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Compostable cups;Compostable plates;Compostable bowls;Compostable trays;Compost containers for household use;Compostable trays for domestic purposes;Household or kitchen containers;Serving scoops [household or kitchen utensil];Containers for household or kitchen use;Kitchen utensils;Household utensils;Moulds [kitchen utensils];Molds [kitchen utensils];Spatulas [kitchen utensils];Tenderizers [kitchen utensils];Turners (kitchen utensil);Kitchen containers;Dishes [household utensils];Sieves [household utensils];Egg separators [kitchen utensils];Garlic presses [kitchen utensils];Graters [household utensils];Sifters [household utensils];Mixing spoons [kitchen utensils];Presses (Garlic -) [kitchen utensils];Aluminium moulds [kitchen utensils];Kitchen utensils of silicon;Household containers;Cinder sifters [household utensils];Utensils for household purposes;Graters [non-electric household utensils];Tumble drier balls [household utensils];Tortilla presses, non-electric [kitchen utensils];Kitchen utensils, not of precious metal;Plastic bowls [household containers];Containers for household use;Combined lids for kitchen containers;Household utensils for cleaning, brushes and brush-making ...

Words that describe this mark

compostable   cupscompostable   platescompostable   bowlscompostable   trayscompost   containers   household   usecompostable   trays   domestic   purposeshousehold   kitchen   containersserving   scoops   household   kitchen   utensilcontainers   household   kitchen   usekitchen   utensilshousehold   utensilsmoulds   kitchen   utensilsmolds   kitchen   utensilsspatulas   kitchen   utensilstenderizers   kitchen   utensilsturners   kitchen   utensilkitchen   containersdishes   household   utensilssieves   household   utensilsegg  
On Tuesday, December 14, 2021, a united kingdom trademark registration was filed for LE BON BAMBOO by LE BON BAMBOO LTD ********, ********, ***** ****. The United Kingdom IP office has given the trademark application number of UK00003732923. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The LE BON BAMBOO trademark is filed in the category of Houseware and Glass Products , Hand Tool Products .
Current Status:
LIVE (Circa: 2021)
Application Number: UK00003732923
Filing Date: Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Registration Date: Friday, April 29, 2022
Type of Mark: Individual
Mark Feature: Figurative
2022/002: Friday, January 14, 2022
2022/015: Friday, April 15, 2022
Last Applicant/Owner: ********
***** ****
Correspondent: Not Available

Classification Information

Class Description: 021 - Houseware and Glass Products
Goods & Services: Compostable cups;Compostable plates;Compostable bowls;Compostable trays;Compost containers for household use;Compostable trays for domestic purposes;Household or kitchen containers;Serving scoops [household or kitchen utensil];Containers for household or kitchen use;Kitchen utensils;Household utensils;Moulds [kitchen utensils];Molds [kitchen utensils];Spatulas [kitchen utensils];Tenderizers [kitchen utensils];Turners (kitchen utensil);Kitchen containers;Dishes [household utensils];Sieves [household utensils];Egg separators [kitchen utensils];Garlic presses [kitchen utensils];Graters [household utensils];Sifters [household utensils];Mixing spoons [kitchen utensils];Presses (Garlic -) [kitchen utensils];Aluminium moulds [kitchen utensils];Kitchen utensils of silicon;Household containers;Cinder sifters [household utensils];Utensils for household purposes;Graters [non-electric household utensils];Tumble drier balls [household utensils];Tortilla presses, non-electric [kitchen utensils];Kitchen utensils, not of precious metal;Plastic bowls [household containers];Containers for household use;Combined lids for kitchen containers;Household utensils for cleaning, brushes and brush-making materials;Cosmetic and toilet utensils;All-purpose portable household containers;Disposable lids for household containers;Cast stone containers