot wax;Breath freshener;Breath fresheners;Breath fresheners for animals;Breath fresheners in the form of chew sticks made from birchwood extracts;Breath fresheners, not for medical use;Breath freshening liquid;Breath freshening preparations;Breath freshening preparations for personal hygiene;Breath freshening sprays;Breath freshening strips;Breath freshing sprays;Brilliantine;Bubble bath;Bubble bath [for cosmetic use];Bubble bath preparations;Bubble bath preparations [for cosmetic use];Bubble baths;Buffing compounds;Cake flavorings [essential oils];Cake flavourings [essential oils];Cakes of soap;Cakes of soap for body washing;Cakes of soap for household cleaning purposes;Cakes of toilet soap;Camouflage cream;Canned pressurized air for cleaning and dusting purposes;Canned pressurized air for dusting and cleaning purposes;Car cleaning preparations;Car polish;Car shampoos;Car wax;Car wax with a paint sealant;Carbides of metal [abrasives];Carbolic soaps;Carnauba wax for automotive use;Carpet cleaners;Carpet cleaning preparations;Carpet freshening preparations;Carpet shampoo;Castor oil for cosmetic purposes;Caustic cleaning agents;Caustic soda;Cedarwood (Essential oils of -);Cedarwood perfumery;Chalk (Cleaning -);Chalk for cosmetic use;Chalk for make-up;Cheek colors;Cheek colours;Cheek rouges;Chemical cleaning preparations for household purposes;Chemical laundry preparations;Chewable dentifrices;Chewable tooth cleaning preparations;Chrome cleaners;Chrome polish;Citron [Essential oils of -];Citronella oil for cosmetic use;Clay skin masks;Cleaner for cosmetic brushes;Cleaners for litter trays;Cleaning agents for deep freezers;Cleaning agents for glass;Cleaning agents for household purposes;Cleaning agents for metal;Cleaning agents for stone;Cleaning agents for the hands;Cleaning and fragrancing preparations;Cleaning and shining preparations for plant leaves;Cleaning chalk;Cleaning compositions for spot removal;Cleaning dentures (Preparations for -);Cleaning fluid for typewriter type;Cleaning fluids;Cleaning fluids for camera lenses;Cleaning foam;Cleaning masks for the face;Cleaning pads impregnated with cosmetics;Cleaning preparations;Cleaning preparations for animal cages;Cleaning preparations for automobiles;Cleaning preparations for cleansing drains;Cleaning preparations for fabrics;Cleaning preparations for household purposes;Cleaning preparations for leather;Cleaning preparations for personal use;Cleaning preparations for plant leaves;Cleaning preparations for the teeth;Cleaning preparations for use in livestock farming;Cleaning preparations for use on masonry;Cleaning preparations for use on tiles;Cleaning preparations for use on vehicles;Cleaning preparations impregnated into pads;Cleaning preparations impregnated into tissues;Cleaning preparations in the form of foams;Cleaning solutions for dental ultrasonic sterilization apparatus;Cleaning sprays;Cleaning substances for household use;Cleansers for household purposes;Cleansers for intimate personal hygiene purposes, non medicated;Cleansing balm;Cleansing cream;Cleansing creams;Cleansing creams [cosmetic];Cleansing foam;Cleansing gels;Cleansing lotions;Cleansing masks;Cleansing milk;Cleansing milk for cosmetic purposes;Cleansing milk for toilet purposes;Cleansing milks for skin care;Cleansing mousse;Cleansing oil;Cleansing products for the eyes;Cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning;Cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning camera lenses;Cloths impregnated with a skin cleanser;Cloths impregnated with polishing preparations for cleaning;Cobblers' wax;Cocoa butter for cosmetic purposes;Coconut oil for cosmetic purposes;Cold cream;Cold cream, other than for medical use;Cold creams;Cold creams for cosmetic use;Cold waving solutions;Collagen for cosmetic purposes;Collagen preparations for cosmetic application;Collagen preparations for cosmetic purposes;Cologne;Cologne impregnated disposable wipes;Cologne water;Colognes;Color- [colour-] brightening chemicals for household purposes [laundry];Color run prevention laundry sheets;Colorants for toilet purposes;Color-brightening chemicals for household purposes [laundry];Coloring preparations for cosmetic purposes;Color-removing preparations;Color-removing preparations for hair;Colour cosmetics;Colour cosmetics for children;Colour cosmetics for the eyes;Colour cosmetics for the skin;Colour removers for the hair;Colour run prevention laundry sheets;Colour-brightening chemicals for household purposes [laundry];Colouring lotions for the hair;Colouring preparations for cosmetic purposes;Colour-removing preparations;Combing oil;Commercial laundry detergents;Common toilet water;Compacts containing make-up;Compounds for skin care after exposure to the suns rays;Concealers;Concealers for lines and wrinkles;Concealers for spots and blemishes;Conditioners for treating the hair;Conditioners for use on the hair;Conditioners in the form of sprays for the scalp;Conditioning balsam;Conditioning creams;Conditioning preparations for the hair;Conditioning sprays for animals;Corundum [abrasive];Cosmetic bath salts;Cosmetic body mud;Cosmetic body scrubs;Cosmetic breast firming preparations;Cosmetic cotton wool;Cosmetic creams;Cosmetic creams and lotions;Cosmetic creams for dry skin;Cosmetic creams for firming skin around eyes;Cosmetic creams for skin care;Cosmetic creams for the skin;Cosmetic dyes;Cosmetic eye gels;Cosmetic eye pencils;Cosmetic face powders;Cosmetic facial lotions;Cosmetic facial masks;Cosmetic facial packs;Cosmetic foams containing sunscreens;Cosmetic hair care preparations;Cosmetic hair dressing preparations;Cosmetic hair lotions;Cosmetic hair regrowth inhibiting preparations;Cosmetic hand creams;Cosmetic kits;Cosmetic masks;Cosmetic massage creams;Cosmetic moisturisers;Cosmetic mud masks;Cosmetic nail care preparations;Cosmetic nail preparations;Cosmetic nourishing creams;Cosmetic oils;Cosmetic oils for the epidermis;Cosmetic paste for application to the face to counteract glare;Cosmetic pencils;Cosmetic pencils for cheeks;Cosmetic powder;Cosmetic preparations;Cosmetic preparations against sunburn;Cosmetic preparations for bath and shower;Cosmetic preparations for baths;Cosmetic preparations for body care;Cosmetic preparations for dry skin during pregnancy;Cosmetic preparations for eye lashes;Cosmetic preparations for eyelashes;Cosmetic preparations for nail drying;Cosmetic preparations for protecting the skin from the sun's rays;Cosmetic preparations for skin care;Cosmetic preparations for skin firming;Cosmetic preparations for skin renewal;Cosmetic preparations for slimming purposes;Cosmetic preparations for the care of mouth and teeth;Cosmetic preparations for the hair and scalp;Cosmetic preparations for use as aids to slimming;Cosmetic products for the shower;Cosmetic products in the form of aerosols for skin care;Cosmetic products in the form of aerosols for skincare;Cosmetic rouges;Cosmetic skin enhancers;Cosmetic skin fresheners;Cosmetic soap;Cosmetic soaps;Cosmetic sun milk lotions;Cosmetic sun oils;Cosmetic sun-protecting preparations;Cosmetic sunscreen preparations;Cosmetic suntan lotions;Cosmetic suntan preparations;Cosmetic sun-tanning preparations;Cosmetic tanning preparations;Cosmetic white face powder;Cosmetic-impregnated tissues;Cosmetics;Cosmetics all for sale in kit form;Cosmetics and cosmetic preparations;Cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid;Cosmetics containing keratin;Cosmetics containing panthenol;Cosmetics for animals;Cosmetics for children;Cosmetics for eye-brows;Cosmetics for eye-lashes;Cosmetics for personal use;Cosmetics for protecting the skin from sunburn;Cosmetics for suntanning;Cosmetics for the treatment of dry skin;Cosmetics for the use on the hair;Cosmetics for use in the treatment of wrinkled skin;Cosmetics for use on the skin;Cosmetics in the form of creams;Cosmetics in the form of eye shadow;Cosmetics in the form of gels;Cosmetics in the form of lotions;Cosmetics in the form of milks;Cosmetics in the form of oils;Cosmetics in the form of powders;Cosmetics in the form of rouge;Cosmetics preparations;Cotton balls for cosmetic purposes;Cotton buds for cosmetic purposes;Cotton for cosmetic purposes;Cotton puffs for cosmetic purposes;Cotton puffs impregnated with make-up removing preparations;Cotton sticks for cosmetic purposes;Cotton swabs for cosmetic purposes;Cotton wool balls for cosmetic use;Cotton wool buds for cosmetic use;Cotton wool for cosmetic purposes;Cotton wool impregnated with make-up removing preparations;Cotton wool in the form of wipes for cosmetic use;Cover sticks;Cream cleaners (Non-medicated -);Cream for whitening the skin;Cream foundation;Cream soaps;Creams (Cosmetic -);Creams for cellulite reduction;Creams for firming the skin;Creams for fixing hair;Creams for leather;Creams for tanning the skin;Creams for the skin;Creams (Non-medicated -) for the body;Creams (Non-medicated -) for the eyes;Creams (Skin whitening -);Creams (Soap -) for use in washing;Creamy face powder;Creamy foundation;Creamy rouge;Creamy rouges;Cushions filled with fragrant substances;Cushions filled with perfumed substances;Cushions impregnated with fragrant substances;Cushions impregnated with perfumed substances;Cuticle conditioners;Cuticle cream;Cuticle oil;Cuticle oils;Cuticle removers;Cuticle removing preparations;Cuticle softeners;Dandruff shampoo;Dandruff shampoos, not for medical purposes;Day cream;Day creams;Day lotion;Decalcomanias for fingernails;Decorative cosmetics;Decorative transfers for cosmetic purposes;Degreasers other than for use in manufacturing processes;Degreasers, other than for use in manufacturing processes;Degreasing preparations for engines;Degreasing preparations for household purposes;De-greasing preparations for household purposes;Degreasing preparations with a solvent base;Degreasing solvents, other than for use in manufacturing processes;Degreasing sprays;Dental bleaching gel;Dental bleaching gels;Dental care preparations for animals;Dental polish;Dental rinses for non-medical purposes;Dental rinses, non medicated;Dentifrice;Dentifrice powder;Dentifrices;Dentifrices and mouthwashes;Dentifrices in the form of chewing gum;Dentifrices in the form of solid tablets;Denture polishes;Dentures (Preparations for cleaning -);Deodorant for personal use;Deodorant preparations for personal use;Deodorant soap;Deodorants and antiperspirants;Deodorants for animals;Deodorants for body care;Deodorants for human beings;Deodorants for human beings or for animals;Deodorants for personal use;Deodorants, for personal use in the form of sticks;Deodorants for personal use [perfumery];Deodorants for pets;Deodorants for the feet;Depilatories;Depilatory creams;Depilatory lotions;Depilatory preparations;Depilatory wax;Depilatory waxes;Dermatological creams [other than medicated];Descalants for household use;Descaling preparations for household purposes;Destainers;Detanglers;Detergent compositions for cleaning golf clubs;Detergent compositions for cleaning shoes;Detergent soap;Detergent strengtheners;Detergents;Detergents for automobiles;Detergents for household use;Detergents for machine dishwashing;Detergents other than for use in manufacturing operations and for medical purposes;Detergents, other than for use in manufacturing operations and for medical purposes;Detergents prepared from petroleum;Dewaxing preparations;Dhoop;Diamantine [abrasive];Disclosing tablets for personal use in indicating tartar on the teeth;Dishwasher detergents;Dishwasher detergents in gel form;Dishwasher powder;Dishwasher rinsing agents;Dishwasher tablets;Dishwashing detergents;Dishwashing liquid;Dishwashing preparations;Disposable wipes impregnated with cleansing compounds for use on the face;Distilled oils for beauty care;Double eyelid tapes;Douching preparations for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes [toiletries];Drain and sink unblocking preparations;Drain cleaning preparations;Dry cleaning fluids;Dry cleaning preparations;Dry shampoos;Dry-cleaning