aladin United Kingdom Trademark Information

Chemicals used in industry, science and photography; Chemicals used in agriculture, horticulture and forestry, Other than fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, parasiticides and fumigating agents; Flower preservatives, Other than fumigants; Waterproofing chemicals for textiles and leather; Glues and mastic for leather; Oils for preparing leather in the course of manufacture; Soldering chemicals; Protective gases for welding; Metal annealing preparations; Textile-brightening chemicals; Water-softening preparations; Descaling preparations, other than for household purposes; Synthetic resins, unprocessed; Unprocessed plastics; Fertilizers; Rare earths; Compost; Preparations of trace elements for plants; Potting soil, vegetable compost; Fire extinguishing compositions; Tempering and soldering preparations; Chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs; Tanning substances; Adhesives for use in industry; Size for finishing and priming; Adhesives for billposting, for industrial purposes, for wallpaper, for leather; Separating and unsticking [ungluing] preparations; Solvents for varnishes; Wood pulp; Polish removing substances; Glaziers' putty; Photographic paper; Photographic emulsions...
On Monday, September 27, 2021, a united kingdom trademark registration was filed for aladin by INVIVO GROUP 83 avenue de la Grande-Armée, 75016 PARIS FR. The United Kingdom IP office has given the trademark application number of UK00003702211. The current status of this trademark filing is Examination. The correspondent listed for aladin is Dehns of Dehns, St. Bride's House, 10 Salisbury Square, LONDON , UNITED KINGDOM EC4Y 8JD The aladin trademark is filed in the category of Chemical Products , Medical Instrument Products , Environmental Control Instrument Products (lighting, heating, cooling, cooking) , Vehicles and Products for locomotion by land, air or water , Leather Products (not including clothing) , Non-Metallic Building Material Products , Paint Products , Houseware and Glass Products , Clothing Products , Cosmetics and Cleaning Products , Natural Agricultural Products , Wines and Spirits Products , Insurance & Financial Services , Construction and Repair Services , Communications Services , Lubricant and Fuel Products , Treatment & Processing of Materials Services , Education and Entertainment Services , Computer & Software Services & Scientific Services , Restaurant and Hotel Services , Medical, Beauty & Agricultural Services , Pharmaceutical Products , Metal Products , Machinery Products , Hand Tool Products .
Word Mark: aladin
Current Status:
LIVE (Circa: 2021)
Application Number: UK00003702211
Filing Date: Monday, September 27, 2021
Registration Date: Not Available
Type of Mark: Individual
Mark Feature: Figurative
Publication: Not Available
Last Applicant/Owner: 83 avenue de la Grande-Armée
75016 PARIS FR
St. Bride's House
10 Salisbury Square

Classification Information

Class Description: 001 - Chemical Products
Goods & Services: Chemicals used in industry, science and photography; Chemicals used in agriculture, horticulture and forestry, Other than fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, parasiticides and fumigating agents; Flower preservatives, Other than fumigants; Waterproofing chemicals for textiles and leather; Glues and mastic for leather; Oils for preparing leather in the course of manufacture; Soldering chemicals; Protective gases for welding; Metal annealing preparations; Textile-brightening chemicals; Water-softening preparations; Descaling preparations, other than for household purposes; Synthetic resins, unprocessed; Unprocessed plastics; Fertilizers; Rare earths; Compost; Preparations of trace elements for plants; Potting soil, vegetable compost; Fire extinguishing compositions; Tempering and soldering preparations; Chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs; Tanning substances; Adhesives for use in industry; Size for finishing and priming; Adhesives for billposting, for industrial purposes, for wallpaper, for leather; Separating and unsticking [ungluing] preparations; Solvents for varnishes; Wood pulp; Polish removing substances; Glaziers' putty; Photographic paper; Photographic emulsions; Unexposed sensitised films; Chemical oil and fuel additives; Antifreeze; Brake fluid; Fuel-saving preparations; Compositions for repairing tyres; Alcohol; Ethyl alcohol; Cellulose; Oxygen for industrial purposes; Acetone; Hydrochloric acid; Nitrate paper; Test paper, chemical; Distilled water; Acidulated water for recharging batteries; Hydrogen peroxide, Glutinous tree-grafting preparations; Tree cavity fillers [forestry]; Soil amendments; Potting soil.
