Fin DAC United Kingdom Trademark Information

Wall lamps;Wall lights;Lights for wall mounting;Walls for shower cubicles;Walls for shower cabins;Wall-mounted spouts for bidets;Single lavatories being wall mounted;Wall-mounted spouts for baths.Works of art of precious metal;Metal works of art [precious metal];3D wall art made of precious metal;Jewellery;Jewellery, including imitation jewellery and plastic jewellery;Ornaments [jewellery];Enamelled jewellery;Wristlets [jewellery];Bracelets [jewellery];Pearls [jewellery];Shoe jewellery;Imitation jewellery;Fashion jewellery;Costume jewellery;Facial jewellery;Jade [jewellery];Necklaces [jewellery];Precious jewellery;Cloisonné jewellery;Paste jewellery;Artificial jewellery;Charms [jewellery];Pendants [jewellery];Jewellery items;Jewellery chains;Chains [jewellery];Body jewellery;Pewter jewellery;Lockets [jewellery];Jewellery findings;Crosses [jewellery];Rings [jewellery];Jewellery (Paste -);Amulets [jewellery];Brooches [jewellery];Jewellery brooches;Jewellery cases;Jewellery caskets;Jewellery articles;Jewellery stones;Personal jewellery;Cloisonne jewellery;Gold jewellery;Hat jewellery;Ivory jewellery;Fake jewellery;Trinkets [jewellery];Jewellery charms;Pins [jewellery];Jewellery box...

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wall   lampswall   lightslights   wall   mountingwalls   shower   cubicleswalls   shower   cabinswallmounted   spouts   bidetssingle   lavatories   wall   mountedwallmounted   spouts   bathsworks   art   precious   metalmetal   works   art   precious   metal3d   wall   art   precious   metaljewelleryjewellery     including   imitation   jewellery   plastic   jewelleryornaments   jewelleryenamelled   jewellerywristlets   jewellerybracelets   jewellerypearls  
On Tuesday, June 8, 2021, a united kingdom trademark registration was filed for Fin DAC by FMN Limited 85 Uxbridge Road, London Please select region, state or province GB W5 5BW. The United Kingdom IP office has given the trademark application number of UK00003653211. The current status of this trademark filing is Examination. The Fin DAC trademark is filed in the category of Environmental Control Instrument Products (lighting, heating, cooling, cooking) , Jewelry Products , Musical Instrument Products , Paper Goods and Printed Material , Rubber Products , Leather Products (not including clothing) , Non-Metallic Building Material Products , Paint Products , Furniture Products , Houseware and Glass Products , Ropes, Cordage and Fiber Products , Fabrics , Clothing Products , Lace, Ribbons, Embroidery and Fancy Goods , Floor Covering products , Toys and Sporting Goods Products , Cosmetics and Cleaning Products , Staple Food Products , Smoker's Products , Advertising, Business & Retail Services , Insurance & Financial Services , Construction and Repair Services , Transportation & Storage Services , Treatment & Processing of Materials Services , Education and Entertainment Services , Computer & Software Services & Scientific Services , Medical, Beauty & Agricultural Services , Personal & Legal & Social Services , Metal Products , Machinery Products , Hand Tool Products , Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products .
Word Mark: Fin DAC
Current Status:
LIVE (Circa: 2021)
Application Number: UK00003653211
Filing Date: Tuesday, June 8, 2021
Registration Date: Not Available
Type of Mark: Individual
Mark Feature: Figurative
Publication: Not Available
Last Applicant/Owner: 85 Uxbridge Road
London Please select region
state or province GB
Correspondent: Not Available

Classification Information

Class Description: 011 - Environmental Control Instrument Products (lighting, heating, cooling, cooking)
Goods & Services: Wall lamps;Wall lights;Lights for wall mounting;Walls for shower cubicles;Walls for shower cabins;Wall-mounted spouts for bidets;Single lavatories being wall mounted;Wall-mounted spouts for baths.
Class Description: 014 - Jewelry Products
Goods & Services: Works of art of precious metal;Metal works of art [precious metal];3D wall art made of precious metal;Jewellery;Jewellery, including imitation jewellery and plastic jewellery;Ornaments [jewellery];Enamelled jewellery;Wristlets [jewellery];Bracelets [jewellery];Pearls [jewellery];Shoe jewellery;Imitation jewellery;Fashion jewellery;Costume jewellery;Facial jewellery;Jade [jewellery];Necklaces [jewellery];Precious jewellery;Cloisonné jewellery;Paste jewellery;Artificial jewellery;Charms [jewellery];Pendants [jewellery];Jewellery items;Jewellery chains;Chains [jewellery];Body jewellery;Pewter jewellery;Lockets [jewellery];Jewellery findings;Crosses [jewellery];Rings [jewellery];Jewellery (Paste -);Amulets [jewellery];Brooches [jewellery];Jewellery brooches;Jewellery cases;Jewellery caskets;Jewellery articles;Jewellery stones;Personal jewellery;Cloisonne jewellery;Gold jewellery;Hat jewellery;Ivory jewellery;Fake jewellery;Trinkets [jewellery];Jewellery charms;Pins [jewellery];Jewellery boxes;Jewellery products;Jewellery chain;Jewellery rolls;Lapel pins [jewellery];Jewellery incorporating pearls;Agate as jewellery;Amulets being jewellery;Articles of jewellery;Decorative brooches [jewellery];Jewellery incorporating diamonds;Jewellery cases [fitted];Wooden jewellery boxes;Rings being jewellery;Charms for jewellery;Items of jewellery;Plastic costume jewellery;Crucifixes as jewellery;Jewellery hat pins;Jewellery foot chains;Decorative pins [jewellery];Imitation jewellery ornaments;Jewellery boxes [fitted];Ring bands [jewellery];Clasps for jewellery;Jewellery cases [caskets];Body costume jewellery;Synthetic stones [jewellery];Gold thread [jewellery];Jewellery containing gold;Sterling silver jewellery;Pins being jewellery;Silver thread [jewellery];Ornaments [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Jewellery of precious metals;Beads for making jewellery;Clips of silver [jewellery];Lockets [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Articles of imitation jewellery;Amberoid pendants being jewellery;Jewellery fashioned from bronze;Cloisonné jewellery [jewelry (Am.)];Jewellery made from gold;Ivory [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Jewellery incorporating precious stones;Brooches [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Amber pendants being jewellery;Gold plated brooches [jewellery];Jewellery of yellow amber;Bracelets [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Amulets [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Trinkets [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Chains [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Jewellery for personal wear;Jewellery made from silver;Jewellery in precious metals;Necklaces [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Jewellery made of bronze;Jewellery for personal adornment;Jewellery made of plastics;Medallions [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Jewellery made of crystal;Pearls [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Jewellery made of glass;Rings [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Charms [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Pins [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Cabochons for making jewellery;Presentation boxes for jewellery;Jewellery fashioned of precious metals;Wire of precious metal [jewellery];Paste jewellery [costume jewelry (Am.)];Jewellery boxes of precious metals;Parts and fittings for jewellery;Jewellery in non-precious metals;Jewellery made of precious metals;Jewellery rope chain for anklets;Threads of precious metal [jewellery];Jewellery rope chain for bracelets;Collets being parts of jewellery;Jewellery fashioned of cultured pearls;Jewellery caskets of precious metal;Jewellery boxes of precious metal;Jewelry cases;Watch casings;Watch cases;Jewel cases;Clock cases;Bracelets made of rubber or silicone with pattern or message;Jewellery cases [caskets or boxes];Gold thread [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Jewellery in semi-precious metals;Jewellery cases of precious metal;Wall clocks.
