AARON UK MACHINERY EQUIPMENTS United Kingdom Trademark Information

Adhesive rubber patches for repairing inner tubes;Adhesive rubber patches for repairing tubes or tires;Aerial conveyors;Aerodynamic attachments for vehicle bodies;Aerodynamic fairings for vehicles;Aero-dynamic fairings for vehicles;Aerodynamic wings for airplanes;Aerofoils for air vehicles;Aerofoils for land vehicles;Aerofoils for sea vehicles;Aerofoils for water vehicles;Aeronautical apparatus, machines and appliances;Aeroplanes;Aeroplanes towing vehicles;Afterburners for land vehicle engines;Air and space vehicles;Air bags;Air bags [safety devices for automobiles];Air cushion borne vehicles;Air cushion vehicles;Air deflector boxes for vehicles;Air deflectors for vehicles;Air flow spoilers;Air flow spoilers for vehicles;Air pressure pumps [vehicle accessories];Air pumps for automobiles;Air pumps for bicycles;Air pumps for bicycles for the inflation of tyres;Air pumps for inflating bicycle tyres;Air pumps for motorcycles;Air pumps for two-wheeled motor vehicles or bicycles;Air pumps [vehicle accessories];Air springs for vehicle suspension components for cushioning driver's seats and cabs;Air turbines for land vehicles;Air vehicles;Airbags for vehicles;Aircraft;Aircraft carriers;...

Words that describe this mark

adhesive   rubber   patches   repairing   inner   tubesadhesive   rubber   patches   repairing   tubes   tiresaerial   conveyorsaerodynamic   attachments   vehicle   bodiesaerodynamic   fairings   vehiclesaerodynamic   fairings   vehiclesaerodynamic   wings   airplanesaerofoils   air   vehiclesaerofoils   land   vehiclesaerofoils   sea   vehiclesaerofoils   water   vehiclesaeronautical   apparatus     machines   appliancesaeroplanesaeroplanes   towing   vehiclesafterburners   land   vehicle  
On Tuesday, December 3, 2019, a united kingdom trademark registration was filed for AARON UK MACHINERY EQUIPMENTS by Xiaohan Hou Apartment 511, Cypress Place, 9 New Century Park, MANCHESTER GB m4 4ef. The United Kingdom IP office has given the trademark application number of UK00003448637. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The AARON UK MACHINERY EQUIPMENTS trademark is filed in the category of Vehicles and Products for locomotion by land, air or water , Machinery Products .
Current Status:
LIVE (Circa: 2019)
Application Number: UK00003448637
Filing Date: Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Registration Date: Friday, February 28, 2020
Type of Mark: Individual
Mark Feature: Figurative
2019/050: Friday, December 13, 2019
Last Applicant/Owner: Apartment 511
Cypress Place
9 New Century Park
Correspondent: Not Available

Classification Information

Class Description: 012 - Vehicles and Products for locomotion by land, air or water
Goods & Services: Adhesive rubber patches for repairing inner tubes;Adhesive rubber patches for repairing tubes or tires;Aerial conveyors;Aerodynamic attachments for vehicle bodies;Aerodynamic fairings for vehicles;Aero-dynamic fairings for vehicles;Aerodynamic wings for airplanes;Aerofoils for air vehicles;Aerofoils for land vehicles;Aerofoils for sea vehicles;Aerofoils for water vehicles;Aeronautical apparatus, machines and appliances;Aeroplanes;Aeroplanes towing vehicles;Afterburners for land vehicle engines;Air and space vehicles;Air bags;Air bags [safety devices for automobiles];Air cushion borne vehicles;Air cushion vehicles;Air deflector boxes for vehicles;Air deflectors for vehicles;Air flow spoilers;Air flow spoilers for vehicles;Air pressure pumps [vehicle accessories];Air pumps for automobiles;Air pumps for bicycles;Air pumps for bicycles for the inflation of tyres;Air pumps for inflating bicycle tyres;Air pumps for motorcycles;Air pumps for two-wheeled motor vehicles or bicycles;Air pumps [vehicle accessories];Air springs for vehicle suspension components for cushioning driver's seats and cabs;Air turbines for land vehicles;Air vehicles;Airbags for vehicles;Aircraft;Aircraft carriers;Aircraft fuselages;Aircraft landing gear;Aircraft landing gear wheels;Aircraft landing wheels;Air-cushion vehicles;Airline seats with a massage function;Airplane propellers;Airplane seats;Airplane towing vehicles;Airplanes;Airplanes (Amphibious -);Airplanes and structural parts therefor;Airships;Airships [dirigible balloons];Airsprings for cushioning drivers cabs;Airsprings for cushioning drivers seats;Alarm instruments for vehicles;Alarm systems for aircraft;Alarm systems for cars;Alarm systems for land vehicles;Alarm systems for motor vehicles;Alarm systems for trucks;Alarm systems for vehicles;Alarm systems for watercraft;Alarms (Anti-theft -) for vehicles;Alarms for motor vehicles;Alarms for vehicles;Alarms (Reversing -) for vehicles;Alloy wheels for vehicles;All-terrain fork-lift trucks;All-terrain fork-lift trucks having a telescopic arm;All-terrain vehicles;Ambulances;Amphibious airplanes;Amphibious craft;Amphibious vehicles;Animal transport containers in the nature of vehicle bodies;Anti-dazzle devices for vehicles;Anti-glare devices for vehicles;Anti-glare sunstrips for vehicles;Antilock brake systems and components;Anti-skid chains;Anti-skid chains for vehicle tires;Anti-skid studs for vehicle tires;Anti-skid textile covers for tires;Anti-slide chains for vehicle wheels;Anti-static strips for vehicles;Antitheft alarms for vehicles;Anti-theft alarms for vehicles;Anti-theft devices for automobiles;Anti-theft devices for land vehicles;Anti-theft devices for motor cars;Antitheft devices for vehicles;Anti-theft devices for vehicles;Anti-theft locks for use on automobile steering wheels;Anti-theft, security and safety devices and equipment for vehicles;Anti-theft warning apparatus for motor cars;Apparatus for locomotion by air;Apparatus for locomotion by land;Apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water;Apparatus for locomotion by water;Aprons for carry cot transporters;Aprons for prams;Aprons for pushchairs;Aprons for strollers;Arm rests for vehicles;Arm rests for wheelchairs;Armored vehicles;Armour protected land vehicles;Armoured bodies for vehicles;Armoured cars;Armoured land vehicles;Armoured vehicles;Armrests for automobile seats;Armrests for wheelchairs;Arms for windscreen wipers;Articulated support frames adapted for use with vehicles;Articulated transmissions for land vehicles;Articulated vehicles;Ashtrays for automobiles;Ashtrays for vehicles;ATVs [All Terrain Vehicles];Audible alarms (Anti-theft -) for vehicles;Audible warning systems for bicycles;Audible warning systems for cycles;Autogyros;Automatic gearboxes for land vehicles;Automatic gearboxes for motor cars;Automatic gearings for land vehicles;Automatic guided vehicles;Automatically guided [driverless] material handling tractors;Automatically guided [driverless] material handling trucks;Automobile bodies;Automobile bumpers;Automobile chains;Automobile chains [anti-skid for wheels];Automobile chains [driving];Automobile chassis;Automobile cigarette lighters;Automobile dashboards;Automobile door handles;Automobile engines;Automobile hoods;Automobile roof containers;Automobile roof racks;Automobile running boards;Automobile safety seats for children;Automobile seat cushions;Automobile spare wheel holders;Automobile steering wheels;Automobile sunroofs;Automobile tires;Automobile tires [tyres];Automobile tyres;Automobile wheel hubs;Automobile wheel spokes;Automobile wheels;Automobile windows;Automobile windshield sunshades;Automobile windshield wipers;Automobile windshields [windscreens];Automobiles;Automobiles and structural parts therefor;Automobiles (Sun-blinds adapted for -);Automotive cam drive systems for motor vehicles;Automotive interior trim;Automotive vehicles;Automotive windshield shade screens;Autonomous cars;Autonomous motor vehicles;Autonomous underwater vehicles for seabed inspections;Autonomous vehicles;Axle assemblies for vehicles;Axle bearings for land vehicles;Axle boot kits for use with land vehicles;Axle boots for vehicles;Axle journals;Axles and cardan shaft for motor vehicles;Axles for air suspension systems in vehicles;Axles for land vehicles;Axles for leaf spring suspensions in vehicles;Axles for leaf spring suspensions systems in vehicles;Axles for vehicles;Axles [land vehicle parts];Babies' buggies;Babies' carriages;Babies' strollers;Baby carriages;Baby carriages (Covers for -);Baby carriages [prams];Baby, infant and child seats for vehicles;Baby strollers;Back-gear transmissions for land vehicles;Backrests adapted for use in vehicles;Backrests for vehicle seats;Bag carriers for cycles;Bags adapted for pushchairs;Bags adapted for strollers;Bags for bicycles;Bags [panniers] for bicycles;Balance bicycles [vehicles];Balance weights for vehicle wheels;Balancing weights for vehicle wheels;Ball joints [vehicle parts];Balloons (Dirigible -);Band brakes for land vehicles;Band brakes [for land vehicles];Bands for wheel hubs;Barges;Barrage balloons;Bars (Torsion -) for vehicles;Baskets adapted for bicycles;Baskets adapted for cycles;Baskets for perambulators;Baskets for pushchairs;Bellows for articulated buses;Bells for bicycles;Bells for bicycles, cycles;Bells for cycles;Bells for motorcycles;Belt pulleys for land vehicles;Berths (Sleeping -) for vehicles;Bicycle bells;Bicycle brake lever grips;Bicycle brakes;Bicycle carriers;Bicycle chains;Bicycle cranks;Bicycle frames;Bicycle gears;Bicycle handle bars;Bicycle handlebar grips;Bicycle handlebars;Bicycle horns;Bicycle hubs;Bicycle kickstands;Bicycle motors;Bicycle mudguards;Bicycle pedals;Bicycle pumps;Bicycle racks [carriers];Bicycle racks for vehicles;Bicycle rims;Bicycle saddle covers;Bicycle saddles;Bicycle seat posts;Bicycle seats;Bicycle spokes;Bicycle sprockets;Bicycle stabilisers;Bicycle stands;Bicycle stands [kickstands];Bicycle structural parts;Bicycle tires;Bicycle tires [tyres];Bicycle trailers;Bicycle trailers (riyakah);Bicycle training wheels;Bicycle tyres;Bicycle water bottle cages;Bicycle wheel hubs;Bicycle wheel rims;Bicycle wheel spokes;Bicycle wheels;Bicycles;Bike bags;Blinds adapted for vehicles;Block brakes for land vehicles;Boat bumpers;Boat chafe guards;Boat chocks;Boat cleats;Boat fenders;Boat hooks;Boat hulls;Boat launching trolleys;Boat rudders;Boat shells;Boat tillers;Boat-hooks;Boats;Boats for sale in kit form;Boats (Masts for -);Bodies for aircraft;Bodies for boats;Bodies for land vehicles;Bodies for motor vehicles;Bodies for railway cars;Bodies for railway wagons;Bodies for seacraft;Bodies for trailers;Bodies for vehicles;Bodies for watercraft;Body panels for vehicles;Bodywork parts for vehicles;Bodywork (Vehicle -);Bodyworks for motor vehicles;Bogies for railway cars;Booms for boats;Boot tidies;Boot tidys;Bottle cages for bicycles;Brake blocks for land vehicles;Brake blocks for vehicles;Brake cables for bicycles;Brake cables for vehicles;Brake cables [parts of motorcycles];Brake calipers for land vehicles;Brake calipers for vehicles;Brake calipers [parts of motorcycles];Brake components for vehicles;Brake cylinders;Brake cylinders for land vehicles;Brake cylinders for vehicles;Brake discs for motorcycles;Brake discs for vehicles;Brake disks;Brake drums;Brake drums for land vehicles;Brake drums for vehicles;Brake facings;Brake facings for vehicles;Brake hardware for vehicles;Brake levers for cycles;Brake levers for vehicles;Brake lines for vehicles;Brake linings for aircraft landing gear;Brake linings for land vehicles;Brake linings for motor cars;Brake linings for vehicles;Brake pads for automobiles;Brake pads for land vehicles;Brake pads for vehicles;Brake parts (Vehicle -) made of materials having frictional properties;Brake pedals for land vehicles;Brake pedals for vehicles;Brake pedals [parts of motorcycles];Brake rotors for land vehicles;Brake rotors [parts of motorcycles];Brake segments for land vehicles;Brake segments for motor cars;Brake segments for vehicles;Brake sets for vehicles;Brake shoes [bicycle parts];Brake shoes for land vehicles;Brake shoes for motor cars;Brake shoes for vehicles;Brake systems for land vehicles;Brake systems for vehicles;Brakes [bicycle parts];Brakes for aircraft;Brakes for bicycles;Brakes for bicycles, cycles;Brakes for land vehicles;Brakes for motor cars;Brakes for vehicles;Braking systems for vehicles;Braking systems for vehicles and parts thereof;Bucket seats for automobiles;Buffers for railway rolling stock;Buffers for vehicle bumpers;Bug shields as structural parts of vehicles;Buggies;Bulk hauling trailers;Bumper guards of metal for vehicles;Bumpers for automobiles;Bumpers for trolleys;Bumpers for vehicles;Bumpers (Vehicle -);Buoyancy bags adapted for use with aircraft;Buoyancy bags adapted for use with watercraft;Burglar alarms for vehicles;Buses;Buses and structural parts therefor;Buses (Motor -);Bushes for vehicles;Cable car cabins;Cable cars;Cable ships;Cable transport apparatus and installations;Cable transport installations;Caissons [vehicles];Camera drones;Camera drones, other than toys;Camper vans;Campers [recreational vehicles];Camping cars;Camping trailers;Camping vehicles;Canoe paddles;Canoes;Canopies for baby strollers;Canopies for pick-up trucks;Canopies for trailers;Caps for vehicle fuel tanks;Caps for vehicle petrol [gas] tanks;Caps for wheel rims;Car body modification parts for sale in kit form;Car boot lids;Car creepers for use in inspecting the underneath of cars;Car safety seats for children;Car seat canopies;Car seat covers;Car seat covers [shaped or fitted];Car seat harnesses;Car seat tidies;Car seats;Car sun blinds;Car theft alarms;Car tidies;Car transporters;Caravan spoilers;Caravan storage assemblies;Caravans;Cardan shafts for vehicles;Cargo carriers for vehicles;Cargo ships;Cargo trailers;Carriage body parts;Carriage roofs;Carriages for babies;Carriages for children;Carriages for infants;Carriages for invalids;Carriages [railways];Carrier tricycles;Carriers for cycles for use on vehicles;Carriers for transporting skis on vehicles;Carriers for use on vehicles;Carriers (Luggage -) for vehicles;Carrycot restraints for use in vehicles;Carrying racks for bicycles;Cars;Cars for cable transport installations;Cartop canoe and kayak carrier kits;Car-top luggage carriers;Carts;Carts being motorised land vehicles;Carts for garden hoses;Carts for hoses;Casings for pneumatic tires;Casings for pneumatic tires [tyres];Casings for pneumatic tyres;Casters for carts [vehicles];Casters for trolleys [vehicles];Casters for trolleys [vehicles] [carts (Am.)];Casters for trolleys [vehicles] carts [Am.];Casters [wheels] for trolleys;Casters [wheels] for vehicles;Casting carriages;Casting cars;Castors [vehicle wheels];Catamarans;Catboats;Chain deflectors for vehicles;Chain guards for bicycles;Chain transmissions for land vehicles;Chainguards for vehicles;Chains (Anti-skid -);Chains [bicycle parts];Chains (Cycle -);Chains (Driving -) for land vehicles;Chains for bicycles, cycles;Chains for cycles;Chains for driving cycles;Chains for driving land vehicle engines;Chains for driving motorcycles;Chains for driving road vehicles;Chains for motor cars;Chainwheels for bicycles;Chainwheels for land vehicles;Chainwheels for motorcycles;Chair lifts;Chairlifts;Change speed transmissions for land vehicles;Change-speed gears [bicycle parts];Chassis (Automobile -);Chassis for automobiles;Chassis for motor vehicles;Chassis for railway cars;Chassis for vehicles;Chassis of automobiles;Chassis of vehicles;Chassis (Vehicle -);Child booster cushions for vehicle seats;Child carrying seats for use in vehicles;Child carrying trailers;Child restraint devices for use with vehicle seats;Child restraints for vehicle seats;Child safety harnesses for vehicle seats;Child safety seats for use in vehicles;Children’s bicycle seats;Children's bicycles;Children's car seats;Children's safety belts for use in vehicles;Children's safety seats for cars;Children's safety seats for vehicles;Children's seats for use in cars;Children's seats for use in vehicles;Cigar lighters for automobiles;Cigarette lighters for automobiles;Cigarette lighters for cars;Cigarette lighters for land vehicles;Civilian drones;Cleaning trolleys;Cleats [nautical];Clips adapted for fastening automobile parts to automobile bodies;Clips (Spoke -) for wheels;Clutch cables [parts of motorcycles];Clutch cylinders for land vehicles;Clutch disks for land vehicles;Clutch disks, other than for land vehicles;Clutch levers for land vehicles;Clutch mechanisms for motor cars;Clutches for land vehicles;Coaches;Coachwork for motor vehicles;Coasters [watercraft];Cog wheels for cycles;Cog wheels for land vehicle engines;Coil springs for vehicle suspensions;Coil springs [land vehicle suspension parts];Collapsible bicycles;Collapsible boats;Collapsible watercraft;Combination camping recreational vehicle and horse trailer;Combined spring and shock absorber units for vehicles;Combustion engines for land vehicles;Commercial alarm systems for vehicles;Commercial vehicles;Compensating cylinders for the braking systems of airborne vehicles;Compensating cylinders for the braking systems of water vehicles;Compensating cylinders for vehicle brakes;Competition boats;Components for brakes for vehicles;Components for the outer bodies of vehicles;Compressors for supercharging internal combustion engines of land vehicles;Concrete mixing vehicles;Cone brakes for land vehicles;Connecting rods for land vehicles, other than parts of motors and engines;Consoles being parts of vehicle interiors;Constant velocity joints [vehicle parts];Construction vehicles for transportation purposes;Container cars;Container vehicles;Containers adapted for use in vehicle boots;Containers adapted for use in vehicle interiors;Converters (Torque -) for land vehicles;Convertible car seats;Convertible roofs being parts of cars;Convertible tops for vehicles;Conveying installations (Aerial -) for the transportation of people;Conveying installations [ski lifts];Conveyor installations (Aerial -) for the transportation of people;Conveyor installations [ski lifts];Conveyors (Aerial -);Coupling rings (non-electric -) [parts of land vehicle engines];Coupling rings (non-electric -) [parts of motors for land vehicles];Coupling sleeves (non-electric -) [parts of engines for land vehicles];Coupling sleeves (non-electric -) [parts of motors for land vehicles];Couplings for land vehicles;Couplings for use with clutches for land vehicles;Couplings (Non-electric -) for towing trailers;Couplings (Railway -);Coverings for car seats;Covers for baby carriages;Covers for baby strollers;Covers for bicycle saddles;Covers for foot pedals on cycles;Covers for handgrips of cycles;Covers for loudspeaker openings in vehicles;Covers for motorcycle saddles;Covers for perambulators;Covers for pushchairs;Covers for tyres;Covers for vehicle seats;Covers for vehicle steering wheels;Covers (Seat -) for vehicles;Covers (Shaped -) for boats;Covers (Shaped -) for motor cars;Covers (Shaped -) for pick-up trucks;Covers (Shaped -) for vehicles;Crankcases for components for motor cars (other than for engines);Crankcases for land vehicle components, other than for engines;Crankcases for land vehicles [other than for engines];Cranks for bicycles;Cranks for cycles;Cranks for motorcycles;Cranks [parts of land vehicles];Cross country chains for vehicle wheels;Crown wheels being parts of land vehicles;Cup holders for use in automobiles [automobile accessories];Cup holders for use in vehicles;Cup holders for vehicles;Curtain sheets adapted for motor land vehicles;Cushions adapted for use in vehicles;Cushions adapted for use with car seats;Cycle bells;Cycle brakes;Cycle carriers for use on vehicles;Cycle cars;Cycle chains;Cycle frames;Cycle handle bars;Cycle hubs;Cycle mudguards;Cycle pumps;Cycle rims;Cycle saddles;Cycle spokes;Cycle stands;Cycle tires [tyres];Cycles;Dashboards;Davits for boats;Davits for boats [boat davits];Delivery bicycles;Delivery drones;Delivery tricycles;Delivery vans;Derailleur sets;Derailleurs for bicycles;Diesel engines for land vehicles;Diesel motors for land vehicles;Diesel turbine engines land vehicles;Differential gear mechanisms for land vehicles;Differential transmissions for land vehicles;Differentials for land vehicles;Differentials [land vehicle parts];Dinghies;Dining carriages;Dining cars;Dining cars [carriages];Dinner waggons [carriages];Dinner wagons [carriages];Direction indicator signals for cycles;Direction indicator signals for land vehicles;Direction indicator signals for vehicles;Direction indicators for bicycles;Direction indicators for cycles;Direction indicators for land vehicles;Direction signals for automobiles;Direction signals for bicycles;Direction signals for land vehicles;Direction signals for vehicles;Directional indicators for vehicles;Dirigible balloons;Dirigible balloons [airships];Dirigibles;Dirt bikes;Disc brake friction pads for vehicle braking systems;Disc brake locks for motorcycles;Disc brake pads for land vehicles;Disc brake pads for vehicle braking systems;Disc brake pads for vehicles;Disc brake rotors for vehicle braking systems;Disc brakes;Disc brakes for land vehicles;Discs for clutch thrust bearings of land vehicles;Disengaging gear for boats;Disengaging gear for ships;Disk wheels [bicycle parts];Diving bells;Dog guards for use in vehicles;Dollies [hand trucks];Dollies [trolleys];Door handle scratch guards for automobiles;Door handles for land vehicles;Door panels for land vehicles;Doors for automobiles;Doors for railway cars;Doors for vehicles;Double clutch transmissions for land vehicles;Double glass screens for vehicles;Drag parachutes for aircraft;Draught deflectors for vehicles;Drawbars for trailers;Dredgers [boats];Dress guards for bicycles;Dress guards for bicycles, cycles;Drink holders for vehicles;Drinking water trucks;Drinks holders adapted for use in land vehicles;Drive belts for driving land vehicles;Drive belts [land vehicle parts];Drive chains [bicycle parts];Drive chains for driving ground vehicles;Drive chains for driving land vehicles;Drive gears for land vehicles;Drive gears [land vehicle parts];Drive motors for land vehicles;Drive shafts for land vehicles;Drive trains [bicycle parts];Drive transmission devices [belts] for land vehicles;Drive transmissions for land vehicles;Drive units for land vehicles;Drive-chain guards for two-wheeled motor vehicles;Drive-chain guards of two-wheeled motor vehicles;Driverless [autonomous] motor vehicles;Driverless cars;Driverless cars [autonomous cars];Driverless transporter vehicles;Drivetrains for bicycles;Driving belts for land vehicles;Driving belts for motors for land vehicles;Driving chains for land vehicles;Driving mirrors [retrovisors];Driving motors for land vehicles;Drone;Drones;Drones with aerial photography feature;Dump cars;Dump carts;Dump trucks;Dumper bodies for trucks;Dumper trucks;Dust carts;Ejector seats for aircraft;Ejector seats for vehicles;Electric bicycles;Electric cars;Electric cigarette lighters for land vehicles;Electric drives for land vehicle motors;Electric drives for land vehicles;Electric drives for vehicles;Electric driving motors for land vehicles;Electric engines for land vehicles;Electric gear shifting apparatus for land vehicle motors;Electric horns for vehicles;Electric land vehicles;Electric lift trucks;Electric locomotives;Electric motor cycles;Electric motors for land vehicles;Electric motors for motor cars;Electric motors for two-wheeled vehicles;Electric motors for wheelchairs;Electric one wheel scooters;Electric propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles;Electric railway cars;Electric reach trucks;Electric reversing alarms for vehicles;Electric steering gears [for vessels];Electric sunroofs for vehicles;Electric tractors [vehicles];Electric trains;Electric trolley buses;Electric trucks [vehicles];Electric unicycles;Electric vehicles;Electric wheelchairs;Electrical anti-theft installations for vehicles;Electrical drives for land vehicles;Electrical motors for land vehicles;Electrically operated scooters;Electrically operated theft prevention installations for vehicles;Electrically operated vehicles;Electrically operated wheelchairs;Electrically powered aircraft;Electrically powered buses;Electrically powered land vehicles;Electrically powered motor vehicles;Electrically powered scooters;Electrically powered scooters [vehicles];Electrically powered trolleys;Electrically powered vehicles;Electrically powered watercraft;Electrically-powered motor scooters;Electrically-powered wheelchairs;Electronic anti theft devices for vehicles;Electronic anti-theft alarms for vehicles;Electronic brakes for vehicles;Elevating power tailgates (Am.) [parts of land vehicles];Elevating tailgates (Am.) [parts of land vehicles];Elevating tailgates [parts of land vehicles];Elevating trucks;Empennages;Engine mounts for land vehicles;Engine transmission belts for land vehicles;Engines