Class Description: 010 - Medical Instrument Products
Goods & Services: Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments; Artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; Gloves for medical purposes; Cushions for medical purposes; Sanitary masks for medical purposes; Masks for use by medical personnel; Individual masks for medical purposes for practitioners in contact with the public; Sterile sheets, surgical; Clothing especially for operating rooms; Boots for medical purposes; Scalpels; Heating cushions, electric, for medical purposes; Inhalers; Hair prostheses; Diagnostic apparatus for medical purposes; Orthopaedic articles and footwear; Suture materials; Elasticated bandages for supportive use, Maternity belts; Stockings for varices; Belts for medical purposes, Maternity belts, Umbilical belts; Contraceptives, non-chemical; Condoms; Feeding bottles, teats; Teats (dummies), feeding teats of latex or silicone; Teething rings; Nursing appliances, nipple pullers; Ear picks, Instruments for blowing children's noses, spoons for medicines; Droppers for medical purposes; Thermometers for medical purposes; Draw-sheets for sick beds; Incontinence sheets; ice bags for medical use, gloves for massage; Corn knives; Furniture especially made for medical purposes; Medical apparatus for physical exercise, Esthetic massage apparatus; Soporific pillows for insomnia.
Class Description: 011 - Environmental Control Instrument Products (lighting, heating, cooling, cooking)
Goods & Services: Apparatus for heating, steam generating, cooking, refrigerating, drying, ventilating, air conditioning, disinfecting and water supply; Sanitary installations; Toilet seats; Acetylene generators; Ornamental fountains; Fountains; Shower cubicles; Wash-hand basins [parts of sanitary installations]; Bath tubs; Taps; Air deodorizing and purification apparatus; Air cooling and air conditioning apparatus; Cooling installations for water; Bed warmers; Nuclear reactors; Electric fans for personal use; Water purifying apparatus; Sterilizers; Filters for drinking water; Solar collectors (heating); Ventilation hoods; Extractor hoods for kitchens; Refrigerating cabinets; Refrigerating containers; Autoclaves, electric, for cooking; Heaters, electric, for feeding bottles; Kettles, electric; Barbecues; Hearths; Cool boxes, electric; Installations for cooking; Ovens; Cooking stoves; Microwave ovens [cooking apparatus]; Plate warmers; Freezers, refrigerators; Gas lighters; Toasters, electric coffee machines; Chip pans (Electric -); Ice machines; Hair dryers; Sauna bath installations, tanning apparatus; Steam facial apparatus [saunas]; Laundry dryers, electric; Stoves; Fireplaces.
Class Description: 012 - Vehicles and Products for locomotion by land, air or water
Goods & Services: Vehicles, apparatus for locomotion by land, air and water; Boats, Ski boats; Caravans; Motorcycles, bicycles; Two-wheeled trolleys; Tilt trucks; Sleighs [vehicles]; Lorries; Aerial conveyors; Parachutes; Pontoons; Trailers [vehicles]; Engines for land vehicles; Vibration dampers, Tyre equipment, Hoods, Bodies, Chains, Chassis, Bumper bars, Sun-blinds adapted for automobiles; Windscreens, brakes and brake linings for vehicles; Signal arms for vehicles; Windshield wipers; Rearview mirrors; Inner tubes and spikes for tyres; Pneumatic tyres; Head-rests and safety belts for vehicle seats, safety seats for children for vehicles; Bicycle stands, frames, nets, brakes, handle bars, saddles, pumps; Push scooters [vehicles]; Vehicle covers (shaped), seat covers for vehicles; Ski racks, luggage racks and bicycle racks for vehicles; Pushchairs; Anti-theft devices for vehicles, Horns for vehicles; Goods handling carts, fork-lift trucks; Golf carts; Shopping trolleys; Wheelchairs for invalids; Wheelbarrows.
Class Description: 018 - Leather Products (not including clothing)
Goods & Services: Leather and imitations of leather; Animal skins; Whips, harness and saddlery; Walking sticks; Mountaineering sticks; Boxes of leather or leatherboard; Hat boxes of leather; Trunks and suitcases; Handbags; Rucksacks, shopping bags, beach bags, school bags; School bags; Roller bags; Travelling bags; Garment bags for travel; Pocket wallets; Card cases (notecases), attaché cases; Briefcases; Key cases; Coin purses, not of precious metal; Parasols; Umbrellas; Parasols; Vanity cases (not fitted); Bridles [harness]; Sling bags for carrying infants; Hat boxes of leather; Muzzles; Collars and covers for animals.