Class Description: 015 - Musical Instrument Products
Goods & Services: Musical accessories.
Class Description: 016 - Paper Goods and Printed Material
Goods & Services: Art prints;Art mounts;Art pictures;Art etchings;Art paper;Fine art prints;Graphic art reproductions;Printed art reproductions;Graphic art prints;Graphic art books;Adhesives for art use;Photographic or art mounts;Lithographic works of art;Works of art of paper;Arts and crafts paint kits;Colored craft and art sand;Arts, crafts and modelling equipment;Arts and craft paint kits;3D wall art made of card;3D wall art made of paper;Decoration and art materials and media;Works of art made of paper;Paper for use in the graphic arts industry;Printed periodicals in the field of figurative arts;Papers for use in the graphic arts industry;Knitting patterns;Paper patterns;Sewing patterns;Clothing patterns;Printed patterns;Tracing patterns;Dressmakers' patterns;Embroidery design patterns;Patterns for dressmaking;Printed sewing patterns;Wallpaper pattern books;Embroidery designs [patterns];Patterns for embroidery;Dress making patterns;Printed patterns for dressmaking;Dressmaking patterns for drawing;Printed patterns for costumes;Patterns for making clothes;Stationery;Thumbtacks [stationery];Paper stationery;Wrappers [stationery];Binders [stationery];Folders [stationery];Transparencies [stationery];Stationery boxes;Envelopes [stationery];Printed stationery;Pins [stationery];Stickers [stationery];Party stationery;Scented stationery;Office stationery;Stationery folders;Seals [stationery];Stationery cases;Stencils [stationery];Pads [stationery];Manifolds [stationery];Writing stationery;Covers [stationery];Files [stationery];Gummed tape [stationery];Announcement cards [stationery];Document holders [stationery];Marking pens [stationery];Pocket books [stationery];Adhesives for stationery;Paper folders [stationery];Office paper stationery;Paper sheets [stationery];Index cards [stationery];Rubber bands [stationery];School supplies [stationery];Pencil ornaments [stationery];Adhesive pads [stationery];Reinforced stationery tabs;Cases for stationery;Pencil ornaments (stationery);Adhesive foils stationery;Tapes (adhesive -) [stationery];Writing cases [stationery];Stationery-type portfolios;Copying paper [stationery];Document files [stationery];Adhesives for stationery purposes;Wood pulp board [stationery];Organizers for stationery use;Stationery and educational supplies;Rubber cements for stationery;Starch paste for stationery;Envelopes for stationery use;Glitter for stationery purposes;Clips for paper [stationery];Seaweed glue for stationery;Glue pens for stationery purposes;Sealing tape for stationery use;Adhesive tape for stationery purposes;Stationery (Cabinets for -) [office requisites];Sealing compounds for stationery purposes;Spirit gum for stationery purposes;Gummed cloth for stationery purposes;Adhesive bands for stationery purposes;Cabinets for stationery [office requisites];File pockets for stationery use;Marking inks for stationery purposes;Adhesive tape cutters being stationery;Glitter glue for stationery purposes;Adhesive tapes for stationery purposes;Glitter pens for stationery purposes;Isinglass for stationery or household purposes;Document holders being articles of stationery;Adhesives for stationery or household purposes;Desktop cabinets for stationery [office requisites];Self-adhesive tapes for stationery use;Adhesives for stationery or household use;Adhesives for stationery and household use;Glue for stationery or household use;Felt mats for Chinese calligraphy (stationery);Glue for stationery or household purposes;Pastes for stationery or household purposes;Protractors [for stationery and office use];Stapling guns (Electric -) for stationery use;Paste for stationery or household purposes;Double sided adhesive tapes for stationery use;Stapling guns (Hand-operated -) for stationery use;Latex glue for stationery or household purposes;Gluten [glue] for stationery or household purposes;Gums [adhesives] for stationery or household purposes;Plastic adhesives for stationery or household purposes;Gelatine glue for stationery or household purposes;Adhesives [glues] for stationery or household purposes;Adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes;Adhesive bands for stationery or household purposes;Starch paste [adhesive] for stationery or household purposes;Adhesive tape dispensers for household or stationery use;Label printing machines for household and stationery use;Gum arabic glue for stationery or household purposes;Self-adhesive tapes for stationery and household purposes;Self-adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes;Pastes and other adhesives for stationery or household purposes;Red algae gelatine glue, for stationery or household purposes [funori];Paste for handicraft, for stationery or household purposes (banjaku-nori);Automatic paper clip dispensing machines for office or stationery use;Red algae gelatine glue, for stationery or household purposes (funori);Checkbook cases;File cases;Pen cases;Map cases;Pencil cases;Passport cases;Stamp cases;Chequebook cases;Stencil cases;Filing cases;Packaging materials;Gift packaging;Cardboard packaging;Adhesive packaging tapes;Packaging cartons of cardboard;Airtight packaging of cardboard;Paper pouches for packaging;Packaging boxes of