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Sex toys;Sexual activity apparatus, devices and articles;Adult sexual aids.Air conditioners;Air filters for air conditioning units;Air dehumidifiers;Air purifying units for household use;Air freshener dispensing systems;Air freshener plug-ins;Air purifiers;Apparatus for cooking;Apparatus for drying hair;Apparatus for filtering water;Apparatus for keeping hot drinks warm;Aquarium coolers;Aquarium filtration apparatus;Aquarium heaters;Aquarium lamps;Aquarium lights;Baby bottle warmers;Barbecue apparatus;Barbecue cooking apparatus;Barbecue grills;Barbecue starters;Barbecues;Battery-operated electric candles;Bedside lamps;Bicycle lights;Bicycle reflectors;Bottle warmers;Bread toasters;Bulbs for lighting;Bulkhead lights;Burners;Butane torches for kitchen use;Camping lanterns;Camping stoves;Candle lighters;Charcoal grills;Charcoal stoves;Chocolate fountains, electric;Christmas lights [other than candles];Christmas tree ornaments for illumination [electric lights];Christmas trees (Electric lights for -);Coffee machines;Cooking stoves;Cooking stoves for camping;Cool boxes, electric;Crepe cookers;Cycle lights;Decorative lighting for christmas trees;Decorative lights;Deep fat fryers;Dehum...

Words that describe this mark

sex   toyssexual   activity   apparatus     devices   articlesadult   sexual   aidsair   conditionersair   filters   air   conditioning   unitsair   dehumidifiersair   purifying   units   household   useair   freshener   dispensing   systemsair   freshener   pluginsair   purifiersapparatus   cookingapparatus   drying   hairapparatus   filtering   waterapparatus   keeping   hot   drinks   warmaquarium   coolersaquarium   filtration   apparatusaquarium  
On Sunday, April 25, 2021, a united kingdom trademark registration was filed for UR CHOICE by EPISENT GROUP LTD 33 Frogmore Avenue, HAYES GB UB4 8AP. The United Kingdom IP office has given the trademark application number of UK00003632420. The current status of this trademark filing is Application Published. The UR CHOICE trademark is filed in the category of Medical Instrument Products , Environmental Control Instrument Products (lighting, heating, cooling, cooking) , Vehicles and Products for locomotion by land, air or water , Paper Goods and Printed Material , Rubber Products , Leather Products (not including clothing) , Furniture Products , Houseware and Glass Products , Fabrics , Floor Covering products , Toys and Sporting Goods Products , Metal Products , Machinery Products , Hand Tool Products , Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products .
Word Mark: UR CHOICE
Current Status:
Application Published
LIVE (Circa: 2021)
Application Number: UK00003632420
Filing Date: Sunday, April 25, 2021
Registration Date: Not Available
Type of Mark: Individual
Mark Feature: Word
2021/028: Friday, July 9, 2021
Last Applicant/Owner: 33 Frogmore Avenue
Correspondent: Not Available

Classification Information

Class Description: 010 - Medical Instrument Products
Goods & Services: Sex toys;Sexual activity apparatus, devices and articles;Adult sexual aids.
