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Somiar United Kingdom Trademark Information

Abrasive bands;Abrasive boards for use on fingernails;Abrasive cloth;Abrasive compounds;Abrasive emery paper;Abrasive emery paper for use on fingernails;Abrasive granules;Abrasive paper;Abrasive paper for use on the fingernails;Abrasive paper [sandpaper];Abrasive paste;Abrasive preparations;Abrasive preparations for polishing;Abrasive preparations for use on the body;Abrasive preparations for vehicle care;Abrasive rolls;Abrasive sand;Abrasive sanding sponges;Abrasive sheets;Abrasive strips;Abrasives;Acne cleansers, cosmetic;Adhesive removers;Adhesives for affixing artificial eyelashes;Adhesives for affixing artificial fingernails;Adhesives for affixing false eyebrows;Adhesives for affixing false eyelashes;Adhesives for affixing false hair;Adhesives for affixing false nails;Adhesives for artificial nails;Adhesives for cosmetic purposes;Adhesives for cosmetic use;Adhesives for false eyelashes, hair and nails;Adhesives for fixing false nails;After shave lotions;After sun creams;After sun moisturisers;Aftershave;After-shave;Aftershave balm;Aftershave balms;After-shave balms;Aftershave creams;After-shave creams;Aftershave emulsions;After-shave emulsions;After-shave gel;Aftershave gel...

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abrasive   bandsabrasive   boards   use   fingernailsabrasive   clothabrasive   compoundsabrasive   emery   paperabrasive   emery   paper   use   fingernailsabrasive   granulesabrasive   paperabrasive   paper   use   fingernailsabrasive   paper   sandpaperabrasive   pasteabrasive   preparationsabrasive   preparations   polishingabrasive   preparations   use   bodyabrasive   preparations   vehicle   careabrasive   rollsabrasive   sandabrasive   sanding   spongesabrasive   sheetsabrasive   stripsabrasivesacne   cleansers  
On Sunday, November 3, 2019, a united kingdom trademark registration was filed for Somiar by . The United Kingdom IP office has given the trademark application number of UK00003441374. The current status of this trademark filing is Application Published. The Somiar trademark is filed in the category of Cosmetics and Cleaning Products , Lubricant and Fuel Products , Education and Entertainment Services , Medical, Beauty & Agricultural Services .
Word Mark: Somiar
Current Status:
Application Published
LIVE (Circa: 2019)
Application Number: UK00003441374
Filing Date: Sunday, November 3, 2019
Registration Date: Not Available
Type of Mark: Individual
Mark Feature: Word
2019/046: Friday, November 15, 2019
Last Applicant/Owner:
Correspondent: Not Available

Classification Information

Class Description: 003 - Cosmetics and Cleaning Products
Goods & Services: Abrasive bands;Abrasive boards for use on fingernails;Abrasive cloth;Abrasive compounds;Abrasive emery paper;Abrasive emery paper for use on fingernails;Abrasive granules;Abrasive paper;Abrasive paper for use on the fingernails;Abrasive paper [sandpaper];Abrasive paste;Abrasive preparations;Abrasive preparations for polishing;Abrasive preparations for use on the body;Abrasive preparations for vehicle care;Abrasive rolls;Abrasive sand;Abrasive sanding sponges;Abrasive sheets;Abrasive strips;Abrasives;Acne cleansers, cosmetic;Adhesive removers;Adhesives for affixing artificial eyelashes;Adhesives for affixing artificial fingernails;Adhesives for affixing false eyebrows;Adhesives for affixing false eyelashes;Adhesives for affixing false hair;Adhesives for affixing false nails;Adhesives for artificial nails;Adhesives for cosmetic purposes;Adhesives for cosmetic use;Adhesives for false eyelashes, hair and nails;Adhesives for fixing false nails;After shave lotions;After sun creams;After sun moisturisers;Aftershave;After-shave;Aftershave balm;Aftershave balms;After-shave balms;Aftershave creams;After-shave creams;Aftershave emulsions;After-shave emulsions;After-shave gel;Aftershave gels;Aftershave lotions;After-shave lotions;Aftershave milk;Aftershave moisturising cream;Aftershave preparations;After-shave preparations;Aftershaves;After-sun creams;After-sun lotions;After-sun lotions [for cosmetic use];After-sun milk;After-sun milk [cosmetics];After-sun milk for cosmetic use;After-sun milks;After-sun milks [cosmetics];After-sun oils [cosmetics];After-sun preparations for cosmetic use;Age retardant gel;Age retardant lotion;Age spot reducing creams;Agents for removing wax;Air (Canned pressurized -) for cleaning and dusting purposes;Air fragrance preparations;Air fragrance reed diffusers;Air fragrancing preparations;Alcoholic solvents being cleaning preparations;Alkali (Volatile -) [ammonia] detergent;All-purpose cotton buds for personal use;Almond milk for cosmetic purposes;Almond oil;Almond soap;Almond soaps;Aloe soap;Aloe soaps;Aloe vera gel for cosmetic purposes;Aloe vera preparations for cosmetic purposes;Alum blocks for shaving;Alum stones [astringents];Amber [perfume];Ambergris;Amla oil for cosmetic purposes;Ammonia for cleaning purposes;Ammonia [volatile alkali] [detergent];Ammonia [volatile alkali] detergent;Animal grooming preparations;Anti-ageing creams;Anti-ageing creams [for cosmetic use];Anti-ageing moisturiser;Anti-ageing serum;Anti-aging cream;Anti-aging creams;Anti-aging creams [for cosmetic use];Anti-aging moisturizers;Anti-aging moisturizers used as cosmetics;Anti-aging skincare preparations;Anti-freckle creams;Anti-perspirant deodorants;Anti-perspirant preparations;Antiperspirant soap;Antiperspirants;Anti-perspirants;Antiperspirants for personal use;Anti-perspirants for personal use;Anti-perspirants in the form of sprays;Antiperspirants [toiletries];Anti-smear agents for cleaning purposes;Antistatic drier sheets;Antistatic dryer sheets;Anti-static dryer sheets;Antistatic preparations for household purposes;Antistatic sprays for clothing;Anti-wrinkle cream;Anti-wrinkle cream [for cosmetic use];Anti-wrinkle creams;Anti-wrinkle creams [for cosmetic use];Aromatherapy creams;Aromatherapy lotions;Aromatherapy oil;Aromatherapy oils;Aromatherapy pillows comprising potpourri in fabric containers;Aromatherapy preparations;Aromatic essential oils;Aromatic oils;Aromatic oils for the bath;Aromatic plant extracts;Aromatic potpourris;Aromatics;Aromatics [essential oils];Aromatics for fragrances;Aromatics for household purposes;Aromatics for perfumes;Artificial eyelashes;Artificial fingernails;Artificial fingernails of precious metal;Artificial nails;Artificial nails for cosmetic purposes;Artificial pumice stone;Artificial tanning preparations;Ash (Volcanic -) for cleaning;Astringents for cosmetic purposes;Automobile cleaners;Automobile cleaning preparations;Automobile polish;Automobile polishes;Automobile wax;Automotive cleaning preparations;Auto-tanning creams;Babies' creams [non-medicated];Baby bath mousse;Baby body milks;Baby bottom balm;Baby bubble bath;Baby care products (Non-medicated -);Baby hair conditioner;Baby lotion;Baby lotions;Baby oil;Baby oils;Baby powder;Baby powders;Baby shampoo;Baby shampoo mousse;Baby suncreams;Baby wipes;Baby wipes impregnated with cleaning preparations;Badian essence;Balms (Non-medicated -);Balms other than for medical purposes;Balms, other than for medical purposes;Bar soap;Bark (Quillaia -) for washing;Barrier creams;Bars of soap;Base cream;Bases for flower perfumes;Basma [cosmetic dye];Bath and shower foam;Bath and shower gel;Bath and shower gels;Bath and shower gels, not for medical purposes;Bath and shower oils [non-medicated];Bath and shower preparations;Bath beads;Bath bombs;Bath concentrates (Non-medicated -);Bath cream;Bath creams;Bath creams (Non-medicated -);Bath crystals;Bath crystals (Non-medicated -);Bath crystals, not for medical use;Bath flakes;Bath foam;Bath foams;Bath foams (Non-medicated -);Bath gel;Bath gels;Bath gels (Non-medicated -);Bath herbs;Bath lotion;Bath lotions (Non-medicated -);Bath milk;Bath oil;Bath oil, not for medical use;Bath oils;Bath oils for cosmetic purposes;Bath oils (Non-medicated -);Bath pearls;Bath pearls (Non-medicated -);Bath powder;Bath powder [cosmetics];Bath powders (Non-medicated -);Bath preparations;Bath preparations for animals;Bath preparations (Non-medicated -);Bath preparations, not for medical purposes;Bath preparations, not medicated;Bath salts;Bath salts, not for medical purposes;Bath soak for cosmetic use;Bath soap;Bath soaps;Bathing lotions;Baths (Cosmetic preparations for -);Bay rums;Bay rums for cosmetic use;Beard balm;Beard care preparations;Beard dyes;Beard oil;Beauty balm creams;Beauty care cosmetics;Beauty care preparations;Beauty creams;Beauty creams for body care;Beauty gels;Beauty lotions;Beauty masks;Beauty milk;Beauty milks;Beauty preparations for the hair;Beauty serums;Beauty serums with anti-ageing properties;Beauty soap;Beauty tonics for application to the body;Beauty tonics for application to the face;Bergamot oil;Beverages (Flavorings [flavourings] for -) essential oils;Biological laundry detergents;Bleach;Bleaches for use on the hair;Bleaching (Leather -) preparations;Bleaching preparations;Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use;Bleaching preparations [decolorants] for cosmetic purposes;Bleaching preparations [decolorants] for household purposes;Bleaching preparations for cosmetic purposes;Bleaching preparations for household use;Bleaching preparations for laundry use;Bleaching preparations for the hair;Bleaching preparations [laundry];Bleaching salts;Bleaching soda;Blemish balm creams;Blended essential oils;Blueing for laundry;Blueing (Laundry -);Bluing for laundry;Blush;Blush pencils;Blusher;Blushers;Body and facial butters;Body and facial creams [cosmetics];Body and facial gels [cosmetics];Body and facial oils;Body art stickers;Body butter;Body butters;Body care cosmetics;Body cleaning and beauty care preparations;Body cleansing foams;Body cream;Body cream for cosmetic use;Body cream soap;Body creams;Body creams [cosmetics];Body deodorants;Body deodorants [perfumery];Body emulsions;Body emulsions for cosmetic use;Body gels;Body gels [cosmetics];Body glitters;Body lotion;Body lotions;Body mask cream;Body mask lotion;Body mask powder;Body masks;Body massage oils;Body milk;Body milks;Body mist;Body moisturisers;Body oil;Body oil [for cosmetic use];Body oil spray;Body oils;Body oils [for cosmetic use];Body paint (cosmetic);Body polish;Body powder;Body powder (Non-medicated -);Body scrub;Body scrubs;Body scrubs [cosmetic];Body shampoos;Body soap;Body soufflé;Body splash;Body spray;Body sprays;Body sprays [non-medicated];Body talcum powder;Body wash;Body washes;Boot cream;Boot polish;Boot wax;Breath freshener;Breath fresheners;Breath fresheners for animals;Breath fresheners in the form of chew sticks made from birchwood extracts;Breath fresheners, not for medical use;Breath freshening liquid;Breath freshening preparations;Breath freshening preparations for personal hygiene;Breath freshening sprays;Breath freshening strips;Breath freshing sprays;Brilliantine;Bubble bath;Bubble bath [for cosmetic use];Bubble bath preparations;Bubble bath preparations [for cosmetic use];Bubble baths;Buffing compounds;Cake flavorings [essential oils];Cake flavourings [essential oils];Cakes of soap;Cakes of soap for body washing;Cakes of soap for household cleaning purposes;Cakes of toilet soap;Camouflage cream;Canned pressurized air for cleaning and dusting purposes;Canned pressurized air for dusting and cleaning purposes;Car cleaning preparations;Car polish;Car shampoos;Car wax;Car wax with a paint sealant;Carbides of metal [abrasives];Carbolic soaps;Carnauba wax for automotive use;Carpet cleaners;Carpet cleaning preparations;Carpet freshening preparations;Carpet shampoo;Castor oil for cosmetic purposes;Caustic cleaning agents;Caustic soda;Cedarwood (Essential oils of -);Cedarwood perfumery;Chalk (Cleaning -);Chalk for cosmetic use;Chalk for make-up;Cheek colors;Cheek colours;Cheek rouges;Chemical cleaning preparations for household purposes;Chemical laundry preparations;Chewable dentifrices;Chewable tooth cleaning preparations;Chrome cleaners;Chrome polish;Citron [Essential oils of -];Citronella oil for cosmetic use;Clay skin masks;Cleaner for cosmetic brushes;Cleaners for litter trays;Cleaning agents for deep freezers;Cleaning agents for glass;Cleaning agents for household purposes;Cleaning agents for metal;Cleaning agents for stone;Cleaning agents for the hands;Cleaning and fragrancing preparations;Cleaning and shining preparations for plant leaves;Cleaning chalk;Cleaning compositions for spot removal;Cleaning dentures (Preparations for -);Cleaning fluid for typewriter type;Cleaning fluids;Cleaning fluids for camera lenses;Cleaning foam;Cleaning masks for the face;Cleaning pads impregnated with cosmetics;Cleaning preparations;Cleaning preparations for animal cages;Cleaning preparations for automobiles;Cleaning preparations for cleansing drains;Cleaning preparations for fabrics;Cleaning preparations for household purposes;Cleaning preparations for leather;Cleaning preparations for personal use;Cleaning preparations for plant leaves;Cleaning preparations for the teeth;Cleaning preparations for use in livestock farming;Cleaning preparations for use on masonry;Cleaning preparations for use on tiles;Cleaning preparations for use on vehicles;Cleaning preparations impregnated into pads;Cleaning preparations impregnated into tissues;Cleaning preparations in the form of foams;Cleaning solutions for dental ultrasonic sterilization apparatus;Cleaning sprays;Cleaning substances for household use;Cleansers for household purposes;Cleansers for intimate personal hygiene purposes, non medicated;Cleansing balm;Cleansing cream;Cleansing creams;Cleansing creams [cosmetic];Cleansing foam;Cleansing gels;Cleansing lotions;Cleansing masks;Cleansing milk;Cleansing milk for cosmetic purposes;Cleansing milk for toilet purposes;Cleansing milks for skin care;Cleansing mousse;Cleansing oil;Cleansing products for the eyes;Cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning;Cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning camera lenses;Cloths impregnated with a skin cleanser;Cloths impregnated with polishing preparations for cleaning;Cobblers' wax;Cocoa butter for cosmetic purposes;Coconut oil for cosmetic purposes;Cold cream;Cold cream, other than for medical use;Cold creams;Cold creams for cosmetic use;Cold waving solutions;Collagen for cosmetic purposes;Collagen preparations for cosmetic application;Collagen preparations for cosmetic purposes;Cologne;Cologne impregnated disposable wipes;Cologne water;Colognes;Color- [colour-] brightening chemicals for household purposes [laundry];Color run prevention laundry sheets;Colorants for toilet purposes;Color-brightening chemicals for household purposes [laundry];Coloring preparations for cosmetic purposes;Color-removing preparations;Color-removing preparations for hair;Colour cosmetics;Colour cosmetics for children;Colour cosmetics for the eyes;Colour cosmetics for the skin;Colour removers for the hair;Colour run prevention laundry sheets;Colour-brightening chemicals for household purposes [laundry];Colouring lotions for the hair;Colouring preparations for cosmetic purposes;Colour-removing preparations;Combing oil;Commercial laundry detergents;Common toilet water;Compacts containing make-up;Compounds for skin care after exposure to the suns rays;Concealers;Concealers for lines and wrinkles;Concealers for spots and blemishes;Conditioners for treating the hair;Conditioners for use on the hair;Conditioners in the form of sprays for the scalp;Conditioning balsam;Conditioning creams;Conditioning preparations for the hair;Conditioning sprays for animals;Corundum [abrasive];Cosmetic bath salts;Cosmetic body mud;Cosmetic body scrubs;Cosmetic breast firming preparations;Cosmetic cotton wool;Cosmetic creams;Cosmetic creams and lotions;Cosmetic creams for dry skin;Cosmetic creams for firming skin around eyes;Cosmetic creams for skin care;Cosmetic creams for the skin;Cosmetic dyes;Cosmetic eye gels;Cosmetic eye pencils;Cosmetic face powders;Cosmetic facial lotions;Cosmetic facial masks;Cosmetic facial packs;Cosmetic foams containing sunscreens;Cosmetic hair care preparations;Cosmetic hair dressing preparations;Cosmetic hair lotions;Cosmetic hair regrowth inhibiting preparations;Cosmetic hand creams;Cosmetic kits;Cosmetic masks;Cosmetic massage creams;Cosmetic moisturisers;Cosmetic mud masks;Cosmetic nail care preparations;Cosmetic nail preparations;Cosmetic nourishing creams;Cosmetic oils;Cosmetic oils for the epidermis;Cosmetic paste for application to the face to counteract glare;Cosmetic pencils;Cosmetic pencils for cheeks;Cosmetic powder;Cosmetic preparations;Cosmetic preparations against sunburn;Cosmetic preparations for bath and shower;Cosmetic preparations for baths;Cosmetic preparations for body care;Cosmetic preparations for dry skin during pregnancy;Cosmetic preparations for eye lashes;Cosmetic preparations for eyelashes;Cosmetic preparations for nail drying;Cosmetic preparations for protecting the skin from the sun's rays;Cosmetic preparations for skin care;Cosmetic preparations for skin firming;Cosmetic preparations for skin renewal;Cosmetic preparations for slimming purposes;Cosmetic preparations for the care of mouth and teeth;Cosmetic preparations for the hair and scalp;Cosmetic preparations for use as aids to slimming;Cosmetic products for the shower;Cosmetic products in the form of aerosols for skin care;Cosmetic products in the form of aerosols for skincare;Cosmetic rouges;Cosmetic skin enhancers;Cosmetic skin fresheners;Cosmetic soap;Cosmetic soaps;Cosmetic sun milk lotions;Cosmetic sun oils;Cosmetic sun-protecting preparations;Cosmetic sunscreen preparations;Cosmetic suntan lotions;Cosmetic suntan preparations;Cosmetic sun-tanning preparations;Cosmetic tanning preparations;Cosmetic white face powder;Cosmetic-impregnated tissues;Cosmetics;Cosmetics all for sale in kit form;Cosmetics and cosmetic preparations;Cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid;Cosmetics containing keratin;Cosmetics containing panthenol;Cosmetics for animals;Cosmetics for children;Cosmetics for eye-brows;Cosmetics for eye-lashes;Cosmetics for personal use;Cosmetics for protecting the skin from sunburn;Cosmetics for suntanning;Cosmetics for the treatment of dry skin;Cosmetics for the use on the hair;Cosmetics for use in the treatment of wrinkled skin;Cosmetics for use on the skin;Cosmetics in the form of creams;Cosmetics in the form of eye shadow;Cosmetics in the form of gels;Cosmetics in the form of lotions;Cosmetics in the form of milks;Cosmetics in the form of oils;Cosmetics in the form of powders;Cosmetics in the form of rouge;Cosmetics preparations;Cotton balls for cosmetic purposes;Cotton buds for cosmetic purposes;Cotton for cosmetic purposes;Cotton puffs for cosmetic purposes;Cotton puffs impregnated with make-up removing preparations;Cotton sticks for cosmetic purposes;Cotton swabs for cosmetic purposes;Cotton wool balls for cosmetic use;Cotton wool buds for cosmetic use;Cotton wool for cosmetic purposes;Cotton wool impregnated with make-up removing preparations;Cotton wool in the form of wipes for cosmetic use;Cover sticks;Cream cleaners (Non-medicated -);Cream for whitening the skin;Cream foundation;Cream soaps;Creams (Cosmetic -);Creams for cellulite reduction;Creams for firming the skin;Creams for fixing hair;Creams for leather;Creams for tanning the skin;Creams for the skin;Creams (Non-medicated -) for the body;Creams (Non-medicated -) for the eyes;Creams (Skin whitening -);Creams (Soap -) for use in washing;Creamy face powder;Creamy foundation;Creamy rouge;Creamy rouges;Cushions filled with fragrant substances;Cushions filled with perfumed substances;Cushions impregnated with fragrant substances;Cushions impregnated with perfumed substances;Cuticle conditioners;Cuticle cream;Cuticle oil;Cuticle oils;Cuticle removers;Cuticle removing preparations;Cuticle softeners;Dandruff shampoo;Dandruff shampoos, not for medical purposes;Day cream;Day creams;Day lotion;Decalcomanias for fingernails;Decorative cosmetics;Decorative transfers for cosmetic purposes;Degreasers other than for use in manufacturing processes;Degreasers, other than for use in manufacturing processes;Degreasing preparations for engines;Degreasing preparations for household purposes;De-greasing preparations for household purposes;Degreasing preparations with a solvent base;Degreasing solvents, other than for use in manufacturing