DAXIS United Kingdom Trademark Information

3D wall art made of precious metal;Action figures (Decorative -) of precious metal;Adhesive wall decorations of precious metal;Agate as jewellery;Agate [unwrought];Agates;Alarm clocks;Alarm watches;Alloys of precious metal;Alloys of precious metals;Amber pendants being jewellery;Amberoid pendants being jewellery;Amulets;Amulets being jewellery;Amulets [jewellery];Amulets [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Amulets [jewelry];Anchors [clock and watch making];Anchors [clock- and watchmaking];Ankle bracelets;Apparatus for sports timing [stopwatches];Apparatus for timing sports events;Articles of imitation jewellery;Articles of jewellery;Articles of jewellery coated with precious metals;Articles of jewellery made from rope chain;Articles of jewellery made of precious metal alloys;Articles of jewellery made of precious metals;Articles of jewellery with ornamental stones;Articles of jewellery with precious stones;Artificial gem stones;Artificial gemstones;Artificial jewellery;Artificial stones [precious or semi-precious];Atomic clocks;Automatic watches;Automobile clocks;Badges of precious metal;Bands for watches;Bangle bracelets;Bangles;Barrels [clock and watch making];Barrels [clock- and watch...

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3d   wall   art   precious   metalaction   figures   decorative     precious   metaladhesive   wall   decorations   precious   metalagate   jewelleryagate   unwroughtagatesalarm   clocksalarm   watchesalloys   precious   metalalloys   precious   metalsamber   pendants   jewelleryamberoid   pendants   jewelleryamuletsamulets   jewelleryamulets   jewelleryamulets   jewellery     jewelry   amamulets   jewelryanchors   clock   watch   makinganchors   clock  
On Sunday, September 13, 2020, a united kingdom trademark registration was filed for DAXIS by Hamtun Ltd ********, ********, ***** ****. The United Kingdom IP office has given the trademark application number of UK00003533278. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The DAXIS trademark is filed in the category of Jewelry Products .
Word Mark: DAXIS
Current Status:
LIVE (Circa: 2020)
Application Number: UK00003533278
Filing Date: Sunday, September 13, 2020
Registration Date: Friday, January 8, 2021
Type of Mark: Individual
Mark Feature: Word
2020/044: Friday, October 30, 2020
Last Applicant/Owner: ********
***** ****
Correspondent: Not Available

Classification Information

Class Description: 014 - Jewelry Products
Goods & Services: 3D wall art made of precious metal;Action figures (Decorative -) of precious metal;Adhesive wall decorations of precious metal;Agate as jewellery;Agate [unwrought];Agates;Alarm clocks;Alarm watches;Alloys of precious metal;Alloys of precious metals;Amber pendants being jewellery;Amberoid pendants being jewellery;Amulets;Amulets being jewellery;Amulets [jewellery];Amulets [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Amulets [jewelry];Anchors [clock and watch making];Anchors [clock- and watchmaking];Ankle bracelets;Apparatus for sports timing [stopwatches];Apparatus for timing sports events;Articles of imitation jewellery;Articles of jewellery;Articles of jewellery coated with precious metals;Articles of jewellery made from rope chain;Articles of jewellery made of precious metal alloys;Articles of jewellery made of precious metals;Articles of jewellery with ornamental stones;Articles of jewellery with precious stones;Artificial gem stones;Artificial gemstones;Artificial jewellery;Artificial stones [precious or semi-precious];Atomic clocks;Automatic watches;Automobile clocks;Badges of precious metal;Bands for watches;Bangle bracelets;Bangles;Barrels [clock and watch making];Barrels [clock- and watchmaking];Bead bracelets;Beads for making jewellery;Beads for making jewelry;Bib necklaces;Body costume jewellery;Body jewellery;Body-piercing rings;Body-piercing studs;Boxes for cufflinks;Boxes for tie-pins;Boxes of precious metal;Bracelet charms;Bracelets;Bracelets and watches combined;Bracelets [charity];Bracelets for watches;Bracelets [jewellery];Bracelets [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Bracelets [jewelry];Bracelets made of embroidered textile [jewellery];Bracelets made of embroidered textile [jewelry];Bracelets made of rubber or silicone with pattern or message;Bracelets of precious metal;Bridal headpieces