Class Description: 011 - Environmental Control Instrument Products (lighting, heating, cooling, cooking)
Goods & Services: Air conditioners;Air filters for air conditioning units;Air dehumidifiers;Air purifying units for household use;Air freshener dispensing systems;Air freshener plug-ins;Air purifiers;Apparatus for cooking;Apparatus for drying hair;Apparatus for filtering water;Apparatus for keeping hot drinks warm;Aquarium coolers;Aquarium filtration apparatus;Aquarium heaters;Aquarium lamps;Aquarium lights;Baby bottle warmers;Barbecue apparatus;Barbecue cooking apparatus;Barbecue grills;Barbecue starters;Barbecues;Battery-operated electric candles;Bedside lamps;Bicycle lights;Bicycle reflectors;Bottle warmers;Bread toasters;Bulbs for lighting;Bulkhead lights;Burners;Butane torches for kitchen use;Camping lanterns;Camping stoves;Candle lighters;Charcoal grills;Charcoal stoves;Chocolate fountains, electric;Christmas lights [other than candles];Christmas tree ornaments for illumination [electric lights];Christmas trees (Electric lights for -);Coffee machines;Cooking stoves;Cooking stoves for camping;Cool boxes, electric;Crepe cookers;Cycle lights;Decorative lighting for christmas trees;Decorative lights;Deep fat fryers;Dehumidifiers;Desk lamps;Desk lights;Disinfectant dispensers for washrooms;Disinfectant distributors for toilets;Downlights;Drinking water filters;Dryers (Air -);Egg cookers;Electric air conditioners;Electric air purifiers;Electric bladeless fans;Electric blankets;Electric candles;Electric coffee machines;Electric cooking stoves;Electric cooking utensils;Electric cooling fans;Electric deep fat fryers;Electric deep fryers;Electric dehumidifiers;Electric dispensers for air fresheners;Electric egg cookers;Electric egg steamers for household purposes;Electric fairy lights;Electric fans;Electric firelighters;Electric flashlights;Electric food steamers;Electric food warmers;Electric hair dryers;Electric heaters;Electric heaters for baby bottles;Electric heating fans;Electric humidifiers;Electric kettles;Electric lamps;Electric lighting;Electric lights;Electric lights for Christmas trees;Electric lights for festive decorations;Electric night lights;Electric outdoor grills;Electric panini makers;Electric pocket torches;Electric popcorn making machines;Electric radiators;Electric rice cookers;Electric rice steamer;Electric sandwich makers;Electric space heaters;Electric stoves;Electric tea machines;Electric toasters;Electric torches;Electric coffee makers [for household purposes];Electric utensils for cooking;Electric water heaters;Electrical lamps;Electrical light bulbs;Emergency lights;Fan heaters;Filters for swimming pools;Fire pits;Fitted fabric covers for hot water bottles;Flashlights [torches];Floodlights;Floor lamps;Flourescent electric light bulbs;Fluorescent lamps;Fluorescent lighting tubes;Fluorescent lights;Fluorescent tubes;Food dehydrators;Footwarmers, electric or non-electric;Fountains;Garden lighting;Gas burners;Gas stoves;Grills;Grills for barbecuing;Hair dryers;Hairdryers;Halogen heaters;Halogen lamps;Halogen light bulbs;Hand held showers;Head torches;Headlamp bulbs;Heat pads;Heaters;Hot pots [electrically heated];Hot sandwich toasters;Hot water boilers;Hot water bottles;Humidifiers;Ice boxes;Ice cream makers;Ice cube making machines;Ice makers;Ice-cream making machines;Inspection lights;Kebab cooking machines;Kerosene stoves;Kettles;Lamp bulbs;Lamps;Lamps for outdoor use;Lamps for tents;Lanterns;LED candles;LED flashlights;LED lamps;LED light bulbs;LED light strips;LED luminaires;LED mood lights;LED safety lamps;Light bulbs;Lighters;Lighting for aquariums;Luminaires for outdoor lighting;Mood lights;Night lights [other than candles];Microwave ovens for household purposes;Oil-free electric fryers;Outdoor lighting;Pizza ovens;Pocket search lights;Pocket torches;Popcorn machines;Popcorn makers;Portable electric fans;Portable electric heaters;Portable gas burners;Portable lamps [for illumination];Portable refrigerating boxes [electric];Portable refrigerators;Portable stoves;Portable fire pits;Radiators;Reading lamps;Rechargeable torches;Refrigerated boxes;Room fans;Room heaters;Sanitisers;Security lighting;Shower heads;Shower mixers;Sockets for electric lights;Solar lamps;Solar lights;Solar powered torches;Spot lights;Steam cookers;Steam sterilizers;Steamers (Electric -) for cooking;Steamers (Fabric -);Sterilisers;Stoves;Strip lights;Strobe lights [decorative];Table fans;Table lamps;Toasters;Toilet bowls for children;Toilet seat lids;Toilet seats;Toilet seats for children;Torches (Pocket -), electric;Travel hairdryers;USB-powered cup heaters;USB-powered desktop fans;USB-powered humidifiers for household use;USB-powered hand warmers;Wall lamps;Wall lights;Water softeners;Waffle irons.