for household;Household containers of precious metal;Laundry balls for use as household utensils;Toilet and bathroom cleaning utensils ;Trash containers for household use;Toilet utensils;Cosmetic utensils;Utensil jars;Cooking utensils;Baking utensils;Heat-insulated containers for household use;Lotion containers, empty, for household use;Household containers for storing pet food;Containers for ice, for household purposes;Cosmetic, hygiene and beauty care utensils;Kitchen jars;Kitchen sieves;Lockable non-metal household containers for food;Household or kitchen utensils;Disposable aluminum foil containers for household purposes;Tableware, cookware and containers;Abrasive pads for kitchen or domestic purposes;Kitchen mitts;Kitchen sponges;Disposable aluminium foil containers for household purposes;Skewers (cooking utensil);Griddles [cooking utensils];Mortars and pestles for kitchen use;Trivets [table utensils];Grills [cooking utensils];Kitchen moulds;Kitchen graters;Scrapers (kitchen implements);Kitchen paper racks;Thermal insulated containers for food or beverage;Thermal insulated containers for food or beverages;Cookware and tableware, except forks, knives and spoons;Cookware;Cookware [pots and pans];Tableware;Steamers [cookware];Aluminium cookware;Coasters (tableware);Ceramic tableware;Cookware, except forks, knives and spoons;Scoops [tableware];Glass tableware;Tableware, except forks, knives and spoons;Coffee services [tableware];Tableware of porcelain;Tea services [tableware];Tableware, other than knives, forks and spoons;Oven-to-table tableware;Cookware for use in microwave ovens;Bone china tableware [other than cutlery];Coffee services in the nature of tableware;Tea services in the nature of tableware;Cups and mugs;Aquaria and vivaria;Barbecue forks;Carving forks;Serving forks;Pasta serving forks;Brushes (except paintbrushes);Brushes, except paintbrushes;Brushes (except paint brushes);Unworked glass, except building glass;Semi-worked glass, except building glass;Brushes (Electric -), except parts of machines;Electric brushes, except parts of machines;Sheet glass (except glass used in building);Unworked glass [except glass used in building];Semi-worked glass [except glass used in building];Glass, unworked or semi-worked, except building glass;Unworked or semi-worked glass, except building glass;Slotted spoons;Mixing spoons;Spoon rests;Spoon supports;Serving spoons;Basting spoons;Basting spoons [cooking utensils];Corkscrews with knives;Spoons (Basting -), for kitchen use;Bottle openers incorporating knives;Basting spoons, for kitchen use;Combs;Sponges;Hair combs;Bath sponges;Cases (Comb -);Comb (electric);Combs (Electric -);Electric combs;Horse combs;Cleaning sponges;Combs for back-combing hair;Cleaning combs;Eyelash combs;Comb cases;Curry combs;Body sponges;Scouring sponges;Scrub sponges;Squeegee sponges;Makeup sponge holders;Toilet sponges;Sponge holders;Cosmetic sponges;Facial cleansing sponges;Combs for animals;Electric hair combs;Natural sea sponges;Make-up sponges;Mane brushes [horse combs];Deshedding combs for pets;Fitted sponge bags;Sponges for household purposes;De-shedding combs for pets;Wide tooth combs for hair;Sponges for cleaning medical instruments;Facial sponges for applying make-up;Combs for the hair (Large-toothed -);Sponges for applying body powder;Artificial sponges for household purposes;Microdermabrasion sponges for cosmetic use;Combs for use on domestic animals;Large-toothed combs for the hair;Abrasive sponges for kitchen [cleaning] use;Abrasive sponges for scrubbing the skin;Skin (Abrasive sponges for scrubbing the -);Brushes;Brushes and brush-making articles;Fireplace brushes;Scraping brushes;Cosmetic brushes;Cosmetics brushes;Interdental brushes;Washing brushes;Dish brushes;Basting brushes;File brushes;Eyeliner brushes;Tongue brushes;Nail brushes;Clothes brushes;Eyebrow brushes;Mane brushes;Cleaning brushes;Brush holders;Dishwashing brushes;Toilet brushes;Crumb brushes;Mopping brushes;Shampoo brushes ;Denture brushes;Brush