processes;Degreasing sprays;Dental bleaching gel;Dental bleaching gels;Dental care preparations for animals;Dental polish;Dental rinses for non-medical purposes;Dental rinses, non medicated;Dentifrice;Dentifrice powder;Dentifrices;Dentifrices and mouthwashes;Dentifrices in the form of chewing gum;Dentifrices in the form of solid tablets;Denture polishes;Dentures (Preparations for cleaning -);Deodorant for personal use;Deodorant preparations for personal use;Deodorant soap;Deodorants and antiperspirants;Deodorants for animals;Deodorants for body care;Deodorants for human beings;Deodorants for human beings or for animals;Deodorants for personal use;Deodorants, for personal use in the form of sticks;Deodorants for personal use [perfumery];Deodorants for pets;Deodorants for the feet;Depilatories;Depilatory creams;Depilatory lotions;Depilatory preparations;Depilatory wax;Depilatory waxes;Dermatological creams [other than medicated];Descalants for household use;Descaling preparations for household purposes;Destainers;Detanglers;Detergent compositions for cleaning golf clubs;Detergent compositions for cleaning shoes;Detergent soap;Detergent strengtheners;Detergents;Detergents for automobiles;Detergents for household use;Detergents for machine dishwashing;Detergents other than for use in manufacturing operations and for medical purposes;Detergents, other than for use in manufacturing operations and for medical purposes;Detergents prepared from petroleum;Dewaxing preparations;Diamantine [abrasive];Disclosing tablets for personal use in indicating tartar on the teeth;Dishwasher detergents;Dishwasher detergents in gel form;Dishwasher powder;Dishwasher rinsing agents;Dishwasher tablets;Dishwashing detergents;Dishwashing liquid;Dishwashing preparations;Disposable wipes impregnated with cleansing compounds for use on the face;Distilled oils for beauty care;Double eyelid tapes;Douching preparations for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes [toiletries];Drain and sink unblocking preparations;Drain cleaning preparations;Dry cleaning fluids;Dry cleaning preparations;Dry shampoos;Dry-cleaning preparations;Drying agents for dishwashing machines;Dusting powder;Dusting powder [for toilet use];Dyes (Cosmetic -);Dyes for the hair;Eau de cologne;Eau de Cologne;Eau de cologne [cologne water];Eau de colognes;Eau de parfum;Eau de toilette;Eau-de-cologne;Eau-de-toilette;Eaux de Cologne;Eaux de cologne;Eaux de toilette;Emery;Emery cloth;Emery paper;Emollient preparations [cosmetics];Emollient shampoos;Emollients;Emulsified essential oils;Emulsifying solvent cleaners;Epilating waxes;Essences (Ethereal -);Essences for skin care;Essential oils;Essential oils and aromatic extracts;Essential oils as fragrances for laundry use;Essential oils as perfume for laundry purposes;Essential oils for aromatherapy;Essential oils for aromatherapy use;Essential oils for cosmetic purposes;Essential oils for food flavorings;Essential oils for household purposes;Essential oils for household use;Essential oils for industrial use;Essential oils for personal use;Essential oils for soothing the nerves;Essential oils for the care of the skin;Essential oils for use in air fresheners;Essential oils for use in manufacturing processes;Essential oils for use in the manufacture of scented products;Essential oils of cedarwood;Essential oils of citron;Essential oils of lemon;Essential oils of sandalwood;Essential vegetable oils;Ethereal essences;Ethereal essences and oils;Ethereal oils;Etheric oils;Eucalyptus oil for cosmetic use;Exfoliant creams;Exfoliants;Exfoliants for the care of the skin;Exfoliants for the cleansing of the skin;Exfoliating body scrub;Exfoliating creams;Exfoliating scrubs for cosmetic purposes;Exfoliating scrubs for the body;Exfoliating scrubs for the face;Exfoliating scrubs for the feet;Exfoliating scrubs for the hands;Extracts of flowers;Extracts of flowers being perfumes;Extracts of flowers [perfumes];Extracts of perfumes;Eye brightening correctors;Eye care products, non-medicated;Eye compresses for cosmetic purposes;Eye concealers;Eye cosmetics;Eye cream;Eye creams;Eye gel;Eye gels;Eye liner;Eye lotions;Eye make up remover;Eye makeup;Eye make-up;Eye makeup remover;Eye make-up removers;Eye pencils;Eye shadow;Eye shadows;Eye sticks;Eye stylers;Eye wrinkle lotions;Eyebrow colors;Eyebrow colors in the form of pencils and powders;Eyebrow cosmetics;Eyebrow gel;Eyebrow mascara;Eyebrow pencils;Eyebrow powder;Eyebrows [false];Eyeglass lens cleaning solutions;Eyeglass wipes impregnated with a detergent;Eyelash dye;Eyelash tint;Eyelashes;Eyelashes (Adhesives for affixing false -);Eyelashes (Cosmetic preparations for -);Eyelashes (False -);Eyelid doubling makeup;Eyelid pencils;Eyelid shadow;Eyeliner;Eyeliner pencils;Eyeliners;Eyes make-up;Eyes pencils;Eyeshadow;Eye-shadow;Eyeshadow palettes;Eyeshadows;Eye-washes, not for medical purposes;Fabric brighteners;Fabric conditioners;Fabric conditioning preparations;Fabric softener;Fabric softener for laundry;Fabric softener for laundry use;Fabric softeners;Fabric softeners for laundry;Fabric softeners for laundry use;Face and body creams;Face and body glitter;Face and body lotions;Face and body masks;Face blusher;Face cream (Non-medicated -);Face creams;Face creams for cosmetic use;Face dusting powders;Face gels;Face glitter;Face masks;Face oils;Face packs;Face packs [cosmetic];Face paint;Face paints;Face powder;Face powder [for cosmetic use];Face powder in the form of powder-coated paper;Face powder (Non-medicated -);Face powders;Face powders [for cosmetic use];Face scrub;Face scrubs (Non-medicated -);Face wash;Face wash [cosmetic];Face-powder on paper;Facial beauty masks;Facial butters;Facial care preparations;Facial cleansers;Facial cleansers [cosmetic];Facial cleansing grains;Facial cleansing milk;Facial concealer;Facial conditioning preparations;Facial cream;Facial cream [for cosmetic use];Facial creams;Facial creams [cosmetic];Facial creams [cosmetics];Facial creams [for cosmetic use];Facial emulsions;Facial gels [cosmetics];Facial lotion;Facial lotions;Facial lotions [cosmetic];Facial makeup;Facial masks;Facial masks [cosmetic];Facial massage oils;Facial moisturisers [cosmetic];Facial moisturizers;Facial oil;Facial oils;Facial packs;Facial packs [cosmetic];Facial packs for toilet purposes;Facial peel preparations for cosmetic use;Facial preparations;Facial scrubs;Facial scrubs [cosmetic];Facial serum for cosmetic use;Facial soaps;Facial toner;Facial toners [cosmetic];Facial wash;Facial washes;Facial washes [cosmetic];Facial wipes impregnated with cosmetics;Fair complexion cream;Fair complexion creams;Fake blood;False eyelashes;False fingernails;False hair (Adhesives for affixing -);False nails;False toenails;Feminine deodorant sprays;Feminine hygiene cleansing towelettes;Fingernail decals;Fingernail overlay material;Fingernail sculpturing overlays;Fingernail tips;Flavorings [flavourings] for beverages [essential oils];Flavorings for beverages [essential oils];Flavour enhancers for food [essential oils];Flavourings for beverages [essential oils];Flavourings for cakes [essential oils];Flexible abrasives;Floor buffing compound;Floor buffing compounds;Floor cleaning preparations;Floor finish removers;Floor polish;Floor polishes;Floor shining compositions;Floor stripping preparations;Floor treatment compositions;Floor wax;Floor wax remover;Floor wax removers;Floor wax removers [scouring preparations];Floors (Non-slipping liquids for -);Floors (Non-slipping wax for -);Floral water;Flower perfumes (Bases for -);Flowers (Extracts of -) [perfumes];Fluid creams [cosmetics];Foam bath;Foam bath preparations;Foam cleaning preparations;Foam detergents;Foam for use in shaving;Foaming bath gels;Foaming bath liquids;Foams for the bath;Foams for use in shaving;Foams for use in the shower;Food flavoring, being essential oils;Food flavorings [essential oils];Food flavorings prepared from essential oils;Food flavourings [essential oils];Foot balms (Non-medicated -);Foot care preparations (Non-medicated -);Foot deodorant spray;Foot masks for skin care;Foot perspiration (Soap for -);Foot powder [non-medicated];Foot scrubs;Foot smoothing stones;Foundation;Foundation make-up;Foundations;Fragrance emitting wicks for room fragrance;Fragrance for household purposes;Fragrance preparations;Fragrance refills for non-electric room fragrance dispensers;Fragrance sachets;Fragrance sachets for eye pillows;Fragrances;Fragrances for automobiles;Fragrances for personal use;Fragrant sachets;Fruit and vegetable wash;Fumigating incenses (Kunko);Fumigation preparations [perfumes];Functional cosmetics;Furbishing preparations;Furniture cleaner;Furniture polish;Furniture polishes;Gargles, not for medical purposes;Gaultheria oil;Gel eye masks;Gel eye patches for cosmetic purposes;Gel nail removers;Gel sprays being styling aids;Gels (Dental bleaching -);Gels for cosmetic purposes;Gels for cosmetic use;Gels for fixing hair;Gels for use on the hair;General purpose scouring powder;Geraniol;Geraniol for cosmetic purposes;Geraniol for cosmetic use;Geraniol for fragrancing;Geraniol fragrancing compounds;Glass cleaners;Glass cleaning preparations;Glass cloth;Glass cloth [abrasive cloth];Glass paper;Glaze (Laundry -);Glitter for cosmetic purposes;Glitter in spray form for use as a cosmetics;Glue for strengthening nails;Glue removers;Graffiti removing substances;Granular corundum;Granulated soap;Granulated soaps;Greasepaint;Grease-removing preparations;Greases for cosmetic purposes;Grinding foils;Grinding preparations;Grinding preparations for semiconductors;Hair and body wash;Hair balm;Hair balms;Hair balsam;Hair bleach;Hair bleaches;Hair bleaching preparations;Hair care agents;Hair care creams;Hair care creams [for cosmetic use];Hair care lotions;Hair care lotions [for cosmetic use];Hair care masks;Hair care preparations;Hair care preparations, not for medical purposes;Hair care serum;Hair care serums;Hair chalks;Hair cleaning preparations;Hair color;Hair color removers;Hair colorants;Hair coloring preparations;Hair colour removers;Hair colourants;Hair colouring;Hair colouring and dyes;Hair colouring preparations;Hair conditioner;Hair conditioner bars;Hair conditioners;Hair conditioners for babies;Hair cosmetics;Hair cream;Hair creams;Hair curling preparations;Hair decolorant preparations;Hair decolorants;Hair desiccating treatments for cosmetic use;Hair dressings for men;Hair dye;Hair dyeing preparations;Hair dyes;Hair emollients;Hair fixers;Hair fixing oil;Hair frosts;Hair gel;Hair gels;Hair glaze;Hair glazes;Hair grooming preparations;Hair lacquer;Hair lacquers;Hair lighteners;Hair liquid;Hair liquids;Hair lotion;Hair lotions;Hair mascara;Hair masks;Hair moisturisers;Hair moisturising conditioners;Hair moisturizers;Hair mousse;Hair mousses;Hair neutralizers;Hair nourishers;Hair oil;Hair oils;Hair permanent treatments;Hair permanent wave kit;Hair piece bonding glue;Hair pomades;Hair powder;Hair preparations and treatments;Hair preservation treatments for cosmetic use;Hair protection creams;Hair protection gels;Hair protection lotions;Hair protection mousse;Hair relaxers;Hair relaxing preparations;Hair removal and shaving preparations;Hair removal preparations;Hair removing cream;Hair rinses;Hair rinses [for cosmetic use];Hair rinses [shampoo-conditioners];Hair serums;Hair shampoo;Hair shampoos;Hair spray;Hair sprays;Hair straightening preparations;Hair strengthening treatment lotions;Hair styling gel;Hair styling gels;Hair styling lotions;Hair styling preparations;Hair styling spray;Hair styling waxes;Hair texturizers;Hair tinting preparations;Hair tonic;Hair tonic [for cosmetic use];Hair tonic [non-medicated];Hair tonics;Hair tonics [for cosmetic use];Hair treatment preparations;Hair waving preparations;Hair wax;Hairdressing preparations;Hairspray;Hairstyling masks;Hairstyling serums;Hair-washing powder;Hair-waving preparations;Hand and body butter;Hand cleaner;Hand cleaners [hand cleaning preparations];Hand cleaning preparations;Hand cleansers;Hand cream;Hand creams;Hand gels;Hand lotion (Non-medicated -);Hand lotions;Hand masks for skin care;Hand milks;Hand oils (Non-medicated -);Hand powders;Hand scrubs;Hand soap;Hand soaps;Hand washes;Handmade soap;Helichrysum [essential oils];Helichrysum (essential oils);Heliotropin;Heliotropin for cosmetic use;Heliotropin fragrancing compounds;Heliotropine;Henna;Henna [cosmetic dye];Henna for cosmetic purposes;Henna powders;Herbal extracts for cosmetic purposes;Horse oil cream for skin care;Household bleach;Household cleaning substances;Household cleansers;Household detergents;Household fragrances;Humectant preparations [cosmetics];Humectants;Hydrating creams for cosmetic use;Hydrating masks;Hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic purposes;Hydrogen peroxide for use on the hair;Hydrolyzed collagen for cosmetic purposes;Hypochloride (Potassium -);Impregnated cleaning pads impregnated with cosmetics;Impregnated cleaning pads impregnated with toilet preparations;Impregnated cloths for cosmetic use;Impregnated cloths for polishing;Impregnated paper tissues for cleaning dishware;Impregnated tissues for cleaning [non-medicated, for use on the person];Incense;Incense cones;Incense sachets;Incense spray;Incense sticks;Industrial abrasives;Industrial soap;Ionone [perfumery];Japanese hair fixing oil (bintsuke-abura);Jasmine oil;Javelle water;Jelly (Petroleum -) for cosmetic purposes;Jewellers' rouge;Joss sticks;Kettle cleaner;Kits (Cosmetic -);Lacquer for cosmetic purposes;Lacquer removing compositions;Lacquer-removing preparations;Laundry additives;Laundry additives for water softening;Laundry balls containing laundry detergent;Laundry bleach;Laundry bleaching preparations;Laundry blue;Laundry blueing;Laundry detergents;Laundry detergents for household cleaning use;Laundry fabric conditioner;Laundry glaze;Laundry liquids;Laundry powder;Laundry preparations;Laundry preparations for attracting dirt;Laundry preparations for attracting dyes;Laundry sizing;Laundry soaking preparations;Laundry soap;Laundry soaps;Laundry starch;Laundry wax;Lavatory cleaning compositions;Lavender oil;Lavender oil for cosmetic use;Lavender water;Leather and shoe cleaning and polishing preparations;Leather bleaching preparations;Leather (Creams for -);Leather dressings;Leather polishes;Leather preservatives;Leather preservatives [polishes];Leather preserving polishes;Leaves of plants (Preparations to make shiny the -);Lemon [Essential oils of -];Lime removers;Linen (Sachets for perfuming -);Liners [cosmetics] for the eyes;Lint for cosmetic purposes;Lip balm;Lip balm [non-medicated];Lip balms;Lip balms [non-medicated];Lip care preparations;Lip coatings [cosmetic];Lip coatings (Non-medicated -);Lip conditioners;Lip cosmetics;Lip cream;Lip gloss;Lip gloss palettes;Lip glosses;Lip liner;Lip liners;Lip makeup;Lip neutralizers;Lip pencils;Lip polisher;Lip pomades;Lip protectors [cosmetic];Lip protectors (Non-medicated -);Lip rouge;Lip stains [cosmetics];Lip stains for cosmetic purposes;Lip tints;Lipstick;Lipstick cases;Lipsticks;Liquid bath soap;Liquid bath soaps;Liquid dentifrice;Liquid dishwasher detergents;Liquid eyeliners;Liquid floor polishes;Liquid foundation;Liquid foundation (mizu-oshiroi);Liquid latex body paint for cosmetic purposes;Liquid laundry detergents;Liquid perfumes;Liquid rouge;Liquid rouges;Liquid soap;Liquid soap for dish washing;Liquid soap for laundry;Liquid soap used in foot bath;Liquid soap used in foot baths;Liquid soaps;Liquid soaps for hands and face;Liquid soaps for laundry;Liquids for floors (Non-slipping -);Litter tray cleaners incorporating a deodorizer;Long lash mascaras;Loofah soaps;Loose face powder;Lotions for beards;Lotions for cellulite reduction;Lotions for cosmetic purposes;Lotions for face and body care;Lotions for strengthening the nails;Lotions for the skin;Lotions (Tissues impregnated with cosmetic -);Make up foundations;Make up removing preparations;Makeup;Make-up;Make-up bases in the form of pastes;Make-up for compacts;Make-up for the face;Make-up for the face and body;Make-up foundation;Make-up foundations;Make-up kits;Make-up pads of cotton wool;Make-up pencils;Make-up powder;Make-up preparations;Make-up preparations for the face and body;Make-up primer;Make-up primers;Make-up remover;Make-up removers;Make-up removing creams;Make-up removing gels;Make-up removing lotions;Make-up removing milk;Make-up removing milks;Make-up removing preparations;Makeup setting sprays;Mascara;Mascaras;Mask pack for cosmetic purposes;Masks (Beauty -);Massage candles for cosmetic purposes;Massage creams, not medicated;Massage gels other than for medical purposes;Massage gels, other than for medical purposes;Massage oil;Massage oils;Massage oils and lotions;Massage oils, not medicated;Massage waxes;Metal polish;Metal polishes;Micellar water;Microdermabrasion polish;Milk (Cleansing -) for toilet purposes;Milk for cosmetic purposes;Milks [cosmetics];Milky lotions for skin care;Mineral oils [cosmetic];Mineral water sprays for cosmetic purposes;Mint essence [essential oil];Mint for perfumery;Moist paper hand towels impregnated with a cosmetic lotion;Moist wipes for sanitary and cosmetic purposes;Moist wipes impregnated with a cosmetic lotion;Moistened tooth powder;Moisture body lotion;Moisturiser;Moisturisers;Moisturisers [cosmetics];Moisturising body lotion [cosmetic];Moisturising concentrates [cosmetic];Moisturising creams;Moisturising creams, lotions and gels;Moisturising gels [cosmetic];Moisturising preparations;Moisturising skin creams [cosmetic];Moisturising skin lotions [cosmetic];Moisturizers;Moisturizing body lotions;Moisturizing creams;Moisturizing milk;Moisturizing preparations for the skin;Mould removing preparations;Mousses being hair styling aids;Mousses [cosmetics];Mousses [toiletries] for use in styling the hair;Moustache wax;Mouth [breath] fresheners, not for medical use;Mouth sprays, not for medical use;Mouth washes;Mouth washes, not for medical purposes;Mouthwash;Mouthwashes;Mouthwashes, not for medical purposes;Multifunctional cosmetics;Multifunctional makeup;Musk [natural];Musk [perfumery];Mustache wax;Nail art stickers;Nail base coat [cosmetics];Nail buffing preparations;Nail care preparations;Nail conditioners;Nail cosmetics;Nail cream;Nail decolorants;Nail enamel;Nail enamel remover;Nail enamel removers;Nail enamels;Nail gel;Nail glitter;Nail hardeners;Nail hardeners [cosmetics];Nail makeup;Nail paint [cosmetics];Nail polish;Nail polish base coat;Nail polish pens;Nail polish remover;Nail polish remover pens;Nail polish removers;Nail polish removers [cosmetics];Nail polish top coat;Nail polishing powder;Nail primer [cosmetics];Nail repair preparations;Nail strengtheners;Nail tips;Nail tips [cosmetics];Nail varnish;Nail varnish for cosmetic purposes;Nail varnish remover [cosmetics];Nail varnish removers;Nail varnish removing preparations;Nail varnishes;Nail whiteners;Nail-polish removers;Nails (False -);Nappy cream [non-medicated];Nasal cleaning preparations for personal sanitary purposes;Natural cosmetics;Natural essential oils;Natural floor polishes;Natural floor waxes;Natural makeup;Natural musk;Natural oils for cleaning purposes;Natural oils for cosmetic purposes;Natural oils for perfumes;Natural perfumery;Natural starches for laundry purposes;Neutralizers for permanent waving;Neutralizing hair preparations;Night cream;Night creams;Night creams [cosmetics];Non medicated skin toners;Non-medicated antiperspirants;Non-medicated balm for hair;Non-medicated bath oils;Non-medicated bath preparations;Non-medicated bath salts;Non-medicated beauty preparations;Non-medicated body care preparations;Non-medicated body soaks;Non-medicated bubble bath preparations;Non-medicated cleansing creams;Non-medicated cosmetics;Non-medicated cosmetics and toiletry preparations;Non-medicated creams;Non-medicated dental rinse;Non-medicated dentifrices;Non-medicated diaper rash cream;Non-medicated douches;Non-medicated face care preparations;Non-medicated foot cream;Non-medicated foot lotions;Non-medicated foot soaks;Non-medicated hair lotions;Non-medicated hair shampoos;Non-medicated hair treatment preparations for cosmetic purposes;Non-medicated lip balms;Non-medicated lip care preparations;Non-medicated lotions;Non-medicated massage preparations;Non-medicated moisturisers;Non-medicated mouth rinse;Non-medicated mouth sprays;Non-medicated mouth washes;Non-medicated mouth washes for pets;Non-medicated