paper;Blister packs for packaging;Packaging bags of paper;Plastic bags for packaging;Bows for decorating packaging;Plastic foil for packaging;Packaging cartons of card;Bubble packs for packaging;Plastic material for packaging;Paper bags for packaging;Plastic films for packaging;Plastic sheets for packaging;Packaging boxes of cardboard;Packaging boxes of card;Packaging containers of paper;Plastic materials for packaging;Packaging wrappers of plastic;Packaging containers of card;Lining papers for packaging;Airtight packaging of paper;Plastic film for packaging;Paper envelopes for packaging;Industrial packaging containers of paper;Waterproofing film (Plastic -) for packaging;Printed packaging materials of paper;Packaging material made of starches;Foils of plastic for packaging;Plastic bags for packaging ice;Containers of cardboard for packaging;Adhesive plastic film for packaging;Cartons of card for packaging;Containers of card for packaging;Packaging materials made of cardboard;Starches (Packaging material made of -);Cling film plastics for packaging;Cartons of cardboard for packaging;Containers of paper for packaging;Paperboard boxes [for industrial packaging];Paperboard boxes for industrial packaging;Air bubble plastics for packaging;Paperboard trays for packaging food;Packaging containers of regenerated cellulose;Cellulose acetate film for packaging;Plastic film roll stock for packaging;String dispensers for use in packaging;Bags incorporating bubble plastics for packaging;Packaging materials made of recycled paper;Gift bags;Dustbin bags;Rubbish bags;Freezer bags;Carrier bags;Paper bags;Sandwich bags;Sandwich bags [paper];Conical paper bags;Prints;Printed programmes;Printed music;Printed matter;Printed periodicals;Forms, printed;Printed forms;Photographic prints;Printing paper;Printing papers;Printed questionnaires;Printed brochures;Giclee prints;Printed publications;Publications (Printed -);Print wheels;Printed timetables;Printing sets;Printed newsletters;Printed invitations;Photographs [printed];Photo prints;Printed curricula;Printed lessons;Printed vouchers;Printed tables;Printed booklets;Printed cards;Printed menus;Prints [engravings];Engravings [prints];Printing blocks;Print blocks;Lithographic prints;Printed charts;Printed tickets;Printed awards;Printed certificates;Printed coupons;Printed books;Printed horoscopes;Printed photographs;Print letters;Printing characters;Printed visuals;Printed emblems;Cartoon prints;Printed diagrams;Printed plans;Printed leaflets;Printed pamphlets;Printed diplomas;Printed guides;Printed calendars;Timetables (Printed -);Printed reports;Printed advertisements;Printed flyers;Printing type;Printing fonts;Print characters;Graphic prints;Pictorial prints;Printed lectures;Color prints;Printed manuals;Canvas prints;Portable printing sets;Planners [printed matter];Diaries [printed matter];Digital printing paper;Printed cartoon strips;Printed comic strips;Printed training materials;Printed seminar notes;Printed answer sheets;Printed flip charts;Annuals [printed publications];Printed promotional material;Wall decals;Wall maps;Wall calendars;Wall charts;Wall planners;Illustrated wall maps;Wall decorations of paper;Paintings;Painting mitts for applying paint;Watercolours [paintings];Paint rollers;Paint paddles;Paint boxes;Painting pencils;Painting books;Paint trays;Watercolors [paintings];Watercolour paintings;Watercolor paintings;Painting canvas;Paint brushes;Paint applicator pads;Children's paint-boxes;Paint roller handles;Paint roller covers;Inks;Ink;Ink stones [ink reservoirs];Ink sticks;Indian inks;Chinese inks;Ink pads;Stamp inks;Ink ribbons;Inking ribbons;Ink erasers;Calligraphy ink;Ink reservoirs;Ink blotters;Ink pens;Writing ink;India ink;Ink stamps;Duplicating inks;Ink stones;Inking pads;Stamping inks;Drawing ink;Pen ink refills;Pen ink cartridges;Ink for pens;UV ink markers;Chinese ink sticks;Correcting ink [heliography];Inkstones [ink reservoirs];Inks for pads;Ink sticks (sumi);Seal ink pads;India ink pens;Stamp pad inks;Spools for inking ribbons;Ink for writing instruments;Duplicators (Inking sheets for -);Duplicator (Inking sheets for -);Ink pads for seals;Inking pads for seals;Ink pen refill cartridges;Fountain pen ink cartridges;Inking sheets for duplicators;Ink cartridges for pens;Inked ribbons for typewriters;Ink for fountain pens;Inking ribbons for computer printers;Computer printers (Inking ribbons for -);Cartridges (Ink -) for writing instruments;Ink cartridges for fountain pens;Ink rollers for office machines;Inking sheets for document reproducing machines;Red ink paste used for seals;Writing brushes;Drawing brushes;Painters' brushes;Artists' brushes;Brush pens;Brushes for decorators;Eraser dusting brushes;Writing brush holders;Artists' paint brushes;Writing brush hangers;Writing brush washers;Paint boxes and brushes;Writing brush for calligraphy;Writing brushes for calligraphy;Paper party bags.
Class Description: 017 - Rubber Products
Goods & Services: Packaging tapes (Adhesive -), other than for household or stationery use;Adhesive pads [other than for household, medical or stationery use];Adhesive tapes [other than for household, medical or stationery use];Masking papers [adhesive] other than for stationery, household or medical use;Paper adhesive tape, other than for household, medical or stationery purposes.