for automobiles;Engines for bicycles;Engines for land vehicles;Engines for motor land vehicles;Engines for motorcycles;Engines for racing cars;Engines (Traction -);Equipment trailers;External load carriers for vehicles;Fan motors for land vehicles;Fender flares for land vehicles;Fenders for land vehicles;Fenders for ships;Fenders for water vehicles;Fenders [land vehicle parts];Ferry boats;Filing trolley;Filing trolleys;Filler caps for vehicle fuel tanks;Fishing boats;Fishing trolleys;Fitted automobile body covers;Fitted bicycle covers;Fitted covers for boats and marine vehicles;Fitted covers for motorized golf cars;Fitted covers for vehicle steering wheels;Fitted covers for vehicles;Fitted dashboard covers for vehicles;Fitted footmuffs for baby carriages;Fitted footmuffs for prams;Fitted footmuffs for pushchairs;Fitted footmuffs for strollers;Fitted hatch covers for railway cars to prevent entry of water and moisture;Fitted liners for the cargo area of vehicles;Fitted motorcycle covers;Fitted perambulator covers;Fitted pushchair mosquito nets;Fitted stroller mosquito nets;Fitted truck bed liners;Fitted vehicle covers;Fitted vehicle covers for automobiles;Fitted vehicle seat covers;Fittings for bicycles for carrying beverages;Fittings for bicycles for carrying luggage;Flanges for railway wheel tires;Flanges for railway wheel tires [tyres];Flanges for railway wheel tyres;Flanges of railway wheel tires;Flanges of railway wheel tires [tyres];Flanges of railway wheel tyres;Flat-bottomed rowboats;Flexible shafts for land vehicles;Fog horns for use on vehicles;Folding bicycles;Folding bikes;Folding electric bicycles;Folding hoods for vehicles;Folding roofs for motor vehicles;Fold-up pushchairs;Foot pumps for inflating vehicle tyres;Fork crown covers [bicycle parts];Fork dust boots [parts of motorcycles];Fork lift trucks;Forklift trucks;Forklifts, and structural parts therefor;Forks [bicycle parts];Forks for fork lift trucks;Frame supports incorporating castors for moving objects;Frame supports incorporating wheels for moving objects;Frames for bicycles;Frames for bicycles, cycles;Frames for cycles;Frames, for luggage carriers, for bicycles;Frames for motorcycles;Frames for supporting a child in a vehicle;Frames for two-wheeled motor vehicles;Frames of two-wheeled motor vehicles;Framing for land vehicles;Framing for water craft;Free wheel clutches for land vehicles;Free wheel couplings for land vehicles;Freewheels for bicycles;Freewheels for land vehicles;Freewheels for motorcycles;Freight carrying vehicles;Freight trains;Friction clutch cover assemblies for land vehicles;Friction clutch driven plates for land vehicles;Friction clutches for land vehicles;Friction wheel transmissions for land vehicles;Friction wheels for land vehicles;Front dash panels [parts of motorcycles];Front derailleurs;Front end hubs for vehicles;Front fork joints [bicycle parts];Front forks for bicycles;Front forks for cycles;Front forks for motorcycles;Front spacers [parts of motorcycles];Fuel cell cars;Fuel cell electric cars;Fuel lines for vehicles;Fuel tanks for aircraft;Fuel tanks for land vehicles;Funicular railcars;Funiculars;Funnels for locomotives;Funnels for ships;Fuselages [aircraft parts];Garbage hauling trailers;Garbage trucks;Garden hose carts;Garden tractors for transport;Gas caps for land vehicles;Gas engines for land vehicles;Gas tanks for land vehicles;Gas tanks grommets for land vehicles;Gas turbines for land vehicles;Gasoline engines for land vehicles;Gear assemblies for land vehicles;Gear box casings for land vehicles;Gear boxes for hydraulic transmissions of land vehicles;Gear boxes for land vehicles;Gear cases for land vehicles;Gear change knobs for land vehicles;Gear changing mechanisms for land vehicles;Gear couplings for land vehicles;Gear lever knobs for land vehicles;Gear lever knobs for vehicles;Gear levers for land vehicles;Gear motors for land vehicles;Gear shift covers;Gear shifts;Gear shifts for automobiles;Gear train parts for land vehicles;Gear transmissions for land vehicles;Gear units for land vehicles;Gear units for power transmissions of land vehicles;Gear wheels [bicycle parts];Gear wheels for bicycles;Gear wheels for land vehicles;Gearboxes;Gearboxes for land vehicles;Gearboxes for motor cars;Geared electric motors for land vehicles;Gearing for land vehicles;Gears for bicycles;Gears for cycles;Gears for land vehicles;Gears for vehicles;General purpose trolley;General purpose trolleys;Glass holders for automobiles;Glass holders for vehicles;Glass panels for air vehicles;Glass panels for aircraft;Glass panels for land vehicles;Glass panels for rail vehicles;Glass panels for water vehicles;Glass screens for vehicles;Gliders;Gliders [aircraft];Gliders and structural parts therefor;Glove boxes for automobiles;Glove boxes for vehicles;Go-carts;Go-kart transport trucks;Go-karts;Golf cars [vehicles];Golf carts being pedestrian controlled vehicles;Golf carts [vehicles];Golf trolleys;Goods handling carts;Grocery carts;Ground effect vehicles;Gun racks adapted for attachment to land vehicles;Gyrocopters;Hand cars;Hand carts;Hand propelled trolleys;Hand pumps for inflating vehicle tyres;Hand trucks;Handbarrows;Handbrake knobs for vehicles;Handle bar control levers [parts of motorcycles];Handle bar dampers [parts of motorcycles];Handle bar ends [bicycle parts];Handle bar grips [parts of motorcycles];Handle bar stems [bicycle parts];Handle bars for bicycles;Handle bars for bicycles, cycles;Handle bars for motorcycles;Handle bars [parts of motorcycles];Handlebar controls for mopeds;Handlebar ends for bicycles;Handlebar grips for bicycles;Handlebar grips for motorcycles;Handlebars;Handlebars [bicycle parts];Handlebars for bicycles, cycles;Handles bearing advertising and adapted for trolleys;Handling carts;Hardtops [roofs] for vehicles;Harness (Security -) for vehicle seats;Harnesses for prams;Harnesses for use with pushchairs;Harnesses (Safety -) for vehicle seats;Harnesses (Security -) for vehicle seats;Hatch boards;Hatch boards for boats;Hatch covers being structural parts of barges;Hatch covers being structural parts of boats;Hatch covers being structural parts of ships;Head restraints for vehicles;Head rests for seats for motor cars;Headlight mounts [parts of motorcycles];Headlight shields;Headlight wipers;Head-rests for car seats;Head-rests for vehicle seats;Hearses;Heat engines for land vehicles;Helicams;Helicopters;Helium filled balloons;Hitch stabilisers for use with motor land vehicles;Hitches for tractors;Hitches for use with motor land vehicles;Hood shields as structural parts of vehicles;Hoods for aircraft;Hoods for automobile engines;Hoods for baby carriages;Hoods for boats;Hoods for land vehicles;Hoods for pushchairs;Hoods for vehicle engines;Hoods for vehicles;Hoods for watercraft;Hoods (Vehicle -);Hooks (Boat -);Hooks [tow hitches] for vehicles;Horns for motor cars;Horns for vehicles;Horse drawn carriages;Horse trailers;Horse-drawn carriages;Horticultural tractors;Hose carts;Hospital carts;Hospital carts for dispensing medication;Hot air balloons;House boats;Housing covers for land vehicle engines;Hover boards;Hovercraft;Hub cap covers;Hub caps;Hub caps for wheels;Hub centre caps;Hubs for bicycle wheels;Hubs for bicycles;Hubs for vehicle wheels;Hubs for vehicle wheels (motorcycles);Hulls (Ships' -);Human-powered trolleys and carts;Hybrid cars;Hybrid vehicles;Hydraulic brake pressure regulators for vehicles;Hydraulic circuits for motor cars;Hydraulic circuits for vehicles;Hydraulic clutches for land vehicles;Hydraulic connectors for vehicles;Hydraulic control systems for vehicles;Hydraulic couplings for land vehicles;Hydraulic couplings with integral dampers, for land vehicles;Hydraulic disc brakes;Hydraulic disc brakes for bicycles;Hydraulic power transmission units for land vehicles;Hydraulic rim brakes;Hydraulic rim brakes for bicycles;Hydraulic rotary dampers for vehicles;Hydraulic rotary shock absorbers for vehicles;Hydraulic servo valves being parts of vehicle braking systems;Hydraulic servo valves being parts of vehicle hydraulic systems;Hydraulic torque converters for land vehicles;Hydraulic transmissions for land vehicles;Hydraulic turbines for land vehicles;Hydrofoils;Hydrofoils being boats;Hydrofoils for boats;Hydrogen fueled cars;Hydrogen fueled trains;Hydroplanes;Idler arms [vehicle parts];Idling pulleys for land vehicles;Inclined ways for boats;Indicators (Direction -) for vehicles;Indicators for indicating direction of vehicles [other than lamps];Industrial land vehicles;Industrial trucks;Industrial vehicles;Infants' carriages;Infants' carriages with removable infant supports;Inflatable air bags for use in vehicles for the prevention of injury in accidents;Inflatable boats;Inflatable dinghies [lifeboats];Inflatable lifeboats;Inflatable seats for vehicles;Inner tubes;Inner tubes (Adhesive rubber patches for repairing -);Inner tubes for aircraft tires;Inner tubes [for aircraft wheel tires];Inner tubes for automobile tires;Inner tubes [for automobile tires];Inner tubes for bicycle tires;Inner tubes for bicycle tyres;Inner tubes for bicycles;Inner tubes for bicycles, cycles;Inner tubes for cycles;Inner tubes for motorcycle tires;Inner tubes for motorcycles;Inner tubes for pneumatic tires;Inner tubes for pneumatic tires [tyres];Inner tubes for pneumatic tyres;Inner tubes for pneumatic tyres for vehicle wheels;Inner tubes for the wheels of forestry vehicles;Inner tubes [for two-wheeled motor vehicles or bicycles];Inner tubes for tyres;Inner tubes for vehicle tires;Inner tubes for vehicle wheels;Inner tubes (Repair outfits for -);Instruments for indicating direction of vehicles;Insulated vehicle bodies;Insulated vehicle body panels;Interior panels for vehicles;Interior pouches for vehicles;Interior trim for automobiles;Interior trim parts of automobiles;Interlocking panels for vehicle bodies;Internal combustion engines for land vehicles;Internal combustion locomotives;Internal combustion motors for land vehicles;Internal combustion railcars;Intruder detecting alarms for vehicles;Invalids' carriages;Jalousies for vehicle windows;Japanese flat-bottomed rowboats [tenmasen];Jaw clutches for land vehicles;Jaw type shaft couplings for land vehicles;Jet aircraft;Jet boats;Jet engines for land vehicles;Jet vehicles for water sports;Jockey wheels for vehicles;Joggers [agricultural carts];Jon boats;Journals (Axle -);Kayak paddles;Kayaks;Kick sledges;Kickstands for bicycles;Kickstands for motorcycles;Kite buggies;Klaxons [horns] for vehicles;Ladle carriages;Ladle cars;Land automotive vehicles;Land craft;Land locomotive vehicles;Land motor vehicles;Land vehicle transmissions;Land vehicles;Land vehicles and conveyances;Landing gear [aircraft parts];Landing gear wheels for aircraft;Landing gear wheels of aircraft;Launches;Launching gear for air vehicles;Laundry trolleys;Lawn tractors;Leaf springs [land vehicle suspension parts];Leaf-springs for vehicle suspensions;Leather upholstery for vehicle seats;Leather upholstery for vehicles;Leisure boats;Levelling apparatus for caravans;Lift trucks;Lifting cars [lift cars];Lifts (Ski -);Lifts (Tailboard -) [parts of land vehicles];Light aircraft;Light lorries;Light trucks;Linear induction motor drive vehicles;Linear motors for land vehicles;Linings (Brake -) for vehicles;Linings for brakes of vehicles;Linings for vehicles;Link chains for driving purposes [for land vehicles];Livestock trailers;Load bearing sections for chassis frames of vehicles;Load carrying [lifting] attachments for motor vehicles;Load carrying trailers;Load carrying vehicles;Loader swivel axle bogies for vehicles;Loader swivel axles for vehicles;Loaders [fork-lift trucks];Locomotives;Locomotives for transporting freight;Loose seat covers [shaped] for vehicle seats;Lorries;Lorries for mines;Lug nuts for vehicle wheels;Luggage carriers for attachment to vehicles;Luggage carriers for automobiles;Luggage carriers for bicycles;Luggage carriers for cycles;Luggage carriers for motorcycles;Luggage carriers for vehicles;Luggage nets for vehicles;Luggage racks fitted to the bonnet;Luggage racks for attachment to vehicle boots;Luggage racks for attachment to vehicle hoods;Luggage racks for bicycles;Luggage racks for cycles;Luggage racks for motor cars;Luggage racks for motorcycles;Luggage racks for vehicles;Luggage trucks;Machine couplings and transmission components for land vehicles;Mail trolleys;Main brake cylinders;Manned submersible vehicles;Manual wheelchairs;Manually operated wheelchairs;Marine craft;Marine masts;Marine porthole frames;Marine porthole window closures;Marine propellers;Marine vehicles;Mast feet for boats;Masts for boats;Mechanical gearings for land vehicles;Mechanical handling trucks;Mechanical power transmitting mechanisms for land vehicles;Mechanical transmissions for land vehicles;Mechanics' creepers;Metal bells for bicycles;Metal laminated leaf springs for vehicle suspensions;Metal masts for watercraft;Metal poles being masts for watercraft;Metal studs for vehicle tyres;Military aircraft;Military drones;Military vehicles;Military vehicles for transport;Mine cars;Mine cart wheels;Mine-car pullers;Mine-car pushers;Minesweepers [ships];Mini-bikes;Minibuses;Minivans;Mirrors for vehicles;Mirrors (Rearview -);Mirrors [rearview] for vehicles;Mobile fork lifts;Mobile homes [caravans];Mobile railcar movers;Mobility conveyances;Mobility scooters;Mobility vehicles;Modular chassis systems for vehicles;Monocoque structures for aircraft;Monocoque structures for vehicles;Monorail carriages;Mopeds;Motor buses;Motor car convertible tops;Motor car derived vans;Motor car doors;Motor car seats;Motor car windows;Motor caravans;Motor cars;Motor cars for racing;Motor cars for transport on land;Motor coaches;Motor cycles;Motor drive mechanisms for land vehicles;Motor drive units for land vehicles;Motor homes;Motor land vehicle engines;Motor land vehicles;Motor lorries;Motor racing cars;Motor scooters;Motor vans;Motor vehicle bodies;Motor vehicle horns;Motor vehicles;Motor vehicles (Chassis for -);Motor vehicles (Coachwork for -);Motor vehicles in kit form;Motor water vehicles;Motor yachts;Motorbicycles;Motorbikes;Motorboats;Motorcycle chains;Motorcycle drive chains;Motorcycle engines;Motorcycle foot pegs;Motorcycle frames;Motorcycle grip tape;Motorcycle handlebars;Motorcycle kickstands;Motorcycle saddlebags;Motorcycle saddles;Motorcycle sidecars;Motorcycle swing arms;Motorcycle tires;Motorcycles;Motorcycles for motocross;Motorised bicycles;Motorised buggies for the disabled and those with mobility difficulties;Motorised scooters for the disabled and those with mobility difficulties;Motorised unicycles;Motorised wheelchairs for the disabled and those with mobility difficulties;Motorised yachts;Motorized and computerized golf carts;Motorized and non-motorized scooters for personal transportation;Motorized bicycles;Motorized dirt bikes for motocross;Motorized food carts;Motorized golf carts;Motorized golf carts [vehicles];Motorized golf trolleys;Motorized luggage carts;Motorized scooters;Motorized tailgates for trucks;Motors and engines for land vehicles;Motors, electric, for land vehicles;Motors for automobiles;Motors for bicycles;Motors for cycles;Motors for land vehicles;Motors for motorcycles;Motorsailers;Motorscooters;Mountain bicycles;Mountain bikes;Mud flap brackets as structural parts of vehicles;Mud flap hangers;Mud flap hold-downs;Mud flap holders;Mud flap weights;Mud flaps for vehicles;Mud guards [land vehicle parts];Mudguards;Mudguards for automobiles;Mudguards [for automobiles];Mudguards for bicycles;Mudguards for motorcycles;Mudguards for trucks;Mudguards for two-wheeled bicycles;Mudguards for two-wheeled motor vehicles or bicycles;Mudguards for vehicles;Mudwings for vehicles;Municipal tractors;Non-motorized, collapsible luggage carts;Non-motorized food carts;Non-motorized scooters [vehicles];Non-skid chains for vehicle wheels;Non-skid devices for automobile tires;Non-skid devices for vehicle tires;Non-skid devices for vehicle tires [tyres];Non-skid devices for vehicle tyres;Non-skid devices for vehicle wheel tires;Numberplate holders;Oarlocks;Oars;Off-road vehicles;Omnibuses;Opening mechanisms roofs for vehicles;Ornamental hub caps for vehicles;Ornamental wheel covers for vehicles;Ornamental wheel shields for vehicles;Outriggers for watercraft;Overdrive units for land vehicles;Paddle boats;Paddle steamers;Paddles for canoes;Paddles [kayak equipment];Pallet transfer trucks;Panels for vehicle bodies [shaped];Panniers adapted for bicycles;Panniers adapted for cycles;Panniers adapted for motorcycles;Panniers for motorcycles;Parachute canopies;Parachute deployment handles;Parachute harnesses;Parachute packs;Parachutes;Parachutes for arresting the motion of vehicles;Parachutes for sky-diving;Paramotors;Parcel shelves for vehicles;Parts and fittings for air and space vehicles;Parts and fittings for land vehicles;Parts and fittings for vehicles;Parts and fittings for water vehicles;Passenger carriages [rail vehicles];Passenger carrying vehicles;Passenger cars;Passenger motor cars;Passenger motor vehicles;Passenger seat belt presenters;Passenger seat belt pre-tensioners;Passenger seat belt retractors;Passenger seat belts;Passenger seat height adjusters;Passenger ships;Passenger trains;Patches (Adhesive rubber -) for repairing inner tubes;Patches for inner tubes of tyres;Patches for repairing vehicle tires;Patches for tyres;Patching materials for inner tubes for tyres;Patching materials for tyres;Patrol vehicles;Pedal bicycles;Pedal cycles;Pedal driven land vehicles;Pedal land vehicles;Pedal scooters;Pedalos;Pedals for bicycles;Pedals for cycles;Pedals for motorcycles;Pedelecs;Pedicabs;Perambulator covers (Fitted -);Perambulators;Perambulators for babies;Perambulators incorporating carry cots;Personal jet boats;Personal water craft;Personal watercraft;Pet safety seats for use in vehicles;Pet strollers;Petrol caps for vehicles;Petrol tank caps for motor cars;Petrol tanks for vehicles;Photography drones;Pickup truck caps;Pickup trucks;Pick-up trucks;Pilot ejector seats;Pilotless aircraft;Pilotless surveying vehicles;Pinions for land vehicles;Planetary gear transmissions for land vehicles;Plastic bag holders adapted for use in vehicles;Plastic fuel tanks for vehicles;Plastic strakes for use on aircraft;Plastic struts for use on aircraft;Plastic wings for use on aircraft;Platform cars;Platform trucks;Pleasure boats;Plug-in electric cars;Plug-in hybrid cars;Pneumatic boats;Pneumatic inner tubes for vehicle wheels;Pneumatic tires;Pneumatic tires for automobiles;Pneumatic tires [tyres];Pneumatic transmission control systems for vehicles;Pneumatic transmission control units for land vehicles;Pneumatic tyres;Pneumatic tyres and inner tubes for motorcycles;Pontoon boats;Pontoons;Portable babies’ seats for vehicles;Portable children’s seats for vehicles;Portholes;Portholes [for vessels];Power clutches for land vehicles;Power rumble seats;Power shift transmissions for land vehicles;Power tailgates (am.) [parts of land vehicle];Power tailgates (Am.) [parts of land vehicles];Power tailgates [parts of land vehicles];Power take-off shafts for land vehicles;Power take-off transmission units for land vehicles;Power trains for land vehicles;Power transmission belting for land vehicles;Power transmission belts for land vehicle engines;Power transmission belts for land vehicles;Power transmission couplings for land vehicles;Power transmission mechanisms for land vehicles;Power transmission parts [belts] for land vehicles;Power transmission parts [other than belts] for land vehicles;Power transmissions for land vehicles;Powerboats;Powered stand up wheelchairs;Powered vehicles for use in the air;Powered vehicles for use on land;Powered vehicles for use on water;Powertrains for land vehicles;Powertrains, including engines and motors, for land vehicles;Prams;Prams [baby carriages];Propeller airplanes;Propeller blade protectors for aircraft;Propeller blade protectors for boats;Propeller feathering units;Propeller shafts for boats;Propeller spinners;Propellers for air vehicles;Propellers for boats;Propellers for vehicles;Propellers [screws] for ships;Propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles;Protecting covers [fitted] for vehicles;Protecting covers [shaped] for vehicles;Protecting strips for vehicle doors;Protecting strips (Rubber -) for vehicle doors;Protecting strips with reflective inlays for vehicle doors;Protective corners adapted for trolleys;Protective covers for vehicle seats [fitted];Protective covers for vehicle seats [shaped];Protective heat shields for vehicles;Protective interiors for vehicles;Protective linings for upholstered recesses within vehicles;Protective shrouds for vehicles [shaped];Protective strips for vehicle bodies;Pumps (Air -) [vehicle accessories];Pumps for bicycle tires;Pumps for bicycle tyres;Pumps for bicycles, cycles;Pumps for cycles;Pumps for inflating bicycle tyres;Pumps for inflating pneumatic tyres;Pumps for inflating vehicle tyres;Puncture repair outfits for bicycle tyres;Push chairs;Push scooters [vehicles];Pushchair covers;Pushchair covers and hoods;Pushchair hoods;Pushchairs;Pushchairs for pets;Pushchairs for use with carry cots;Pusher axles for altering vehicle payload;Quad bikes;Quadricycles;Racing bicycles;Racing cars;Racing motor cars;Racing seats for automobiles;Rack trunk bags for bicycles;Rack trunk bags for motorcycles;Racks for vehicles;Radiator grilles for vehicles;Radiator grills of metal for vehicles;Radiator grills of non-metallic materials for vehicles;Rafts;Rail borne vehicles;Rail vehicles;Railbound vehicles;Railcars;Railtrucks for passengers;Railway bogies;Railway bogies for transporting trailers by rail;Railway carriages;Railway cars;Railway cars (Bogies for -);Railway coaches;Railway couplings;Railway freight cars;Railway handcars;Railway passenger cars;Railway rolling stock;Railway track couplings;Railway vehicles;Railway wheel tires [tyres] (Flanges of -);Ram air turbines for land vehicles;Ramjets for land vehicles;Rear car windows;Rear derailleurs;Rear hubs;Rear multistage sprockets;Rear view mirrors;Rear view mirrors for vehicles;Rear wheel sprockets;Rearview mirrors;Rearview mirrors for automobiles;Rearview mirrors for exterior fitting;Rearview mirrors for interior fitting;Rearview mirrors for vehicles;Rearview mirrors [vehicle parts];Recreational jet boats;Recreational vehicles (RV);Reducing gears for land vehicles;Reduction gears for land vehicles;Refrigerated barrows;Refrigerated hand carts;Refrigerated railway wagons;Refrigerated trailers;Refrigerated vehicles;Refrigerated waggons [railroad vehicles];Refrigerated wagons [railroad vehicles];Refrigerator cars;Refuse collection vehicles;Reinforced steering columns for vehicles;Reinforcement strips for use in panels for vehicles bodies;Remote alarms for air vehicles;Remote alarms for land vehicles;Remote alarms for water vehicles;Remote control vehicles not toys;Remote control vehicles, other than toys;Remote controlled flying objects;Remote controlled rail vehicles;Remote controlled vehicles;Remotely controlled land vehicle;Remotely operated vehicles;Remotely operated vehicles for underwater inspections;Remoulded tyres;Removable ball hooks for vehicles;Repair outfits for inner tubes;Repair outfits for tyres;Rescue drones;Rescue sleds;Reservoirs being parts of land vehicle clutches;Reservoirs being parts of vehicle braking systems;Reservoirs for maintaining the level of fluids in vehicle braking systems;Reservoirs (metal -) [parts of vehicles];Reservoirs (non-metallic -) [parts of vehicles];Restraints for use with vehicle safety belts;Restraints for use with vehicle seat belts;Restraints (safety -) [for vehicle seats];Retractable covers for goods carrying vehicles;Retreaded tyres;Retrovisors [rearview mirrors];Reverse motion alarms for vehicles;Reverse warning transmitters for use on vehicles;Reversing alarm transmitters utilising ultrasonics for use on vehicles;Reversing alarms for vehicles;Reversing gears [for land vehicles];Reversing warning alarms for use on vehicles;Rickshaws;Rigid dump trucks;Rims for automobiles;Rims for bicycle wheels;Rims for bicycles;Rims for motorcycles;Rims for vehicle wheels;Rims for wheels of bicycles;Rims for wheels of bicycles, cycles;Rings for retreading tires;Road bikes;Road racing bicycles;Road tractors;Road trailers;Road vehicles [for transportation];Roadside assistance vehicles;Robotic cars;Rocket engines for land vehicle propulsion;Rocket launching platforms [vehicles];Rocket propulsion engines for land vehicles;Rocket-propelled vehicles;Roll cage trolleys;Roll containers [trolleys];Roller chains for bicycles;Roller chains for land vehicles;Roller chains for motorcycles;Rolling gearings for land vehicles;Rolling stock for funicular railways;Rolling