mouthwashes;Non-medicated oils;Non-medicated pet shampoos;Non-medicated preparations for the relief of sunburn;Non-medicated scalp treatment cream;Non-medicated shampoos;Non-medicated shower oils;Non-medicated skin balms;Non-medicated skin care preparations;Non-medicated skin clarifying lotions;Non-medicated skin creams;Non-medicated skin lotions;Non-medicated skin serums;Non-medicated skincare preparations;Non-medicated soaps;Non-medicated stimulating lotions for the skin;Non-medicated sun care preparations;Non-medicated toilet preparations;Non-medicated toilet soaps;Non-medicated toiletries;Non-medicated toiletry preparations;Non-medicated toothpaste;Non-slipping liquids for floors;Non-slipping wax for floors;Nutritional creams (Non-medicated -);Odour fresheners for animals;Oil baths for hair care;Oil of turpentine for degreasing;Oils for cleaning purposes;Oils for cosmetic purposes;Oils for hair conditioning;Oils for moisturising the skin after sunbathing;Oils for perfumes and scents;Oils for the skin;Oils for toilet purposes;Oils for toiletry purposes;Ointments for cosmetic use;Oral hygiene preparations;Organic cosmetics;Organic makeup;Oven cleaners;Oven cleaners [preparations];Oven cleaning preparations;Paint remover;Paint removers;Paint removing compositions;Paint removing preparations;Paint stripper;Paint strippers;Paint stripping preparations;Paper hand towels impregnated with cleaning agents;Paper hand towels impregnated with cosmetics;Paper soaps for personal uses;Parquet floor wax;Pastes for cleaning shoes;Pastes for razor strops;Patches containing sun screen and sun block for use on the skin;Pedicure preparations;Pencils (Cosmetic -);Pencils (Eyebrow -);Pencils for cosmetic purposes;Pencils for cosmetic use;Peppermint crude oil;Peppermint oil [perfumery];Perfume;Perfume oils;Perfume oils for the manufacture of cosmetic preparations;Perfume water;Perfumed body lotions [toilet preparations];Perfumed creams;Perfumed lotions [toilet preparations];Perfumed oils for skin care;Perfumed potpourris;Perfumed powder;Perfumed powder [for cosmetic use];Perfumed powders;Perfumed powders [for cosmetic use];Perfumed sachets;Perfumed soap;Perfumed soaps;Perfumed tissues;Perfumed toilet waters;Perfumed water;Perfumeries;Perfumery;Perfumery and fragrances;Perfumery, essential oils;Perfumery products;Perfumes;Perfumes for cardboard;Perfumes for ceramics;Perfumes for industrial purposes;Perfumes in solid form;Perfuming preparations for the atmosphere;Perfuming sachets;Permanent wave preparations;Permanent waving and curling preparations;Permanent waving lotions;Permanent waving (Neutralizers for -);Permanent waving preparations;Personal deodorants;Pet odor removers;Pet shampoos;Pet stain removers;Petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes;Pets (Shampoos for -);Phytocosmetic preparations;Pine oil;Pine oils for cleaning floors;Piperonal for cosmetic use;Piperonal fragrancing compounds;Plants (Preparations to make shiny the leaves of -);Polish;Polish for furniture and flooring;Polish for musical instruments;Polishes;Polishes (Denture -);Polishes for guitars;Polishing creams;Polishing paper;Polishing powders;Polishing preparations;Polishing rouge;Polishing stones;Polishing wax;Pomades for cosmetic purposes;Pomanders;Pomanders [aromatic substances];Pores tightening mask packs used as cosmetics;Pot pourri;Potassium hypochloride;Potpourri;Pot-pourri;Potpourri sachets for incorporating in aromatherapy pillows;Potpourris;Potpourris [fragrances];Powder compact refills [cosmetics];Powder compacts [cosmetics];Powder for forming sculpted finger nail tips;Powder for laundry purposes;Powder for make-up;Powder laundry detergents;Powder (Make-up -);Pre-moistened cosmetic tissues;Pre-moistened cosmetic towelettes;Pre-moistened cosmetic wipes;Pre-moistened towelettes impregnated with a detergent for cleaning;Pre-moistened towelettes impregnated with dishwashing detergent;Preparation for cleaning dentures;Preparations and products for fur care;Preparations for cleaning dentures;Preparations for cleaning teeth;Preparations for cleaning the teeth;Preparations for permanent hair waves;Preparations for protecting coloured hair;Preparations for protecting the hair from the sun;Preparations for reinforcing the nails;Preparations for removing gel nails;Preparations for setting hair;Preparations for soaking laundry;Preparations for stripping wax from floors;Preparations for the bath;Preparations for the bath and shower;Preparations for the care of the body;Preparations for the conditioning of the body;Preparations for the shower;Preparations for unblocking drain pipes;Preparations for unblocking sinks;Preparations for use after shaving;Preparations for use before shaving;Preparations for use in the bath or shower;Preparations to make shiny the leaves of plants;Preparations to make the leaves of plants shiny;Prepared wax for polishing;Preservative creams for leather;Preservatives for leather;Preservatives for leather [polishes];Pre-shave creams;Pre-shave foams;Pre-shave gels;Pre-shave preparations;Pre-shaving lotions;Pre-shaving preparations;Pressed face powder;Procollagen for cosmetic purposes;Pro-collagen for cosmetic purposes;Products for protecting coloured hair;Pumice stone;Pumice stones for personal use;Pumice stones for use on the body;Quillaia bark for washing;Razor strops (Pastes for -);Recovery creams for cosmetic use;Reed diffusers;Refill packs for body cleansing product dispensers;Refill packs for cosmetics dispensers;Refill packs for hair fixer dispensers;Refill packs for hand soap dispensers;Refill packs for shampoo dispensers;Refill packs for shower gel dispensers;Refill packs for skin care cream dispensers;Refills for electric room fragrance dispensers;Removable tattoos for cosmetic purposes;Removers (Floor wax -) [scouring preparations];Retinol cream for cosmetic purposes;Rinse aids;Rinsing agents for laundry;Rinsing aids for use when washing clothes;Roll-on deodorants [toiletries];Room fragrances;Room fragrancing preparations;Room fragrancing products;Room perfume sprays;Room perfumes in spray form;Room scenting sprays;Rose oil;Rose oil for cosmetic purposes;Rosemary oil for cosmetic use;Rouge;Rouge (Jewellers' -);Rouges;Rust removers;Rust removing preparations;Sachets for perfuming linen;Saddle soap;Safrol;Salt crystal removers;Salves [non-medicated];Sandcloth;Sanding gloves;Sandpaper;Sandpaper for sharpening drawing pencils;Sandpaper pads for sharpening drawing pencils;Sanitary preparations being toiletries;Scale removing preparations for household purposes;Scalp treatments (Non-medicated -);Scented bathing salts;Scented body creams;Scented body lotions;Scented body lotions and creams;Scented body spray;Scented ceramic stones;Scented fabric refresher spray;Scented fabric refresher sprays;Scented linen sprays;Scented linen water;Scented oils;Scented oils used to produce aromas when heated;Scented pine cones;Scented room sprays;Scented sachets;Scented soaps;Scented toilet waters;Scented water;Scented wax melts;Scented wood;Scents;Scouring liquids;Scouring powders;Scouring preparations;Scouring solutions;Scouring substances;Scrubbing powder;Seaweed for cosmetology;Seaweed gelatine for laundry use (funori);Seaweed gelatine for laundry use [funori];Self tanning creams [cosmetic];Self tanning lotions [cosmetic];Self tanning preparations;Self-adhesive false eyebrows;Self-tanning preparations [cosmetic];Self-tanning preparations [cosmetics];Serums for cosmetic purposes;Sets of cosmetic oral care products;Shampoo;Shampoo bars;Shampoo for animals;Shampoo-conditioners;Shampoos;Shampoos for animals [non-medicated grooming preparations];Shampoos for babies;Shampoos for human hair;Shampoos for personal use;Shampoos for pets;Shampoos for pets [non-medicated grooming preparations];Shampoos for vehicles;Sharpening preparations;Shave balm;Shave creams;Shave gel;Shaving balm;Shaving balms;Shaving cream;Shaving creams;Shaving foam;Shaving foams;Shaving gel;Shaving gels;Shaving lotion;Shaving lotions;Shaving mousse;Shaving oil;Shaving oils;Shaving preparations;Shaving preparations in liquid form;Shaving sets, comprised of shaving cream and aftershave;Shaving soap;Shaving soaps;Shaving sprays;Shaving sticks [preparations];Shaving stones;Shaving stones [astringents];Shaving stones [astringents for cosmetic purposes];Shaving stones being astringents for cosmetic purposes;Shining preparations being polish;Shining preparations for fruit;Shining preparations for fruits;Shining preparations for plant leaves;Shining preparations [polish];Shiny (Preparations to make the leaves of plants -);Shoe and boot cream;Shoe black [shoe polish];Shoe cleaners [preparations];Shoe cream;Shoe polish;Shoe polish and creams;Shoe polish applicators containing shoe polish;Shoe polishes;Shoe sprays;Shoe wax;Shoemakers' wax;Shower and bath foam;Shower and bath gel;Shower and bath preparations;Shower cream;Shower creams;Shower foams;Shower gel;Shower gels;Shower oils;Shower preparations;Shower salts not for medical purposes;Shower soap;Silicon carbide [abrasive];Silicon carbide for use as an abrasive;Skin balms [cosmetic];Skin balms (Non-medicated -);Skin care (Cosmetic preparations for -);Skin care cosmetics;Skin care creams [cosmetic];Skin care creams, other than for medical use;Skin care lotions [cosmetic];Skin care mousse;Skin care oils [cosmetic];Skin care oils [non-medicated];Skin care preparations;Skin care products for animals;Skin clarifiers;Skin cleaners [non-medicated];Skin cleaning and freshening sprays;Skin cleansers;Skin cleansers [cosmetic];Skin cleansers [non-medicated];Skin cleansing cream;Skin cleansing cream [non-medicated];Skin cleansing foams;Skin cleansing lotion;Skin conditioners;Skin conditioning creams for cosmetic purposes;Skin cream;Skin cream [for cosmetic use];Skin creams;Skin creams [cosmetic];Skin creams [for cosmetic use];Skin creams [non-medicated];Skin emollients;Skin emollients [non-medicated];Skin, eye and nail care preparations;Skin foundation;Skin fresheners;Skin fresheners [cosmetics];Skin hydrators;Skin lighteners;Skin lightening compositions [cosmetic];Skin lightening creams;Skin lotion;Skin lotions;Skin make-up;Skin masks;Skin masks [cosmetics];Skin moisturiser;Skin moisturisers;Skin moisturizer;Skin moisturizer masks;Skin moisturizers;Skin moisturizers used as cosmetics;Skin polishing rice bran (arai-nuka);Skin recovery creams [cosmetics];Skin soap;Skin softening preparations;Skin texturizers;Skin toner;Skin toners;Skin toners [cosmetic];Skin tonics [non-medicated];Skin whitening creams;Skin whitening preparations;Skin whitening preparations [cosmetic];Skincare cosmetics;Skincare preparations;Slimming aids [cosmetic], other than for medical use;Slimming purposes (Cosmetic preparations for -);Smoothing emulsions [cosmetics];Smoothing emulsions for the skin;Smoothing preparations [starching];Smoothing stones;Soaking laundry (Preparations for -);Soap;Soap (Antiperspirant -);Soap (Cakes of -);Soap (Deodorant -);Soap for brightening textile;Soap for foot perspiration;Soap free washing emulsions for the body;Soap pads;Soap powder;Soap powders;Soap products;Soap solutions;Soaps;Soaps and gels;Soaps for body care;Soaps for brightening textiles;Soaps for household use;Soaps for laundry use;Soaps for personal use;Soaps for toilet purposes;Soaps in gel form;Soaps in liquid form;Soapy gels;Soda (Bleaching -);Soda lye;Softeners (Fabric -) for laundry use;Softening agents for laundry purposes;Solid perfumes;Solid powder for compacts;Solid powder for compacts [cosmetics];Solid toothpaste tablets;Solvents for removing paints;Solvents for removing varnishes;Sparkling fluid for the body;SPF sun block sprays;Spirit gum for cosmetic use;Spirit gum remover;Sponges impregnated with soaps;Sponges impregnated with toiletries;Spot remover;Spot removers [preparations];Spray cleaners for freshening athletic mouth guards;Spray cleaners for household use;Spray cleaners for use on textiles;Spray polish;Sprays (Breath freshening -);Stain removers;Stain removing agents;Stain removing benzine;Stain removing preparations;Stain removing preparations for use on household goods;Starch for abrasive purposes;Starch for cleaning purposes;Starch for laundry purposes;Starch glaze for laundry purposes;Stick pomade;Strips (Breath freshening -);Styling gels;Styling gels for the hair;Styling lotions;Styling mousse;Styling paste for hair;Styling sprays for the hair;Substances for laundry use;Sugar soap;Sun barriers [cosmetics];Sun block [cosmetics];Sun block preparations;Sun blocking lipsticks [cosmetics];Sun blocking oils [cosmetics];Sun blocking preparations [cosmetics];Sun bronzers;Sun care lotions;Sun care lotions [for cosmetic use];Sun care preparations;Sun care preparations for cosmetic use;Sun creams;Sun creams [for cosmetic use];Sun protecting creams [cosmetics];Sun protection preparations;Sun protectors for lips;Sun screen;Sun screen preparations;Sun tan gel;Sun tan lotion;Sun tan milk;Sun tan oil;Sunblock;Sun-block lotions;Suncare lotions;Suncare lotions [for cosmetic use];Sunscreen;Sunscreen cream;Sunscreen creams;Sunscreen creams [for cosmetic use];Sunscreen [for cosmetic use];Sunscreen lotions;Sunscreen preparations;Sunscreen sticks;Sun-screening preparations;Sunscreens;Sunscreens [for cosmetic use];Suntan creams;Suntan creams [self-tanning creams];Suntan lotion [cosmetics];Suntan lotions;Suntan oils [cosmetics];Suntan oils for cosmetic purposes;Sun-tanning creams;Sun-tanning creams and lotions;Sun-tanning gels;Sun-tanning lotions;Suntanning oil [cosmetics];Sun-tanning oils;Suntanning preparations;Sun-tanning preparations;Sun-tanning preparations [cosmetics];Swallowable toothpaste;Synthetic detergents for clothes;Synthetic musk;Synthetic perfumery;Synthetic vanillin [perfumery];Tailors' and cobblers' wax;Tailors' wax;Talc;Talc [toiletries];Talcum powder;Talcum powder [for cosmetic use];Talcum powder, for toilet use;Talcum powder [for toilet use];Talcum powder (Non-medicated -) for babies;Talcum powders;Talcum powders [for cosmetic use];Talcum powders for toilet use;Tanning creams;Tanning gels [cosmetics];Tanning milks [cosmetics];Tanning oils [cosmetics];Tanning preparations;Tanning preparations [cosmetics];Tea-tree oil;Teeth cleaning lotions;Teeth cleaning (Preparations for -);Teeth whitening preparations;Teeth whitening strips;Teeth whitening strips impregnated with teeth whitening preparations [cosmetics];Temporary tattoo transfers for use as cosmetics;Temporary tattoos for cosmetic purposes;Terpenes [essential oils];Theatrical makeup;Throat sprays [non-medicated];Time-release solid drain detergent;Tints for the beard;Tints for the hair;Tissues impregnated with a skin cleanser;Tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions;Tissues impregnated with cosmetics;Tissues impregnated with essential oils, for cosmetic use;Tissues impregnated with make-up removing preparations;Tissues impregnated with preparations for cleaning;Toilet bowl detergents;Toilet cleaners;Toilet milk for cleansing purposes;Toilet powders;Toilet preparations;Toilet soap;Toilet soaps;Toilet water;Toilet water containing snake oil;Toilet waters;Toiletries;Toiletry preparations;Toners for cosmetic use;Tonics [cosmetic];Toning creams [cosmetic];Toning lotion, for the face, body and hands;Toning spritz;Tooth care preparations;Tooth cleaning preparations;Tooth gel;Tooth paste;Tooth polish;Tooth polishes;Tooth powder;Tooth powder [for cosmetic use];Tooth powders;Tooth powders [for cosmetic use];Tooth whitening creams;Tooth whitening pastes;Tooth whitening preparations;Toothpaste;Toothpaste in soft cake form;Toothpastes;Topical skin sprays for cosmetic purposes;Transfers (Decorative -) for cosmetic purposes;Tripoli stone for polishing;Turpentine, for degreasing;Turpentine for degreasing;Unblocking drain pipes (Preparations for -);Under eye correctors;Under-eye enhancers;Upholstery cleaners;Vaginal washes for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes;Vanilla perfumery;Varnish (Nail -);Varnish removers;Varnish-removing preparations;Vehicle cleaning preparations;Vehicle shampoos;Vehicle tyre polish;Volatile alkali [ammonia] [detergent];Volcanic ash for cleaning;Wallpaper cleaning preparations;Washing agents for textiles;Washing conservation agents;Washing creams;Washing liquids;Washing powder;Washing preparations;Washing preparations for household purposes;Washing preparations for personal use;Washing soda, for cleaning;Washing-up detergent;Washing-up liquids;Waterless shampoo;Waterless shampoos;Waterless soap;Waterproof sunscreen;Water-resistant sunscreen;Wave-set lotions;Waving preparations for the hair;Wax (Cobblers' -);Wax (Depilatory -);Wax for floors (Non-slipping -);Wax for parquet floors;Wax (Laundry -);Wax (Moustache -);Wax (Parquet floor -);Wax (Polishing -);Wax stripping preparations;Wax strips for removing body hair;Wax (Tailors' -);Wax treatments for the hair;Waxes for leather;Whitening the skin (Cream for -);Whitewall cleaners;Whiting;Window cleaners in spray form;Window cleaners [polish];Window cleaning compositions;Windscreen cleaning fluids;Windscreen cleaning liquids;Windscreen cleaning preparations;Windshield cleaner fluids;Windshield cleaning liquids;Windshield washing fluid;Wintergreen oil;Wipes impregnated with a cleaning preparation;Wipes impregnated with a skin cleanser;Wipes incorporating cleaning preparations;Wiping cloth impregnated with a cleaning preparation for cleaning eye glasses;Wood treatment preparations for polishing;Wrinkle removing skin care preparations;Wrinkle resistant cream;Wrinkle resistant creams;Wrinkle resistant creams [for cosmetic use];Wrinkle-minimizing cosmetic preparations for topical facial use.
Class Description: 004 - Lubricant and Fuel Products
