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When can other private parties oppose my trademark application with the United States Trademark Office?

After publication in the Official Gazette (e.g., approximately 6 to 12months after filing a trademark for registration), there is a 30-dayperiod in which the public may object to the registration of the mark by filingan opposition. An opposition is similar to a court proceeding, but is heldbefore the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, a United States Trademark Officeadministrative tribunal. A third party who is considering filing an oppositionmay first file a request for an extension of time to file the opposition, whichcould delay further action on your application. 
If no opposition is filed or if yousuccessfully overcome an opposition, you do not need to take any action for theapplication to enter the next stage of the process. Absent anyopposition-related filings, the United States Trademark Office generally willissue a registration certificate about 12 weeks after publication, if theapplication is based upon the actual use of the mark in commerce.  When you request to register your trademarkthrough Trademarkia, an attorney representing you can help you navigate theprocess. Clickhere to get started in applying for your trademarkthrough Trademarkia.
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