preparations;Drying agents for dishwashing machines;Dusting powder;Dusting powder [for toilet use];Dyes (Cosmetic -);Dyes for the hair;Eau de cologne;Eau de Cologne;Eau de cologne [cologne water];Eau de colognes;Eau de parfum;Eau de toilette;Eau-de-cologne;Eau-de-toilette;Eaux de cologne;Eaux de Cologne;Eaux de toilette;Emery;Emery cloth;Emery paper;Emollient preparations [cosmetics];Emollient shampoos;Emollients;Emulsified essential oils;Emulsifying solvent cleaners;Epilating waxes;Essences (Ethereal -);Essences for skin care;Essential oils;Essential oils and aromatic extracts;Essential oils as fragrances for laundry use;Essential oils as perfume for laundry purposes;Essential oils for aromatherapy;Essential oils for aromatherapy use;Essential oils for cosmetic purposes;Essential oils for food flavorings;Essential oils for household purposes;Essential oils for household use;Essential oils for industrial use;Essential oils for personal use;Essential oils for soothing the nerves;Essential oils for the care of the skin;Essential oils for use in air fresheners;Essential oils for use in manufacturing processes;Essential oils for use in the manufacture of scented products;Essential oils of cedarwood;Essential oils of citron;Essential oils of lemon;Essential oils of sandalwood;Essential vegetable oils;Ethereal essences;Ethereal essences and oils;Ethereal oils;Etheric oils;Eucalyptus oil for cosmetic use;Exfoliant creams;Exfoliants;Exfoliants for the care of the skin;Exfoliants for the cleansing of the skin;Exfoliating body scrub;Exfoliating creams;Exfoliating scrubs for cosmetic purposes;Exfoliating scrubs for the body;Exfoliating scrubs for the face;Exfoliating scrubs for the feet;Exfoliating scrubs for the hands;Extracts of flowers;Extracts of flowers being perfumes;Extracts of flowers [perfumes];Extracts of perfumes;Eye brightening correctors;Eye care products, non-medicated;Eye compresses for cosmetic purposes;Eye concealers;Eye cosmetics;Eye cream;Eye creams;Eye gel;Eye gels;Eye liner;Eye lotions;Eye make up remover;Eye makeup;Eye make-up;Eye makeup remover;Eye make-up removers;Eye pencils;Eye shadow;Eye shadows;Eye sticks;Eye stylers;Eye wrinkle lotions;Eyebrow colors;Eyebrow colors in the form of pencils and powders;Eyebrow cosmetics;Eyebrow gel;Eyebrow mascara;Eyebrow pencils;Eyebrow powder;Eyebrows [false];Eyeglass lens cleaning solutions;Eyeglass wipes impregnated with a detergent;Eyelash dye;Eyelash tint;Eyelashes;Eyelashes (Adhesives for affixing false -);Eyelashes (Cosmetic preparations for -);Eyelashes (False -);Eyelid doubling makeup;Eyelid pencils;Eyelid shadow;Eyeliner;Eyeliner pencils;Eyeliners;Eyes make-up;Eyes pencils;Eyeshadow;Eye-shadow;Eyeshadow palettes;Eyeshadows;Eye-washes, not for medical purposes;Fabric brighteners;Fabric conditioners;Fabric conditioning preparations;Fabric softener;Fabric softener for laundry;Fabric softener for laundry use;Fabric softeners;Fabric softeners for laundry;Fabric softeners for laundry use;Face and body creams;Face and body glitter;Face and body lotions;Face and body masks;Face blusher;Face cream (Non-medicated -);Face creams;Face creams for cosmetic use;Face dusting powders;Face gels;Face glitter;Face masks;Face oils;Face packs;Face packs [cosmetic];Face paint;Face paints;Face powder;Face powder [for cosmetic use];Face powder in the form of powder-coated paper;Face powder (Non-medicated -);Face powders;Face powders [for cosmetic use];Face scrub;Face scrubs (Non-medicated -);Face wash;Face wash [cosmetic];Face-powder on paper;Facial beauty masks;Facial butters;Facial care preparations;Facial cleansers;Facial cleansers [cosmetic];Facial cleansing grains;Facial cleansing milk;Facial concealer;Facial conditioning preparations;Facial cream;Facial cream [for cosmetic use];Facial creams;Facial creams [cosmetic];Facial creams [cosmetics];Facial creams [for cosmetic use];Facial emulsions;Facial gels [cosmetics];Facial lotion;Facial lotions;Facial lotions [cosmetic];Facial makeup;Facial masks;Facial masks [cosmetic];Facial massage oils;Facial moisturisers [cosmetic];Facial moisturizers;Facial oil;Facial oils;Facial packs;Facial packs [cosmetic];Facial packs for toilet purposes;Facial peel preparations for cosmetic use;Facial preparations;Facial scrubs;Facial scrubs [cosmetic];Facial serum for cosmetic use;Facial soaps;Facial toner;Facial toners [cosmetic];Facial wash;Facial washes;Facial washes [cosmetic];Facial wipes impregnated with cosmetics;Fair complexion cream;Fair complexion creams;Fake blood;False eyelashes;False fingernails;False hair (Adhesives for affixing -);False nails;False toenails;Feminine deodorant sprays;Feminine hygiene cleansing towelettes;Fingernail decals;Fingernail overlay material;Fingernail sculpturing overlays;Fingernail tips;Flavorings [flavourings] for beverages [essential oils];Flavorings for beverages [essential oils];Flavour enhancers for food [essential oils];Flavourings for beverages [essential oils];Flavourings for cakes [essential oils];Flexible abrasives;Floor buffing compound;Floor buffing compounds;Floor cleaning preparations;Floor finish removers;Floor polish;Floor polishes;Floor shining compositions;Floor stripping preparations;Floor treatment compositions;Floor wax;Floor wax remover;Floor wax removers;Floor wax removers [scouring preparations];Floors (Non-slipping liquids for -);Floors (Non-slipping wax for -);Floral water;Flower perfumes (Bases for -);Flowers (Extracts of -) [perfumes];Fluid creams [cosmetics];Foam bath;Foam bath preparations;Foam cleaning preparations;Foam detergents;Foam for use in shaving;Foaming bath gels;Foaming bath liquids;Foams for the bath;Foams for use in shaving;Foams for use in the shower;Food flavoring, being essential oils;Food flavorings [essential oils];Food flavorings prepared from essential oils;Food flavourings [essential oils];Foot balms (Non-medicated -);Foot care preparations (Non-medicated -);Foot deodorant spray;Foot masks for skin care;Foot perspiration (Soap for -);Foot powder [non-medicated];Foot scrubs;Foot smoothing stones;Foundation;Foundation make-up;Foundations;Fragrance emitting wicks for room fragrance;Fragrance for household purposes;Fragrance preparations;Fragrance refills for non-electric room fragrance dispensers;Fragrance sachets;Fragrance sachets for eye pillows;Fragrances;Fragrances for automobiles;Fragrances for personal use;Fragrant sachets;Fruit and vegetable wash;Fumigating incenses (Kunko);Fumigation preparations [perfumes];Functional cosmetics;Furbishing preparations;Furniture cleaner;Furniture polish;Furniture polishes;Gargles, not for medical purposes;Gaultheria oil;Gel eye masks;Gel eye patches for cosmetic purposes;Gel nail removers;Gel sprays being styling aids;Gels (Dental bleaching -);Gels for cosmetic purposes;Gels for cosmetic use;Gels for fixing hair;Gels for use on the hair;General purpose scouring powder;Geraniol;Geraniol for cosmetic purposes;Geraniol for cosmetic use;Geraniol for fragrancing;Geraniol fragrancing compounds;Glass cleaners;Glass cleaning preparations;Glass cloth;Glass cloth [abrasive cloth];Glass paper;Glaze (Laundry -);Glitter for cosmetic purposes;Glitter in spray form for use as a cosmetics;Glue for strengthening nails;Glue removers;Graffiti removing substances;Granular corundum;Granulated soap;Granulated soaps;Greasepaint;Grease-removing preparations;Greases for cosmetic purposes;Grinding foils;Grinding preparations;Grinding preparations for semiconductors;Hair and body wash;Hair balm;Hair balms;Hair balsam;Hair bleach;Hair bleaches;Hair bleaching preparations;Hair care agents;Hair care creams;Hair care creams [for cosmetic use];Hair care lotions;Hair care lotions [for cosmetic use];Hair care masks;Hair care preparations;Hair care preparations, not for medical purposes;Hair care serum;Hair care serums;Hair chalks;Hair cleaning preparations;Hair color;Hair color removers;Hair colorants;Hair coloring preparations;Hair colour removers;Hair colourants;Hair colouring;Hair colouring and dyes;Hair colouring preparations;Hair conditioner;Hair conditioner bars;Hair conditioners;Hair conditioners for babies;Hair cosmetics;Hair cream;Hair creams;Hair curling preparations;Hair decolorant preparations;Hair decolorants;Hair desiccating treatments for cosmetic use;Hair dressings for men;Hair dye;Hair dyeing preparations;Hair dyes;Hair emollients;Hair fixers;Hair fixing oil;Hair frosts;Hair gel;Hair gels;Hair glaze;Hair glazes;Hair grooming preparations;Hair lacquer;Hair lacquers;Hair lighteners;Hair liquid;Hair liquids;Hair lotion;Hair lotions;Hair mascara;Hair masks;Hair moisturisers;Hair moisturising conditioners;Hair moisturizers;Hair mousse;Hair mousses;Hair neutralizers;Hair nourishers;Hair oil;Hair oils;Hair permanent treatments;Hair permanent wave kit;Hair piece bonding glue;Hair pomades;Hair powder;Hair preparations and treatments;Hair preservation treatments for cosmetic use;Hair protection creams;Hair protection gels;Hair protection lotions;Hair protection mousse;Hair relaxers;Hair relaxing preparations;Hair removal and shaving preparations;Hair removal preparations;Hair removing cream;Hair rinses;Hair rinses [for cosmetic use];Hair rinses [shampoo-conditioners];Hair serums;Hair shampoo;Hair shampoos;Hair spray;Hair sprays;Hair straightening preparations;Hair strengthening treatment lotions;Hair styling gel;Hair styling gels;Hair styling lotions;Hair styling preparations;Hair styling spray;Hair styling waxes;Hair texturizers;Hair tinting preparations;Hair tonic;Hair tonic [for cosmetic use];Hair tonic [non-medicated];Hair tonics;Hair tonics [for cosmetic use];Hair treatment preparations;Hair waving preparations;Hair wax;Hairdressing preparations;Hairspray;Hairstyling masks;Hairstyling serums;Hair-washing powder;Hair-waving preparations;Hand and body butter;Hand cleaner;Hand cleaners [hand cleaning preparations];Hand cleaning preparations;Hand cleansers;Hand cream;Hand creams;Hand gels;Hand lotion (Non-medicated -);Hand lotions;Hand masks for skin care;Hand milks;Hand oils (Non-medicated -);Hand powders;Hand scrubs;Hand soap;Hand soaps;Hand washes;Handmade soap;Helichrysum [essential oils];Helichrysum (essential oils);Heliotropin;Heliotropin for cosmetic use;Heliotropin fragrancing compounds;Heliotropine;Henna;Henna [cosmetic dye];Henna for cosmetic purposes;Henna powders;Herbal extracts for cosmetic purposes;Horse oil cream for skin care;Household bleach;Household cleaning substances;Household cleansers;Household detergents;Household fragrances;Humectant preparations [cosmetics];Humectants;Hydrating creams for cosmetic use;Hydrating masks;Hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic purposes;Hydrogen peroxide for use on the hair;Hydrolyzed collagen for cosmetic purposes;Hypochloride (Potassium -);Impregnated cleaning pads impregnated with cosmetics;Impregnated cleaning pads impregnated with toilet preparations;Impregnated cloths for cosmetic use;Impregnated cloths for polishing;Impregnated paper tissues for cleaning dishware;Impregnated tissues for cleaning [non-medicated, for use on the person];Incense;Incense cones;Incense sachets;Incense spray;Incense sticks;Industrial abrasives;Industrial soap;Ionone [perfumery];Japanese hair fixing oil (bintsuke-abura);Jasmine oil;Javelle water;Jelly (Petroleum -) for cosmetic purposes;Jewellers' rouge;Joss sticks;Kettle cleaner;Kits (Cosmetic -);Lacquer for cosmetic purposes;Lacquer removing compositions;Lacquer-removing preparations;Laundry additives;Laundry additives for water softening;Laundry balls containing laundry detergent;Laundry bleach;Laundry bleaching preparations;Laundry blue;Laundry blueing;Laundry detergents;Laundry detergents for household cleaning use;Laundry fabric conditioner;Laundry glaze;Laundry liquids;Laundry powder;Laundry preparations;Laundry preparations for attracting dirt;Laundry preparations for attracting dyes;Laundry sizing;Laundry soaking preparations;Laundry soap;Laundry soaps;Laundry starch;Laundry wax;Lavatory cleaning compositions;Lavender