Class Description: 019 - Non-Metallic Building Material Products
Goods & Services: Building materials, not of metal; Asphalt and bitumen; Cement, concrete, Coatings [building materials], Plaster, Stone, Marble; Bricks; Cement posts; Refractory construction materials, not of metal; Paperboard for building; Building timber, veneer wood; Wood, semi-worked; Wood panelling; Plywood; Coatings [building materials], Parquet floor boards; Plaster, Asphalt, pitch, bitumen, Gravel; Glass windows; Building glass; Rigid pipes, not of metal, for building; Revêtements (construction); Floor tiles, not of metal; Chimneys, not of metal; Staircase frameworks, not of metal; Windows and doors, not of metal; Outdoor blinds, not of metal and not of textile; Swimming pools (structures, not of metal); Cabanas, not of metal; Water-pipes, not of metal; Drain pipes, not of metal; Non-metallic transportable structures; Huts; Aquaria [structures]; Monuments, not of metal; Advertisement columns, not of metal; Statues of stone, concrete or marble; Swimming pools [structures], not of metal.
Class Description: 002 - Paint Products
Goods & Services: Dyestuffs, Paints and washes and Varnishes (other than insulating varnish), Lacquers [paints]; Coatings; Printing ink; Toner cartridges, filled, for printers and photocopiers; Preservatives against rust and deterioration of wood; Thinners and binders for dyes, lacquers and paints; Colorants; Food and beverage colorings; Shoe dyes; Mordants (not for metals or for seeds); Raw natural resins; Metal foil for painters, decorators, printers and artists.
Class Description: 021 - Houseware and Glass Products
Goods & Services: Non-electric household or kitchen utensils and containers (not of precious metals or coated therewith); Enamelled glass; Painted glassware; Drinking glasses; Kitchen utensils and services (tableware) of glass, porcelain and earthenware; Tableware (other than cutlery) not of precious metals; Cooking pot sets, plates, bowls, goblets, boxes for sweetmeats, not of precious metal; Drinking vessels; Stew-pans; Boxes of glass; Cookie jars; Fitted picnic baskets (including dishes); Thermally insulated containers for food, insulating flasks and Refrigerating bottles; Teapots; Corkscrews, electric and non-electric; Crown-cap removers; Bottle openers, electric and non-electric; Ice buckets and coolers, not of precious metal; Isothermic bags and cases; Drinking flasks for travellers, portable coldboxes, non-electric; Drink dispensers; Cocktail shakers; Accessories for serving wine, namely, Decanters, Bottles, Jugs; Wine racks; Wine pourers; Pouring spouts; Porcelain articles, namely cups, Bowls [basins], Services [dishes], Dishes; Cocktail stirrers (manual mixers); Heaters for feeding bottles, non-electric; Brushes for cleaning tanks and containers; Baskets, for domestic use, not of precious metal; Candelabra [candlesticks]; Perfume burners; Soap dispensers; Toilet paper dispensers; Toilet paper holders; Table napkin holders; Soap boxes; Clothes-pegs; Drying racks for laundry; Ironing boards and ironing board covers; Dustbins; Basins (receptacles), bowls; Articles for cleaning purposes, namely hand-operated cleaning instruments; Cloths for cleaning; Gloves for household purposes; Gardening gloves; Toilet plungers; Brooms; Feather-dusters; Insect traps; Indoor aquaria; Litter boxes for pets; Cages for household pets; Vases; Flower pots; plant pot covers (not of paper); Pottery; Watering cans; Combs, sponges, brushes, toothbrushes, nail brushes; Floss for dental purposes; Toilet cases and utensils; Cosmetic utensils; Toothpicks; Shaving brushes; Shoe horns; Perfume sprayers; Baby baths (portable); Chamber pots; Non-metallic piggy banks; Works of art of porcelain, terracotta or glass, birdcages; Combs for animals; Syringes for watering flowers and plants; Watering devices; Sprinklers; Works of art, of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass; Bird baths; Candlesticks (not of precious metal); Brush goods; Decanters; Jugs; Soap dispensers; Sponges; Earthenware; Figurines (statuettes) of porcelain, terracotta or glass; Holders for flowers; Drinking bottles; Feeding troughs for livestock; Fly swatters; Cleaning instruments, hand-operated; Roses for watering cans; Sponge holders; Soap racks; Salad bowls, not of precious metal; Perfume vaporizers; Vases not of precious metal; Birdcages; Broom handles of metal; Nutcrackers; Straws for drinking; Broom handles, not of metal; Tea cosies.
