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Pile drivers;Pile-drivers;Nut drivers [machines];Pile drivers [machines];Toothed wheels for chain drivers;Machines for the mechanical handling of items of post [industrial];Nut splitters [machines];Log splitters [machines];Cone brakes being parts of machines;Agricultural machines;Agricultural elevators;Agricultural spraying machines;Threshers [agricultural implements];Windrowers [agricultural implements];Reapers [agricultural machine];Agricultural machine tools;Tillers [agricultural implements];Towable agricultural machines;Combines [agricultural implements];Incorporators [agricultural implements];Joggers [agricultural machines];Balers for agricultural use;Agricultural machines for cultivating;Elevators for agricultural use;Ploughs being agricultural machines;Agricultural machines for ploughing;Agricultural machines for fertilising;Couplings for agricultural implements;Seed drills [agricultural implements];Agricultural machines for sowing;Loaders for agricultural machines;Machines for agricultural use;Agricultural seed planting machine;Agricultural machines for harvesting;Agricultural implements being trailer mounted;Ploughs [tractor towed agricultural implements];Machines for u...

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pile   driverspiledriversnut   drivers   machinespile   drivers   machinestoothed   wheels   chain   driversmachines   mechanical   handling   items   post   industrialnut   splitters   machineslog   splitters   machinescone   brakes   parts   machinesagricultural   machinesagricultural   elevatorsagricultural   spraying   machinesthreshers   agricultural   implementswindrowers   agricultural   implementsreapers   agricultural   machineagricultural   machine   toolstillers   agricultural   implementstowable   agricultural   machinescombines  
On Sunday, September 5, 2021, a united kingdom trademark registration was filed for Brutally Effective by Greg Sellars a Partner of Cutters ********, ********, ***** ****. The United Kingdom IP office has given the trademark application number of UK00003690850. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The Brutally Effective trademark is filed in the category of Machinery Products .
Word Mark: Brutally Effective
Current Status:
LIVE (Circa: 2021)
Application Number: UK00003690850
Filing Date: Sunday, September 5, 2021
Registration Date: Friday, December 31, 2021
Type of Mark: Individual
Mark Feature: Word
2021/043: Friday, October 22, 2021
Last Applicant/Owner: ********
***** ****
Correspondent: Not Available

Classification Information

Class Description: 007 - Machinery Products
Goods & Services: Pile drivers;Pile-drivers;Nut drivers [machines];Pile drivers [machines];Toothed wheels for chain drivers;Machines for the mechanical handling of items of post [industrial];Nut splitters [machines];Log splitters [machines];Cone brakes being parts of machines;Agricultural machines;Agricultural elevators;Agricultural spraying machines;Threshers [agricultural implements];Windrowers [agricultural implements];Reapers [agricultural machine];Agricultural machine tools;Tillers [agricultural implements];Towable agricultural machines;Combines [agricultural implements];Incorporators [agricultural implements];Joggers [agricultural machines];Balers for agricultural use;Agricultural machines for cultivating;Elevators for agricultural use;Ploughs being agricultural machines;Agricultural machines for ploughing;Agricultural machines for fertilising;Couplings for agricultural implements;Seed drills [agricultural implements];Agricultural machines for sowing;Loaders for agricultural machines;Machines for agricultural use;Agricultural seed planting machine;Agricultural machines for harvesting;Agricultural implements being trailer mounted;Ploughs [tractor towed agricultural implements];Machines for use in agriculture;Harrows [tractor towed agricultural implements];Tilling machines for agricultural purposes;Rollers [tractor towed agricultural implements];Spray rollers being agricultural implements;Agricultural machines for ground cultivation;Harvesters [tractor towed agricultural implements];Reapers [tractor towed agricultural implements];Agricultural machines for grass collecting;Robotic mechanisms used in agriculture;Tilling implements for agricultural use;Agricultural machines for soil working;Mowers [tractor towed agricultural implements];Spray lances being agricultural implements;Agricultural machines for grass cutting;Seed drills for agricultural machines;Tilling machines for agricultural use;Construction machines;Concrete construction machines;Road construction machines;Railroad constructing machines;Roadway construction machines;Grabs [parts of machines];Power machines for cutting and splitting logs for firewood;Bucket conveyors;Bucket wheels;Bucket excavators;Vertical bucket conveyors;Pivoting bucket elevators;Pivoting bucket conveyors;Loader buckets for excavators;Buckets for elevator conveyors;Bucket rails for conveyors;Buckets for earth moving machines;Vertical bucket conveyors incorporating belt bridges;Vertical bucket conveyors incorporating delivery towers;Mowing buckets [machines or parts of machines];Buckets for use with hydraulic lifting machines;Blades [machine parts];Snow plough blades;Chaff cutter blades;Blades (Chaff cutter -);Power saw blades;Blade grinding machines;Blades for power saws;Hacksaw blades for machines;Plow blades for vehicles;Blades for aircraft turbines;Blades for powered planes;Blades for circular saws;Plough blades for vehicles;Bandsaw blades for machines;Blade sharpening [stropping] machines;Blades for powered tools;Blades for power tools;Blades [parts of machines];Sharpening machines for blades (Electric -);Dressers for blades [machine tool];Turbine blades for power generation;Turbine blades treated with alloys;Saw blades [parts of machines];Blades for earth moving machines;Jigsaw blades [parts for machines];Segmental saw blades for machines;Blade holders [parts of machines];Blades for circular saws [machines];Knife blades for electric knives;Chaff cutter blades [parts of machines];Pelletizer blades being parts of machines;Disposable