oil;Lavender oil for cosmetic use;Lavender water;Leather and shoe cleaning and polishing preparations;Leather bleaching preparations;Leather (Creams for -);Leather dressings;Leather polishes;Leather preservatives;Leather preservatives [polishes];Leather preserving polishes;Leaves of plants (Preparations to make shiny the -);Lemon [Essential oils of -];Lime removers;Linen (Sachets for perfuming -);Liners [cosmetics] for the eyes;Lint for cosmetic purposes;Lip balm;Lip balm [non-medicated];Lip balms;Lip balms [non-medicated];Lip care preparations;Lip coatings [cosmetic];Lip coatings (Non-medicated -);Lip conditioners;Lip cosmetics;Lip cream;Lip gloss;Lip gloss palettes;Lip glosses;Lip liner;Lip liners;Lip makeup;Lip neutralizers;Lip pencils;Lip polisher;Lip pomades;Lip protectors [cosmetic];Lip protectors (Non-medicated -);Lip rouge;Lip stains [cosmetics];Lip stains for cosmetic purposes;Lip tints;Lipstick;Lipstick cases;Lipsticks;Liquid bath soap;Liquid bath soaps;Liquid dentifrice;Liquid dishwasher detergents;Liquid eyeliners;Liquid floor polishes;Liquid foundation;Liquid foundation (mizu-oshiroi);Liquid latex body paint for cosmetic purposes;Liquid laundry detergents;Liquid perfumes;Liquid rouge;Liquid rouges;Liquid soap;Liquid soap for dish washing;Liquid soap for laundry;Liquid soap used in foot bath;Liquid soap used in foot baths;Liquid soaps;Liquid soaps for hands and face;Liquid soaps for laundry;Liquids for floors (Non-slipping -);Litter tray cleaners incorporating a deodorizer;Long lash mascaras;Loofah soaps;Loose face powder;Lotions for beards;Lotions for cellulite reduction;Lotions for cosmetic purposes;Lotions for face and body care;Lotions for strengthening the nails;Lotions for the skin;Lotions (Tissues impregnated with cosmetic -);Make up foundations;Make up removing preparations;Makeup;Make-up;Make-up bases in the form of pastes;Make-up for compacts;Make-up for the face;Make-up for the face and body;Make-up foundation;Make-up foundations;Make-up kits;Make-up pads of cotton wool;Make-up pencils;Make-up powder;Make-up preparations;Make-up preparations for the face and body;Make-up primer;Make-up primers;Make-up remover;Make-up removers;Make-up removing creams;Make-up removing gels;Make-up removing lotions;Make-up removing milk;Make-up removing milks;Make-up removing preparations;Makeup setting sprays;Mascara;Mascaras;Mask pack for cosmetic purposes;Masks (Beauty -);Massage candles for cosmetic purposes;Massage creams, not medicated;Massage gels other than for medical purposes;Massage gels, other than for medical purposes;Massage oil;Massage oils;Massage oils and lotions;Massage oils, not medicated;Massage waxes;Metal polish;Metal polishes;Micellar water;Microdermabrasion polish;Milk (Cleansing -) for toilet purposes;Milk for cosmetic purposes;Milks [cosmetics];Milky lotions for skin care;Mineral oils [cosmetic];Mineral water sprays for cosmetic purposes;Mint essence [essential oil];Mint for perfumery;Moist paper hand towels impregnated with a cosmetic lotion;Moist wipes for sanitary and cosmetic purposes;Moist wipes impregnated with a cosmetic lotion;Moistened tooth powder;Moisture body lotion;Moisturiser;Moisturisers;Moisturisers [cosmetics];Moisturising body lotion [cosmetic];Moisturising concentrates [cosmetic];Moisturising creams;Moisturising creams, lotions and gels;Moisturising gels [cosmetic];Moisturising preparations;Moisturising skin creams [cosmetic];Moisturising skin lotions [cosmetic];Moisturizers;Moisturizing body lotions;Moisturizing creams;Moisturizing milk;Moisturizing preparations for the skin;Mould removing preparations;Mousses being hair styling aids;Mousses [cosmetics];Mousses [toiletries] for use in styling the hair;Moustache wax;Mouth [breath] fresheners, not for medical use;Mouth sprays, not for medical use;Mouth washes;Mouth washes, not for medical purposes;Mouthwash;Mouthwashes;Mouthwashes, not for medical purposes;Multifunctional cosmetics;Multifunctional makeup;Musk [natural];Musk [perfumery];Mustache wax;Nail art stickers;Nail base coat [cosmetics];Nail buffing preparations;Nail care preparations;Nail conditioners;Nail cosmetics;Nail cream;Nail decolorants;Nail enamel;Nail enamel remover;Nail enamel removers;Nail enamels;Nail gel;Nail glitter;Nail hardeners;Nail hardeners [cosmetics];Nail makeup;Nail paint [cosmetics];Nail polish;Nail polish base coat;Nail polish pens;Nail polish remover;Nail polish remover pens;Nail polish removers;Nail polish removers [cosmetics];Nail polish top coat;Nail polishing powder;Nail primer [cosmetics];Nail repair preparations;Nail strengtheners;Nail tips;Nail tips [cosmetics];Nail varnish;Nail varnish for cosmetic purposes;Nail varnish remover [cosmetics];Nail varnish removers;Nail varnish removing preparations;Nail varnishes;Nail whiteners;Nail-polish removers;Nails (False -);Nappy cream [non-medicated];Nasal cleaning preparations for personal sanitary purposes;Natural cosmetics;Natural essential oils;Natural floor polishes;Natural floor waxes;Natural makeup;Natural musk;Natural oils for cleaning purposes;Natural oils for cosmetic purposes;Natural oils for perfumes;Natural perfumery;Natural starches for laundry purposes;Neutralizers for permanent waving;Neutralizing hair preparations;Night cream;Night creams;Night creams [cosmetics];Non medicated skin toners;Non-medicated antiperspirants;Non-medicated balm for hair;Non-medicated bath oils;Non-medicated bath preparations;Non-medicated bath salts;Non-medicated beauty preparations;Non-medicated body care preparations;Non-medicated body soaks;Non-medicated bubble bath preparations;Non-medicated cleansing creams;Non-medicated cosmetics;Non-medicated cosmetics and toiletry preparations;Non-medicated creams;Non-medicated dental rinse;Non-medicated dentifrices;Non-medicated diaper rash cream;Non-medicated douches;Non-medicated face care preparations;Non-medicated foot cream;Non-medicated foot lotions;Non-medicated foot soaks;Non-medicated hair lotions;Non-medicated hair shampoos;Non-medicated hair treatment preparations for cosmetic purposes;Non-medicated lip balms;Non-medicated lip care preparations;Non-medicated lotions;Non-medicated massage preparations;Non-medicated moisturisers;Non-medicated mouth rinse;Non-medicated mouth sprays;Non-medicated mouth washes;Non-medicated mouth washes for pets;Non-medicated mouthwashes;Non-medicated oils;Non-medicated pet shampoos;Non-medicated preparations for the relief of sunburn;Non-medicated scalp treatment cream;Non-medicated shampoos;Non-medicated shower oils;Non-medicated skin balms;Non-medicated skin care preparations;Non-medicated skin clarifying lotions;Non-medicated skin creams;Non-medicated skin lotions;Non-medicated skin serums;Non-medicated skincare preparations;Non-medicated soaps;Non-medicated stimulating lotions for the skin;Non-medicated sun care preparations;Non-medicated toilet preparations;Non-medicated toilet soaps;Non-medicated toiletries;Non-medicated toiletry preparations;Non-medicated toothpaste;Non-slipping liquids for floors;Non-slipping wax for floors;Nutritional creams (Non-medicated -);Odour fresheners for animals;Oil baths for hair care;Oil of turpentine for degreasing;Oils for cleaning purposes;Oils for cosmetic purposes;Oils for hair conditioning;Oils for moisturising the skin after sunbathing;Oils for perfumes and scents;Oils for the skin;Oils for toilet purposes;Oils for toiletry purposes;Ointments for cosmetic use;Oral hygiene preparations;Organic cosmetics;Organic makeup;Oven cleaners;Oven cleaners [preparations];Oven cleaning preparations;Paint remover;Paint removers;Paint removing compositions;Paint removing preparations;Paint stripper;Paint strippers;Paint stripping preparations;Paper hand towels impregnated with cleaning agents;Paper hand towels impregnated with cosmetics;Paper soaps for personal uses;Parquet floor wax;Pastes for cleaning shoes;Pastes for razor strops;Patches containing sun screen and sun block for use on the skin;Pedicure preparations;Pencils (Cosmetic -);Pencils (Eyebrow -);Pencils for cosmetic purposes;Pencils for cosmetic use;Peppermint crude oil;Peppermint oil [perfumery];Perfume;Perfume oils;Perfume oils for the manufacture of cosmetic preparations;Perfume water;Perfumed body lotions [toilet preparations];Perfumed creams;Perfumed lotions [toilet preparations];Perfumed oils for skin care;Perfumed potpourris;Perfumed powder;Perfumed powder [for cosmetic use];Perfumed powders;Perfumed powders [for cosmetic use];Perfumed sachets;Perfumed soap;Perfumed soaps;Perfumed tissues;Perfumed toilet waters;Perfumed water;Perfumeries;Perfumery;Perfumery and fragrances;Perfumery, essential oils;Perfumery products;Perfumes;Perfumes for cardboard;Perfumes for ceramics;Perfumes for industrial purposes;Perfumes in solid form;Perfuming preparations for the atmosphere;Perfuming sachets;Permanent wave preparations;Permanent waving and curling preparations;Permanent waving lotions;Permanent waving (Neutralizers for -);Permanent waving preparations;Personal deodorants;Pet odor removers;Pet shampoos;Pet stain removers;Petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes;Pets (Shampoos for -);Phytocosmetic preparations;Pine oil;Pine oils for cleaning floors;Piperonal for cosmetic use;Piperonal fragrancing compounds;Plants (Preparations to make shiny the leaves of -);Polish;Polish for furniture and flooring;Polish for musical instruments;Polishes;Polishes (Denture -);Polishes for guitars;Polishing creams;Polishing paper;Polishing powders;Polishing preparations;Polishing rouge;Polishing stones;Polishing wax;Pomades for cosmetic purposes;Pomanders;Pomanders [aromatic substances];Pores tightening mask packs used as cosmetics;Pot pourri;Potassium hypochloride;Potpourri;Pot-pourri;Potpourri sachets for incorporating in aromatherapy pillows;Potpourris;Potpourris [fragrances];Powder compact refills [cosmetics];Powder compacts [cosmetics];Powder for forming sculpted finger nail tips;Powder for laundry purposes;Powder for make-up;Powder laundry detergents;Powder (Make-up -);Pre-moistened cosmetic tissues;Pre-moistened cosmetic towelettes;Pre-moistened cosmetic wipes;Pre-moistened towelettes impregnated with a detergent for cleaning;Pre-moistened towelettes impregnated with dishwashing detergent;Preparation for cleaning dentures;Preparations and products for fur care;Preparations for cleaning dentures;Preparations for cleaning teeth;Preparations for cleaning the teeth;Preparations for permanent hair waves;Preparations for protecting coloured hair;Preparations for protecting the hair from the sun;Preparations for reinforcing the nails;Preparations for removing gel nails;Preparations for setting hair;Preparations for soaking laundry;Preparations for stripping wax from floors;Preparations for the bath;Preparations for the bath and shower;Preparations for the care of the body;Preparations for the conditioning of the body;Preparations for the shower;Preparations for unblocking drain pipes;Preparations for unblocking sinks;Preparations for use after shaving;Preparations for use before shaving;Preparations for use in the bath or shower;Preparations to make shiny the leaves of plants;Preparations to make the leaves of plants shiny;Prepared wax for polishing;Preservative creams for leather;Preservatives for leather;Preservatives for leather [polishes];Pre-shave creams;Pre-shave foams;Pre-shave gels;Pre-shave preparations;Pre-shaving lotions;Pre-shaving preparations;Pressed face powder;Procollagen for cosmetic purposes;Pro-collagen for cosmetic purposes;Products for protecting coloured hair;Pumice stone;Pumice stones for personal use;Pumice stones for use on the body;Quillaia bark for washing;Razor strops (Pastes for -);Recovery creams for cosmetic use;Reed diffusers;Refill packs for body cleansing product dispensers;Refill packs for cosmetics dispensers;Refill packs for hair fixer dispensers;Refill packs for hand soap dispensers;Refill packs for shampoo dispensers;Refill packs for shower gel dispensers;Refill packs for skin care cream