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Handbags;Evening handbags;Leather handbags;Frames (Handbag -);Slouch handbags;Handbag straps;Gentlemen's handbags;Fashion handbags;Gent's handbags;Ladies' handbags;Ladies handbags;Pocketbooks [handbags];Clutch handbags;Handbag frames;Handbags for ladies;Purse frames [handbags];Clutch purses [handbags];Straps for handbags;Handbags for men;Handbags made of imitations leather;Handbags made of leather;Handbags, not of precious metal;Purses, not of precious metal [handbags];Purses, not made of precious metal [handbags];Handbags, not made of precious metal;Hip bags;Belt bags and hip bags;Bags (Nose -) [feed bags];Bags;Nose bags [feed bags];Shopping bags;Weekend bags;Messenger bags;Canvas bags;Boston bags;Kit bags;Casual bags;Towelling bags;Nappy bags;Hand bags;Sports bags;Waist bags;Music bags;Nose bags;Makeup bags;Work bags;Game bags;Toilet bags;Courier bags;Diplomatic bags;Flight bags;Changing bags;Diaper bags;Camping bags;Athletics bags;Roll bags;Barrel bags;Umbrella bags;Crossbody bags;Grips [bags];Drawstring bags;Cabin bags;Cosmetic bags;Duffel bags;Duffle bags;Hunting bags;Toiletry bags;Knitted bags;Evening bags;Shoulder bags;Cloth bags;Souvenir bags;Waterproof bags;Hiking bags;...

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handbagsevening   handbagsleather   handbagsframes   handbag   slouch   handbagshandbag   strapsgentlemens   handbagsfashion   handbagsgents   handbagsladies   handbagsladies   handbagspocketbooks   handbagsclutch   handbagshandbag   frameshandbags   ladiespurse   frames   handbagsclutch   purses   handbagsstraps   handbagshandbags   menhandbags   imitations   leatherhandbags   leatherhandbags     precious   metalpurses     precious   metal   handbagspurses     precious   metal   handbagshandbags    
On Tuesday, June 29, 2021, a united kingdom trademark registration was filed for MAGGNA TM by The Hat Company UK Ltd ********, ********, ***** ****. The United Kingdom IP office has given the trademark application number of UK00003662702. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The MAGGNA TM trademark is filed in the category of Leather Products (not including clothing) , Furniture Products , Houseware and Glass Products , Clothing Products , Lace, Ribbons, Embroidery and Fancy Goods , Toys and Sporting Goods Products .
Word Mark: MAGGNA TM
Current Status:
LIVE (Circa: 2021)
Application Number: UK00003662702
Filing Date: Tuesday, June 29, 2021
Registration Date: Friday, December 3, 2021
Type of Mark: Individual
Mark Feature: Figurative
2021/039: Friday, September 24, 2021
Last Applicant/Owner: ********
***** ****
Correspondent: Not Available

Classification Information

Class Description: 018 - Leather Products (not including clothing)
Goods & Services: Handbags;Evening handbags;Leather handbags;Frames (Handbag -);Slouch handbags;Handbag straps;Gentlemen's handbags;Fashion handbags;Gent's handbags;Ladies' handbags;Ladies handbags;Pocketbooks [handbags];Clutch handbags;Handbag frames;Handbags for ladies;Purse frames [handbags];Clutch purses [handbags];Straps for handbags;Handbags for men;Handbags made of imitations leather;Handbags made of leather;Handbags, not of precious metal;Purses, not of precious metal [handbags];Purses, not made of precious metal [handbags];Handbags, not made of precious metal;Hip bags;Belt bags and hip bags;Bags (Nose -) [feed bags];Bags;Nose bags [feed bags];Shopping bags;Weekend bags;Messenger bags;Canvas bags;Boston bags;Kit bags;Casual bags;Towelling bags;Nappy bags;Hand bags;Sports bags;Waist bags;Music bags;Nose bags;Makeup bags;Work bags;Game bags;Toilet bags;Courier bags;Diplomatic bags;Flight bags;Changing bags;Diaper bags;Camping bags;Athletics bags;Roll bags;Barrel bags;Umbrella bags;Crossbody bags;Grips [bags];Drawstring bags;Cabin bags;Cosmetic bags;Duffel bags;Duffle bags;Hunting bags;Toiletry bags;Knitted bags;Evening bags;Shoulder bags;Cloth bags;Souvenir bags;Waterproof bags;Hiking bags;Book bags;School bags;Travelling bags;Travel bags;Bum bags;Carrying bags;Wheeled bags;Knitting bags;Roller bags;Beach bags;Sling bags;Shoe bags;Boot bags;Garment bags;Suit bags;Gladstone bags;Overnight bags;Gym bags;Sport bags;Athletic bags;Traveling bags;Tote bags;Luggage bags;Attaché bags;Belt bags;Key bags;Clutch bags;Leather bags;Bucket bags;Feed bags;Carry-on bags;Make-up bags;Hunters' game bags;Imitation leather bags;Travelling bags [leatherware];Wheeled shopping bags;Bags for school;Purses;Purses [leatherware];Evening purses;Coin purses;Purse frames;Leather purses;Small purses;Clutches [purses];Cosmetic purses;Change purses;Clutch purses;Coin purse frames;Chain mesh purses;Wrist