blades for use with machines;Circular saw blades being parts of machines;Tractor-towed reapers;Tractor-towed harrows;Ball bushings;Ball screws;Ball races;Ball-bearings;Ball mills;Tractor-towed fertilizer distributors;Tractor-towed fertilizer applicators;Ball retrieving apparatus;Ball screw cartridges;Outboard motors;Motorized cultivators;Airplane motors;Aeroplane motors;Hydraulic motors;Machine motors;Spring motors;Cultivators (Motorized -);Boat motors;Mud motors;Winch motors;Motor cultivators;Marine motors;Motor mufflers;Elevator motors;Brake motors;Vibration motors;Linear motors;Starter motors;Compressed air motors;Motor driven screwdrivers;Motor graders [machines];Direct current motors;Regulators for motors;Milling grinding motors;Sewing machine motors;Motors for boats;Motor driven saws;Motor hoes [machines];Starters for motors;Motors for airplanes;Motors for aeroplanes;Crankcases for motors;Motor hand saws;Mufflers for motors;Pump-motor assemblies;Motors for machines;Electric starter motors;Planetary gear motors;Alternating current motors;Motor driven tools;Motor driven windlasses;Boats (Motors for -);Hydraulic engines and motors;Ball bearings for motors;Electrical motor pump units;Push rods for motors;Electronic starters for motors;Alternating current servo motors;Motors for aeronautical purposes;Diesel motors for machines;Intake manifolds for motors;Pneumatic controls for motors;Motors for model aircraft;Electric planers;Planers [machines];Saws;Electric saws;Jig saws;Saws [machines];Power saws;Band saws;Saw machines;Chain saws;Saw chains;Circular saws;Sawing machines;Scroll saws;Saber saws;Sawing tools for use with sawing machines;Butchers saws [machines];Electric chain saws;Portable saw mills;Metal sawing machines;Hydraulic wire saws;Saw fences for use on table saws;Jig-saws [machines];Lumbering band saws;Pruning saws [motorised];Bow saws [machines];Clearing saws [machines];Pruning saws [electric];Power operated saws;Power-operated saws;Wood sawing machines;Keyhole saws [machines];Saw-tooth setting machines [for lumbering or woodworking saws];Electric wood saw machines;Robotic motor hand saws;Rescue saws [power tools];Power-operated jig saws;Tile saws [power tools];Circular saws [for woodworking];Pavement cutting power saws;Hand saws (Electrically operated -);Stationary circular saws [machines];Machine tools for sawing;Woodworking saw-tooth setting machines;Self-driven machines for sawing;Saw benches [parts of machines];Saw benches being parts of machines;Saw guide rails [parts of machines];Saw blades for use with power tools;Circular saws being portable electric power tools;Chain conveyors;Conveying chains;Escalator chains;Cam chains;Chain grinding machines;Power transmission chains;Drag chain conveyors;Driving chains for machines;Drive chains for machines;Chains (elevator -) [parts of machines];Toothed wheels for driving chains;Elevator chains [parts of machines];Wire chain belts for machines;Roller chains being parts of machines;Chains, being engine timing components;Drive chains for driving aircraft;Lift chains being parts of machines;Elevator chains being parts of machines;Driving chains other than for land vehicles;Chains (Driving -) other than for land vehicles;Transmission chains other than for land vehicles;Chain transmissions, other than for land vehicles;Driving chains, other than for land vehicles;Transmission chains, other than for land vehicles;Pistons;Piston rings;Rings (Piston -);Piston pins;Plunger pistons;Piston segments;Piston rods;Piston compressors;Pistons for engines;Pistons for compressors;Pistons for cylinders;Cylinders (Pistons for -);Pistons for machines;Pistons for internal combustion engines;Piston rings being engine parts;Pistons for vehicle engines;Pistons for land vehicle engines;Piston rings for heat pumps;Pistons [internal combustion engine parts];Pistons [parts of machines or engines];Piston rings [internal combustion engine parts];Turbines (Hydraulic -);Hydraulic excavators;Hydraulic hammers;Hydraulic jacks;Hydraulic accumulators;Hydraulic actuators;Hydraulic tools;Hydraulic valves;Hydraulic pumps;Hydraulic lift tables;Hydraulic lifting ramps;Mobile platforms [hydraulic];Window closers, hydraulic;Battering ram [hydraulic];Process controllers [hydraulic];Hydraulic lifting gear;Hydraulic valve actuators;Hydraulic gate operators;Hydraulic rescue tools;Tube conveyors, hydraulic;Hydraulically operated switches;Door closers, hydraulic;Hydraulic door openers;Hydraulic torque wrenches;Hydraulic power tools;Hydraulic door closers;Window openers, hydraulic;Door openers, hydraulic;Industrial process controllers [hydraulic];Process control units [hydraulic];Mechanical and hydraulic lifts;Hydraulic presses for metalworking;Hydraulic motors for excavators;Self-propelled hydraulic platforms;Hydraulic circuits for machines;Trailer mounted hydraulic jacks;Servo-controlled hydraulic pumps;Process control instruments [hydraulic];Hydraulically operated butterfly valves;Stands for hydraulic jacks;Hydraulic presses [for metalworking];Water swivels [hydraulic couplings];Hydraulic controls for motors;Hydraulic controls for machines;Oil hydraulic presses for metalworking;Digital electro-hydraulic proportioning valves;Hydraulic valves [parts of machines];Excavators for hydraulic expansion machines;Oil hydraulic presses [for metalworking];Mobile aerial work platforms [hydraulic];Valves operated automatically by hydraulic control;Hydraulic intensifiers being parts of machines;Hydraulic shears [for emergency and rescue];Couplings of metal for hydraulic apparatus;Frames being parts of hydraulic elevators;Hydraulically driven winches for marine use;Wood grippers (Hydraulic -) for forestry use;Hydraulic pliers (parts of constructing machines);Hydraulic accumulators being parts of machines;Hydraulic spreader [for emergency and rescue];Hydraulic torque converters, not for land vehicles;Hydraulic controls for machines, motors and engines;Hydraulic wrenches for use on drilling rigs;Controls (Hydraulic -) for machines, motors and engines;Hydraulic transmissions, other than for land vehicles;Hydraulic extension rams [for emergency and rescue];Rotary hydraulic motors [other