dispensers;Refills for electric room fragrance dispensers;Removable tattoos for cosmetic purposes;Removers (Floor wax -) [scouring preparations];Retinol cream for cosmetic purposes;Rinse aids;Rinsing agents for laundry;Rinsing aids for use when washing clothes;Roll-on deodorants [toiletries];Room fragrances;Room fragrancing preparations;Room fragrancing products;Room perfume sprays;Room perfumes in spray form;Room scenting sprays;Rose oil;Rose oil for cosmetic purposes;Rosemary oil for cosmetic use;Rouge;Rouge (Jewellers' -);Rouges;Rust removers;Rust removing preparations;Sachets for perfuming linen;Saddle soap;Saddle soaps;Safrol;Salt crystal removers;Salves [non-medicated];Sandcloth;Sanding gloves;Sandpaper;Sandpaper for sharpening drawing pencils;Sandpaper pads for sharpening drawing pencils;Sanitary preparations being toiletries;Scale removing preparations for household purposes;Scalp treatments (Non-medicated -);Scented bathing salts;Scented body creams;Scented body lotions;Scented body lotions and creams;Scented body spray;Scented ceramic stones;Scented fabric refresher spray;Scented fabric refresher sprays;Scented linen sprays;Scented linen water;Scented oils;Scented oils used to produce aromas when heated;Scented pine cones;Scented room sprays;Scented sachets;Scented soaps;Scented toilet waters;Scented water;Scented wax melts;Scented wood;Scents;Scouring liquids;Scouring powders;Scouring preparations;Scouring solutions;Scouring substances;Scrubbing powder;Seaweed for cosmetology;Seaweed gelatine for laundry use (funori);Seaweed gelatine for laundry use [funori];Self tanning creams [cosmetic];Self tanning lotions [cosmetic];Self tanning preparations;Self-adhesive false eyebrows;Self-tanning preparations [cosmetic];Self-tanning preparations [cosmetics];Serums for cosmetic purposes;Sets of cosmetic oral care products;Shampoo;Shampoo bars;Shampoo for animals;Shampoo-conditioners;Shampoos;Shampoos for animals [non-medicated grooming preparations];Shampoos for babies;Shampoos for human hair;Shampoos for personal use;Shampoos for pets;Shampoos for pets [non-medicated grooming preparations];Shampoos for vehicles;Sharpening preparations;Shave balm;Shave creams;Shave gel;Shaving balm;Shaving balms;Shaving cream;Shaving creams;Shaving foam;Shaving foams;Shaving gel;Shaving gels;Shaving lotion;Shaving lotions;Shaving mousse;Shaving oil;Shaving oils;Shaving preparations;Shaving preparations in liquid form;Shaving sets, comprised of shaving cream and aftershave;Shaving soap;Shaving soaps;Shaving sprays;Shaving sticks [preparations];Shaving stones;Shaving stones [astringents];Shaving stones [astringents for cosmetic purposes];Shaving stones being astringents for cosmetic purposes;Shining preparations being polish;Shining preparations for fruit;Shining preparations for fruits;Shining preparations for plant leaves;Shining preparations [polish];Shiny (Preparations to make the leaves of plants -);Shoe and boot cream;Shoe black [shoe polish];Shoe cleaners [preparations];Shoe cream;Shoe polish;Shoe polish and creams;Shoe polish applicators containing shoe polish;Shoe polishes;Shoe sprays;Shoe wax;Shoemakers' wax;Shower and bath foam;Shower and bath gel;Shower and bath preparations;Shower cream;Shower creams;Shower foams;Shower gel;Shower gels;Shower oils;Shower preparations;Shower salts not for medical purposes;Shower soap;Silicon carbide [abrasive];Silicon carbide for use as an abrasive;Skin balms [cosmetic];Skin balms (Non-medicated -);Skin care (Cosmetic preparations for -);Skin care cosmetics;Skin care creams [cosmetic];Skin care creams, other than for medical use;Skin care lotions [cosmetic];Skin care mousse;Skin care oils [cosmetic];Skin care oils [non-medicated];Skin care preparations;Skin care products for animals;Skin clarifiers;Skin cleaners [non-medicated];Skin cleaning and freshening sprays;Skin cleansers;Skin cleansers [cosmetic];Skin cleansers [non-medicated];Skin cleansing cream;Skin cleansing cream [non-medicated];Skin cleansing foams;Skin cleansing lotion;Skin conditioners;Skin conditioning creams for cosmetic purposes;Skin cream;Skin cream [for cosmetic use];Skin creams;Skin creams [cosmetic];Skin creams [for cosmetic use];Skin creams [non-medicated];Skin emollients;Skin emollients [non-medicated];Skin, eye and nail care preparations;Skin foundation;Skin fresheners;Skin fresheners [cosmetics];Skin hydrators;Skin lighteners;Skin lightening compositions [cosmetic];Skin lightening creams;Skin lotion;Skin lotions;Skin make-up;Skin masks;Skin masks [cosmetics];Skin moisturiser;Skin moisturisers;Skin moisturizer;Skin moisturizer masks;Skin moisturizers;Skin moisturizers used as cosmetics;Skin polishing rice bran (arai-nuka);Skin recovery creams [cosmetics];Skin soap;Skin softening preparations;Skin texturizers;Skin toner;Skin toners;Skin toners [cosmetic];Skin tonics [non-medicated];Skin whitening creams;Skin whitening preparations;Skin whitening preparations [cosmetic];Skincare cosmetics;Skincare preparations;Slimming aids [cosmetic], other than for medical use;Slimming purposes (Cosmetic preparations for -);Smoothing emulsions [cosmetics];Smoothing emulsions for the skin;Smoothing preparations [starching];Smoothing stones;Soaking laundry (Preparations for -);Soap;Soap (Antiperspirant -);Soap (Cakes of -);Soap (Deodorant -);Soap for brightening textile;Soap for foot perspiration;Soap free washing emulsions for the body;Soap pads;Soap powder;Soap powders;Soap products;Soap sheets;Soap solutions;Soaps;Soaps and gels;Soaps for body care;Soaps for brightening textiles;Soaps for household use;Soaps for laundry use;Soaps for personal use;Soaps for toilet purposes;Soaps in gel form;Soaps in liquid form;Soapy gels;Soda (Bleaching -);Soda lye;Softeners (Fabric -) for laundry use;Softening agents for laundry purposes;Solid perfumes;Solid powder for compacts;Solid powder for compacts [cosmetics];Solid powder for cosmetic compacts;Solid toothpaste tablets;Solvents for removing paints;Solvents for removing varnishes;Sparkling fluid for the body;SPF sun block sprays;Spirit gum for cosmetic use;Spirit gum remover;Sponges impregnated with soaps;Sponges impregnated with toiletries;Spot remover;Spot removers [preparations];Spray cleaners for freshening athletic mouth guards;Spray cleaners for household use;Spray cleaners for use on textiles;Spray polish;Sprays (Breath freshening -);Stain removers;Stain removing agents;Stain removing benzine;Stain removing preparations;Stain removing preparations for use on household goods;Starch for abrasive purposes;Starch for cleaning purposes;Starch for laundry purposes;Starch glaze for laundry purposes;Stick pomade;Strips (Breath freshening -);Styling gels;Styling gels for the hair;Styling lotions;Styling mousse;Styling paste for hair;Styling sprays for the hair;Substances for laundry use;Sugar soap;Sun barriers [cosmetics];Sun block [cosmetics];Sun block preparations;Sun blocking lipsticks [cosmetics];Sun blocking oils [cosmetics];Sun blocking preparations [cosmetics];Sun bronzers;Sun care lotions;Sun care lotions [for cosmetic use];Sun care preparations;Sun care preparations for cosmetic use;Sun creams;Sun creams [for cosmetic use];Sun protecting creams [cosmetics];Sun protection preparations;Sun protectors for lips;Sun screen;Sun screen preparations;Sun tan gel;Sun tan lotion;Sun tan milk;Sun tan oil;Sunblock;Sun-block lotions;Suncare lotions;Suncare lotions [for cosmetic use];Sunscreen;Sunscreen cream;Sunscreen creams;Sunscreen creams [for cosmetic use];Sunscreen [for cosmetic use];Sunscreen lotions;Sunscreen preparations;Sunscreen sticks;Sun-screening preparations;Sunscreens;Sunscreens [for cosmetic use];Suntan creams;Suntan creams [self-tanning creams];Suntan lotion [cosmetics];Suntan lotions;Suntan oils [cosmetics];Suntan oils for cosmetic purposes;Sun-tanning creams;Sun-tanning creams and lotions;Sun-tanning gels;Sun-tanning lotions;Suntanning oil [cosmetics];Sun-tanning oils;Suntanning preparations;Sun-tanning preparations;Sun-tanning preparations [cosmetics];Swallowable toothpaste;Synthetic detergents for clothes;Synthetic musk;Synthetic perfumery;Synthetic vanillin [perfumery];Tailors' and cobblers' wax;Tailors' wax;Talc;Talc [toiletries];Talcum powder;Talcum powder [for cosmetic use];Talcum powder, for toilet use;Talcum powder [for toilet use];Talcum powder (Non-medicated -) for babies;Talcum powders;Talcum powders [for cosmetic use];Talcum powders for toilet use;Tanning creams;Tanning gels [cosmetics];Tanning milks [cosmetics];Tanning oils [cosmetics];Tanning preparations;Tanning preparations [cosmetics];Tea-tree oil;Teeth cleaning lotions;Teeth cleaning (Preparations for -);Teeth whitening preparations;Teeth whitening strips;Teeth whitening strips impregnated with teeth whitening preparations [cosmetics];Temporary tattoo transfers for use as cosmetics;Temporary tattoos for cosmetic purposes;Terpenes [essential oils];Theatrical makeup;Throat sprays [non-medicated];Time-release solid drain detergent;Tints for the beard;Tints for the hair;Tissues impregnated with a skin cleanser;Tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions;Tissues impregnated with cosmetics;Tissues impregnated with essential oils, for cosmetic use;Tissues impregnated with leather gloss agents;Tissues impregnated with make-up removing preparations;Tissues impregnated with preparations for cleaning;Toilet bowl detergents;Toilet cleaners;Toilet milk for cleansing purposes;Toilet powders;Toilet preparations;Toilet soap;Toilet soaps;Toilet water;Toilet water containing snake oil;Toilet waters;Toiletries;Toiletry preparations;Toners for cosmetic use;Tonics [cosmetic];Toning creams [cosmetic];Toning lotion, for the face, body and hands;Toning spritz;Tooth care preparations;Tooth cleaning preparations;Tooth gel;Tooth paste;Tooth polish;Tooth polishes;Tooth powder;Tooth powder [for cosmetic use];Tooth powders;Tooth powders [for cosmetic use];Tooth whitening creams;Tooth whitening pastes;Tooth whitening preparations;Toothpaste;Toothpaste in soft cake form;Toothpastes;Topical skin sprays for cosmetic purposes;Transfers (Decorative -) for cosmetic purposes;Tripoli stone for polishing;Turpentine, for degreasing;Turpentine for degreasing;Unblocking drain pipes (Preparations for -);Under eye correctors;Under-eye enhancers;Upholstery cleaners;Vaginal washes for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes;Vanilla perfumery;Varnish (Nail -);Varnish removers;Varnish-removing preparations;Vehicle cleaning preparations;Vehicle shampoos;Vehicle tyre polish;Volatile alkali [ammonia] [detergent];Volcanic ash for cleaning;Wallpaper cleaning preparations;Washing agents for textiles;Washing conservation agents;Washing creams;Washing liquids;Washing powder;Washing preparations;Washing preparations for household purposes;Washing preparations for personal use;Washing soda, for cleaning;Washing-up detergent;Washing-up liquids;Waterless shampoo;Waterless shampoos;Waterless soap;Waterproof sunscreen;Water-resistant sunscreen;Wave-set lotions;Waving preparations for the hair;Wax (Cobblers' -);Wax (Depilatory -);Wax for floors (Non-slipping -);Wax for parquet floors;Wax (Laundry -);Wax (Moustache -);Wax (Parquet floor -);Wax (Polishing -);Wax stripping preparations;Wax strips for removing body hair;Wax (Tailors' -);Wax treatments for the hair;Waxes for leather;Whitening the skin (Cream for -);Whitewall cleaners;Whiting;Window cleaners in spray form;Window cleaners [polish];Window cleaning compositions;Windscreen cleaning fluids;Windscreen cleaning liquids;Windscreen cleaning preparations;Windshield cleaner fluids;Windshield cleaning liquids;Windshield washing fluid;Wintergreen oil;Wipes impregnated with a cleaning preparation;Wipes impregnated with a skin cleanser;Wipes incorporating cleaning preparations;Wiping cloth impregnated with a cleaning preparation for cleaning eye glasses;Wood treatment preparations for polishing;Wrinkle removing skin care preparations;Wrinkle resistant cream;Wrinkle resistant creams;Wrinkle resistant creams [for cosmetic use];Wrinkle-minimizing cosmetic preparations for topical facial use.