in the nature of tiaras;Brooches being jewelry;Brooches [jewellery];Brooches [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Brooches [jewelry];Buckles for watchstraps;Busts of precious metal;Busts of precious metals;Cabinets for clocks;Cabochons;Cabochons for making jewellery;Cabochons for making jewelry;Cameos [jewelry];Cases adapted for holding watches;Cases adapted to contain horological articles;Cases adapted to contain items of jewellery;Cases adapted to contain watches;Cases [fitted] for clocks;Cases [fitted] for horological articles;Cases [fitted] for jewels;Cases [fitted] for watches;Cases for chronometric instruments;Cases for clock- and watchmaking;Cases for clock and watch-making;Cases for horological instruments;Cases for jewels;Cases for watches;Cases for watches and clocks;Cases for watches [presentation];Cases of precious metals for clocks;Cases of precious metals for horological articles;Cases of precious metals for jewels;Cases of precious metals for watches;Ceramic discs for use as tokens of value;Chain mesh of precious metals [jewellery];Chain mesh of semi-precious metals;Chains for watches;Chains [jewellery];Chains [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Chains [jewelry];Chains made of precious metals [jewellery];Chains of precious metals;Chains (Watch -);Chalcedony;Chalcedony used as gems;Chaplets;Charity bracelets;Charms;Charms for jewellery;Charms for jewelry;Charms for key chains;Charms for key rings;Charms [jewellery];Charms [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Charms [jewellery] of common metals;Charms [jewelry];Children's jewelry;Choker necklaces;Chokers;Chronographs as watches;Chronographs for use as timepieces;Chronographs for use as watches;Chronographs [watches];Chronological instruments;Chronometers;Chronometric apparatus and instruments;Chronometric instruments;Chronometrical instruments;Chronoscopes;Clasps for jewellery;Clasps for jewelry;Clip earrings;Clips of silver [jewellery];Clips (Tie -);Clock and watch hands;Clock boxes;Clock cabinets;Clock cases;Clock cases being parts of clocks;Clock dials;Clock faces;Clock hands;Clock hands [clock and watch making];Clock hands [clock- and watchmaking];Clock housings;Clock mechanisms;Clock movements;Clockmaking pendulums;Clocks;Clocks and parts therefor;Clocks and watches;Clocks and watches, electric;Clocks and watches for pigeon-fanciers;Clocks for world time zones;Clocks having quartz movements;Clocks incorporating ceramics;Clocks incorporating radios;Clockwork movements;Clockworks;Cloisonne jewellery;Cloisonné jewellery;Cloisonné jewellery [jewelry (Am.)];Cloisonné jewelry;Cloisonne pins;Closures for necklaces;Clothing ornaments of precious metals;Coins;Collectable monetary coin sets;Collectible coins;Collets being parts of jewellery;Commemorative boxes of precious metal;Commemorative coins;Commemorative medals;Commemorative shields;Commemorative shields of precious metal;Commemorative statuary cups made of precious metal;Control clocks;Control clocks [master clocks];Copper tokens;Corporate recognition jewelry;Costume jewellery;Costume jewelry;Crosses [jewellery];Crucifixes as jewellery;Crucifixes as jewelry;Crucifixes of precious metal, other than jewellery;Crucifixes of precious metal, other than jewelry;Cubic zirconia;Cuff links;Cuff links and tie clips;Cuff links coated with precious metals;Cuff links made of gold;Cuff links made of imitation gold;Cuff links made of porcelain;Cuff links made of precious metals with precious stones;Cuff links made of precious metals with semi-precious stones;Cuff links made of silver plate;Cuff links of precious metal;Cuff links of precious metals with semi-precious stones;Cufflinks;Cuff-links;Cultured pearls;Cut diamonds;Decorative articles [trinkets or jewellery] for personal use;Decorative boxes made of precious metal;Decorative brooches [jewellery];Decorative cuff link covers;Decorative key rings;Decorative pins [jewellery];Decorative pins of precious metal;Desk clocks;Desktop statuary made of precious metal;Diadems;Dials [clock and watch making];Dials [clock- and watchmaking];Dials (clockmaking and watchmaking);Dials for clock and watch making;Dials for clock- and watchmaking;Dials for clock and watch-making;Dials for clock-and-watch-making;Dials for clocks;Dials for horological articles;Dials for watches;Dials (Sun -);Diamond jewelry;Diamond [unwrought];Diamonds;Digital