Class Description: 025 - Clothing Products
Goods & Services: Clothing; Knitwear [clothing]; Underwear; Underwear; Pyjamas; Dressing gowns; Sweaters; Skirts; Dresses; Trousers; Jackets [clothing]; Coats; Waterproof clothing; Shirts; Neckties; Scarves; Sashes for wear; Veils [clothing]; Shawls; Belts [clothing]; Money belts [clothing]; Gloves [clothing]; Suspenders; Headgear, hats, caps; Headbands [clothing]; Shower caps; Footwear; Socks, stockings and tights; footwear (except orthopaedic footwear) , slippers, boots; Beach shoes, ski boots; Boots for sports; Bathing trunks and swimsuits; Bathing caps, bathing suits; Sportswear (except diving suits), Work gloves of leather/textile and PVC, heat-protective clothing, Working clothes, Work footwear, Leisurewear, Thermally insulated clothing, Wet suits for water skiing; Layettes [clothing]; Bibs, not of paper; Sleep masks; Masquerade costumes.
Class Description: 003 - Cosmetics and Cleaning Products
Goods & Services: Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use; Cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations and products; Javelle water; Stain removers; Fabric softeners for laundry use; Paint stripping preparations; Emery paper; Rust removing preparations; Scouring solutions; Descaling preparations for household purposes; Detergents, other than for use in manufacturing operations and for medical purposes; Rust removing preparations; Parquet floor wax; Shoe wax; Leaf shine products; Adhesives for cosmetic purposes; Soap; Perfumery preparations, perfumes and toilet water; Ethereal oils; Deodorants for personal use [perfumery]; Cosmetics; Hair care agents; Dentifrices, Make-up and make-up removing preparations; Shaving preparations; Toiletries; Milks and oils for toilet purposes; Tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions; Sun-tanning preparations (cosmetics); Shampoos for pets [non-medicated grooming preparations]; Incense; Scented wood; Potpourris [fragrances].
Class Description: 031 - Natural Agricultural Products
Goods & Services: Agricultural, horticultural and forestry products (neither prepared, nor processed); Seeds for planting; Wheat; Maize; Natural turf; Fresh fruits and vegetables; Natural plants and flowers; Algae for human consumption; Fresh champignons; Garden herbs, fresh; Crustaceans, live; Fish spawn; Seeds; Flower bulbs; Natural turf, unworked wood; Plants, dried, for decoration; Shrubs and trees; Christmas trees; Foodstuffs and beverages for animals; Products for animal litter; Malt; Malt for brewing and distilling; Fishing bait (live); Live animals, live fish; Live insects; Edible chews for animals; Dog biscuits; Grains for animal consumption; Aromatic sand [litter] for pets; Products for animal litter; Seedlings, Aromatic plants, Cereal seeds, unprocessed, Cereal, oleaginous, protein and leguminous plants, Eggs for hatching, fertilized, Forage, Proteins for general consumption.
Class Description: 033 - Wines and Spirits Products
Goods & Services: Alcoholic beverages (except beers); Aperitifs, Cider, Alcohol-based cocktails, Digestifs (alcohol and liqueurs), brandy; Spirits [beverages]; Wine; Wines of protected appellation of origin; Wines of protected geographical indication; Rum; Vodka; Whisky; Alcoholic extracts and essences.
Class Description: 036 - Insurance & Financial Services
Goods & Services: Insurance underwriting; Accident and fire insurance underwriting; Life insurance underwriting; Provident fund services; Financial affairs, banking and monetary affairs; Home banking; Portfolio management; Debt collection; Credit bureaux; Hire-purchase financing; Financing and loan services; Lending against securities; Brokerage; Factoring; Electronic funds transfer; Electronic payments services; Bank, credit, debit and payment cards and other cards or cheques providing financial advantages; Online banking accessible via the internet and telecommunications networks of all kinds, including via mobile phone; Issuing of discount coupons; Currency trading and exchange services; Issuing of travellers' cheques and letters of credit; Cheque verification; Safe deposit services; Stockbroking agency services; Mutual funds and capital investment; Financial analysis; Fiscal valuation; Insurance and financial consultancy; Charitable fund raising; Real estate affairs; Estate agency; Management, rental, appraisal of real estate, apartments, offices; Rent collection; Rental of farms; Rental of real estate; Real-estate valuations; Appraisal of antiques, works of art, jewellery, stamps; Numismatic appraisal; Financial sponsorship.