than for land vehicles];Discharge screws for hydraulic fluids [parts of machines];Hoses (Metal -) for transferring hydraulic power in machines;Hydraulic door openers and closers [parts of machines];Door openers and closers (Hydraulic -) [parts of machines];Hydraulic torque converters [machine elements not for land vehicles];Hoses (Non-metallic -) for transferring hydraulic power in machines;Hoses (Metal -) for use in hydraulic systems in machines;Swaging machines for use in the assembly of hydraulic hoses;Gear boxes for hydraulic transmissions [other than for land vehicles];Hoses (Non-metallic -) for use in hydraulic systems in machines;Swaging machines for use in the preparation of hydraulic hoses;Attachments for cranes;Attachments for excavators;Attachments for bulldozers;Workpiece clamping attachments [machines];Road sweeping attachments for vehicles;Lawn mowing attachments for vehicles;Snow moving attachments for vehicles;Snow blowing attachments for vehicles;Snow cutting attachments for vehicles;Lifting attachments for land vehicles;Head attachments for power tools;Workpiece clamping attachments [parts of machines];Elevating platforms for attachment to vehicles;Lawn rolling implements for attachment to land vehicles;Spray nozzles for attachment to pressure washing machines;Vacuum cleaner attachments for disseminating perfumes and disinfectants;Lifting attachments incorporating mechanisms for the handling of goods;Spray lances for attachment to pressure washing machines for cleaning purposes;Spraying booms attached to vehicles for the purpose of spraying crops;Spraying booms for attachment to vehicles for the purpose of spraying crops;Diggers [machines];Earth diggers [machines];Wood grinding machines;Grinding tools for grinding machines;Grinding machines;Bevel gear grinding tools;Abrasive grinding wheels [machines];Bevel gear grinding machines;Involute grinding machines;Grinding apparatus [electric];Automatic grinding machines;Contour grinding machines;Precision grinding machines;Rotary grinding machines;Impact grinding crushers;Tool grinding machines;Centrifugal grinding machines;Vibratory grinding machines;Screw grinding machines;Knife grinding machines;Internal 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treatment of ceramics and metal;Chippers [power lawn and garden tools];Skid steer loaders;Skid-steer loaders;Steering linkages for machines;Articulated couplings;Articulated transmissions for aircraft;Articulated transmissions for machines;Articulated transmissions for watercraft;Robots with articulated arms for manipulating workpieces;Tractor loaders;Front loaders for tractors;Garden tractors for mowing lawns;Sowing machines for towing behind tractors;Manure spreaders [tractor towed agricultural implements];Fertilizer distributors [tractor towed agricultural implements];Disc harrows [tractor towed agricultural implements];Hay balers [tractor towed agricultural implements];Hay rakes [tractor towed agricultural implements];Broadcast seeders [tractor towed agricultural implements];Corn huskers [tractor towed agricultural implements];Spraying machines for use mounted on tractors;Compressors for air handlers;Chisels for machines;Chisel heads [machine tools];Concrete vibrators;Electric concrete vibrators;Vibrating conveyors;Vibrating machines;Vibrating separators [machines];Movable vibrating conveyors;Anti-vibration mountings for machines;Vibrators [machines] for industrial use;Jogging machines for vibrating paper for stacking purposes;Springs being parts of anti-vibration mountings for machines;Tree pruners [machines];Tree stump cutters;Tree branch cutters (Electric -);Tree branch pruners (Electric -);Tree branch pruners [machines];Tree branch cutters [machines];Sewing machinery;Timber harvesting machinery;Paper making machinery;Silk spinning machinery;Thrusters for machinery;Bottle capping machinery;Silk reeling machinery;Machinery for working glass;Machinery for shaping wood;Machinery for working metal;Machinery for working wood;Assembly line conveyor machinery;Machinery for shaping metal;Machinery for shaping glass;Machinery for shaping plastic material;Machinery for working plastic material;Steerable excavating machinery for earth displacement;Steerable drilling 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baths;Aquaria (Aerating pumps for -);Volumetric rotating gear pumps;Water supply machines [pumps];Self-regulating fuel pumps;Fuel pumps (Self-regulating -);Aerating pumps for aquaria;Aeration pumps for aquaria;Water pumps for vehicles;Pressure washers;Pressure transformers;Pressure intensifiers [machines];Pressure washing machines;High pressure cleaners;Pressure cleaning machines;High pressure washers;Electric high pressure cleaners;Pressure multipliers for liquids;High pressure cleaning machines;Pressure multipliers for gases;Machines for pressure washing;Pressure reducers [parts of machines];Pressure valves [parts of machines];Reducers (Pressure -) [parts of machines];Pressure regulators for lubricating installations;Pressure regulators [parts of machines];Multi-purpose high pressure washers;Pressure reducing valves [parts of machines];Valves operated by changes in pressure;Pressure reducer valves [parts of machines];Industrial cleaning machines utilising pressure jets;Pressure reducers as parts of machines;Pressure regulating valves parts of machines;Apparatus for drawing up beer under pressure;Pressure release screws being parts of machines;Pressure pipes of metal [parts of machines];Beer (Apparatus for drawing up - under pressure);Pressure regulating valves being parts of machines;Pressure regulating apparatus being parts of machines;Pressure control valves being parts of machines;Pressure controllers [valves] being parts of machines;Pressure controllers [regulators] being parts of machines;Trench cutters;Cutters [machines];Casing cutters;Chaff cutters;Brush cutters [machines];Brushwood cutters [machines];Metal cutters [machines];Cable cutters [machines];Electric chaff-cutters;Side cutters [machines];Chaff cutters [machines];Wiremesh cutters [machines];Tile cutters [electric];Snip cutters [machines];Shaper cutters [machines];Hedge cutters [machines];Wire cutters [machines];Servo-cutters [machines];Rechargeable hedge cutters;Gear cutters [machines];Pasta cutters [machines];Bolt cutters [machines];Straw [chaff] cutters;Longitudinal cutters [machines];Tile cutters [machines];Branch cutters [machines];Electric pizza cutters;Gear cutters [machine tool];Screw milling cutters [machines];Soybean reaping cutters [machines];Glass cutters (Electrically-operated -);Cutters being machine tools;Screw-thread cutters [machines];Metal cutters (Gas operated -);Cutters for milling machines;Meat cutters [electric machines];Cutters for raise boring;Milling cutters [machine tool];Gear cutters [machine tools];Rotary milling cutters [machines];Cutter bars [parts of machines];Wet wheel abrasive cutters [machines];Cutters being parts of machines;Annular hole cutters [machine tools];Longitudinal cutters for plastics materials;Thread milling cutters [machine tool];Milling cutters for milling machines;Fodder cutting machines [feed cutters];Cutter bar knives [parts for machines];Milling cutters being parts of machines ;Tips for cutters [parts of machines];Combined wire strippers and cutters [machines];Screw milling cutters [parts of machines];Rotary milling cutters [parts of machines];Circle cutters for use with machines;Polycrystalline diamond cutters for machining of workpieces;Meat cutters [electric machines] for household use;Cutters for straw [other than hand-operated tools];Stencil cutters [machines] other than for office use;Cutters for silage [other than hand-operated tools];Cutters being powered by mains electricity or batteries;Polycrystalline diamond cutters for ready cutting of workpieces [machines];Slewing gear;Elevator gears;Gear finishers [machines];Gears for machines;Gear cutting machines;Gear hobbing machines;Gearing for machines;Worm gear reduction units;Gear couplings for machines;Spur gear manual hoists;Gear wheels for machines;Transmission gears for machines;Gearing for air vehicles;Worm gears for machines;Gear units for machines;Worm gear manual hoists;Gears for water vehicles;Gears for weaving looms;Gearing for water vehicles;Gears for passenger lifts;Sprockets for water vehicle gearing;Geared electric motors for aircraft;Reducing gears [parts of machines];Step-up gears for machines;Differential gear mechanisms for machines;Gear units for water vehicles;Lifting gear for handling loads;Gear cutting and finishing machines;Gear changing mechanisms for machines;Differential gear mechanisms for water vehicles;Reduction gears being parts of machines;Gears, other than for land vehicles;Differential gear mechanisms for sea craft;Geared electric motors for water craft;Differential gear mechanisms for air vehicles;Helical gear units for industrial purposes;Gear units, other than for land vehicles;Gear levers other than for land vehicles;Reduction gears other than for land vehicles;Splines (square -) [parts of water vehicle gearing];Gear cases, other than for land vehicles;Gear assemblies, other than for land vehicles;Helical gear units being parts of machines;Gear motors other than for land vehicles;Gear boxes other than for land vehicles;Splines (sliding -) [parts of water vehicle gearing];Tumbler gears, other than for land vehicles;Reduction gears, other than for land vehicles;Rolling gearings [other than for land vehicles];Reducing gears, other than for land vehicles;Gear boxes, other than for land vehicles;Gear transmissions, other than for land vehicles;Speed change gears being parts of machines;Spline shank bits [parts of gearing for aircraft];Actuators incorporating a gear mechanism for pipeline valves;Gear box casings, other than for land vehicles;Gear train parts, other than for land vehicles;Girder clips being parts of power transmission gear;Planetary gear transmissions, other than for land vehicles;Gear change knobs, other than for land vehicles;Clamp connectors for piping [parts of machines];Industrial blowers;Industrial conveyors;Industrial centrifuges;Industrial squeezers;Industrial robots;Industrial brakes for industrial washing machines;Industrial tin openers;Industrial washing machines;Industrial hammers [machines];Industrial pneumatic tools;Industrial cleaning machines;Industrial printing machines;Industrial machine presses;Industrial mixing machines;Industrial sewing machines;Industrial cutting machines;Industrial honing machines;Balers for industrial use;Sorting machines for industry;Industrial process controllers [pneumatic];Industrial food mixers [machines];Industrial robot sewing machines;Transportation robots;Robotic lawnmowers;Sewing robots;Robotic compressors;Robotic separators;Robotic handling apparatus;Robotic cleaning machines;Robotic packaging machines;Robotic filling machines;Robots for cleaning;Robotic painting machines;Robotic plugging machines;Robotic labelling machines;Robotic jigsaw machines;Robots for welding;Robotic finishing machines;Robotic welding machines;Robots for transferring workpieces;Robotic mechanisms for transportation;Robotic compressed air pumps;Robotic vehicle washing installations;Robots for machine tools;Robotic electrical welding apparatus;Robotic electrical welding machines;Robotic electric welding apparatus;Robots for feeding workpieces;Robotic mechanisms for conveying;Industrial robot tentering machines;Robots for industrial use;Robot metal working presses;Robotic mechanisms for lifting;Robotic electric punching machines;Robotic electric glue guns;Robots for handling rods;Industrial robot scotching machines;Industrial robot washing machines;Robotic apparatus for handling materials;Industrial robots for working wood;Robotic mechanisms for shaping wood;Robot cleaners for household purposes;Industrial robots for shaping metal;Industrial robots for shaping glass;Housekeeping robots for household purpose;Industrial robots for working glass;Control mechanisms for robotic machines;Robotic loaders for diffusion furnaces;Robotic arms for industrial purposes;Robotic mechanisms for working wood;Robotic mechanisms for working glass;Robotic mechanisms used in viticulture;Industrial robots for working metal;Robotic mechanisms for shaping metal;Robotic electric arc welding apparatus;Robotic