clocks;Digital clocks being electronically controlled;Digital clocks incorporating radios;Digital clocks with automatic timers;Digital time indicators having temperature displays;Digital watches with automatic timers;Divers' watches;Diving watches;Dress ornaments in the nature of jewellery;Dress watches;Drop earrings;Ear clips;Ear ornaments in the nature of jewellery;Ear studs;Earrings;Earrings of precious metal;Electric alarm clocks;Electric timepieces;Electric watches;Electrical timepieces;Electrically operated movements for clocks;Electrically operated movements for watches;Electronic alarm clocks;Electronic clocks;Electronic timepieces;Electronic watches;Electronically operated movements for clocks;Electronically operated movements for watches;Emerald;Emeralds;Enamelled jewellery;Engagement rings;Escapements;Eternity rings;Faces for chronometric instruments;Faces for clocks;Faces for horological instruments;Faces for watches;Facial jewellery;Fake jewellery;Fancy keyrings of precious metals;Fashion jewellery;Figures made of precious metal;Figures of precious metal;Figurines coated with precious metal;Figurines for ornamental purposes of precious stones;Figurines made from gold;Figurines made from silver;Figurines made of imitation gold;Figurines of precious metal;Figurines of precious or semi precious stones;Figurines of precious stones;Figurines [statuettes] of precious metal;Finger rings;Fitted covers for jewelry rings to protect against impact, abrasion, and damage to the ring’s band and stones;Fitted jewelry pouches;Fittings for watches;Flexible wire bands for wear as a bracelet;Floor clocks;Fobs for keys;Friendship bracelets;Friendship rings;Gems;Gemstones;Gemstones, pearls and precious metals, and imitations thereof;Gold;Gold alloy ingots;Gold alloys;Gold and its alloys;Gold base alloys;Gold bracelets;Gold bullion;Gold bullion coins;Gold chains;Gold coins;Gold earrings;Gold ingots;Gold jewellery;Gold medals;Gold necklaces;Gold plated bracelets;Gold plated brooches [jewellery];Gold plated chains;Gold plated earrings;Gold plated rings;Gold rings;Gold thread [jewellery];Gold thread [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Gold thread jewelry;Gold thread [jewelry];Gold, unworked or semi-worked;Gold, unwrought or beaten;Gold-plated earrings;Gold-plated necklaces;Gold-plated rings;Grandfather clocks;Grave markers of precious metal;Hands (Clock -) [clock and watch making];Hands for clocks;Hat jewellery;Hat jewelry;Hat ornaments of precious metal;Holiday ornaments [figurines] of precious metal, other than tree ornaments;Hoop earrings;Horological articles;Horological instruments;Horological instruments having quartz movements;Horological instruments made of gold;Horological products;Housings for clocks and watches;Identification bracelets [jewelry];Identification bracelets of precious metal [jewelry];Identity plates of precious metal;Imitation gold;Imitation jet;Imitation jewellery;Imitation jewellery ornaments;Imitation jewelry;Imitation leather key chains;Imitation leather key rings;Imitation pearls;Imitation precious stones;Industrial clocks;Ingots of precious metal;Ingots of precious metals;Insignia of precious metals;Insignias of precious metal;Iridium;Iridium alloys;Iridium and its alloys;Items of jewellery;Ivory jewellery;Ivory [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Ivory jewelry;Jade;Jade [jewellery];Jades;Jet;Jet (Ornaments of -);Jet, unwrought or semi-wrought;Jewel cases;Jewel cases [fitted];Jewel cases of precious metal;Jewel chains;Jewel pendants;Jewellery;Jewellery articles;Jewellery being articles of precious metals;Jewellery being articles of precious stones;Jewellery boxes;Jewellery boxes and watch boxes;Jewellery boxes [fitted];Jewellery boxes of precious metal;Jewellery boxes of precious metals;Jewellery brooches;Jewellery cases;Jewellery cases [caskets];Jewellery cases [caskets] of precious metal;Jewellery cases [caskets or boxes];Jewellery cases [fitted];Jewellery cases of precious metal;Jewellery caskets;Jewellery caskets of precious metal;Jewellery chain;Jewellery chain of precious metal for anklets;Jewellery chain of precious metal for bracelets;Jewellery chain of precious metal for necklaces;Jewellery chains;Jewellery charms;Jewellery coated with precious metal alloys;Jewellery coated with precious metals;Jewellery containing gold;Jewellery fashioned from