goods;Bottle brushes;Shaving brushes;Mushroom brushes;Eyelash brushes;Brushes (Dishwashing -);Tub brushes;Lint brushes;Golf brushes;Blacking brushes;Exfoliating brushes;Tooth brushes;Floor brushes;Bath brushes;Scrubbing brushes;Boot brushes;Shoe brushes;Pastry brushes;Lip brushes;Mascara brushes;Cake brushes;Horse brushes;Dusting brushes;Lavatory brushes;Bathtub brushes;Hair brushes;Lawn brushes;Brushes for footwear;Footwear (Brushes for -);Brushes for pets;Brush-making materials;Toilet brush holders;Lavatory brush stands;Horsehair for brushes;Washing-up brushes;Hair tinting brushes;Carpet-cleaning brushes;Tooth brush cases;Bottle cleaning brushes;Electric tooth brushes;Brushes for cleaning;Holders for brushes;Brushes for pipes;Tongue cleaning brushes;Shaving brush stands;Brush making materials;Hair for brushes;Toilet brush sets;Electric pet brushes;Ski wax brushes;Handles for brushes;Shaving brush holders;Pot cleaning brushes;Feeding bottle brushes;Lamp-glass brushes;Ship-scrubbing brushes;Billiard table brushes;Skin cleansing brushes;Make-up brushes;Stands for shaving brushes;Brushes for cleaning cars;Brushes for billiard tables;Brushes for personal hygiene;Cattle hair for brushes;Horsehair for brush-making;Vegetable brushes with peelers;Shoe scrapers incorporating brushes;Tooth brushes, non-electric;Brushes for feeding bottles;Brushes for grooming horses;Brushes for household purposes;Brushes for household use;Material for brush-making;Stands for tooth brushes;Electric rotating hair brushes;Filaments for making brushes;Fur brushes for animals;Horse brushes of wire;Brushes for cleaning footwear;Hand-operated ski brushes;Brushes for washing up;Automobile wheel cleaning brushes;Hair color application brushes;Hot air hair brushes;Un-worked or semi-worked glass (except glass used in building);Polishing materials for making shiny, except preparations, paper and stone;Unworked or semi-worked glass (except glass used in building);Brush-making (Material for -);Pig bristles for brush-making;Articles for cleaning purposes;Cleaning articles;Dental cleaning articles;Grill scrapers [cleaning articles];Cloths for cleaning purposes;Leathers for cleaning purposes;Brooms for cleaning purposes;Porcelain articles for decorative purposes;Metallic wool for cleaning purposes;Household gloves for cleaning purposes;Glass scrapers for cleaning purposes;Abrasive discs for kitchen [cleaning] purposes;Abrasive instruments for kitchen [cleaning] purposes;Cases for toiletry articles;Buckskin for cleaning;Cloths for cleaning;Rags for cleaning;Pads for cleaning;Steel wool for cleaning;Microfiber cloths for cleaning;Chamois leather for cleaning;Cotton waste for cleaning;Wool (Steel -) for cleaning;Cleaning rags;Cleaning leathers;Cleaning pads;Cleaning cloths;Unworked or semi-worked glass [not for building];Unworked or semi-worked glass, not for building;Semi-worked glass;Glass (Semi-worked -);Float glass [semi-worked];Coloured glass (Semi-worked -);Semi-worked glass beads;Unworked and semi-worked glass, not specified for use;Unworked glass;Heat reflecting glass [semi-worked];Heat protective glass (Semi-worked -);Glass (Semi-worked -) for vehicles;Glass (Semi-worked -) for vehicle windows;Plate glass being unworked;Glass (Semi-worked -) adapted to absorb heat;Semi finished glass;Glass (Semi-worked -) for use in vehicle windows;Profiled glass [semi-finished];Semi-finished safety glass;Glass (Semi-worked -) adapted to absorb ultra-violet radiation;Glass panels [semi-finished article];Works of art of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass;Works of art, of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass;Works of art made of glass;Works of art of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass;Signboards of porcelain or glass;Window glass for vehicles [semi-finished product];Glass for vehicle windows [semi-finished product];Fused silica [semi-worked product], other than for building;Silica (Fused -) [semi-worked product], other than for building;Busts