Class Description: 018 - Leather Products (not including clothing)
Goods & Services: Nightwear cases [overnight cases];Tie cases;Carrying cases;Attache cases;Business cases;Beauty cases;Folio cases;Travel cases;Travelling cases;Attaché cases;Document cases;Brief cases;Key-cases;Leather cases;Music cases;Key cases;Overnight cases;Envelopes, of leather, for packaging;Pouches, of leather, for packaging;Industrial packaging containers of leather;Bags;Nose bags [feed bags];Shopping bags;Weekend bags;Messenger bags;Canvas bags;Boston bags;Kit bags;Casual bags;Towelling bags;Nappy bags;Hand bags;Sports bags;Waist bags;Music bags;Nose bags;Belt bags and hip bags;Makeup bags;Work bags;Game bags;Toilet bags;Courier bags;Diplomatic bags;Flight bags;Changing bags;Diaper bags;Camping bags;Athletics bags;Roll bags;Barrel bags;Umbrella bags;Crossbody bags;Grips [bags];Drawstring bags;Cabin bags;Cosmetic bags;Duffel bags;Duffle bags;Hunting bags;Toiletry bags;Knitted bags;Evening bags;Shoulder bags;Cloth bags;Souvenir bags;Waterproof bags;Hiking bags;Book bags;School bags;Travelling bags;Travel bags;Bum bags;Carrying bags;Wheeled bags;Knitting bags;Roller bags;Beach bags;Sling bags;Shoe bags;Boot bags;Garment bags;Suit bags;Gladstone bags;Overnight bags;Gym bags;Sport bags;Athletic bags;Traveling bags;Tote bags;Luggage bags;Attaché bags;Hip bags;Belt bags;Key bags;Clutch bags;Leather bags;Bucket bags;Feed bags;Carry-on bags;Make-up bags;Hunters' game bags;Imitation leather bags;Travelling bags [leatherware];Wheeled shopping bags;Bags for school;Art portfolios [cases];Textile shopping bags.
Class Description: 019 - Non-Metallic Building Material Products
Goods & Services: Mosaic art tiles made of marble;Works of art of stone, concrete or marble;Wall stone;Concrete walls;Glass walls;Concrete retaining walls;Wall coatings (Cementitious -);Ceramic wall tiles;Mosaic wall tiles;Walls (Non-metallic -);Clay wall tiles;Splashbacks [wall panels];Glazed ceramic wall tiles;Textured surfaces for walls;Non-metal wall tiles;Non-metallic moveable walls;Dividing walls (Non-metallic -);Wall claddings (Non-metallic -);Slates for wall cladding;Fillers for repairing walls;Non-metallic wall panels;Wall panels (Non-metallic -);Concrete walls for building;Non-metal curtain walls;Prefabricated non-metal walls;Wall panels not of metal;Textured wall surfacings (Non-metallic -);Ceramic tiles for external walls;Tiles of ceramic for walls;Wall tiles, not of metal.
Class Description: 002 - Paint Products
Goods & Services: Paints for arts and crafts;Printing toner;Printing ink;Printing inks;Printing lakes;Printing pigments;Printing pastes;Printing paste;Ink (Printing -);Paints;Paint;Chemicalproof paints;Sealants [paints];Paints (Fireproof -);Mixed paints;Oil paints;Electrodeposition paints;Ceramic paints;Paint thickeners;Waterproof paints;Powder paints;Bactericidal paints;Paints (Bactericidal -);Paint blocks;Varnish paints;Automotive paints;Lacquers [paints];Rubber paints;Textured paints;Paint thinner;Paint primers;Watercolor paints;Interior paint;Tempera paints;Fluorescent paints;Paint sealers;Powdered paints;Luminous paints;Aluminium paints;Asbestos paints;Enamel paints;Artists' paints;Car paints;Fireproof paint;Engine paints;Paint preparations;Acrylic paints;House paint;Phosphorescent paints;Fabric paints;Spray paint;Exterior paints;Conductive paints;Paint powders;Floor paints;Anticorrosive paints;Ornamental paints;Decorating paints;Paints (Enamel -);Fireproof paints;Dispersion paints;Reflective paints;Paint thinners;Coatings [paints];Architectural paints;Paints (Ceramic -);Interior paints;Exterior paint;Watercolour paints;Metallic paints;Solvent free paint;Bactericidal coatings [paints];Vehicle refinishes [paints];Paint drying compositions;Lower hull paints;Paint drying substances;Wheel rim paints;Distempers [water paint];Paints for artists;Acrylic coatings [paints];Wall coatings [paint];Fire retardant paints;Wood coatings [paints];Metal preservatives [paints];Glazes [paints, lacquers];Thinners for paints;Spray coatings [paints];Pigments for paints;Thickeners for paints;Binders for paints;Lime wash paint;Sealing preparations [paint];Weathering preservatives [paints];Vitreous enamel paints;Weatherproofing coatings [paints];Waterproofing compounds [paint];Paint patches (Repositionable -);Repositionable paint patches;Synthetic resin paints;Waterproof coatings [paints];Ink jet printer ink;Copying inks;Metallic ink;Tattoo inks;Thermographic ink;Invisible ink;Engraving ink;Intaglio ink;Planographic ink;Tattooing ink;Iridescent ink;Printers' ink;Edible inks;Dry inks;Metallic inks;Mimeographing ink;Typographic ink;Inks for gravure;Printers' pastes [ink];Ink for printers;Screen printing inks;Thinners for inks;Ink for leather;Inks for marking;Printing ink lacquers;Offset printing inks;Leather (Ink for -);Anti-static inks;Thermochromic printing inks;Inks for printing;Metallic printing inks;Inks for engraving;Glossy printing inks;Printing compositions [ink];Solid ink cartridges [filled] for ink-jet printers;Inks for colouring textiles;Inks (Marking -) for animals;Toners [ink] for photocopiers;Ink [toners] for photocopiers;Toner [ink] for photocopiers;Inks contained in cartridges;Ink [toner] for photocopiers;Inks for making decalcomanias;Skin-dressing (Ink for -);Ink for inkjet printers;Ink for skin-dressing;Inks for skin dressing;Marking ink for animals;Ink jet cartridges [filled];Filled ink jet cartridges;Filled ink cartridges for printers;Printing ink with electric conductivity;Inks contained in roller cassettes;Dyes, colorants, pigments and inks;Ink for printers and photocopiers;Inks for use in printing;Ink cartridges, filled, for printers;Drying additives for printing inks;Vermilion inks for marking animals;Ink cartridges, filled, for facsimile machines;Microencapsulated fragrance inks for flexographic printing;Edible ink cartridges, filled, for printers;Inks for printing, marking and engraving.