cleaners for household purposes;Robotic electric arc cutting apparatus;Robotic swimming pool cleaning machines;Robotic mechanisms for working metal;Robotic mechanisms for shaping glass;Industrial robot textile milling machines;Industrial robots for shaping wood;Robots for use in industry;Automatic robotic spray guns for paint;Robotic mechanisms for working plastic material;Industrial robots for shaping plastic material;Robotic cleaning [polishing] machines for floors;Industrial robots for use in manufacture;Industrial robots for working plastic material;Robotic mechanisms for shaping plastic material;Robotic mechanisms for use in processing cereals;Robotic guns for compressed air spraying machines;Robotic guns for compressed liquid spraying machines;Robotic mechanisms for use in processing fruits;Robotic mechanisms for use in processing vegetables;Robotic mechanisms for use in processing food;Indoor self-driving robots for industrial use;Boring robots for repairing the interiors of pipes;Robotic exoskeleton suits, other than for medical purposes;Boring robots for repairing the interiors of canalization pipes;Industrial robots for use in the handling of workpieces;Automated robotic handling apparatus for loading and unloading of goods;Industrial robots for use in the mounting of workpieces to be worked on;Rotary compressors;Rotary actuators;Rotary blowers;Rotary brushes [machines];Electric rotary hammers;Rotary trimming machines;Rotary dies [machines];Rotary electrical machines;Rotary printing presses;Rotary cultivators [machines];Rotary trimming lines;Rotary index machines;Electric rotary compressors;Rotary air compressors;Rotary hammers [machines];Electrical rotary converters;Rotary to linear actuators;Rotary tool bits [machines];Rotary brushes for machines;Rotary presses [for textiles];Rotary cutting installations [machines];Rotary metal cutting tools [machines];Rotary dies [parts of machines];Rotary tables for machine tools;Rollers for rotary printing machines;Rotary shoes [parts of machines];Rotary machines for ironing clothes;Web fed rotary printing machines;Sheet fed rotary printing machines;Rotary steam presses, portable, for fabrics;Drill bits for rotary power tools;Steam presses (Rotary -), portable, for fabrics;Steam presses (Rotary -), portable, for fabric;Rotary tool bits [parts of machines];Rotary steam presses, portable, for fabric;Rotary metal cutting tools [parts of machines];Rotary printing machines [other than for office use];Rotary paper trimming machines, other than for office use;Rotary nozzles for use with high pressure water washing machines;Drives for converting rotary motion to linear motion [other than for land vehicles];Exterior clearing and cleaning machines;Forestry machines;Agricultural, gardening and forestry machines and apparatus;Garden rotavators;Electric garden shredders;Garden rollers [machines];Garden tilling machines;Electric garden scythes;Power-operated garden hose reels;Scarifying machines for garden use;Lawn and garden tilling machines;Line trimmers for garden use;Shredders [power lawn and garden tools];Cultivators [power lawn and garden tools];Power-operated lawn and garden tillers;Lawn and garden string trimmer spools;Water pumps for use in garden ponds;Electric apparatus for the care of gardens;String trimmers [power lawn and garden tools];Sprayers [machines] for garden use in spraying insecticide;Sprayers [machines] for garden use in spraying weedkillers;Cutting torches;Cutting machines;Cutting grids being tools for cutting machines;Stubble cutting machines;Paper cutting machines;Turnip cutting machines;Vegetable cutting machines;Plasma cutting machines;Grass cutting machines;Flame cutting machines;Coal-cutting machines;Cloth cutting machines;Oxygen cutting devices;Chip cutting machines;Lawn cutting machines;Tube cutting machines;Flame cutting nozzles;Laser cutting torches;Automatic cutting machines;Key cutting machines;Gas cutting machines;Oxyacetylene cutting machines;Greenfeed cutting machines;Stone cutting machines;Rebar cutting machines;Waterjet cutting machines;Plywood cutting machines;Fiber cutting machines;Wire cut machines;Refuse cutting machines;Bread cutting machines;Tool cutting machines;Die-cutting machines;Snow cutting vehicles;Metal cutting machines;Machines for cutting grass;Tube cutting instruments [machines];Gas-operated cutting torches;Tools (Machine -) for cutting;Electric arc cutting apparatus;Arc cutting apparatus [electric];Cemented carbide cutting tools;Staple fiber cutting machines;Cutting apparatus (Electric arc -);Machines for cutting paper;Staple fiber cutting machine;Machine tools for cutting;Metal cutting tools [machines];Metal cutting centres [machines];Cutting machines [for metalworking];Cutting machines for metalworking;Green feed cutting machines;Cutting rollers [parts of machines];Die-cutting and tapping machines;Diamond-pointed metal-cutting tools;Gas operated cutting blow pipes;Cutting blow pipes, gas-operated;Cutting inserts [parts of machines];Rolling mill rolls;Rolls for rolling mills;Rolling mills;Rolling machines for rolling metals;Rolling mill cylinders;Pattern rolling machines;Lawn rolling machines;Rolling [conveying] machines;Rolling presses [machines];Road rolling machines;Roll forming machines;Rolling bearing cages;Honeycomb foundation rolling machines;Rolling mills [for metalworking];Rolling mills for metalworking;Roll forming tools [machines];Road rolling [vehicles] machines;Rolling surfaces [machines] for packages;Rolls being parts of machines;Roll forming tooling [parts of machines];Bushings for the keying of rolling bearings;Rolling surfaces [parts of machines] for packages;Rubber mixing rolls being parts of rubber mixing machines;Bearings;Bearing brackets for ball bearings;Bearing mounts;Slide bearings;Bearing rollers;Bearing housings;Bearing brackets for roller bearings;Bearing inserts;Roller bearings;Bearing rod ends;Bearings for machines;Bearing end rods;Self-oiling bearings;Plain thrust bearings;Thrust journal bearings;Plain journal bearings;Rollers for bearings;Bearings for shafts;Bearing brackets for machines;Bearing housings [machine parts];Bearing housings for