stock for railways;Rolling wheels for vehicles;Roof bars for vehicles;Roof boxes for vehicles;Roof cases for vehicles;Roof linings for vehicles;Roof panels for land vehicles;Roof rack storage containers for land vehicles;Roof racks;Roof racks for automobiles;Roof racks for vehicles;Roof racks in the nature of load carriers for vehicles;Roof top carriers for vehicles;Rotary hydraulic motors for land vehicles;Rotor blades for helicopters;Rowboats;Rowing boats;Rowlocks;Rub rails for marine vessels;Rubber baby buggy bumpers;Rubber belts for land vehicle transmissions;Rubber boats;Rubber dinghies;Rubber patches for repairing vehicle inner tubes;Rubber patches for repairing vehicle tyres;Rubber tread patterns for use in retreading recycled tyres;Rubber tread patterns for use in retreading tyres;Rubber tread patterns for use in retreading vehicle tyres;Rubber treads for tires;Rubbish trucks;Rudder gear;Rudders;Rudders [for vessels];Running boards [land vehicle parts];Running boards (Vehicle -);Sack trolleys;Sack trucks;Sack-barrows;Saddle covers for bicycles;Saddle covers for bicycles or motorcycles;Saddle covers for cycles;Saddle covers for motorcycles;Saddlebags adapted for bicycles;Saddlebags adapted for motorcycles;Saddlebags adapted for tricycles;Saddles for bicycles;Saddles for bicycles, cycles or motorcycles;Saddles for cycles;Saddles for motorcycles;Safety alarms for vehicles;Safety belt installations for the seats of vehicles;Safety belt supports;Safety belts adapted for use in vehicles;Safety belts for the seats of vehicles;Safety belts for vehicle seats;Safety belts for vehicles;Safety belts for vehicles for motor cars;Safety chairs for vehicles;Safety couplings for land vehicles;Safety harnesses for auto racing;Safety harnesses for the seats of vehicles;Safety harnesses for vehicle seats;Safety harnesses for vehicles;Safety restraints for use in vehicles;Safety rims of rubber for the mudguards of cars;Safety rims of rubber for the mudguards of lorries;Safety seats adapted for use by children in vehicles;Safety seats for babies for use in vehicles;Safety seats for children;Safety seats for children for motor cars;Safety seats for children for use in vehicles;Safety seats for children, for vehicles;Safety seats for infants and children for vehicles;Safety seats for use in cars;Safety seats for vehicles;Safety signals [audible] for vehicles;Sail boats;Sailboats;Sailing boat masts;Sailing boats;Sailing craft;Sailing vessels;Sailplanes (gliders);Sand yachts;Satellites for transportation;Scooters;Scooters [for transportation];Scooters [vehicles];Scratch guards for vehicles;Screw [propellers] for ships;Screw propellers for vehicles;Screw propellers [for vessels];Screw-propellers;Screw-propellers for boats;Screws [propellers] for ships;Screws [propellers] for watercraft;Sculls;Seacraft;Seaplanes;Seat back organizers specially adapted for use in cars;Seat back organizers specially adapted for use in vehicles;Seat belts for use in vehicles;Seat covers for vehicles;Seat covers [shaped] for use in automobiles;Seat cushions for the seats of aircraft;Seat cushions for the seats of boats;Seat cushions for the seats of cars;Seat cushions for the seats of land vehicles;Seat cushions for the seats of vehicles;Seat cushions for the seats of water vehicles;Seat pillars [parts of vehicles];Seat posts [parts of vehicles];Seat restraining straps for use in vehicles;Seat safety harnesses for motor cars;Seat trays adapted for use in vehicles;Seating for vehicles;Seating for water vehicles;Seats for automobiles;Seats for automotive vehicles;Seats for railway cars;Seats for vehicles;Seats of aircraft;Seats (Safety -) for children, for vehicles;Seats (Vehicle -);Security alarm systems for vehicles;Security alarms for vehicles;Security harness for vehicle seats;Security harnesses for use with vehicle seats;Security systems for vehicles [other than locks];Segments (Brake -) for vehicles;Self balancing electric scooters;Self balancing unicycles;Self-balancing boards;Self-balancing electric unicycles;Self-balancing one-wheeled electric scooters;Self-balancing scooters;Self-balancing two-wheeled electric scooters;Self-driving cars;Self-driving transport vehicles;Self-generating electric locomotives [diesel-electric locomotives];Self-inflating rafts for transportation;Self-loading vehicles;Self-propelled chip spreading vehicles;Self-propelled electric vehicle;Self-propelled electric vehicles;Self-propelled loading vehicles;Semi-fitted covers for vehicles;Semi-tractor trailers;Semi-trailers;Series hybrid cars;Servomotors for land vehicles;Shaft couplings for land vehicles;Shafts for land vehicles;Shaped seat covers made of beads for use in vehicles;Shaped steering wheel covers for automobiles;Shaped steering wheel covers for vehicles;Shaped vehicle mats;Shelves adapted for use in vehicles;Shift boots for motor vehicles;Shift levers for land vehicles;Shift levers for motorcycles;Shift levers [parts of motorcycles];Ship ballast tanks [structural components of vessels];Ship hulls;Ship propellers;Ships;Ships adapted for combat;Ships' hulls;Ships' steering gear;Ships' steering gear [other than automatic];Ships' steering gears;Ships (Timbers [frames] for -);Shock absorbers being parts of vehicle suspension;Shock absorbers for automobiles;Shock absorbers for bicycles;Shock absorbers for motorcycles;Shock absorbers for the suspension units of vehicles;Shock absorbers for vehicle suspension;Shock absorbers for vehicles;Shock absorbers (Suspension -) for vehicles;Shock absorbers [vehicle parts];Shock absorbing cylinders [parts of vehicles];Shock absorbing springs being parts of vehicle suspension;Shock absorbing springs for automobiles;Shock absorbing springs for motor cars;Shock absorbing springs for vehicles;Shoes (Brake -) for vehicle;Shoes (Brake -) for vehicles;Shoes for vehicle brakes;Shopping carts;Shopping trolleys;Shopping trolleys [carts (Am.)];Shrouded tail rotors for helicopters;Side cars;Side doors for vehicles;Side shields as structural parts of vehicles;Side view mirrors for vehicles;Sideguards for vehicles;Signal arms for vehicles;Signals (Direction -) for vehicles;Sissy bars for bicycles;Sissy bars for motorcycles;Ski boats;Ski carriers for automobiles;Ski carriers for cars;Ski carriers for motor cars;Ski carriers for use on vehicles;Ski carriers for vehicles;Ski lifts;Ski racks for motor cars;Ski racks for vehicles;Skiffs;Skip lorries;Skirts for hovercraft;Skylight windows for vehicles;Skylights for vehicles;Skylights [windows] for vehicles;Sledges for transportation;Sleeping berths for vehicles;Sleeping cars;Sleighs for transport purposes;Sleighs [vehicles];Sliding roofs for land vehicles;Sliding roofs for motor vehicles;Sliding roofs for vehicles;Sliding roofs for water vehicles;Small wagons for children;Small wagons for transporting children;Snow chains for motor vehicles;Snow chains for vehicle wheels;Snow mobiles;Snow sledges for transportation;Snow vehicles;Snowmobiles;Soft tops for automobiles;Soft tops for motor vehicles;Soft tops for vehicles;Solid rubber tyres for vehicle wheels;Solid tires for vehicle wheels;Solid tyres for vehicle wheels;Sound alarms (Anti-theft -) for vehicles;Sound alarms (Reversing -) for vehicles;Space vehicles;Spacecraft;Spare tire carriers for vehicles;Spare tire covers;Spare tyre covers;Spare wheel covers;Spare wheels for vehicles;Spars being parts of watercraft;Spars for ships;Speed change gears for land vehicles;Speed gear levers for land vehicles;Speedboats;Spiked tires for vehicles;Spiked tires to assist the traction of vehicles in icy conditions;Spiked tires to assist the traction of vehicles in snow;Spikes for tires;Spikes for tires [tyres];Spikes for tyres;Spindles for land vehicles;Spindles of bicycles;Splash guards [mudflaps] for vehicles;Splash guards [mudguards] for bicycles;Splash guards [mudguards] for vehicles;Splash preventers [mudguards] for vehicles;Spline shank bits [parts of land vehicle gearing];Splines (sliding -) [parts of land vehicle gearing];Splines (square -) [parts of land vehicle gearing];Spoilers;Spoilers for air vehicles;Spoilers for automobiles;Spoilers for automotive vehicles;Spoilers for land vehicles;Spoilers for vehicles;Spoilers for water vehicles;Spoke caps for bicycle wheels;Spoke clips for wheels;Spoke wheels for vehicles;Spokes for automobiles;Spokes for bicycle wheels;Spokes for bicycles;Spokes for bicycles, cycles;Spokes for motorcycles;Spokes for two-wheeled motor vehicles;Spokes for vehicle wheels;Spokes of bicycles;Spokes (Vehicle wheel -);Sport utility vehicles;Sports bicycles;Sports cars;Sports cars sold in kit form;Sports utility vehicles;Spray flaps for vehicles;Spray guards for vehicles;Spray prevention flaps for vehicles;Spray prevention guards for vehicles;Springs for vehicle suspension systems;Springs for vehicle suspension units;Springs (Shock absorbing -) for vehicles;Sprinkling trucks;Sprockets [bicycle parts];Sprockets for land vehicles;Sprockets for motorcycle drives;Sprockets for racing kart gearing;Stabilisers for reducing the motion of ships;Stabilisers [wheels] for use on bicycles;Stability control systems for vehicles;Stabilizers [wheels] for use on bicycles;Stacking machines [fork-lift trucks];Stands for bicycles, cycles [parts of bicycles, cycles];Stands for bicycles [parts of];Stands for cycles [parts of];Stands for motorcycles;Stands of two-wheeled motor vehicles;Starter motors for land vehicles;Starter pinions for land vehicles;Starters for land vehicles;Steam locomotives;Steam steering gears for vessels [for vessels];Steam turbines for land vehicles;Steamboats;Steel hatch covers for vessels;Steering brakes;Steering columns for vehicles;Steering gear for ships;Steering gears and rudders [for vessels];Steering gears for ships;Steering gears for ships [automatic];Steering gears for ships [other than automatic];Steering linkages for vehicles;Steering racks for vehicles;Steering stands for marine vessels;Steering units for land vehicles;Steering wheel covers;Steering wheel covers for automobiles;Steering wheel locks;Steering wheels;Steering wheels (Covers for vehicle -);Steering wheels for automobiles;Steering wheels for boats;Steering wheels for vehicles;Steering wheels for vessels [for vessels];Steering wheels [vehicle parts];Steps for attachment to land vehicles;Step-up gears for land vehicles;Stern oars;Storage containers adapted for use in vehicles;Storage systems adapted for use in motor vehicles;Stroller covers;Stroller covers [pushchair];Stroller covers [pushchairs];Stroller hoods;Strollers;Structural parts for aircraft;Structural parts for airplanes;Structural parts for ambulances;Structural parts for automobiles;Structural parts for boats;Structural parts for buses;Structural parts for gliders;Structural parts for helicopters;Structural parts for motorcycles;Structural parts for trains;Structural parts for trucks;Structural parts for vans;Structural parts of bicycles;Struts (Non-metallic -) parts of vehicles;Studs for tires;Studs for tires [tyres];Submarine vehicles;Submarines;Submersible vehicles;Sub-sea remotely operated vehicles;Sub-sea vehicles;Sulkies;Sumps being parts of land vehicle gearboxes;Sun blinds adapted for automobiles;Sun shields and visors for motor cars;Sun tops [soft tops] for motor vehicles;Sun tops [sun roofs] for motor vehicles;Sun visors being parts of vehicle bodywork;Sun visors for automobiles;Sun visors [vehicle parts];Sun-blinds adapted for automobiles;Sunroofs for vehicles;Sunshields for use on vehicles;Sunshine roofs for vehicles;Suspension arms for cable cars;Suspension shock absorbers for motor vehicles;Suspension shock absorbers for vehicles;Suspension springs for motor cars;Suspension springs (Vehicle -);Suspension struts for vehicles;Suspension struts [vehicle parts];Suspension systems for automobiles;Suspension systems for bicycles;Suspension systems for land vehicles;Suspensions for vehicles;Tail lifts for vehicles;Tailboard lifts [parts of land vehicles];Tailgates (Am.) Elevating -, Power -[parts of land vehicles];Tandem bicycles;Tank lorries;Tank [tanker] lorries;Tank [tanker] trucks;Tank waggons;Tankers;Tankers [air vehicles];Tankers [land vehicles];Tankers [ships];Tarpaulins adapted [shaped] for use with boats;Tarpaulins adapted [shaped] for use with railway wagons;Tarpaulins adapted [shaped] for use with vehicles;Tarpaulins adapted [shaped] for use with vehicular trailers;T-bars for ski lifts;Telpher railways [cable cars];Thrusters for vehicles;Tiller connectors for use with dinghies;Tiller connectors for use with yachts;Tilt rotor aircraft;Tilt trucks;Tilting-carts;Timbers [frames] for ships;Tippers [lorries];Tipping apparatus [parts of railway freight cars];Tipping apparatus [parts of railway wagons];Tipping apparatus, parts of trucks and waggons;Tipping bodies for lorries;Tipping bodies for lorries [trucks];Tipping bodies for trucks;Tipping bodies for vehicles;Tire chains [land vehicle parts];Tire covers;Tire inflators;Tire liners;Tire mousse inserts;Tire patches;Tire protection chains;Tire repair outfits;Tire repair patches;Tire retreading caps;Tire snow chains [land vehicle parts];Tire valves for vehicle tires;Tires;Tires (Flanges of railway wheel -);Tires for aircraft landing gear wheels;Tires [for automobiles];Tires for bicycles;Tires for bicycles, cycles;Tires for children's bicycles;Tires for land vehicles;Tires for landing gear wheels of aircraft;Tires for snow ploughs;Tires for two-wheeled motor vehicles;Tires for vehicle wheels;Tires for wheels of aircraft;Tires (Non-skid devices for vehicle -);Tires, solid, for vehicle wheels;Toe straps for use on bicycles;Toeclips for use on bicycles;Tonneau covers;Tonneaus;Tool trolleys;Toothed gear transmissions for land vehicles;Toothed wheels for land vehicles;Torque converters for land vehicles;Torque converters for motor cars;Torsion bars for land vehicle suspensions;Torsion bars for motor cars;Torsion bars for vehicles;Torsion dampers for vehicles;Torsion/sway bars [land vehicle suspension parts];Touring bicycles;Touring cars;Touring land vehicles;Touring motorcars;Tow balls;Tow bars;Tow bars for trailers;Tow bars for vehicles;Tow hitches;Tow hooks;Tow tractors;Tow trucks;Towed vehicles;Towing eyes;Towing hitches of metal for vehicles;Towing hook mountings;Towing hooks for vehicles;Towing pins of metal for vehicles;Towing tractors;Towing tractors, and structural parts therefor;Towing trucks;Track bound vehicles;Tracked vehicles;Tracks for armoured vehicles;Tracks for tractors;Traction control systems for vehicles;Traction engine;Traction engines;Traction mats for vehicle tires;Tractor drawn land vehicles;Tractor trailers;Tractors;Tractors for agricultural purposes;Tractors for freight;Trailer axles;Trailer chassis for vehicles;Trailer couplings;Trailer hitches;Trailer hitches for vehicles;Trailer supports;Trailer tents;Trailer trucks;Trailers;Trailers for motor land vehicles;Trailers for petrol tankers;Trailers for towing boats;Trailers for transporting bicycles;Trailers for use with trucks;Trailers [vehicles];Trains [vehicles];Tramcars;Trams;Transmission belts for land vehicles;Transmission cases for land vehicles;Transmission chains for land vehicles;Transmission components for land vehicles;Transmission gears for land vehicles;Transmission levers for land vehicles;Transmission mechanisms, for land vehicles;Transmission shafts for land vehicles;Transmission top covers for land vehicles;Transmissions, for land vehicles;Transmissions for land vehicles;Transmissions [land vehicle parts];Transport apparatus and installations (Cable -);Transport bogies;Transport carriages;Transport chairs;Transport trailers;Transportation trucks;Trash containers adapted for use in vehicles;Tread used to retread tires;Treads for retreading tires;Treads for retreading tires for civil engineering vehicles;Treads for retreading tires [tyres];Treads for retreading tyres;Treads for retreading tyres for forestry vehicles;Treads for retreading tyres for vehicles used in the civil engineering industry;Treads for vehicles [roller belts];Treads for vehicles [tractor type];Tricycles;Tricycles (Carrier -);Trim panels for vehicle bodies;Trolley buses;Trolleybuses;Trolleys;Trolleys for hand traction;Trolleys [mobile carts];Trolleys [vehicles];Trolly [mobile cart];Truck air brake hoses;Truck bed liners;Truck campers;Truck campers [recreational vehicles];Truck tractors;Trucks;Trucks for transporting;Trucks incorporating racks;Trucks (Luggage -);Trucks with a crane feature incorporated;Tubeless tires for bicycles;Tubeless tires [tyres] for bicycles, cycles;Tubeless tyres for bicycles;Tubeless tyres for cycles;Tubes for vehicle wheels;Tubular tires;Tubular tyres;Tug boats;Tumbler gears for land vehicles;Tumbler holders adapted for use in motor vehicles;Turbine shafts [parts of land vehicles];Turbine vanes being parts of land vehicle engines;Turbines for land vehicles;Turbo-jet airplanes;Turbojet engines for land vehicles;Turbo-prop airplanes;Turn signals for vehicles;Twist grips for bicycles;Twist grips for motorcycles;Two-wheeled motor vehicles;Two-wheeled motorised vehicles;Two-wheeled trolleys;Two-wheeled vehicles;Tyre cases;Tyre casings;Tyre chains (Anti-skid -);Tyre grips;Tyre mounts;Tyre mousse inserts;Tyre patching materials;Tyre protection chains;Tyre repair outfits;Tyre repair patches;Tyre treads;Tyre treads of rubber;Tyre valves;Tyres;Tyres (Flanges of railway wheel -);Tyres for agricultural vehicles;Tyres for aircraft;Tyres for automobiles;Tyres for bicycles, cycles;Tyres for buses;Tyres for commercial vehicles;Tyres for land vehicles;Tyres for motor vehicle wheels;Tyres for motor vehicles;Tyres for motorcycles;Tyres for snow ploughs;Tyres for the wheels of forestry vehicles;Tyres for trucks;Tyres for two-wheeled vehicles;Tyres for vehicle wheels;Tyres for wheelchairs;Tyres (Non-skid devices for vehicle -);Tyres, solid, for vehicle wheels;Ultralarge crude carriers;Ultralight aircraft;Ultralight airplanes;Underbodies of vehicle;Undercarriage struts;Undercarriages;Undercarriages for railway cars;Undercarriages for vehicles;Undercarriages of railway cars;Undercarts for vehicles;Underground railway carriages;Underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for transport;Underwater vehicles;Unicycles;Universal joints for land vehicles;Unmanned aerial vehicles;Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs);Unmanned conveying vehicles;Unmanned vehicles;Upholstery for automobiles;Upholstery for vehicle seats;Upholstery for vehicles;Utility vehicles;Valve stems for vehicle tires;Valves for tyres;Valves for vehicle tires;Valves for vehicle tires [tyres];Valves for vehicle tyres;Vans;Vans [vehicles];Variable speed transmissions for land vehicles;Vehicle anti-theft alarms;Vehicle axle assemblies;Vehicle bodies;Vehicle body hardware;Vehicle bonnet pins;Vehicle booster seats for children;Vehicle booster seats for use with a safety harness;Vehicle brake discs;Vehicle brake pads;Vehicle brake shoes;Vehicle bumpers;Vehicle cabs;Vehicle chassis;Vehicle covers [fitted];Vehicle covers [shaped];Vehicle disc brakes;Vehicle door panels;Vehicle doors;Vehicle head rest covers;Vehicle hood pins;Vehicle hoods;Vehicle joysticks;Vehicle mirrors;Vehicle mirrors [retrovisors];Vehicle partitions;Vehicle petrol [gas] tanks (Caps for -);Vehicle propellers;Vehicle rear windows;Vehicle roll bars;Vehicle rooftop cargo and luggage carriers;Vehicle running boards;Vehicle safety belts for children;Vehicle safety harness for carry cots;Vehicle safety harness for children;Vehicle safety harness for safety seats for children;Vehicle safety harnesses for pram bodies;Vehicle safety restraints for use with carry cots;Vehicle safety restraints for use with pram bodies;Vehicle safety restraints for use with safety seats;Vehicle safety seat cushions;Vehicle safety seats;Vehicle safety seats for children;Vehicle seat belts;Vehicle seat covers;Vehicle seat covers [fitted];Vehicle seat covers [shaped];Vehicle seat subsystems;Vehicle seating;Vehicle seats;Vehicle shock absorbers;Vehicle sunroofs;Vehicle suspension springs;Vehicle tire valve stem caps;Vehicle tires;Vehicle tow bars;Vehicle trailers;Vehicle trolleys;Vehicle tyres;Vehicle wheel hubs;Vehicle wheel rims;Vehicle wheel spokes;Vehicle wheel tires;Vehicle wheel tires [tyres];Vehicle wheel tyres;Vehicle wheels;Vehicle wheels (Hubs for -);Vehicle windows;Vehicle windows incorporating aerials for radio reception;Vehicle windows incorporating heaters;Vehicle windscreens;Vehicle windshields;Vehicles;Vehicles adapted for military purposes;Vehicles adapted for the disabled;Vehicles (Air cushion -);Vehicles and conveyances;Vehicles [Anti-glare devices for -];Vehicles (Connecting rods for land -), other than parts of motors and engines;Vehicles (Electric -);Vehicles fitted with living accommodation;Vehicles for animal transport;Vehicles for locomotion by land;Vehicles for locomotion by land, air, water or rail;Vehicles for locomotion by rail;Vehicles for locomotion by sea;Vehicles for locomotion on rails;Vehicles for locomotion underwater;Vehicles for the physically handicapped and those of reduced mobility;Vehicles for the tipping loads;Vehicles for transport (Military -);Vehicles for travel by air;Vehicles for travel by land;Vehicles for travel by rail;Vehicles for travel by sea;Vehicles for travel by water;Vehicles for use in space;Vehicles for use on land;Vehicles incorporating apparatus for loading;Vehicles incorporating apparatus for tipping;Vehicles incorporating bucket loaders;Vehicles (Refrigerated -);Vehicles (Remote control -), other than toys;Vehicles sold in kit form;Vehicles (Space -);Velocipedes;Vessels [boats and ships];Vinyl roofs for vehicles;Visors [strips] for vehicle screens;Waggons;Waggons (Refrigerated -) [railroad vehicles];Wagons;Wagons, and structural parts therefor;Wagons (Refrigerated -) [railroad vehicles];Warning alarms (Anti-theft -) for vehicles;Warning alarms [reversing] for vehicles;Warning horns for automobiles;Warning horns for bicycles;Warning horns for motorcycles;Warning systems (Audible -) for cycles;Warships;Water bikes;Water bottle cages for bicycles;Water bottle holders for bicycles;Water deflecting skirts [kayak equipment];Water scooters;Water vehicles;Water vessels;Waterborne vehicles;Watercraft;Weights (Balance -) for vehicle wheels;Wheel arch extensions;Wheel barrows;Wheel bearings for land vehicles;Wheel brakes;Wheel chairs;Wheel covers;Wheel covers [for vehicles];Wheel cylinders for vehicles;Wheel hubs;Wheel hubs (Bands for -);Wheel hubs for automobiles;Wheel hubs for bicycles;Wheel hubs for motorcycles;Wheel hubs for vehicles;Wheel hubs (Vehicle -);Wheel hubs (Vehicles -);Wheel rims;Wheel rims for automobiles;Wheel rims [for automobiles];Wheel rims for bicycles;Wheel rims for motor cars;Wheel rims for motorcycles;Wheel rims for vehicles;Wheel spacers;Wheel sprockets;Wheel suspensions;Wheel tires (Vehicle -);Wheel trims;Wheel tyres (Vehicle -);Wheelbarrows;Wheelchair cushions;Wheelchair pads;Wheelchairs;Wheelchairs for invalids;Wheelchairs for the disabled;Wheelchairs for transporting invalids;Wheeled cabinets for transporting medical supplies;Wheeled carrycots;Wheeled carry-cots;Wheeled containers for the transport of goods;Wheeled luggage carriers;Wheeled transporters for babies;Wheeled vehicles;Wheels;Wheels and tyres, and continuous tracks for vehicles;Wheels being parts of bicycles;Wheels for aircraft;Wheels for automobiles;Wheels for bicycles;Wheels for bicycles, cycles;Wheels for motor vehicles;Wheels for motorcycles;Wheels for racing karts;Wheels for railway cars;Wheels for supermarket trolleys;Wheels for vehicles;Wheels [land vehicle parts];Wheels (Spoke clips for -);Wheels, tyres and continuous tracks;Wheels (Vehicle -);Wheeltrims;Wind deflectors for vehicles;Wind powered vehicles;Window glass for vehicle windows;Window rain guards for cars;Window winding mechanisms for vehicle windows;Windows for trailers;Windows for vehicle windscreens;Windows for vehicle windshields;Windows for vehicles;Windscreen wiper arms;Windscreen wiper blades;Windscreen wipers;Windscreen wipers [for automobiles];Windscreen wipers for motor cars;Windscreens;Windscreens for land vehicles;Windscreens for motor cars;Windscreens for vehicles;Windshield visors [vehicle parts];Windshield wiper assemblies;Windshield wiper blades;Windshield wiper blades for vehicles;Windshield wipers;Windshield wipers [vehicle parts];Windshields;Windshields for automobiles;Windshields for vehicles;Windshields [land vehicle parts];Wings for aircraft;Wings of aircraft;Wiper blade adapters for vehicles;Wiper blade refills for vehicle windscreen wipers;Wipers for car head lamps;Wipers for windscreens;Wipers (Windscreen -);Wooden seats for vehicles;Wreckers for transport;Wreckers for transport purposes;Yachts.