Class Description: 012 - Vehicles and Products for locomotion by land, air or water
Goods & Services: Air pressure pumps [vehicle accessories];Air pumps for bicycles;Air pumps [vehicle accessories];Babies' buggies;Babies' strollers;Baby, infant and child seats for vehicles;Baby strollers;Bells for bicycles, cycles;Bicycle carriers;Bicycle pumps;Blinds adapted for vehicles;Sun visors [vehicle parts];Windshield visors [vehicle parts];Car seat covers;Car sun blinds;Hand trucks;Hover boards.
Class Description: 016 - Paper Goods and Printed Material
Goods & Services: Gummed tape [stationery];Paper carton sealing tape;Adhesive packaging tapes;Adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes;Double sided adhesive tapes for stationery use;Tapes (adhesive -) [stationery];Double-sided adhesive tapes for household use;Paper tapes;Paper party decorations;Address labels;Adhesive bands for stationery or household purposes;Adhesive labels;Adhesive lettering;Adhesive note pads;Adhesive packaging tapes;Adhesive plastic film for packaging;Adhesive plastic film for wrapping;Adhesive stickers;Adhesive tape dispensers for household or stationery use;Adhesive tape dispensers [office requisites];Adhesives for stationery and household use;Air bubble plastics for packaging;Air bubble plastics for wrapping;Airtight packaging of cardboard;Airtight packaging of paper;Appointment books;Art paper;Bags [envelopes, pouches] of paper or plastics, for packaging;Bags for packaging made of biodegradable plastic;Bags (Garbage -) of paper or of plastics;Bags incorporating bubble plastics for packaging;Bags made of paper;Bags of plastics for lining refuse bins;Baking paper;Ball pens;Bathroom tissues;Bill books;Birthday cards;Books;Bottle wrappers of cardboard or paper;Bows for decorating packaging;Boxes of cardboard or paper;Brown paper for wrapping;Bubble packs (Plastic -) for wrapping or packaging;Bulk paper;Cardboard;Cardboard boxes;Cardboard mailing tubes;Cardboard packaging;Cardboard packaging boxes in collapsible form;Cardboard pizza boxes;Cardboard tubes;Carrier bags;Cartons for eggs;Cases for stationery;Christmas cards;Christmas gift wrap;Cling film;Cling film plastics for packaging;Containers of cardboard for packaging;Containers of paper for packaging;Copying paper [stationery];Craft paper;Crepe paper;Cushioning or padding made of paper for packing purposes;Decorative wrapping paper;Desk organisers;Desk top organizers;Desk trays;Document covers;Document files;Elastic bands for offices;Envelope paper;Envelopes;Erasers;Food wrappers;Garbage bags of paper or of plastics;General purpose plastic bags;Gift bags;Gift boxes;Gift cards;Gift packaging;Gift wrap;Kitchen paper;Kraft paper;Label paper;Label printing machines for household and stationery use;Labelling machines for office use;Lining papers for packaging;Mailing labels;Marker pens;Napkin paper;Note books;Note pads;Noteboards;Occasion cards;Office stationery;Packaging materials;Packaging wrappers of plastic;Packing cardboard;Paper;Paper and cardboard;Paper bags and sacks;Paper egg cartons;Paper envelopes for packaging;Paper labels;Paper letters and numbers;Paper lunch bags;Paper mail pouches;Paper napkins;Paper padding;Paper pads;Paper party bags;Paper party decorations;Paper shopping bags;Paper table covers;Paper tapes;Party ornaments of paper;Party stationery;Pencils;Pens;Personal organisers;Pins [stationery];Plastic adhesives for stationery or household purposes;Plastic bags for general use;Plastic bags for household use;Plastic bags for packaging;Plastic bubble packs for wrapping or packaging;Plastic cling film, extensible, for palletization;Plastic envelopes;Plastic film for packaging;Plastic film for wrapping;Plastic film roll stock for packaging;Plastic film roll stock for packaging electronic devices;Plastic film roll stock for packaging food;Plastic films for wrapping and packaging;Plastic foil for packaging;Plastic foil for wrapping;Plastic food storage bags for household use;Plastic gift wrap;Plastic materials for packaging;Plastic shopping bags;Plastic wrap;Price tags;Printed paper labels;Rubbish bags;Sandwich bags;School supplies [stationery];Sealing tape for stationery use;Seals [stationery];Self-adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes;Self-adhesive tapes for stationery use;Staples;Stationery;Stickers;Tapes (adhesive -) [stationery];Thermal paper;Tissues;Toilet paper.