Class Description: 031 - Natural Agricultural Products
Goods & Services: Agricultural and aquacultural crops, horticulture and forestry products;Agricultural produce (Unprocessed -);Cannabis plants;Cannabis, unprocessed;Natural flowering plants;Natural flowers;Natural greenery for decoration;Natural plants;Natural plants and flowers;Natural plants [live];Natural seeds;Nursery plants;Potted fresh herbs;Potted plants;Preserved flowers;Preserved flowers for decoration;Raw herbs;Rose bushes;Roses;Roses [plants];Saplings;Seedlings;Seedlings for planting;Seeds;Seeds, bulbs and seedlings for plant breeding;Seeds for agricultural purposes;Seeds for agricultural use;Seeds for flowers;Seeds for fruit;Seeds for growing herbs;Seeds for growing plants;Seeds for horticultural purposes;Seeds for horticultural use;Seeds for planting;Seeds for sowing;Seeds for vegetables;Seeds in pellet form;Seeds (Plant -);Shrubs;Shrubs (Live -);Sowing seeds;Sunflower seeds;Trees;Trees and forestry products;Trees (Trunks of -);Unprocessed herbs;Unprocessed horticultural products;Unprocessed oil seeds;Unprocessed seeds;Unprocessed seeds for agricultural use;Vegetable seeds;Vegetables, fresh;Wildlife seed mixtures;Wreaths of dried herbs for decoration;Wreaths of natural flowers;Abalones [live];Abrasive liners for cat litter pans;Active dried yeast for animals;Agricultural and aquacultural crops, horticulture and forestry products;Agricultural grains for planting;Agricultural produce (Unprocessed -);Agricultural seeds;Algae for animal consumption;Algae for human consumption;Algae for human or animal consumption;Algae powder for animal consumption;Algae, unprocessed, for human or animal consumption;Algarovilla for animal consumption;Almonds [fruits];Aloe vera, fresh, for food;Aloe vera plants;Anchovy, live;Animal beverages;Animal biscuits;Animal embryos;Animal fattening preparations;Animal feed;Animal feed preparations;Animal feeds;Animal feedstuffs;Animal food;Animal foodstuffs;Animal foodstuffs consisting of soya bean products;Animal foodstuffs containing air-cured hay;Animal foodstuffs containing hay;Animal foodstuffs derived from air-cured hay;Animal foodstuffs derived from hay;Animal foodstuffs derived from vegetable matter;Animal foodstuffs for the weaning of animals;Animal foodstuffs in the form of nuts;Animal foodstuffs in the form of pellets;Animal foodstuffs in the form of pieces;Animal forage (Lime for -);Animal litter;Animal litter for cats;Animal litter made from hydrated calcium silicate;Animals (Edible chews for -);Animals (Live -);Animals (Menagerie -);Apple tree seeds;Apple trees;Apples (Fresh -);Apples (Unprocessed -);Aquarium fish;Ark-shells [live];Aromatic sand for pets [litter];Aromatic sand [litter] for pets;Arrangements of dried flowers for decorative purposes;Arrangements of fresh fruit;Arrangements of natural flowers;Artichokes, fresh;Artificial milk prepared for use as a feeding stuff for calves;Asparagus (Fresh -);Asparagus plant material (Fresh -);Asparagus plants;Asparagus (Unprocessed -);Baby corns, fresh;Bagasses of cane [raw material];Bagasses of cane [raw materials];Bait (Fishing -), live;Bait [live];Bait, not artificial;Baled air-cured hay;Bark for mulches;Bark for use as animal litter;Bark for use in mulching;Bark mulches;Bark-based products for use as animal litter;Bark-based products for use in mulching;Barks (Raw -);Barley;Barley for use in brewing beer;Barley (Unprocessed -);Beans, fresh;Beans (Locust -);Bedding and litter for animals;Bedding material for fowl;Bedding materials for animals;Bee pollen being raw material for industrial use;Bee pollen (Raw -);Bee pollen (Unprocessed -);Beef cattle;Beer barley;Bees;Beet;Beet, fresh;Berries, fresh;Berries, fresh fruits;Berries (Raw -);Berries (Unprocessed -);Betel nuts, fresh;Beverages for animals;Beverages for canines;Beverages for cats;Beverages for dogs;Beverages for pets;Biodegradable mulching plates made of wood fibres;Bird food;Bird seed;Biscuits (Dog -);Biscuits for animals;Biscuits for dogs;Biscuits for puppies;Biscuits made from cereals for animals;Biscuits made from malt for animals;Blue mussels [live];Boars for breeding purposes;Bones for dogs;Bouquets of dried flowers;Bouquets of fresh flowers;Bran;Bran mash for animal consumption;Bred stock;Breeder birds;Brine shrimp for fish food;Buckwheat, unprocessed;Bulbs;Bulbs (Flower -);Bulbs for agricultural purposes;Bulbs for horticultural purposes;Bulbs for planting;Bulbs (Plant -);Bulbs (Plant -) for agricultural use;Bulbs (Plant -) for horticultural use;Bumblebees;Bushes;Bushes [shrubs];By-products of the processing of cereals, for animal consumption;Cake (Oil -);Cake (Peanut -) for animals;Cake (Rape -) for cattle;Calamari, live;Cannabis plants;Cannabis, unprocessed;Canned foods for dogs;Canned foodstuffs consisting of meat for young animals;Canned foodstuffs containing meat for young animals;Canned foodstuffs for cats;Canned foodstuffs for dogs;Canned or preserved foods for animals;Capelin, live;Capsicums;Carp [live];Carrots (Fresh -);Cat biscuits;Cat food;Cat litter;Cat litter and litter for small animals;Cat litters;Cat treats [edible];Catnip;Catnip [fresh];Cats;Cattle cake;Cattle feed;Cattle food;Cellulose for use as animal bedding;Cellulose sheets for use as animal bedding;Cereal based foodstuffs for animals;Cereal cakes for animals;Cereal grains (Unprocessed -);Cereal seeds, unprocessed;Cereals preparations being food for animals;Cereals products for consumption by animals;Cereals (Residual products of -) for animal consumption;Cereals (Unprocessed -);Cheese flavoured foodstuffs for dogs;Cherries (Fresh -);Cherries (Unprocessed -);Chestnuts, fresh;Chewing bones for dogs;Chews for animals (Edible -);Chicks;Chicory, fresh;Chicory roots;Chicory [salad];Chillies;Chillies (Unprocessed -);Chinese artichoke, fresh vegetable;Chinese roses;Chinese roses, natural;Chinese toon sprout, fresh vegetable;Chopped straw for animal bedding;Christmas trees;Citrus fruit;Citrus fruit, fresh;Climbing plants;Cocoa beans, raw;Cocoa beans (Unprocessed -);Cocoanut shell;Coconut fibre mulches;Coconut shell;Coconut shells;Coconuts;Cocoons for egg production;Cocoons for silkworm breeding;Cola nuts;Cones (Hop -);Cones (Pine -);Conifer trees;Copra;Cork (Rough -);Corms;Corn husks, dried, for decoration;Corn (Unprocessed -);Courgettes (Fresh -);Crabs [live];Crabs, live;Crayfish, live;Crop seeds;Crustaceans, live;Cucumbers, fresh;Culinary herbs (Fresh -);Cut Christmas trees;Cut flowers;Cuttings (Plant -);Cuttle bone for birds;Cuttle bone [for cage birds];Cuttlebones for birds;Cuttlefish bones;Decorative woodchip mulch;Digestible chewing bones and bars for domestic animals;Digestible chewing bones for dogs;Distillery waste for animal consumption;Dog biscuits;Dog food;Dog foods;Dog treats [edible];Dogs;Draff;Dried alfalfa for animals;Dried boutonnieres;Dried cattails for decoration;Dried corn husks for decoration;Dried corsages;Dried flower arrangements;Dried flower wreaths;Dried flowers;Dried flowers for decoration;Dried herbs for decoration;Dried plants;Dried plants for decoration;Durian saplings;Edible aquatic animals [live];Edible baits;Edible bird treats;Edible bones and sticks for pets;Edible chewing products for domestic animals;Edible chews for animals;Edible chews for dogs;Edible dog treats;Edible flaxseed, unprocessed;Edible flowers, fresh;Edible food for animals for chewing;Edible horse treats;Edible insects, live;Edible linseed, unprocessed;Edible nuts [unprocessed];Edible pet treats;Edible seeds [unprocessed];Edible sesame, unprocessed;Edible silvervine powder for pet cats;Edible treats for animals;Egg laying poultry (Preparations for -);Eggplants;Eggs for hatching;Eggs for hatching, fertilised;Eggs for hatching, fertilized;Fattening preparations (Animal -);Feeding preparations for bees;Feeding substances for bees;Feedingstuffs for animals;Ferns;Fertilised eggs for hatching;Fertilized eggs for hatching;Fir trees for grafting purposes;Fir trees for propagation purposes;Fish eggs for hatching;Fish food;Fish, live;Fish meal [animal feed];Fish meal for animal consumption;Fish spawn;Fishing bait, live;Flax [linseed] plant seeds;Flax [linseed] plants;Flax meal [fodder];Flaxseed for animal consumption;Flaxseed meal for animal consumption;Floral decorations [dried];Floral decorations [fresh];Floral decorations [natural];Flounders, live;Flower bulbs;Flower corms;Flower seeds;Flowering plants;Flowers;Flowers, dried, for decoration;Flowers [natural];Flowers, natural;Flowers (Wreaths of natural -);Fodder;Foliage plants;Food for animals;Food for aquarium fish;Food for birds;Food for cats;Food for dogs;Food for fish;Food for goldfish;Food for hamsters;Food for racing dogs;Food for rodents;Food for wild birds;Food (Pet -);Food preparations for cats;Food preparations for dogs;Food products for animals;Foods containing beef for feeding cats;Foods containing beef for feeding dogs;Foods containing chicken for feeding cats;Foods containing chicken for feeding dogs;Foods containing liver for feeding cats;Foods containing liver for feeding dogs;Foods flavoured with beef for feeding cats;Foods flavoured with beef for feeding dogs;Foods flavoured with chicken for feeding cats;Foods flavoured with chicken for feeding dogs;Foods flavoured with liver for feeding cats;Foods flavoured with liver for feeding dogs;Foods in the form of rings for feeding to cats;Foods in the form of rings for feeding to dogs;Foodstuff for animals;Foodstuff for dogs;Foodstuffs and fodder for animals;Foodstuffs (Animal -);Foodstuffs containing phosphate for feeding animals;Foodstuffs for animals;Foodstuffs for animals containing botanical extracts;Foodstuffs for animals on a milk basis;Foodstuffs for birds;Foodstuffs for calves;Foodstuffs for cats;Foodstuffs for cats based on or consisting of fish;Foodstuffs for cattle;Foodstuffs for chickens;Foodstuffs for dairy animals;Foodstuffs for dogs;Foodstuffs for domestic animals;Foodstuffs for ewes;Foodstuffs for farm animals;Foodstuffs for fish;Foodstuffs for horses;Foodstuffs for marine animals;Foodstuffs for pet animals;Foodstuffs for pigs;Foodstuffs for poultry;Foodstuffs for puppies;Foodstuffs for sheep;Forage;Forage for animals;Formula animal feed;Fortified food substances for animals;Freeze-dried fishing bait;Fresh adzuki beans;Fresh almonds;Fresh apple mangos;Fresh apples;Fresh apricots;Fresh artichokes;Fresh arugula;Fresh asparagus;Fresh avocados;Fresh balloon flower root (Doraji);Fresh bamboo fungus;Fresh bamboo shoots;Fresh bananas;Fresh basil;Fresh bean sprouts;Fresh beans;Fresh beetroots;Fresh beets;Fresh bell peppers;Fresh berries;Fresh black raspberry (Bokbunja);Fresh blackberries;Fresh blackcurrants;Fresh blood oranges;Fresh blueberries;Fresh bok choy;Fresh boysenberries;Fresh Brazil nuts;Fresh broad beans;Fresh brussel sprouts;Fresh brussels sprouts;Fresh burdock root;Fresh cabbage;Fresh carambolas;Fresh carrots;Fresh cashew apples;Fresh cashew nuts;Fresh champignons;Fresh chanterelles;Fresh cherries;Fresh cherry tomatoes;Fresh chervil;Fresh chestnuts;Fresh chick peas;Fresh chickpeas;Fresh chilies;Fresh Chinese yams;Fresh chives;Fresh cilantro;Fresh citrus fruit;Fresh citrus fruits;Fresh cloudberries;Fresh coconuts;Fresh cola nuts;Fresh corn;Fresh corni fructus (Sansuyu) in the nature of live plants;Fresh cranberries;Fresh cucumbers;Fresh culinary herbs;Fresh currant;Fresh cut garlands;Fresh cut wreaths;Fresh dates;Fresh dragon fruits;Fresh durians;Fresh edible aloe vera;Fresh edible black fungi;Fresh edible cacti;Fresh edible flowers;Fresh edible mushrooms;Fresh edible rootstocks;Fresh eggplants;Fresh fava beans;Fresh fern (Gosari);Fresh figs;Fresh finger limes;Fresh flavoring leaves of Japanese pepper tree (Sansho);Fresh flower arrangements;Fresh flowers;Fresh fruit;Fresh fruits;Fresh fruits and vegetables;Fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables and herbs;Fresh funghi;Fresh garden herbs;Fresh garlic;Fresh