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  Trademark Country Standard*
LVNLKN apply for a US trademark     USA $199
LVNLKN apply for a CTM mark     EU/CTM $449
LVNLKN apply for a CANADA trademark     CANADA $599
LVNLKN Australia     AUSTRALIA $299
LVNLKN China     CHINA $349
LVNLKN India     INDIA $199
*Trademark Registration orders will require a Government Filing Fee.
Professional Trademark Search
Trademark Search
There are some factors that could affect your trademark registration possibilities: similar trademarks in your class or in related classes, whether your trademark is generic or descriptive, whether your trademark will dilute a famous mark, etc. This is why we strongly recommend you to do a professional trademark search before your mark is filed.
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Trademarkia.com is updated regularly with the latest trademarks from the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). While there may be marks that were removed from Trademarkia at their owner's request, you can apply now to register LVNLKN as a trademark if certain conditions are satisfied. Click here to see a list of these conditions.