Class Description: 017 - Rubber Products
Goods & Services: Duct tape;Electrical tape;Insulating tape;Masking tape;Tape (Insulating -);Adhesive tapes for industrial use;Adhesive tapes for securing floor coverings to prevent slippage;Adhesive tapes, strips, bands and films;Electrical insulating tapes;Glazing tapes;Packaging tapes (Adhesive -), other than for household or stationery use;Adhesive masking tape;Adhesive sealant compounds;Adhesive tapes for industrial use;Adhesive tapes for use with floor coverings;Bags [envelopes, pouches] of rubber, for packaging;Carpet tape [other than for household use];Electrical insulating tapes;Flexible hose pipes of plastic;Flexible hose pipes of rubber;Gaffer tape;Garden hoses;Glazing tapes;Hoses;Insulating adhesives;Insulating tapes;Latex for use in manufacture;Masking tape;Packaging [cushioning and stuffing] of rubber;Packaging tapes (Adhesive -), other than for household or stationery use;Packing containers of rubber;Packing [cushioning, stuffing] materials of rubber or plastics;Packing material;Packing materials of plastic for shipping containers;Plastic film for packing, cushioning or stuffing purposes [other than for wrapping];Plastics fibres for use in the manufacture of packings;Protective packaging of rubber;Recycled compound plastics for use in manufacture;Recycled plastic materials for use in manufacture;Recycled plastics;Recycled rubber;Rubber;Rubber bags for merchandise packaging [envelopes or pouches];Rubber in extruded form for use in manufacture;Rubber packaging;Rubber packing for shipping containers;Rubber tape for insulating;Rubber tubes and pipes;Self-adhesive tapes for packings;Semi-finished rubber in the form of extrusions;Semi-finished rubber in the form of mouldings;Semi-processed plastics;Semi-processed resins;Semi-worked plastic substances;Shaped sections of rubber for packing purposes;Strapping tape;Tapes (Adhesive -), other than stationery and not for medical or household purposes;Tapes for insulating purposes.
Class Description: 018 - Leather Products (not including clothing)
Goods & Services: Dog leads;Camping bags;Airline travel bags;Animal harnesses;Rawhide chews for dogs;Baby carriers [slings or harnesses];Back packs;Baggage;Baggage tags;Bags for campers;Beach parasols;Beach umbrellas;Beauty cases;Business card cases.