machines;Bearings for transmission shafts;Transmission shafts (Bearings for -);Bearing inserts [machine parts];Bearings (Ball rings for -);Ball bearings for machines;Bearings [parts of machines];Ball rings for bearings;Rings (Ball -) for bearings;Roller bearings for machines;Bearing inserts for machines;Brackets (Bearing -) for machines;Shafts (Bearings for transmission -);Bearing units for wheels;Roller bearings [machine parts];Ball bearings for skateboards;Shaft bearings [parts of machines];Bearings and bushings [machine parts];Bearings, as parts of machines;Mounted bearings [parts of machines];Bearing to shaft locking devices;Anti-friction bearings for machines;Ball bearings for in-line skates;Pulleys incorporating bearings [parts of machines];Sole plates for supporting shaft bearings;Bearing cages being parts of machines;Self-lubricating bearings for use in aerospace engines;Self-lubricating bearings for use in aircraft engines;Sleeve type linear ball bearings for use in linear movement;Discs for clutch thrust bearings, other than for land vehicles;Precision parting tools [parts of machines];Cylinders [machine parts];Carburetors [vehicle parts];Hoods [machine parts];Grindstones [machine parts];Millstones [machine parts];Axles [machine parts];Cast iron parts for pipes [parts of machines];Shuttles [parts of machines];Brushes [parts of machines];Valves [parts of machines];Dampers [parts of machines];Hoods [parts of machines];Guards [parts of machines];Journals [parts of machines];Bellows [parts of machines];Regulators being machine parts;Cranks [parts of machines];Precision parting tools [machines];Arbors [parts of machines];Pulleys [parts of motors];Joints [parts of engines];Manifolds [parts of machines];Machine tools for parting;Sockets [parts for machines];Bobbins [parts of machines];Regulators as machine parts;Mandrels [parts of machines];Chucks [parts of machine];Bushings [parts of machines];Pulleys [parts of machines];Housings [parts of machines];Oil filters [machine parts];Chainguards [parts of machines];Manifolds [parts of engines];Cutterheads [parts of machines];Feeders [parts of machines];Drums (parts of machines);Reels [parts of machines];Speed reducers [machine parts];Intake manifolds [vehicle parts];Regulators [parts of machines];Mufflers [parts of machines];Chucks [parts of machines];Hammers [parts of machines];Hangers [parts of machines];Grindstones [parts of machines];Knives [parts of machines];Engine cases [vehicle parts];Springs [parts of machines];Routers [parts for machines];Moulds [parts of machines];Molds [parts of machines];Cam covers [vehicle parts];Mechanical seals [machine parts];Reamers [parts of machines];Stators [parts of machines];Drums [parts of machines];Tools [parts of machines];Lubricators [parts of machines];Aprons [parts of machines];Cowlings [parts of machines];Slides for knitting machines;Sliding bearings for machines;Workpiece slide tables [machines];Splines (sliding -) [parts of machines];Slide valves [parts of machines];Boring tools (Machine -) with slides;Slide rests [parts of machines];Workpiece slide tables [parts of machines];Sorting slides [parts of industrial sorting machines];Crank shafts;Loom shafts;Propeller shafts;Cardan shafts;Shafts (Loom -);Cam shafts;Shafts for machines;Shaft couplings [machines];Transmission shafts for machines;Shaft couplings for machines;Shaft hoists for mines;Shafts for ball bushings;Spindle shafts [parts of engines];Spindle shafts [parts of motors];Transmission shafts for air vehicles;Spindle shafts [parts of machines];Turbine shafts [parts of machines];Transmission shafts for water vehicles;Shaft couplings, not for land vehicles;Shaft couplings as parts of machines;Transmission shafts, other than for land vehicles;Drive shafts, other than for land vehicles;Jaw type shaft couplings other than for land vehicles;Shaft mounted gear units [other than for land vehicles];Tyre mounting machines;Tire mounting machines;Vehicle mounted road sweepers;Marine mounted dock cranes;Machines for mounting and detaching tires;Machines for mounting and detaching tyres;Machines for detaching and mounting tires;Spraying machines for use mounted on trailers;Engine mounts other than for land vehicles;Engine mounts, other than for land vehicles;Gravity fed machines for mounting on sowing machines;Mounting hangers adapted for exhaust systems for internal combustion engines;Cylinder liners;Printing cylinders;Cylinder head gaskets;Cylinders for machines;Separating cylinders [machines];Cylinders for mills;Cylinder heads for engines;Engine cylinders for automobiles;Cable cylinders [parts of machines];Cylinders for motors and engines;Separating cylinders [parts of machines];Cylinder blocks [parts of machines];Engine cylinders for land vehicles;Cylinder covers [parts of machines];Cylinders being parts of machines;Shock absorbing cylinders [parts of machines];Cylinders for use in printing machines;Cylinders for vehicles other than land vehicles;Clutch cylinders, other than for land vehicles;Cylinders for use in the manufacture of colorants;Cylinders for use in the manufacture of chocolate;Cylinder heads made of castings of light metal alloys [parts of machines];Soundproof hoods [parts of machines];Spray guards for machines;Splash guards [parts of machines];Spray prevention guards for machines;Precision screwdrivers (Electric -);Precision turning tools [machines];Precision grooving tools [machines];Precision machine tools for machining materials;Precision machine tools for machining workpieces;Precision turning tools [parts of machines];Precision machine tools for cutting workpieces;Precision grooving tools [parts of machines];Precision machine tools for cutting materials;Precision machine tools being parts of sets;Precision machines for producing parts for turbojets;Pulleys;Belt pulleys;Pulley blocks, electric;Drive pulleys;Timing belt pulleys;Electric pulley blocks;Adhesive bands for pulleys;Screw pulley blocks [machines];Dynamo pulleys for vehicles;Bands (Adhesive -) for pulleys;Pulleys (Adhesive bands for -);Timing belt pulleys [parts of engines];Pulleys being parts of machines;Belt pulleys being parts of machines;Spur wheel pulley