mounted purses;Small clutch purses;Leather coin purses;Multi-purpose purses;Handbags, purses and wallets;Purses of precious metal;Straps for coin purses;Change purses of precious metal;Purses, not of precious metal;Purses [not of precious metal];Purses made of precious metal;Purses not made of precious metal;Coin purses, not of precious metals;Coin purses, not of precious metal;Purses, not made of precious metal;Coin purses not made of precious metal;Wallets;Wallets (Pocket -);Card wallets;Pocket wallets;Key wallets;Leather wallets;Nappy wallets;Ankle-mounted wallets;Wrist-mounted wallets;Credit card wallets;Card wallets [leatherware];Wallets incorporating card holders;Wallets including card holders;Leather bags and wallets;Leather credit card wallets;Credit card cases [wallets];Wallets with card compartments;Wallets of precious metal;Wallets [not of precious metal];Wallets for attachment to belts;Wallets, not of precious metal;Luggage, bags, wallets and other carriers;Holders in the nature of wallets for keys;Business card holders in the nature of wallets;Animal skins;Skins (Animal -);Animal skins, hides;Animal skins and hides;Skins (Cattle -);Curried skins;Goldbeaters' skin;Raw skins;Skin (Goldbeaters' -);Fur-skins;Cattle skins;Gold beaters' skin;Animal apparel;Animal leashes;Animal harnesses;Skins and hides;Backpacks;Baby backpacks;Schoolchildren's backpacks;Backpacks [rucksacks];Small backpacks;School backpacks;Backpacks with rolling wheels;Backpacks for carrying infants;Backpacks for carrying babies;Nightwear cases [overnight cases];Tie cases;Carrying cases;Attache cases;Business cases;Beauty cases;Folio cases;Travel cases;Travelling cases;Attaché cases;Document cases;Brief cases;Key-cases;Leather cases;Music cases;Key cases;Overnight cases;Calling card cases;Portfolio cases [briefcases];Unfitted vanity cases;Card cases [notecases];Make-up cases;Cases for keys;Credit card cases;Driving licence cases;Chin straps, of leather;Luggage straps;Straps (Leather -);Spur straps;Leather straps;Shoulder straps;Stirrup straps;Harness straps;Straps (Harness -);Straps (Leather shoulder -);Straps for suitcases;Straps for skates;Skates (Straps for -);Straps for luggage;Lockable luggage straps;Leather shoulder straps;Leather luggage straps;Cribbing straps for horses;Straps of leather [saddlery];Straps for soldiers' equipment;Soldiers' equipment (Straps for -);All-purpose leather straps;Shoulder belts [straps] of leather;Straps made of imitation leather;Horse collars;Cat collars;Dog collars;Collars for animals;Collars of animals;Collars for pets;Collars for cats;Electronic pet collars;Collars for pets bearing medical information;Luggage;Luggage labels;Travel luggage;Luggage tags;Luggage trunks;Wheeled luggage;Trunks [luggage];Luggage covers;Luggage label holders;Luggage tags [leatherware];Trunks being luggage;Articles of luggage;Plastic luggage tags;Rubber luggage tags;Labels for luggage;Leather luggage tags;Tags for luggage;Metal luggage tags;Fitted belts for luggage;Compression cubes adapted for luggage;Fitted protective covers for luggage;Inserts for luggage in the form of compression cubes;Shoulder belts;Leather shoulder belts;Belts (Leather shoulder -);Children's shoulder bags;Suitcases;Leather suitcases;Motorized suitcases;Wheeled suitcases;Suitcase handles;Overnight suitcases;Small suitcases;Handles (Suitcase -);Roller suitcases;Suitcases, motorized, rideable;Suitcases with wheels;Trunks and suitcases;Carry-on suitcases;Suitcases with built-in shelves;Umbrellas;Umbrella sticks;Outdoor umbrellas;Sun umbrellas;Umbrella handles;Golf umbrellas;Umbrella rings;Umbrella covers;Covers (Umbrella -);Telescopic umbrellas;Beach umbrellas;Umbrella frames;Patio umbrellas;Garden umbrellas;Frames for umbrellas;Bags for umbrellas;Umbrellas for children;Parasols [sun umbrellas];Covers for umbrellas;Plein air umbrellas;Umbrellas and parasols;Umbrella or parasol ribs;Japanese paper umbrellas (karakasa);Sun umbrellas [hand-held];Japanese paper umbrellas [karakasa];Ribs (Umbrella or parasol -);Beach umbrellas [beach parasols];Metal parts of umbrellas;Frames for umbrellas or parasols;Combination walking sticks and umbrellas;Japanese oiled-paper umbrellas (janome-gasa);Travelling sets;Travel baggage;Traveling sets;Traveling trunks;Travelling trunks;Travel garment covers;Travelling sets [leatherware];Traveling sets [leatherware];Airline travel bags;Bags for travel;Trunks and traveling bags;Trunks and travelling bags;Garment bags for travel;Shoe bags for travel;Hat boxes for travel;Duffel bags for travel;Travelling cases of leather;Tie cases for travel;Bags (Garment -) for travel;Vanity cases sold empty;Vanity cases, not fitted.
