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What is Trademarkias Business Page creation service?

The Trademarkia business page service will allow you to create a page on the Trademarkia website associated with your business.The Trademarkia business page service is not a substitute for federal registration of your trademark, and is not a way to show a use in commerce of your trademark rights. However, the Trademarkia business page servicelets business owners have their business page searchable on Trademarkia next to filed and registered trademarks. In addition, because Trademarkia website ranks highly on search engines, the Trademarkia business page service puts more potential infringers on constructive notice of use of a business name or logo.Business pages on Trademarkia can be upgraded to U.S. trademark filings for $99 plus USPTO (United State Patent & Trademark Office) government fees at a later time.
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