Goods & Services: Additive concentrates (Non-chemical -) for lubricants;Additive concentrates (Non-chemical -) for motor fuels;Additives (Non-chemical -) for combustion enhancers;Additives (Non-chemical -) for fuels;Additives (Non-chemical -) for fuels to prevent combustion chamber deposits;Additives (Non-chemical -) for greases;Additives (Non-chemical -) for hydraulic fluids;Additives (Non-chemical -) for lubricants;Additives (Non-chemical -) for oils;Additives (Non-chemical -) for petroleum products;Additives, non-chemical, to motor fuel;Additives, non-chemical, to motor-fuel;Alcohol [fuel];Alcohol (fuel);All purpose lubricants;All purpose penetrating oil;Animal fat for technical uses;Animal oils for industrial purposes;Anthracite;Anti-freezing additives (Non-chemical -) for fuels;Anti-seize substances [oils];Arms [weapons] (Grease for -);Aromatherapy fragrance candles;Artificial fireplace logs;Artificial petroleum;Automobile fuels;Automobile lubricants;Automotive engine oils;Automotive final drive oils;Automotive greases;Automotive lubricants;Automotive lubricants for car engines;Automotive lubricating compounds;Aviation fuel;Bagasse for use as fuel;Barbecue briquettes;Barbecue fuel made from woodchips;Barbecue lighting fuel;Barbecue liquid lighters;Base oils;Baseball glove conditioning oil;Beef tallow for industrial purposes;Beeswax;Beeswax for use in further manufacture;Beeswax for use in the manufacture of candles;Beeswax for use in the manufacture of cosmetics;Beeswax for use in the manufacture of ointments;Belt dressings;Belting wax;Belts (Grease for -);Belts (Non-slipping preparations for -);Benzene fuel;Benzine;Benzine fuel;Binding preparations for solid fuels;Biodiesel;Biodiesel fuel;Biofuel;Biofuels;Biomass fuel;Bitumen emulsions for fuel;Blocks of peat [fuel];Boiled oil for industrial purposes;Bone oil for industrial purposes;Boots (Grease for -);Bougies in the nature of wax candles;Briquettes;Briquettes (Combustible -);Briquettes of bitumen;Briquettes of coal;Briquettes of wood;Briquettes (Wood -);Butane for lighting;Butane fuel;Butane gas for use as a fuel;Butane gas for use as a household fuel;Butane lighter fuel;Cable lubricants;Candle assemblies;Candle torches;Candle wax;Candles;Candles and wicks for candles for lighting;Candles and wicks for lighting;Candles (Christmas tree -);Candles containing insect repellent;Candles for absorbing smoke;Candles for lighting;Candles for night lights;Candles for use as nightlights;Candles for use in the decoration of cakes;Candles in tins;Candles (Perfumed -);Carbon dioxide for lighting;Carburants;Carnauba wax;Casting oils;Castor oil for industrial purposes;Castor oil for technical purposes;Castor oil [not edible];Ceresine;Chafing dish fuel;Chain grease;Chain oil;Charcoal based products for use as a fuel;Charcoal briquettes;Charcoal briquettes (tadon);Charcoal [for fuel];Charcoal for use as fuel;Charcoal [fuel];Charcoal lighter fluid;Chassis grease;Christmas lights [candles];Christmas tree candles;Christmas tree decorations for illumination [candles];Christmas tree ornaments for illumination [candles];Church candles;Cigarette lighter fluid;Coal;Coal based fuels;Coal briquettes;Coal dust [fuel];Coal dust (fuel);Coal gas;Coal naphtha;Coal tar oil;Coconut oils for industrial purposes;Coke;Colza oil for industrial purposes;Colza oil for lubricating machinery;Combustible agglomerated fuels;Combustible briquettes;Combustible briquettes [charcoal briquettes];Combustible gases;Combustible materials;Combustible oil;Combustible products;Combustible substances for use in heating apparatus;Combustible substances used in heating apparatus;Combustible waxes;Combustion enhancers [oils];Combustion enhancers [petroleum products];Compositions for binding dust;Compositions for preserving brickwork [oils];Compositions for preserving cement [oils];Compositions for preserving concrete [oils];Compressed natural gas;Concrete preservatives [oils];Concrete sealers [oils];Concrete sealing agents [oils];Conditioning oil for baseball gloves;Corn oils for industrial purposes;Corrosion penetrating oils;Cottonseed oils for industrial purposes;Crude oil;Crude oil products derived from the refining of crude;Crude oils;Cutting fluids;Cutting oil for industrial metal working;Cutting oils;Cutting preparations for metal working operations;Deep drawing lubricants;Demoulding oil;Diesel fuel;Diesel oil;Dispersions of paraffins in water for use in waterproofing particle boards;Drilling lubricants;Duct lubricants;Dust absorbing compositions;Dust absorbing compositions in the nature of oils;Dust absorbing preparations;Dust absorbing, wetting and binding compositions;Dust binding compositions;Dust binding compositions for sweeping;Dust binding compositions in the nature of oils;Dust controlling compositions;Dust laying and absorbing composition for use on unpaved roads;Dust laying compositions;Dust removing preparations;Dust suppressants;Dust wetting compositions;Dust wetting compositions in the nature of oils;Dust-binding compositions;Electrical energy;Electrical energy from non-renewable sources;Electrical energy from renewable sources;Electrical energy from solar power;Electrical energy from wind power;Electricity;Emulsions of bitumen for use as fuel;Emulsions of oil for use as a fuel;Energy (Electrical -);Engine oil;Engine oils;Engine starting sprays;Ethanol [fuel];Ethanol fuels;Ether (Petroleum -);Extra fine oils for motors;Extreme pressure oils;Fine oils for motors;Fire lighters;Firelighters;Firelighters for grills;Firelighters in the nature of kindling woods;Firelighters [kindling woods];Fireplace logs;Firewood;Fish oil for industrial purposes;Fish oil, not edible;Fish oils for industrial purposes;Floating candles;Fluids (Cutting -);Flux oil for use as an ingredient in asphalt;Flux oils;Fossil fuels;Fragranced candles;Froth flotation oils;Fruit candles;Fuel;Fuel additives for inhibiting ash deposition in fossil fuel burning apparatus;Fuel briquettes;Fuel for aircraft/ships;Fuel for lighters;Fuel for lighting purposes;Fuel for motor vehicles;Fuel for portable fireplaces;Fuel for pyrophoric lighters;Fuel for ships;Fuel for use in barbecues;Fuel from crude oil;Fuel gas;Fuel in the form of brickettes;Fuel in the form of briquettes;Fuel mixtures;Fuel mixtures (Vaporized -);Fuel oil;Fuel pellets;Fuel products of pressed wood chips;Fuel with an alcohol base;Fuel with an alcoholic base;Fuels;Fuels and illuminants;Fuels derived from crude oil;Fuels derived from oil;Fuels for barbecues;Fuels for cooking;Fuels for heating purposes;Fuels for lighters;Fuels from biological sources;Fuels in liquid form;Fuels (including motor spirit);Fuels made from anthracite coal and coke;Fuels with an alcoholic base;Gas cartridges;Gas for lighting;Gas [fuel];Gas fuels;Gas mixtures;Gas oil;Gas oil for domestic heating;Gas oil for industrial heating;Gas (Producer -);Gas (Solidified -) [fuel];Gaseous fuels;Gases for flame heating;Gases for use as fuel;Gases for use as fuels;Gases for use as illuminants;Gases for use in cooking;Gases for use in heating;Gases for use in lighting;Gasoline;Gasoline (fuel);Gasoline [fuel];Gear oils;Granular absorbent oil-based composition for absorbing spills from floors;Graphite as a lubricant;Graphite lubricants;Graphite (Lubricating -);Graphited lubricants;Grave candles, non-electric;Grease for arms [weapons];Grease for belts;Grease for boots;Grease for brake pads;Grease for brake shoes;Grease for footwear;Grease for leather;Grease for machines;Grease for shoes;Grease (Illuminating -);Greases for technical purposes;Greases for the lubrication of cables;Greases for the lubrication of exposed gears;Greases for the lubrication of joints;Greases for the preservation of leather;Greases for use with ball-bearings;Greases for weapons;Gun barrel oil;Hardened oils [hydrogenated oils for industrial use];Heat treatment oils for use in metal working;Heating oil;Heating oils containing additives;Heavy oils;High pressure greases;High-octane petrol;Hookah charcoal;Household fuel briquettes;Household fuel briquettes made from a mixture of coal, coke and an admixture of quartz;Household fuel briquettes made from coal with an admixture of quartz;Household fuel briquettes made from coke with an admixture of quartz;Hydrocarbon compositions;Hydrocarbon fuels;Hydrocarbon fuels derived from tar;Illuminants;Illuminating grease;Illuminating materials;Illuminating oil;Illuminating wax;Industrial fuel oil;Industrial gasoline;Industrial grease;Industrial greases;Industrial lubricants;Industrial oil;Industrial oil for batteries;Industrial oils;Industrial oils and greases, lubricants;Industrial oils being quenching oils;Industrial oils for the lubrication of surfaces;Industrial paraffins;Industrial wax;Isolating oils;Kerosene;Kerosene for domestic heating;Kindling;Lamp fuel;Lamp oil;Lamp oil with insect repellant agent;Lamp oils;Lamp oils containing insect repellant;Lamp wicks;Landfill gas;Lanolin;Lanolin for use in the manufacture of cosmetics;Lanolin for use in the manufacture of cosmetics and ointments;Lanoline for industrial purposes;Leather (Grease for -);Leather (Preservatives for -) [oils and greases];Leather preserving oil and grease;Light oils;Lighter fluid;Lighter fluid for charcoal;Lighter fuel;Lighting fuel;Lighting (Gas for -);Lighting paper;Lighting (Paper spills for -);Lighting (Wood spills for -);Lignite;Lignite briquettes;Ligroin;Linseed oil for use as a lubricant;Linseed oils for industrial purposes;Linseed oils for paints;Liquefied gas;Liquefied gases for driving motor vehicles;Liquefied natural gas;Liquefied petroleum;Liquefied petroleum gas;Liquefied petroleum gases;Liquefied petroleum gases to be used for domestic purposes;Liquefied petroleum gases to be used for industrial purposes;Liquefied petroleum gases to be used in motor vehicles;Liquid fuels;Liquid gas;Liquid petroleum gas;Low ash content coal;Low sulphur coal;Lubricants;Lubricants and industrial greases, waxes and fluids;Lubricants being gear oils;Lubricants containing low friction additives;Lubricants for agricultural implements;Lubricants for aircraft engines;Lubricants for bicycle chains;Lubricants for cables;Lubricants for conveyor belts containing a cleaning agent;Lubricants for conveyor chains containing a corrosion inhibitor;Lubricants for conveyor chains containing a disinfecting agent;Lubricants for demounting pneumatic tyres;Lubricants for industrial apparatus;Lubricants for industrial machinery;Lubricants for machines;Lubricants for metal working;Lubricants for metallic surfaces;Lubricants for motor vehicles;Lubricants for mounting pneumatic tyres;Lubricants for plastic materials;Lubricants for polymeric surfaces;Lubricants for surgical apparatus;Lubricants for the protection of the chains of chainsaws;Lubricants for use in industrial processes;Lubricants for use in machine cutting;Lubricants for use in the machining of metal;Lubricants for use on conveyors;Lubricants for use on wire ropes;Lubricants for use with coaxial telephone cables;Lubricants for use with power cables;Lubricants having cleaning properties;Lubricants in the nature of oils;Lubricants of agricultural origin;Lubricants of synthetic origin;Lubricating agents in the form of graphite powder;Lubricating agents in the form of talcum powder;Lubricating agents, other than for medical use;Lubricating fluids;Lubricating graphite;Lubricating grease;Lubricating oil;Lubricating oil for motor vehicle engines;Lubricating oils;Lubricating oils and greases;Lubricating oils being hydraulic oils;Lubricating oils containing additives which protect metal against wear by friction;Lubricating oils for automotive apparatus;Lubricating oils for cooling metal during cutting;Lubricating oils for laser printers;Lubricating oils for petrol engines;Lubricating oils for the cutting of metal pieces;Lubricating oils for the shaping of metal pieces;Lubricating oils for use as a cutting fluid;Lubricating oils for wheels;Lubricating oils [industrial lubricants];Lubrication grease for vehicles;Lubrication oils for industrial refrigeration apparatus;Lump charcoal;Machine cutting fluids;Manufactured solid fuels;Marine greases;Marine oils;Masonry (Oil for the preservation of -);Masonry preservatives in the form of oils;Materials for use in preserving buildings [oils];Materials for use in protecting buildings [oils];Mazut;Metal cutting compounds;Metal preservatives [oils];Metalworking [cutting] fluids;Metalworking fluids in the nature of oils;Metalworking lubricants;Metalworking oils;Metalworking products having lubricating properties;Methanol fuel;Methylated spirit;Methylated spirits for fuel [denaturated fuel alcohols];Mineral coal;Mineral fuel;Mineral lubricating oils;Mineral motor fuel;Mineral oil for use in the manufacture of cosmetics and skin care products;Mineral oil for use in the manufacture of metal cutting fluids;Mineral oil for use in the manufacture of paint;Mineral oils;Mineral oils and greases for industrial purposes [not for fuel];Mineral spirits for use as accelerants;Mineral spirits for use as an accelerant;Moistening oil;Motor fuel;Motor fuel (Additives, non-chemical, to -);Motor oil;Motor oils;Motor spirit;Motor spirits;Motor vehicle lubricants;Mould release oils;Mould releasing oils;Musk scented candles;Naphtha;Natural gas;Nightlights [candles];Non- chemical fuel additives;Non-chemical additives for coolants;Non-chemical additives for cutting oils;Non-chemical additives for engine oils;Non-chemical additives for fuels;Non-chemical additives for gearbox oils;Non-chemical additives for greases;Non-chemical additives for lubricants;Non-chemical additives for motor fuels;Non-chemical additives for oils;Non-chemical additives for transmission oils;Non-chemical additives to organic working fluids to act as flow characteristic modifiers;Non-chemical additives to organic working fluids to act as in-situ lubricants;Non-chemical gasoline additives;Non-chemical motor oil additives;Non-chemical petrol additives;Non-mineral greases for industrial purposes [not for fuel];Non-mineral oils for industrial purposes [not for fuel];Non-slipping preparations for belts;Non-soluble cutting oils;Oil based lubricants;Oil for preserving masonry;Oil for the preservation of leather;Oil for the preservation of masonry;Oil for use in the preservation of masonry;Oil well drilling lubricants;Oil-gas;Oils containing dissolved metal salts for use as additives to asphalt;Oils containing dissolved metal salts for use as additives to bitumen;Oils containing rust preventing additives;Oils containing water dispersant additives;Oils for automobiles;Oils for engines;Oils for lighting;Oils for paints;Oils for releasing form work [building];Oils for surface treatment;Oils for tempering metals;Oils for the hydrodynamic drive for vehicles;Oils for the preservation of leather;Oils for the preservation of masonry;Oils for thermic treatment of metals;Oils for turbines;Oils for turbo units;Oils for use as additives to heating oils;Oils for use with machine tools;Oleine;Olive oils for industrial purposes;Oxygen liquified hydrocarbon gas for use in torches;Ozocerite;Ozocerite [ozokerite];Ozokerite;Paints (Oils for -);Paper spills for lighting;Paraffin;Paraffin wax;Patio torches;Peanut oils for industrial purposes;Peat (Blocks of -) [fuel];Peat briquettes [fuel];Peat [fuel];Peat fuel oils;Pellets of compressed fiber manufactured from a plant crop to be used as fuel;Penetrants;Penetrating greases;Penetrating oils;Penetrating oils for use on door locks;Penetrating preparations consisting principally of oils;Perfumed candles;Perilla oils for industrial purposes;Petrol;Petrol additives [non-chemical];Petrol additives [petrochemical];Petroleum;Petroleum based dust suppressing compositions;Petroleum by-products;Petroleum coke;Petroleum coke for use as fuels;Petroleum ether;Petroleum gas;Petroleum jelly for industrial purposes;Petroleum, raw or refined;Petroleum-based dust absorbing compositions;Preparations for absorbing dust;Preparations for binding dust;Preparations for enhancing the combustion of fossil fuels;Preparations for loosening rusted metal components;Preparations for lubricating joints;Preparations for reducing sliding friction between two surfaces;Preservation of masonry (Oil for the -);Preservatives (brickwork -) [oils];Preservatives (cement -) [oils];Preservatives (concrete -) [oils];Preservatives for brickwork [oils];Preservatives for cement [oils];Preservatives for concrete [oils];Preservatives for leather [oils and greases];Preservatives for metals [grease];Preservatives for metals [oils];Preservatives for rubber [grease];Preservatives for tiles [oils];Preservatives (masonry -) [oils];Preserving oils for masonry or leather;Process oil for use in bitumen extenders;Producer gas;Products for protecting concrete [oils];Products for sealing brickwork [oils];Propane;Propane for heating;Propane for lighting;Propane for use as fuel;Propane gas;Propane gas sold in cylinders for use in torches;Protective coatings for buildings [oils];Protective coatings for concrete forms [oils];Protective coatings [oils] for concrete forms;Rape oil for industrial purposes;Rapeseed oil for industrial purposes;Reclaimed oil used in the process of devulcanisation of rubber compounds;Release agents in the nature of grease;Release agents [oils];Releasing agents in the nature of oils;Scented candles;Sesame oil for industrial purposes;Sewing machine lubricating oils;Shale gas;Shock absorbing oils;Shoes (Grease for -);Smokeless compositions for use as fuels;Smokeless fuels;Smokeless solid compositions for use as fuels;Solid fire starters;Solid fuels;Solid lubricants;Solid lubricants for industrial purposes;Solid lubricants for textiles;Solid oxygen fuel;Solid propellants;Solidified gas [fuel];Solidified gases being fuel;Solidified gases being fuels;Solidified gases [fuel];Soluble cutting oils;Soya bean oil preparations for non-stick treatment of cooking utensils;Soybean oil for industrial purposes;Special occasion candles;Spray-on lubricants;Stearine;Substances for use in absorbing dust;Substances for use in binding dust;Sumac wax [sumach wax];Sunflower oil for industrial purposes;Sweeping (Dust binding compositions for -);Synthetic compressor oils;Synthetic gas [fuel];Synthetic linear alcohols [fuel];Synthetic lubricants;Synthetic lubricants in the form of aerosols;Synthetic lubricating oils;Synthetic oils;Table candles;Tallow;Tallow candles;Tapers;Tapers for lighting;Tea light candles;Tea lights;Tealight candles;Tealights;Technical oils for processing metals;Textile oil;Textile oils;Thread cutting and tapping lubricant;Tinder;Vaporised fuel mixtures;Vaporized fuel mixtures;Vegetable charcoals;Vegetable oils for lubricating food processing machines;Vegetable oils for the non-stick treatment of cooking utensils;Vegetable wax;Votive candles;Walnut oils for industrial purposes;Waterproofing preparations in the form of oils for motor car ignition systems;Wax for lighting;Wax for making candles;Wax for skateboards;Wax for skis;Wax for snowboards;Wax for surfboards;Wax for use in coating food packaging materials;Wax for use in manufacture;Wax lights;Wax [raw material];Waxes being raw materials;Waxes [raw material];White oils;Wicks;Wicks for candles;Wicks for candles for lighting;Wicks for lighting;Wicks for oil lamps;Wicks (Lamp -);Wood briquettes;Wood chips for smoking and flavoring foods;Wood chips for smoking foods;Wood chips for use as fuel;Wood coal for grilling;Wood for use as fuel;Wood heating pellets [fuel];Wood pellet fuel;Wood spills for lighting;Wool grease;Xylene fuel.
Class Description: 041 - Education and Entertainment Services
Goods & Services: Abacus instruction;Academic examination services;Academic mentoring of school age children;Academies [education];Academy education services;Academy services (Education -);Accreditation [certifying] of educational achievement;Accreditation of educational services;Accreditation of professional competency;Administration of lotteries for others;Administration [organisation] of amusement services;Administration [organisation] of competitions;Administration [organisation] of contests;Administration [organisation] of cultural activities;Administration [organisation] of entertainment services;Administration [organisation] of gameshows;Administration [organisation] of gaming services;Administration [organisation] of poker games;Adult education services;Adult education services relating to accounting;Adult education services relating to auditing;Adult education services relating to banking;Adult education services relating to commerce;Adult education services relating to environmental issues;Adult education services relating to finance;Adult education services relating to intellectual property;Adult education services relating to law;Adult education services relating to management;Adult education services relating to medicine;Adult education services relating to pharmacy;Adult training;Adult tuition;Advanced driving instruction for drivers of motor cars;Advanced training;Adventure playground services;Adventure training for children;Advice relating to medical training;Advisory services relating to education;Advisory services relating to entertainment;Advisory services relating to publishing;Advisory services relating to the organisation of sporting events;Advisory services relating to training;Aerial fitness instruction;Aerial photography;Aerial photography via drones;Aerobic and dance facilities;Aerobics competitions;Aerobics training services;Aikido instruction;Air shows (Arranging and conducting -);Airplane flight instruction;Amusement and theme park services;Amusement arcade gaming machine rental services;Amusement arcade machine rental services;Amusement arcade services;Amusement arcade services (Providing -);Amusement arcades;Amusement centers;Amusement centre services;Amusement centres;Amusement park and theme park services;Amusement park services;Amusement park services with a theme of films;Amusement park services with a theme of radio productions;Amusement park services with a theme of television productions;Amusement parks;Amusement services;Amusements;Analysing educational test scores and data for others;Analyzing educational tests scores and data for others;Animal dressage;Animal exhibitions;Animal exhibitions and training of animals;Animal exhibitions (Arranging of -);Animal exhibitions (Conducting of -);Animal shows;Animal training;Animated musical entertainment services;Animation production services;Aquatic recreation areas (Operation of -);Arcade game services;Archive library services;Arrangement of conferences for educational purposes;Arrangement of conferences for recreational purposes;Arrangement of conventions for educational purposes;Arrangement of conventions for recreational purposes;Arrangement of professional golf tournaments;Arrangement of seminars for educational purposes;Arrangement of seminars for recreational purposes;Arrangement of sports competitions;Arrangement of training courses in teaching institutes;Arranging and conducting athletic competitions;Arranging and conducting award ceremonies;Arranging and conducting competitions;Arranging and conducting