Class Description: 020 - Furniture Products
Goods & Services: Fishing baskets;Baskets (Fishing -);Dog baskets;Wicker baskets;Babies' baskets;Moses baskets;Hampers [baskets];Cat baskets;Moses baskets [bassinets];Bread baskets (Bakers' -);Bakers' bread baskets;Baskets, non-metallic;Baskets for barrels;Storage baskets [furniture];Picnic baskets [not fitted];Baskets, not of metal;Flower baskets of wicker;Manure baskets [non-metallic];Decorative baskets made of straw;Bamboo baskets for industrial purposes;Decorative baskets made of wicker;Decorative baskets made of wood;Hampers [baskets] for the transport of items;Hanging baskets [flower] of non-metallic materials;Sleeping baskets, non-metallic, for domestic animals;Hand-held supermarket shopping baskets, not of metal;Baskets, non-metallic, for the transportation of domestic animals;Nesting boxes;Wooden boxes;Plastic boxes;Box springs;Box shelves;Boxes (Nesting -);Wood boxes;Toy boxes [chests];Toy boxes [furniture];Wooden storage boxes;Decorative plastic boxes;Decorative wood boxes;Hooks (Curtain -);Clothes hooks;Curtain hooks;Shower curtain hooks;Hooks for clothing;Non-metal hooks;Non-metallic coat hooks;Non-metal clothes hooks;Non-metallic bathroom hooks;Curtain hooks made of metal;Hooks for clothes rails;Towel hooks (Non-metallic -);Non-metal cup hooks;Trapeze hooks (Non-metallic -);Clothes hooks, not of metal;Safety hooks, not of metal;Hooks for towels (Non-metallic -);Non-metallic hooks for furniture;Hat hooks of non-metallic materials;Wall hooks of non-metallic materials;Hat hooks, not of metal;Clothes hangers and clothes hooks;Coat hooks, not of metal;Curtain hooks made of plastics;Tie back hooks made of plastics [curtain];Tie back hooks of brass [curtain];Hooks (Door -) of non-metallic materials;Hooks for wall hangings (Non-metallic -);Hat racks [hooks] not of metal;Gate hooks of non-metallic materials;Hooks (Clothes -) of non-metallic materials;Hooks, not of metal, for clothes rails;Coat pegs [wall mounted hooks] non-metallic;Tie back hooks made of wood [curtain];Clothes hangers, clothes stands [furniture] and clothes hooks;Garment hangers [coat hangers];Clothes hangers;Coat hangers;Hangers [Coat -];Hangers (Clothes -);Hangers for clothes;Non-metal picture hangers;Non-metal plant hangers;Non-metallic clothes hangers;Non-metal mirror hangers;Hose hangers not of metal;Paper hangers' pasting boards [tables];Hangers (Non-metallic -) for shelving;Hangers (Non-metallic -) for shelves;Bag hangers, not of metal;Clothes hangers [coathangers], not of metal;Cushions;Stadium cushions;Air cushions;Cushions [furniture];Seat cushions;Chair cushions;Cushions (upholstery);Pet cushions;Cushions (Pet -);Soft furnishings [cushions];Neck support cushions;Bean bag cushions;Stadium seats (Cushions for -);Cushions filled with hair;Japanese floor cushions (zabuton);Inflatable neck support cushions;Baby head support cushions;Nap mats [cushions or mattresses];Anti-roll cushions for babies;Head support cushions for babies;Inflatable cushions, not for medical use;Air cushions, not for medical purposes;Inflatable cushions, other than for medical purposes;Beds, bedding, mattresses, pillows and cushions;Back support cushions, not for medical purposes;Plastic mesh cushioning sheets for lining shelves;Spring assemblies (Non-metallic -) for incorporation into cushions;Support cushioning for use in car safety seats for babies;Cushions adapted to support the face [other than for medical use];Cushions [other than for medical use] for supporting infants being examined;Air cushions in the nature of furniture [not for medical purposes];Decorative mobiles;Dreamcatchers [decoration];Decorative mirrors;Mobiles [decoration];Decorators' tables;Plastic cake decorations;Wind chimes [decoration];Chimes (Wind -) [decoration];Decorative window finials;Decorative bead curtains;Bead curtains for decoration;Plastic models for decoration;Curtains (Bead -) for decoration;Decorative wooden panels [furniture];Wall decorations of wood;Table decorations of plastic;Wall decorations of wax;Decorative plaques made of wax;Cake decorations made of plastic;Adhesive wall decorations of wax;Decorative nut caps [non-metallic];Action figures (Decorative -) of wood;Action figures (Decorative -) of plastic;Wax figurines;Figurines of ivory;Figurines of resin;Figurines of bone;Figurines of wood;Miniature figurines [plastic];Figurines made of wood;Cold cast resin figurines;Figurines made of plaster;Figurines made of plastics;Figurines made of gypsum cement;Figurines made of gypsum derivatives;Ornamental figurines made of wax;Ornamental figurines made of wood;Ornamental figurines made of plaster;Figurines made of wood resin;Figurines of wood, wax, plaster or plastic;Figurines [statuettes] of wood, wax, plaster or plastic;Statues, figurines, works of art and ornaments and decorations, made of materials such as wood, wax, plaster or plastic, included in the class;Furniture;Integrated furniture;Furniture parts;Metal furniture;Furniture (School -);Arbours [furniture];Shop furniture;Computer furniture;Antique furniture;Slatted furniture;Laboratory furniture;Furniture frames;Furniture chests;Storage furniture;Trestles [furniture];Fireguards [furniture];Seating furniture;Washstands [furniture];Lawn furniture;Furniture racks;Bentwood furniture;Canteen furniture;School furniture;Household furniture;Padded furniture;Furniture doors;Bank furniture;Fitted furniture;Pedestals [furniture];Bathroom furniture;Glass furniture;Furniture units;Furniture screens;Mirrors [furniture];Kitchen furniture;Wooden furniture;Furniture moldings;Inflatable furniture;Furniture (Inflatable -);Furniture partitions;Auditorium furniture;Furniture panels;Display furniture;Showcases [furniture];Desks [furniture];Furniture shelves;Shelves [furniture];Camping furniture;Pet furniture;Credenzas [furniture];Tables [furniture];Units [furniture];Screens [furniture];Recliners [furniture];Dressers [furniture];Cane furniture;Office furniture;Furniture (Office -);Stackable furniture;Consoles [furniture];Children's furniture;Patio furniture;Outdoor furniture;Racks [furniture];Counters [furniture];Domestic furniture;Upholstered furniture;Stuffed furniture;Benches [furniture];Leather furniture;Bedroom furniture;Composable furniture;Indoor furniture;Pouffes [furniture];Furniture cabinets;Cabinets [furniture];Buffets [furniture];Nursery furniture;Transformable furniture;Seats [furniture];Garden furniture;Racking [furniture];Trolleys [furniture];Bamboo furniture;Lounge furniture;Metal furniture and furniture for camping;Vice benches [furniture];Movable screens [furniture];Telephone stands [furniture];Wall shelves furniture;Consignment shelving [furniture];Boot trays [furniture];Mobile stools [furniture];Key racks [furniture];Furniture for bathrooms;Desk racks [furniture];Metal screens [furniture];Soundproof cabinets [furniture];Office requisites [furniture];Fitted bedroom furniture;Wooden shelving [furniture];Prefabricated shelves [furniture];Storage cupboards [furniture];Furniture for storage;Furniture incorporating beds;Hat racks [furniture];High stools [furniture];Feet for furniture;Fire screens [furniture];Drawers for furniture;Bathroom vanities [furniture];Hostess trolly [furniture];Furniture for saunas;Book rests [furniture];Potato bins [furniture];Hat stands;Metal hat racks;Jewellery organizer displays;Frames (Picture -);Picture rods;Picture frames;Frames for pictures;Leather picture frames;Picture frame brackets;Picture rods [frames];Carved picture frames;Picture frame moldings;Picture frame mouldings;Picture holders [frames];Wooden picture mouldings;Frameless picture holders;Paper picture frames;Brackets (Picture frame -);Frames (Picture -) of metal;Picture and photograph frames;Moldings for picture frames;Mouldings for picture frames;Picture frames (Moldings [mouldings] for -);Moldings [mouldings] for picture frames;Picture frames of precious metal;Picture frames [not of precious metal];Frames (Picture -) of non-metallic materials;Mouldings made of wood for picture frames;Mouldings made of plastics for picture frames;Non-metal fastening anchors for securing pictures to walls;Mouldings made of substitutes of wood for picture frames;Display head panels for caskets for displaying pictures and information about deceased;Animals (Stuffed -);Stuffed animals;Stuffed animals [not toys];Stuffed animals in the nature of taxidermy;Stuffed birds;Stuffed pillows;Birds (Stuffed -);Claws (Animal -);Horns (Animal -);Animal claws;Animal hooves;Hooves (Animal -);Animal horns;Flower stands;Flower-stands;Flower-pot pedestals;Flower stands [furniture];Flower-stands [furniture];Pedestals (Flower-pot -);Flower pot stands;Ritual flower stands;Stands for flower pots;Split cane flower sticks.