blocks [parts of machines];Screw pulley blocks [parts of machines];Metal pulleys being parts of machines;Idling pulleys being parts of machines;Drive pulleys for power transmission belts of agricultural machines;Drive pulleys for power transmission belts of industrial machines;Oil centrifuges;Oil filters;Oil separators;Oil separators [machines];Automobile oil pans;Envelope feeders;Carburetter feeders;Paper feeders;Radial feeders [machines];Liquid detergent feeders;Mechanized livestock feeders;Feeders for machines;Reciprocating feeders [machines];Feeders (Mechanized livestock -);Paper feeders [printing];Electronic feeders for animals;Mechanized feeders for wildlife;Mechanized feeders for animals;Reciprocating feeders [parts of machines];Drum filters;Centrifugal drums;Washing drums [machines];Pressurising machines for drums;Perforated drums being parts of machines for sorting materials;Turning machines;Machines for turning;Numerically controlled turning machines;Materials handling elevators;Elevators for materials;Materials handling machines;Materials handling conveyors;Material compacting machines;Excavators;Excavating machines;Mini excavators;Trenchers [excavators];Machines for excavating earth;Excavators [earth working machines];Excavators [earth moving machines];Excavators being moveable machines;Excavators being self propelled machines;Fuel filters;Vacuum filters;Filtering machines;Filter presses;Milk filtering machines;Filters for machines;Air filters for motors;Oil filters for engines;Air filters for engines;Filter rod making machines;Filters for gases [machines];Cartridges for filtering machines;Condensate separators;Dust separators;Water separators;Centrifugal separators;Separating machines;Separators [machines];Screw separators;Grain separators;Cyclone separators;Cream/milk separators;Stalk separators [machines];Separators for separating solids from liquids;Water separators [machines];Ore separators [machines];Separators for liquids;Superconductive magnetic separators;Corn separating machines;Separators for oil;Fluid separation machines;Grain separating machines;Steam/oil separators;Separators (Steam oil -);Sheet metal separators [machines];Web separation devices [machines];Separators for liquid solutions;Heavy media separators [machines];Vibratory screen separators [machines];Rough rice separating machines;Separating machines for chemical processing;Centrifuge separators for industrial use;Machines for separating recyclable materials;Separating machines [for chemical processing];Filtering machines, separators and centrifuges;Centrifugal separating machines for industrial use;Screens for separating gravel [parts of machines];Screens for separating ore [parts of machines];Conveyers;Lattice mast cranes;Cranes;Gantry cranes [bridge cranes];Jib cranes;Mobile cranes;Dock cranes;Crane augers;Crane hooks;Locomotive cranes;Portal cranes;Fixed cranes;Crawler cranes;Unloading cranes;Tower cranes;Crane forks;Moving cranes;Floating cranes;Loading cranes;Cable cranes;Truck cranes;Movable cranes;Gantry cranes;Gantries [cranes];Bridge cranes;Overhead cranes;Mobile dock cranes;Stacker crane arms;Grippers for cranes;Self-propelled cranes;Overhead travelling cranes;Lifting tongs for cranes;Fixed and mobile cranes;Cranes [lifting and hoisting apparatus];Anti-swinging brakes for crane forks;Cranes for use on breakdown vehicles;Aerial platforms for use with cranes;Steel hoists;Converters for steel works;Stacking machines [other than fork-lift trucks];Grain driers;Grain husking machines;Grain mixers [machines];Grain harvesters [machines];Grain mills [machines];Rice grain sorting machines;Husking machines (Corn and grain -);Corn and grain husking machines;Suction fans for the compression of grain;Suction fans for the carrying of grain;Suction fans for the sucking of grain;Fans for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain;Blowing machines for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain;Grain (Blowing machines or fans for the compression, sucking and carrying of -);Blowing machines or fans for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain;Articulated loaders;Coal loaders;Loaders [machines];Loaders [conveyors];Hopper loaders [machines];Shovel loaders [machines];Crawler-tracked loaders;Front end loaders;Loaders for packing goods;Loaders [earth moving machines];Augers [machines];Earth augers;Power ice augers used in ice fishing;Auger bits for use with powered tools;Backhoes;Backhoes [earth moving machines];Straw bale spreaders [machines];Straw bale tightening machines;Round bale choppers [machines];Rakes for raking machines;Raking machines;Machines for raking;Lawn raking machines;Lawn rakes [machines];Adapters for machine tools;Spindle adapter flanges for machine tools;Conveyor rollers;Road rollers;Glazing rollers;Roller bridges;Printing rollers;Roller conveyors;Conveying rollers;Bridges (Roller -);Roller washing machines for washing print rollers;Spiked rollers [machines];Calender rollers [machines];Tamping rollers [machines];Roller tracks for use in roller conveyor apparatus;Barley press rollers;Wringing machines incorporating rollers;Rollers (Printing -) for machines;Printing rollers for machines;Roller installations for brake testing;Tamping rollers [parts of machines];Spray rollers being horticultural implements;Screening rollers [parts of machines];Press rollers [parts of machines];Ball bearings for roller skates;Cam rollers [parts of machines];Damping rollers being parts of machines;Glazing rollers for use with calendering machines;Rollers being components of packaging lines [machines];Conveyors, in particular belt conveyors and roller conveyors;Spiked rollers [machines] for use in soil aeration;Roller tracks for use in belt conveyor apparatus;Non-woven rollers being parts of machines for use in polishing;Plates (Printing -);Printing plates;Flexographic printing plates;Lithographic printing plates;Nickel plating machines;Printing plates [not sensitised];Tilt hammers;Teat cups [suction cups] for milking machines;Milking machines (Teat cups [suction cups] for -);Suction cups for milking machines;Teat cups for milking machines;Universal load transfer