Class Description: 007 - Machinery Products
Goods & Services: 3D printers;3D printing pens;Abrading inserts for use with machines;Abrading machines;Abrading tools for use with machines;Abrasive belts for power-operated sanders;Abrasive bits for use with machines;Abrasive discs [machine tools];Abrasive disks for power-operated grinders;Abrasive disks for power-operated sanders;Abrasive grinding wheels [machines];Abrasive grinding wheels [tools for machines];Abrasive instruments [machines];Abrasive instruments [tools for machines];Abrasive sharpening stones [parts of machines];Abrasive sheets all being parts of machines or power tools;Abrasive stones [parts of machines];Abrasive tools being parts of machines;Abrasive wheels being parts for machines;Abrasive wheels for power-operated grinders;Absorbing machines for chemical processing;AC generators [alternators];Access platforms [mechanical];Acetylene cleaning apparatus;Actuating mechanisms for controlling aircraft flaps;Actuating mechanisms for controlling rudders;Actuating mechanisms for controlling slats;Actuating mechanisms for operating aircraft flaps;Actuating mechanisms for operating rudders;Actuating mechanisms for operating slats;Actuators for dampers;Actuators for mechanisms;Actuators for valves;Actuators incorporating a gear mechanism for pipeline valves;Adapters for machine tools;Adaptors for pipes [parts of machines];Adaptors for tool bits [parts of machines];Adhesive bands for pulleys;Adhesive tape dispensers [machines];Adhesive tape dispensing machines;Adjustable screwdrivers (Electric -);Aerated beverage making machines;Aerating pumps;Aerating pumps for aquaria;Aeration pumps for aquaria;Aeration pumps for bodies of water;Aeration pumps for ponds;Aerators;Aerators [machines];Aerial platforms for use with cranes;Aerial platforms for use with hoists;Aerocondensers;Aeronautic engines;Aeronautical engines;Aeroplane engines;Aeroplane motors;Aerosol filling machines;Afterburners for air vehicle engines;Afterburners for water vehicle engines;Agitating mechanisms;Agitators;Agitators for chemical processing;Agitators for circulating liquid media;Agricultural, earthmoving, construction, oil and gas extraction and mining equipment;Agricultural elevators;Agricultural, gardening and forestry machines and apparatus;Agricultural implements being trailer mounted;Agricultural implements other than hand operated hand tools;Agricultural implements other than hand-operated;Agricultural implements, other than hand-operated;Agricultural implements, other than hand-operated hand tools;Agricultural machine tools;Agricultural machines;Agricultural machines for cultivating;Agricultural machines for fertilising;Agricultural machines for grass collecting;Agricultural machines for grass cutting;Agricultural machines for ground cultivation;Agricultural machines for harvesting;Agricultural machines for ploughing;Agricultural machines for soil working;Agricultural machines for sowing;Agricultural seed planting machine;Agricultural spraying machines;Air blowers;Air blowing machines;Air brushes;Air brushes for applying color;Air brushes for applying coloring;Air brushes for applying colour;Air brushes for applying paint;Air brushes [paint spraying];Air cleaners [air filters] for engines;Air compressing apparatus;Air compressor pumps;Air compressors;Air compressors for vehicle compressed air systems;Air compressors for vehicles;Air compressors [machines];Air condensers;Air condensers [compressors];Air cushion devices for moving loads;Air cushion vehicles (Engines for -);Air drills;Air driven hand tools;Air ducting for jet engines;Air filters for automobile engines;Air filters for engines;Air filters for mechanical purposes;Air filters for motorcycle engines;Air filters for motors;Air hammers;Air hose reels [mechanical];Air jet cleaners (Electric -);Air pumps;Air pumps for use in terrariums;Air pumps [garage installations];Air ratchet wrenches;Air screwdrivers;Air spray guns;Air suction machines;Air tackers;Air turbines [not for land vehicles];Air turbines, other than for land vehicles;Air-cooled condensers;Aircraft engines;Airplane engines;Airplane motors;Air-powered tools;Airsprings for machines;Alternating current generators;Alternating current motors;Alternating current motors for airborne vehicles;Alternating current motors for jet engines;Alternating current servo motors;Alternators;Alternators for land vehicles;Amphibious bulldozers;Angle grinders;Angle joints [parts of machines];Angle valves being parts of machines;Animal feed hoppers [machines];Animal shearing machines;Annular hole cutters [machine tools];Anti-friction bearings for machines;Anti-friction pads for machines;Anti-kickback devices for power tools;Anti-lock brake apparatus for machines;Anti-pollution devices for motors and engines;Anti-shock pads [parts of machines];Anti-swinging brakes for crane forks;Anti-swinging brakes for grippers;Anti-swinging brakes for tongs;Anti-vibration mountings for machines;Apparatus for aerating beverages;Apparatus for aerating water;Apparatus for drawing up beer under pressure;Apparatus for dressing;Apparatus for machining;Apparatus for preparing hot beverages;Apparatus for preparing refrigerated beverages;Aprons [parts of machines];Aquaria (Aerating pumps for -);Aquarium air stones [pumps];Aquarium pumps;Aquariums (Aerating pumps for -);Arbors [parts of machines];Arc cutting apparatus [electric];Arc welding apparatus [electric machines];Arc welding machines;Archimedian screws;Articulated couplings;Articulated loaders;Articulated transmissions for aircraft;Articulated transmissions for machines;Articulated transmissions for watercraft;Artificial mist generating machines;Artificial smoke generating machines;Asphalt finishers;Asphalt mixers;Asphalt mixers [machines];Asphalt paving machines;Assembling machines for liquid crystal display devices;Assembly line conveyor machinery;Assembly machines;Assembly nests for conveying goods;Assembly presses;Atomisers being parts for agricultural crop spraying machines;Atomisers [machines];Atomizers [machines];Atomizers [machines] for insecticides;Attachments for bulldozers;Attachments for cranes;Attachments for excavators;Attrition machines for cleaning;Attrition machines for particle surface preparation;Auger bits for use with powered tools;Augers [machines];Auto sheet laminating machines;Auto sheet laminators;Autogenous soldering machines;Autogenous welding machines;Automated assembly machines;Automated laundry detergent dispensers;Automated machines for loading materials;Automated vending machines;Automatic conveyor installations;Automatic cutting machines;Automatic dishwashers;Automatic dispensing machines;Automatic dispensing [vending] machines;Automatic door apparatus [electric];Automatic electrostatic-paint sprayers;Automatic feeding apparatus for livestock;Automatic floor scrubbers;Automatic grapnels for marine purposes;Automatic grinding machines;Automatic inlet control valves for reciprocating air compressors;Automatic lathes;Automatic looms;Automatic packing machines for food;Automatic robotic spray guns for paint;Automatic sheet collating machines;Automatic sprayers for electrostatic painting;Automatic stamping machines;Automatic swimming pool sweepers;Automatic tire removing and installing devices;Automatic vending machines;Automobile oil pans;Automotive engine blocks;Automotive exhaust pipe;Automotive intake manifolds;Aviation drive trains;Awls [powered tools];Axial fan condensers;Axial flow blowers;Axial flow compressors;Axial flow pumps;Axial pumps;Axles for machines;Axles [machine parts];Back hoes [machines];Backhoes;Backhoes [earth moving machines];Baffles [parts of machines, engines or motors];Bag compactors [machines];Bag filling machines;Bag forming machines;Bag sealing machines;Bagging machines;Bags for electric vacuum cleaners;Bags of paper for vacuum cleaners;Bags of plastics for vacuum cleaners;Bags (Vacuum cleaner -);Bailing machines;Balances for power operated tools;Balers for agricultural use;Balers for industrial use;Ball bearings for engines;Ball bearings for in-line skates;Ball bearings for machines;Ball bearings for motors;Ball bearings for roller skates;Ball bearings for skateboards;Ball bushings;Ball mills;Ball races;Ball retrieving apparatus;Ball rings for bearings;Ball rings for machine tools;Ball rings for machines;Ball screw cartridges;Ball screws;Ball valves being parts of machines;Ball-bearings;Band brakes [machine elements not for land vehicles];Band conveyors;Band saws;Bands (Adhesive -) for pulleys;Bandsaw blades for machines;Bandsaws;Bar code labellers;Bar code laminators;Bar code printers [machines];Barking machines;Barley polishing machines;Barley press rollers;Barley splitting machines;Barn cleaners [machines];Barrels for use with boring machines;Barrels for use with drilling machines;Barrels for use with drilling rigs;Basement draining installations;Basket presses;Batch loading machines;Batch sorting machines;Battering ram [hydraulic];Battery operated spraying machines;Bearing brackets for ball bearings;Bearing brackets for machines;Bearing brackets for roller bearings;Bearing cages being parts of machines;Bearing end rods;Bearing housings;Bearing housings for machines;Bearing housings [machine parts];Bearing inserts;Bearing inserts for machines;Bearing inserts [machine parts];Bearing mounts;Bearing rod ends;Bearing rollers;Bearing to shaft locking devices;Bearing units for wheels;Bearings;Bearings and bushings [machine parts];Bearings, as parts of machines;Bearings (Ball rings for -);Bearings for engines;Bearings for machines;Bearings for shafts;Bearings for transmission shafts;Bearings [parts of machines];Beaters being electric appliances;Beaters, electric;Beating machines;Beer (Apparatus for drawing up - under pressure);Beer engines;Beer pumps;Bellows being parts of machines;Bellows for machines;Bellows [machines];Bellows [parts of machines];Belt conveyors;Belt conveyors for handling loose granular goods;Belt conveyors having a partially curved axis;Belt conveyors having a totally curved axis;Belt drives;Belt pulleys;Belt pulleys being parts of machines;Belt sanders;Belt sanders [machines];Belt sanding machines;Belt tensioners;Belting for machines;Belts (Driving -) for transmitting motion to land vehicles;Belts (Dynamo -);Belts for conveyors;Belts for engines;Belts for farm vehicle machines;Belts for machines;Belts for motors and engines;Belts for shrinkage machines;Belts for transmissions other than for land vehicles;Belts (Timing -) for vehicle engines;Bench drilling machines;Bench grinders [machines];Bench presses [machines];Bending machines;Bending machines [for metalworking];Bending machines for metalworking;Bending machines for sheets;Bending machines for tubes;Bending presses [machines];Bevel gear grinding machines;Bevel gear grinding tools;Bevelled edge formers [machines];Beverage making machines;Beverage preparation machines, electromechanical;Beverage processing machines;Bicycle assembling machines;Bicycle dynamos;Bilge pumps;Binding apparatus for hay;Binding machines;Biscuit making machines;Bits for mining machines;Bits for power drills;Bitumen making machines;Blade grinding machines;Blade holders [parts of machines];Blade sharpening [stropping] machines;Blades (Chaff cutter -);Blades for aircraft turbines;Blades for circular saws;Blades for circular saws [machines];Blades for earth moving machines;Blades for power saws;Blades for power tools;Blades for powered planes;Blades for powered tools;Blades [machine parts];Blades [parts of machines];Blanking presses;Blenders, electric, for household purposes;Blenders for food [electric];Blending machines for chemical processing;Blight prevention machines and implements, other than hand-operated implements;Block and tackle;Block brakes [machine elements not for land vehicles];Blow pipes being parts of gas cutting apparatus;Blow pipes being parts of gas welding apparatus;Blow pipes [gas-operated cutting apparatus];Blow pipes (soldering -) [gas-operated];Blow torches;Blowers [machines];Blowing engines;Blowing machines;Blowing machines for the compression, exhaustion and transport of gases;Blowing machines for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain;Blowing machines or fans for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain;Boat engines;Boat lifts;Boat motors;Boats (Engines for -);Boats (Motors for -);Bobbin winding machines;Bobbins for sewing machines;Bobbins for weaving loom;Bobbins for weaving looms;Bobbins [parts of machines];Body straighteners [machines];Boiler scale collectors (Machine -);Boiler tubes [parts of machines];Bolt cutters [machines];Bonding machines;Bookbinding apparatus and machines for industrial purposes;Bookbinding machines;Bookbinding machines for industrial purposes;Borax coating machines;Borers (Mine -);Boring machines;Boring machines [for metalworking];Boring machines for metalworking;Boring machines for use in woodworking;Boring robots for repairing the interiors of canalization pipes;Boring robots for repairing the interiors of pipes;Boring tools (Machine -) with slides;Boring tools [machine tools];Boring tools operated by machines;Bottle capping machinery;Bottle capping machines;Bottle capping machines for food and beverages;Bottle filling machines;Bottle sealing machines;Bottle stoppering machines;Bottle stopping machines;Bottle washing machines;Bottling machines;Bow saws [machines];Box making machines;Boxes for matrices [printing];Brackets (Bearing -) for machines;Braiding machines;Brake blocks for machines;Brake components for machines;Brake flushing machines;Brake linings for machines;Brake linings other than for vehicles;Brake linings, other than for vehicles;Brake motors;Brake pads other than for vehicles;Brake pads, other than for vehicles;Brake parts (Machine -) made of materials having frictional properties;Brake segments other than for vehicles;Brake segments, other than for vehicles;Brake shoes other than for vehicles;Brake shoes, other than for vehicles;Brakes for industrial machines;Brakes for industrial washing machines;Brakes for machines;Brakes for presses;Braking components for machines;Branch cutters [machines];Brazing apparatus;Bread cutting machines;Bread knives (Electric -);Bread moulding machines;Bread slicers [machines];Break rings for horizontal casters;Breakrock hammers [machines];Brewing machines;Brick making machines;Bridge cranes;Bridges (Roller -);Briquetting machines;Broaches being machine tools;Broaches [machine tool];Broaches [machine tools];Broaching machines [for metalworking];Broaching machines for metalworking;Broadcast seeders;Broadcast seeders [tractor towed agricultural implements];Brush cutters [machines];Brushes being parts of dynamos;Brushes being parts of generators;Brushes being parts of machines;Brushes being parts of motors;Brushes being parts of motors, generators and dynamos;Brushes (Dynamo -);Brushes, electrically operated;Brushes, electrically operated [parts of machines];Brushes for vacuum cleaners;Brushes [parts of machines];Brushing [sweeping] machines;Brushwood cutters [machines];Bucket conveyors;Bucket excavators;Bucket rails for conveyors;Bucket wheels;Buckets for earth moving machines;Buckets for elevator conveyors;Buckets for use with hydraulic lifting machines;Buffers being power tools;Building hoists;Bulldozers;Bunchers [machines];Bundling machines;Burrs [power tools];Bushes being parts of engines;Bushes being parts of motors;Bushings being parts of machines;Bushings for the keying of rolling bearings;Bushings for use as parts of machines;Bushings [parts of machines];Butchers' knives (Electric -);Butchers saws [machines];Butt welding machines for wire [gas-operated];Butter machines;Butter making machines;Butterfly shutters;Butterfly valves being parts of machines;Butterfly valves (Non-metallic -) being parts of machines;Butterfly valves of metal being parts of machines;Buttonholing machines;Cable cranes;Cable cutters [machines];Cable cylinders [parts of machines];Cables for lifts;Cake-fodder crushing machines [feed mills];Calcining machines [for chemical processing];Calcining machines for chemical processing;Calender rollers [machines];Calendering machines;Calenders;Cam chains;Cam covers [vehicle parts];Cam drive systems for internal combustion engines;Cam rollers [parts of machines];Cam shafts;Cam sprockets;Cam sprockets, being engine timing components;Cams being parts of machines;Camshafts for air vehicles;Camshafts for machines;Camshafts for vehicle engines;Camshafts for water vehicles;Can crushers [machines];Can openers, electric;Can opening machines;Canning machines;Capping machines;Capping machines for aerosols;Capstans;Car lifts;Car vacuum cleaners;Car washing installations;Car washing machines;Carbide burs [machine tools];Carbide drill bits for machines;Carbide drill tips for machines;Carbon brushes [electricity];Carbon brushes for alternators;Carbon brushes for dynamos;Carbon brushes for electrical machines;Carbon brushes for starter motors;Carbonating machines;Carburetors;Carburetors [vehicle parts];Carburetter feeders;Carburetters;Carburettors;Carburettors for internal combustion engines;Card clothing [parts of carding machines];Card type textile machines;Cardan joints;Cardan shafts;Carding machines;Cargo handling machines;Carpet beaters (Electric -);Carpet brushing machines;Carpet cleaning machines;Carpet cleaning machines [electric];Carpet shampoo applicators (Electric -);Carpet shampooing (Machines and apparatus for -), electric;Carpet sweepers (Electric -);Carpet washing machines;Carriage aprons;Carriages for knitting machines;Carrier sheets for flexographic printing plates;Carton folding machines;Carton making machines;Cartoning machines;Cartridges for filtering machines;Cartridges of staples for industrial stapling machines;Case loading machines;Casing cutters;Casing rings [parts of machines];Casings for industrial machines;Cast iron parts for pipes [parts of machines];Casting machines;Casting machines for ceramics;Casting machines for molten metal;Casting moulds of metal [parts of machines];Casting wheels;Catalitic converters;Catalytic converter units for vehicle exhausts;Catalytic converters;Catalytic converters being parts of vehicle exhausts;Catalytic converters for motors and engines;Catalytic converters for the exhaust gases of internal combustion engines;Cattle dehorners;Cattle marking tools [machines];Cattle shearers [machines];Cattle skinning instruments [machines];Cattle stunning appliances [machines];Cement drills for drilling machines;Cement mixers for the cementation of wells;Cement mixers [machines];Cemented carbide cutting tools;Cemented carbide tips;Cemented carbide tips for tool bits;Cemented carbide tips [tools for machines];Cemented carbide tools [machine];Centering drilling bits being parts of machines;Central vacuum cleaning apparatus;Central vacuum cleaning installations;Centrifugal blowers;Centrifugal compressors;Centrifugal drums;Centrifugal fan condensers;Centrifugal grinding machines;Centrifugal machines;Centrifugal machines for use with milk;Centrifugal mills;Centrifugal pumps;Centrifugal pumps for condensing units;Centrifugal separating machines for industrial use;Centrifugal separators;Centrifugal water pumps for domestic purposes;Centrifuge separators for industrial use;Centrifuges;Centrifuges [machines];Ceramic masses being parts of motors;Ceramic tips [tools for machines];Ceramic tools for machines;Cereal processing machines;Chaff cutter blades;Chaff cutter blades [parts of machines];Chaff cutters;Chaff cutters [machines];Chaff spreaders [machines];Chain conveyors;Chain grinding machines;Chain saws;Chain transmissions, other than for land vehicles;Chainguards [parts of machines];Chains, being engine timing components;Chains (Driving -) other than for land vehicles;Chains (elevator -) [parts of machines];Chainsaws;Chamfering machines;Change speed transmissions [other than for land vehicles];Chasers [machine tool];Chasers [machine tools];Chasers [machines or parts for machines];Check valves (non-metallic -) [parts of machines];Check valves of metal [parts of machines];Cheese making machines;Cheese packaging machines;Cheese slicers [machines];Chemical fiber spinning machines;Chemical handling machines;Chick brooders;Chip cutting machines;Chippers [power lawn and garden tools];Chisel heads [machine tools];Chisels for machines;Chopping machines;Chucks for power drills;Chucks [parts of machine];Chucks [parts of machines];Churns;Churns [machines] for use in making butter;Cigarette machines for industrial purposes;Cigarette making machines;Cinder sifters [machines];Circle cutters for use with machines;Circle cutting tools for use with machines;Circuit board drills [machines or machine tools];Circular saw blades being parts of machines;Circular saws;Circular saws being portable electric power tools;Circular saws [for woodworking];Circulating pumps;Clack valves [parts of machines];Clamp connectors for piping [parts of machines];Clamping devices being parts of machine tools;Clamping devices for use with machine tools;Clamping machines;Clamping tools for holding piece parts during machining;Cleaning apparatus (Acetylene -);Cleaning appliances utilizing steam;Cleaning implements [electric polishing];Cleaning installations (electric -) [polishing];Cleaning (Machines and apparatus for -), electric;Cleaning machines for aviation engines;Cleaning machines for ponds;Cleaning machines for streets;Clearing saws [machines];Clippers for use on animals [machines];Clippers [machines];Cloth cutting machines;Cloth ironing machines;Cloth ironing presses;Cloth spin-dryers;Cloth washing machines;Clothes presses;Clothes pressing machines;Clothes washing machines;Clothes wringing machines;Clutch cylinders, other than for land vehicles;Clutch levers, other than for land vehicles;Clutches for machines;Clutches other than for land vehicles;Clutches, other than for land vehicles;Coal loaders;Coal ploughs;Coalcutting machines;Coal-cutting machines;Coating machines;Cocks [valves] of metal parts of machines;Cocoon drying machines;Coffee extracting machines;Coffee grinders, other than hand-operated;Coffee mills [other than hand operated];Cog wheels being parts of machines;Coil winding machines;Coils [internal combustion engine parts];Coin-operated washing machines;Collating machines;Collating machines for industrial use;Collectors (Machine boiler scale -);Collets being parts of machines;Collets for power tools;Collets [power tool parts];Color sorters;Colour (Air brushes for applying -);Colour-washing machines;Combination washing and drying machines;Combine harvesters;Combined skips and mixers for producing concrete;Combined washing and brushing machines;Combined washing and drying machines;Combined washing machines and tumble driers;Combined wire strippers and cutters [machines];Combines [agricultural implements];Combing machines;Combs being parts of machines;Combustion engines for aircraft;Combustion engines for industrial machines;Combustion engines for machines;Combustion engines for water vessels;Commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners;Comminuters;Comminutors for solid materials;Compacting machines;Compacting machines for trash;Compacting machines for waste;Compactors;Composting machines;Compressed air engines;Compressed air guns for the extrusion of mastics;Compressed air hoists;Compressed air machines;Compressed air motors;Compressed air pilot valves;Compressed air pumps;Compressed air sprayers;Compressed air switch valves;Compressing fans;Compressing machines;Compression moulding machines;Compressors;Compressors as parts of machines, motors and engines;Compressors [compactors] for waste collection containers;Compressors [compactors] for waste collection vehicles;Compressors for air conditioners;Compressors for air conditioning apparatus;Compressors for air handlers;Compressors for clothes dryers;Compressors for dehumidifying machines;Compressors for gases;Compressors for laundry washing machines;Compressors for machines;Compressors for recovering and recycling refrigerant gases;Compressors for refrigerators;Compressors for supercharging internal combustion engines;Compressors for use on refuse;Compressors [machines];Computerized engraving machines;Concrete construction machines;Concrete finishing machines;Concrete mixers;Concrete mixers [machines];Concrete mixing machines;Concrete paving machines;Concrete placing machines;Concrete pumps;Concrete spraying machines;Concrete vibrators;Condensate separators;Condensed milk making machines;Condensers [ignition parts for internal combustion engines];Condensers [steam] [parts of machines];Condensing installations;Cone brakes being parts of machines;Confectionery making machines;Connecting rods for land vehicle engines;Connecting rods for machines;Connecting rods for machines, motors and engines;Connecting rods [internal combustion engine parts];Construction machines;Construction vehicles, other than for transportation purposes;Contact printing machines;Contacting machines [mixing machines];Container handling machines;Continuous casting installations;Continuous casting machines;Continuous metal casting machines;Continuous scouring and bleaching machines;Continuous vertical conveyors;Contour grinding machines;Contouring lathes;Control cables for machines, engines or motors;Control mechanisms for machines, engines or motors;Control valves [parts of machines];Control valves (Thermostatic -) for machines;Controlled volume pumps;Controls (Hydraulic -) for machines, motors and engines;Controls (Pneumatic -) for machines, motors and engines;Conversion apparatus (Fuel -) for internal combustion engines;Converters for steel works;Converters for steelworks;Conveyers;Conveying chains;Conveying machines;Conveying rollers;Conveying system equipment, namely, blowers;Conveyor belting;Conveyor belts made of wire;Conveyor belts of metal;Conveyor cages;Conveyor rollers;Conveyors;Conveyors and conveyors belts;Conveyors being machines;Conveyors for agricultural and horticultural machinery and parts and fittings therefor;Conveyors for use in mines;Conveyors, in particular belt conveyors and roller conveyors;Conveyors [machines];Cooling radiators for motors and engines;Copper pipes [parts of machines];Copper tubes [parts of machines];Cord making machines;Cordless electric drills;Cordless sweepers;Cordless vacuum cleaners;Core bits [machine tools];Core chucks [parts of machines];Core drilling bits;Corn and grain husking machines;Corn huskers [tractor towed agricultural implements];Corn husking machines;Corn separating machines;Corrugated cardboard manufacturing machines;Corrugated paperboard making machines;Cotton cleaning machines;Cotton fluffing machines;Cotton ginning machines;Cottonseed delinters;Cottonseed delinting machines;Countersinking tools for machines;Countersinks being machine tools;Countersinks [power tools];Coupling machines;Couplings for agricultural implements;Couplings for machines;Couplings for pneumatic apparatus;Couplings of metal for hydraulic apparatus;Couplings other than for land vehicles;Couplings, other than for land vehicles;Cowlings [parts of machines];Crabbing machines;Crack routers [machines];Crane augers;Crane forks;Crane hooks;Cranes;Cranes for use on breakdown vehicles;Cranes [lifting and hoisting apparatus];Crank shafts;Crankcases for land vehicles engines;Crankcases for machines;Crankcases for machines, motors and engines;Crankcases for motors;Cranks [parts of air vehicles];Cranks [parts of machines];Cranks [parts of water vehicles];Crawler cranes;Crawler-tracked loaders;Cream/milk separators;Crimping machines;Crimping tools [machines or parts of machines];Crop lifters [machines];Crop spraying booms;Crop spraying machines;Crushers for kitchen use, electric;Crushers [machines];Crushing apparatus;Crushing machines;Crushing machines for industrial purposes;Cultivators [machines];Cultivators (Motorized -);Cultivators [power lawn and garden tools];Current generators;Curtain drawing devices, electrically operated;Curtain drawing devices electrically operated;Cutter bar knives [parts for machines];Cutter bars [parts of machines];Cutterheads [parts of machines];Cutters being machine tools;Cutters being parts of machines;Cutters being powered by mains electricity or batteries;Cutters for milling machines;Cutters for raise boring;Cutters for silage [other than hand-operated tools];Cutters for straw [other than hand-operated tools];Cutters [machines];Cutting apparatus (Electric arc -);Cutting blow pipes, gas-operated;Cutting devices being parts of machines;Cutting dies for use with machines;Cutting discs for use as parts of machines;Cutting, drilling, abrading, sharpening and surface treatment machines and apparatus;Cutting grids being tools for cutting machines;Cutting guides for use with electric machines;Cutting insert holders [parts of machines];Cutting inserts for machine tools;Cutting inserts [parts of machines];Cutting machines;Cutting machines [for metalworking];Cutting machines for metalworking;Cutting rollers [parts of machines];Cutting shoes [parts of machines];Cutting strips [parts of machines];Cutting tips [parts of machines];Cutting tool blocks [parts of machines];Cutting tools being gas-operated blow pipes;Cutting tools being parts of machines;Cutting tools being power-operated;Cutting tools for machine centres;Cutting tools for use in powered hand-held tools;Cutting tools [machine] in the form of drill bits;Cutting tools [machine] in the form of end mills;Cutting tools [machine] made of sintered materials based on nitrides;Cutting torches;Cyclone coolant purifying machines;Cyclone separators;Cyclones;Cyclones for particle collection in grinding operations;Cylinder blocks [parts of machines];Cylinder covers [parts of machines];Cylinder head gaskets;Cylinder heads for engines;Cylinder heads made of castings of light metal alloys [parts of machines];Cylinder liners;Cylinders being parts of machines;Cylinders for machines;Cylinders for mills;Cylinders for motors and engines;Cylinders for use in printing machines;Cylinders for use in the manufacture of chocolate;Cylinders for use in the manufacture of colorants;Cylinders for vehicles other than land vehicles;Cylinders [machine parts];Cylinders (Pistons for -);Dairy machines;Dampening units for offset presses;Dampers [parts of machines];Damping rollers being parts of machines;Darning machines;Dashpot plungers [parts of engines or motors];Dashpot plungers [parts of machines];DC generators;De-aerators for feedwater;Deburring machines;Deburring tools [parts of machines];Decanter centrifuges incorporating screw conveyors;Decatizing machines;Degreasers [machines];Degreasing machines;Deionizing machines;Demolition hammers [machines];Densifiers;Depalletisers [machines];Derricks;Diamond cutting tools for machines;Diamond drill bits for machines;Diamond-pointed metal-cutting tools;Diamonds (glaziers' -) [parts of machines];Diaphgram pumps;Diaphgrams (Pump -);Diaphragm pumps for pumping fluid material;Diaphragm pumps for pumping liquid material;Diaphragm pumps for pumping semi-liquid material;Diaphragms (Pump -);Die holders for use with machines;Die-casting machines;Die-cutting and tapping machines;Die-cutting machines;Dies for machine tools;Dies for use with machine tools;Diesel electric generators;Diesel engines for air vehicles;Diesel engines for machines;Diesel engines for water vehicles;Diesel engines not for land vehicles;Diesel injection devices;Diesel motors for air vehicles;Diesel motors for machines;Diesel motors for water vehicles;Diesel-engine heating plugs;Die-stamping machines;Die-tapping machines;Differential gear mechanisms for air vehicles;Differential gear mechanisms for machines;Differential gear mechanisms