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Violation question on new website

Posted by . updated on 11/11/2009
 I am thinking of developing a website as follows:

Page title: Cityname Buy and Sell


Cityname  represents a city found  in a province in Canada.  Its fictional.

Found in the Canadian Trademark database (http:// are the following registered trademarks:

1) BUYSELL.COM - Which is a Western Canada wide website for buying and selling classifieds and has a print publication too.

2) BUYSELL - Registered with the same company
as above

3)  - not an active site, just redirects to another site,  but is  registered in the trademark database

My proposed site will have classifieds and a shopping  directory of cityname companies.  


1) Would there be any possibility of my local website violating the trademarks of any of the above registered names?

2) Should i register my name with the trademark organization?

3) If i do register what would be the best to choose ?

1) Cityname Buy and Sell
3) Cityname Buy and

Im sure the American laws would be similar to Canadian. Any advice thanks....

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