Class Description: 037 - Construction and Repair Services
Goods & Services: Building construction; Construction of buildings, factories, exhibition stands and shops; Construction and repair information; Shipbuilding; Cleaning of buildings; Demolition of buildings; Building insulating; Vermin exterminating, other than for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry; Disinfecting, rat exterminating; Photographic apparatus repair; Repair of security locks; Installation, maintenance and repair of air-conditioning apparatus, office equipment, computers, heating installations, boilers, burners, refrigerating apparatus, electrical appliances, household electrical appliances, machines, furniture, lifts, telephones, warehouses; Swimming-pool maintenance; Installation of doors and windows; Installation of kitchen equipment; Installation and repair of fire and burglar alarms; Rental of bulldozers, cranes, cleaning equipment, construction equipment; Airplane maintenance and repair; Artificial snow-making services; Fabric laundry, Shoe repair, Shoe repair; Repair of suits, clothing; Clock and watch repair; Painting, plastering, plumbing, paper hanging; Masonry; Window cleaning; Cabinet making [repair]; Painting or repair of signs; Knife sharpening; Retreading of tyres; Vulcanization of tyres [repair]; Chimney sweeping; Quarrying services; Mining extraction; Vehicle service stations [refuelling and maintenance]; Maintenance, repair and washing of vehicles; Vehicle repair.
Class Description: 038 - Communications Services
Goods & Services: Telecommunication services; Information relating to telecommunications; News agency services; News agency services; Radio broadcasting, communications by telegrams; Television broadcasting; Diffusion of radio and television programs; Communications and telephone services; Communications by cellular phones; Mobile radio telecommunication services accessible by a system of prepaid cards; Call transfers, call forwarding, directory enquiries, voice mail and video messaging services; Rental of telecommunications apparatus, of message sending apparatus, of facsimile machines, of telephones, of modems; Message sending; Facsimile transmission; Communications by computer terminals; Communications by fibre optic networks; Computer aided transmission of messages and images; Transmission of information contained in databases or in a data transmission server; Electronic mail, mail by data transmission; Communication and transmission of messages, information and data, online or offline, by means of data processing systems, computer networks, including the international telecommunications network known as the internet and the international network known as the world wide web; Providing of access to telecommunications networks, to a global computer network, including the global network known as the internet; Electronic bulletin board services [telecommunications services]; Teleconferencing services; Rental services of time access to a computing data base; Rental of access time to databases and to data transmission and computer database servers, to wireless networks (short range or long range), to telephone, radiotelephone or data transmission networks or to global communications networks (such as the Internet) or private or restricted access networks (such as an intranet), to global communications servers (such as the Internet) or to private or restricted access communications servers (such as an intranet); Providing access to databases; Supplying telecommunications channels for teleshopping services; Providing Internet chatrooms; Secure transmission of data, among other with access codes; Transmission of information relating to the telephone directory; Providing access to a cellular telephone network including a subscription or package deal; Providing access to databases and to computer or telematic database server centres; Providing access to digital music web sites on the internet; Providing access to Internet websites (MP3 files); Providing access to film downloading and viewing services; Downloading of video games, digital data, computer software, ringtones, images, moving images, films, music files; Transmission of photographs, images, moving images, music, sound, games, ringtones by mobile telephone; Transmission of photographs, images, moving images, music, sound via a local wireless network; Transmission of photographs, images, moving images, music, sound, games, ringtones via a radiocommunications network; Transmission of music, images, moving images, sound, data, games, ringtones by downloading; Broadcasting of audiovisual programmes via computer terminals; Broadcasting of audiovisual programmes on global communications networks (such as the Internet) or private or restricted access networks (such as an intranet), or by cable, satellite or wave; Providing of assistance (enquiries, information) via telephone in the field of telecommunications; On-line information services relating to telecommunications; Providing of discussion forums and groups online; Providing Internet chatrooms on matters of general interest; Providing access to online communication links which transfer website users to other local and global webpages; Providing access to others' websites via a universal identifier; Providing access to Internet chatrooms and electronic bulletin boards; Dissemination of sound, text and videos on computer networks or other communication networks including downloading, displaying, tagging and electronic transmission of data, information, sounds and video images; Providing an on-line network, namely providing access to databases enabling users to transfer data relating to their personal identity and to share said personal data with and through a variety of websites; Providing access to computer databases in the field of social, social integration and dating networks; Providing of online forums for social networking purposes.
Class Description: 004 - Lubricant and Fuel Products
Goods & Services: Industrial oils and greases, lubricants; Dust controlling compositions; Dust removing preparations; Fuels (including motor spirit); Motor oil; Carburants; Diesel oil; Non- chemical fuel additives; Electrical energy; Lighting fuel, Candles, wicks (lighting); Candles; Perfumed candles; Firelighters, Combustible briquettes; Alcohol [fuel]; Methylated spirit; Gas for lighting; Charcoal [fuel]; Firewood; Grease for leather, Grease for arms [weapons], Grease for footwear, Christmas tree candles; Firewood; Oils for the preservation of masonry; Oils for the preservation of leather; Oils for paints; Textile oil; Paraffin.