Class Description: 020 - Furniture Products
Goods & Services: Neck pillows;Mattress toppers;Cushions;Air mattresses;Fans for personal use, non-electric;Fishing baskets;Fishing chairs;Fishing stools;Fittings for curtains;Floating inflatable mattresses [airbeds];Flower stands;Foam mattresses;Folding beds;Folding chairs;Folding tables;Foot stools;Frames;Furniture;Furniture for babies;Furniture for bathrooms;Furniture for children;Furniture for house, office and garden;Furniture for shops;Furniture for sitting;Furniture for storage;Garden furniture;Glass furniture;Outdoor furniture;Babies' chairs;Baby changing mats;Baby gates;Baby walkers;Bath pillows;Bath seats for babies;Bathroom furniture;Beach beds;Bedroom furniture;Beds;Beds, bedding, mattresses, pillows and cushions;Beds for pets;Benches;Boxes made of plastics materials for packaging;Boxes of wood or plastic;Boxes (packaging -) in flat form [plastic];Domestic furniture;Door stops of plastic;Door stops of wood;Drawer dividers;Hangers [Coat -];Hangers for clothes;Hanging baskets [flower] of non-metallic materials;Head positioning pillows for babies;Head support cushions for babies;Head-rests [furniture];High chairs;Pedestals [furniture];Photo frames;Pillows;Plastic boxes for packing;Plastic cake decorations;Plastic cake toppers;Plastic clips for sealing bags;Plastic garden furniture;Plastic models for decoration;Plugs for baths, not of metal;Plugs for showers, not of metal;Plugs for sinks, not of metal;Seats;Seats adapted for babies;Seats for children;Seats [furniture];Shaving mirrors;Shelves;Shelves for storage;Shelving;Shelving units;Shoe cabinets;Shoe organisers;Shoe racks;Shop fittings (Non-metallic -);Shop furniture;Shower chairs;Shower curtain hooks;Shower curtain rails;Shower curtain rings;Shower curtain rods;Shower rods;Side tables;Sleeping mats;Sleeping mats for camping [mattresses];Sleeping pads;Stackable furniture;Stacking boxes of plastic;Stands for display purposes;Stands [furniture] for use with television;Stationery cabinets [furniture];Step stools;Stools;Storage boxes [furniture];Storage cabinets [furniture];Storage drawers [furniture];Storage furniture;Storage racks;Storage shelves [furniture];Storage units [furniture];Stuffed pillows;Sun loungers;Tables;Tables for use in gardens;Tissue dispensers [fixed] not of metal;Tool boxes, not of metal;Toy boxes and chests;Travel cots;Trolleys [furniture];Umbrella stands;Water control valves of plastic;Window blinds;Wine racks;Camping furniture;Chair beds;Chair cushions;Chairs;Clothes hangers;Clothes hangers, clothes stands [furniture] and clothes hooks;Clothes hooks;Clothes organisers;Clothes rails;Clothes rods;Coat hangers;Coat racks;Coat stands;Coatstands;Coffee tables;Compost bins of plastic;Computer furniture;Containers, not of metal, for storage or transport;Containers of plastic (Packaging -);Cots;Clothes hangers [coathangers];Coat hooks;Coat pegs [stands] non-metallic;Coat pegs [wall mounted hooks] non-metallic;Coathooks;Deck chairs;Dog beds;Domestic furniture made of wood;Frames (Picture -);Freestanding partitions [furniture];Hangers (Non-metallic -) for shelves;Hangers (Non-metallic -) for shelving;Hat hooks, not of metal;Hooks (Door -) of non-metallic materials;Hooks for clothing;Lap desks;Lawn furniture;Memory foam pillows;Non-metallic clothes hangers;Non-metallic coat hooks;Plastic furniture for gardens;Portable desks;Textile covers [shaped] for furniture;Wooden boxes for storing toys.