conferences;Arranging and conducting conferences and seminars;Arranging and conducting education fairs;Arranging and conducting educational conferences;Arranging and conducting fairs for academic purposes;Arranging and conducting of American football training programs;Arranging and conducting of balls;Arranging and conducting of beauty contests;Arranging and conducting of classes;Arranging and conducting of colloquiums;Arranging and conducting of commercial, trade and business conferences;Arranging and conducting of competitions [education or entertainment];Arranging and conducting of concerts;Arranging and conducting of conferences;Arranging and conducting of conferences and congresses;Arranging and conducting of conferences, congresses and symposiums;Arranging and conducting of congresses;Arranging and conducting of conventions;Arranging and conducting of cultural activities;Arranging and conducting of day school courses for adults;Arranging and conducting of displays for educational purposes;Arranging and conducting of displays for training purposes;Arranging and conducting of education courses relating to the travel industry;Arranging and conducting of educational courses;Arranging and conducting of educational discussion groups, not on-line;Arranging and conducting of educational events;Arranging and conducting of educational events for charitable purposes;Arranging and conducting of educational seminars;Arranging and conducting of entertainment activities;Arranging and conducting of entertainment events;Arranging and conducting of entertainment events for charitable fundraising purposes;Arranging and conducting of entertainment events for charitable purposes;Arranging and conducting of games;Arranging and conducting of in-person educational forums;Arranging and conducting of lectures;Arranging and conducting of lectures for educational purposes;Arranging and conducting of lectures for training purposes;Arranging and conducting of live entertainment events;Arranging and conducting of live entertainment events for charitable purposes;Arranging and conducting of meetings in the field of education;Arranging and conducting of meetings in the field of entertainment;Arranging and conducting of music concerts;Arranging and conducting of seminars;Arranging and conducting of seminars and workshops;Arranging and conducting of seminars in the field of oncology;Arranging and conducting of soccer training programs;Arranging and conducting of sports competitions;Arranging and conducting of sports events;Arranging and conducting of sports events for charitable purposes;Arranging and conducting of symposia;Arranging and conducting of symposiums;Arranging and conducting of training courses;Arranging and conducting of training seminars;Arranging and conducting of training workshops;Arranging and conducting of tutorials;Arranging and conducting of wine tasting events for educational purposes;Arranging and conducting of wine tasting events for entertainment purposes;Arranging and conducting of workshops;Arranging and conducting of workshops and seminars;Arranging and conducting of workshops and seminars in self-awareness;Arranging and conducting of workshops [training];Arranging and conducting of youth American football training programs;Arranging and conducting of youth soccer training programs;Arranging and conducting seminars;Arranging and conducting workshops;Arranging and presenting of live performances;Arranging competitions and tournaments relating to car racing;Arranging competitions and tournaments relating to driving;Arranging, conducting and organisation of concerts;Arranging, conducting and organisation of conferences;Arranging, conducting and organisation of congresses;Arranging, conducting and organisation of seminars;Arranging, conducting and organisation of symposiums;Arranging, conducting and organisation of workshops;Arranging, conducting and organization of seminars;Arranging conferences;Arranging contests;Arranging for students to participate in educational activities;Arranging for students to participate in educational courses;Arranging for students to participate in recreational activities;Arranging for ticket reservations for shows and other entertainment events;Arranging group recreational activities;Arranging of air displays;Arranging of air shows;Arranging of an annual conference relating to logistics;Arranging of an annual conference relating to procurement;Arranging of an annual conference relating to telecommunications;Arranging of an annual educational conference;Arranging of athletics competitions;Arranging of award ceremonies;Arranging of award ceremonies to recognise achievement;Arranging of award ceremonies to recognise bravery;Arranging of beauty contests;Arranging of classes;Arranging of competitions for cultural purposes;Arranging of competitions for education or entertainment;Arranging of competitions for educational purposes;Arranging of competitions for entertainment purposes;Arranging of competitions for training purposes;Arranging of competitions via the Internet;Arranging of concerts;Arranging of conferences;Arranging of conferences relating to advertising;Arranging of conferences relating to business;Arranging of conferences relating to commerce;Arranging of conferences relating to cultural activities;Arranging of conferences relating to education;Arranging of conferences relating to entertainment;Arranging of conferences relating to trade;Arranging of conferences relating to training;Arranging of contests;Arranging of conventions for business purposes;Arranging of conventions for cultural purposes;Arranging of conventions for educational purposes;Arranging of conventions for entertainment purposes;Arranging of conventions for trade purposes;Arranging of conventions for training purposes;Arranging of courses of instruction;Arranging of courses of instruction for tourists;Arranging of cultural events;Arranging of demonstrations for cultural purposes;Arranging of demonstrations for educational purposes;Arranging of demonstrations for entertainment purposes;Arranging of demonstrations for training purposes;Arranging of displays for cultural purposes;Arranging of displays for educational purposes;Arranging of displays for entertainment purposes;Arranging of displays for training purposes;Arranging of educational conferences;Arranging of educational events;Arranging of entertainment shows;Arranging of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes;Arranging of exhibitions for cultural purposes;Arranging of exhibitions for educational purposes;Arranging of exhibitions for entertainment purposes;Arranging of exhibitions for training purposes;Arranging of festivals for cultural purposes;Arranging of festivals for educational purposes;Arranging of festivals for entertainment purposes;Arranging of festivals for training purposes;Arranging of games;Arranging of guided educational tours;Arranging of lectures;Arranging of music performances;Arranging of music shows;Arranging of musical entertainment;Arranging of musical events;Arranging of pageants;Arranging of presentations for cultural purposes;Arranging of presentations for educational purposes;Arranging of presentations for entertainment purposes;Arranging of presentations for training purposes;Arranging of quizzes;Arranging of seminars;Arranging of seminars relating to advertising;Arranging of 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(Arranging and conducting of -);Consultancy and information services relating to arranging, conducting and organisation of colloquiums;Consultancy and information services relating to arranging, conducting and organisation of concerts;Consultancy and information services relating to arranging, conducting and organisation of conferences;Consultancy and information services relating to arranging, conducting and organisation of congresses;Consultancy and information services relating to arranging, conducting and organisation of symposiums;Consultancy and information services relating to arranging, conducting and organisation of workshops;Consultancy on film and music production;Consultancy relating to arranging and conducting of concerts;Consultancy relating to arranging and conducting of conferences;Consultancy relating to arranging and conducting of congresses;Consultancy relating to arranging and conducting of symposiums;Consultancy relating to physical fitness training;Consultancy relating to the organisation of culinary competitions;Consultancy relating to vocational skills training;Consultancy services in the field of entertainment;Consultancy services in the field of entertainment provided via the Internet;Consultancy services relating to academic subjects;Consultancy services relating to engineering education;Consultancy services relating to engineering training;Consultancy services relating to the analysis of training requirements;Consultancy services relating to the development of training courses;Consultancy services relating to the education and training of management and of personnel;Consultancy services relating to the training of employees;Consultancy services relating to training;Consultation services relating to business education;Consultation services relating to the publication of books;Consultation services relating to the publication of magazines;Consultation services relating to the publication of written texts;Consulting services in the field of culinary competitions;Continuous training;Cooking instruction;Corporate entertainment services;Corporate hospitality (entertainment);Correspondence courses;Correspondence courses, distance learning;Correspondence courses (Provision of -);Correspondence courses relating to cookery;Correspondence courses relating to gardening;Correspondence courses relating to handicrafts;Correspondence courses relating to homecare;Correspondence courses relating to investment;Correspondence courses relating to personal investment;Correspondence school services;Correspondence schools;Country clubs providing sporting facilities;Courses for the development of consulting skills;Courses of instruction (Provision of -);Courses (Training -) relating to accountancy;Courses (Training -) relating to banking;Courses (Training -) relating to customer services;Courses (Training -) relating to engineering;Courses (Training -) relating to finance;Courses (Training -) relating to insurance;Courses (Training -) relating to law;Courses (Training -) relating to management;Courses (Training -) relating to medicine;Courses (Training -) relating to philosophical subjects;Courses (Training -) relating to religious subjects;Courses (Training -) relating to research and development;Courses (Training -) relating to science;Creating animated cartoons;Creation [writing] of educational content for podcasts;Creation [writing] of podcasts;Cruise ship entertainment services;Cultural activities;Cultural and sporting activities;Cultural, educational or entertainment services provided by art galleries;Cultural services;Custom writing services for non-advertising purposes;Dance club services;Dance events;Dance hall services;Dance halls (Operation of -);Dance instruction;Dance instruction for adults;Dance instruction for children;Dance schools;Dance studios;Dancing competitions (Organising of -);Dancing displays (Organising of -);Dancing facilities (Provision of -);Demonstration [for instructional 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showings;Film studio services;Film studios;Fireworks displays;Fishing instruction;Fitness and exercise instruction;Fitness and exercise training services;Fitness club services;Fitness training services;Fitting of golf clubs to individual users;Flight instruction;Flower arrangement instruction;Flying instruction;Football academy services;Football pools services;Foreign language education services;Freelance journalism;Fruit machines (Rental of -);Fun fairs;Fun park services;Funfair services;Funfairs (Operation of -);Further education;Gallery services (Art -);Gambling;Gambling services;Game equipment rental;Game services;Game services provided by means of communications by computer terminals or mobile telephone;Game services provided online from a computer network;Game services provided on-line from a computer network;Game shows;Games equipment rental;Games offered on-line (on a computer network);Games services provided on-line from a computer network;Games services provided via computer networks and global communication networks;Gaming machine entertainment services;Gaming machine rental;Gaming machines (Rental of -);Gaming services;Gaming services for entertainment purposes;Gardens for public admission;Gillie services;Golf caddie services;Golf courses;Golf driving range services;Golf facilities (Providing -);Golf fitness instruction;Golf tournaments (Organising of -);Golf tuition;Golfing facilities (Provision of -);Gospel choir singing;Grandstands (Rental of -);Guidance (Vocational -) [education or training advice];Guitar instruction;Gun firing ranges;Gym activity classes;Gymnasium club services;Gymnasium facilities (Provision of -);Gymnasium services;Gymnasium services relating to body building;Gymnasium services relating to weight training;Gymnasiums;Gymnastic instruction;Gymnastics displays (Organising of -);Gymnastics events (Organising of -);Gymnastics instruction;Gymnastics (Instruction in -);Hairdressing instruction;Handicapping for sporting events;Handicapping services for sporting events;Health and fitness club services;Health and fitness training;Health and wellness training;Health club [fitness] services;Health club services;Health club services [exercise];Health club services [health and fitness training];Health education;Higher education services;Hire of animals for recreational purposes;Hire of books;Hire of cine-film projection apparatus;Hire of cine-films;Hire of educational apparatus;Hire of educational materials;Hire of equipment for games;Hire of equipment for sports;Hire of film projectors;Hire of films;Hire of gramophone recordings;Hire of musical instruments;Hire of phonograph records;Hire of printed matter;Hire of recording studios;Hire of sound recording apparatus;Hire of sound reproducing apparatus;Hire of sports facilities;Hire of stage scenery;Hire of tapes;Hire of teaching materials;Hire of televisions;Hire of theatre scenery;Hire of video recorders;Hire of video recordings;Hire of video tapes;Hire of videos;Holiday camp amusement centre services;Holiday camp services;Holiday camp services [entertainment];Holiday centre entertainment services;Horse jumping events (Organising of -);Horse riding facilities (Provision of -);Horse riding instruction;Horse riding schools;Horse showing;Horse shows;Horse shows (Organising -);Horse training;Horseback riding camps;Horses (Betting on -);Horses (Training of -);Hospitality services (entertainment);Hosting of fantasy sports leagues;Hosting [organising] awards;Hosting [organising] awards relating to films;Hosting [organising] awards relating to television;Hosting [organising] awards relating to videos;Hunting guide services;Hunting instruction;Hypnotist shows [entertainment];Ice-skating events (Organising of -);Ice-skating facilities (Provision of -);Ice-skating instruction;Ice-skating rinks (Provision of an -);Ice-skating shows (Organising -);Industrial relations training;Industrial training;Information about education;Information about entertainment and entertainment events provided via online networks and the Internet;Information and advisory services relating to entertainment;Information (Education -);Information (Entertainment -);Information on education;Information (Recreation -);Information relating to computer gaming entertainment provided online from a computer database or a global communication network;Information relating to cultural activities;Information relating to education, provided on-line from a computer database or the internet;Information relating to entertainment, provided on-line from a computer database or the internet;Information relating to sports education;Information services relating to books;Information services relating to education;Information services relating to entertainment;Information services relating to recreation;Information services relating to schools;Information services relating to sport;Information services relating to video films;Institutes of education (Services provided by -);Instruction;Instruction courses related to slimming;Instruction courses relating to health;Instruction courses relating to physical fitness;Instruction courses relating to sporting activities;Instruction in ballet;Instruction in body grooming;Instruction in circuit training;Instruction in cosmetic beauty;Instruction in dancing;Instruction in diet [not medical];Instruction in driving;Instruction in etiquette;Instruction in golfing skills;Instruction in group exercise;Instruction in gymnastics;Instruction in languages;Instruction in martial arts;Instruction in music;Instruction in nutrition [not medical];Instruction in singing;Instruction in social graces;Instruction in sporting activities;Instruction in sports;Instruction in the design of computers;Instruction in the development of computers;Instruction in the field of automotive repair;Instruction in the field of the performing arts;Instruction in the field of the visual arts;Instruction in the installation of computers;Instruction in the maintenance of computers;Instruction in the repair of computers;Instruction in the use of computers;Instruction in the writing of computer programs;Instruction in weight training;Instruction of forestation skills;Instruction on formal wearing of kimono;Instruction services;Instruction services relating to driving;Instruction services relating to four wheel drive vehicle driving;Instruction services relating to sports;Instruction services relating to the sale of office furniture;Instruction via broadcasting;Instructional and training services;Instructional services for bob-sledding;Instructional services for horse-riding;Instructional services for skiing;Instructional services relating to data processing;Instructional services relating to the maintenance of vehicles;Instructional services relating to the repair of vehicles;Interactive computer game services;Interactive entertainment;Interactive entertainment services;Internet games (non-downloadable);Internet radio entertainment services;Interpretation and translation services;Interpretation services (Language -);Interpretation (Sign language -);Interpreter services;Interpreter services [language];Interviewing of contemporary figures for educational purposes;Interviewing of contemporary figures for entertainment purposes;Issue of publications;Issuing of educational awards;Japanese chess instruction (shogi instruction);Jazz music entertainment services;Journalism services;Judo instruction;Karaoke lounge services;Karaoke machine rental services;Karaoke services;Karate instruction;Keep fit instruction services;Keep-fit facilities (Provision of -);Keep-fit instruction;Kendo instruction (Japanese fencing instruction);Kimono-making instruction;Kindergarten services [education or entertainment];Know-how transfer [training];Language courses;Language instruction;Language interpretation;Language interpreter services;Language interpreting;Language teaching;Language teaching services;Language training;Language translation;Language tuition;Laser show services;Laser show services [entertainment];Layout services, other than for advertising purposes;Layout services other than for advertising purposes;Lease of instructional materials;Lease of scenery;Lease of teaching materials;Leasing of casino games;Leasing of cine-film apparatus;Leasing of cine-film projectors;Leasing of cine-films;Leasing of cinemas;Leasing of educational material;Leasing of films;Leasing of game machines;Leasing of interactive and digital compression television equipment;Leasing of motion picture cameras;Leasing of motion picture projectors;Leasing of motion pictures;Leasing of phonographic recordings;Leasing of radio apparatus;Leasing of television cameras;Lecture services relating to management skills;Lecture services relating to marketing skills;Lecture services relating to selling skills;Legal education services;Leisure park services;Leisure services;Lending libraries;Lending libraries for books;Lending libraries for films;Lending libraries for videos;Lending library services;Lending