What is a great domain?

  1. Suggestive of your business and philosophy.
  2. Distinctively identifies your brand.
  3. Descriptive domains may be good for SEO, but bad for distinguishing yourself.
  4. Generic is sometimes the best – but it's harder for people to identify you as the owner. In addition, most generic domains have been bought up already. Make sure it's available!
  5. Popular Make sure you pick a popular extension if people will use search engines to find you. .com, .net, & .org are still the big three, but other extensions like .fm, & .co are coming into popularity. Make sure your business is suitable to a lesser used extension (like last.fm for music) if you're going that way.
  6. Original Make sure you don't infringe on someone's trademark rights – otherwise they might take it from you later. Make sure yours isn't going to be infringed upon as well, one that you can trademark so that others don't squat on it. Search Trademarkia for over 6 million current and abandoned trademarks.