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PLEASE NOTE: Please CAREFULLY enter your serial number and double check it. By filling out this form, you represent that you have legal authority as the owner or legal correspondent of the owner to act with respect to decisions related to a U.S. trademark application having the serial number above. This information will be relied upon by the U.S. trademark attorney representing your matter to prepare a response to your Office Action, and therefore it is very important that you correctly enter your Serial Number. If you are not sure what your serial number is, please email us at to help you find it. You can also search for your serial number on
By completing this questionnaire, you confirm that you are the owner or legal correspondent for this trademark no. 97142542
Owned by:
Zodiaque Moon Pty Ltd
C/o SIPL, PO Box 1596
Rozelle, NSW, AU 2041
Legal Correspondent:
Goods and Services:
003: Body oil spray; Body sprays (non-medicated); Incense spray; Room perfume sprays; Room perfumes in spray form; Room scenting sprays; Aromatics (essential oils); Blended essential oils; Essential oils; Essential oils for cosmetic purposes; Essential oils for personal use; Essential oils for the manufacture of perfumes; Essential oils for the production of perfumes; Essential oils for toilet use; ...
004: Candles; Fragranced candles; Perfumed candles; Scented candles
011: Perfume diffusers (electric), other than parts of vacuum cleaners
016: Journals; Framed posters; Magazines (periodicals) incorporating posters; Posters; Greeting cards
020: Reeds for use in reed diffusers, sold separately; Sticks for use in reed diffusers, sold separately
021: Aromatic oil diffusers, other than reed diffusers, electric and non-electric
034: Matches; Safety matches
Does the office action you received mention a likelihood of confusion to another trademark?
That's good. This means that the government does not think your trademark is confusingly similar to other trademarks.

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