bronze;Jewellery fashioned from non-precious metals;Jewellery fashioned of cultured pearls;Jewellery fashioned of precious metals;Jewellery fashioned of semi-precious stones;Jewellery findings;Jewellery foot chains;Jewellery for personal adornment;Jewellery for personal wear;Jewellery hat pins;Jewellery in non-precious metals;Jewellery in precious metals;Jewellery in semi-precious metals;Jewellery in the form of beads;Jewellery, including imitation jewellery and plastic jewellery;Jewellery incorporating diamonds;Jewellery incorporating pearls;Jewellery incorporating precious stones;Jewellery items;Jewellery made from gold;Jewellery made from silver;Jewellery made of bronze;Jewellery made of crystal;Jewellery made of crystal coated with precious metals;Jewellery made of glass;Jewellery made of non-precious metal;Jewellery made of plastics;Jewellery made of plated precious metals;Jewellery made of precious metals;Jewellery made of precious stones;Jewellery made of semi-precious materials;Jewellery of precious metals;Jewellery of yellow amber;Jewellery (Paste -);Jewellery plated with precious metals;Jewellery products;Jewellery rolls;Jewellery rope chain for anklets;Jewellery rope chain for bracelets;Jewellery rope chain for necklaces;Jewellery stones;Jewellry;Jewelry;Jewelry boxes;Jewelry boxes not of metal;Jewelry boxes, not of metal;Jewelry boxes, not of precious metal;Jewelry boxes of metal;Jewelry boxes of precious metal;Jewelry boxes of precious metals;Jewelry brooches;Jewelry cases;Jewelry cases [caskets];Jewelry cases [caskets] of precious metal;Jewelry cases [caskets or boxes];Jewelry cases not of precious metal;Jewelry cases of precious metal;Jewelry caskets;Jewelry caskets of precious metal;Jewelry chains;Jewelry charms;Jewelry charms in precious metals or coated therewith;Jewelry clips for adapting pierced earrings to clip-on earrings;Jewelry findings;Jewelry for the head;Jewelry guard chains;Jewelry hat pins;Jewelry hatpins;Jewelry of yellow amber;Jewelry organizer cases;Jewelry organizer rolls for travel;Jewelry (Paste -) [costume jewelry];Jewelry pins for use on hats;Jewelry rolls;Jewelry rolls for storage;Jewelry rolls for travel;Jewelry stickpins;Jewels;Key chain tags;Key chains;Key chains as jewellery [trinkets or fobs];Key chains for use as jewellery;Key chains for use as jewelry;Key chains of precious metal;Key chains [split rings with trinket or decorative fob];Key chains [trinkets or fobs];Key charms coated with precious metals;Key charms of precious metals;Key charms [trinkets or fobs];Key fobs;Key fobs made of precious metal;Key fobs, not of metal;Key fobs of common metal;Key fobs of imitation leather;Key fobs of precious metals;Key fobs [rings] coated with precious metal;Key holders of precious metals;Key holders [trinkets or fobs];Key rings;Key rings and key chains, and charms therefor;Key rings, not of metal;Key rings of leather;Key rings of precious metal;Key rings of precious metals;Key rings [split rings with trinket or decorative fob];Key rings [trinkets or fobs];Key rings [trinkets or fobs] of precious metal;Key tags [trinkets or fobs];Keyrings;Keyrings of common metal;Lapel badges of precious metal;Lapel pins;Lapel pins [jewellery];Lapel pins [jewelry];Lapel pins of precious metals [jewellery];Leather jewelry boxes;Leather key fobs;Leather key rings;Leather watch straps;Links (Cuff -);Lockets;Lockets [jewellery];Lockets [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Lockets [jewelry];Man-made pearls;Mantle clocks;Marcassites;Master clocks;Mechanical watch oscillators;Mechanical watches;Mechanical watches with automatic winding;Mechanical watches with manual winding;Medallions;Medallions [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Medallions made of non-precious metals;Medallions made of precious metals;Medals;Medals coated with precious metals;Medals made of precious metals;Meditation beads;Metal badges for wear [precious metal];Metal expanding watch bracelets;Metal key chains;Metal key fobs;Metal tokens used for mass transit;Metal watch bands;Metal wire [precious metal];Metal works of art [precious metal];Miniature clocks;Miniature figurines [coated with precious metal];Misbaha [prayer beads];Model animals [ornaments] coated with precious metal;Model animals [ornaments] made of precious metal;Model figures [ornaments] coated with precious metal;Model figures [ornaments] made