Class Description: 040 - Treatment & Processing of Materials Services
Goods & Services: Processing of agricultural products; Abrasion; Soldering; Chromium plating; Metal casting; Stripping finishes; Gilding; Tin plating; Millworking; Galvanization; Engraving; Laminating; Planing of materials; Refining services, Sawing of materials, Soldering; Water treating; Paper treating; Air purification and air deodorising; Custom assembling of materials for others; Energy production; Blacksmithing; Material treatment information; Waste treatment [transformation]; Incineration of waste and trash; Recycling of waste and trash; Sorting of waste and recycled materials (transformation); Slaughtering; Taxidermy; Processing of oil; Woodworking; Timber felling and processing; Pottery firing; Saddlery working; Fruit crushing; Food smoking; Flour milling, namely, Cereal processing; Wine-making; Food and drink preservation; Freezing of meals; Developing of photographic film and photographic printing; Pattern printing; Printing; Lithographic printing; Offset printing; Photocomposing services; Photogravure; Silkscreen printing; Framing of works of art; Clothing alteration; Dressmaking; Embroidery; Dyeing services; Textile treating; Cloth cutting; Staining of leather and of footwear; Skin dressing; Document binding; Vulcanization [material treatment]; Services of a dental technician; Key cutting; Rental of knitting machines, generators, air-conditioning apparatus, and space heating apparatus; Processing of agricultural products, Advice on the transformation of agricultural products, on the drying and milling of cereals, pulses and oilseed.
Class Description: 041 - Education and Entertainment Services
Goods & Services: Teaching; Training; Practical training [demonstration]; Providing of training and education in the field of programming, the installation, operation and maintenance of computers, telephones, telecommunications apparatus; Entertainment services; Providing museum facilities [presentation, exhibitions]; Amusement park services; Animal training; Sporting activities; Health club services; Operation of sports facilities; Organization of sports competitions; Club services [entertainment or education]; Conducting of cultural activities; Publication of books and magazines; Publication of texts; Lending library services; Electronic publishing services; Online publication of electronic books and journals; Providing online electronic publications, not downloadable; Electronic libraries for the supply of electronic information, audio or video information and data, games and entertainment; Game services provided online from a computer network; Organization of lotteries; Music composition services; Videotape editing; Production of shows and films; Rental of cinematographic films, video recorders, television sets, video tapes, sound recordings, audio apparatus, video cameras, radio sets, cinema film projectors, cinematographic apparatus and accessories, stage scenery; Rental of sports equipment (except vehicles), rental of scuba-diving equipment; Arranging of competitions for education or entertainment; Arranging and conducting of colloquiums, conferences and congresses; Arranging of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; Booking of seats for shows, entertainment, sporting and cultural events; Ticket agency services [entertainment]; Information relating to education and entertainment services; Television and radio entertainment; Production of radio and television programmes; Photography; Photographic reporting; News reporters services; Videotaping; Microfilming; Translation and interpretation; Arranging and conducting of conferences online; Providing (supply) of non-downloadable digital music via the Internet; Providing (supply) of non-downloadable digital music via websites on the Internet (files in MP3 format).
Class Description: 042 - Computer & Software Services & Scientific Services
Goods & Services: Chemical analytical examinations; In particular soil analysis and Water analysis, Bacteriological research; Chemistry services; Chemical research; Biological research; Technical research; Physics [research]; Mechanical research; Geological research; Cosmetic research; Underwater exploration; Laboratory services, namely chemical analysis, biological and bacteriological research, Scientific and industrial research services (surveying) in the field of environmental protection; Consultancy in the field of the protection of the environment; Surveying; Quality control; Material testing, quality testing; Textile testing (quality control); Engineering services; Conducting technical project studies; Analysis for oil-field exploitation; Oil-field surveys; Oil-well testing; Oil prospecting; Geological surveys; Vehicle roadworthiness testing; Computer programming; Computer system design; Design, installation, updating and maintenance of computer software; Rental of computers and computer software; Computer and software consultancy; Technical computer consultation; Analysis for computer system installation; Recovery of computer data; Creating and maintaining web sites for others; Rental of web servers; Hosting computer sites [web sites]; Providing search engines for the internet; Duplication of computer programs; Conversion of computer programs and data, other than physical conversion; Conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media; Construction drafting; Architecture and interior design; Land surveying; Land surveying; Calibration [measuring]; Construction drafting for livestock housing and crop production buildings, Urban planning; Environmental protection consultancy; Professional consultancy relating to saving energy; Meteorological information; Research and development of new products for others; Packaging design; Dress designing; Graphic arts design; Industrial design; Styling [industrial design]; Authenticating works of art; Research, selection and multiplication of flower seeds, flower bulbs and other agricultural products.