Class Description: 021 - Houseware and Glass Products
Goods & Services: Flasks;Liqueur flasks;Vacuum flasks;Insulating flasks;Glass flasks;Insulated flasks;Drinking flasks;Hip flasks;Flasks for travellers;Insulated bottles [flasks];Glass flasks [containers];Vacuum flask cookers;Drinking flasks for travellers;Flasks for travellers (Drinking -);Vacuum bottles [insulated flasks];Drinking flasks [for travellers];Vacuum flasks for holding food;Vacuum flasks for holding drinks;Insulated flasks for household use;Thermally insulated flasks for household use;Litter baskets;Waste baskets;Plant baskets;Bread baskets;Wastepaper baskets;Laundry baskets;Steamer baskets;Flower baskets;Towel baskets;Bread baskets, domestic;Chip pan baskets;Waste paper baskets;Fitted picnic baskets;Baskets for domestic use;Wire baskets [cooking utensils];Baskets for household purposes;Litter baskets of metal;Fitted picnic baskets, including dishes;Bread baskets for household purposes;Picnic baskets (Fitted -), including dishes;Laundry baskets for household purposes;Metal baskets for domestic use;Metal baskets for household purposes;Baskets for waste paper littering;Bottle baskets coated with precious metal;Baskets of common metal for household use;Baskets of common metal for domestic use;Baskets for waste paper littering for household purposes;Window-boxes;Sandwich boxes;Soap boxes;Bento boxes;Boxes (Soap -);Candy boxes;Lunch boxes;Lunch-boxes;Picnic boxes;Window boxes;Cool boxes;Bread boxes;Enamel boxes;Enamelled boxes;Boxes for candies;Boxes of ceramics;Boxes of porcelain;Boxes of glass;Boxes for sweets;Boxes of earthenware;Boxes for sweetmeats;Tissue box covers;Boxes of china;Ceramic coin boxes;Cat litter boxes;Banana hangers;Clothes drying hangers;Clothes drying hangers specially designed for specialty clothing;Decorative china;Decorative plates;Decorative chinaware;Decorative sand bottles;Decorative porcelain ware;Porcelain cake decorations;Decorative stained glass;Decorative glass spheres;Powdered glass for decoration;Decorative boxes of glass;Bowls for floral decorations;Wall decorations of porcelain;Decorative glass [not for building];Porcelain articles for decorative purposes;Ice sculptures for decorative purposes;Cake decorating tips and tubes;Ceramic figurines;Fiberglass figurines;China figurines;Figurines of china;Figurines of terracotta;Stained glass figurines;Figurines of crystal;Figurines of glass;Figurines of porcelain;Figurines of earthenware;Terra cotta figurines;Figurines made of earthenware;Figurines made of ceramic;Figurines made of glass;Figurines made of porcelain;Figurines made of crystal;Figurines made of china;Ornamental figurines made of china;Figurines made of terra cotta;Figurines made of bone china;Figurines made of decorative glass;Figurines made of lead crystal;Ornamental figurines made of glass;Ornamental figurines made of porcelain;Figurines [statuettes] of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass;Figurines of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass;Statues, figurines, plaques and works of art, made of materials such as porcelain, terra-cotta or glass, included in the class;Furniture dusters;Dusters (Furniture -);Candle rings;Candle sticks;Candle holders;Candle extinguishers;Candle snuffers;Pillar candle plates;Candle drip rings;Candle jars [holders];Glass holders for candles;Candle holders of wrought iron;Candle holders of precious metal;Candle extinguishers of precious metal;Candle rings of precious metal;Candle extinguishers, not of precious metal;Candle warmers, electric and non-electric;Candle holders not of precious metal;Candle rings, not of precious metal;Candle snuffers, not of precious metal;Non-electric wall sconces [candle holders];Flower bowls;Flower pots;Flower vases;Pots (Flower -);Flower syringes;Holders for flowers and plants [flower arranging];Holders for flowers;Flower pot holders;Containers for flowers;Pots for flowers;Porcelain flower pots;Ritual flower vases;Saucers for flower pots;Flower bowls of precious metal;Flower vases of precious metal;Syringes for watering flowers and plants;Flower-pot covers, not of paper;Sprinklers for watering flowers and plants;Covers, not of paper, for flower pots.