garlic scapes;Fresh ginger;Fresh gingko nuts;Fresh ginkgo nuts;Fresh ginseng;Fresh goji berries;Fresh golden berries;Fresh gooseberries;Fresh grape tomatoes;Fresh grapefruits;Fresh grapes;Fresh green garlic;Fresh green split-peas;Fresh guavas;Fresh hawthorn fruits;Fresh hazelnuts;Fresh herbs;Fresh horseradish root;Fresh ice cream beans;Fresh jackfruit;Fresh Japanese edible horseradishes (wasabi);Fresh Japanese leeks;Fresh Japanese persimmons;Fresh kale;Fresh kelps;Fresh khorasan wheatgrass;Fresh kiwi fruit;Fresh kohlrabi;Fresh kumquats;Fresh leafy Asian vegetables;Fresh leeks;Fresh legumes;Fresh lemons;Fresh lentils;Fresh lettuce;Fresh limes;Fresh loganberries;Fresh long net stinkhorn;Fresh longan;Fresh loquats;Fresh lotus roots;Fresh lychees;Fresh mandarin oranges;Fresh mandarins;Fresh mangos;Fresh mangosteens;Fresh melons;Fresh mint;Fresh mugwort (Yakssuk) in the nature of live plants;Fresh mulberries;Fresh mushrooms;Fresh napa cabbage (Baechu);Fresh naranjillas;Fresh noni fruit;Fresh nuts;Fresh oak mushroom;Fresh oats;Fresh okra;Fresh olives;Fresh onions;Fresh oranges;Fresh oregano;Fresh oriental melon (Cham-oe);Fresh palm fruits;Fresh papayas;Fresh parsley;Fresh parsnips;Fresh passion fruit;Fresh peaches;Fresh peanuts;Fresh peas;Fresh pecans;Fresh peppers;Fresh perilla leaves (Shiso);Fresh pine mushroom;Fresh pine nuts;Fresh pineapple guavas (feijoa);Fresh pineapples;Fresh pistachio nuts;Fresh plantains;Fresh plants;Fresh plum tomatoes;Fresh plums;Fresh pomegranates;Fresh potatoes;Fresh pulses;Fresh pumpkins;Fresh quince;Fresh radicchio;Fresh rambutans;Fresh raspberries;Fresh redcurrants;Fresh rosemary;Fresh sage;Fresh sapodillas;Fresh sapotes;Fresh scallions;Fresh seaweed;Fresh shallots;Fresh shiitake mushrooms;Fresh soursops;Fresh soy beans;Fresh soya beans;Fresh Spanish limes;Fresh spinach;Fresh star fruit;Fresh strawberries;Fresh strawberry guavas;Fresh string beans;Fresh sugar-apples;Fresh sweet potatoes;Fresh tangerines;Fresh thyme;Fresh tiger nuts;Fresh tomatoes;Fresh truffles;Fresh vegetables;Fresh walnuts;Fresh water chestnuts;Fresh wax apples;Fresh waxberries;Fresh wheat;Fresh wheatgrass;Fresh white carrots (arracacha);Fresh wine grapes;Fresh yams;Fresh yellow peaches;Fresh zucchini;Fruit bushes;Fruit, fresh;Fruit plants;Fruit residue [marc];Fruit seeds;Fruit shrubs;Fruit trees;Fuller's earth for use as animal litter;Funeral wreaths;Fungi;Garden herbs, fresh;Garden salads;Garlands of natural flowers;Garlic [fresh];Garlic, fresh;Germ grains;Germ (Seed -) for botanical purposes;Gift baskets of fresh fruits;Ginger, fresh;Goldfish;Grains [cereals];Grains for animal consumption;Grains [seeds];Grape vine trees;Grapefruits;Grapes, fresh;Grass;Grass seed;Grass seeds;Grasses [plants];Gravel paper for bird cages;Groats for poultry;Ground bait [live or natural];Hamster food;Hamsters;Hanging basket liners [moss];Hay;Hazelnuts;Hazelnuts, fresh;Helichrysum [shrub];Helichrysum (shrub);Herbs, dried, for decoration;Herbs (Fresh -);Herbs, fresh (Garden -);Herrings, live;Hop cones;Hop pellets;Hop saplings;Hops;Horse feed;Horticultural mulches;Horticultural mulches made from cocoa shell waste;House plants;Hovenia acerba, fresh;Hybrid wheat seeds;Hydroponic plants;Hydroponic seeds;Irish moss, other than for medical purposes;Juniper berries;Kitty litter;Koi carp, live;Kola nuts;Krill, live;Kumquats;Lawn/turf;Leaf mustard, fresh;Leeks, fresh;Leguminous plants;Lemons, fresh;Lentils, fresh;Lettuce, fresh;Lichees, fresh;Lime for animal forage;Linseed for animal consumption;Linseed meal for animal consumption;Litter for animals;Litter for birds;Litter for cats;Litter for dogs;Litter for domestic animals;Litter for small animals;Litter peat;Live abalones;Live anchovies;Live animals;Live animals, organisms for breeding;Live aquarium coral;Live aquatic creatures;Live ark-shells;Live arthropods for the control of pests;Live bait;Live bait for fishing;Live bait for hunting;Live baits;Live bee pupae;Live birds;Live black-bone chickens;Live blue mussels;Live bullfrogs;Live bushes;Live butterflies;Live carp;Live carps;Live cattle;Live Christmas trees;Live Christmas trees [cut];Live clams;Live codfishes;Live coral;Live corsages;Live cows;Live crabs;Live crayfish;Live crucian carps;Live cuttlefish;Live ducks;Live edible aquatic animals;Live eels;Live fish;Live fish for food purposes;Live fish for human consumption;Live fish [not for food];Live fish, other than for human consumption;Live fishing bait;Live flower arrangements;Live flower wreaths;Live flowers;Live game;Live goats;Live goldfish;Live hamsters;Live hatching eggs;Live hens;Live horses;Live insects;Live laboratory animals;Live langoustines;Live lobsters;Live mammals;Live octopuses;Live oysters;Live perches;Live pigs;Live plaices;Live plants;Live plants used as aquarium landscapes;Live plants with symbiotic microorganisms;Live poultry;Live prawns;Live rootstocks;Live roses;Live salmon;Live sardines;Live sea basses;Live sea breams [red snappers];Live seafood;Live sheep;Live shellfish;Live short-necked clams;Live shrimp;Live shrimps;Live silver carps;Live snails;Live topiaries;Live trees;Live trouts;Livestock;Livestock fattening preparations;Livestock feed;Living animals;Living christmas trees [cut];Living flowers;Living fruit plants;Living natural flowers;Living plants;Living poultry;Living salad;Lobsters, live;Lobsters (Spiny -), live;Locust beans, raw;Loose hemp for use as animal bedding;Maize;Maize cake for cattle;Maize for consumption by animals;Maize (Processed -) for consumption by animals;Maize products for consumption by animals;Maize products (Processed -) for consumption by animals;Malt;Malt albumen for animal consumption [other than for medical use];Malt albumin for animal consumption [other than for medical use];Malt extracts for consumption by animals;Malt for animals;Malt for brewing;Malt for brewing and distilling;Malt for distilling;Malt germs;Malt grains [unprocessed];Malted barley;Malts and unprocessed cereals;Mandarins [fruit, fresh];Marc;Marrows;Marrows, fresh;Mash for fattening livestock;Meal for animals;Meal for consumption by animals;Melons;Menagerie animals;Milk for use as foodstuffs for animals;Milk for use as foodstuffs for dogs;Milk replacers for animals;Milk substitutes for use as foodstuffs for animals;Milk-based foodstuffs for animals;Milled food products for animals;Milled peat;Mineral salt licking bricks for livestock;Mineral salts for cattle;Mint [fresh];Mixed animal feed;Mixed fruits [fresh];Molluscs, live;Mollusks, live;Moss (Irish -), other than for medical purposes;Mulch;Mulch mats made of natural materials for use in suppressing weeds;Mulch (Straw -);Mulch (Straw -) for weed suppression;Mulches of natural materials for use in suppressing weeds in horticultural environments;Mushroom spawn for propagation;Mushrooms, fresh;Mushrooms, fresh, for food;Mussels, live;Mycelium for agricultural purposes;Natural edible plants [unprocessed];Natural flowering plants;Natural flowers;Natural greenery for decoration;Natural plants;Natural plants and flowers;Natural plants [live];Natural rice for use as animal fodder;Natural seeds;Natural turf;Nettles;Non-artificial turf;Non-debarked timber;Nursery plants;Nutrients [foodstuffs] for fish;Nuts being fresh;Nuts [fruits];Nuts, unprocessed;Oat biscuits for consumption by animals;Oat cakes for consumption by animals;Oat-based food for animals;Oatmeal for consumption by animals;Oats;Oats for consumption by animals;Oil cake;Oilseed meal for animals;Olives, fresh;Onions;Onions, fresh;Onions, fresh vegetables;Oranges;Oranges, fresh;Organic fresh fruit;Organic fresh herbs;Organic fresh vegetables;Oyster mushrooms, fresh;Oysters, live;Paddy;Palm fronds;Palm tree leaves [unworked or partly worked material];Palm trees;Palms [leaves of the palm tree];Paper for use as animal bedding;Peanut cake for animals;Peanut meal for animals;Peanuts, fresh;Peanuts, unprocessed;Pearl barley [in the husk];Pears, fresh;Peas, fresh;Peat (Litter -);Peat litter for animals;Peat moss;Pennyroyal [plants];Peppers [plants];Pet animals;Pet beverages;Pet birds;Pet food;Pet food for birds;Pet food for dogs;Pet foods;Pet foods in the form of chews;Pet foodstuffs;Pet rabbit food;Pet treats in the nature of bully sticks;Pets (Aromatic sand for -) [litter];Pets (Sanded paper for -) [litter];Pig feed;Pigs;Pine cones;Pineapples [fresh];Plant bulbs for horticultural use;Plant residues (raw materials);Plant seeds;Plants;Plants, dried, for decoration;Plants for aquaria [live];Plants for ponds [live];Plants (Live -);Pollen [raw material];Pollen [raw materials];Pomegranates;Pomelos, fresh;Potatoes, fresh;Potted dwarfed trees (bonsai);Potted fresh herbs;Potted plants;Poultry for breeding;Poultry grit;Poultry, live;Powdered milk for kittens;Powdered milk for puppies;Prawns, live;Prawns [live];Preparations for egg laying poultry;Prepared oats for consumption by animals;Preserved crops for animal feeds;Preserved flowers;Preserved flowers for decoration;Processed cereals for consumption by animals;Processed grains for consumption by animals;Processed oats for consumption by animals;Propagation material [seeds];Pulses [foodstuffs for animals];Purslane, fresh vegetable;Pyrethrum [plants];Quassia trees;Quebracho trees;Quinoa, unprocessed;Rabbit food;Rape cake for cattle;Rapeseed meal for animal consumption;Raw agricultural products;Raw and unprocessed agricultural products;Raw and unprocessed aquacultural products;Raw and unprocessed forestry products;Raw and unprocessed grains;Raw and unprocessed horticultural products;Raw and unprocessed seeds;Raw apples;Raw apricots;Raw aquacultural products;Raw artichokes;Raw asparagus;Raw avocados;Raw bark;Raw barks;Raw beans;Raw beets;Raw blueberries;Raw cabbage;Raw cereals [unprocessed];Raw cocoa beans;Raw coconuts;Raw corn;Raw dates;Raw forestry products;Raw fruit;Raw fruits;Raw garlic;Raw ginger;Raw grain;Raw herbs;Raw horseradish root;Raw horticultural products;Raw lemons;Raw mushrooms;Raw nut kernels;Raw nuts;Raw oats;Raw olives;Raw onions;Raw oranges;Raw peaches;Raw peppers;Raw potatoes;Raw quince;Raw red beans;Raw seeds;Raw sugar cane bagasses;Raw timber;Raw tomatoes;Raw vegetables;Raw wheat;Raw zucchini;Reinforced turf;Residual products of cereals for animal consumption;Residue in a still after distillation;Residues from malt treatment for use as an animal feed;Rhizomes;Rhubarb;Rhubarb, fresh;Rice bran [animal feed];Rice meal for forage;Rice, unprocessed;Root vegetables [fresh];Roots for animal consumption;Roots for food;Rose bushes;Roses;Roses [plants];Rough cork;Round timber;Rye;Rye seed;Salad crops;Salad vegetables [fresh];Salmon, live;Salt for cattle;Salt licks;Sanded paper for domestic animals (litter);Sanded paper for pets [litter];Sanded paper for use in animal cages;Sanded paper for use in bird cages;Sanded paper [litter] for pets;Saplings;Sardines, live;Sardines [live];Savory biscuits for animals;Sea basses [live];Sea breams [red snappers, live];Sea hares, live;Sea whelks, live;Sea-cucumbers, live;Seaweed for human or animal consumption;Seaweed, unprocessed, for human or animal consumption;Seed germ for botanical purposes;Seed (Mats containing -) for laying lawns;Seed potatoes;Seedlings;Seedlings for planting;Seeds;Seeds, bulbs and seedlings for plant breeding;Seeds coated with a fertilizer;Seeds coated with an anti-parasitic preparation;Seeds for agricultural purposes;Seeds for agricultural use;Seeds for flowers;Seeds for fruit;Seeds for growing herbs;Seeds for growing plants;Seeds for horticultural purposes;Seeds for horticultural use;Seeds for planting;Seeds for sowing;Seeds for vegetables;Seeds in pellet form;Seeds of urushi;Seeds (Plant -);Seeds prepared for consumption by animals;Seeds pre-sown in a propagation media for grassing between plants;Seeds pre-sown in a propagation media for grassing between trees;Seeds pre-sown in a propagation media for grassing drainage channels;Seeds pre-sown in fibrous propagation media for grassing banks;Seeds pre-sown in matted fibrous propagation media for grassing