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What is the “intent to use” registration in the trademark process?

The “intent to use” registration is a crucial part of the trademark registration process. It’s applicable when your product or service is ready for the market, but you haven't yet introduced it with your trademark. This type of registration requires an additional form and fee. Once you've filed for an intent to use registration, you'll receive a notice of allowance. You then have six months to start using the mark in commerce. If you're unable to meet this deadline, you can request a six-month extension. When you commence using your trademark in commerce, you'll need to send a specimen, an example of your trademark in use, to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This could be an advertisement or a label that features your logo. Registering a trademark, including an intent to use registration, offers several benefits. It allows you to take legal action against anyone who uses your trademark without your permission or creates a counterfeit version. You can also place the trademark symbol next to your logo to deter others from using it. Additionally, it enables you to sell or license your brand and makes it easier to obtain registration in other countries.

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