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Prototype and Manufacture Custom Designed Products in the United States.

Announcing the LegalForce Trademarkia Manufacturing Feature
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    LegalForce Trademarkia now helps small businesses design their products and take them to market.
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    So... what is the Trademarkia Manufacturing feature?
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    We help fashion designerscreate prototypes for their unique shirts, clothing, and household fabric goods by connecting them to skilled tailors in the United States and around the world.
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    We help garage businesses design and prototype widgets from paper sketches.We take sketches and make 3D models from just an idea, and create prototypes from these models using high end 3D printers and fabrication equipment.
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    We help chefs and restaurantsmass produce their food products for global distribution through a wide network of commercial kitchens across the United States who can prepare and distribute their food products via mail order.
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    We create functional prototypes for internet connected appliancesWe take your basic ideas for internet connected appliances, and help you define a minimally viable product for a prototype, and create a functional, working prototype. You can test the prototype yourself using your Android or iPhone!

  • How Does it Work?
    • You fill out a project questionnaire.
    • You select flat fee or open your project for bid.
    • You select the countries in which you want manufacturing and design services.
    • If you send for bid, we send out your project for bid, and you get 1-5 quotes back. If you don't receive any quotes, you will not get charged.
  • How much should you budget?
    • Budgets can vary depending on what you want in your service. However, you should probably have a budget of between $5,000 and $10,000 for an initial prototype, and probably a budget of $50,000 to $100,000 for volume manufacturing.
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