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How can a trademark attorney assist with the application process?

A trademark attorney can provide invaluable assistance throughout the trademark application process. Firstly, they can help you conduct a comprehensive trademark search. This involves not only searching the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database, but also trade journals, professional publications, and the internet to ensure your desired mark is available and not similar to a previously registered mark. Once the search is complete and your mark is deemed unique, the attorney can guide you through the application process. This includes describing your trademark, detailing how you have used or plan to use it, and calculating the application fees. The cost of registering a trademark for a single class of goods can reach up to $350, and this fee increases for every additional class of goods where you plan to use your trademark. After the application is filed, the USPTO will review it and may contact you with questions or issues that need rectifying. Having a trademark attorney on your side can make this communication process easier and more effective.

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