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Respond to an Office Action

Did you receive an Office action identifying problems with your trademark application? Our attorney-led service will help you file an office action response

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More than 60% of trademark applications receive anoffice action

With the help of a licensed attorney, most of these office actions can be handled easily


Our US licensed attorneys will help you to draft a professional response to help your mark proceed towards registration



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Select complexity of office action

We offer 3 plans - simple, medium and complex

We offer 3 plans for drafting an office action response, depending on the complexity

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Disclaimer issuesSpecimen refusal/submission of substitute specimenRequest for information/clarifying ownership detailsColor claimsU.S. Trademark Attorney works on your response.



Issues with descriptions or classificationsAmendment to identification of goods and servicesRequests for information regarding limited research on customer’s businessMerely a decorative featureU.S. Trademark Attorney works on your response.



Likelihood of confusionRefusal based on Descriptiveness and genericnessPrimarily geographically descriptiveRepresenting a flag/living person/famous personality/surnameU.S. Trademark Attorney works on your response.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

What is a US Trademark Office Action?

A US Trademark Office Action is a communication from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) regarding your trademark application. It can be an initial review or a response to issues found during the examination process. There are two main types of Trademark Office Actions: non-final and final. Non-final Office Actions provide an opportunity to address issues raised by the USPTO, while final Office Actions require a compelling argument or evidence to overcome the issues raised.

Why did I receive an Office Action for my trademark?

You may receive a Trademark Office Action for various reasons, such as incomplete or incorrect information in your application, conflicts with existing trademarks, or issues related to the identification of goods/services.

What is the most common reason an examining attorney refuses registration?

The most common reason for refusing registration is a likelihood of confusion with the mark in a registration or prior application. The examining attorney will search the United States Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO) database to determine whether there are any marks that are likely to cause confusion with your mark. The principal factors considered by the examining attorney in determining whether there would be a likelihood of confusion are:

  1. The similarity of the marks;
  2. The commercial relationship (e.g., channels of trade or class of purchasers) between the goods/ services listed in the application and those listed in the registration or pending application.

What is the deadline to respond to the USPTO Office Action?

The usual deadline for responding to a USPTO Office Action is three months from the date the Office Action is issued.

Why should I trust Trademarkia, and what makes Trademarkia legit?

You may trust Trademarkia P.C. because we are well established after over a decade in business, having filed over 100,000 trade mark applications. We have thousands of satisfied users who have started and completed their trade mark application through our site. Hear what our clients have to say about Trademarkia P.C. services on Shopper Approved (4.7 Star Rating). Trademarkia is the registered trade name of the law firm LegalForce RAPC Worldwide P.C., the largest trade mark filing law firm in the United States. Trademarkia P.C. is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and thousands of blogs on the Internet. If you conduct a search on Alexa, you will find that Trademarkia P.C. is one of the largest legal websites on the Internet, attracting almost 1 million visitors every month. We understand government data, various legal restrictions and laws, and we know how to build a scalable, user-friendly website that is capturing the attention of millions. Trademarkia P.C. usually processes trade mark registration requests within 3 business days. During this time, a conflict check is performed, a direct conflict screen is performed, and a licensed trade mark attorney reviews and approves trademark applications for filing. If there are any questions, the attorney will directly call or email you to clarify them before filing.

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