banks;Seeds pre-sown in matted fibrous propagation media for grassing fields;Seeds pre-sown in matted fibrous propagation media for grassing golf courses;Seeds pre-sown in matted fibrous propagation media for grassing lawns;Seeds pre-sown in matted fibrous propagation media for grassing paths;Seeds pre-sown in matted fibrous propagation media for grassing sports fields;Seeds pre-sown in matted fibrous propagation media for grassing tracks;Sheep;Shell (Cocoanut -);Shellfish, live;Short-necked clams [live];Shrimp, live;Shrimps, [live];Shrimps, live;Shrubs;Shrubs (Live -);Silkworm eggs;Silkworms;Small animal bedding made of recycled paper;Small animal litter;Smolt [live];Snails [live];Snakehead fish, live;Snow crabs, live;Sod;Soft-shelled turtles [live];Soft-shelled turtles, live;Sole fish, live;Sowing seeds;Soy bean meal [animal feed];Soy sauce cakes [animal feed];Soya beans, fresh;Spanish mackerel, live;Spawn (Fish -);Spawn for agricultural purposes;Spinach, fresh;Spiny lobsters, live;Spores and spawn [for agricultural purposes];Spores for agricultural purposes;Squashes;Squashes, fresh;Squid [live];Squid, live;Stall food for animals;Starch pulp [animal feed];Straw;Straw [forage];Straw litter;Straw mulch;Strawberries [fresh];Strengthening animal forage;Sugar cane;Sugarcane;Sunflower seeds;Sweet biscuits for consumption by animals;Sweet potato leaves, fresh;Sweetcorn [fresh];Synthetic animal feed;Tangerines [fresh];Timber (Undressed -);Timber (Unsawn -);Tomatoes [fresh];Tree trunks;Trees;Trees and forestry products;Trees (Trunks of -);Tropical fruits [fresh];Truffles, fresh;Trunks of trees;Tubers for plant propagation;Tuna, live;Turf [natural];Turf, natural;Turkey hens [live];Turkey [live];Turkeys [live];Undaria pinnatifida, fresh;Undressed timber;Unprocessed agar (Tengusa seaweed);Unprocessed agricultural products;Unprocessed algae for human consumption;Unprocessed apples;Unprocessed apricots;Unprocessed aquacultural products;Unprocessed artichokes;Unprocessed asparagus;Unprocessed avocados;Unprocessed barley;Unprocessed beans;Unprocessed beets;Unprocessed blueberries;Unprocessed brown algae (Hijiki seaweed);Unprocessed buckwheat;Unprocessed cabbage;Unprocessed cereal seeds;Unprocessed cereals;Unprocessed chia seeds;Unprocessed coconuts;Unprocessed corn;Unprocessed dates;Unprocessed edible laver;Unprocessed edible seaweeds;Unprocessed flax seeds;Unprocessed forestry products;Unprocessed foxtail millet;Unprocessed fruits;Unprocessed garlic;Unprocessed ginger;Unprocessed ginseng;Unprocessed grain;Unprocessed grains for eating;Unprocessed herbs;Unprocessed hops;Unprocessed horticultural products;Unprocessed Japanese barnyard millet;Unprocessed kelp (Kombu seaweed);Unprocessed laver;Unprocessed lemons;Unprocessed lychee fruit;Unprocessed mushrooms;Unprocessed nuts;Unprocessed oats;Unprocessed oil seeds;Unprocessed olives;Unprocessed onions;Unprocessed oranges;Unprocessed peaches;Unprocessed peppers;Unprocessed potatoes;Unprocessed proso millet;Unprocessed quince;Unprocessed quinoa;Unprocessed rice;Unprocessed sea lettuce (Aosa seaweed);Unprocessed seaweed (Wakame);Unprocessed seeds;Unprocessed seeds for agricultural use;Unprocessed shallots;Unprocessed sorghum;Unprocessed spirulina;Unprocessed sugar beets;Unprocessed sugar crops;Unprocessed sweet corn ears [husked or unhusked];Unprocessed tea leaves;Unprocessed teff;Unprocessed tomatoes;Unprocessed vegetables;Unprocessed wheat;Unprocessed zucchini;Unsawn timber;Unseasoned timber;Urushi tree seeds;Vegetable marrows, fresh;Vegetable seeds;Vegetables, fresh;Vine plants;Waste (Distillery -) for animal consumption;Water chestnuts, fresh;Watermelon, fresh;Weeds for human or animal consumption;Wheat;Wheat bran;Wheat germ for animal consumption;Wheat proteins for animal food;Wheat seed;Wild blueberries, fresh;Wildlife seed mixtures;Wood chips for the manufacture of wood pulp;Wood chips for use as ground cover;Wood shavings for use as animal bedding;Wood shavings for use as animal litter;Woodshavings for use as animal bedding;Woodshavings for use as animal litter;Wreaths of dried herbs for decoration;Wreaths of natural flowers;Yeast extracts for consumption by animals;Yeast for animal consumption;Yeast for animal fodder;Yeast for consumption by animals;Yeast tablets for consumption by animals;Yellow croakers, live;Young fresh soybeans in the pod (eda-mame).
Class Description: 004 - Lubricant and Fuel Products
Goods & Services: Additive concentrates (Non-chemical -) for lubricants;Additive concentrates (Non-chemical -) for motor fuels;Additives (Non-chemical -) for combustion enhancers;Additives (Non-chemical -) for fuels;Additives (Non-chemical -) for fuels to prevent combustion chamber deposits;Additives (Non-chemical -) for greases;Additives (Non-chemical -) for hydraulic fluids;Additives (Non-chemical -) for lubricants;Additives (Non-chemical -) for oils;Additives (Non-chemical -) for petroleum products;Additives, non-chemical, to motor fuel;Additives, non-chemical, to motor-fuel;Alcohol [fuel];Alcohol (fuel);All purpose lubricants;All purpose penetrating oil;Animal fat for technical uses;Animal oils for industrial purposes;Anthracite;Anti-freezing additives (Non-chemical -) for fuels;Anti-seize substances [oils];Arms [weapons] (Grease for -);Aromatherapy fragrance candles;Artificial fireplace logs;Artificial petroleum;Automobile fuels;Automobile lubricants;Automotive engine oils;Automotive final drive oils;Automotive greases;Automotive lubricants;Automotive lubricants for car engines;Automotive lubricating compounds;Aviation fuel;Bagasse for use as fuel;Barbecue briquettes;Barbecue fuel made from woodchips;Barbecue lighting fuel;Barbecue liquid lighters;Base oils;Baseball glove conditioning oil;Beef tallow for industrial purposes;Beeswax;Beeswax for use in further manufacture;Beeswax for use in the manufacture of candles;Beeswax for use in the manufacture of cosmetics;Beeswax for use in the manufacture of ointments;Belt dressings;Belting wax;Belts (Grease for -);Belts (Non-slipping preparations for -);Benzene fuel;Benzine;Benzine fuel;Binding preparations for solid fuels;Biodiesel;Biodiesel fuel;Biofuel;Biofuels;Biomass fuel;Bitumen emulsions for fuel;Blocks of peat [fuel];Boiled oil for industrial purposes;Bone oil for industrial purposes;Boots (Grease for -);Bougies in the nature of wax candles;Briquettes;Briquettes (Combustible -);Briquettes of bitumen;Briquettes of coal;Briquettes of wood;Briquettes (Wood -);Butane for lighting;Butane fuel;Butane gas for use as a fuel;Butane gas for use as a household fuel;Butane lighter fuel;Cable lubricants;Candle assemblies;Candle torches;Candle wax;Candles;Candles and wicks for candles for lighting;Candles and wicks for lighting;Candles (Christmas tree -);Candles containing insect repellent;Candles for absorbing smoke;Candles for lighting;Candles for night lights;Candles for use as nightlights;Candles for use in the decoration of cakes;Candles in tins;Candles (Perfumed -);Carbon dioxide for lighting;Carburants;Carnauba wax;Casting oils;Castor oil for industrial purposes;Castor oil for technical purposes;Castor oil [not edible];Ceresine;Chafing dish fuel;Chain grease;Chain oil;Charcoal based products for use as a fuel;Charcoal briquettes;Charcoal briquettes (tadon);Charcoal [for fuel];Charcoal for use as fuel;Charcoal [fuel];Charcoal lighter fluid;Chassis grease;Christmas lights [candles];Christmas tree candles;Christmas tree decorations for illumination [candles];Christmas tree ornaments for illumination [candles];Church candles;Cigarette lighter fluid;Coal;Coal based fuels;Coal briquettes;Coal dust [fuel];Coal dust (fuel);Coal gas;Coal naphtha;Coal tar oil;Coconut oils for industrial purposes;Coke;Colza oil for industrial purposes;Colza oil for lubricating machinery;Combustible agglomerated fuels;Combustible briquettes;Combustible briquettes [charcoal briquettes];Combustible gases;Combustible materials;Combustible oil;Combustible products;Combustible substances for use in heating apparatus;Combustible substances used in heating apparatus;Combustible waxes;Combustion enhancers [oils];Combustion enhancers [petroleum products];Compositions for binding dust;Compositions for preserving brickwork [oils];Compositions for preserving cement [oils];Compositions for preserving concrete [oils];Compressed natural gas;Concrete preservatives [oils];Concrete sealers [oils];Concrete sealing agents [oils];Conditioning oil for baseball gloves;Corn oils for industrial purposes;Corrosion penetrating oils;Cottonseed oils for industrial purposes;Crude oil;Crude oil products derived from the refining of crude;Crude oils;Cutting fluids;Cutting oil for industrial metal working;Cutting oils;Cutting preparations for metal working operations;Deep drawing lubricants;Demoulding oil;Diesel fuel;Diesel oil;Dispersions of paraffins in water for use in waterproofing particle boards;Drilling lubricants;Duct lubricants;Dust absorbing compositions;Dust absorbing compositions in the nature of oils;Dust absorbing preparations;Dust absorbing, wetting and binding compositions;Dust binding compositions;Dust binding compositions for sweeping;Dust binding compositions in the nature of oils;Dust controlling compositions;Dust laying and absorbing composition for use on unpaved roads;Dust laying compositions;Dust removing preparations;Dust suppressants;Dust wetting compositions;Dust wetting compositions in the nature of oils;Dust-binding compositions;Electrical energy;Electrical energy from non-renewable sources;Electrical energy from renewable sources;Electrical energy from solar power;Electrical energy from wind power;Electricity;Emulsions of bitumen for use as fuel;Emulsions of oil for use as a fuel;Energy (Electrical -);Engine oil;Engine oils;Engine starting sprays;Ethanol [fuel];Ethanol fuels;Ether (Petroleum -);Extra fine oils for motors;Extreme pressure oils;Fine oils for motors;Fire lighters;Firelighters;Firelighters for grills;Firelighters in the nature of kindling woods;Firelighters [kindling woods];Fireplace logs;Firewood;Fish oil for industrial purposes;Fish oil, not edible;Fish oils for industrial purposes;Floating candles;Fluids (Cutting -);Flux oil for use as an ingredient in asphalt;Flux oils;Fossil fuels;Fragranced candles;Froth flotation oils;Fruit candles;Fuel;Fuel additives for inhibiting ash deposition in fossil fuel burning apparatus;Fuel briquettes;Fuel for aircraft/ships;Fuel for lighters;Fuel for lighting purposes;Fuel for motor vehicles;Fuel for portable fireplaces;Fuel for pyrophoric lighters;Fuel for ships;Fuel for use in barbecues;Fuel from crude oil;Fuel gas;Fuel in the form of brickettes;Fuel in the form of briquettes;Fuel mixtures;Fuel mixtures (Vaporized -);Fuel oil;Fuel pellets;Fuel products of pressed wood chips;Fuel with an alcohol base;Fuel with an alcoholic base;Fuels;Fuels and illuminants;Fuels derived from crude oil;Fuels derived from oil;Fuels for barbecues;Fuels for cooking;Fuels for heating purposes;Fuels for lighters;Fuels from biological sources;Fuels in liquid form;Fuels (including motor spirit);Fuels made from anthracite coal and coke;Fuels with an alcoholic base;Gas cartridges;Gas for lighting;Gas [fuel];Gas fuels;Gas mixtures;Gas oil;Gas oil for domestic heating;Gas oil for industrial heating;Gas (Producer -);Gas (Solidified -) [fuel];Gaseous fuels;Gases for flame heating;Gases for use as fuel;Gases for use as fuels;Gases for use as illuminants;Gases for use in cooking;Gases for use in heating;Gases for use in lighting;Gasoline;Gasoline (fuel);Gasoline [fuel];Gear oils;Granular absorbent oil-based composition for absorbing spills from floors;Graphite as a lubricant;Graphite lubricants;Graphite (Lubricating -);Graphited lubricants;Grave candles, non-electric;Grease for arms [weapons];Grease for belts;Grease for boots;Grease for brake pads;Grease for brake shoes;Grease for footwear;Grease for leather;Grease for machines;Grease for shoes;Grease (Illuminating -);Greases for technical purposes;Greases for the lubrication of cables;Greases