Class Description: 043 - Restaurant and Hotel Services
Goods & Services: Restaurants; Self-service restaurants; Snack-bar services; Cafe, bar and restaurant services; Cafeterias, canteens; Food and drink catering; Temporary accommodation; Accommodation bureau services [hotels, boarding houses]; Hotel services; Motel services; Hotel, guest house and temporary accommodation reservations; Holiday camp services [lodging]; Temporary accommodation; Provision of campground facilities; Day-nursery [crèche] services; Retirement home services; Boarding for animals; Rental of chairs, tables, table linen, glassware; Rental of transportable buildings; Rental of temporary accommodation; Rental of meeting rooms; Rental of tents.
Class Description: 044 - Medical, Beauty & Agricultural Services
Goods & Services: Rest and convalescent homes; Medical clinic services; Hospital services; Medical services; Medical care; Health centers; Hospices; Chiropractics; Physiotherapy; Sanatorium services; Nursing home services; Blood bank services; Nursing (medical); Pharmacy advice; Plastic surgery; Hair implantation; Midwife services; In vitro fertilization services; Artificial insemination services; Aromatherapy services; Treatment for drug users; Tattooing; Beauty salon services, Manicuring; Hair salon services; Hygienic and beauty care; Massage; Public bath services for hygiene purposes; Turkish baths; Providing sauna bath facilities, solariums; Health spa services; Renting of sanitary facilities; Opticians' services; Dentistry; Services of a psychologist; Animal healthcare services; Pet grooming; Animal grooming services; Farming (animals); Agricultural services; Horticulture and gardening; Farming and gardening equipment rental, creation and maintenance of gardens and parks; Weed killing; Lawn maintenance; Landscaping; Animal breeding, vermin destruction for agriculture, horticulture and forestry purposes; Aerial and surface spreading of fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals; Landscape gardening; Plant nursery services; Horticulture; Gardening; Lawn care; Clothing manufacture, flower arranging (floral art); Tree surgery; Farming equipment rental; Health control; Technical advice for breeding; Crop protection using biological control methods, namely use of live organisms for preventing or fighting against pests.
Class Description: 005 - Pharmaceutical Products
Goods & Services: Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations; Sanitary preparations for medical purposes; Pharmaceutical preparations for skin care; Dietetic substances, beverages, foodstuffs adapted for medical use; Nutritional supplements for medical purposes; Food supplements, in solid or liquid form; Dietary supplements other than for medical purposes; Dietary food supplements; Food supplements for cosmetic purposes; Pharmaceuticals and medical preparations for the treatment, care, cleansing, soothing, sanitising, revitalising and relaxing of the skin and hair; Medical preparations for slimming purposes; Medicinal infusions, medicinal herbs, herb teas for medicinal purposes; Vitamin preparations, preparations of trace elements for human and animal use; Mineral food supplements; Food and lacteal flour for babies, Milk and milk products for babies; Plasters, materials for dressings, material for stopping teeth, dental wax; Antiseptics; Disinfectants and sanitisers with or without rinsing for hand hygiene, Alcohol-based gels for hand hygiene, Handwashing preparations; Disinfectants with or without rinsing for surfaces of all kinds, Antiseptic preparations, Antibacterial preparations, preparations for disinfecting surfaces, Sanitizing wipes, Disinfectants for medical purposes, except soaps; Preparations for destroying noxious animals, Other than fumigants; Insect repellants, Other than fumigants; Insecticides, Other than fumigants; Insect repellents, Other than fumigants; Fungicides, Other than fumigants, Weedicides, Other than fumigants; Antiparasitic preparations, Other than fumigants, Antiparasitic collars for animals; Animal washes [insecticides]; Sunburn ointments; Antiseptic cotton, absorbent cotton for medical purposes; Sanitary pads and towels and sanitary pants; Napkin-pants of paper or cellulose, Sanitary tampons; Breast-nursing pads; Sterilizing preparations; Adhesives for dentures; Deodorants other than for personal use; Air purifying preparations; Solutions for contact lenses, Products and preparations for the care and hygiene of plants; Cement for animal hooves; Animal washes [insecticides].