library services and library services;Lending of books;Lending of books and other publications;Lending of books and periodicals;Lending of books relating to accounting;Lending of books relating to auditing;Lending of books relating to banking;Lending of books relating to business intelligence;Lending of books relating to business methodology;Lending of books relating to computer programming;Lending of books relating to computer software;Lending of books relating to computers;Lending of books relating to finance;Libraries;Libraries (Lending -);Library advisory services;Library services;Library services and rental of media;Library services for the exchanging of books;Library services for the lending of books;Library services (Mobile -);Library services provided by means of a computerised database;Library services provided by means of a computerised database containing information extracted from newspapers;Library services related to data stored and retrieved by electronic means;Library services related to documents stored and retrieved by electronic means;Life coaching (training);Lighting apparatus for television (Rental of -);Lighting apparatus for theatre (Rental of -);Lighting productions for entertainment purposes;Lighting technician services for events;Lingual education;Linguistic classes;Linguistic education and training services;Literary agency services;Live band performance services;Live band performances;Live comedy shows;Live dance exhibitions;Live demonstrations for entertainment;Live entertainment;Live entertainment production services;Live entertainment services;Live music concerts;Live music performances;Live music services;Live music shows;Live musical concerts;Live musical performances;Live performances by a musical band;Live performances by a musical bands;Live performances by rock groups;Live performances (Presentation of -);Live show production services;Live stage shows;Loan of books;Loaning of books;Loans of books;Lotteries (Conducting -);Lotteries (Operating -);Lotteries (Operating of -);Lottery services;Magazine publishing;Magazines (Publication of -);Magic show services;Magic shows (Presentation of -);Male dance exhibitions;Management education services;Management of concerts;Management of education services;Management of events for sporting clubs;Management training consultancy services;Management training services;Manufacturing training services;Martial arts instruction;Master of ceremony services for parties and special events;Medical education services;Medical training and teaching;Medical tuition services;Meditation training;Microfilming;Microfilming for others;Micro-publishing;Military base training;Mobile library services;Mobile petting zoo services;Modeling for artists;Modelling for artists;Modelling services for artists;Motion picture film production;Motion picture production;Motion picture rental;Motion picture (Rental of -);Motion picture song production;Motion picture studio services;Motion picture studios;Motion picture theaters;Motion picture-rental services;Motion pictures (Rental of -);Motorcycle riding instruction;Motorcycle training;Motoring school services;Movement tuition for pre-school children;Movie projectors and accessories (Rental of -);Movie schedule information services;Movie showing;Movie studio services;Movie studios;Movie theater presentations;Movie theaters;Movie theatre facilities (Providing -);Movie theatre presentations;Multimedia entertainment software publishing services;Multimedia publishing;Multimedia publishing of books;Multimedia publishing of electronic publications;Multimedia publishing of journals;Multimedia publishing of magazines;Multimedia publishing of magazines, journals and newspapers;Multimedia publishing of newspapers;Multimedia publishing of printed matter;Mural art painting services;Museum curator services;Museum exhibitions;Museum facilities (Providing -) [presentation, exhibitions];Museum facilities (Provision of -) for exhibitions;Museum facilities (Provision of -) for presentations;Museum services;Museum services relating to microscopy;Museums;Music cassettes (Rental of -);Music competition services;Music composition for others;Music composition services;Music concert services;Music concerts;Music entertainment services;Music festival services;Music group services;Music instruction;Music library services;Music mixing services;Music performance services;Music performances;Music production;Music production services;Music publishing;Music publishing and music recording services;Music publishing services;Music recording;Music recording studio services;Music transcription for others;Music transcription services;Music tuition by correspondence courses;Musical concert services;Musical concerts by radio;Musical concerts by television;Musical education services;Musical entertainment;Musical entertainment services;Musical events (Arranging of -);Musical floor shows provided at performance venues;Musical group entertainment services;Musical instruction services;Musical performance services;Musical performances;Music-hall services;Music-halls;News programme services for radio or television;News programming services for transmission across the internet;News reporter services;News reporters services;News reporting;News reporting services;News syndication for the broadcasting industry;News syndication reporting;Newspaper publication;Newspaper publishing;Night club services [entertainment];Night clubs;Nightclub services;Night-club services;Nightclub services [entertainment];Non-downloadable electronic publications;Nursery school services;Nursery school services [educational];Nursery schools;Obedience school training for animals;Obedience training for animals;Occupationally orientated instruction;Occupationally orientated instruction relating to airports;Officiating at sports contests;Online academic library services;Online casino services;On-line casino services;Online computer game services;On-line computer games;Online digital publishing services;Online education services;Online electronic publishing of books and periodicals;On-line entertainment;Online entertainment services;Online gambling services;On-line gambling services;On-line game services;Online game services through mobile devices;Online gaming services;On-line gaming services;Online interactive entertainment;On-line library services, namely, providing electronic library services which feature newspapers, magazines, photographs and pictures via an on-line computer network;Online publication of electronic books and journals;On-line publication of electronic books and journals;On-line publication of electronic books and journals (non-downloadable);On-line publication of electronic books and journals [not downloadable];Online publication of electronic newspapers;On-line publishing services;Online reference library services;Online research library services;Online sports betting services;On-line ticket agency services for entertainment purposes;Operating lotteries;Operating of a discotheque;Operating of film studios;Operating of lotteries;Operating of martial arts' schools;Operating quizzes;Operating zoological gardens;Operation of lending libraries;Operation of rollercoaster rides;Operation of sports camps;Operation of sports facilities;Operation of swimming baths;Operation of video and audio equipment for the production of radio and television programs;Operation of zoological gardens;Orchestra services;Organisation and conducting of balls;Organisation and holding of fairs for cultural or educational purposes;Organisation and presentation of shows;Organisation of animal exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes;Organisation of artistic competitions;Organisation of automobile races;Organisation of automobile racing events;Organisation of automobile rallies;Organisation of automobile rallies, tours and racing events;Organisation of balls;Organisation of beauty competitions;Organisation of beauty contests;Organisation of chess tournaments;Organisation of comedy shows;Organisation of competitions;Organisation of competitions and awards;Organisation of competitions [education and/or entertainment];Organisation of competitions [education or entertainment];Organisation of competitions (education or entertainment);Organisation of competitions for education or entertainment;Organisation of computer related training courses;Organisation of concerts;Organisation of conferences and symposia in the field of medical science;Organisation of conferences, exhibitions and competitions;Organisation of conferences related to entertainment;Organisation of conferences relating to education;Organisation of conferences relating to training;Organisation of conferences relating to vocational training;Organisation of congresses and conferences for cultural and educational purposes;Organisation of continuing educational seminars;Organisation of correspondence courses;Organisation of courses using distance learning methods;Organisation of courses using open learning methods;Organisation of courses using programmed learning methods;Organisation of courses using self-tuition methods;Organisation of cultural activities for summer camps;Organisation of cultural events;Organisation of cycling events;Organisation of dancing competitions;Organisation of dancing displays;Organisation of dog competitions;Organisation of dog races;Organisation of dog shows;Organisation of educational activities for summer camps;Organisation of educational events;Organisation of educational seminars;Organisation of educational shows;Organisation of entertainment activities for summer camps;Organisation of entertainment and cultural events;Organisation of entertainment competitions;Organisation of entertainment events;Organisation of entertainment for birthday parties;Organisation of entertainment services;Organisation of equestrian contests;Organisation of e-sports competitions;Organisation of esports events;Organisation of events for cultural, entertainment and sporting purposes;Organisation of examinations [educational];Organisation of examinations to grade level of achievement;Organisation of exhibitions for cultural and educational purposes;Organisation of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes;Organisation of exhibitions for educational purposes;Organisation of fashion shows for entertainment purposes;Organisation of festivals;Organisation of figure and speed skating competitions;Organisation of figure skating competitions;Organisation of football competitions;Organisation of galas;Organisation of games;Organisation of games and competitions;Organisation of golf competitions;Organisation of golf tournaments;Organisation of group recreational activities;Organisation of guided educational tours;Organisation of horse riding meetings;Organisation of horse shows;Organisation of ice skating shows;Organisation of ice skating shows for live audiences;Organisation of ice-skating competitions;Organisation of language courses;Organisation of language tuition;Organisation of live musical performances;Organisation of live performances;Organisation of live shows;Organisation of medical symposia relating to marine sciences;Organisation of meetings and conferences;Organisation of motorcycle racing;Organisation of motorcycle rallies;Organisation of music concerts;Organisation of musical competitions;Organisation of musical concerts;Organisation of musical entertainment;Organisation of musical events;Organisation of musical performances;Organisation of outings for entertainment;Organisation of parties;Organisation of professional golf tournaments or competitions;Organisation of quizzes, games and competitions;Organisation of recreational activities;Organisation of recreational competitions;Organisation of recreational tournaments;Organisation of roller-skating competitions;Organisation of roller-skating shows;Organisation of round the world races;Organisation of sail boat races;Organisation of seminars;Organisation of seminars and conferences;Organisation of seminars relating to education;Organisation of seminars relating to training;Organisation of shows;Organisation of speed skating competitions;Organisation of sporting activities and competitions;Organisation of sporting competitions;Organisation of sporting competitions and sports events;Organisation of sporting events;Organisation of sporting events and competitions;Organisation of sports activities for summer camps;Organisation of sports competitions;Organisation of sports events in the field of football;Organisation of sports installations for figure and speed skating championships;Organisation of sports tournaments;Organisation of sports tuition;Organisation of stage shows;Organisation of stock car racing events;Organisation of symposia relating to education;Organisation of symposia relating to training;Organisation of teaching activities;Organisation of tennis tournaments;Organisation of tournaments;Organisation of tours for training purposes;Organisation of track and field competitions;Organisation of training;Organisation of training courses;Organisation of training courses relating to design;Organisation of training seminars;Organisation of vehicle racing events;Organisation of Webinars;Organisation of weight lifting competitions;Organisation of wrestling contests;Organisation of yacht races;Organisation of yachting competitions;Organisation of youth training schemes;Organisation of youth training schemes relating to the building industry;Organisation of youth training schemes relating to the tool industry;Organisation, production and presentation of theatrical performances;Organising and conducting fishing tournaments;Organising and conducting lotteries;Organising and holding figure skating championships and competitions;Organising and holding speed skating championships and competitions;Organising competitions;Organising dancing events;Organising events for cultural purposes;Organising events for entertainment purposes;Organising figure and speed skating competitions;Organising gymnastics events;Organising of audience participative games;Organising of basketball tournaments;Organising of beauty contests;Organising of beauty pageants;Organising of business training;Organising of commercial training;Organising of competitions [entertainment] by telephone;Organising of competitions for education;Organising of competitions for entertainment;Organising of conferences for educational purposes;Organising of conferences relating to education;Organising of dancing competitions;Organising of education competitions;Organising of education conferences;Organising of education conventions;Organising of education exhibitions;Organising of education seminars;Organising of educational conferences;Organising of educational congresses;Organising of educational exhibitions;Organising of educational games;Organising of educational lectures;Organising of educational seminars;Organising of entertainment;Organising of entertainment competitions;Organising of esports activities;Organising of esports competitions;Organising of exhibitions for educational purposes;Organising of exhibitions for entertainment purposes;Organising of festivals;Organising of festivals relating to jazz music;Organising of football events;Organising of galas;Organising of games and competitions;Organising of golf tournaments;Organising of golfing tournaments;Organising of gymnastic displays;Organising of meetings in the field of education;Organising of meetings in the field of entertainment;Organising of motor racing events;Organising of racing competitions;Organising of recreational events;Organising of shows for educational purposes;Organising of shows for entertainment purposes;Organising of sporting activities and competitions;Organising of sporting activities and of sporting competitions;Organising of sporting activities or competitions;Organising of sporting contests;Organising of sporting events;Organising of sporting events, competitions and sporting tournaments;Organising of sports and sports events;Organising of sports competitions;Organising of sports competitions and events;Organising of sports competitions and sports events;Organising of sports events;Organising of sports events and of sports competitions;Organising of stage shows;Organising of theatre productions;Organising sporting events;Organization, arranging and conducting of baseball games;Organization, arranging and conducting of bicycle races;Organization, arranging and conducting of boat races;Organization, arranging and conducting of boxing matches;Organization, arranging and conducting of horse races;Organization, arranging and conducting of professional golf tournaments or competitions;Organization, arranging and conducting of soccer games;Organization, arranging and conducting of sports competitions;Organization, arranging and conducting of sumo wrestling competitions;Organization of autoraces;Organization of balls;Organization of baseball games;Organization of beauty contests;Organization of bicycle races;Organization of boat races;Organization of boxing matches;Organization of competitions;Organization of competitions [education or entertainment];Organization of competitions for education or entertainment;Organization of competitions relating to motor vehicles;Organization of cosplay entertainment events;Organization of cultural shows;Organization of dancing events;Organization of education competitions;Organization of educational conferences;Organization of educational congresses;Organization of educational symposia;Organization of electronic game competitions;Organization of entertainment competitions;Organization of esports competitions;Organization of events for cultural purposes;Organization of exhibitions for cultural and educational purposes;Organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes;Organization of exhibitions for educational purposes;Organization of fashion parades for entertainment purposes;Organization of fashion shows for entertainment purposes;Organization of golf tournaments;Organization of horse races;Organization of lotteries;Organization of seminars;Organization of seminars and conventions in the field of medicine;Organization of shows;Organization of shows for cultural purposes;Organization of shows [impresario services];Organization of soccer competitions;Organization of soccer games;Organization of sport fishing competitions;Organization of sporting events;Organization of sporting events and competitions;Organization of sporting events and competitions, involving animals;Organization of sports competitions;Organization of sumo- wrestling competitions;Organization, production and presentation of theatrical performances;Organizing and arranging exhibitions for entertainment purposes;Organizing and conducting college athletic events;Organizing and conducting college sport competitions;Organizing and presenting displays of entertainment relating to style and fashion;Organizing community sporting and cultural events;Organizing cultural and arts events;Painting instruction;Park services (Amusement -);Parks (Amusement -);Party planning;Party planning consultation;Party planning [entertainment];Party planning services;Perceptual teaching services;Perceptual tuition services;Performance of dance, music and drama;Performance of films;Performance of music;Performance of music and singing;Performance of musical programmes;Performance of radio programmes;Performances (Presentation of live -);Performing of music and singing;Personal coaching services in the field of ballet;Personal coaching [training];Personal development courses;Personal development training;Personal fitness training services;Personal trainer services;Personal trainer services [fitness training];Personal training services;Personnel training;Petting zoo services;Petting zoos;Photo editing;Photograph library searching services;Photographer services;Photographic composition for others;Photographic library services;Photographic reporting;Photography;Photography instruction;Photography services;Physical education;Physical education facilities (Provision of -);Physical education instruction;Physical education services;Physical fitness assessment services for training purposes;Physical fitness centre services;Physical fitness centres;Physical fitness centres (Operation of -);Physical fitness consultation;Physical fitness education services;Physical