Overview of Trademark Cease & Desist Letter Plus Package*

LegalForce is one of the largest trademark filers in the world. Cease & desist letters must be carefully crafted to ensure that your rights are properly stated.

Plus Package of Cease & Desist Letter $499 USD

  • In the Plus Package, you receive everything in the Standard Package plus: (1) A trademark search to determine strength of your rights; (2) A hard copy of the Cease & Desist Letter is mailed to you.
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  • LegalForce ensures the proper preparation of your cease & desist letter.

    Trademark search to determine the strength of your rights.

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What is a trademark cease & desist letter?

A cease & desist letter is an order or request to halt an activity, or else face legal action. The recipient of the cease & desist letter may be an individual or an organization. A cease & desist letter informs a third party of your trademark rights without immediately seeking a lawsuit.

Cease & desist letters must be carefully crafted to ensure that your rights are properly stated. Any deficiencies in an improperly written cease & desist letter may be used by the other party against you.

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