Class Description: 021 - Houseware and Glass Products
Goods & Services: Aerosol dispensers, not for medical purposes;All-purpose portable household containers;Aluminum water bottles;Aluminum water bottles, empty;Coldboxes (Non-electric portable -);Containers for cosmetics;Containers for household or kitchen use;Containers for ice, for household purposes;Cooking utensils;Cooking utensils for barbecue use;Cookware;Cool boxes;Cotton waste for cleaning;Cup holders;Cupcake molds;Cups and mugs;Electric and non-electric toothbrushes;Electric apparatus for killing insects;Electric lint removers;Empty water bottles for bicycles;Cages for pets;Cake bases;Carpet sweepers;Carpet-cleaning brushes;Ceramics for household purposes;Champagne buckets;Chopping boards;Chopsticks;Cleaning brushes;Cleaning cloths;Cleaning sponges;Clothes airers [clothes horse];Clothes pegs [clothes pins];Cocktail shakers;Waste bins for household use;Water bottles;Wine buckets;Wine coolers;Wine openers;Sandwich boxes;Scourers;Shampoo dispensers;Soap dispensers;Spice racks;Hand soap dispensers;Heat retaining containers for food;Heat-insulated containers for beverages;Holders for cosmetics;Hose nozzles;Household containers;Household gloves;Household or kitchen utensils;Ice buckets;Ice cube trays;Incense burners;Incense stick holders;Insect traps;Kitchen paper dispensers;Kitchen utensils;Cosmetic brushes;Cosmetics applicators;Cosmetics brushes;Cup holders;Cups and mugs;Toothpaste dispensers;Towel rails and rings;Traps for pests;Traps for rodents;Traps (Insect -);Trays [household];Dish drainers;Dish drying racks;Dishes [household utensils];Dispensers for cosmetics;Dispensers for facial tissues;Dispensers for liquid soap;Dispensers for paper hand towels;Dispensers for paper towels;Dispensers for toilet paper;Drinking bottles;Drinking bottles for sports;Drinking cups;Drinking flasks;Drinking straws;Drying racks for clothes;Drying racks for laundry;Drying racks for washing;Dust bins;Cleaning cloths;Clothes airers [clothes horse];Cocktail shakers;Coin banks (Piggy banks);Combs;Containers for cosmetics;Containers for household use;Baby bath tubs;Pans (Frying -);Personal dispensers for pills or capsules for domestic use;Pet feeding and drinking bowls;Piggy banks;Applicators for cosmetics;Atomisers for household use;Automatic pet feeders;Cages for pets;Candle holders.
Class Description: 024 - Fabrics
Goods & Services: Baby blankets;Bath towels;Beach towels;Bed blankets;Bed covers;Bed linen;Bed quilts;Bed sheets;Bed throws;Bed valances;Blankets (Bed -);Chair covers;Cloths;Coverings for furniture;Coverings of plastic for furniture;Coverings of textile and of plastic for furniture (not fitted);Covers for cushions;Covers for duvets;Covers for mattresses;Covers for pillows;Curtains;Pillow cases;Pillow covers;Paper pillowcases;Place mats, not of paper;Place mats of textile;Protective covers for furniture [loose];Protective loose covers for mattresses and furniture;Table cloths;Table covers;Table covers of plastic;Table linen;Throws;Towels;Table mats (not of paper);Face towels;Flannel;Furniture coverings of plastic;Furniture coverings of textile;Sheets [textile];Shower curtains;Sleeping bags;Sofa covers.
Class Description: 027 - Floor Covering products
Goods & Services: Anti-slip floor coverings for use on staircases;Anti-slip material for use under carpets;Artificial grass;Baby crawling mats;Bathroom mats;Car mats;Carpet underlay;Carpets, rugs and mats;Carpets [textile];Coverings for existing floors;Door mats;Linoleum for covering existing floors;Mats;Matting;Play mats;Rugs;Vinyl floor coverings;Wall and ceiling coverings;Wallpaper.
