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What qualifications should a USPTO registered patent attorney possess?

A USPTO registered patent attorney should possess a range of qualifications and skills to effectively navigate the patent process. Firstly, they should be a licensed legal professional, registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This ensures they have the authority to represent you in any patent litigation or assist in infringement claims. In addition to their legal qualifications, a registered patent attorney should have a strong background in scientific and technical knowledge. This is often demonstrated through a university degree in engineering or physical science, or the proven equivalent. This technical knowledge is crucial in understanding the intricacies of your invention and the patent process. Furthermore, a registered patent attorney should have passed a USPTO examination. This examination tests their understanding of patent law and procedures, ensuring they are equipped to guide you through the patent application process. Ethical character and industry respect are also important qualifications for a patent attorney. This can be assessed through client testimonials, success rates, and any complaints or fines lodged against them.

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