for the lubrication of exposed gears;Greases for the lubrication of joints;Greases for the preservation of leather;Greases for use with ball-bearings;Greases for weapons;Gun barrel oil;Hardened oils [hydrogenated oils for industrial use];Heat treatment oils for use in metal working;Heating oil;Heating oils containing additives;Heavy oils;High pressure greases;High-octane petrol;Hookah charcoal;Household fuel briquettes;Household fuel briquettes made from a mixture of coal, coke and an admixture of quartz;Household fuel briquettes made from coal with an admixture of quartz;Household fuel briquettes made from coke with an admixture of quartz;Hydrocarbon compositions;Hydrocarbon fuels;Hydrocarbon fuels derived from tar;Illuminants;Illuminating grease;Illuminating materials;Illuminating oil;Illuminating wax;Industrial fuel oil;Industrial gasoline;Industrial grease;Industrial greases;Industrial lubricants;Industrial oil;Industrial oil for batteries;Industrial oils;Industrial oils and greases, lubricants;Industrial oils being quenching oils;Industrial oils for the lubrication of surfaces;Industrial paraffins;Industrial wax;Isolating oils;Kerosene;Kerosene for domestic heating;Kindling;Lamp fuel;Lamp oil;Lamp oil with insect repellant agent;Lamp oils;Lamp oils containing insect repellant;Lamp wicks;Landfill gas;Lanolin;Lanolin for use in the manufacture of cosmetics;Lanolin for use in the manufacture of cosmetics and ointments;Lanoline for industrial purposes;Leather (Grease for -);Leather (Preservatives for -) [oils and greases];Leather preserving oil and grease;Light oils;Lighter fluid;Lighter fluid for charcoal;Lighter fuel;Lighting fuel;Lighting (Gas for -);Lighting paper;Lighting (Paper spills for -);Lighting (Wood spills for -);Lignite;Lignite briquettes;Ligroin;Linseed oil for use as a lubricant;Linseed oils for industrial purposes;Linseed oils for paints;Liquefied gas;Liquefied gases for driving motor vehicles;Liquefied natural gas;Liquefied petroleum;Liquefied petroleum gas;Liquefied petroleum gases;Liquefied petroleum gases to be used for domestic purposes;Liquefied petroleum gases to be used for industrial purposes;Liquefied petroleum gases to be used in motor vehicles;Liquid fuels;Liquid gas;Liquid petroleum gas;Low ash content coal;Low sulphur coal;Lubricants;Lubricants and industrial greases, waxes and fluids;Lubricants being gear oils;Lubricants containing low friction additives;Lubricants for agricultural implements;Lubricants for aircraft engines;Lubricants for bicycle chains;Lubricants for cables;Lubricants for conveyor belts containing a cleaning agent;Lubricants for conveyor chains containing a corrosion inhibitor;Lubricants for conveyor chains containing a disinfecting agent;Lubricants for demounting pneumatic tyres;Lubricants for industrial apparatus;Lubricants for industrial machinery;Lubricants for machines;Lubricants for metal working;Lubricants for metallic surfaces;Lubricants for motor vehicles;Lubricants for mounting pneumatic tyres;Lubricants for plastic materials;Lubricants for polymeric surfaces;Lubricants for surgical apparatus;Lubricants for the protection of the chains of chainsaws;Lubricants for use in industrial processes;Lubricants for use in machine cutting;Lubricants for use in the machining of metal;Lubricants for use on conveyors;Lubricants for use on wire ropes;Lubricants for use with coaxial telephone cables;Lubricants for use with power cables;Lubricants having cleaning properties;Lubricants in the nature of oils;Lubricants of agricultural origin;Lubricants of synthetic origin;Lubricating agents in the form of graphite powder;Lubricating agents in the form of talcum powder;Lubricating agents, other than for medical use;Lubricating fluids;Lubricating graphite;Lubricating grease;Lubricating oil;Lubricating oil for motor vehicle engines;Lubricating oils;Lubricating oils and greases;Lubricating oils being hydraulic oils;Lubricating oils containing additives which protect metal against wear by friction;Lubricating oils for automotive apparatus;Lubricating oils for cooling metal during cutting;Lubricating oils for laser printers;Lubricating oils for petrol engines;Lubricating oils for the cutting of metal pieces;Lubricating oils for the shaping of metal pieces;Lubricating oils for use as a cutting fluid;Lubricating oils for wheels;Lubricating oils [industrial lubricants];Lubrication grease for vehicles;Lubrication oils for industrial refrigeration apparatus;Lump charcoal;Machine cutting fluids;Manufactured solid fuels;Marine greases;Marine oils;Masonry (Oil for the preservation of -);Masonry preservatives in the form of oils;Materials for use in preserving buildings [oils];Materials for use in protecting buildings [oils];Mazut;Metal cutting compounds;Metal preservatives [oils];Metalworking [cutting] fluids;Metalworking fluids in the nature of oils;Metalworking lubricants;Metalworking oils;Metalworking products having lubricating properties;Methanol fuel;Methylated spirit;Methylated spirits for fuel [denaturated fuel alcohols];Mineral coal;Mineral fuel;Mineral lubricating oils;Mineral motor fuel;Mineral oil for use in the manufacture of cosmetics and skin care products;Mineral oil for use in the manufacture of metal cutting fluids;Mineral oil for use in the manufacture of paint;Mineral oils;Mineral oils and greases for industrial purposes [not for fuel];Mineral spirits for use as accelerants;Mineral spirits for use as an accelerant;Moistening oil;Motor fuel;Motor fuel (Additives, non-chemical, to -);Motor oil;Motor oils;Motor spirit;Motor spirits;Motor vehicle lubricants;Mould release oils;Mould releasing oils;Musk scented candles;Naphtha;Natural gas;Nightlights [candles];Non- chemical fuel additives;Non-chemical additives for coolants;Non-chemical additives for cutting oils;Non-chemical additives for engine oils;Non-chemical additives for fuels;Non-chemical additives for gearbox oils;Non-chemical additives for greases;Non-chemical additives for lubricants;Non-chemical additives for motor fuels;Non-chemical additives for oils;Non-chemical additives for transmission oils;Non-chemical additives to organic working fluids to act as flow characteristic modifiers;Non-chemical additives to organic working fluids to act as in-situ lubricants;Non-chemical gasoline additives;Non-chemical motor oil additives;Non-chemical petrol additives;Non-mineral greases for industrial purposes [not for fuel];Non-mineral oils for industrial purposes [not for fuel];Non-slipping preparations for belts;Non-soluble cutting oils;Oil based lubricants;Oil for preserving masonry;Oil for the preservation of leather;Oil for the preservation of masonry;Oil for use in the preservation of masonry;Oil well drilling lubricants;Oil-gas;Oils containing dissolved metal salts for use as additives to asphalt;Oils containing dissolved metal salts for use as additives to bitumen;Oils containing rust preventing additives;Oils containing water dispersant additives;Oils for automobiles;Oils for engines;Oils for lighting;Oils for paints;Oils for releasing form work [building];Oils for surface treatment;Oils for tempering metals;Oils for the hydrodynamic drive for vehicles;Oils for the preservation of leather;Oils for the preservation of masonry;Oils for thermic treatment of metals;Oils for turbines;Oils for turbo units;Oils for use as additives to heating oils;Oils for use with machine tools;Oleine;Olive oils for industrial purposes;Oxygen liquified hydrocarbon gas for use in torches;Ozocerite;Ozocerite [ozokerite];Ozokerite;Paints (Oils for -);Paper spills for lighting;Paraffin;Paraffin wax;Patio torches;Peanut oils for industrial purposes;Peat (Blocks of -) [fuel];Peat briquettes [fuel];Peat [fuel];Peat fuel oils;Pellets of compressed fiber manufactured from a plant crop to be used as fuel;Penetrants;Penetrating greases;Penetrating oils;Penetrating oils for use on door locks;Penetrating preparations consisting principally of oils;Perfumed candles;Perilla oils for industrial purposes;Petrol;Petrol additives [non-chemical];Petrol additives [petrochemical];Petroleum;Petroleum based dust suppressing compositions;Petroleum by-products;Petroleum coke;Petroleum coke for use as fuels;Petroleum ether;Petroleum gas;Petroleum jelly for industrial purposes;Petroleum, raw or refined;Petroleum-based dust absorbing compositions;Preparations for absorbing dust;Preparations for binding dust;Preparations for enhancing the combustion of fossil fuels;Preparations for loosening rusted metal components;Preparations for lubricating joints;Preparations for reducing sliding friction between two surfaces;Preservation of masonry (Oil for the -);Preservatives (brickwork -) [oils];Preservatives (cement -) [oils];Preservatives (concrete -) [oils];Preservatives for brickwork [oils];Preservatives for cement [oils];Preservatives for concrete [oils];Preservatives for leather [oils and greases];Preservatives for metals [grease];Preservatives for metals [oils];Preservatives for rubber [grease];Preservatives for tiles [oils];Preservatives (masonry -) [oils];Preserving oils for masonry or leather;Process oil for use in bitumen extenders;Producer gas;Products for protecting concrete [oils];Products for sealing brickwork [oils];Propane;Propane for heating;Propane for lighting;Propane for use as fuel;Propane gas;Propane gas sold in cylinders for use in torches;Protective coatings for buildings [oils];Protective coatings for concrete forms [oils];Protective coatings [oils] for concrete forms;Rape oil for industrial purposes;Rapeseed oil for industrial purposes;Reclaimed oil used in the process of devulcanisation of rubber compounds;Release agents in the nature of grease;Release agents [oils];Releasing agents in the nature of oils;Scented candles;Sesame oil for industrial purposes;Sewing machine lubricating oils;Shale gas;Shock absorbing oils;Shoes (Grease for -);Smokeless compositions for use as fuels;Smokeless fuels;Smokeless solid compositions for use as fuels;Solid fire starters;Solid fuels;Solid lubricants;Solid lubricants for industrial purposes;Solid lubricants for textiles;Solid oxygen fuel;Solid propellants;Solidified gas [fuel];Solidified gases being fuel;Solidified gases being fuels;Solidified gases [fuel];Soluble cutting oils;Soya bean oil preparations for non-stick treatment of cooking utensils;Soybean oil for industrial purposes;Special occasion candles;Spray-on lubricants;Stearine;Substances for use in absorbing dust;Substances for use in binding dust;Sumac wax [sumach wax];Sunflower oil for industrial purposes;Sweeping (Dust binding compositions for -);Synthetic compressor oils;Synthetic gas [fuel];Synthetic linear alcohols [fuel];Synthetic lubricants;Synthetic lubricants in the form of aerosols;Synthetic lubricating oils;Synthetic oils;Table candles;Tallow;Tallow candles;Tapers;Tapers for lighting;Tea light candles;Tea lights;Tealight candles;Tealights;Technical oils for processing metals;Textile oil;Textile oils;Thread cutting and tapping lubricant;Tinder;Vaporised fuel mixtures;Vaporized fuel mixtures;Vegetable charcoals;Vegetable oils for lubricating food processing machines;Vegetable oils for the non-stick treatment of cooking utensils;Vegetable wax;Votive candles;Walnut oils for industrial purposes;Waterproofing preparations in the form of oils for motor car ignition systems;Wax for lighting;Wax for making candles;Wax for skateboards;Wax for skis;Wax for snowboards;Wax for surfboards;Wax for use in coating food packaging materials;Wax for use in manufacture;Wax lights;Wax [raw material];Waxes being raw materials;Waxes [raw material];White oils;Wicks;Wicks for candles;Wicks for candles for lighting;Wicks for lighting;Wicks for oil lamps;Wicks (Lamp -);Wood briquettes;Wood chips for smoking and flavoring foods;Wood chips for smoking foods;Wood chips for use as fuel;Wood coal for grilling;Wood for use as fuel;Wood heating pellets [fuel];Wood pellet fuel;Wood spills for lighting;Wool grease;Xylene fuel.
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