Class Description: 028 - Toys and Sporting Goods Products
Goods & Services: Arm pads adapted for use in sporting activities;Athletic protective arm pads for skateboarding;Athletic protective elbow pads for cycling;Athletic protective elbow pads for skateboarding;Athletic protective elbow pads for skating;Athletic protective knee pads for cycling;Athletic protective sportswear;Balls for sports;Bingo cards;Body protectors for American football;Bubble making wand and solution sets;Building bricks [toys];Cards (Playing -);Chips and dice [gaming equipment];Craft model kits;Cube puzzles;Decorations and ornaments for Christmas trees;Decorations for Christmas trees;Doll houses;Exercise balls;Goal posts;Game cards;Games;Gloves for games;Gloves for sports;Playing cards and card games;Pools (Swimming -) [play articles];Party games;Pet toys;Footballs;Rackets;Festive decorations, party novelties and artificial Christmas trees;Fishing equipment;Fluffy toys;Foosball tables;Football equipment;Clothing for dolls;Coin-operated games;Collectable toy figures;Confetti;Controllers for game consoles;Costumes being childrens playthings;Cuddly toys;Baby swings;Ball inflator adaptors;Ball pumps;Balloons;Balls being sporting articles;Balls for games;Balls for play;Bats for ball games;Battery operated toys;Beach balls;Bells for Christmas trees;Belts for weightlifting;Blocks (Building -) [toys];Board games;Body protectors for sports use;Boule games;Bouncing toys;Buckets [playthings];Building games;Card games;Cases adapted for carrying sporting apparatus;Chess games;Children's multiple activity toys;Children's riding vehicles [playthings];Children's toys;Christmas crackers;Christmas dolls;Christmas stockings;Christmas tree decorations;Christmas tree decorations and ornaments;Christmas tree decorations [other than edible or for illumination];Christmas tree ornaments;Christmas tree stands;Christmas tree [synthetic];Christmas trees (Artificial -);Ice skates;Indoor fitness apparatus;Indoor play apparatus for children;Infant toys;Infants' swings;Inflatable pool toys;Inflatable pools for recreational use;Inflatable swimming pools;Inflatable toys;Infants' swing seats;Inflatable balls for sports;Sand toys;Scooters [toys];Shin guards;Shin pads;Shuttlecocks;Skateboards;Skates;Sketching toys;Sledges [playthings];Smart toys;Snooker tables;Soccer balls;Soft toys;Sports games;Squeeze toys;Stacking toys;Stuffed toys;Swimming equipment;Swimming pools [play articles];Swings;Target games;Teddy bears;Tennis balls;Toy and novelty face masks;Toy jewellery;Toy LED light sticks;Toy printing sets;Toy pushchairs;Toys;Toys and playthings for pets;Toys for babies;Toys for infants;Toys for use in swimming pools;Toys, games, and playthings;Toys in the form of puzzles;Trampolines;Dart games;Dice games;Dog toys;Doll accessories;Dolls;Dolls' clothing accessories;Dolls' furniture;Dominoes;Drawing toys;Drones [toys];Dumbbells;Manipulative games;Mechanical games;Memory games;Water guns;Festive decorations, party novelties and artificial Christmas trees;Noisemakers [toys];Ornaments for Christmas trees;Snow for Christmas trees (Artificial -);Swimming pool air floats;Tinsel for decorating Christmas trees;Toy gardening sets.
Class Description: 006 - Metal Products
Goods & Services: Aluminium foil;Aluminium foil containers;Aluminium foil paper;Aluminium foils;Aluminum foil paper;Animals (Metal cages for wild -);Animals [Traps for wild -];Aviaries of metal;Badges of metal for vehicles;Bag hangers of metal;Baskets of common metal for industrial use;Baskets of metal;Bathtub grab bars of metal;Bells;Beverage cans of metal;Bicycle locks;Bicycle locks of metal;Bicycle parking installations of metal;Bicycle sheds [structures] of metal;Bins of metal;Bird baths [structures of metal];Bird-repelling devices made of metal (Wind-driven -);Boxes (Safety cash -);Cable clamps of metal;Cable clips of metal;Cable connectors (Non-electric -) of metal;Cables and pipes (Clips of metal for -);Cables, wires and chains, of metal;Cages (Metal -) for wild animals;Cages of metal;Cash boxes of metal;Cash safes of metal;Cashboxes [metal or non-metal];Cashboxes of metal;Cashiers' lockers of metal;Cat/dog flaps of metal;Ceiling tiles (Metal -);Chains (Metal -) for animals;Chains (Metal -) for use as animal tethers;Chains of