of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass;Statuettes of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass;Statues of porcelain, earthenware, ceramic or glass;Tempered glass [not for building];Glass bars, not for building;Enamelled glass, not for building;Glass mosaics, not for buildings;Decorative glass [not for building];Tempered glass, not for building;Luminous glass, not for building;Decorative glass, not for building;Luminous glass [not for building];Laminated glass [other than for building];Glass slabs, other than for building;Modified sheet glass, not for building;Mosaics of glass, not for building;Laminated flat glass, not for building;Common sheet glass [not for building];Common sheet glass, not for building;Colored sheet glass [not for building];Colored sheet glass, not for building;Figured plate glass, not for building;Wired plate glass, not for building;Laminated flat glass [not for building];Modified sheet glass [not for building];Sheets of glass, other than for building;Sheet glass [other than for use in building];Glass incorporating fine electrical conductors [not for building];Glass [receptacles];Whisky glasses;Glass cups;Glass decanters;Glass carafes;Glass flowerpots;Glass sheets;Pint glasses;Preserve glasses;Wine glasses;Cordial glasses;Cocktail glasses;Glassware;Glassware (Painted -);Painted glassware;Crystal [glassware];Beverage glassware;Glassware for household purposes;Hand cut crystal glassware;Porcelain ware;Porcelain signboards;Porcelain;Porcelain eggs;Boxes of porcelain;Porcelain flower pots;Planters of porcelain;Porcelain cake decorations;Statues of porcelain;Mugs of porcelain;Porcelain coasters;Porcelain mugs;Decorative porcelain ware;Plaques of porcelain;Busts of porcelain;Crockery made of porcelain;Figurines made of porcelain;Garden gnomes of porcelain;Ornaments made of porcelain;Mugs made of porcelain;Wall decorations of porcelain;Dinnerware of porcelain;Figurines of porcelain;Sculptures of porcelain;Statuettes of porcelain;Jardinieres of porcelain;Ornamental models made of porcelain;Ornamental sculptures made of porcelain;Ornaments [statues] made of porcelain;Sculptures made from porcelain;Heat insulated domestic vessels of porcelain;Drinking mugs made of porcelain;Ornamental figurines made of porcelain;Baking dishes made of porcelain;Industrial packaging containers of porcelain;Statues of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass;Model vehicles [ornaments] made of porcelain;Works of art made of porcelain;3D wall art of made of porcelain;Busts of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass;Statuettes of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass;Statues of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass;Figurines of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass;Figurines [statuettes] of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass;Figurines of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass for cakes;figurines of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass for cakes;Statues, figurines, plaques and works of art, made of materials such as porcelain, terra-cotta or glass, included in the class;Earthenware;Earthenware mugs;Earthenware basins;Saucepans (Earthenware -);Earthenware saucepans;Earthenware jars;Figurines of earthenware;Statuettes of earthenware;Earthenware floor vases;Planters of earthenware;Plaques of earthenware;Jardinieres of earthenware;Sculptures of earthenware;Statues of earthenware;Busts of earthenware;Boxes of earthenware;Cups made of earthenware;Ornaments made of earthenware;Busts made of earthenware;Mugs made of earthenware;Garden gnomes of earthenware;Figurines made of earthenware;Statuettes made of earthenware;Statues made of earthenware;Piggy banks of earthenware;Japanese style earthenware mortars [suribachi];Baking dishes made of earthenware;Model vehicles [ornaments] made of earthenware;Heat insulated domestic vessels of earthenware;Works of art made of earthenware;3D wall art of made of earthenware.