Class Description: 006 - Metal Products
Goods & Services: Common metals and their alloys; Aluminium; Zinc; Ores of metal; Ores of metal; Building materials of metal; Buildings, transportable, of metal; Monuments, Plates, Tombstone stelae of metal; Railway material of metal; Water-pipes of metal; Scaffolding of metal; Ladders of metal; Handling pallets of metal; Furniture casters of metal; Winding spools of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; Partitions and fences of metal; Safes [metal or non-metal]; Non-electric cables and wires of common metal; Cable joints of metal, non-electric; Rods of metal for brazing and welding; Gold solder; Ironmongery of metal, non-electric; Metal hardware; Nails; Tubes of metal; Safety cashboxes; Chains of metal; Rings of metal; Stays of metal; Window and door casings and frames (of metal); Metallic windows and doors; Firedogs [andirons]; Furnace fireguards of metal; Keys of metal; Padlocks; Bells; Letter boxes of metal; Tool boxes of metal, empty; Thread of metal for tying-up purposes; Wire for aerials [other than electric]; Packaging containers of metal; Boxes, cases, trunks, baskets and containers of metal; Ice moulds of metal; Aluminium foil; Clothes hooks of metal; Tent pegs of metal; Bands of metal for tying-up purposes; Bottles caps and closures of metal; Fixed towel dispensers of metal; Signboards of metal; Registration plates of metal; Dogs (chains for -); Metal cages for wild animals; Cabanas of metal; Non-electric doorbells; Traps for wild animals; Weather- or wind-vanes of metal; Anchors; Identification bracelets of metal; Tree protectors of metal; Works of art, statuettes of common metal.
Class Description: 007 - Machinery Products
Goods & Services: Machine tools; Hand-held tools, other than hand-operated; Motors, other than for land vehicles; Sparking plugs for internal combustion engines; Alternators; Fuel economisers for motors and engines; Carburetters; Couplings (non-electric) and transmission belts (except for land vehicles); Jacks [machines]; Mills [machines]; Cowlings [parts of machines]; Disintegrators; Drilling machines; Cutters [machines]; Compressors [machines]; Vulcanization apparatus; Electric hand drills; Compressed air pumps; Saws [machines]; Saw blades [parts of machines]; Knives, Shears and scissors, electric; Glue guns, electric; Spray guns for paint; Gas-operated soldering blow pipes and soldering irons; Air hammers; Turbines, other than for land vehicles; Clippers [machines]; Lawnmowers [machines]; Reels, mechanical, for flexible hoses; Agricultural implements other than hand-operated; Agricultural machines; Incubators for eggs; Aerating pumps for aquaria; Mixing machines; Food and drink preparation machines, electromechanical; Electric food processors; Domestic crushers/grinders, electric; Mixers [machines]; Washing apparatus; Washing installations for vehicles; Washing machines and dishwashers; Spin dryers [not heated]; Vacuum cleaners; Vacuum cleaner bags; Parquet wax-polishers, electric; Shoe polishers, electric; Electric cleaning machines and apparatus; Ironing machines; Machine tools for building and public works; Machines for metallurgy, for packaging, or for working wood, leather or plastics; Papermaking machines; Dyeing machines; Printing machines; Type-setting machines [photocomposition]; Elevators [lifts]; Turbocompressors; Brewing machines; Glass-working machines; Electromechanical machines for chemical industry; Aerated water making apparatus; Tobacco processing machines; Bicycle assembling machines; Potters' wheels; Engraving machines; Machines for manufacturing straw hats; Machines for manufacturing briquettes; Oil refining machines; Machines for manufacturing enamels; Cord making machines; Machines for manufacturing light bulbs; Foundry machines; Steam condensers [parts of machines]; Machines for the textile industry; Sewing machines and knitting machines; Bookbinding apparatus for industrial purposes; Mechanical tools for mincing, cutting food.
Class Description: 008 - Hand Tool Products
Goods & Services: Hand tools and implements [hand-operated]; Sharpening instruments; Shovels [hand tools], Rakes [hand tools]; Shears, Spanners [hand tools]; Vices; Axes; Hammers [hand tools]; Saws [hand tools]; Squares [hand tools]; Drills; Moulding irons; Graving tools [hand tools]; Pruning scissors; Lawn clippers (hand-operated), Side arms, other than firearms; Appliances and instruments for slaughtering butchers’ animals; Fireplace bellows [hand tools]; Harpoons; Knives, non-electric; Table forks; Spoons, other than for fishing and for administering medicine; Side arms, other than firearms; Scissors; Hand tools and implements for gardening (hand operated); Insecticide sprayers; Tin openers, non-electric; Oyster openers; Razors, razor blades; Shaving cases; Nail files and nail nippers, nail-clippers; Manicure set; Hair clippers for personal use, electric and non-electric; Depilation appliances, electric and non-electric, Curling tongs, Hair-removing tweezers; Handles of metal for hand-operated manual tools; Handles, not of metal, for hand tools (hand-operated); Knife handles, not of metal.
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