of precious metal;Monetary coin sets for collecting purposes;Movements for clocks and watches;Movements for watches and clocks;Musical jewelry boxes;Natural gem stones;Natural pearls;Neck chains;Necklace charms;Necklaces;Necklaces [jewellery];Necklaces [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Necklaces [jewelry];Necklaces of precious metal;Necktie fasteners;Non-leather watch straps;Non-metal key rings;Non-monetary coins;Objet d'art made of precious metals;Objet d'art made of precious stones;Objet d'art of enamelled gold;Objet d'art of enamelled silver;Olivine [gems];Olivine [peridot];Opal;Opals;Ornamental figurines made of precious metal;Ornamental hat pins;Ornamental lapel pins;Ornamental pins;Ornamental pins made of precious metal;Ornamental sculptures made of precious metal;Ornaments for clothing [of precious metal];Ornaments (Hat -) of precious metal;Ornaments [jewellery];Ornaments [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Ornaments, made of or coated with precious or semi-precious metals or stones, or imitations thereof;Ornaments of jet;Ornaments (Shoe -) of precious metal;Ornaments [statues] made of precious metal;Oscillators for clocks;Oscillators for timepieces;Oscillators for watches;Osmium;Osmium alloys;Osmium and its alloys;Palladium;Palladium alloys;Palladium and its alloys;Parts and fittings for chronometric instruments;Parts and fittings for horological instruments;Parts and fittings for jewellery;Parts and fittings for watches;Parts for clocks;Parts for clockworks;Parts for watches;Paste jewellery;Paste jewellery [costume jewelry (Am.)];Paste jewellery [costume jewelry [Am.]];Paste jewelry;Paste jewelry [costume jewelry];Pearl;Pearls;Pearls [jewellery];Pearls [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Pearls [jewelry];Pearls made of ambroid [pressed amber];Pendant watches;Pendants;Pendants for watch chains;Pendants [jewellery];Pendants [jewelry];Pendulum clocks;Pendulums [clock and watch making];Pendulums [clock- and watchmaking];Peridot;Personal jewellery;Personal ornaments of precious metal;Pet jewelry;Pewter jewellery;Pierced earrings;Pins being jewellery;Pins being jewelry;Pins [jewellery];Pins [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Pins [jewelry];Pins (Ornamental -);Pins (Tie -);Plastic bracelets in the nature of jewelry;Plastic costume jewellery;Platinum;Platinum alloy ingots;Platinum alloys;Platinum and its alloys;Platinum ingots;Platinum jewelry;Platinum [metal];Platinum rings;Platinum watches;Pocket watches;Prayer beads;Precious and semi-precious gems;Precious and semi-precious stones;Precious gemstones;Precious jewellery;Precious jewels;Precious metal alloys;Precious metal alloys [other than for use in dentistry];Precious metal trophies;Precious metals;Precious metals and their alloys;Precious metals, unwrought or semi-wrought;Precious stones;Presentation boxes for gemstones;Presentation boxes for horological articles;Presentation boxes for jewellery;Presentation boxes for jewelry;Presentation boxes for watches;Presentation cases for horological articles;Prize cups of precious metals;Processed or semi-processed precious metals;Quartz clocks;Quartz watches;Retractable key chains;Retractable key rings;Retractable key rings [trinkets or fobs];Rhinestones for making jewelry;Rhodium;Rhodium alloys;Rhodium and its alloys;Ring bands [jewellery];Ring holders of precious metal;Rings being jewellery;Rings coated with precious metals;Rings [jewellery];Rings [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Rings [jewellery] made of non-precious metal;Rings [jewellery] made of precious metal;Rings [jewelry];Rings of precious metal;Rings [trinket];Rope chain [jewellery] made of common metal;Rope chain made of precious metal;Rosaries;Ruby;Ruthenium;Ruthenium alloys;Ruthenium and its alloys;Sapphire;Sapphires;Sardonyx;Sardonyx [unwrought];Scale models [ornaments] of precious metal;Scarf clips being jewelry;Sculptures made from precious metal;Sculptures made of precious metal;Sculptures of precious metal;Semi-finished articles of precious metals for use in the manufacture of jewellery;Semi-finished articles of precious stones for use in the manufacture of jewellery;Semi-precious articles of bijouterie;Semi-precious gemstones;Semi-precious stones;Semi-worked precious metals;Semi-wrought precious stones and their imitations;Ship's chronometers;Shoe jewellery;Shoe