Class Description: 008 - Hand Tool Products
Goods & Services: Forks;Digging forks [spading forks];Table forks;Weeding forks;Snail forks;Fondue forks;Salad forks;Disposable forks;Forks [cutlery];Garden forks;Biodegradable forks;Fish forks;Forks being tableware;Anti-riot forks;Forks and spoons;Knives, forks and spoons;Sterling silver table forks;Stainless steel table forks;Agricultural forks [hand tools];Weeding forks [hand tools];Tableware [knives, forks and spoons];Forks made of precious metal;Weeding forks being hand tools;Silverware [cutlery, forks and spoons];Table cutlery [knives, forks and spoons];Silver plate [knives, forks and spoons];Table knives, forks and spoons for babies;Table knives, forks and spoons of plastic;Baby spoons, table forks and table knives;Plastic spoons, table forks and table knives;Hand tools and implements [hand-operated];Hand tools and implements, hand-operated;Hand tools and implements (hand operated);Hand tools and implements (hand-operated);Pedicure implements [hand tools];Decanting liquids (Implements for -) [hand tools];Implements for decanting liquids [hand tools];Hand implements, hand-operated;Hand-operated implements;Graving tools [hand tools];Hand drills [hand tools];Agricultural implements, hand-operated;Bench vices [hand implements];Abraders [hand-operated implements];Potato peelers [hand implements];Reamers [hand tools];Chisels [hand tools];Spatulas [hand tools];Agricultural hand tools;Rams [hand tools];Braiders [hand tools];Gouges [hand tools];Scribers [hand tools];Saws [hand tools];Rakes [hand tools];Spades [hand tools];Taps [hand tools];Bits [hand tools];Embossers [hand tools];Screwdrivers [hand tools];Fulling tools [hand tools];Edge tools [hand tools];Scraping tools [hand tools];Emergency and rescue hand tools;Cutting tools [hand tools];Perforating tools [hand tools];Drywall finishing tools [hand tool];Emergency cutting tools [hand tools];Grafting tools [hand tools];Hand tools, hand-operated;Hand jacks [hand tools];Hand implements for hair curling;Hand-operated tools and implements for treatment of materials, and for construction, repair and maintenance;Hair curling (Hand implements for -);Grindstones [hand tools];Files [hand tools];Hackles [hand tools];Engravers [hand tools];Hammers [hand tools];Loppers [hand tools];Shovels [hand tools];Adzes [hand tools];Claws [hand tools];Nippers [hand tools];Gimlets [hand tools];Planers [hand tools];Spanners [hand tools];Augers [hand tools];Scrapers [hand tools];Fullers [hand tools];Pruners [hand tools];Pikes [hand tools];Diggers [hand tools];Punches [hand tools];Stirrers [hand tools];Expanders [hand tools];Mauls [hand tools];Pincers [hand tools];Tongs [hand tools];Planes [hand tools];Wrenches [hand tools];Hatchets [hand tools];Clamps [hand tools];Boring tools [hand-operated tools];Emergency multi-tools [hand tools];Forcible entry tools [hand tools];Countersinking tools for hand operated tools;Picks [hand tools];Rasps [hand tools];Blades [hand tools];Knives [hand tools];Ratchets [hand tools];Countersinks [hand tools];Squares [hand tools];Rammers [hand tools];Dies [hand tools];Riveters [hand tools];Ladles [hand tools];Guns [hand tools];Ditchers [hand tools];Hoes [hand tools];Drills [hand tools];Stamps [hand tools];Rotary tools [hand-operated tools];Stamping-out tools [hand tools];Emergency spreading tools [hand tools];Hand-operated sharpening tools and instruments;Hand-operated hygienic and beauty implements for humans and animals;Sprays [hand-operated tools];Mallets being hand tools;Thistle extractors [hand tools];Cutter bars [hand tools];Tube cutters [hand tools];Bellows (Fireplace -) [hand tools];Builders' squares [hand tools];Rammers (Earth -) [hand tools];Gardening tools (Hand operated -);Lawn aerators [hand tools];Knife sharpeners [hand tools];Hoop cutters [hand tools];Snips [hand operated tools];Polishing tools (Hand operated -);Shears [hand operated tools];Taps being hand tools;Meat choppers [hand tools];Lasts [shoemakers' hand tools];Shoe lasts [hand tools];Edging tools [hand-operated];Sprayers (Insecticide -) [hand tools];Bits being hand tools;Knee kickers [hand tools];Vegetable peelers [hand tools];Hand-operated implements for dicing food;Diamond cutting tools for hand-operated tools;Rotary metal cutting tools [hand-operated tools];Rotary