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Goods and Services: Water purification installations marketed and sold to the pharmaceutical and biotech industri...
DEAD (Circa: 2009)


Goods and Services: carwash wastewater treatment units for commercial carwash installations, namely filters inclu...
DEAD (Circa: 2009)


Goods and Services: Water treatment equipment, namely, fixed bed units, namely, a vessel with biofilm carriers us...
DEAD (Circa: 2009)


Goods and Services: electrical sensor controllers containing computer software used in controlling and managing *...
LIVE (Circa: 2009)


Goods and Services: distillers for producing water for injection in heat exchanger installations
DEAD (Circa: 2008)


Goods and Services: Apparatus and instruments for purifying water; apparatus and instruments for treating water, ...
DEAD (Circa: 2007)


Goods and Services: Air scrubbing apparatus for removing odors from air through physical and chemical reactions
DEAD (Circa: 2007)


Goods and Services: water and wastewater purification installations featuring coagulation, flocculation, flotatio...
DEAD (Circa: 2007)


Goods and Services: waste treatment chemicals for water and sludge treatment for domestic, municipal or industria...
LIVE (Circa: 2007)


Goods and Services: Water purification installations; water sterilizers; water filtering apparatus; water purifyi...
LIVE (Circa: 2007)


Goods and Services: apparatus, devices and installations for treating water and for rendering water drinkable, na...
DEAD (Circa: 2007)


Goods and Services: Apparatus, devices and installations for treatment and reclamation of slurry, namely, slurry ...
DEAD (Circa: 2007)


Goods and Services: water and wastewater treatment units; water and wastewater purifying units; units for the bio...
DEAD (Circa: 2007)


Goods and Services: Water and waste water supply units; water and waste water treatment units; water and waste wa...
DEAD (Circa: 2006)


Goods and Services: water and waste water purifying units; water and waste water filtering units for industrial u...
DEAD (Circa: 2006)


Goods and Services: clarifiers and membrane filters for commercial water purification and water quality control
DEAD (Circa: 2006)


Goods and Services: Water purification units and installations; fixed or moveable units for water treatment, name...
DEAD (Circa: 2006)


Goods and Services: water purification apparatus; thickening units for treating sludge; sludge settling units; de...
DEAD (Circa: 2006)


Goods and Services: [ Installations and devices for treating slurry from purification plants, namely, oxidation r...
LIVE (Circa: 2005)


Goods and Services: Apparatus, devices and installation for purifying slurry, namely, slurry purification units, ...
DEAD (Circa: 2005)