jewelry;Shoe ornaments of precious metal;Signet rings;Silver;Silver alloy ingots;Silver alloys;Silver and its alloys;Silver bracelets;Silver bullion;Silver earrings;Silver ingots;Silver necklaces;Silver objets d'art;Silver rings;Silver thread;Silver thread [jewellery];Silver thread [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Silver thread [jewelry];Silver, unwrought or beaten;Silver watches;Silver-plated bracelets;Silver-plated earrings;Silver-plated necklaces;Silver-plated rings;Small clocks;Small jewellery boxes of precious metals;Small jewelry boxes, not of precious metal;Solar watches;Spinel [precious stones];Split rings of precious metal for keys;Sports watches;Springs (Watch -);Spun silver [silver wire];Square gold chain;Stands for clocks;Statues and figurines, made of or coated with precious or semi-precious metals or stones, or imitations thereof;Statues of precious metal;Statues of precious metal and their alloys;Statues of precious metal of religious icons;Statues of precious metals;Statuettes made of semi-precious metals;Statuettes made of semi-precious stones;Statuettes of precious metal;Statuettes of precious metal and their alloys;Sterling silver jewellery;Stop watches;Stopwatches;Straps for watches;Straps for wrist watches;Straps for wristwatches;Sun dials;Sundials;Synthetic precious stones;Synthetic stones [jewellery];Table clocks;Table watches;Threads of precious metal;Threads of precious metal [jewellery];Threads of precious metal [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Threads of precious metal [jewelry];Threads of precious metals;Tiaras;Tie bars;Tie bars of precious metals;Tie chains of precious metal;Tie clasps of precious metals;Tie clips;Tie clips of precious metal;Tie fasteners;Tie holders of precious metal;Tie pins;Tie tacks;Tie-pins of precious metal;Time clocks [master clocks] for controlling other clocks;Time instruments;Timekeeping instruments;Timekeeping systems for sports;Timepieces;Timing clocks;Tokens (Copper -);Topaz;Tourmaline gemstones;Travel clocks;Trinkets coated with precious metal;Trinkets [jewellery];Trinkets [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Trinkets [jewelry];Trinkets of bronze;Trophies coated with precious metal alloys;Trophies coated with precious metals;Trophies made of precious metal alloys;Trophies made of precious metals;Trophies of precious metals;Unwrought agate;Unwrought and semi-wrought precious stones and their imitations;Unwrought precious stones;Unwrought sardonyx;Unwrought silver;Unwrought silver alloys;Wall clocks;Wall decorations of precious metal;Watch and clock hands;Watch and clock springs;Watch bands;Watch boxes;Watch boxes [presentation];Watch bracelets;Watch cases;Watch cases [parts of watches];Watch casings;Watch chains;Watch clasps;Watch crowns;Watch crystals;Watch dials;Watch faces;Watch fobs;Watch glasses;Watch hands;Watch movements;Watch parts;Watch pouches;Watch springs;Watch straps;Watch straps made of metal or leather or plastic;Watch straps of nylon;Watch straps of plastic;Watch straps of polyvinyl chloride;Watch straps of synthetic material;Watch winders;Watchbands;Watches;Watches and clocks;Watches bearing insignia;Watches containing a game function;Watches containing an electronic game function;Watches for nurses;Watches for outdoor use;Watches for sporting use;Watches incorporating a memory function;Watches incorporating a telecommunication function;Watches made of gold;Watches made of plated gold;Watches made of precious metals;Watches made of precious metals or coated therewith;Watches made of rolled gold;Watches with the function of wireless communication;Watches with wireless communication function;Watchmaking pendulums;Watchstraps;Watchstraps made of leather;Wedding bands;Wedding rings;Wire of precious metal [jewellery];Wire of precious metal [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Wire of precious metal [jewelry];Wire thread of precious metal;Women's jewelry;Women's watches;Wooden bead bracelets;Wooden jewellery boxes;Works of art of precious metal;Wrist bands [charity];Wrist straps for watches;Wrist watch bands;Wrist watches;Wristbands [charity];Wristlet watches;Wristlets [jewellery];Wristwatches;Wristwatches with GPS apparatus;Wristwatches with GPS feature;Wristwatches with pedometer feature;Wristwatches with pedometers.
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