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What is a proper specimen for use of a mark with services?

This information is needed when you apply to register your trademark.  A specimen for a mark used in connection withservices must show the mark used in providing or advertising the services.  For example, your specimen may be a sign, abrochure about the services, an advertisement for the services, a website, abusiness card, or stationery showing the mark.  The specimen must show orcontain some reference to the services, that is, it is not just a display ofthe mark itself.
For example, if the marksought to be registered is “T.MARKEY” for retail stores featuring men’ssportswear, a specimen that only shows the mark “T.MARKEY” would not beacceptable, but a specimen that shows the mark “T.MARKEY“ on the clothing storewould be acceptable, as shown here below.  When you request to registeryour trademark through Trademarkia, an attorney representing you can assist youin determining what an acceptable specimen is. Clickhere to get started inapplying for your trademark through Trademarkia.
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