Class Description: 020 - Furniture Products
Goods & Services: Works of art of straw;Works of art of plastic;Works of art of nutshell;Works of art of cork;Works of art of bamboo;Works of art made of wax;Works of art made of amber;Works of art made of plaster;Works of art made of wood;3D wall art made of wood;Glass for use in framing art;Storage racks for storing works of art;Furniture;Integrated furniture;Furniture parts;Metal furniture;Furniture (School -);Arbours [furniture];Shop furniture;Computer furniture;Antique furniture;Slatted furniture;Laboratory furniture;Furniture frames;Furniture chests;Storage furniture;Cushions [furniture];Trestles [furniture];Fireguards [furniture];Seating furniture;Washstands [furniture];Lawn furniture;Furniture racks;Bentwood furniture;Credenzas [furniture];Tables [furniture];Units [furniture];Screens [furniture];Recliners [furniture];Dressers [furniture];Cane furniture;Office furniture;Furniture (Office -);Stackable furniture;Consoles [furniture];Children's furniture;Patio furniture;Outdoor furniture;Racks [furniture];Counters [furniture];Domestic furniture;Upholstered furniture;Stuffed furniture;Benches [furniture];Leather furniture;Bedroom furniture;Composable furniture;Indoor furniture;Pouffes [furniture];Furniture cabinets;Cabinets [furniture];Buffets [furniture];Nursery furniture;Transformable furniture;Seats [furniture];Garden furniture;Racking [furniture];Trolleys [furniture];Bamboo furniture;Lounge furniture;Canteen furniture;School furniture;Household furniture;Padded furniture;Furniture doors;Bank furniture;Fitted furniture;Pedestals [furniture];Bathroom furniture;Glass furniture;Furniture units;Furniture screens;Mirrors [furniture];Kitchen furniture;Wooden furniture;Furniture moldings;Inflatable furniture;Furniture (Inflatable -);Furniture partitions;Auditorium furniture;Furniture panels;Display furniture;Showcases [furniture];Desks [furniture];Furniture shelves;Shelves [furniture];Camping furniture;Pet furniture;Metal furniture and furniture for camping;Vice benches [furniture];Movable screens [furniture];Telephone stands [furniture];Wall shelves furniture;Toy boxes [furniture];Consignment shelving [furniture];Boot trays [furniture];Mobile stools [furniture];Key racks [furniture];Furniture for bathrooms;Desk racks [furniture];Metal screens [furniture];Office requisites [furniture];Fitted bedroom furniture;Wooden shelving [furniture];Prefabricated shelves [furniture];Storage cupboards [furniture];Furniture for storage;Furniture incorporating beds;Hat racks [furniture];High stools [furniture];Feet for furniture;Fire screens [furniture];Drawers for furniture;Bathroom vanities [furniture];Hostess trolly [furniture];Antique reproduction furniture;Furniture for saunas;Book rests [furniture];Stationery cabinets [furniture];Units [furniture] for the display of stationery;Display cases;Packaging containers of plastic;Containers of plastic (Packaging -);Pots of plastic for packaging;Egg cartons [packaging] of plastic;Receptacles of plastic for packaging;Plastics components for packaging containers;Industrial packaging containers of bamboo;Egg containers [packaging] of plastic;Packaging containers not of metal;Plastic trays for foodstuff packaging;Industrial packaging containers of wood;Packaging containers made of wood;Boxes (packaging -) in flat form [plastic];Boxes (packaging -) in flat form [wood];Metal tool cabinets;Printed mirrors;Printed vinyl signs;Indoor textile blinds;Jewellery organizer displays;Wall sofas;Wall mirrors;Wall cupboards;Wall chests;Wall partitions [furniture];Wall units [furniture];Plastics wall plugs;Wall mounted footstools;Wall decorations of wood;Metal wall units [furniture];Wall-mounted gun racks;Wall-mounted tool racks;Wall decorations of wax;Non-metallic wall shelves [furniture];Wall-mounted baby changing platforms;Adhesive wall decorations of wax.
