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Who uses the Trademarkia Business Page creation service?

The Trademarkia business page service is used by marketing andbusiness professionals looking to better establish visibility of their names,logos, and slogans on the Internet.  By creating a business page onTrademarkia, you can place a large number of potential infringers onconstructive notice that your business name, logo, or slogan is already beingused in commerce and is not available.  While this does not provide aproof of use in commerce for federal trademark registration purposes, it doeshelp to establish a web identity for your brand.
There are nogovernment filing fees tocreate a business page on Trademarkia. Alternatively, by paying government feesand filing to register your trademark, you canpotentially get damages against infringement in addition to stopping others. Ifyou upgrade a business page to a trademark registration request with thegovernment at any time for $99 plus the government fee of $275. By filing aregistration request with the government, you can seek federal protection foryour name, logo, or slogan.
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