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How can a patent attorney assist an inventor in understanding the legal aspects of the patent process?

A patent attorney, being a licensed legal professional, can provide invaluable assistance to an inventor in understanding the legal aspects of the patent process. They are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and are well-versed in the legal, scientific, and technical knowledge about patents. They have passed a USPTO examination and possess a university degree in engineering or physical science or the proven equivalent. The patent attorney can guide the inventor through the complex federal patent maze, ensuring that the USPTO permits the registration of the invention. They can help the inventor navigate the USPTO website, identify suitable patent agents, and negotiate a fee agreement. They can also assist in checking for any client complaints against patent agents and in reviewing the contract with the patent agent. Moreover, a patent attorney can represent the inventor in any patent litigation or help in infringement claims, which a patent agent cannot do. They can also assist in applying for trademarks. They can provide information on success rates, previous cases, and proof of patent application knowledge.

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