for sea craft;Differential gear mechanisms for water vehicles;Differential transmissions for air vehicles;Differential transmissions for machines;Differential transmissions for sea craft;Differential transmissions for water vehicles;Diffusion pumps;Diggers [machines];Digital electro-hydraulic proportioning valves;Dip-dyeing machines;Direct current generator brushes [parts of machines];Direct current generators;Direct current motors;Disc brakes being parts of machines;Disc brakes for machines;Disc harrows;Disc harrows [tractor towed agricultural implements];Disc sanding machines;Disc screens [parts of machines];Disc shaped rotating grinding tools [machines];Disc shaped rotating grinding tools [parts for machines];Discharge screws for compressed air [parts of machines];Discharge screws for gaseous materials [parts of machines];Discharge screws for hydraulic fluids [parts of machines];Discharge screws for liquid materials [parts of machines];Discharging hoppers;Discs for abrading for use with power tools;Discs for clutch thrust bearings, other than for land vehicles;Discs for cutting for use with power tools;Discs made of abrasive materials [parts of machines];Disengaging mechanisms being parts of machines;Dish washing machines for household purposes;Dish washing machines for industrial purposes;Dishwasher racks being parts of a dishwasher;Dishwashers;Dishwashers for household purposes;Dishwashing machines;Dishwashing machines for household purposes;Disintegrators;Disintegrators [for chemical processing];Disintegrators for chemical processing;Dispensing machines;Dispensing machines for soap;Dispensing machines [other than vending machines];Dispensing valves being machine parts;Disposable blades for use with machines;Disposals (Garbage [waste] -);Dissolving machines [for chemical processing];Distribution machines, automatic;Distribution pumps;Distributor caps [internal combustion engine parts];Distributor manifolds being parts of machines, engines or motors;Distributor rotors [internal combustion engine parts];Distributors for vehicle engines;Ditchers [ploughs];Dividing machines;Dock cranes;Domestic blenders [electric];Domestic food liquidisers [electric];Domestic food mixers [electric];Domestic grinders, electric;Domestic vacuum cleaners;Domestic washing machines;Door closers, electric;Door closers, hydraulic;Door closers, pneumatic;Door openers and closers (Hydraulic -) [parts of machines];Door openers and closers (Pneumatic -) [parts of machines];Door openers, electric;Door openers, hydraulic;Door openers, pneumatic;Dosing valves [parts of machines];Dough dividing machines (Electric -);Dough kneading machines;Dough kneading machines (Electric -);Dough rounding machines (Electric -);Dozer shovels;Drag chain conveyors;Drain cocks;Drainage machines;Drape moulding machines;Drape winding machines;Draw benches;Draw machines;Drawplates for drawbenches;Dredging machines;Dressers for blades [machine tool];Dressing (Apparatus for -);Dressing machines;Drill aligning instruments being machines;Drill aligning instruments for use with machines;Drill aligning squares being machines;Drill bits for machines;Drill bits for rock drilling;Drill bits for rotary power tools;Drill chucks for power drills;Drill chucks [parts of machines];Drill cooling apparatus [parts of machines];Drill machines;Drill presses being machines;Drill presses [power tools];Drill sharpening machines;Drill stands for drilling machines;Drilling apparatus for mineral exploration;Drilling bits [parts of machines];Drilling hammers;Drilling heads [parts of machines];Drilling machine supports;Drilling machines;Drilling machines and parts therefor;Drilling machines for metalworking;Drilling machines [for metalworking];Drilling rigs;Drilling rigs, floating or non-floating;Drilling rigs for drilling off-shore wells;Drilling rigs for drilling wells on land;Drilling rods;Drilling tips for drilling machines;Drilling tools for use with machines;Drills being cordless electric power tools;Drills (Electric hand -);Drills for machine tools;Drills for the mining industry;Drills [power tools];Drive belts for driving aircraft;Drive belts for machines;Drive belts for water vehicles;Drive chains for driving aircraft;Drive chains for machines;Drive machines;Drive mechanisms;Drive mechanisms for machine tools;Drive motors, other than for land vehicles;Drive pulleys;Drive pulleys for power transmission belts of agricultural machines;Drive pulleys for power transmission belts of industrial machines;Drive shafts, other than for land vehicles;Drive transmissions, other than for land vehicles;Drive units, other than for land vehicles;Drives for converting rotary motion to linear motion [other than for land vehicles];Drives for conveyors;Drives for elevator cabin doors;Drives for elevators;Drives for machines;Drives for vacuum pumps;Drives for valves;Drives for ventilation flaps;Drives (Pedal -) for sewing machines;Driving belts for machines;Driving belts, other than for land vehicles;Driving chains for machines;Driving chains other than for land vehicles;Driving chains, other than for land vehicles;Driving devices for lifts;Driving devices for machines;Driving motors, other than for land vehicles;Driving motors other than for land vehicles;Drop-forging machines;Drum filters;Drums [parts of machines];Drums (parts of machines);Dry cleaning [laundry] machines;Dry ice machines;Dry ink transfer machines;Drycleaning machines;Dry-cleaning machines;Dust collecting machines for chemical processing;Dust exhausting installations for cleaning purposes;Dust filters and bags for vacuum cleaners;Dust filters for vacuum cleaners;Dust removing installations for cleaning purposes;Dust separators;Dyeing machines;Dynamo belts;Dynamo brushes;Dynamo pulleys for vehicles;Dynamos;Dynamos for bicycle;Earth augers;Earth boring apparatus [machines];Earth compacting machines;Earth diggers [machines];Earth moving machines;Earth scrapers [earth moving machines];Earth skimming machines;Earth working machines;Edge sealing machines for industrial use;Edgers [machines];Edging tools [machines];Edible kelp processing machines;Edible paste making machines;Edible pastes (Machines for making -);Egg brooders;Egg incubators;Egg slicing machines;Ejectors;Ejectors [pumps];Electric alternating current generators;Electric alternating current motor drives;Electric alternators;Electric alternators for land vehicles;Electric alternators for machines;Electric alternators for water vehicles;Electric apparatus for the care of gardens;Electric arc cutting apparatus;Electric arc torches;Electric arc welders;Electric arc welding apparatus;Electric arc welding machines;Electric arc welding machines;Electric babies' food processors;Electric bag sealers;Electric beaters [machines];Electric blenders;Electric blenders for household purposes;Electric brooms;Electric brushes being parts of machines;Electric cable hoists;Electric can openers;Electric car washers;Electric carpet shampooers;Electric carpet sweepers;Electric carpet vacuum cleaners;Electric carving knives;Electric caulking guns;Electric chaff-cutters;Electric chain saws;Electric cleaners for household purposes;Electric cleaning apparatus for household use;Electric clothes-washing machines;Electric clothing pressing machines;Electric coffee frothers;Electric coffee grinders;Electric compressors;Electric concrete vibrators;Electric cordless sweepers;Electric current generators;Electric domestic vacuum cleaners;Electric door openers;Electric door openers-closers used in land vehicles;Electric drills;Electric drills [hand-held];Electric drives for elevators;Electric drives for lifts;Electric drives for machine tools;Electric drives for machines;Electric drives for motors [other than for land vehicles];Electric driving motors for machines;Electric driving motors [other than for land vehicles];Electric egg beaters;Electric fan units for vacuum cleaners;Electric floor polishers;Electric food blenders;Electric food blenders for domestic use;Electric food blenders [for household purposes];Electric food choppers;Electric food grinders;Electric food grinders for commercial use;Electric food grinders for domestic use;Electric food grinders for industrial use;Electric food preparation machines;Electric food processors;Electric food slicers;Electric fruit juice extractors;Electric fruit peelers;Electric fruit presses;Electric fruit presses for household purposes;Electric fruit presses for household use;Electric fruit squeezers;Electric fruit squeezers for household purposes;Electric garbage disposal machines;Electric garden pumps;Electric garden scythes;Electric garden shredders;Electric gate operators;Electric generator power sets;Electric generators;Electric glue guns;Electric grass shears;Electric grass trimmers;Electric graters;Electric grinders for use in households;Electric hammers;Electric hammers [hand-held];Electric hand drills;Electric hand-held drills;Electric hand-held mixers for household purposes;Electric hedge scissors;Electric hedge shears;Electric hedge trimmers;Electric high pressure cleaners;Electric hoists;Electric ice crushers;Electric ice crushing machines;Electric ignition apparatus for internal combustion engines;Electric ignition coils;Electric ignition devices [other than for igniting at a distance];Electric infant formula mixers for household use;Electric ironing machines;Electric jacks;Electric juice extractors;Electric juicers;Electric kitchen appliances for chopping, mixing, pressing;Electric kitchen machines;Electric kitchen mixers;Electric kitchen tools;Electric knife sharpeners;Electric knitting machines;Electric knives;Electric knives and knife sharpeners;Electric lawn mowers;Electric lawn trimmers;Electric lawnmowers;Electric meat grinders;Electric meat slicers for kitchen use;Electric milk frothers;Electric mixers for household purposes;Electric mixers for mixing food;Electric motors, and their parts, not for land vehicles;Electric motors for heating installations;Electric motors for machines;Electric motors for machines with a digital servo drive controller;Electric motors for refrigerators;Electric motors for use with doors;Electric motors, not for land vehicles;Electric motors [other than for land vehicles];Electric nail extractors;Electric nail guns;Electric pasta makers for domestic use;Electric pasta makers for household purposes;Electric pepper mills;Electric pizza cutters;Electric planers;Electric planes;Electric power generators;Electric power generators for emergency use;Electric power generators for ships;Electric power generators using geothermal power;Electric power generators using waste heat;Electric power supplies [generators];Electric power tools;Electric powered soldering irons;Electric propulsion mechanisms for machines;Electric propulsion mechanisms for water vehicles;Electric pulley blocks;Electric pumps;Electric pumps for swimming pools;Electric punching machines;Electric rotary hammers;Electric salt mills;Electric sanders;Electric sausage stuffers;Electric saws;Electric scissor sharpeners;Electric scissors;Electric screwdrivers;Electric sewing machines;Electric sharpeners;Electric shearing machines;Electric shears;Electric shoe cleaning [polishing] machines;Electric soldering apparatus;Electric soldering irons;Electric starter motors;Electric steam cleaners for household purposes;Electric steam cleaning machines;Electric steam mops;Electric steam mops for household purposes;Electric sweepers;Electric tin openers;Electric vacuum cleaners;Electric vacuum cleaners and their components;Electric vacuum cleaners for bedding;Electric vacuum cleaners for domestic use;Electric vacuum cleaners for industrial use;Electric vacuum food sealers for household purposes;Electric vegetable peelers;Electric washing machines;Electric washing machines for household purposes;Electric washing machines for industrial purposes;Electric water pumps;Electric water pumps for baths;Electric water pumps for spa baths;Electric water pumps for swimming pools;Electric wax-polishing machines for household purposes;Electric wax-polishing machines for industrial purposes;Electric welding apparatus;Electric welding machines;Electric welding machines for metalworking;Electric welding torches;Electric whisks for household purposes;Electric window cleaning equipment;Electric window cleaning machines;Electric wood saw machines;Electrical apparatus for sealing plastics [packaging];Electrical appliances used in kitchen for crushing;Electrical appliances used in kitchen for grinding;Electrical appliances used in kitchen for milling;Electrical appliances used in kitchen for whisking;Electrical beaters for carpets;Electrical brakes for machines;Electrical brushes;Electrical brushes being parts of machines;Electrical can-openers;Electrical carpet cleaning [shampooing] machines;Electrical cleaning [polishing] machines;Electrical coffee grinders;Electrical domestic machines for vacuuming;Electrical drilling machines;Electrical drills;Electrical drives for machines;Electrical engines, other than for land vehicles;Electrical food processors;Electrical generating machines;Electrical generator groups;Electrical generator plant;Electrical generator stations;Electrical generators;Electrical generators using solar cells;Electrical hand tools;Electrical ironing machines;Electrical juice extractors for fruit;Electrical motor pump units;Electrical pumps;Electrical pumps for ponds;Electrical rotary converters;Electrical squeezers for fruit and vegetable;Electrical vacuum cleaners for domestic use;Electrical vegetable slicers;Electrical welding apparatus;Electrical welding machines;Electrical winches for sailboats;Electrically driven tools;Electrically heated soldering irons;Electrically operated brushes, being parts of machines;Electrically operated drives for drawing curtains;Electrically operated floor polishing machines;Electrically operated hand guided tools;Electrically operated suction cleaners [domestic];Electrically powered hand tools;Electrically powered hand-held tools;Electrically powered winches;Electrically powered windlasses;Electricity generating sets;Electricity generators;Electrodes for welding machines;Electrofusion welding machines;Electrolysis apparatus for electroplating;Electromechanical beverage preparation machines;Electromechanical food preparation machines;Electromechanical machines for beverage preparation;Electromechanical machines for chemical industry;Electromechanical machines for food or beverage preparation;Electromechanical machines for food preparation;Electromechanical machines for the chemical industry;Electronic controls for motors;Electronic door closing system;Electronic door openers;Electronic feeders for animals;Electronic ignitions for vehicles;Electronic servo motor controllers;Electronic starters for engines;Electronic starters for motors;Electroplating apparatus;Electroplating machines;Electrostatic coating machines;Electrostatic generators;Elevating apparatus;Elevating or lifting work platforms [including mobile];Elevating platforms;Elevating platforms for attachment to vehicles;Elevating work platforms;Elevator belts;Elevator chains being parts of machines;Elevator chains [parts of machines];Elevator doors;Elevator gears;Elevator motors;Elevator operating apparatus;Elevators;Elevators for agricultural use;Elevators for materials;Elevators [lifts];Embossing machines;Embossing printing machines;Embroidering machines;Embroidery machines;Emergency and rescue machines and machine tools;Emergency power generators;Emergency power supply generators;Emission reduction units for motors and engines;Emptying machines;Emulsifying machines [for chemical processing];Emulsifying machines for chemical processing;End mills;End mills [power tools];Engine bearings;Engine camshafts;Engine cases [vehicle parts];Engine cooling radiators;Engine cylinders for automobiles;Engine cylinders for land vehicles;Engine cylinders for vehicles;Engine driven water pumps;Engine fuel pumps;Engine housings;Engine injectors;Engine mounts other than for land vehicles;Engine mounts, other than for land vehicles;Engine mufflers;Engine rods;Engine speed governors;Engine timing components, namely, cam sprockets;Engine valves;Engines and motors for model vehicles, aircraft and boats;Engines and motors for the generation of electricity;Engines, except for land vehicles;Engines (except for land vehicles);Engines for aerostats;Engines for air cushion vehicles;Engines for boats;Engines for compressors;Engines for marine use;Engines for marine vessels;Engines for model vehicles;Engines for scale models;Engines for ships;Engines for the generation of electricity;Engines not for land vehicles;Engines, other than for land vehicles;Engraving machines;Envelope feeders;Envelope stuffing and inserting machines [packaging machines];Envelope-inserting machines;Escalator chains;Escalators;Etching apparatus for use in manufacturing display panels;Etching machines;Excavating machines;Excavators;Excavators being moveable machines;Excavators being self propelled machines;Excavators [earth moving machines];Excavators [earth working machines];Excavators for hydraulic expansion machines;Exhaust bypasses;Exhaust gas recirculation [EGR] valves for motors and engines;Exhaust gas treatment systems for diesel engines;Exhaust manifold for engines;Exhaust mufflers for motors;Exhaust mufflers for watercraft;Exhaust pipes for land vehicles;Exhaust silencers;Exhaust silencers for engines;Exhaust systems for vehicles;Exhausters being suction ventilators;Exhausts;Exhausts for motors and engines;Expansion boxes for exhausts;Expansion tanks [parts of machines];Expansion tanks [parts of vehicle cooling radiators];Extension bars for power tools;Extensions for power tools;Exterior clearing and cleaning machines;Extracting machines;Extracting machines [for chemical processing];Extracting machines for chemical processing;Extracting machines utilising solvents;Extractors for mines;Extruding machines;Extrusion machines;Extrusion machines for plastic;Extrusion moulding machines;Facing heads;Fan belts for land vehicle engines;Fan belts for motors and engines;Fan belts for vehicle engines;Fans being parts of machines;Fans for cooling vehicle engines;Fans for engines;Fans for machine engines;Fans for motors and engines;Fans for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain;Fastener insertion machines;Fastener machines for inserting fasteners into components;Fastener setting tools [parts of machines];Faucets [parts of machines, engines or motors];Feed grinding machines;Feed pipes for carburettors;Feed pumps;Feeders for machines;Feeders (Mechanized livestock -);Feeders [parts of machines];Feeding apparatus for engine boilers;Feeding machines;Feeding machines for presses;Feeding units for size reduction machines;Feedwater regulators;Felt carding machines;Felt milling machines;Felting machines;Fertiliser broadcasters [machines];Fertiliser spreaders [machines];Fertilizer distributing machines;Fertilizer distributing machines and implements, other than hand-operated implements;Fertilizer distributing machines, other than hand-operated implements;Fertilizer distributors [tractor towed agricultural implements];Fertilizer manufacturing machines;Fertilizer spreading machines;Fiber blowing machines;Fiber cutting machines;Fiber scutching machines;Fibreboard presses [machines];Files [power-operated tools];Filling machines;Filter housings being parts of engines;Filter housings being parts of machines;Filter presses;Filter presses for chemical processing;Filter rod making machines;Filtering machines;Filtering machines for chemical processing;Filtering machines, separators and centrifuges;Filtering machines used in sewage handling;Filters being parts of engines;Filters being parts of machines;Filters being parts of machines or engines;Filters being parts of motors;Filters for cleaning cooling air, for engines;Filters for engines;Filters for gases [machines];Filters for hot gases for use with internal combustion engines;Filters for internal combustion engines;Filters for machines;Filters for motors and engines;Filters [parts of machines or engines];Filtration machines;Finishing machines;Fish paste making machines;Fish-netting machines;Fittings for engine boilers;Fixed and mobile cranes;Fixed belt conveyors;Fixed cranes;Fixed machines for pressing asphalt;Flail mowers;Flame cutting machines;Flame cutting nozzles;Flame sprayers for burning vegetation;Flap discs for power-operated grinders;Flap folding machines;Flat bed knitting machines;Flat dies [parts of machines];Fleshing machines;Flexible couplings [parts of machines];Flexible jacks (Power operated -);Flexographic printing machines;Flexographic printing plates;Floating cranes;Floating production storage and offloading [FPSO] units;Floor buffers;Floor buffing machines;Floor cleaning machines;Floor edgers;Floor maintenance machines [electric] for polishing;Floor polishers;Floor polishers, electric;Floor polishers [electric];Floor polishing machines;Floor sanders;Floor scrubbing machines;Floor washing machines;Flour mill machines;Flues for engine boilers;Fluid couplings being parts of machines;Fluid pumping installations;Fluid pumps;Fluid separation machines;Fly-wheels (Machine -);Fodder cutting machines [feed cutters];Fodder mixing machines [feed mixers];Fodder presses;Folding machine;Food and beverage processing and preparation machines and apparatus;Food blenders, electric;Food blenders (Electric -);Food choppers, electric;Food chopping machines for commercial use;Food cutting machines for commercial use;Food grinders, electric;Food mixers (Electric -);Food mixing machines for commercial use;Food peeling machines for commercial use;Food preparation machines (Electric -);Food preparation machines, electromechanical;Food processing machines (Electric -);Food processors;Food processors, electric;Food processors (Electric -) for domestic use;Food shredders (Electric -);Food slicing machines (Electric -);Food slicing machines for commercial use;Food waste disposal machines;Food waste disposals [garbage disposals];Food whisks (Electric -);Forage harvesters [machines];Forcible entry tools [powered tools];Forestry machines;Forge bellows;Forge blowers;Forging machines;Forging moulds;Forging presses;Foundation work machines;Foundry machines;Fractional horsepower electric motors;Frames being parts of hydraulic elevators;Free wheel clutches [other than for land vehicles];Free wheel couplings [other than for land vehicles];Free-form forging machines;Freewheels other than for land vehicles;Freewheels, other than for land vehicles;Friction wheels for machines;Frictional drive components for machines;Friezing machines;Front end loaders;Front loaders for tractors;Fruit grinders (Electric -);Fruit juice extractors, electric;Fruit juice extractors (Electric -);Fruit presses, electric, for household purposes;Fruit squeezing machines [electric];Fruit washing machines;Fuel/air ratio controls [parts of engines or motors];Fuel and air mixture regulators being parts of internal combustion engines;Fuel conversion apparatus for internal combustion engines;Fuel dispensing pumps;Fuel dispensing pumps for service stations;Fuel economisers for motors and engines;Fuel filters;Fuel filters for vehicle engines;Fuel injection devices for internal combustion engines;Fuel injection pumps;Fuel injection systems for engines;Fuel injector parts for land and water vehicle engines;Fuel injectors;Fuel injectors for engines;Fuel injectors for internal combustion engines;Fuel nozzles;Fuel pumps;Fuel pumps for land vehicles;Fuel pumps for motor vehicles;Fuel pumps (Self-regulating -);Fuel systems for internal combustion engines;Fuel valves;Furnace loading machines;Galvanizing apparatus;Galvanizing machines;Gantries [cranes];Gantry cranes;Gantry cranes [bridge cranes];Garbage compacting machines;Garbage compactors;Garbage disposal machines;Garbage disposal units;Garbage disposals;Garbage disposers;Garbage [waste] disposals;Garden rollers [machines];Garden rotavators;Garden tilling machines;Garden tractors for mowing lawns;Gardening machines (Powered -);Gardening tools (Electric -);Garlic presses (Electric -);Garment packaging machines;Gas actuated rams;Gas compressors;Gas converters;Gas cutting machines;Gas engines;Gas generators [compressors] for inflating flexible structures;Gas generators [compressors] for inflating rigid structures;Gas generators [compressors] for undersea lifting;Gas operated blow pipes for cutting;Gas operated cutting blow pipes;Gas operated power generators;Gas soldering irons;Gas torches [tools];Gas turbine engines;Gas turbine engines for air vehicles;Gas turbine engines for sea vehicles;Gas turbines;Gas turbines not for land vehicles;Gas turbo engines;Gas welding machines;Gases (Blowing machines for the compression, exhaustion and transport of -);Gasifiers;Gaskets for internal combustion engines;Gasoline engines not for land vehicles;Gasoline lawn mowers;Gas-operated blow torches;Gas-operated cutting torches;Gas-operated soldering irons;Gas-operated welding apparatus;Gas-operated welding machines;Gear assemblies, other than for land vehicles;Gear box casings, other than for land vehicles;Gear boxes being parts of machines;Gear boxes for hydraulic transmissions [other than for land vehicles];Gear boxes other than for land vehicles;Gear boxes, other than for land vehicles;Gear cases, other than for land vehicles;Gear change knobs, other than for land vehicles;Gear changing mechanisms for machines;Gear couplings for machines;Gear cutters [machine tool];Gear cutters [machine tools];Gear cutters [machines];Gear cutting and finishing machines;Gear cutting machines;Gear finishers [machines];Gear hobbing machines;Gear levers other than for land vehicles;Gear motors other than for land vehicles;Gear pumps;Gear train parts, other than for land vehicles;Gear transmissions, other than for land vehicles;Gear units for machines;Gear units for power transmissions, other than for land vehicles;Gear units for water vehicles;Gear units, other than for land vehicles;Gear wheels for machines;Geared electric motors for aircraft;Geared electric motors for water craft;Geared electric motors, other than for land vehicles;Gearing for air vehicles;Gearing for machines;Gearing for water vehicles;Gears for machines;Gears for passenger lifts;Gears for water vehicles;Gears for weaving looms;Gears, other than for land vehicles;Generating plant;Generating sets for use with engines;Generating sets for use with motors;Generators;Generators (Current -);Generators for land vehicles;Generators for wind turbines;Generators of electricity;Girder clips being parts of power transmission gear;Glass cutters (Electrically-operated -);Glass washing machines;Glassware manufacturing machines;Glass-working machines;Glaziers' diamonds being parts of machines;Glaziers' diamonds [parts of machines];Glazing machines;Glazing rollers;Glazing rollers for use with calendering machines;Glow plugs for Diesel engine;Glow plugs for diesel engines;Glow plugs for Diesel engines;Glue guns, electric;Glue machines;Gluing machines;Golf ball washing machines;Goods lifts;Governors;Grabs [parts of machines];Graders [earth moving machines];Graders [machines or parts of machines];Grain (Blowing machines or fans for the compression, sucking and carrying of -);Grain driers;Grain drills [machines];Grain harvesters [machines];Grain husking machines;Grain mills [machines];Grain mixers [machines];Grain separating machines;Grain separators;Granulating machines [for chemical processing];Granulating machines for chemical processing;Granulators for sprue recycling;Granulators for sprue regrinding;Graphic epoxy drills [machines or parts for machines];Graphite electrode making machines;Grapnels (Automatic -) for marine purposes;Grass collecting machines;Grass cutting machines;Grass edging machines;Grass trimming machines;Grating machines for household use;Grating machines for vegetables;Gravity conveyors [machines];Gravity fed machines for mounting on sowing machines;Gravure printing machines;Grease boxes [parts of machines];Grease filters [parts of machines];Grease guns operated by compressed air;Grease rings [parts of machines];Green feed cutting machines;Greenfeed cutting machines;Grinders being power tools;Grinders (Electric -) for food preparation;Grinders [hand-held power driven];Grinders [machines];Grinding apparatus [electric];Grinding discs being parts of machines;Grinding machines;Grinding machines for cutting tools;Grinding machines [for metalworking];Grinding machines for metalworking;Grinding machines for refacing the edges of tools;Grinding machines for the treatment of ceramics and metal;Grinding machines with spiral bevel gears;Grinding mills [for chemical processing];Grinding mills for chemical processing;Grinding tools for grinding machines;Grinding tools [machines or parts of machines];Grinding tools [parts of machines];Grinding wheels being parts of machines;Grindstones [machine parts];Grindstones [parts of machines];Gripper bars for use in printing presses;Grippers for cranes;Grooming machines for clipping animals hair;Grooving machines;Ground boring machines;Ground drilling apparatus [machines];Ground engaging machines;Ground surface finishing and compacting machines;Guards [parts of machines];Guidance frameworks for cutting tools [machine];Guidance frameworks for machine tools;Guides for machines;Guillotine machines, other than for office use;Gumball machines;Gunning machines for lining furnances;Guns for compressed air spraying machines;Guns for compressed liquid spraying machines;Guns for fuel dispensing pumps;Guns for paint spraying;Guns (Glue -), electric;Guns (Spray -) for paint;Guns [tools using explosives];Hacksaw blades for machines;Hacksaws [machines];Hair clippers [machines] for animals;Hair clipping machines for animals;Hair cutting machines for animals;Hair shearing machines for animals;Hair trimmers for animals [machines];Hammer drills;Hammering machines;Hammers, electric;Hammers [parts of machines];Hammers (Pneumatic -);Hand held cordless power tools;Hand held power operated spraying machines;Hand held power operated tools;Hand held vacuum cleaners (Electric -);Hand held vacuum cleaners (Electric -) with disposable chambers;Hand implements (Electric -) for use in barbecue cooking;Hand saws (Electrically operated -);Hand shears (Electrically operated -);Hand weaving looms;Hand-held tools, mechanically operated;Hand-held tools, other than hand-operated;Hand-held vacuum cleaners;Handles being parts of machine tools;Handles being parts of mechanically operated tools;Handling apparatus for loading and unloading;Handling machines;Handling machines, automatic [manipulators];Hangers for internal combustion engines [parts of internal combustion engines];Hangers [parts of machines];Harrows;Harrows [tractor towed agricultural implements];Harvesters;Harvesters [tractor towed agricultural implements];Harvesting heads;Harvesting machines;Haulage apparatus [mining];Hauling machines (Net -) [fishing];Hay balers;Hay balers [tractor towed agricultural implements];Hay binding machines;Hay grippers [machines or parts of machines];Hay making machines;Hay rakes [tractor towed agricultural implements];Haymaking machines;Head attachments for power tools;Headboxes being parts of paper producing machines;Headers as part of vehicle exhaust system;Heat exchangers being parts of machines;Heat exchangers [parts of machines];Heat insulated metal piping elements [parts of machines];Heat lances [machines];Heat pumps [parts of machines];Heat recovery devices [parts of machines];Heat sealing machines;Heat sinks for use in machines;Heavy duty flail mowers;Heavy duty grinding machines;Heavy media separators [machines];Heddles;Hedge cutters [machines];Hedge trimmers [machines];Helical gear units being parts of machines;Helical gear units for industrial purposes;Hemming machines;High frequency welding machines;High pressure cleaners;High pressure cleaning machines;High pressure pumps;High pressure washers;High temperature pumps;High-pressure pumps for washing appliances and installations;High-voltage generators;Hobbing machines;Hoists;Hoists for freight;Holders for machine tools;Holding devices for machine tools;Honey extracting machines;Honey extractors (machines);Honeycomb foundation machines;Honeycomb foundation rolling machines;Honing machines for metalworking;Hoods [machine parts];Hoods [parts of machines];Hooke's joints;Hopper loaders [machines];Hoppers [machines];Hoppers [mechanical discharging];Horning machines [for metalworking];Horning machines for metalworking;Horticultural implements [machines];Horticultural machines;Hoses for electric vacuum cleaners;Hoses for vacuum cleaners;Hoses (Metal -) for transferring hydraulic power in machines;Hoses (Metal -) for use in hydraulic systems in machines;Hoses (Non-metallic -) for transferring hydraulic power in machines;Hoses (Non-metallic -) for use in hydraulic systems in machines;Hosiery looms;Hot adhesive guns;Hot air welding machines;Hot melt glue guns;Hot metal extrusion machines;Hot print foiling machines;Household vacuum cleaners;Housings for ball bushings;Housings for machines;Housings [parts of machines];Husking machines (Corn and grain -);Hydraulic accumulators;Hydraulic accumulators being parts of machines;Hydraulic actuators;Hydraulic circuits for machines;Hydraulic controls for machines;Hydraulic controls for machines, motors and engines;Hydraulic controls for motors;Hydraulic conveyors;Hydraulic door closers;Hydraulic door openers;Hydraulic door openers and closers [parts of machines];Hydraulic engines and motors;Hydraulic excavators;Hydraulic extension rams [for emergency and rescue];Hydraulic gate operators;Hydraulic hammers;Hydraulic hoists;Hydraulic intensifiers being parts of machines;Hydraulic jacks;Hydraulic lift tables;Hydraulic lifting gear;Hydraulic lifting ramps;Hydraulic lifts;Hydraulic motors;Hydraulic motors for excavators;Hydraulic pliers (parts of constructing machines);Hydraulic power tools;Hydraulic presses [for metalworking];Hydraulic presses for metalworking;Hydraulic pumps;Hydraulic rams;Hydraulic rescue tools;Hydraulic shears [for emergency and rescue];Hydraulic spreader [for emergency and rescue];Hydraulic tools;Hydraulic torque converters [machine elements not for land vehicles];Hydraulic torque converters, not for land vehicles;Hydraulic torque wrenches;Hydraulic transmissions, other than for land vehicles;Hydraulic turbines;Hydraulic valve actuators;Hydraulic valves;Hydraulic valves [parts of machines];Hydraulic wrenches for use on drilling rigs;Hydraulically driven winches for marine use;Hydraulically operated butterfly valves;Hydraulically operated switches;Hydrocyclones;Hydrodynamic screws;Hydroelectric installations for generating electricity;Hydrogen dispensing pumps for service stations;Hydro-pneumatic accumulators;Hydrostatic drives;Ice cream packing machines;Ice crushing machines;Ice-resurfacing machines;Idling pulleys being parts of machines;Igniting devices for internal combustion engines;Igniting magnetos;Ignition coils for automotive engines;Ignition devices for motors of land vehicles;Ignition distributors for internal combustion engines;Ignition magnetos for engines;Ignition wires for motor vehicles;Ignition wires for vehicle engines;Image reproduction machines [printing];Image transfer machines [printing];Impact crushers [machines or parts of machines];Impact drills [machines or parts of machines];Impact enhancing tools for use in the completion of oil wells;Impact enhancing tools for use in the drilling of oil wells;Impact grinding crushers;Impact printers [machines];Impact wrenches;Impellers;Impellers for turbo-superchargers;Implements [machines] for drilling;Implements [machines] for spraying;Impregnating machines;Imprinting machines for industrial purposes;Incorporators [agricultural implements];Incubators for eggs;Indexing drive machines;Indexing drives;Industrial bag filling machines;Industrial blowers;Industrial boring machines for horizontal boring;Industrial boring machines for horizontal drilling;Industrial brakes for industrial washing machines;Industrial carpet cleaning machines;Industrial carpet shampooing machines;Industrial carpet vacuuming machines;Industrial centrifugal decanting machines;Industrial centrifugal drying machines;Industrial centrifuges;Industrial cleaning machines;Industrial cleaning machines [polishers];Industrial cleaning machines [shampooers];Industrial cleaning machines utilising pressure jets;Industrial cleaning machines [vacuum cleaners];Industrial conveyors;Industrial cutting machines;Industrial degreasing machines;Industrial drills [machines];Industrial dry-cleaning machines;Industrial floor cleaning machines;Industrial floor cleaning machines [vacuum cleaners];Industrial floor cleaning [polishing] machines;Industrial food mixers [machines];Industrial hammers [machines];Industrial honing machines;Industrial inkjet printing machines;Industrial machine presses;Industrial mixing machines;Industrial pneumatic tools;Industrial printing machines;Industrial process controllers [hydraulic];Industrial process controllers [pneumatic];Industrial robot scotching machines;Industrial robot sewing machines;Industrial robot tentering machines;Industrial robot textile milling machines;Industrial robot washing machines;Industrial robots;Industrial robots for shaping glass;Industrial robots for shaping metal;Industrial robots for shaping plastic material;Industrial robots for shaping wood;Industrial robots for use in manufacture;Industrial robots for use in the handling of workpieces;Industrial robots for use in the mounting of workpieces to be worked on;Industrial robots for working glass;Industrial robots for working metal;Industrial robots for working plastic material;Industrial robots for working wood;Industrial sewing machines;Industrial soldering machines [gas operated];Industrial squeezers;Industrial tin openers;Industrial trash compacting machines;Industrial vacuum machines for cleaning;Industrial vacuum machines for use in manufacture;Industrial washing machines;Inert gas generators [machines];Injection moulding machines;Injection moulds;Injection plastic molding machines;Injection presses;Injection stretch blow moulding machines;Injectors;Injectors for engines;Injectors for machines;Ink jet printing machines;Ink stirrers;Inking apparatus for printing blocks;Inking apparatus for printing machines;Inlet systems for gas turbines;Insecticide sprayers [machines];Installations for automated washing of vehicles;Installations for the bulk handling of granular materials;Installations for the bulk handling of pulverulent materials;Installations for use in continuous casting;Installations for vacuum packing purposes;Intaglio printing machines;Intake manifolds for internal combustion engines;Intake manifolds for motors;Intake manifolds [vehicle parts];Internal combustion engines for boats;Internal combustion engines for power generation;Internal combustion engines for power generation, other than for land vehicles;Internal combustion motors [other than for land vehicles];Internal grinding machines;Intertillage machines;Involute grinding machines;Iron pressing machines;Ironing machines;Ironing machines and laundry presses;Ironing machines for clothing;Ironing machines for textile articles;Ironing presses;Irons (soldering -) [gas-operated];Jacks, electric;Jacks [machines];Jacquard controlled knitting machines;Jacquard controls;Jacquard looms;Japanese style wooden clogs [Geta] shaping machines;Jarring machines;Jaw crushers [machines];Jaw type rock crushers;Jaw type shaft couplings other than for land vehicles;Jaws of life [powered rescue shears];Jet engines;Jet engines [not for land vehicles];Jet engines, other than for land vehicles;Jet engines other than for land vehicles;Jet pumps for vacuum generation;Jets being parts of machines;Jib cranes;Jig saws;Jigs for holding a component during machining;Jigs for locating a component during machining;Jigsaw blades [parts for machines];Jigsaw machines;Jigsaws [machines];Jig-saws [machines];Joggers [agricultural machines];Jogging machines for vibrating paper for stacking purposes;Joining machines;Jointers being woodworking machines;Jointing machines;Joints for pipes (metal -) [parts of engines];Joints for pipes (metal -) [parts of machines];Joints for tubes (metal -) [parts of engines];Joints for tubes (metal -) [parts of machines];Joints [parts of engines];Joints (Universal -) [Cardan joints];Journal boxes [parts of machines];Journals [parts of machines];Joysticks being parts of machines, other than for game machines;Juice extracting machines;Juice extractors;Juice extractors, electric;Juice extractors [machines];Juice machines;Kerb laying machines;Kerb making machines;Kerosene engines, not for land vehicles;Key cutting machines;Key making machines;Keyhole saws [machines];Keys for releasing borers [machine];Keys for releasing machining bits;Keys for securing bits [machine];Keys for securing borers [machine];Kick starters for motorcycles;Kitchen grinders, electric;Kitchen knives (Electric -);Kitchen machines, electric;Kitchen machines (Electric -) for food preparation [other than cooking];Kitchen tools [electric utensils];Kneaders [electric kitchen machines];Kneading machines;Kneading machines [for chemical processing];Kneading machines for chemical processing;Knife blades for electric knives;Knife cleaning machines;Knife grinding machines;Knife polishing machines;Knife sharpeners [electric];Knife sharpening machines;Knife-sharpening machines;Knitting bobbins [parts of machines];Knitting machine cabinets adapted for use with domestic knitting machines;Knitting machines;Knives, electric;Knives for mowing machines;Knives [parts of machines];Label applicators [other than for office use];Label dispensing machines [other than for office use];Label making machines [other than for office use];Label overprinters [other than for office use];Labellers [machines];Labelling machines;Labelling machines [other than for office use];Lace making machines;Lacing machines;Laminated leaf-springs being parts of machines;Laminating machines other than for office use;Lamination coating machines other than for office use;Laminators [machines] other than for office use;Lapping machines;Lapping machines [for metalworking];Lapping machines for metalworking;Laser cutting torches;Laser drilling machines for stone working;Laser engraving machines;Laser engraving machines for woodworking;Laser welding apparatus;Laser welding devices;Laser welding machines;Lasts for shoes [parts of machines];Lathes;Lathes [for metalworking];Lathes for metalworking;Lathes [machine tools];Lathes [machines];Lattice mast cranes;Laundry drying machines without heating;Laundry folding machines;Laundry presses;Laundry washing machines;Laundry washing machines for household use;Lawn aerators [machines];Lawn and garden string trimmer spools;Lawn and garden tilling machines;Lawn clippers [machines];Lawn cutting machines;Lawn edge trimmers [machines];Lawn mowers;Lawn mowing attachments for vehicles;Lawn rakes [machines];Lawn raking machines;Lawn rolling implements for attachment to land vehicles;Lawn rolling machines;Lawn sweepers [machines];Lawn trimming machines;Lawnmowers;Lawnmowers [machines];Leather paring machines;Leather tanning machines;Leather-working machines;Letterpresses [printing machines];Level regulating valves [parts of machines];Levellers [machines];Lift belts;Lift chains being parts of machines;Lift installations;Lift operating apparatus;Lift tables;Lifting and hoisting equipment, elevators and escalators;Lifting apparatus;Lifting attachments for land vehicles;Lifting attachments incorporating mechanisms for the handling of goods;Lifting gear for handling loads;Lifting installations for the transport of persons and goods;Lifting installations [other than ski lifts];Lifting jacks [other than hand-operated];Lifting jacks other than hand-operated;Lifting machines;Lifting machines for handling loads;Lifting machines for transporting bulk materials;Lifting platforms;Lifting platforms for use with storage shelving;Lifting ramps;Lifting tables;Lifting tackle [machines];Lifting tongs for cranes;Lifts;Lifts for use in lifting vehicles;Lifts for use in stairways;Lifts for use with vehicles;Lifts, other than ski-lifts;Line haulers;Line marking machines;Line trimmers for garden use;Linear actuators;Linear actuators [mechanical];Linear drives;Linear motors;Linear motors, other than for land vehicles;Linear transfer machines;Liners for hammer mills;Linings for brakes [parts of machines];Link chains for driving purposes [other than for land vehicles];Linking devices [parts of machines];Linking mechanisms [parts of machines];Liquid aerators [machines];Liquid blenders [machines];Liquid detergent feeders;Liquid manure sliders [machines];Liquid waste removal machines;Liquidisers [kitchen machines];Liquidisers [machines];Liquidizers [kitchen machines];Liquidizers [machines];Lithographic printing machines;Lithographic printing plates;Lithographic printing plates for use in printing machines;Load carrying [lifting] machines;Loader buckets for excavators;Loaders [conveyors];Loaders [earth moving machines];Loaders for agricultural machines;Loaders for packing goods;Loaders [machines];Loading and unloading machines;Loading cranes;Loading machines;Loading platforms for vehicles;Loading ramps;Lockable valves [parts of machines];Locomotive cranes;Log splitters [machines];Longitudinal cutters for plastics materials;Longitudinal cutters [machines];Loom shafts;Looms;Lopping shears [machines];Lubricating guns [machines];Lubricating installations [parts of machines];Lubricating pumps;Lubrication machines;Lubrication pumps;Lubricators [parts of machines];Lumbering band saws;Macerating machines;Macerator pumps;Machine belting;Machine belts;Machine boiler scale collectors;Machine cages;Machine centres;Machine cocks;Machine coupling and transmission components (except for land vehicles);Machine coupling and transmission components, except for land vehicles, and parts therefor;Machine coupling components, except for land vehicles;Machine couplings and transmission components except for land vehicles;Machine couplings and transmissions, except for land vehicles;Machine couplings [other than pipe];Machine fly-wheels;Machine guides [parts of machines];Machine holders being stands [being adapted for the machine];Machine knives;Machine lasts for making shoes;Machine motors;Machine mowers;Machine operated glue dispensers;Machine operated platforms capable of elevation above ground level and used for storage;Machine plasma arc torches;Machine pumps;Machine stands;Machine tool couplings;Machine tool holders;Machine tools;Machine tools for boring;Machine tools for breaking up road surface material;Machine tools for cutting;Machine tools for drilling;Machine tools for grinding;Machine tools for metal working;Machine tools for milling;Machine tools for parting;Machine tools for removing waste material;Machine tools for sale in kit form;Machine tools for sawing;Machine tools for slotting;Machine tools for the plastics processing industry;Machine tools for woodworking machines;Machine tools for working metals;Machine transmission components, except for land vehicles;Machine wheels;Machine wheelwork;Machinery for shaping glass;Machinery for shaping metal;Machinery for shaping plastic material;Machinery for shaping wood;Machinery for working glass;Machinery for working metal;Machinery for working plastic material;Machinery for working wood;Machines and apparatus for carpet shampooing, electric;Machines and apparatus for cleaning, electric;Machines and apparatus for polishing [electric];Machines and apparatus for wax-polishing, electric;Machines and machine tools for treatment of materials and for manufacturing;Machines for agricultural use;Machines for annealing electrical and electronic circuitry;Machines for applying beading to edges of mattresses;Machines for applying chocolate to nuts;Machines for applying chocolate to the centres of chocolates;Machines for banknote cleaning;Machines for bending;Machines for burnishing;Machines for carpet cleaning;Machines for carton-making;Machines for cleaning carpets;Machines for cleaning surfaces using high pressure water;Machines for cleaning surfaces using high-pressure water;Machines for coiling wires;Machines for comminuting;Machines for compressing garbage;Machines for conveying;Machines for conveying solids;Machines for crushing;Machines for cutting grass;Machines for cutting paper;Machines for detaching and mounting tires;Machines for drilling;Machines for drilling wells;Machines for dyeing;Machines for dyeing textiles;Machines for excavating earth;Machines for excavating rock;Machines for extruding;Machines for filling bottles;Machines for filling cartons;Machines for filling containers;Machines for filling packaging containers;Machines for finishing;Machines for finishing leather;Machines for finishing skins;Machines for flaking dried fish meat (kezuri-bushi making machines);Machines for food preparation [electric];Machines for forming pouches;Machines for glass working;Machines for grading rock;Machines for grinding [electric];Machines for handling containers;Machines for handling materials;Machines for handling nuclear fuels;Machines for harvesting;Machines for hoisting;Machines for inflating balloons;Machines for inserting objects into balloons;Machines for lifting;Machines for lifting vehicles;Machines for loading;Machines for machining metals;Machines for making aerated beverages [electric];Machines for making bags;Machines for making cardboard;Machines for making cigarette filter rods;Machines for making cigarettes [industrial];Machines for making edible pastes;Machines for making fishing nets;Machines for making orange juice [electric];Machines for making packaging;Machines for making packing material;Machines for making paper;Machines for making pasta;Machines for making sacks;Machines for making tools;Machines for manufacturing containers;Machines for manufacturing joints;Machines for manufacturing packaging materials;Machines for manufacturing sacks;Machines for manufacturing semiconductors;Machines for manufacturing semi-conductors;Machines for materials handling;Machines for metal processing;Machines for metal working;Machines for mineral processing;Machines for mixing asphalt;Machines for mixing foodstuffs;Machines for moulding;Machines for mounting and detaching tires;Machines for mounting and detaching tyres;Machines for packaging;Machines for painting;Machines for peeling vegetables;Machines for plastics working;Machines for preparing beverages [industrial];Machines for preparing food [industrial];Machines for pressure washing;Machines for printing labels;Machines for printing textile materials;Machines for processing condensed milk;Machines for processing foods;Machines for processing foodstuffs;Machines for processing fruits;Machines for processing glass;Machines for processing plastics;Machines for processing vegetables;Machines for producing bags;Machines for producing containers;Machines for raking;Machines for rivetting;Machines for sanding floors;Machines for scouring;Machines for scraping earth;Machines for sealing bags after filling;Machines for sealing containers;Machines for sealing packaging containers;Machines for separating recyclable materials;Machines for shaping;Machines for shaping geta [Japanese-style wooden clogs];Machines for shaping glass;Machines for shaping metal;Machines for shaping plastic material;Machines for shaping wood;Machines for shredding horticultural waste;Machines for shredding scrap;Machines for slicing food [electric, kitchen];Machines for slicing food [industrial];Machines for sowing;Machines for stripping wallcoverings;Machines for surface deposition;Machines for tapping threads;Machines for the assembly of semiconductor components;Machines for the binding of books [industrial];Machines for the compacting of waste;Machines for the handling of materials;Machines for the making of bags;Machines for the making of hay;Machines for the manufacture of moulds;Machines for the manufacture of packaging;Machines for the manufacture of packing;Machines for the manufacture of paper;Machines for the manufacture of sachets;Machines for the manufacture of textiles;Machines for the mechanical handling of items of post [industrial];Machines for the mineralisation of drinking water;Machines for the mineralization of drinking water;Machines for the paper making industry;Machines for the preparation of foodstuffs [electric, kitchen], other than cooking;Machines for the preparation of foodstuffs [industrial];Machines for the preparation of surfaces for electrical and electronic components;Machines for the production of mineral water;Machines for the production of paper;Machines for the production of semiconductors;Machines for the production of sugar;Machines for the textile industry;Machines for the working of metals;Machines for turning;Machines for use in agriculture;Machines for use in assembly;Machines for use in making whipped cream [electric, kitchen];Machines for use in the manufacture of electrical and electronic circuitry;Machines for use in the manufacture of paper;Machines for use in the processing of water;Machines for use in the sealing of cartons filled with food;Machines for use in viticulture;Machines for washing bottles;Machines for washing clothing [coin-operated];Machines for washing clothing [electric];Machines for washing fabrics;Machines for washing food [electric];Machines for washing golf balls;Machines for washing laboratory apparatus;Machines for washing laundry;Machines for washing laundry [coin-operated];Machines for washing laundry [electric];Machines for welding [electric];Machines for welding [gas];Machines for whipping foods [electric, household];Machines for working metals;Machines for working wood;Machines, machine tools, and power-operated tools and apparatus, for fastening and joining;Machines used in processing cereals;Machines used in processing food;Machines utilising compressed air;Machining (Apparatus for -);Machining centers for metal working;Machining centres;Magnetic brakes for machines;Magnetic clamps [parts of machines];Magnetic conveyors;Magnetic holders for machine tools;Magnetic positioners [parts of machines];Mandrels [parts of machines];Mangles;Mangles [clothes pressing machines];Manifold (Exhaust -) for engines;Manifolds [parts of engines];Manifolds [parts of machines];Manipulating devices [machines] for industrial use;Manipulators [machines] for industrial use;Manufacturing machines for liquid crystal display devices;Manure spreaders [tractor towed agricultural implements];Manure spreading machines;Marine engines;Marine motors;Marine mounted dock cranes;Marine propulsion units;Marine pumps;Material compacting machines;Material production and processing machines;Materials handling conveyors;Materials handling elevators;Materials handling machines;Matrices (Boxes for -) [printing];Matrices for setting presses;Matrices for use in printing;Meat choppers [electric machines] for household use;Meat choppers [machines];Meat cutters [electric machines];Meat cutters [electric machines] for household use;Meat encasing machines;Meat grinders [electric machines];Meat grinders [electric machines] for household use;Meat mincers [machines];Meat mincing machines [electric machines];Meat mincing machines [electric machines] for household use;Meat processing machines;Meat slicing machines;Mechanical and hydraulic lifts;Mechanical and pneumatic hoisting apparatus;Mechanical engine parts for land vehicles;Mechanical hoists;Mechanical hose reels;Mechanical instruments [electric] for polishing floors;Mechanical lawn mowers;Mechanical lifts;Mechanical mixing machines;Mechanical parking systems;Mechanical power transmitting mechanisms [other than for land vehicles];Mechanical presses [for metalworking];Mechanical presses for metalworking;Mechanical railed lifting conveyors;Mechanical reels;Mechanical reels for flexible hoses;Mechanical seals [machine parts];Mechanical seals [parts of machines];Mechanical shears [machines];Mechanical shovels [machines];Mechanical spreaders;Mechanical stamping tools [parts for machines];Mechanical tools;Mechanical transmissions [other than for land vehicles];Mechanical winders;Mechanically activated tools;Mechanically actuated tools;Mechanically operated hand tools;Mechanically operated hand-held crimpers;Mechanically operated stoppers for use in gas well applications;Mechanically operated stoppers for use in oil well applications;Mechanically operated tools;Mechanized feeders for animals;Mechanized feeders for wildlife;Mechanized horse walkers;Mechanized livestock feeders;Mechanized livestock waterers;Membrane filters for use as parts of machines;Memory chip manufacturing machines;Metal branching pipes [parts of engines];Metal branching pipes [parts of machines];Metal cutters (Gas operated -);Metal cutters [machines];Metal cutting centres [machines];Metal cutting machines;Metal cutting tools [gas-operated];Metal cutting tools [machines];Metal cutting tools [parts of machines];Metal drawing machines;Metal engine gaskets for vehicles;Metal extrusion presses;Metal finishing plant [machines];Metal forming machines;Metal forming presses;Metal loading ramps [machines];Metal machining centres;Metal processing machines;Metal production machines;Metal pulleys being parts of machines;Metal safety valves [parts of machines];Metal sawing machines;Metal stamping presses;Metal welding machines [electric];Metal welding machines [gas];Metal working machines;Metalworking machine tools;Metalworking machines;Metered gasoline pumps;Milk centrifuges [machines];Milk filtering machines;Milk homogenizing machines;Milking installations for automatic milk extraction;Milking installations for automatic milk suctioning;Milking machines;Milking machines (Teat cups [suction cups] for -);Milling cutters for milling machines;Milling cutters [machine tool];Milling grinding motors;Milling machines;Milling machines and grinding machines for the treatment of ceramics and metal;Milling machines [for metalworking];Milling machines for metalworking;Milling machines for the treatment of ceramics and metal;Milling tools [machines];Milling tools [parts for machines];Milling-drilling machines;Mills and crushing machines;Mills for household purposes, other than hand-operated;Mills [machines];Millstones;Millstones [machine parts];Mincers [electric] for household use;Mincers [electric] for industrial use;Mincing machines [electric] for industrial use;Mine borers;Mine borers [machines];Mine hoists;Mine working machines;Mineral water making machines;Mineworking machines;Mini cultivators;Mini excavators;Miniature power tools;Miniature power tools being parts of sets;Miniature screwdrivers (Electric -);Mining bits;Mining drill sharpeners;Mining machines;Mining shovels [machines];Minting presses [machines];Miso making machines;Mixers (cement -)[machines];Mixers (Electric -) for mixing food;Mixers, electric, for household purposes;Mixers for furnace repair materials;Mixers for oven repair materials;Mixers [kitchen machines];Mixers [machines];Mixing machines;Mobile aerial work platforms [electric];Mobile aerial work platforms [hydraulic];Mobile baggage conveyors;Mobile cranes;Mobile dock cranes;Mobile electric power generators;Mobile electrical power generators;Mobile elevating work platforms;Mobile machines for quarrying;Mobile platforms [electric];Mobile platforms [hydraulic];Mobile platforms [lifting];Mobile stairs [motorised];Mobile vehicle lifting apparatus;Modular couplings for machine tools;Modular egg conveyors;Modular tools for machines;Modular tools [machines];Molding machines;Molds for use in the manufacture [machine parts];Molds [parts of machines];Mortising machines;Mosaic-type heads for impact printing machines [other than for office use];Motor and engines except for land vehicles;Motor cultivators;Motor drive mechanisms [other than for land vehicles];Motor drive units [other than for land vehicles];Motor driven saws;Motor driven screwdrivers;Motor driven tools;Motor driven windlasses;Motor graders [machines];Motor hand saws;Motor hoes [machines];Motor mufflers;Motorcycles (Kick starters for -);Motorised fans for machines;Motorised valves;Motorized cultivators;Motors and engines (except for land vehicles);Motors, electric, other than for land vehicles;Motors, except for land vehicles;Motors (except for land vehicles);Motors for aeronautical purposes;Motors for aeroplanes;Motors for airplanes;Motors for boats;Motors for machines;Motors for model aircraft;Motors for model boats;Motors (not for land vehicles);Motors other than for land vehicles;Motors, other than for land vehicles;Moulding dies [parts of machines];Moulding machines;Moulds for die-casting [parts of machines];Moulds for forging metal products [parts of machines];Moulds for injection moulding tools;Moulds for moulding plastics products [parts of machines];Moulds [parts of machines];Mounted bearings [parts of machines];Mounting hangers adapted for exhaust systems for internal combustion engines;Movable cranes;Movable elevator conveyors;Movable vibrating conveyors;Movable worm conveyors;Moving and handling equipment;Moving belt conveyors;Moving coil servomotors;Moving cranes;Moving pavement [sidewalk];Moving pavement[sidewalks];Moving pavements [sidewalks];Moving pavements [walkways];Moving sidewalks;Moving staircases;Moving staircases [escalators];Moving stairways [escalators];Moving walkways;Mowers [tractor towed agricultural implements];Mowing and reaping machines;Mowing buckets [machines or parts of machines];Mowing machines [electric];Mowing machines (Knives for -);Mowing machines [petrol];Muck spreaders [machines];Mud catchers and collectors;Mud catchers and collectors [machines];Mud dredging machines;Mud motors;Mufflers for motors;Mufflers for motors and engines;Mufflers [parts of exhaust systems];Mufflers [parts of machines];Mulberry leaf chopping machines;Multi-phase screw pumps;Multiple function hand-held screwdrivers (Electric -);Multiple function screwdrivers (Electric -);Multiple nut runner motors;Multiple shell grippers [machines];Multiple spindle heads for use in boring [machines];Multiple spindle heads for use in boring [parts of machines];Multiple spindle heads for use in drilling [machines];Multiple spindle heads for use in drilling [parts of machines];Multi-purpose high pressure washers;Multi-purpose steam cleaners;Multi-spindle automatic screw machines;Nail extractors, electric;Nail pullers, electric;Nailing machines;Needle pistols [machines];Net hauling machines;Net hauling machines [fishing];Nibblers [machines];Nickel plating machines;Nippers [machines];Non-metal engine gaskets for vehicles;Non-return flaps of metal [parts of machines];Non-return valves of metal [parts of machines];Non-return valves of plastic [parts of machines];Non-woven belts being parts of machines for use in abrading;Non-woven discs being parts of machines for use in cleaning;Non-woven rollers being parts of machines for use in polishing;Non-woven wheels being parts of machines for use in scouring;Noodle making machines;Notchers [machine tools];Notching machines;Nozzles which are parts of power-operated sprayers;Numerically controlled drilling machines;Numerically controlled drilling machines with co-ordinate