fitness instruction;Physical fitness instruction for adults and children;Physical fitness training services;Physical fitness tuition;Physical health education;Physical training services;Physical-education services;Piano instruction;Pilates instruction;Pilot and cabin crew training;Planetarium services;Planning and conducting of parties [entertainment];Planning of conferences for educational purposes;Planning of lectures for educational purposes;Planning of movie shows;Planning of plays or musical shows;Planning of professional golf tournaments;Planning of seminars for educational purposes;Planning of shows;Planning (Party -) [entertainment];Plant exhibitions;Play schemes [entertainment/education];Pleasure ground services;Poker game services;Pole dancing instruction;Political speech writing;Pop music concerts (Organisation of -);Popular entertainment services;Portrait painting;Portrait painting services;Portrait photography;Portrait photography services;Postgraduate training courses;Postgraduate training courses relating to engineering technology;Postgraduate training courses relating to management studies;Post-production editing services in the field of music, videos and film;Power station visitor centre services [for education];Practical training;Practical training [demonstration];Practical training in the field of welding;Practical training services;Pregnancy gymnastics instruction;Preparation of documentary programmes for broadcasting;Preparation of documentary programmes for the cinema;Preparation of educational courses and examinations;Preparation of entertainment programmes for broadcasting;Preparation of entertainment programmes for the cinema;Preparation of news programmes for broadcasting;Preparation of news programmes for the cinema;Preparation of radio and television programmes;Preparation of radio programmes;Preparation of special effects for entertainment purposes;Preparation of television programmes;Preparation of texts for publication;Preparatory schools;Preparing subtitles for live theatrical events;Preparing subtitles for movies;Pre-school education;Pre-school teaching;Presentation of ballets;Presentation of circus performances;Presentation of concerts;Presentation of dancing displays;Presentation of dramas;Presentation of films;Presentation of ice-skating shows;Presentation of live Christmas musical productions;Presentation of live comedy performances;Presentation of live comedy shows;Presentation of live dance performances;Presentation of live entertainment events;Presentation of live entertainment performances;Presentation of live performances;Presentation of live performances by a musical group;Presentation of live performances by musical bands;Presentation of live performances by rock groups;Presentation of live show performances;Presentation of movies;Presentation of music concerts;Presentation of musical concerts;Presentation of musical performance;Presentation of musical performances;Presentation of operas;Presentation of orchestra performances;Presentation of radio programmes;Presentation of recitals;Presentation of television programmes;Presentation of theatrical performances;Presentation of variety shows;Primary education services;Primary education services relating to literacy;Prize draws [lotteries];Producing and conducting exercises for music classes and programmes;Production and presentation of radio programmes;Production and rental of educational and instructional materials;Production of a continuous series of animated adventure shows;Production of amusement park shows;Production of animated and live action programmes;Production of animated cartoons;Production of animated cine-film clips;Production of animated motion pictures;Production of animated programmes for use on television and cable;Production of animation;Production of audio entertainment;Production of audio master recordings;Production of audio programs;Production of audio recordings;Production of audio tapes for entertainment purposes;Production of audio/visual presentations;Production of audiovisual recordings;Production of audio-visual recordings;Production of basketball games and exhibitions;Production of cabarets;Production of cable television programs;Production of cine-films;Production of cinema films;Production of cinematographic films;Production of closed caption television programs;Production of comedy shows;Production of course material distributed at management courses;Production of course material distributed at management lectures;Production of course material distributed at management seminars;Production of course material distributed at professional courses;Production of course material distributed at professional lectures;Production of course material distributed at professional seminars;Production of course material distributed at vocational courses;Production of course material distributed at vocational lectures;Production of course material distributed at vocational seminars;Production of documentaries;Production of educational sound and video recordings;Production of educational television programmes;Production of entertainment in the form of a television series;Production of entertainment in the form of sound recordings;Production of entertainment in the form of television programmes;Production of entertainment in the form of video tapes;Production of entertainment shows featuring dancers;Production of entertainment shows featuring dancers and singers;Production of entertainment shows featuring instrumentalists;Production of entertainment shows featuring singers;Production of esports events;Production of esports events for television;Production of film studies;Production of films;Production of films for educational purposes;Production of films for entertainment purposes;Production of films in studios;Production of films on aspects of association football;Production of films, other than advertising films;Production of graphical cine-film clips;Production of ice skating shows;Production of live entertainment;Production of live entertainment events;Production of live entertainment features;Production of live performances;Production of live shows;Production of live television programmes;Production of live television programmes for education;Production of live television programmes for entertainment;Production of motion picture films;Production of motion pictures;Production of movie special effects;Production of music;Production of music concerts;Production of music shows;Production of musical recordings;Production of musical videos;Production of musical works in a recording studio;Production of operas;Production of plays;Production of pre-recorded cinema films;Production of pre-recorded video films;Production of radio and of television programmes;Production of radio and television programmes;Production of radio and television programs;Production of radio and television shows and programmes;Production of radio broadcasts;Production of radio or television programs;Production of radio programmes;Production of radio programmes and of television programmes;Production of radio programmes or of television programmes;Production of radio programs;Production of record masters;Production of revue shows before live audiences;Production of roller-skating shows;Production of shows;Production of sound and image recordings on sound and image carriers;Production of sound and music recordings;Production of sound and video recordings;Production of sound recordings;Production of special effects for films;Production of special effects for radio;Production of special effects for television;Production of sporting events;Production of sporting events for film;Production of sporting events for radio;Production of sporting events for television;Production of stage performances;Production of stage plays;Production of stage shows;Production of talent shows;Production of teaching reports;Production of television and cinema films;Production of television and radio programmes;Production of television and radio programming;Production of television and radio programs;Production of television entertainment features;Production of television entertainment programmes;Production of television features;Production of television films;Production of television game shows;Production of television or radio programmes;Production of television programmes;Production of television programs;Production of television programs for broadcast on mobile devices;Production of theatrical performances;Production of theatrical shows;Production of training films;Production of training videos;Production of TV shows;Production of video and audio recordings;Production of video and/or sound recordings;Production of video cassettes;Production of video discs for others;Production of video films;Production of video recordings;Production of video tapes and video discs;Production of video tapes for corporate use in corporate educational training;Production of video tapes for corporate use in management educational training;Production of videos;Production of video-tapes;Production (Videotape film -);Professional consultancy relating to education;Programming [scheduling of programs] on a global computer network;Projection of cine-films for medical purposes;Projection of cine-films for technical purposes;Proof reading of manuscripts;Providing a computer game that may be accessed by users on a global network and/or the internet;Providing a computer game that may be accessed network-wide by network users;Providing age ratings for television, movie, music, video and video game content;Providing amusement arcade services;Providing amusement facilities;Providing amusement park facilities;Providing amusement parks;Providing an online computer game;Providing an on-line computer game;Providing animal exercise services;Providing audio or video studio services;Providing audio or video studios;Providing baseball facilities;Providing baseball fields;Providing billiard facilities;Providing billiard rooms;Providing bounce houses for recreational purposes;Providing bowling alley facilities;Providing bowling alleys;Providing casino facilities;Providing casino facilities [gambling];Providing cinema and theatre facilities;Providing cinema facilities;Providing computer assisted courses of instruction;Providing computer-delivered educational testing and assessments;Providing continuing dental education courses;Providing continuing legal education courses;Providing continuing medical education courses;Providing continuing nursing education courses;Providing courses in the field of water management;Providing courses of instruction;Providing courses of instruction at college level;Providing courses of instruction at high school level;Providing courses of instruction at post-graduate level;Providing courses of instruction for young people;Providing courses of training;Providing courses of training for young people;Providing cultural activities;Providing dance facilities;Providing dance hall facilities;Providing dance halls;Providing dance studio facilities;Providing digital music from mp3 internet web sites;Providing digital music from the internet;Providing digital music [not downloadable] for mp3 internet web sites;Providing digital music [not downloadable] for the internet;Providing digital music [not downloadable] from MP3 internet web sites;Providing digital music [not downloadable] from MP3 internet websites;Providing digital music [not downloadable] from the internet;Providing digital sound recordings, not downloadable, from the internet;Providing education courses relating to the travel industry;Providing education in the field of art rendered through correspondence courses;Providing educational demonstrations;Providing educational entertainment services for children in after-school centers;Providing electronic publications;Providing electronic publications from a global computer network or the Internet, not downloadable;Providing electronic publications [not downloadable];Providing electronic publications relating to language training, not downloadable;Providing entertainment in the nature of film clips via a website;Providing entertainment information;Providing entertainment information via a website;Providing esports facilities;Providing 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retail trade;Stage scenery (Rental of -);Staged light entertainment services;Staging of light entertainment productions;Staging of tournaments;Strength and conditioning training;Studio facilities (Provision of recording -);Studio recording facilities (Provision of -);Studio services for the recording of cine-films;Studio services for the recording of videos;Studio services (Recording -);Studios (Movie -);Subtitling;Subtitling services;Summer camps [entertainment and education];Supervision of physical exercise;Swimming bath facilities;Swimming bath facilities (Provision of -);Swimming facilities;Swimming instruction;Swimming pool and water chute complex services;Symphony orchestra services;Symposiums (Arranging and conducting of -);Symposiums relating to education;Symposiums relating to entertainment;Syndication of radio programmes;Taekwondo instruction;Tailoring or dressmaking instruction;Tea ceremony instruction;Teacher training services;Teaching;Teaching academy services;Teaching and training in business, industry and information technology;Teaching assessments for counteracting learning difficulties;Teaching at elementary schools;Teaching at junior high schools;Teaching by correspondence courses;Teaching in the field of medicine;Teaching in the field of remedial reading;Teaching of beauty skills;Teaching of chinese martial arts;Teaching of dental care;Teaching of diet education;Teaching of foreign languages;Teaching of french to children through recreation;Teaching of interior design;Teaching of languages;Teaching of life saving techniques;Teaching of meditation practices;Teaching of music;Teaching of needlework;Teaching of pet care;Teaching of pet care in the management of pet exhibitions;Teaching of pet care in the management of pet shows;Teaching of petcare;Teaching of swimming;Teaching services;Teaching services for communication skills;Teaching services relating to business assistance;Teaching services relating to pedagogy techniques;Teaching services relating to the dental field;Teaching services relating to the medical field;Teaching services relating to the optical field;Teaching services relating to the surgical field;Team building (education);Technical training relating to chemical analysis;Technical training relating to fire risk;Technical training relating to geotechnics;Technical training relating to hygiene;Technical training relating to industrial risk;Technical training relating to safety;Technological education services;Telephone conversation services for amusement purposes;Telephone conversation services for entertainment purposes;Telephone information services relating to education;Telephone information services relating to entertainment;Television and radio entertainment;Television and radio entertainment services;Television and radio programme preparation and production;Television and radio programming [scheduling];Television entertainment;Television entertainment services;Television production;Television program production;Television program syndication;Television programme production;Television programmes (Production of radio and -);Television programming [scheduling];Television programming services;Television, radio and film production;Television scheduling [programming];Television sets (Rental of radio and -);Television show production;Television studio services;Television viewing guide services;Tennis instruction;Tenpin bowling centre services;Texts (Publication of -), other than publicity texts;Texts (Writing of -), other than publicity texts;Theater performances;Theater production;Theater production services;Theater productions;Theatre and concert tickets reservation services;Theatre booking services;Theatre entertainment;Theatre performances;Theatre production;Theatre production services;Theatre productions;Theatre services;Theatre ticket agency services;Theatre ticket booking services;Theatrical booking agencies;Theatrical floor shows provided at performance venues;Theatrical performances;Theatrical performances both animated and live action;Theatrical performances, music performances;Theatrical production services;Theatrical shows provided at performance venues;Theatrical ticket agency services;Theme park services;Theme parks;Ticket agency services [entertainment];Ticket information services for entertainment events;Ticket information services for esports events;Ticket information services for shows;Ticket information services for sporting events;Ticket procurement services for entertainment events;Ticket procurement services for sporting events;Ticket reservation and booking services for cultural events;Ticket reservation and booking services for entertainment events;Ticket reservation and booking services for esports events;Ticket reservation and booking services for music concerts;Ticket reservation and booking services for recreational and leisure events;Ticket reservation and booking services for sporting events;Ticket reservation and booking services for theater shows;Ticket reservation for cultural events;Ticket reservation services (Concert -);Ticket reservation services (Theatre -);Ticketing and event booking services;Time recording services for sporting events;Timing of sports events;Toastmaster services;Tournaments (Staging of -);Tournaments (Staging of sports -);Toy rental;Training;Training and education services;Training and further training consultancy;Training and instruction;Training (Animal -);Training animals for others;Training consultancy;Training courses;Training courses in engine design;Training courses in jointing of optical fibres;Training courses in strategic planning relating to advertising, promotion, marketing and business;Training courses (Provision of -);Training courses relating to computer hardware;Training courses relating to computer software;Training courses relating to data base designs;Training courses relating to system analysis;Training facilities (Provision of -);Training for automobile competitions;Training for blind persons in the use of guide dogs;Training for guide dogs for blind persons;Training for handling scientific instruments and apparatus for research in laboratories;Training for parents in parenting skills;Training for parents in the organisation of parent support groups;Training in administration;Training in business management;Training in business skills;Training in catering;Training in combatting forgery with a view to recognising fakes;Training in communication techniques;Training in computer programming;Training in data processing techniques;Training in dog handling;Training in electrical engineering;Training in electronics;Training in martial arts;Training in philosophy;Training in public relations;Training in sports;Training in the design of computer memories;Training in the design of computer programs;Training in the design of integrated circuits;Training in the design of software systems;Training in the development of computer memories;Training in the development of computer programs;Training in the development of integrated circuits;Training in the development of software systems;Training in the display of food;Training in the field of advertising;Training in the field of business management;Training in the field of communication technologies;Training in the field of design;Training in the field of medicine;Training in the field of real estate management;Training in the handling of food;Training in the maintenance of computers;Training in the maintenance of word processors;Training in the operation of computer memories;Training in the operation of computer programs;Training in the operation of computerised systems;Training in the operation of integrated circuits;Training in the operation of software systems;Training in the use and operation of data processors;Training in the use of computers;Training in the use of construction machinery;Training in the use of cranes;Training in the use of data processing programs;Training in the use of optical sensors;Training in the use of photographic equipment;Training in yoga;Training of animals;Training of car drivers;Training of croupiers;Training of financial