Class Description: 025 - Clothing Products
Goods & Services: Aprons;Plastic aprons;Aprons [clothing];Paper aprons;Bandanas;Bandanas [neckerchiefs];Slippers;Bath slippers;Women's foldable slippers;Ballet slippers;Dance slippers;Leather slippers;Slipper soles;Pedicure slippers;Slipper socks;Disposable slippers;Plastic slippers;Foam pedicure slippers;Slippers made of leather;Shoes;Riding shoes;Work shoes;Wooden shoes;Golf shoes;Jogging shoes;Anglers' shoes;Canvas shoes;Women's shoes;Sports shoes;Athletic shoes;Training shoes;Flat shoes;Tap shoes;Platform shoes;Bowling shoes;Snowboard shoes;Dress shoes;Basketball shoes;Cycling shoes;Running shoes;Walking shoes;Hiking shoes;Hockey shoes;Soccer shoes;Baseball shoes;Rubber shoes;Aqua shoes;Leisure shoes;Shoe straps;Baby shoes;Gymnastic shoes;Dance shoes;Deck shoes;Mountaineering shoes;Football shoes;Infants' shoes;Shoe uppers;Shoe soles;Yoga shoes;Driving shoes;Roller shoes;Ballet shoes;Handball shoes;Boxing shoes;Volleyball shoes;Rugby shoes;Deck-shoes;Rain shoes;Leather shoes;Beach shoes;Tennis shoes;Athletics shoes;Sport shoes;Skiing shoes;Waterproof shoes;Nursing shoes;Wooden shoes [footwear];Slip-on shoes;Stiffeners for shoes;Spiked running shoes;Shoes for infants;Ballroom dancing shoes;Foot volleyball shoes;Knitted baby shoes;Hidden heel shoes;High-heeled shoes;Apres-ski shoes;Shoes for leisurewear;Esparto shoes or sandles;Shoe soles for repair;Climbing boots [mountaineering boots];Boots;Riding boots;Ladies' boots;Hiking boots;Walking boots;Ski boots;Half-boots;Military boots;Ankle boots;Motorcyclist boots;Wellington boots;Football boots;Desert boots;Infants' boots;Snowboard boots;Mountaineering boots;Climbing boots;Army boots;Trekking boots;Fishing boots;Boot cuffs;Waterproof boots;Baby boots;Hunting boots;Rain boots;Rugby boots;Lace boots;Gym boots;Polo boots;Soccer boots;Work boots;Winter boots;Snow boots;Boots (Ski -);Boot uppers;Horse-riding boots;Stiffeners for boots;Sports [Boots for -];Boots for sport;Boots for sports;Après-ski boots;Boots for motorcycling;After ski boots;Valenki [felted boots];Rubber fishing boots;Ski boot bags;Football boots (Studs for -);Studs for football boots;Russian felted boots (Valenki);Waterproof boots for fishing;Insoles for shoes and boots;Insoles [for shoes and boots];Tongues for shoes and boots;Pullstraps for shoes and boots;Non-slipping devices for boots;Protective metal members for shoes and boots;Fittings of metal for boots and shoes;Clothing;Clothes;Wristbands [clothing];Tops [clothing];Knitted clothing;Oilskins [clothing];Motorcyclists' clothing;Hoods [clothing];Leisure clothing;Infant clothing;Children's clothing;Childrens' clothing;Sports clothing;Leather clothing;Gloves [clothing];Waterproof clothing;Plush clothing;Girls' clothing;Swaddling clothes;Knitwear [clothing];Cloth bibs;Cyclists' clothing;Playsuits [clothing];Slipovers [clothing];Jerseys [clothing];Weatherproof clothing;Casual clothing;Denims [clothing];Combinations [clothing];Furs [clothing];Shorts [clothing];Collars [clothing];Babies' clothing;Ties [clothing];Outer clothing;Cashmere clothing;Bandeaux [clothing];Women's clothing;Bodies [clothing];Embroidered clothing;Layettes [clothing];Jackets [clothing];Kerchiefs [clothing];Chaps (clothing);Maternity clothing;Thermal clothing;Belts [clothing];Muffs [clothing];Capes (clothing);Motorists' clothing;Boas [clothing];Slips [clothing];Veils [clothing];Wraps [clothing];Athletic clothing;Triathlon clothing;Windproof clothing;Silk clothing;Work clothes;Woolen clothing;Sandals and beach shoes;Beach hats;Beach footwear;Beach clothes;Beach clothing;Beach wraps;Beach robes;Beach cover-ups;Waist belts;Garter belts;Fabric belts;Tuxedo belts;Suspender belts;Belts of textile;Belts (Money -) [clothing];Fabric belts [clothing];Leather belts [clothing];Money belts [clothing];Belts for clothing;Suspender belts for men;Belts made of leather;Suspender belts for women;Belts made out of cloth;Belts made from imitation leather;Wrap belts for kimonos (datemaki);Berets;Soccer bibs;Bib shorts;Bib tights;Sports bibs;American football bibs;Plastic baby bibs;Bib overalls for hunting;Cloth bibs for adult diners;Bibs, sleeved, not of paper;Bibs, not of paper;Baby bibs [not of paper];Boxer shorts;Boxer briefs;Braces [suspenders];Suspenders [braces];Braces as suspenders;Braces for clothing;Braces for clothing [suspenders];Caps;Swimming caps [bathing caps];Bathing caps;Flat caps;Waterpolo caps;Skull caps;Shower caps;Caps (Shower -);Knitted caps;Cap visors;Peaks (Cap -);Peaked caps;Swim caps;Golf caps;Caps [headwear];Swimming caps;Knot caps;Cycling caps;Sports caps;Baseball caps;Cap peaks;Bucket caps;Garrison caps;Caps with visors;Caps being headwear;Baseball caps and hats;Sports caps and hats;Visors;Visors [hatmaking];Visors [headwear];Visors [clothing];Sun visors;Visors being headwear;Sun visors [headwear];Peaked headwear;Dresses;Pinafore dresses;Jumper dresses;Wedding dresses;Dress shields;Ladies' dresses;Evening dresses;Dress pants;Shields (Dress -);Shift dresses;Dress suits;Dress shirts;Bridesmaid dresses;Cocktail dresses;Tennis dresses;Dressing gowns;Nurse dresses;Maternity dresses;Leather dresses;Imitation leather dresses;Fancy dress costumes;Women's ceremonial dresses;Men's dress socks;Collars for dresses;Dresses made from skins;Dresses for evening wear;Dresses for infants and toddlers;Costumes