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Exclusive U.S. advertiser & law firm that created

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All applications for the registration of a trademark in the United States through Trademarkia are managed by licensed U.S. trademark attorneys at the firm of Raj Abhyanker P.C. in Mountain View, California ( after a successful conflict check performed to best protect your interests. Raj Abhyanker P.C. represents over 2,500 individuals, small businesses, and multinational corporations.
Raj Abhyanker P.C.
1580 W. El Camino Real Suite 8
Mountain View, CA 94040

Tel: 650-965-8731


Exclusive European trademark advertiser.

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We advise and assist our clients in the development, obtention, protection and implementation of their industrial and Intellectual Property rights throughout Europe.
Gastão Cunha Ferreira
Rua dos Bacalhoeiros 41100-070 Lisboa

Tel: (351) 218 823 990



Exclusive China trademark advertiser.

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Lawyers of GranderIP graduated from prestigious universities in China with solid technical and legal backgrounds, some of whom have practiced in leading international law firms. Our practice covers all of the major IP areas including patent, trademark, copyright and trade secrets.
Suite 519, Huapu International Plaza,
No. 19, Chaoyang Men Wai Avenue,
Beijing 100020, P. R. China

Tel: 86 10 66018031
Fax: 86 10 66018203