metal;Clips (Cable and pipe -) of metal;Clips of metal for sealing bags;Compost bins of metal;Covers of metal for manholes;Crates of metal;Dispensers (Fixed -) of metal for dispensing towels;Dispensers (Fixed -) of metal for holding towels;Dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, of metal;Dispensers, of metal;Dispensers of metal (Fixed -) for towels;Door bells, non-electric;Door bells of metal, non-electric;Door fittings, of metal;Door handles of metal;Door hinges of metal;Door knobs of common metal;Door knockers;Door knockers of metal;Door pulls of metal;Door pushes of metal;Door stops of metal;Drain covers of metal;Drawer handles of metal;Drawer knobs of metal;Drawer runners of metal;Drawer sliders of metal;Dog ramps of metal;Electronic safes;Expansion plugs of metal;Fence posts of metal;Fire safe boxes;Fixing nails of metal;Foil (Aluminium -);Gas bottles of metal;Gazebo [metal structures];Gazebos primarily of metal;Grab bars of metal;Handcuffs;Handles of metal for doors;Insect screens of metal;Insect screens of metal for doors;Insect screens of metal for windows;Iron;Keys;Keys (Metal -) for opening locks;Ladders and scaffolding, of metal;Ladders of metal;Letter boxes of metal;Letter-box flaps of metal;Locks and keys, of metal;Labels of metal;Metal bicycle locks;Metal cash boxes;Metal cash deposit boxes;Metal containers for storage;Metal containers for tools [empty];Metal pet guard rails;Nails;Nails of metal;Number plates of metal;Number plates of metal for vehicles;Numberplates of metal;Nuts, bolts and fasteners, of metal;Nuts [metal hardware];Nuts of metal;Packaging containers of metal;Padlocks;Padlocks of metal;Paper towel dispensers [fixed] of metal;Safe deposit boxes;Safes;Safes, electronic;Safes [metal or non-metal];Safes [strong boxes];Safety boxes (Metal -);Safety cash boxes;Safety cashboxes;Safety chains of metal;Safety deposit boxes;Screws of metal;Tent pegs of metal;Tent poles of metal;Toilet paper dispensers, fixed, of metal;Tool storage containers of metal [empty];Towel dispensers, fixed, of metal;Towel dispensers of metal;Towel hooks of metal;Vehicle number plates of metal;Vehicle registration plates of metal;Wood screws made of metal.
Class Description: 007 - Machinery Products
Goods & Services: Vacuum cleaners;Pumps;Sewing machines;Juice machines;Food grinders, electric;Food mixers (Electric -);Sand blasting machines;Gardening tools (Electric -);Air blowers;Air pumps;Aquarium pumps;Bags (Vacuum cleaner -);Beaters, electric;Bits for power drills;Blenders, electric, for household purposes;Calenders;Can openers, electric;Cigarette making machines;Clippers [machines];Crushing machines;Drills [power tools];Electric glue guns;Electric ice crushers;Electric kitchen machines;Electric kitchen tools;Electric power tools;Electric pumps;Electric tin openers;Electric glass cleaners;Electric clippers;Adhesive tape dispensing machines;Soldering guns.
Class Description: 008 - Hand Tool Products
Goods & Services: Manicure and pedicure tools;Knives, forks and spoons;Baby spoons, table forks and table knives;Beard trimmers;Bits for hand-operated tools;Tongs;Spanners;Wrenches [hand tools];Scissors;Screw drivers;Hand drills;Hand tools for construction, repair and maintenance;Drill bits for hand drills;Garden tools, hand-operated;Can openers, non-electric;Clippers for personal use [electric and non electric];Cutlery;Cutlery for use by babies;Cutlery for use by children;Cutlery, kitchen knives, and cutting implements for kitchen use;Cutters;Cutting and grinding implements;Scissors for household use;Scissor holders;Hand-operated choppers.
Class Description: 009 - Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products
Goods & Services: AC/DC power supplies;Alarms;Counterfeit money detecting apparatus;Covers for smartphones;Covers for tablet computers;Headphones;Earphones;Chargers for mobile phones;Computer carrying cases;Jump start cables;Baby monitors;Bathroom scales;Battery jump starters;Pre-recorded video cassette tapes;Measuring tapes.
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I wasn't too sure what to expect when taking up services, but the professionalism from the site to the customer service is the slickest I have ever experienced.

Camryn, Surrey, UK
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