tool bits [hand-operated tools];Handles for hand-operated hand tools;Hand tools for construction, repair and maintenance;Carpet and flooring staple removers [hand tools];Centre punches [hand tools];Tighteners [hand-operated tools];Tillers [hand-operated tools];Hand shears (Hand operated -);Hand drills, hand-operated;Hand-operated files;Saws [hand-operated];Hand-operated sanders;Scarifiers [hand-operated];Hand-operated jigsaws;Hand-operated cutlery;Hoes [hand-operated];Hand-operated tiller;Tillers, hand-operated;Jacks [hand-operated];Scythes (Hand-operated -);Wrenches [hand-operated];Hand-operated chisels;Hand-operated dibbers;Hand-operated choppers;Reamers [hand-operated];Hand-operated jacks;Files [hand-operated];Hammers [hand-operated];Hacksaws (Hand operated -);Tackers (Hand operated -);Drills (Hand-operated -);Hand-operated wrenches;Chisels [hand-operated];Hand-operated slicers;Wiremesh cutters (Hand operated -);Tap ratchets (Hand operated -);Pruning saws [hand-operated];Tin openers (Hand-operated -);Sheeting grippers (Hand-operated -);Hand-operated hack saws;Glass cutters (Hand operated -);Seed drills (Hand-operated -);Hand-operated ski files;Hand operated plumbing snakes;Hand-operated weed diggers;Vegetable spiralizers, hand-operated;Hand-operated banana slicers;Vegetable peelers, hand-operated;Hand-operated fruit slicers;Honing tools [hand-operated];Planing tools [hand-operated];Routers [hand-operated tools];Lifting jacks, hand-operated;Branch cutters [hand-operated];Tamping rollers (Hand-operated -);Garden rollers [hand-operated];Nibblers [hand operated tools];Hand-operated lawn edgers;Bevels [hand-operated tools];Cattle shearers [hand-operated];Hand-operated caulking guns;Threaders [hand operated tools];Crimping tools (Hand operated -);Drill sharpeners (Hand operated -);Sharpening instruments (Hand operated -);Tin snips [hand-operated];Pasta cutters (Hand operated -);Hand-operated hair clippers;Hand-operated lawn aerators;Rivet saws (Hand operated -);Agricultural sprayers [hand operated];Insecticide sprayers, hand-operated;Nail extractors, hand-operated;Hand operated food dicers;Hand-operated sod lifters;Vegetable slicers (Hand-operated -);food processors, hand-operated;Vegetable choppers (Hand-operated -);Hand operated lifting jacks;Wire cutters (Hand operated -);Torque wrenches [hand-operated];Torque spanners [hand-operated];Bread cutters [hand-operated];Bread knives [hand operated];Grinding tools (Hand operated -);Hand-operated tin snips;Skimmers [hand-operated tools];Grease guns (Hand operated -);Squeegees [hand-operated tools];Weeding tools [hand operated];Cable cutters (Hand-operated -);Lead cutters (Hand operated -);Cutters [hand operated tools];Hand-operated milling cutters;Tufting tools (Hand-operated -);Nippers [hand operated tools];Air pumps, hand-operated;Hand-operated cattle prods;Nail pullers, hand-operated;Hand-operated pipe cutters;Hand-operated corn strippers;Hand-operated staple guns;Food processors, hand-operated;hand-operated fruit slicers;Hand operated cement mixers;Drill presses (Hand operated -);Jacks (Lifting -), hand-operated;Fertiliser spreaders [hand-operated];Cutlery;Biodegradable cutlery;Spreaders [cutlery];Spreaders being cutlery;Boxes for cutlery [fitted];Canteens of cutlery;Cutlery of precious metals;Boxes adapted for cutlery;Cutlery for use by babies;Cutlery for use by children;Disposable tableware [cutlery] made of plastics;Canteens of cutlery made of precious metal;Cutlery of precious metal for cutting;Cutlery, kitchen knives, and cutting implements for kitchen use;Side arms;Side arms, except firearms;Side arms, other than firearms;Razors;Electric razors;Razor knives;Razor strops;Japanese razors;Razor cases;Straight razors;Disposable razors;Cases (Razor -);Safety razors;Razor blades;Vibrating blade razors;Razor blade dispensers;Safety razor blades;Non-electric razors;Cases for razors;Cases adapted for razors;Blades for electric razors;Cassettes for razor blades;Dispensers for razor blades;Safety razor blades (Dispensers for -);Cartridges containing razor blades;Cartridges for razor blades;Razor strops [leather strops];Manually-operated razor blade sharpeners;Razors, electric or non-electric;Containers adapted for razor blades.
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