tables;Numerically controlled machine tools;Numerically controlled machining stations for boring;Numerically controlled machining stations for boring with palletising system;Numerically controlled machining stations for drilling;Numerically controlled machining stations having an automatic tool changer;Numerically controlled modelling machines for business use;Numerically controlled modelling machines for home use;Numerically controlled tapping machines;Numerically controlled tapping machines with co-ordinate tables;Numerically controlled turning machines;Numerically positioned standard drilling machines;Numerically positioned tapping machines;Numerically positioned universal milling machines;Numerically positioned universal milling machines for tooling;Nut drivers [machines];Nut spinners [machines];Nut splitters [machines];Nut-tapping machines;Offset presses;Offset printers;Offset printing presses;Oil centrifuges;Oil coolers for engines;Oil coolers for motors;Oil coolers [vehicle engine parts];Oil drain pumps;Oil drilling rigs;Oil drilling tools;Oil filters;Oil filters for engines;Oil filters for motors and engines;Oil filters [machine parts];Oil hydraulic presses [for metalworking];Oil hydraulic presses for metalworking;Oil pumps for land vehicle engines;Oil pumps for land vehicles;Oil pumps for use in motors and engines;Oil refining machines;Oil separators;Oil separators [machines];Oil tank plugs and caps [vehicle engine parts];Oil tanks [vehicle engine parts];Oil-well pumping machines;Openers (Can -), electric;Openers (Tin -), electric;Opening and closing mechanisms;Optical sorting machines;Orange juice extracting machines [electric];Orange squeezing machines [electric];Orbital sanders [machines];Orbital sanding machines;Ore separators [machines];Ore treating machines;Organic waste composting machines;Outboard engines for boats;Outboard motors;Overdrive units, other than for land vehicles;Overhead conveyors;Overhead cranes;Overhead travelling cranes;Overload couplings [parts of machines];Oxyacetylene cutting machines;Oxyacetylene welding apparatus;Oxyacetylene welding machines;Oxygen cutting devices;Pack assembling machines;Packaging apparatus [machines];Packaging machines;Packaging machines for food;Packaging machines for wrapping;Packaging tools [machines];Packing installations;Packing machines;Packing machines under vacuum;Pads for floor polishing machines;Paint marking machines;Paint mixing machines;Paint sifting machines;Paint spray guns;Paint (Spray guns for -);Paint sprayers;Paint spraying guns;Paint striping machines;Paint stripping apparatus [machines];Painting machines;Painting machines incorporating spray guns;Pallet changing devices for machine tools;Pallet loading belts;Pallet stabilisation machines;Pallet transferring machines;Palletisation machines;Palletisers;Palletising machines;Palletizers;Pan conveyors;Pantograph controlled machines for engraving;Pantograph controlled machines for sign making;Paper bag making machines;Paper bags for vacuum cleaners;Paper box making machines;Paper calendering machines;Paper coating machines;Paper cutting machines;Paper feeders;Paper feeders [printing];Paper machines;Paper making machinery;Paper mill machines;Paper presses [machines], other than for office use;Paper production machines;Paper reeling machines;Paper sack making machines;Paper shredders [machines], other than for office use;Paper shredding machines;Paper shredding machines, other than for office use;Papermaking machines;Paring machines;Parquet wax-polishers, electric;Passenger elevators for buildings;Passenger lifts;Pasta cutters [machines];Pasta making machines, electric;Paste working machines;Pattern rolling machines;Patterning mechanisms [machines], other than for office use;Pavement cutting power grinders;Pavement cutting power groovers;Pavement cutting power saws;Pavement machines;Pavement profilers [machines];Pedal drives for sewing machines;Pedestal drilling machines;Peelers [electric machines];Peeling machines;Peeling machines (Electric -) for use in the preparation of food;Pelletizer blades being parts of machines;Pelletizer dies being parts of machines;Pelletizer plates being parts of machines;Pepper mills other than hand-operated;Pepper mills, other than hand-operated;Percussion hammers [machines];Percussion tool bits for machines;Perforated drums being parts of machines for sorting materials;Perforated plates being parts of machines for sorting materials;Perforated screenplates being parts of machines for sorting of materials;Perforated screens being parts of machines for sorting of materials;Perforating machines [for metalworking];Perforating machines for metalworking;Perforating machines, other than for office use;Perforators [machines], other than for office use;Permanent chucks [parts of machines];Petrol injection instruments;Photocomposing machines;Photocomposition machines;Photoengraving machines;Photo-engraving machines;Photogravure printing presses;Phototypesetting machines;Piece holders for polishing machines;Piercing machines;Piercing tools for machine presses;Pigs for cleaning pipes;Pile drivers;Pile drivers [machines];Pile preparing devices [machines];Pile raising devices [machines];Pile-drivers;Pile-extractors;Pilotless cleaning vehicles;Pinions [other than for land vehicles];Pinning machines;Pipe bending machines;Pipe induction bending machines;Pipe laying machines;Pipes (Cutting blow -) gas-operated;Pipes [fitted parts of machines];Pipes (Soldering blow -) gas-operated;Piston compressors;Piston pins;Piston rings;Piston rings being engine parts;Piston rings for heat pumps;Piston rings [internal combustion engine parts];Piston rods;Piston segments;Pistons;Pistons for compressors;Pistons for cylinders;Pistons for engines;Pistons for internal combustion engines;Pistons for land vehicle engines;Pistons for machines;Pistons for vehicle engines;Pistons [internal combustion engine parts];Pistons [parts of machines or engines];Pivoting bucket conveyors;Pivoting bucket elevators;Plain journal bearings;Plain thrust bearings;Plaiting machines;Planers [machines];Planes (Electric -);Planes [machines];Planetary gear motors;Planetary gear transmissions, other than for land vehicles;Planing machines;Planing machines [for metalworking];Planing machines for metalworking;Planing tools [machines];Planing tools [parts of machines];Planographic printing machines;Planting machines;Plasma cutting machines;Plasma etching machines;Plasma spraying machines;Plasma surface treatment machines;Plasma welding machines;Plastic jet moulding machines;Plastic processing machines;Plastics injection forming machines;Plastics moulding machines;Plastics pipes [fitted parts of machines];Plastics welding machines;Plate shearing machines;Platemaking machines;Platen printing machines;Plates for the sintering of ceramic materials;Plates for the sintering of powdered metals;Plates (Printing -);Platform lifts;Platform truck lifts;Pleating machines;Plough blades for vehicles;Plough shares;Ploughs;Ploughs being agricultural machines;Ploughs [tractor towed agricultural implements];Ploughshares;Plow blades for vehicles;Plows;Plug cocks [parts of machines];Plugging machines;Plunger pistons;Plunger type valves for use with tanks;Plungers [machines];Plywood clipping machines;Plywood cutting machines;Plywood finishing machines;Plywood gluing machines;Plywood jointing machines;Plywood presses;Pneumatic actuating apparatus;Pneumatic actuators for control valves;Pneumatic compressors;Pneumatic controls for machines;Pneumatic controls for machines, motors and engines;Pneumatic controls for motors;Pneumatic conveyors;Pneumatic distributors;Pneumatic door closers;Pneumatic door openers;Pneumatic door openers and closers [parts of machines];Pneumatic drills;Pneumatic drills [hand-held];Pneumatic drills, hand-held;Pneumatic fuel injectors for engines;Pneumatic fuel injectors for motors;Pneumatic grease guns;Pneumatic hammers;Pneumatic hammers [hand-held];Pneumatic hoists;Pneumatic jacks;Pneumatic lifting apparatus [machines];Pneumatic lifting bags [for emergency and rescue];Pneumatic nail guns;Pneumatic nut runners;Pneumatic pipeline conveyors;Pneumatic pumps;Pneumatic pumps for the supply of liquefied gases;Pneumatic pumps for the supply of liquid gases;Pneumatic ratchet wrenches;Pneumatic sheaf-binding machines;Pneumatic shears;Pneumatic tools [machines];Pneumatic transporters;Pneumatic tube conveyors;Pneumatic valve actuators;Pneumatic waste oil drainers;Pneumatically driven presses;Pneumatically operable valves;Pneumatically operated lifting jacks [machines];Points [ignition parts for internal combustion engines];Polishing buffs [parts of machines];Polishing discs for use with electric floor polishers;Polishing discs [parts of machines];Polishing (Machines and apparatus for -) [electric];Polishing (machines and apparatus for -) for household purposes [electric];Polishing machines (floor -) [electric];Polishing machines for barley;Polishing machines for rice;Polishing tools (Electric -);Polycrystalline diamond cutters for machining of workpieces;Polycrystalline diamond cutters for ready cutting of workpieces [machines];Portable air tools;Portable drill stands for electric drills;Portable drill stands [machines];Portable drilling machines [electric];Portable electric power generators;Portable electric power tools;Portable filtration units [machines];Portable saw mills;Portal cranes;Positive crankcase ventilation [PCV] valves for motors and engines;Positive displacement pumps;Potato graders [machines];Potato mashers [electric machines];Potato peelers [electric machines];Potato sorters [machines];Potters' wheels;Poultry hatchers;Poultry incubators;Powder applying apparatus for printing machines;Powder coating spray guns;Powder handling apparatus [machines];Powdered milk making machines;Power activated hand-held tools;Power blowers for lawn debris;Power chucks [parts of machines];Power drill bits;Power drills and bores;Power driven buffers;Power driven hand tools;Power driven hedge shears;Power driven polishers;Power generators for vehicles;Power hammers;Power hoes;Power ice augers used in ice fishing;Power installations [generators];Power jacks;Power looms;Power machines for cutting and splitting logs for firewood;Power operated blowers;Power operated cultivators;Power operated cutters;Power operated cutting tools;Power operated drilling tools;Power operated hammers;Power operated hand held tools;Power operated hand tools;Power operated hedge trimmers;Power operated jacks;Power operated saws;Power operated screwdrivers;Power operated sharpeners;Power operated tools;Power operated tools for cutting;Power operated tools for drilling;Power operated valves;Power saw blades;Power saws;Power shift transmissions [other than for land vehicles];Power shovels;Power staplers;Power supply apparatus [generators];Power tillers;Power tools;Power tools for use in ice sculpting;Power trains for aircraft;Power trains for sea craft;Power transmission belting for machines;Power transmission belts for agricultural machines;Power transmission belts for industrial machines;Power transmission belts for machines;Power transmission belts for machines, motors and engines used in industrial applications;Power transmission belts for sea craft;Power transmission belts [other than for land vehicles];Power transmission chains;Power transmission couplings for aircraft;Power transmission couplings for machines;Power transmission couplings for sea craft;Power transmission couplings for water vehicles;Power transmission couplings [other than for land vehicles];Power transmission mechanisms [other than for land vehicles];Power transmission parts [other than for land vehicles];Power transmissions and gearing for machines [not for land vehicles];Power transmissions for aircraft;Power transmissions for machines;Power transmissions for sea craft;Power transmissions for water vehicles;Power transmissions [other than for land vehicles];Power valve for carburetors [vehicle parts];Power winches;Power-driven wrenches;Powered access work platforms;Powered hammers;Powered tools;Power-operated abrasive wheels;Power-operated angle grinders;Power-operated boat lifts;Power-operated coffee grinders;Power-operated dethatchers;Power-operated de-thatchers;Power-operated floor burnishers;Power-operated flour mills;Power-operated garden hose reels;Power-operated grinding wheels;Power-operated jig saws;Power-operated lawn aerators;Power-operated lawn and garden tillers;Power-operated lawn edgers;Power-operated lifts for moving, parking and storing land vehicles;Power-operated lubricant dispensers for machines;Power-operated meat grinders;Power-operated meat mincers;Power-operated nailing guns;Power-operated plumbing snakes;Power-operated polishers;Power-operated potters' wheels;Power-operated ratchet wrenches;Power-operated rivet guns;Power-operated saws;Power-operated screwdrivers;Power-operated shears;Power-operated ski sharpening machines;Power-operated spray guns;Power-operated sprayers;Power-operated sprayers for insecticides;Power-operated staple guns;Precision grinding machines;Precision grooving tools [machines];Precision grooving tools [parts of machines];Precision machine tools;Precision machine tools being parts of sets;Precision machine tools for cutting materials;Precision machine tools for cutting workpieces;Precision machine tools for machining materials;Precision machine tools for machining workpieces;Precision machines for producing parts for turbojets;Precision parting tools [machines];Precision parting tools [parts of machines];Precision screwdrivers (Electric -);Precision turning tools [machines];Precision turning tools [parts of machines];Pre-insulated bonded metal pipes [fitted parts of machines];Pre-insulated bonded pipes (non-metallic -) [parts of machines];Press dies for metal forming;Press fabric for paper making machines;Press rollers [parts of machines];Press tools [parts of machines];Presses for chemical processing;Presses for industrial purposes [machines];Presses for industrial use [machines];Presses [machines];Presses [machines for industrial purposes];Presses (Smoothing -);Presses (Wine -);Pressing machines;Pressing machines for industrial purposes;Pressure cleaning machines;Pressure control valves being parts of machines;Pressure controllers [regulators] being parts of machines;Pressure controllers [valves] being parts of machines;Pressure intensifiers [machines];Pressure multipliers for gases;Pressure multipliers for liquids;Pressure pipes of metal [parts of machines];Pressure pumps;Pressure reducer valves [parts of machines];Pressure reducers as parts of machines;Pressure reducers [parts of machines];Pressure reducing valves [parts of machines];Pressure regulating apparatus being parts of machines;Pressure regulating valves being parts of machines;Pressure regulating valves parts of machines;Pressure regulators for lubricating installations;Pressure regulators [parts of machines];Pressure release screws being parts of machines;Pressure transformers;Pressure vacuum pumps;Pressure valves [parts of machines];Pressure washers;Pressure washing machines;Pressurising machines for drums;Print finishing machines;Print trimmers [machine];Print trimmers [parts of machine];Printed circuit board drilling machines;Printed circuit board forming machines;Printheads for ink-jet printing machines;Printing and bookbinding machines;Printing cylinders;Printing frames [parts of machines];Printing machines;Printing machines for bank notes;Printing machines for electric duplicating processes;Printing machines for electronic duplicating processes;Printing machines for fiduciary documents;Printing machines for printing on labels;Printing machines for printing on packaging;Printing machines for printing on product substrates;Printing machines [for textile];Printing machines for use on sheet metal;Printing machines for use with ceramics;Printing machines [other than for office use];Printing masks [parts of machines];Printing plates;Printing plates [not sensitised];Printing presses;Printing presses for ceramic material;Printing rollers;Printing rollers for machines;Printing works machines;Printshop machines;Process control instruments [hydraulic];Process control instruments [mechanical];Process control instruments [pneumatic];Process control units [hydraulic];Process control units [mechanical];Process control units [pneumatic];Process controllers [hydraulic];Process controllers [mechanical];Process controllers [pneumatic];Processing machines for use in the food industry;Processing machines using processing gases for the treatment of objects;Processing machines using processing liquids for the treatment of objects;Profiling machines;Progressive starters for asynchronous motors;Propeller shafts;Propellers for machines;Propulsion mechanisms other than for land vehicles;Propulsion mechanisms, other than for land vehicles;Pruning saws [electric];Pruning saws [motorised];Pruning shears [other than hand operated];Puddling machines;Pulley blocks, electric;Pulleys;Pulleys (Adhesive bands for -);Pulleys being parts of machines;Pulleys incorporating bearings [parts of machines];Pulleys [parts of machines];Pulleys [parts of motors];Pulp making machines;Pulp processing machines;Pulp refining machines;Pulping machines;Pulverisers [machines];Pulverisers (Sewage -);Pulverizing machines;Pump control valves;Pump diaphragms;Pump impellers;Pump installations;Pump shafts;Pump starters;Pumping apparatus [machines];Pumping station assemblies;Pumping units [machines];Pump-motor assemblies;Pumps;Pumps as parts of machines, motors and engines;Pumps being parts of washing machines;Pumps, compressors and blowers;Pumps for aerating indoor aquariums;Pumps for aerosols;Pumps for beer;Pumps for concrete;Pumps for cooling engines;Pumps for counter-current swimming;Pumps for heating installations;Pumps for land vehicle engines;Pumps for machines;Pumps for the extraction of gases [machines];Pumps for the extraction of liquids [machines];Pumps for the extraction of vapour [machines];Pumps for use in the food industry [machines];Pumps [machines];Pumps [machines] for the beverage industry;Pumps [parts of machines, engines or motors];Pumps (Vacuum -) [machines];Punches for punching machines;Punches for use with machine tools;Punching machines;Punching presses [for metalworking];Punching presses for metalworking;Punching presses for the final punching of parts;Punching presses for the pre-punching of parts;Punching tools [electric], other than for office use;Punching tools [parts of machines], other than office requisites;Push rods for engines;Push rods for motors;Push rods [vehicle engine parts];Quilting machines for use in the manufacture of mattresses;Quilting machines for use in the manufacture of upholstery;Rabetting planes [machines];Rack and pinion jacks;Rack hoists;Racket stringing machines;Racquet stringing machines;Radial drills;Radial feeders [machines];Radiator caps for cooling radiators of engines;Radiator welding machines (Electric -);Radiators [cooling] for motors and engines;Radiators for motors and engines;Radiators for vehicles;Rail-laying machines;Railroad constructing machines;Railway waggon lifts;Railway wagon lifts;Raising machines for textile treating;Rakes for raking machines;Raking machines;Ram air turbines [other than for land vehicles];Ramie barking machines;Ramie brushing machines;Ramie decorticating machines;Ramie fluffing machines;Ramie kneading machines;Ramjet engines, not for land vehicles;Ramjets [other than for land vehicles];Rammers being machines;Rammers [machines];Ramps being machines;Rams [machines];Rapid scouring machines;Rasps [machines];Ratchet handles [machines];Ratchet hoists;Ratchet wrenches [machines];Raw cotton cleaning machines;Raw silk processing machines;Reamers being machine tools;Reamers [machine tools];Reamers [parts of machines];Reamers [power tools];Reapers;Reapers [agricultural machine];Reapers and binders;Reapers and threshers;Reapers [tractor towed agricultural implements];Rebar cutting machines;Rebound crushers;Rechargeable hedge cutters;Rechargeable sweepers;Reciprocating compressors;Reciprocating feeders [machines];Reciprocating feeders [parts of machines];Reciprocating vacuum pumps;Recoil starters for engines other than for vehicles;Recycling crushing units [machines];Recycling machines;Reducers (Pressure -) [parts of machines];Reducing gears, other than for land vehicles;Reducing gears [parts of machines];Reduction gears being parts of machines;Reduction gears, other than for land vehicles;Reduction gears other than for land vehicles;Reeling apparatus, mechanical;Reels being parts of machines;Reels for weaving looms;Reels, mechanical, for flexible hoses;Reels [parts of machines];Reflow solder apparatus;Refrigerant compressors for cooling installations;Refrigerant compressors for heating installations;Refrigerant recovery pumps;Refrigerated vending machines;Refrigeration compressors;Refrigeration condensers;Refrigerator compressors;Refuse compacting machines;Refuse crushing machines;Refuse cutting machines;Refuse pressing machines;Regrinding mills [machines] for producing plastic pellets;Regulating valves [parts of machines];Regulators as machine parts;Regulators being machine parts;Regulators being parts of machines;Regulators for engines;Regulators for machines;Regulators for motors;Regulators for use in welding machines;Regulators [parts of machines];Regulators [valves] being parts of machines;Remotely controlled lifting machines;Replacement bags of paper for vacuum cleaners;Rescue saws [power tools];Resistance welding machines (Electric -);Reverse osmosis pumps;Reversible flow filters [parts of machines];Rice grain sorting machines;Rice huskers;Rice husking machines;Rice planting machines;Rice polishing machines;Rice transplanting machines;Riding lawn mowers;Rings (Ball -) for bearings;Rings (Grease -) [parts of machines];Rings (Piston -);Rinsing machines;Rivet guns;Rivet guns [power tools];Riveters [machines];Riveters [powered tools];Riveting hammers [powered tools];Riveting machines;Road building machines;Road construction machines;Road line striping machines;Road making machines;Road marking machines;Road marking vehicles [machines];Road paving machines;Road rollers;Road rolling machines;Road rolling [vehicles] machines;Road sweepers;Road sweepers [machines];Road sweeping attachments for vehicles;Road sweeping machines;Road sweeping machines [self-propelled];Road sweeping machines, self-propelled;Road sweeping vehicles [machines];Roadway construction machines;Roadway paving machines;Robot cleaners for household purposes;Robot metal working presses;Robotic apparatus for handling materials;Robotic arms for industrial purposes;Robotic cleaners for household purposes;Robotic cleaning machines;Robotic cleaning [polishing] machines for floors;Robotic cleaning [vacuuming] machines for floors;Robotic compressed air pumps;Robotic compressors;Robotic electric arc cutting apparatus;Robotic electric arc welding apparatus;Robotic electric glue guns;Robotic electric hand drills;Robotic electric punching machines;Robotic electric welding apparatus;Robotic electrical welding apparatus;Robotic electrical welding machines;Robotic exoskeleton suits, other than for medical purposes;Robotic filling machines;Robotic finishing machines;Robotic guns for compressed air spraying machines;Robotic guns for compressed liquid spraying machines;Robotic handling apparatus;Robotic jigsaw machines;Robotic labelling machines;Robotic lawnmowers;Robotic loaders for diffusion furnaces;Robotic mechanisms for conveying;Robotic mechanisms for lifting;Robotic mechanisms for shaping glass;Robotic mechanisms for shaping metal;Robotic mechanisms for shaping plastic material;Robotic mechanisms for shaping wood;Robotic mechanisms for transportation;Robotic mechanisms for use in processing cereals;Robotic mechanisms for use in processing food;Robotic mechanisms for use in processing fruits;Robotic mechanisms for use in processing vegetables;Robotic mechanisms for working glass;Robotic mechanisms for working metal;Robotic mechanisms for working plastic material;Robotic mechanisms for working wood;Robotic mechanisms used in agriculture;Robotic mechanisms used in viticulture;Robotic motor hand saws;Robotic packaging machines;Robotic painting machines;Robotic plugging machines;Robotic separators;Robotic swimming pool cleaning machines;Robotic vacuum cleaners;Robotic vehicle washing installations;Robotic welding machines;Robots for feeding workpieces;Robots for handling rods;Robots for industrial use;Robots for machine tools;Robots for transferring workpieces;Robots for use in industry;Robots for welding;Robots with articulated arms for manipulating workpieces;Rock bits for drilling machines;Rock breaking machines;Rock drills;Rock drills [machine tools];Rock drills [machines];Rock drills [parts of machines];Rocker arms for engines;Rocker arms for motors;Rocker arms [parts of engines];Rocker arms [parts of machines];Rocker arms [parts of motors];Rocker arms [vehicle engine parts];Rocket engines for the propulsion of aircraft;Rocket engines for the propulsion of missiles;Rocket engines for the propulsion of water craft;Rocket engines not for land vehicles;Rocket motor propulsion apparatus for aircraft;Rocket motor propulsion apparatus for boats;Rocket motor propulsion apparatus for missiles;Rocket motor propulsion apparatus for water craft;Rocket motor propulsion apparatus for weapons;Rocket nozzles;Rocket propulsion engines for aircraft;Rocket propulsion engines for boats;Rocket propulsion engines for missiles;Rocket propulsion engines for water craft;Rocket propulsion engines for weapons;Rods (Connecting -) for machines, motors and engines;Roll forming machines;Roll forming tooling [parts of machines];Roll forming tools [machines];Roller bearings;Roller bearings for machines;Roller bearings [machine parts];Roller bridges;Roller chains being parts of machines;Roller conveyors;Roller installations for brake testing;Roller tracks for use in belt conveyor apparatus;Roller tracks for use in roller conveyor apparatus;Roller washing machines for washing print rollers;Rollers being components of packaging lines [machines];Rollers for bearings;Rollers for rotary printing machines;Rollers (Printing -) for machines;Rollers [tractor towed agricultural implements];Rolling bearing cages;Rolling [conveying] machines;Rolling gearings [other than for land vehicles];Rolling machines for rolling metals;Rolling mill cylinders;Rolling mill rolls;Rolling mills;Rolling mills [for metalworking];Rolling mills for metalworking;Rolling presses [machines];Rolling surfaces [machines] for packages;Rolling surfaces [parts of machines] for packages;Rolls being parts of machines;Rolls for rolling mills;Root slicing machines;Rope making machines;Rotary actuators;Rotary air compressors;Rotary blowers;Rotary brushes for machines;Rotary brushes [machines];Rotary compressors;Rotary cultivators [machines];Rotary cutting installations [machines];Rotary dies [machines];Rotary dies [parts of machines];Rotary drills [machines];Rotary drills [parts of machines];Rotary electrical machines;Rotary gear pumps;Rotary grinding machines;Rotary hammers [machines];Rotary hydraulic motors [other than for land vehicles];Rotary index machines;Rotary lobe pumps;Rotary machines for ironing clothes;Rotary metal cutting tools [machines];Rotary metal cutting tools [parts of machines];Rotary milling cutters [machines];Rotary milling cutters [parts of machines];Rotary nozzles for use with high pressure water washing machines;Rotary paper trimming machines, other than for office use;Rotary presses [for textiles];Rotary printing machines [other than for office use];Rotary printing presses;Rotary pumps;Rotary shoes [parts of machines];Rotary steam presses, portable, for fabric;Rotary steam presses, portable, for fabrics;Rotary tables for machine tools;Rotary to linear actuators;Rotary tool bits [machines];Rotary tool bits [parts of machines];Rotary tools [machines];Rotary trimming lines;Rotary trimming machines;Rotating centres [machines];Rotating centres [parts of machines];Rotating electrical machines;Rotating screw conveyors;Rotavators [machines];Rotor arms for size reduction machines;Rough rice separating machines;Round bale choppers [machines];Routers [machines];Routers [parts for machines];Roving machines;Row fertiliser spreaders [machines];Rubber forming machines;Rubber manufacturing machines;Rubber mixing machines;Rubber mixing rolls being parts of rubber mixing machines;Rubber processing machines;Rubber stamps [parts of machines];Rubber tracks being parts of agricultural machines;Rubber tracks being parts of building machines;Rubber tracks being parts of construction machines;Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on agricultural machines;Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on construction machines;Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on loading-unloading machines and apparatus;Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on mining machines;Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on snow ploughs;Rubber tracks being parts of loading-unloading machines;Rubber tracks being parts of mining machines;Rubber tracks being parts of snow ploughs;Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on agricultural machines;Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on building machines;Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on construction machines;Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on loading-unloading machines and apparatus;Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on mining machines;Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on snow ploughs;Rubber vulcanizing apparatus;Rubbish compactors [machines];Saber saws;Sack filling machines;Sack forming machines;Sack making machines;Sack sealing machines;Safety couplings for machines;Safety couplings [other than for land vehicles];Safety manual hoists;Safety valves [parts of machines];Salad drainers [electric kitchen machines];Salad drainers [machines];Sand blasting machines;Sand cleaning machines;Sand sorting machines;Sand-blasting apparatus;Sanders (Electric -);Sanders [machines];Sanding belts for use with machines;Sanding disks for use with machines;Sanding machines;Sanding machines (Belt -);Sanding machines [for woodworking];Sanding machines (Orbital -);Sanding machines (Rotary -);Sanitary napkin producing machines;Satinizing machines;Sausage machines;Sausage making machines;Saw benches being parts of machines;Saw benches [parts of machines];Saw blades for use with power tools;Saw blades [parts of machines];Saw chains;Saw fences for use on table saws;Saw guide rails [parts of machines];Saw machines;Sawing machines;Sawing tools for use with sawing machines;Sawmills;Saws;Saws [machines];Saw-tooth setting machines [for lumbering or woodworking saws];Scale collectors for machine boilers;Scale collectors (Machine boiler -);Scaling machines;Scarifiers [earth moving machines];Scarifiers (earth moving machines);Scarifiers [machines];Scarifying machines;Scarifying machines for garden use;Scissors, electric;Scouring machines;Scouring machines for textiles;Scrap recovery apparatus [machines];Scraper apparatus [machines] for removing sludge;Scrapers [earth moving machines];Screeders [machines];Screen printing apparatus [machines];Screen printing machines;Screening machines;Screening rollers [parts of machines];Screens for grading gravel [parts of machines];Screens for grading ore [parts of machines];Screens for grading rock [parts of machines];Screens for separating gravel [parts of machines];Screens for separating ore [parts of