Class Description: 021 - Houseware and Glass Products
Goods & Services: Art objects of glass;Works of art made of earthenware;Works of art made of porcelain;Works of art made of crystal;Works of art made of glass;3D wall art of made of ceramic;3D wall art of made of porcelain;3D wall art made of terra-cotta;3D wall art of made of earthenware;3D wall art of made of glass;Toothbrush cases;Chopstick cases;Cases (Comb -);Comb cases;Toilet cases;Toiletry cases;Industrial packaging containers of porcelain;Industrial packaging containers of glass;Glass lids for industrial packaging containers;Confectioners' decorating bags [pastry bags];Pastry bags;Bota bags;Isothermic bags;Cool bags;Tea bag rests;Double wall cups;Wall soap dishes;Wall decorations of porcelain;Cosmetics applicators;Applicators for cosmetics;Hair color application brushes;Hair color application bottles;Eye make-up applicators;Applicator sticks for applying makeup;Carpet shampoo applicators (Non-electric -);Applicator sticks for applying make-up;Applicators for applying eye make-up;Painted glassware;Glassware (Painted -);Brushes;Brushes (except paint brushes);Brushes and brush-making articles;Fireplace brushes;Scraping brushes;Cosmetic brushes;Cosmetics brushes;Interdental brushes;Washing brushes;Dish brushes;Basting brushes;File brushes;Eyeliner brushes;Tongue brushes;Nail brushes;Clothes brushes;Eyebrow brushes;Mane brushes;Cleaning brushes;Brush holders;Dishwashing brushes;Toilet brushes;Crumb brushes;Mopping brushes;Denture brushes;Brush goods;Bottle brushes;Shaving brushes;Mushroom brushes;Eyelash brushes;Brushes (Dishwashing -);Tub brushes;Lint brushes;Golf brushes;Blacking brushes;Exfoliating brushes;Tooth brushes;Floor brushes;Bath brushes;Scrubbing brushes;Boot brushes;Shoe brushes;Pastry brushes;Lip brushes;Mascara brushes;Cake brushes;Horse brushes;Dusting brushes;Lavatory brushes;Bathtub brushes;Hair brushes;Brush-making materials;Hair tinting brushes;Brushes for cleaning;Shaving brush holders;Skin cleansing brushes;Make-up brushes;Household utensils for cleaning, brushes and brush-making materials;Stands for shaving brushes;Brushes for cleaning cars;Brushes for billiard tables;Brushes for personal hygiene;Horsehair for brush-making;Vegetable brushes with peelers;Tooth brushes, non-electric;Brushes for household purposes;Brushes for household use;Material for brush-making;Stands for tooth brushes;Fur brushes for animals.
Class Description: 022 - Ropes, Cordage and Fiber Products
Goods & Services: Packaging string;Packaging bags of textile;Packaging bags made of textile;Sacks of textile for packaging;Packaging bags of textile material;Bags of textile for packaging;Envelopes of textile for packaging;Industrial packaging containers of textile;Pouches of textile for packaging.
Class Description: 024 - Fabrics
Goods & Services: Throws (furniture coverings);Pillow cases;Printed fabrics;Printed textile labels;Calico cloth (Printed -);Silk fabrics for printing patterns;Silk fabric for printing patterns;Patterned textiles for use in embroidery;Textiles;Viscose textiles;Textile sheets;Polyester textiles;Banners textile;Textile coasters;Textile napkins;Textile serviettes;Napery [textile];Textile labels;Textile material;Textiles and substitutes for textiles;Sheets [textile];Towelling [textile];Linings [textile];Coated textiles;Labels (textile);Textile fabrics;Household textiles;Towels [textile];Textile fabric;Textile handkerchieves;Textile handkerchiefs;Textile tissues;Textile tablecloths;Material (Textile -);Textile goods, and substitutes for textile goods;Household textile goods;Tapestries of textile;Composite textile materials;Towels [of textile];Reinforced fabrics [textile];Bedroom textile fabrics;Honeycomb materials [textiles];Coasters of textile;Handkerchiefs of textile;Handkerchiefs of textiles;Curtains of textile;Non-woven textiles;Textiles for furnishings;Mural hangings [textile];Textile curtain pelmets;Valances [textile draperies];Towels of textile;Rubberized textile fabrics;Tablecloths of textile;Curtain holders (Textile -);Quilts of textile;Streamers of textile;Friezes of textile;Towels of textiles;Adhesive labels (Textile -);Kitchen towels [textile];Textile printers' blankets;Waterproof textile fabrics;Doilies of textile;Napery of textile;Textile piece goods;Textiles for upholstery;Textile filter materials;Tablemats of textile;Labels of textile;Textile exercise towels;Filter fibers [textile];Wall fabrics;Wall hangings;Wall decorations of textile;Wall plaques of textile;Friezes [textile wall hangings];Handcrafted textile wall hangings;Borders (textile wall hangings);Wall hangings of textile;Wall hangings of silk;Tapestries [wall hangings], of textile.
Class Description: 025 - Clothing Products
Goods & Services: Clothing;Clothes;Wristbands [clothing];Tops [clothing];Knitted clothing;Oilskins [clothing];Motorcyclists' clothing;Hoods [clothing];Leisure clothing;Infant clothing;Children's clothing;Childrens' clothing;Sports clothing;Leather clothing;Gloves [clothing];Waterproof clothing;Plush clothing;Girls' clothing;Swaddling clothes;Knitwear [clothing];Cloth bibs;Cyclists' clothing;Playsuits [clothing];Slipovers [clothing];Jerseys [clothing];Weatherproof clothing;Casual clothing;Denims [clothing];Combinations [clothing];Furs [clothing];Shorts [clothing];Collars [clothing];Babies' clothing;Ties [clothing];Outer clothing;Cashmere clothing;Bandeaux [clothing];Women's clothing;Bodies [clothing];Embroidered clothing;Layettes [clothing];Jackets [clothing];Kerchiefs [clothing];Chaps (clothing);Maternity clothing;Thermal clothing;Belts [clothing];Muffs [clothing];Capes (clothing);Motorists' clothing;Boas [clothing];Slips [clothing];Veils [clothing];Wraps [clothing];Athletic clothing;Party hats [clothing].
Class Description: 026 - Lace, Ribbons, Embroidery and Fancy Goods
Goods & Services: Brooches [clothing accessories];Belt buckles [clothing accessories];Feathers [clothing accessories];Twisters [hair accessories];Buckles [clothing accessories];Hair twisters [hair accessories];Ostrich feathers [clothing accessories];Arm bands [clothing accessories];Birds' feathers as clothing accessories;Snap clips [hair accessories];Claw clips [hair accessories];Birds' feathers [clothing accessories];Buckles of precious metal [clothing accessories];Removable silicone buttock enhancer pads [undergarment accessories];Interchangeable accessory set for shoes, not of metal;Rubber or silicone charm accessory for shoes;Accessories for apparel, sewing articles and decorative textile articles;Removable silicone breast enhancer pads used in a bra [lingerie accessories];Cases (Needle -);Needle cases.