for use in children's dress up play;Ear muffs;Ear muffs [clothing];Muffs;Fur muffs;Ear warmers;Ear warmers being clothes;Gloves;Wetsuit gloves;Motorcycle gloves;Driving gloves;Fingerless gloves;Camouflage gloves;Snowboard gloves;Cycling Gloves;Knitted gloves;Riding gloves;Riding Gloves;Winter gloves;Ski gloves;Gloves for apparel;Gloves as clothing;Gloves for cyclists;Fingerless gloves as clothing;Golf clothing, other than gloves;Sports clothing [other than golf gloves];Gloves including those made of skin, hide or fur;Gloves with conductive fingertips that may be worn while using handheld electronic touch screen devices;Footwear;Footwear [excluding orthopedic footwear];Pumps [footwear];Infants' footwear;Children's footwear;Sneakers [footwear];Rubbers [footwear];Golf footwear;Athletics footwear;Athletic footwear;Footwear uppers;Casual footwear;Footwear soles;Fishing footwear;Ladies' footwear;Climbing footwear;Sports footwear;Trainers [footwear];Uppers (Footwear -);Leisure footwear;Tips for footwear;Footwear for women;Soles for footwear;Heelpieces for footwear;Insoles for footwear;Footwear (Tips for -);Footwear for sport;Footwear for sports;Footwear for snowboarding;Welts for footwear;Footwear (Welts for -);Footwear for men;Footwear made of wood;Traction attachments for footwear;Inner socks for footwear;Footwear made of vinyl;Footwear not for sports;Footwear for use in sport;Fittings of metal for footwear;Footwear for men and women;Non-slipping devices for footwear;Footwear (Non-slipping devices for -);Footwear (Fittings of metal for -);Japanese split-toed work footwear (jikatabi);Footwear for track and field athletics;Flip-flops for use as footwear;Parts of clothing, footwear and headgear;Japanese footwear of rice straw (waraji);Fur cloaks;Stoles (Fur -);Fur coats;Fur stoles;Fur hats;Fur jackets;Synthetic fur stoles;Fake fur hats;Ushankas [fur hats];Fur coats and jackets;Clothing made of fur;Hats;Top hats;Miters [hats];Beanie hats;Rain hats;Bobble hats;Ski hats;Fashion hats;Bucket hats;Fascinator hats;Chefs' hats;Cloche hats;Small hats;Woolly hats;Sun hats;Mitres [hats];Baseball hats;Toques [hats];Frames (Hat -) [skeletons];Party hats [clothing];Hats (Paper -) [clothing];Hat frames [skeletons];Paper hats [clothing];Sedge hats (suge-gasa);Paper hats for wear by chefs;Paper hats for wear by nurses;Paper hats for use as clothing items;Clothing for horse-riding [other than riding hats];Headbands;Headbands [clothing];Headbands against sweating;Headbands for clothing;Headwear;Children's headwear;Bonnets [headwear];Leather headwear;Fishing headwear;Head scarves;Scarves;Snoods [scarves];Shoulder scarves;Cashmere scarves;Neck scarves;Silk scarves;Neck tube scarves;Neck scarves [mufflers];Mufflers [neck scarves];Mufflers as neck scarves;Hoods;Hooded sweatshirts;Hooded tops;Hooded pullovers;Hooded bathrobes;Hooded sweat shirts;Kimonos;Japanese kimonos;Full-length kimonos (nagagi);Undershirts for kimonos (koshimaki);Undershirts for kimonos [koshimaki];Undershirts for kimonos (juban);Haneri [detachable neckpieces for kimonos];Detachable neckpieces for kimonos (haneri);Sash bands for kimono (obi);Pleated skirts for formal kimonos (hakama);Short overcoat for kimono (haori);Waist strings for kimonos (koshihimo);Tightening-up strings for kimonos (datejime);Leggings [leg warmers];Leggings [trousers];Leg-warmers;Leg warmers;Maternity leggings;Mittens;Snowboard mittens;Neck tubes;Neck warmers;Polo neck jumpers;Neck gaiters;Roll necks [clothing];Crew neck sweaters;Neck scarfs [mufflers];Open-necked shirts;V-neck sweaters;Neckties;Pocket squares;Pocket squares [clothing];Pocket kerchiefs;Pockets for clothing;Sandals;Ladies' sandals;Sandal-clogs;Pedicure sandals;Thong sandals;Bath sandals;Men's sandals;Baby sandals;Esparto shoes or sandals;Japanese style sandals (zori);Japanese style sandals of leather;Japanese style sandals of felt;Japanese style clogs and sandals;Uppers for Japanese style sandals;Soles for japanese style sandals;Japanese toe-strap sandals (asaura-zori);Toe straps for zori [Japanese style sandals];Toe straps for Japanese style sandals [zori];Uppers of woven rattan for Japanese style sandals;Sarongs;Shawls;Shawls and stoles;Shawls and headscarves;Shawls [from tricot only];Socks;Men's socks;Bed socks;Trouser socks;Ankle socks;Anklets [socks];Sports socks;Sock suspenders;Tennis socks;Thermal socks;Woollen socks;Pop socks;Footless socks;Water socks;Toe socks;Yoga socks;American football socks;Non-slip socks;Anti-perspirant socks;Socks and stockings;Japanese style socks (tabi);Socks for men;Sweat-absorbent socks;Japanese style socks (tabi covers);Socks for infants and toddlers;Underwear;Briefs [underwear];Disposable underwear;Knitted underwear;Women's underwear;Men's underwear;Functional underwear;Ladies' underwear;Long underwear;Jockstraps [underwear];Thermal underwear;Trunks [underwear];Maternity underwear;Anti-sweat underwear;Sweat-absorbent underwear;Babies' pants [underwear];Underwear (Anti-sweat -);Underwear for women;Boy shorts [underwear];Sweat-absorbent underclothing [underwear];Gussets for underwear [parts of clothing];Nightwear;Waistcoats;Waistcoats [vests];Leather waistcoats;Korean traditional women's waistcoats [Baeja];Hunting boot bags;Collars;Detachable collars;Shoulder wraps;Shoulder wraps [clothing];Shoulder wraps for clothing;Shoulder straps for clothing.