machines];Screens for the printing of textile materials [parts of machines];Screens used in the paper industry [parts of machines];Screens used in the pulp industry [parts of machines];Screw air compressors;Screw conveyors;Screw extractors [machines];Screw grinding machines;Screw hoists;Screw jacks [machines];Screw milling cutters [machines];Screw milling cutters [parts of machines];Screw pulley blocks [machines];Screw pulley blocks [parts of machines];Screw pumps;Screw separators;Screw sprayers being machines;Screw threaded cap openers [machines];Screwdriver bits for electric screwdrivers;Screwdriver bits for machines;Screwdrivers, electric;Screwdrivers (Electric -);Screwdrivers, pneumatic;Screwing-in tools (Electric -);Screwing-in tools [machines];Screw-thread cutters [machines];Scroll saws;Scutching machines for the textile industry;Scythes [machines];Sealing joints [parts of engines];Sealing joints [parts of machines];Sealing machines;Sealing machines for industrial purposes;Sealing plastics (Electrical apparatus for -) [packaging];Seaming machines;Seated [ride on] lawn mowers;Seed drills [agricultural implements];Seed drills for agricultural machines;Seed drills [machines];Seed drills [parts of machines];Seedling processing machines;Segmental saw blades for machines;Segments (Brake -) for machines;Self-centring chucks [parts of machines];Self-driven machines for drilling;Self-driven machines for sawing;Self-driven machines for screwing;Self-lubricating bearings for use in aerospace engines;Self-lubricating bearings for use in aircraft engines;Self-oiling bearings;Self-priming centrifugal pumps;Self-propelled cranes;Self-propelled hydraulic platforms;Self-propelled mowers;Self-propelled road surface dressing vehicles;Self-propelled road sweeping machines;Self-propelled working baskets;Self-propelled working platforms;Self-regulating fuel pumps;Self-regulating pumps [other than for the delivery of fuel at filling stations];Semi-automatic case gluing machines;Semi-automatic case taping machines;Semi-automatic strapping machines;Semi-automatic stretchwrapping machines;Semiconductor manufacturing machines;Semiconductor processing machines for etching magnetic disks;Semiconductor processing machines for etching semiconductor wafers;Semiconductor processing machines for etching substrates;Semiconductor processing machines for the manufacture of magnetic disks;Semiconductor processing machines for the manufacture of semiconductor wafers;Semiconductor processing machines for the manufacture of substrates;Semiconductor substrates manufacturing machines;Semiconductor wafer processing equipment;Semiconductor wafer processing machines;Separating cylinders [machines];Separating cylinders [parts of machines];Separating machines;Separating machines [for chemical processing];Separating machines for chemical processing;Separators for liquid solutions;Separators for liquids;Separators for oil;Separators for separating solids from liquids;Separators [machines];Separators (Steam oil -);Sequin setting machines;Sericultural machines;Service lifts;Servo motors for sewing machines;Servo-control valves;Servo-controlled hydraulic pumps;Servo-cutters [machines];Servo-mechanisms;Servomotors;Servomotors incorporating encoders;Servomotors [other than for land vehicles];Servo-valves;Setting presses [machines];Sewage pulverisers;Sewage pulverizers;Sewage pulverizers being machines;Sewage treatment machines;Sewing machine installations;Sewing machine motors;Sewing machinery;Sewing machines;Sewing machines for household purposes;Sewing machines for textiles and leather;Sewing robots;Shaft bearings for vacuum pumps;Shaft bearings [parts of machines];Shaft couplings as parts of machines;Shaft couplings for machines;Shaft couplings [machines];Shaft couplings, not for land vehicles;Shaft hoists for mines;Shaft mounted gear units [other than for land vehicles];Shafts (Bearings for transmission -);Shafts for ball bushings;Shafts for machines;Shafts for pumps;Shafts (Loom -);Shaking machines for use in manufacture;Shaper cutters [machines];Shaping and moulding machines;Shaping machines [electric];Shaping machines [for metalworking];Shaping machines for metalworking;Shares (Plough -);Sharpening machines;Sharpening machines (Electric -);Sharpening machines for blades (Electric -);Sharpening machines for cutlery (Electric -);Sharpening machines for tools (Electric -);Sharpening wheels [electric machines];Sharpening wheels [parts of electric machines];Sharpening wheels [parts of machines];Shaving exhaust installations;Sheaf-binding machines;Shearers (Electric -) for livestock;Shearing machines, electric;Shearing machines (Electric -);Shearing machines for animals;Shearing machines [for metalworking];Shearing machines for metalworking;Shearing machines (Hand-operated -);Shears, electric;Sheep shearing machines [powered];Sheet fed rotary printing machines;Sheet metal flattening machines;Sheet metal separators [machines];Sheet metal working machines;Sheet printing machines;Sheet-continuity sequencing machines;Sheeting grippers [machines];Sheet-inserting machines;Shock absorber plungers [parts of machines];Shock absorbers for machines;Shock absorbing cylinders [parts of machines];Shock absorbing springs being parts of machine suspension;Shock absorbing springs for machines;Shoe cleaners [brushes, electric];Shoe lasts being parts of machines;Shoe lasts [parts of machines];Shoe making machines;Shoe polishers, electric;Shoes (Brake -) for machines;Shoes for machine brakes;Shot blasting machines;Shovel loaders [machines];Shovels, mechanical;Shower pumps;Shredder machines for forage;Shredders [machines];Shredders [machines] for cardboard;Shredders [machines] for industrial use;Shredders [machines] for paper;Shredders [machines] for waste;Shredders [power lawn and garden tools];Shredding machines;Shredding machines for water closets;Shrinking machines;Shutter valves;Shuttleless looms;Shuttles [parts of machines];Side cutters [machines];Sidewalks [moving pavement];Sidewalks [moving pavements];Sieves [machines or parts of machines];Sifters;Sifting installations;Sifting machines;Sign makers [machines];Silage spreaders [machines];Silencers;Silencers as part of vehicle exhaust systems;Silencers being parts of exhaust systems;Silencers for engines;Silencers for motors and engines;Silk reeling machinery;Silk screen printing machines;Silk spinning machinery;Silk yarn bundling machines;Silk yarn reeling machines;Silk yarn re-reeling machines;Silkworm egg washing machines;Silt pumps;Single column welding presses;Single point cutting tools [machines];Single point cutting tools [parts for machines];Single point grease dispensers (Electric -);Single seed sowing machines;Single sheet diffusion transfer plates [parts of machines];Single shouldered beading machines;Single spindle drilling machines;Single spindle tapping machines;Sintering machines [for chemical processing];Sintering machines for chemical processing;Site lifts;Size reduction machines for hard materials;Size reduction machines for rock;Size reduction machines for wood;Sizing machines;Ski edge sharpening tools, electric;Skid steer loaders;Skid-steer loaders;Skimmers [machines];Skimming machines;Sleeve type linear ball bearings for use in linear movement;Slewing gear;Slicers [machines, electric];Slicing machines (Electric -) for kitchen use;Slicing machines (Electric -) for large scale food processing;Slide bearings;Slide rests [parts of machines];Slide valves [parts of machines];Sliders for knitting machines;Slides for knitting machines;Sliding bearings for machines;Slitting machines for industrial use;Slotting machines;Slotting machines [for metalworking];Slotting machines for metalworking;Slotting tools for machines;Sludge cocks [valves] being parts of machines;Sludge pumps;Sludge valves being parts of machines;Smoothing presses;Snip cutters [machines];Snips [machines];Snips (tin -) [machines];Snow blowers;Snow blowing attachments for vehicles;Snow blowing machines;Snow blowing vehicles;Snow cutting attachments for vehicles;Snow cutting vehicles;Snow moving attachments for vehicles;Snow moving vehicles;Snow plough blades;Snow ploughs;Snow plows;Snow removal apparatus [machines];Snow removal machines;Snow throwers;Snowblowers;Snowploughs;Snowplows;Socket spanners [machines];Socket wrenches [machines];Sockets [parts for machines];Soda-pop making machines;Soil engaging parts for agricultural implements;Soil grading apparatus [machines];Soil grading machines;Soil moving apparatus [machines];Soil screening apparatus [machines];Soil screening machines;Soil sieving apparatus [machines];Soil sieving machines;Soil spreading apparatus [machines];Soil spreading machines;Solar power generators;Soldering apparatus, electric;Soldering apparatus, gas-operated;Soldering blow pipes, gas-operated;Soldering instruments [gas-operated];Soldering irons, electric;Soldering irons, gas-operated;Soldering lamps;Soldering machines [gas-operated];Sole plates for supporting shaft bearings;Sorting machines for chemical processing;Sorting machines [for chemical processing];Sorting machines for industry;Sorting machines, other than for money;Sorting slides [parts of industrial sorting machines];Sound absorbers being parts of machines;Sound absorbers [silencers] being parts of exhaust systems for machines;Sound absorbers [silencers] being parts of vehicle exhaust systems;Soundproof hoods [parts of machines];Sowers [machines];Sowing machines;Sowing machines for towing behind tractors;Soy milk makers for household purposes;Soy sauce making machines;Soybean reaping cutters [machines];Spark arrestors being parts of machines;Spark plug ignition wires;Spark plug wires;Spark plugs;Spark plugs for engines;Spark plugs for land vehicle engines;Spark plugs for vehicle engines;Sparking plugs for automotive engines;Sparking plugs for internal combustion engines;Sparking plugs not for land vehicles;Sparking-plugs;Speed change gears being parts of machines;Speed changers;Speed governers [mechanical] for machines, engines and motors;Speed governors for machines;Speed governors for machines, engines and motors;Speed reducers [machine parts];Speed reducers (parts of machines);Spice grinders (Electric -);Spiked rollers [machines];Spiked rollers [machines] for use in soil aeration;Spin driers [machines];Spin driers [not heated];Spin dryers;Spin dryers for household purposes (not heated);Spin dryers [machines];Spin dryers [not heated];Spindle adapter flanges for machine tools;Spindle hoists;Spindle shafts [parts of engines];Spindle shafts [parts of machines];Spindle shafts [parts of motors];Spindles for machine tools;Spine binders [machines], other than for office use;Spine taping machines, other than for office use;Spinning boxes for open-end rotor spinning machines;Spinning frames;Spinning machines;Spinning preparation machines;Spinning wheels;Spinning wheels [machines];Spiral binding machines for industrial use;Spiral conveyors [machines];Spiral de-watering units [machines];Spiral mixing machines;Splash guards [parts of machines];Splash preventers [parts of machines];Splicing machines;Spline shank bits [parts of gearing for aircraft];Spline shank bits [parts of gearing for water vehicles];Spline shank bits [parts of machines];Splines (involute -) [parts of machines];Splines (sliding -) [parts of machines];Splines (sliding -) [parts of water vehicle gearing];Splines (square -) [parts of machines];Splines (square -) [parts of water vehicle gearing];Spool adaptors [parts for industrial machine];Spool unwinders [machines];Spools of metal [parts of machines];Spot cleaning machines;Spot welding machines;Spray damping machines [for textile treatment];Spray fittings [parts of machines];Spray guards for machines;Spray guns;Spray guns (electric -) [airbrushes];Spray guns for paint;Spray guns for painting;Spray guns [machines];Spray guns [machines] for extruding putty;Spray guns [machines] for paint;Spray heads [parts of machines];Spray lances being agricultural implements;Spray lances being horticultural implements;Spray lances for attachment to pressure washing machines for cleaning purposes;Spray nozzles being parts of machines;Spray nozzles for attachment to pressure washing machines;Spray paint machines;Spray prevention flaps for machines;Spray prevention guards for machines;Spray rollers being agricultural implements;Spray rollers being horticultural implements;Spray valves [parts of machines];Sprayers affixed to vehicles for spraying crops;Sprayers for towing behind vehicles for spraying crops;Sprayers for use in agriculture [parts of machines];Sprayers for use in horticulture [parts of machines];Sprayers (insecticide -) [hand-held tools, electric];Sprayers (insecticide -) [machines];Sprayers (knapsack -) [electric] for carrying on the back;Sprayers [machines] for agricultural use in spraying fungicide;Sprayers [machines] for agricultural use in spraying herbicide;Sprayers [machines] for agricultural use in spraying insecticides;Sprayers (machines) for applying artificial sun tanning preparations;Sprayers [machines] for garden use in spraying insecticide;Sprayers [machines] for garden use in spraying weedkillers;Sprayers [machines] for household use in spraying insecticide;Sprayers [machines] for household use in spraying weedkillers;Sprayers [machines] for use in agriculture;Sprayers [machines] for use in horticulture;Spraying booms attached to vehicles for the purpose of spraying crops;Spraying booms for attachment to vehicles for the purpose of spraying crops;Spraying booms for towing behind vehicles for spraying crops;Spraying machines;Spraying machines for use mounted on tractors;Spraying machines for use mounted on trailers;Sprays [machines], other than for medical use;Sprays [parts of machines], other than for medical use;Spreader beams [machines];Spreader beams [parts of machines];Spreaders [machines];Spreading machines;Spring bushes [parts of machines];Spring driven reels;Spring motors;Spring powered machines;Spring shock absorbers for machines;Springs being parts of anti-vibration mountings for machines;Springs being parts of machines;Springs [parts of machines];Sprinkling devices [machines];Sprockets for machines;Sprockets for water vehicle gearing;Sprung guide rails [parts of machines];Sprung sheet metal guides [parts of machines];Spur gear manual hoists;Spur wheel pulley blocks [parts of machines];Spur wheels [parts of machines];Sputter coating guns;Squaring machines;Squeegees [machines];Stacker crane arms;Stacking machines;Stacking machines for ingots;Stacking machines for slabs;Stacking machines [other than fork-lift trucks];Staged and segmented conveyors;Stair lifts;Staircases (Moving -) [escalators];Stairlifts;Stalk separators [machines];Stamp vending machine;Stamping machines;Stamping machines for pressing out components from sheet materials;Stamping machines for pressing [shaping] components from sheet materials;Stamping machines for printed materials in sheet form;Stamping machines, other than for office use;Stamping presses;Standard shank drills [machines];Standard shank drills [parts of machines];Stands for hydraulic jacks;Stands for lifting;Stands for lifting tables;Stands for machines;Staple fiber cutting machine;Staple fiber cutting machines;Staplers (Electric -), other than for office use;Stapling machines [other than for surgical or stationery use];Stapling presses [other than for surgical or stationery use];Starter alternators;Starter motors;Starter pinions;Starters for asynchronous electric cage motors;Starters for engines;Starters for motors;Starters for motors and engines;Starters for stationary engines;Starting couplings for air vehicles;Starting couplings for machines;Starting couplings for water vehicles;Stationary circular saws [machines];Stators;Stators being parts of machines;Stators [parts of machines];Steam boilers for steam generating [parts of machines];Steam boilers [parts of machines];Steam cleaners;Steam cleaners for household purposes;Steam cleaners [machines];Steam cleaning machines;Steam condensers [parts of machines];Steam engine boilers;Steam engine boilers for power generation, other than for land vehicles;Steam engines;Steam engines [not for land vehicles];Steam engines, other than for land vehicles;Steam hammers [machines];Steam marine engines [not for land vehicles];Steam mops;Steam/oil separators;Steam operated power generators;Steam presses (Rotary -), portable, for fabric;Steam presses (Rotary -), portable, for fabrics;Steam pressure variation engines;Steam riveting machines;Steam traps;Steam turbines [not for land vehicles];Steam turbines, other than for land vehicles;Steam turbines [other than for land vehicles];Steamrollers;Steel hoists;Steelworks (Converters for -);Steerable drilling machinery for earth displacement;Steerable excavating machinery for earth displacement;Steering linkages for machines;Stem crushing machines;Stencil cutters [machines] other than for office use;Stencil cutting machines [other than for office use];Stencils for use with stencil cutting machines [other than for office use];Step-up gears for machines;Step-up gears for vehicles [other than land vehicles];Stereotype machines;Stern drives for ships;Stick-type vacuum cleaners;Stirring (Machines for -);Stitching machines;Stone crushers [machines];Stone cutting machines;Stone hammers [machines];Stone screening apparatus [machines];Stone working machines;Stone-working machines;Stop valves of metal [parts of machines];Stop valves of plastic [parts of machines];Stop valves [parts of machines];Straight edge tools [electrically operated];Strainers [electric];Strapping machines;Straw bale spreaders [machines];Straw bale tightening machines;Straw [chaff] cutters;Straw mills [machines];Straw rope finishing machines;Straw rope making machines;Street cleaning machines (Hand-propelled -);Street cleaning machines (Self-propelled -);Street cleaning vehicles [machines];Street sweeping machines;Street sweeping vehicles [machines];Stretch-wrapping machines for applying cling film to palletised loads;Stretch-wrapping machines for applying plastics film to palletised loads;Stretch-wrapping machines for applying plastics material to palletised loads;String trimmers [power lawn and garden tools];Stringing machines for rackets;Strip coiling machines for transformer coils;Strip conveyors;Strip material (Machines for cutting -);Stropping machines;Stubble cutting machines;Stuffing boxes being parts of machines;Stuffing boxes [parts of machines];Submersible electric motors [other than for land vehicles];Submersible electric pumps;Submersible pumps;Subsoilers [machines];Suction cleaning machines for use in manufacture;Suction cleaning machines [vacuum cleaners];Suction conveyor installations;Suction conveyors;Suction cups for milking machines;Suction fans for the carrying of grain;Suction fans for the compression of grain;Suction fans for the sucking of grain;Suction machines for industrial purposes;Suction machines for scavenging purposes;Suction nozzles for vacuum cleaners;Suction pumps;Suction turbines [other than for land vehicles];Suction valves for air compressors;Suction valves for gas compressors;Sugar making machines;Sump pumps;Sumps being parts of vehicle gearboxes [other than land vehicle];Superchargers;Superconductive magnetic separators;Superheaters;Supports for spray guns for paint;Suspension ball joints [parts of machines];Swaging machines;Swaging machines for use in the assembly of hoses;Swaging machines for use in the assembly of hydraulic hoses;Swaging machines for use in the preparation of hose assemblies;Swaging machines for use in the preparation of hydraulic hoses;Swamp bulldozers;Swamp dozer shovels;Sweepers [machines] for use with swimming pools;Sweeping, cleaning, washing and laundering machines;Sweeping machines;Sweeping machines for use in swimming pools;Sweeping machines (Road -) [self-propelled];Swimming pool cleaning machines;System control instruments (Mechanical -);System control instruments (Pneumatic -);Tables for machines;Tackers (Electric -);Tackers [machines];Tambours for embroidery machines;Tamping rollers [machines];Tamping rollers [parts of machines];Tap ratchets [machines];Tap wrenches [machines];Tape readers for use with embroidery machines;Tape stretching machines;Taper shank bits [parts of machines];Taping [tying] machines other than for office use;Tappets for engines;Tapping centres [machines];Tapping machines;Tapping valves for metallurgical purposes;Taps being machine tools;Taps being mechanically operated tools;Taps being parts of engines;Taps being parts of machines;Taps being parts of motors;Taps [machine tools];Taps [parts of machines, engines or motors];Tarring machines;Tea leaf pickers [machines];Tea leaves sorting machines;Tea plucking machines;Tea processing machines;Teat cups for milking machines;Teat cups [suction cups] for milking machines;Tedders;Tedders [machines];Tedding machines;Temperature control valves [parts of machines];Tempering machines;Tenoning machines;Tension ratchets [machines];Tensioners [machines];Tensioning devices for endless drive power transmissions [other than for land vehicles];Tensioning devices for endless drive power transmissions [parts of machines];Tensioning heads being parts of machines;Tensioning pieces being parts of machines;Textile calendering machines;Textile making-up machines;Textile milling machines;Textile production machines;Textile scotching machines;Textile scutching machines;Textile tentering machines;Textile washing machines;Textile washing machines [for industrial purposes];Thermal binding machines [other than for office use];Thermal contact welding machines;Thermal impulse welding machines;Thermic lances [machines];Thermic torches (Gas operated -);Thermic torches [machines];Thermostatic control valves for machines;Thrashing machines;Thread milling cutters [machine tool];Thread mills [power tools];Threaders [machines];Threading machines;Three dimensional (3D) printers;Threshers [agricultural implements];Threshing machines;Thrust journal bearings;Thrusters for machinery;Thrusters [marine propulsion apparatus];Tighteners [machines];Tile cutters [electric];Tile cutters [machines];Tile making machines;Tile saws [power tools];Tilers' (tools for -) [machines];Tillers [agricultural implements];Tillers [machines];Tillers [machines] for towing behind vehicles;Tilling implements for agricultural use;Tilling machines;Tilling machines for agricultural purposes;Tilling machines for agricultural use;Tilt hammers;Timber harvesting machinery;Timing belt pulleys;Timing belt pulleys [parts of engines];Timing belt tensioners for land vehicle engines;Timing belt tensioners for land vehicles;Timing belts for industrial motors;Timing belts for machines;Timing belts for motors;Tin openers, electric;Tips for cutters [parts of machines];Tips for tool bits [parts of machines];Tire changers;Tire mounting machines;Tire [Tyre] dismounting machines;Tobacco processing machines;Tolerance rings;Tool bits for machines;Tool bits for metalworking machines;Tool bits for use in power operated hand tools;Tool cutting machines;Tool grinding machines;Tool holders for machines;Tool holders [parts of machines];Toolholders for metalworking machines (machine parts);Toolmaking machines;Tools for machine tools;Tools for machines;Tools for use in machine tools;Tools for use with machine tools;Tools (Hand-held -), other than hand-operated;Tools (Holding devices for machine -);Tools (Machine -) for boring;Tools (Machine -) for cutting;Tools (Machine -) for drilling;Tools (Machine -) for grinding;Tools (Machine -) for reaming;Tools (Machine -) for use in binding hoses;Tools (Machine -) for use in packaging;Tools [parts of machines];Toothed wheels for chain drivers;Toothed wheels for driving chains;Torque converters for machines;Torque converters, not for land vehicles;Torque converters, other than for land vehicles;Torque converters other than for land vehicles;Torque spanners [machines];Torque wrenches [machines];Torsion bars for machines;Torsion dampers for machines;Towable agricultural machines;Towable spraying apparatus for agricultural use;Tower cranes;Tractor loaders;Tractor-towed fertilizer applicators;Tractor-towed fertilizer distributors;Tractor-towed harrows;Tractor-towed reapers;Trailer mounted hydraulic jacks;Transferring machines;Transmission belts for industrial applications;Transmission belts, not for land vehicles;Transmission belts [not for land vehicles];Transmission chains other than for land vehicles;Transmission chains, other than for land vehicles;Transmission components (except for land vehicles);Transmission control mechanisms;Transmission gears for machines;Transmission mechanisms, other than for land vehicles;Transmission members, other than for land vehicles;Transmission shafts (Bearings for -);Transmission shafts for air vehicles;Transmission shafts for machines;Transmission shafts for water vehicles;Transmission shafts, other than for land vehicles;Transmissions for air vehicles;Transmissions for machines;Transmissions for water vehicles;Transmissions, other than for land vehicles;Transport conveyors for boxless mould parts in foundries;Transport conveyors for moulds in foundries;Transport machines;Transportation machines;Transportation robots;Transporters [conveyors];Transporters (Pneumatic -);Transporting machines;Traps for dust [part of machines];Traps for liquids [part of machines];Traps (Steam -);Trash compacting machines;Trash compactors;Trawl winches;Tray handling machines;Tree branch cutters (Electric -);Tree branch cutters [machines];Tree branch pruners (Electric -);Tree branch pruners [machines];Tree pruners [machines];Tree stump cutters;Trench cutters;Trenchers [excavators];Trenching machines;Trimming machines;Trolling plate for propeller driven watercrafts;Trough conveyors [machines];Truck cranes;Truck mills [for mining purposes];Truck tyre washing systems;Trueing machines;Trussing apparatus for hay;Tube conveyors, hydraulic;Tube conveyors, pneumatic;Tube cutting instruments [machines];Tube cutting machines;Tube insertion machines for industrial use;Tube reamers [machine tools];Tube reamers [machines];Tube reamers [parts of machines];Tube reamers [tools for machines];Tubes being fitted parts of machines;Tubes (Boiler -) [parts of machines];Tubing mills [for metalworking];Tubing mills for metalworking;Tubular welding electrodes [electric];Tufting tools (Electric -);Tumbler gears, other than for land vehicles;Tungsten carbide machine tools;Tunnel boring machines;Tunnelling machines;Turbine blades for power generation;Turbine blades treated with alloys;Turbine shafts [parts of machines];Turbine vanes being parts of gas turbine engines;Turbine vanes, other than parts of land vehicle engines;Turbines for power generation;Turbines (Hydraulic -);Turbines [not for land vehicles];Turbines, other than for land vehicles;Turbines other than for land vehicles;Turbochargers;Turbochargers for machines;Turbocompressors;Turbogenerators;Turboprop engines [not for land vehicles];Turbo-superchargers for engines;Turbo-superchargers for land vehicle engines;Turbo-superchargers for vehicle engines;Turf removing ploughs;Turning machines;Turnip cutting machines;Turret lathes;Turrets with radially extending machine tools;Twist drills for machines;Twisting frames being textile machines;Two-disc fertiliser spreaders;Tympans [parts of printing presses];Typecasting machines;Typesetting machines;Type-setting machines;Typesetting machines photocomposition;Typesetting machines [photocomposition];Type-setting machines [photocomposition];Typesetting machines [printing];Type-setting machines [printing];Typographic machines;Typographic presses;Tyre changers;Tyre inflating machines [garage installations];Tyre mounting machines;Tyre pressing machines;Tyre removers [machines];Tyre trimming machines;Tyre vulcanising machines;Ultrasonic baths;Ultrasonic cleaning instruments for industrial use;Ultrasonic cleaning instruments for jewellery;Ultrasonic washing machines;Ultrasonic welding heads;Ultrasonic welding machines;Uncoiling machines for sheet metal;Undercutters [machines];Underwater dredging machines;Undirectional clutches for machines;Uninterruptible power supplies [machines] for the generation of electrical energy;Uninterruptible power supply generating machines;Universal joints [Cardan joints];Universal load transfer units;Unloading check valves for the outlets of air compressors;Unloading cranes;Unmanned transportation conveyors;Unmanned transportation conveyors being cargo handling machines;Unwinding machines;Upholstery shampoo applicators (Electric -);Upward continuous casting machines;Utensil baskets for dishwashing machines;Utensils (Electric -) for blending liquids;Utensils (Electric -) for mixing liquids;Utensils (Electric -) for stirring liquids;UV printing machines;Vacuum accumulators for internal combustion engines;Vacuum bags;Vacuum cleaner attachments for disseminating perfumes and disinfectants;Vacuum cleaner bags;Vacuum cleaner bags of card;Vacuum cleaner bags of cardboard;Vacuum cleaner bags of paper;Vacuum cleaner hoses;Vacuum cleaners;Vacuum cleaners for cars;Vacuum cleaners for household purposes;Vacuum cleaners for industrial purposes;Vacuum cleaners for the cleaning of surfaces;Vacuum cleaners powered by rechargeable batteries;Vacuum cleaning machines for use in households;Vacuum control valves [parts of engines];Vacuum control valves [parts of machines];Vacuum control valves [parts of motors];Vacuum filters;Vacuum packaging machines;Vacuum packing machines;Vacuum pads for vacuum pump machines;Vacuum pump installations;Vacuum pumps;Vacuum pumps [machines];Vacuum shredders for clearing debris;Valve actuators;Valve assemblies of metal [parts of machines];Valve closure mechanisms;Valve diaphragms;Valves;Valves as machine components;Valves being parts of machines;Valves being parts of pumps;Valves (Clack -) [parts of machines];Valves for engines;Valves for machines;Valves for pumps;Valves [mechanical] for regulating fluid flow;Valves operated automatically by hydraulic control;Valves operated automatically by pneumatic control;Valves operated by changes in pressure;Valves [parts of machines];Vapor deposition machines;Vaporizers (insecticide -) [machines];Variable speed drives for machines;Variable speed power transmission apparatus [other than for land vehicles];Variable speed transmissions [other than for land vehicles];Vegetable choppers [machines];Vegetable corers [machines];Vegetable cutting machines;Vegetable grating machines;Vegetable knives (Electric -);Vegetable peelers [machines];Vegetable shredders [machines];Vegetable slicers [machines];Vegetable spiralizers, electric;Vegetable washers [machines];Vehicle conveyors;Vehicle lifts;Vehicle mounted road sweepers;Vehicle parking carousels;Vehicle trolley jacks [machines];Vehicle washing installations;Vehicle washing machines;Vending machines;Vending machines (Coin operated -);Vending machines (Counter operated -);Veneer manufacturing machines;Venturi scrubbers;Vertical bucket conveyors;Vertical bucket conveyors incorporating belt bridges;Vertical bucket conveyors incorporating delivery towers;Vertical turbine pumps;Vibrating conveyors;Vibrating machines;Vibrating separators [machines];Vibration motors;Vibrators [machines] for industrial use;Vibratory grinding machines;Vibratory screen separators [machines];Volumetric rotating gear pumps;Vulcanisation apparatus;Vulcanised fibre discs [parts of machines];Vulcanization apparatus;Warp yarn machines;Washer-dryers;Washing apparatus;Washing drums [machines];Washing floors (Machines for -);Washing installations for vehicles;Washing machines (Coin-operated -).
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