Class Description: 027 - Floor Covering products
Goods & Services: Rush mats with floral patterns (hana-mushiro);Hana-mushiro [rush mats with floral patterns];Textile wallcoverings;Textile wallpaper;Carpets [textile];Textile lined wallpaper;Textile wall coverings;Textile bath mats;Non-textile wallpaper;Mural hangings [non-textile];Wall paper;Wall coverings;Vinyl wall coverings;Fabric wall coverings;Plastic wall coverings;Cloth wall coverings;Wall and ceiling coverings;Wall hangings (non-textile);Wall hangings [non-textile];Wall coverings of cork;Wall coverings of paper;Wall coverings of plastic;Wall coverings of textile;Wall paper of vinyl;Non-textile wall coverings;Non-textile wall hangings;Padded linings for existing walls;Hangings (Wall -), not of textile.
Class Description: 028 - Toys and Sporting Goods Products
Goods & Services: Doll accessories;Dolls' clothing accessories;Dolls' furniture accessories;Accessories for dolls;Cases for play accessories;Batting gloves [accessories for games];Tools (Divot repair -) [golf accessories];Divot repair tools [golf accessories];Divot repair tools being golf accessories;Pitch mark repair tools [golf accessories];Ski cases;Racket cases;Dartboard cases;Cue cases;Toy jewellery;Jewellery for dolls.
Class Description: 003 - Cosmetics and Cleaning Products
Goods & Services: Body art stickers;Nail art stickers;Face paint;Face paints;Paint remover;Paint removers;Paint stripper;Paint strippers;Paint removing preparations;Paint removing compositions.
Class Description: 030 - Staple Food Products
Goods & Services: Pastry cases.
Class Description: 034 - Smoker's Products
Goods & Services: Cases (Cigarette -);Cases (Cigar -);Cigarette cases;Tobacco cases;Cigar cases.
Class Description: 035 - Advertising, Business & Retail Services
Goods & Services: Retail services for works of art provided by art galleries;Wholesale services in relation to art materials;Retail services in relation to art materials;Retail services in relation to works of art;Wholesale services in relation to works of art;Retail services connected with stationery;Wholesale services in relation to stationery supplies;Retail services in relation to stationery supplies;Advisory services relating to the ordering of stationery;Design of advertising logos.
Class Description: 036 - Insurance & Financial Services
Goods & Services: Appraisal (Art -);Art appraisal;Art work valuations [appraisals];Valuations of works of art;Evaluation of objects of art.
Class Description: 037 - Construction and Repair Services
Goods & Services: Restoration of works of art;Maintenance and restoration of works of art;Conservation and preservation services for works of art;Wall texturing;Painting;Sign painting;Vehicle painting;Spray painting;Automobile painting;Paint work;House painting;Paint spraying;Coating [painting] services;Painting of vehicles;Painting restoration services;Painting of buildings;Painting of signs;Painting of aircraft;Painting and varnishing.
Class Description: 039 - Transportation & Storage Services
Goods & Services: Packaging of products;Packaging of goods.
Class Description: 040 - Treatment & Processing of Materials Services
Goods & Services: Works of art (Framing of -);Framing of works of art;Pattern printing;Printing (Pattern -);Pattern cutting;Surface energy patterning;Pattern printing on fabric;Pattern printing on textiles;Pattern printing of carpets;Printing of patterns on textiles;Pattern printing of floor coverings;Pattern printing of carpet tiles;Pattern printing of wall coverings;Application of relief patterns to board surfaces;Application of relief patterns to card surfaces;Application of relief patterns to paper surfaces;Printing of decorative patterns on gift wrap;Preparation of electronic circuitry by surface energy patterning;Stationery printing services;Printing;Silkscreen printing;Textile printing;Letterpress printing;Printing (Photographic -);Photogravure printing;Screen printing;Portrait printing;Offset printing;Wool printing;Intaglio printing;Lithographic printing;Discharge printing;Photographic printing;Photo-printing;Printing (Lithographic -);Printing (Offset -);Printing services;Digital printing;3D printing;Printing of books;Digital printing services;Textile weaving;Textile treating;Waterproofing textiles;Textile fireproofing;Dyeing (Textile -);Textile mothproofing;Textile cutting;Mothproofing (Textile -);Textile finishing;Textile dyeing;Textile warping;Laminating of textiles;Fireproofing of textiles;Surfacing of textiles;Cutting of textiles;Textiles (Fireproofing of -);Shrinking of textiles;Brushing of textiles;Edging of textiles;Textiles (Edging of -);Textiles (Waterproofing of -);Bleaching of textiles;Whitening of textiles;Moulding of textiles;Treating of textiles;Waterproofing of textiles;Dyeing of textiles;Customized printing of company names and logos for promotional and advertising purposes on the goods of others;Silk screen painting;Paint mixing services;Air brushing services.
Class Description: 041 - Education and Entertainment Services
Goods & Services: Art exhibitions;Art gallery services;Art exhibition services;Gallery services (Art -);Mural art painting services;Conducting of performing arts festivals;Education services related to the arts;Conducting workshops and seminars in art appreciation;School services for the teaching of art;Education academy services for teaching art history;Conducting of workshops and seminars in art appreciation;Instruction in the field of the visual arts;Martial arts instruction;Beauty arts instruction;Instruction in martial arts;Training in martial arts;Organizing cultural and arts events;Providing performing arts theater facilities;Teaching of chinese martial arts;Operating of martial arts' schools;Conducting of performing arts entertainment;Painting instruction;Face painting;Portrait painting.
Class Description: 042 - Computer & Software Services & Scientific Services
Goods & Services: Design of logos for t-shirts;Design of logos for corporate identity;Authenticating fine art;Graphic art services;Design (Graphic arts -);Commercial art design;Graphic art design;Designing (Graphic arts -);Art work design;Industrial art design;Graphic arts design;Graphic arts designing;Works of art (Authenticating -);Authenticating works of art;Authentication of fine art objects;Design services for art-work;Industrial and graphic art design;Authentication in the field of works of art;Preparation of reports relating to graphic arts design;Pattern design;Designing of jewellery;Design of jewellery;Jewellery design services;Furniture design;Design of furniture;Design of stationery;Design of fashion accessories;Design of clothing accessories;Packaging designs;Packaging design;Design services (Packaging -);Design of packaging;Packaging design services;Design services for packaging;Packaging design for others;Industrial packaging design services;Custom design of software packages;Design services relating to packaging;Tool design;Design of tooling;Design of tools;Textile testing;Textile design services;Brand design services;Design of brand names.
