Legal Question - Best Way to File for a Servicemark? answers and trademark advice from trademark lawyers across the world.Copyright (C) 2008-20095Best Way to File for a Servicemark?<table border="0" width="100%"><tr><td width="42"><a href=""><img src="" border="Question & Answers" /></a></td><td><div><a href="" style="color:#333;"><span style="font-size:14px; font-weight:bold; color:#333;">Best Way to File for a Servicemark?</span></a></div><div style="font-size:11px;"> - &nbsp;<span style="font-size:11px; font-style:italic;">posted on 11/11/2009</span></div><div style="padding-top:6px; font-size:11px;">I just joined a small investment firm and discovered that they have never filed for a trademark on their name (they&#039;ve been in business over 15 years).<br /><br />I want to handle this myself rather than hire an attorney (I&#039;m a lawyer but this is not my specialty by any means), but I&#039;ve got some questions that I&#039;d like to get some feedback on.<br /><br />Let&#039;s say the name of the firm is &quot;Acme,&quot; and Acme is a real name (not a made up one like Accenture or something).&nbsp; My firm has the domain name and there are no trademarks or servicemarks filed using this name by any other companies that are even remotely in the same business as Acme.<br /><br />Now, my question is just a practical one.&nbsp; I&#039;ve been trying to do some reading on this, but don&#039;t see an answer.&nbsp; Do I need to file for the servicemark on just &quot;Acme&quot; or do I file for our various uses of the name like &quot;Acme Funds&quot; and &quot;Acme Investments?&quot; Or, do I need to file for &quot;Acme,&quot; &quot;Acme Funds,&quot; and &quot;Acme Investments?&quot;<br /><br />Thanks so much. &nbsp;&nbsp;<span style="font-size:11px;"><a href="" style="font-style:normal;">Read More <img src="" alt="Answer this question" /></a>&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="" style="font-style:normal;">Answer <img src="" alt="Answer this question" /></a></span></div></td></tr></table>