Class Description: 026 - Lace, Ribbons, Embroidery and Fancy Goods
Goods & Services: Snap hooks;Hooks [haberdashery];Rug hooks;Shoe hooks;Hooks (Rug -);Hooks (Shoe -);Crochet hooks;Hooks for corsets;Corsets (Hooks for -);Hooks (Embroidering crochet -);Latched hooks [needles];Hooks and eyes;Embroidering crochet hooks;Crochet hooks (Embroidering -);Clothing hooks [fasteners];Hook and loop fasteners;Hooks for tabi (Kohaze);Snap hooks [fasteners] for clothing;Hook and pile fastening tapes;Latched hooks [needles] for rug making;Hook and eye fastening tape;Cases adapted to hold crochet hooks;Needle cushions;Cushions (Needle -);Pin cushions;Cushions (Pin -);Pin and needle cushions;Hair decorations;Decorative ribbons;Paper ribbons [hair decorations];Paper bows [hair decorations];Decorative charms for eyewear;Hat trimmings;Hat pins for securing hats;Hat ornaments;Hat bands;Hat pins, other than jewellery;Hat ornaments, not of precious metal;Ornaments (Hat -), not of precious metal;Pins, other than jewellery;Artificial garlands;Garlands (Artificial -);Artificial Christmas garlands;Artificial garlands and wreaths;Pre-lit artificial Christmas garlands;Artificial Christmas garlands incorporating lights;Artificial wreaths;Artificial Christmas wreaths;Artificial flower wreaths;Wreaths of artificial flowers;Pre-lit artificial Christmas wreaths;Artificial Christmas wreaths incorporating lights;Artificial flowers;Silk flowers;Flowers (Artificial -);Artificial flower arrangements;Artificial flowers of textile;Bouquets of artificial flowers;Artificial flowers of plastics;Artificial flowers of paper;Artificial fruit, flowers and vegetables;Feathers [clothing accessories];Feathers for ornamentation;Ostrich feathers [clothing accessories];Birds' feathers [clothing accessories];Birds' feathers as clothing accessories;Brooches [clothing accessories];Brooches for clothing.
Class Description: 028 - Toys and Sporting Goods Products
Goods & Services: Christmas crackers;Christmas dolls;Christmas tree decorations;Christmas stockings;Toy Christmas trees;Christmas tree ornaments;Christmas tree stands;Christmas trees (Artificial -);Christmas tree skirts;Artificial Christmas trees;Christmas tree [synthetic];Christmas crackers [party novelties];Artificial snow for Christmas trees;Bells for Christmas trees;Explosive bonbons [Christmas crackers];Musical Christmas tree ornaments;Non-edible christmas tree ornaments;Decorations for Christmas trees;Ornaments for Christmas trees;Bonbons (Explosive -) [Christmas crackers];Christmas tree stand covers;Tinsel for decorating Christmas trees;Candle holders for Christmas trees;Christmas trees of synthetic materials;Snow for Christmas trees (Artificial -);Christmas tree decorations and ornaments;Christmas trees of synthetic material;Decorations and ornaments for Christmas trees;Ornaments for Christmas trees, except illumination articles and confectionery;Christmas tree decorations [other than edible or for illumination];Festive decorations, party novelties and artificial Christmas trees;Ornaments for Christmas trees, except lights, candles and confectionery;Christmas trees (Ornaments for -), except illumination articles and confectionery;Plush dolls;Plush toys;Smart plush toys;Stuffed plush toys;Plush stuffed toys;Stuffed and plush toys;Soft sculpture plush toys;Plush toys with attached comfort blanket;Teddy bears;Conveyances for teddy bears;Clothing for teddy bears;Stuffed toy animals;Stuffed animals [toys];Stuffed dolls;Stuffed toys;Stuffed toy bears;Stuffed bean-filled toys;Toy animals;Bean bag animals;Toy flowers.
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