Class Description: 044 - Medical, Beauty & Agricultural Services
Goods & Services: Body art;Art therapy;Body art services.
Class Description: 045 - Personal & Legal & Social Services
Goods & Services: Rental of jewellery;Hire of jewellery.
Class Description: 006 - Metal Products
Goods & Services: Bronzes [works of art];Metal works of art [bronze];Works of art of common metal;Metal works of art [common metal];Figurines of bronze being works of art;Works of art of non-precious metal;Sculpted works of art made from bronze;3D wall art made of common metal;Figurines of common metal being works of art;Statues and works of art of common metals;Sculpted works of art made from common metal.
Class Description: 007 - Machinery Products
Goods & Services: Plates (Printing -);Printing plates;Printing cylinders;Printing machines for printing on packaging;Printing rollers;Printing presses;Printing machines;Printing machines for printing on labels;Lithographic printing machines;Flexographic printing plates;Lithographic printing plates;UV printing machines;Print finishing machines;Embossing printing machines;Rotary printing presses;Gravure printing machines;Planographic printing machines;Paper feeders [printing];Pattern rolling machines;Patterning mechanisms [machines], other than for office use;Painting machines;Paint sprayers;Machines for painting;Paint spraying guns;Spray paint machines;Paint striping machines;Air brushes;Dynamo brushes;Brushes (Dynamo -);Electrical brushes;Rotary brushes [machines];Air brushes [paint spraying].
Class Description: 008 - Hand Tool Products
Goods & Services: Shaving cases;Razor cases;Cases (Razor -);Body art tools;Graving tools [hand tools];Fulling tools [hand tools];Edge tools [hand tools];Scraping tools [hand tools];Grafting tools [hand tools];Cutting tools [hand tools];Perforating tools [hand tools];Drywall finishing tools [hand tool];Emergency cutting tools [hand tools];Boring tools [hand-operated tools];Emergency multi-tools [hand tools];Forcible entry tools [hand tools];Rotary tools [hand-operated tools];Stamping-out tools [hand tools];Emergency spreading tools [hand tools];Tool belts;Adzes [tools];Countersinking tools for hand operated tools;Hex tools;Files [tools];Lifting tools;Tool aprons;Tool holders;Rotary tool bits [hand-operated tools];Diamond cutting tools for hand-operated tools;Rotary metal cutting tools [hand-operated tools];Reamers [hand tools];Chisels [hand tools];Spatulas [hand tools];Agricultural hand tools;Rams [hand tools];Braiders [hand tools];Gouges [hand tools];Scribers [hand tools];Saws [hand tools];Rakes [hand tools];Spades [hand tools].
Class Description: 009 - Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products
Goods & Services: Graphic art software;Phone cases;Mobile phone cases;Cell phone cases;Cases for mobile phones;Leather cases for mobile phones;Cases adapted for mobile phones;Carrying cases for cellular phones;Carrying cases for mobile phones;Protective cases for cell phones;Waterproof cases for smart phones;Protective cases for mobile phones;Carrying cases for cell phones;Leather cases for cellular phones;Internet phones;Digital phones;Video phones;Smart phones;Ear phones;Cellular phones;Conference phones;Phone plugs;VOIP phones;Cell phones;Mobile phones;Mobile phone straps;Digital cellular phones;Mobile phone covers;Mobile phone speakers;Phone extension jacks;Wearable smart phones;Batteries for phones;Cell phone covers;Braille mobile phones;Cell phone straps;Phone extension leads;Sunglass cases;Lens cases;Computer cases;Spectacle cases;Camera casings;Mobile phone docking stations;Cell phone battery chargers;Mobile phone battery chargers;Phone covers [specifically adapted];Batteries for mobile phones;Chargers for mobile phones;Displays for mobile phones;Headphones for smart phones;DVD cases;Battery cases;Eyewear cases;Glasses cases;Straps for mobile phones;Laptop cases;Camcorder cases;CD cases;Camera cases;Eyeglass cases;Cases (Eyeglass -);Straps for cellular phones;Keyboards for mobile phones;Software for mobile phones;Displays for smart phones;Holders for cell phones;Holders adapted for mobile phones;Application software for mobile phones;Flip covers for mobile phones;Downloadable smart phone applications (software);Laptop bags;Antistatic bag;Software applications;Workflow applications;Application software;Application processors;Downloadable applications;Web application software;Sports betting applications;Computer application software;Mobile application software;Application development software;Educational tablet applications;Computer software applications;Downloadable software applications;Educational computer applications;Application suites [software];Application server software;Application specific integrated circuits;Application software for televisions;Downloadable application software;Downloadable mobile applications;Educational mobile applications;Application simulation software;Business application software;Information retrieval applications;Application-specific integrated circuits;Computer software applications, downloadable;Enterprise application software [EAS];Office and business applications;Application software for robot;Downloadable applications for mobile devices;Downloadable computer software applications;Smartphone software applications, downloadable;Downloadable game related software applications;Application software for wireless devices;Application software for smart TV;Telemetry devices for engine applications;Application software to control lighting;Software applications for mobile devices;Application software for smart phones;Mobile applications for booking taxis;Web application and server software;Computer application software for mobile telephones;Downloadable application software for smart phones;Downloadable smart phone application software;Computer application software for TV;Computer applications for automotive control;Application software for mobile devices;Machine-to-Machine [M2M] applications;Computer software for application and database integration;Software applications for use with mobile devices;Computer applications for car automatic driving control;Computer application software for mobile phones;Software and applications for mobile devices;Downloadable software applications for mobile phones;Computer applications for vehicle navigation apparatus;Application software for cloud computing services.
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