units;Universal joints [Cardan joints];Joints (Universal -) [Cardan joints];Numerically positioned universal milling machines;Numerically positioned universal milling machines for tooling;Centrifugal mills;Milling machines;Mills [machines];End mills;Textile milling machines;Electric pepper mills;Flour mill machines;Electric salt mills;Felt milling machines;Milling tools [machines];Straw mills [machines];Paper mill machines;Liners for hammer mills;Machine tools for milling;Thread mills [power tools];Mills and crushing machines;Tubing mills [for metalworking];Tubing mills for metalworking;Milling machines [for metalworking];Milling machines for metalworking;Power-operated flour mills;Milling tools [parts for machines];Truck mills [for mining purposes];Coffee mills [other than hand operated];Pepper mills other than hand-operated;Pepper mills, other than hand-operated;Electrical appliances used in kitchen for milling;Cake-fodder crushing machines [feed mills];Regrinding mills [machines] for producing plastic pellets;Mills for household purposes, other than hand-operated;Cutting tools [machine] in the form of end mills;Milling machines for the treatment of ceramics and metal;Mulberry leaf chopping machines;Tea leaf pickers [machines];Laminated leaf-springs being parts of machines;Rotating electrical machines;Rotating centres [machines];Rotating screw conveyors;Rotating centres [parts of machines];Clippers [machines];Lawn clippers [machines];Hair clippers [machines] for animals;Clippers for use on animals [machines];Electric window cleaning equipment;Moving and handling equipment;Potters' wheels;Machine wheels;Wheels (Machine -);Wheels (Spinning -);Spinning wheels;Casting wheels;Fly-wheels (Machine -);Spinning wheels [machines];Machine fly-wheels;Sharpening wheels [electric machines];Friction wheels for machines;Golf ball washing machines;Machines for washing golf balls;Generating plant;Planting machines;Rice planting machines;Electrical generator plant;Metal finishing plant [machines];Generators;DC generators;Electricity generators;Electrical generators;Current generators;Electrostatic generators;Generators (Current -);Direct current generators;Alternating current generators;Electrical generator groups;Diesel electric generators;High-voltage generators;Electrical generator stations;Generators of electricity;AC generators [alternators];Electrical generating machines;Electricity generating sets;Electric current generators;Turbines for power generation;Steam operated power generators;Generators for wind turbines;Wind-powered electricity generators;Power generators for vehicles;Inert gas generators [machines];Power supply apparatus [generators];Generators for land vehicles;Portable electric power generators;Electric alternating current generators;Electric power generators for ships;Electrical generators using solar cells;Uninterruptible power supply generating machines;Brushes being parts of generators;Hydroelectric installations for generating electricity;Generating sets for use with engines;Internal combustion engines for power generation;Electric power generators for emergency use;Generating sets for use with motors;Engines for the generation of electricity;Gas generators [compressors] for undersea lifting;Electric sweepers;Strainers [electric];Scissors, electric;Jacks, electric;Electric hoists;Electric hammers;Hammers, electric;Electric blenders;Winding machines;Wind turbines;Drape winding machines;Yarn winding machines;Bobbin winding machines;Coil winding machines;Combustion engines for machines;Hangers for internal combustion engines [parts of internal combustion engines];Coils [internal combustion engine parts];Internal combustion engines for boats;Carburettors for internal combustion engines;Combustion engines for water vessels;Gaskets for internal combustion engines;Filters for internal combustion engines;Combustion engines for industrial machines;Igniting devices for internal combustion engines;Compressors for supercharging internal combustion engines;Connecting rods [internal combustion engine parts];Sparking plugs for internal combustion engines;Fuel injectors for internal combustion engines;Ignition distributors for internal combustion engines;Fuel systems for internal combustion engines;Distributor rotors [internal combustion engine parts];Intake manifolds for internal combustion engines;Distributor caps [internal combustion engine parts];Fuel injection devices for internal combustion engines;Points [ignition parts for internal combustion engines];Electric ignition apparatus for internal combustion engines;Cam drive systems for internal combustion engines;Fuel conversion apparatus for internal combustion engines;Condensers [ignition parts for internal combustion engines];Conversion apparatus (Fuel -) for internal combustion engines;Internal combustion motors [other than for land vehicles];Filters for hot gases for use with internal combustion engines;Fuel and air mixture regulators being parts of internal combustion engines;Internal combustion engines for power generation, other than for land vehicles;Catalytic converters for the exhaust gases of internal combustion engines;Hammering machines;Pneumatic hammers;Hammers (Pneumatic -);Air hammers;Percussion hammers [machines];Stone hammers [machines];Steam hammers [machines];Breakrock hammers [machines];Demolition hammers [machines];Electric hammers [hand-held];Pneumatic hammers [hand-held];Riveting hammers [powered tools];Pile-extractors;Pile preparing devices [machines];Pile raising devices [machines];Wire pulling grips [machines];Block and tackle;Brake blocks for machines;Inking apparatus for printing blocks;Cutting tool blocks [parts of machines];Block brakes [machine elements not for land vehicles];Tolerance rings;Ball rings for machines;Rings (Grease -) [parts of machines];Break rings for horizontal casters;Casing rings [parts of machines];Grease rings [parts of machines];Ball rings for machine tools;Pneumatic grease guns;Grease filters [parts of machines];Grease boxes [parts of machines];Single point grease dispensers (Electric -);Grease guns operated by compressed air.
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