personnel;Training of magicians;Training of non-medical staff in the care of children;Training of personnel in food technology;Training of personnel in skills relating to office systems;Training of personnel in skills relating to typewriting;Training of personnel in skills relating to word-processing;Training of personnel to ensure maximum security protection;Training of persons engaged in the offshore gas industry;Training of persons engaged in the offshore oil industry;Training of referees;Training of specialists in the plumbing industry;Training of sports players;Training of sports teachers;Training of swimming teachers;Training of teachers;Training of toast-masters;Training of umpires;Training or education services in the field of life coaching;Training (Practical -) [demonstration];Training related to cooking;Training related to nutrition;Training relating to computer hardware;Training relating to computer programmes;Training relating to computer software;Training relating to computer techniques;Training relating to data processing;Training relating to data processing techniques;Training relating to employment opportunities;Training relating to employment skills;Training relating to sales;Training relating to the management of pet exhibitions;Training relating to the management of pet shows;Training relating to the provision of legal services;Training relating to the restaurant industry;Training services;Training services concerned with the use of computer software;Training services for audio engineers;Training services for cinema technicians;Training services for drivers in driving skills;Training services for medical visitors;Training services for nannies;Training services for nurses;Training services for personnel;Training services in the field of computer software development;Training services in the field of medical disorders and their treatment;Training services in the field of project management;Training services provided via simulators;Training services related to business;Training services relating to business management;Training services relating to computer programs;Training services relating to computer software;Training services relating to computer systems;Training services relating to computer-aided design;Training services relating to computer-aided engineering design;Training services relating to computer-aided manufacturing;Training services relating to computer-aided testing;Training services relating to computers;Training services relating to data communications;Training services relating to design;Training services relating to electrical engineering;Training services relating to elocution;Training services relating to finance;Training services relating to first aid;Training services relating to fitness;Training services relating to flying;Training services relating to health and safety;Training services relating to logistics;Training services relating to management consultancy;Training services relating to occupational health;Training services relating to orthopaedic medicine;Training services relating to retail management;Training services relating to retail marketing;Training services relating to speech;Training services relating to subaquatic activities;Training services relating to submarine diving;Training services relating to the cleaning in hospitals;Training services relating to the cleaning of factories;Training services relating to the cleaning of hotels;Training services relating to the cleaning of offices;Training services relating to the cleaning of restaurants;Training services relating to the installation of computer controlled test systems;Training services relating to the installation of computers;Training services relating to the maintenance of computer controlled test systems;Training services relating to the maintenance of computers;Training services relating to the repair of computer controlled test systems;Training services relating to the repair of computers;Training services relating to the repair of vehicles;Training services relating to the science of primary cause analysis by hypnosis;Training services relating to the selling of vehicles;Training services relating to the therapy of primary cause analysis by hypnosis;Training services relating to the use of computer aided engineering systems;Training services relating to the use of fire fighting equipment;Training services relating to the use of information technology;Training services relating to vocal expression;Translation;Translation and interpretation;Translation services;Tuition;Tuition for animal beauticians;Tuition for animal beauticians in animal grooming;Tuition in accounts;Tuition in acupuncture;Tuition in animal training;Tuition in banking;Tuition in chiropractics;Tuition in computers;Tuition in data processing;Tuition in gymnastics;Tuition in herbalism;Tuition in homeopathy;Tuition in hygiene;Tuition in kennel management;Tuition in law;Tuition in management;Tuition in medicinal herbalism;Tuition in music;Tuition in music appreciation;Tuition in oenology;Tuition in osteopathy;Tuition in physical fitness;Tuition in recreational pursuits;Tuition in sports;Tuition in taxation;Tutoring;Tutoring at cram schools;TV and radio presenter services;Tv entertainment services;University education services;University services;Vehicle driving instruction;Vehicle maintenance instruction;Vehicle-driving instruction;Video and audio rental services;Video and DVD film production;Video arcade services;Video cameras (Rental of -);Video cassette hire;Video cassette leasing;Video cassette rental;Video cassettes (Rental of -);Video editing;Video editing services for events;Video entertainment services;Video equipment hire;Video film production;Video game arcade services;Video game entertainment services;Video library services;Video production;Video production services;Video recorders (Rental of -);Video recording services;Video recordings [not downloadable] provided from the internet;Video rental services;Video tape editing;Video tape film production;Video tape production;Video taping;Videotape editing;Videotape film production;Videotape production;Videotapes (Rental of -);Videotaping;Virtual reality arcade services;Virtual reality game services provided on-line from a computer network;Vocational education;Vocational education and training services;Vocational education for young people;Vocational education in the field of mechanics;Vocational education relating to avoidance of drug related problems;Vocational education relating to avoidance of health related problems;Vocational education relating to first aid;Vocational education relating to home safety;Vocational education relating to personal safety;Vocational education relating to protection of personal property;Vocational education relating to self-defence;Vocational guidance;Vocational guidance [education or training advice];Vocational retraining;Vocational skills training;Vocational skills training (Provision of -);Vocational testing;Vocational training;Vocational training courses (Provision of -);Vocational training services;Voice training;Wagering services;War game services;Water chute complex operation;Wedding celebrations (Organisation of entertainment for -);Wildlife centre services [for recreational purposes];Wine tasting events for educational purposes;Wine tasting services (education);Wine tastings [educational services];Wine tastings [entertainment services];Winter sports instruction;Wood-working training;Workshops (Arranging and conducting of -) [training];Workshops for cultural purposes;Workshops for educational purposes;Workshops for recreational purposes;Workshops for training purposes;Writing and publishing of texts, other than publicity texts;Writing of texts;Writing of texts [other than publicity texts];Writing of texts, other than publicity texts;Writing of texts, other than publicity texts, for broadcast via teletext services;Writing screenplays;Writing services for blogs;Written text editing;Written training courses;Yoga instruction;Zoological garden services;Zoos.
Class Description: 044 - Medical, Beauty & Agricultural Services
Goods & Services: Acupressure therapy;Acupuncture;Acupuncture services;Addiction treatment services;Advice in the field of childbirth;Advice relating to allergies;Advice relating to cosmetics;Advice relating to dentistry;Advice relating to hair care;Advice relating to immunology;Advice relating to nutrition;Advice relating to the breeding of animals;Advice relating to the feeding of animals;Advice relating to the medical needs of elderly people;Advice relating to the personal welfare of elderly people [health];Advisory and consultancy services relating to the use of agricultural and horticultural fertilizers;Advisory and consultancy services relating to the use of fertilizers in agriculture, horticulture and forestry;Advisory and consultancy services relating to the use of manure in agriculture, horticulture and forestry;Advisory and consultancy services relating to the use of non-chemical treatments for sustainable agriculture and horticulture;Advisory and consultancy services relating to weed, pest and vermin control in agriculture, horticulture and forestry;Advisory services relating to beauty;Advisory services relating to beauty care;Advisory services relating to beauty treatment;Advisory services relating to cosmetics;Advisory services relating to degenerative diseases;Advisory services relating to dental instruments;Advisory services relating to diet;Advisory services relating to health;Advisory services relating to horticulture;Advisory services relating to medical apparatus and instruments;Advisory services relating to medical instruments;Advisory services relating to medical problems;Advisory services relating to medical services;Advisory services relating to nutrition;Advisory services relating to pharmaceuticals;Advisory services relating to pharmacies;Advisory services relating to slimming;Advisory services relating to surgical instruments;Advisory services relating to the care of animals;Advisory services relating to the care of birds;Advisory services relating to the care of fish;Advisory services relating to the care of pet animals;Advisory services relating to the design of gardens;Advisory services relating to the design of turf;Advisory services relating to the laying of turf;Advisory services relating to the selection of turf;Advisory services relating to the treatment of degenerative diseases;Advisory services relating to water gardening;Advisory services relating to weight control;Advisory services relating to weight loss;Aerial and surface spreading of fertilisers and other agricultural chemicals;Aerial and surface spreading of fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals;Aerial seeding;Aerial spreading of agricultural chemicals;Aerial spreading of fertilisers;Aerial spreading of fertilizers;Aesthetician services;Agricultural advice;Agricultural advisory services;Agricultural consultancy;Agricultural, horticulture and forestry services;Agricultural information services;Agricultural machinery (Rental of -);Agricultural services;Agricultural services relating to environmental conservation;Agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry services;Agriculture, horticulture and forestry services;Agriculture, horticulture and forestry services relating to the recultivation of industrial wastelands;Agriculture services;Airbrush tanning salon services;Airbrush tanning services;Airbrush tanning services for the human body;Alcohol screening for medical purposes;Alternative medicine services;Ambulant medical care;Analysis of human serum for medical treatment;Analysis of human tissues for medical treatment;Animal beautician services;Animal beautician services for cats;Animal beautician services for dogs;Animal breeding;Animal clipping;Animal feed rationing service;Animal grooming;Animal grooming services;Animal healthcare services;Animal hospitals;Animal husbandry;Animal performance testing services;Animal-assisted therapy;Animals (Artificial insemination of -);Anti-smoking therapy;Application of cosmetic products to the body;Application of cosmetic products to the face;Aquaculture services;Aromatherapy services;Arranging of accommodation in convalescent homes;Arranging of accommodation in rest homes;Arranging of accommodation in sanatoria;Arranging of medical treatment;Art therapy;Artificial insemination;Artificial insemination of animals;Artificial insemination services;Artificial insemination services for animals;Artificial suntanning services;Assisting individuals to stop smoking;Audiological testing services;Audiology services;Autogenic therapy services;Ayurveda therapy;Barber services;Barber shop services;Barber shops;Barbers' services;Barbers' shops;Barbershops;Baths for hygiene purposes (Public -);Baths (Public -) provision of facilities for personal hygiene;Baths (Turkish -);Baths (Turkish -) provision of facilities;Beautician services;Beauticians (Services of -);Beauty advisory services;Beauty care;Beauty care for animals;Beauty care for human beings;Beauty care of feet;Beauty care services;Beauty care services provided by a health spa;Beauty consultancy;Beauty consultancy services;Beauty consultation;Beauty consultation services;Beauty counselling;Beauty information services;Beauty salon services;Beauty salons;Beauty spa services;Beauty therapy services;Beauty therapy treatments;Beauty treatment;Beauty treatment services;Beauty treatment services especially for eyelashes;Beekeeping services;Behavioural analysis for medical purposes;Bioresonance treatment and care;Blood bank services;Blood banks;Blood donation;Blood pressure screening services;Body art;Body art services;Body piercing;Body piercing services;Body waxing services for hair removal in humans;Body waxing services for the human body;Bodywork therapy;Bonesetting services;Bowel cancer screening services;Branding of animals;Breast cancer screening services;Breeding and stud services;Breeding kennels;Breeding of animals;Breeding of dogs;Breeding of thoroughbred horses;Canine massage;Care of birds;Care of fish;Care of pet animals;Care of potted plants;Cat breeding services;Cattle breeding services;Cattle farming services;Cellulite treatment services;Cellulitis treatment services;Cervical cancer screening services;Charitable services, namely providing medical services;Charitable services, namely, providing medical services to needy persons;Chelation therapy services;Chemotherapy services;Chiropody;Chiropractic;Chiropractic services;Chiropractics;Chiropractitioner services;Cholesterol testing;Clinic (Medical -) services;Clinic services (Medical -);Clinics;Clinics (Medical -);Collation of information in the healthcare sector;Collection and preservation of human blood;Colonoscopy screening services;Colour analysis [beauticians' services];Compilation of information relating to birds;Compilation of medical reports;Conducting of medical examinations;Conducting of psychological assessments and examination;Conducting screenings for cardiovascular disease risk factors;Conducting sleep studies for medical diagnostic or treatment purposes;Consultancy and advisory services relating to agriculture, horticulture and forestry;Consultancy and information services provided via the Internet relating to pharmaceutical products;Consultancy and information services relating to biopharmaceutical products;Consultancy and information services relating to medical products;Consultancy and information services relating to pharmaceutical products;Consultancy in the field of body and beauty care;Consultancy in the field of nutrition;Consultancy in the field of viticulture;Consultancy provided via the Internet in the field of body and beauty care;Consultancy relating to agriculture, horticulture and forestry;Consultancy relating to cosmetics;Consultancy relating to farming;Consultancy relating to health care;Consultancy relating to hearing tests;Consultancy relating to integral psychology;Consultancy relating to landscape design;Consultancy relating to nutrition;Consultancy relating to the cultivation of plants;Consultancy relating to tree planting;Consultancy services in the field of nutrition;Consultancy services related to nutrition;Consultancy services relating to agriculture;Consultancy services relating to beauty;Consultancy services relating to cosmetics;Consultancy services relating to farming;Consultancy services relating to nutrition;Consultancy services relating to orthopaedic implants;Consultancy services relating to personal behaviour;Consultancy services relating to prosthetic implants;Consultancy services relating to slimming;Consultancy services relating to surgery;Consultation relating to bio-rhythms;Consultation services in the field of make-up;Consultation services in the field of weight management;Consultation services relating to beauty care;Consultation services relating to skin care;Consulting services relating to health care;Control of infestations of fleas in agriculture;Convalescence homes;Convalescent home services;Convalescent homes;Cord blood bank services;Cosmetic analysis;Cosmetic and plastic surgery;Cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic services;Cosmetic body care services;Cosmetic dentistry;Cosmetic dentistry services;Cosmetic electrolysis;Cosmetic electrolysis for the removal of hair;Cosmetic facial and body treatment services;Cosmetic laser treatment for hair growth;Cosmetic laser treatment of skin;Cosmetic laser treatment of spider veins;Cosmetic laser treatment of tattoos;Cosmetic laser treatment of toenail fungus;Cosmetic laser treatment of unwanted hair;Cosmetic laser treatment of varicose veins;Cosmetic make-up services;Cosmetic skin tanning services for human beings;Cosmetic surgery services;Cosmetic treatment;Cosmetic treatment for the body;Cosmetic treatment for the face;Cosmetic treatment for the hair;Cosmetic treatment services for the body, face and hair;Cosmetician services;Cosmetics consultancy services;Counseling relating to occupational therapy;Counselling relating to diet;Counselling relating to nutrition;Counselling relating to occupational therapy;Counselling relating to the psychological relief of medical ailments;Counselling relating to the psychological treatment of medical ailments;Crop cultivation;Crop sowing;Cryotherapy services;Cultivation advisory services relating to agriculture;Cultivation advisory services relating to horticulture;Cultivation of grapes for winemaking;Cultivation of plants;Cupping therapy services;Deep sea fishing services;Deep tissue massage;Dental assistance;Dental clinic services;Dental consultations;Dental hygienist services;Dental services;Dentist services;Dentistry;Dentistry services;Depilatory treatment;Depilatory waxing;Dermatological services for treating skin conditions;Dermatology services;Design (Landscape -);Design of gardens and landscapes;Destruction of parasites for agriculture, horticulture and forestry;Development of individual physical rehabilitation programmes;Diabetes screening services;Diet planning and supervision;Dietary advice;Dietary and nutritional guidance;Dietary guidance;Dietetic advisory services;Dietetic counselling services [medical];Dietician service;Dietitian services;Dispensing of pharmaceuticals;DNA screening for medical purposes;Dog grooming services;Dog-clipping;Drug, alcohol and DNA screening for medical purposes;Drug rehabilitation services;Drug screening for medical purposes;Drug testing for substance abuse;Drug testing of participants in sports for the use of illegal or prohibited performance enhancing substances;Drug use screening services;Electro therapy services for physiotherapy;Electrolysis for cosmetic purposes;Emergency assistance services in the medical field;Emergency medical assistance;Equine massage;Exercise facilities for health rehabilitation purposes (Provision of -);Exterminating (Vermin -) for agriculture, horticulture and forestry;Eye bank services;Eyebrow dyeing services;Eyebrow shaping services;Eyebrow tattooing services;Eyebrow threading services;Eyebrow tinting services;Eyeglass-fitting;Eyelash curling services;Eyelash dyeing services;Eyelash extension services;Eyelash perming services;Eyelash tinting services;Facial beauty treatment services;Facial treatment services;Family planning;Farm seeding by air;Farming (animals);Farming apparatus (Rental of -);Farming (crops);Farming equipment rental;Farming services;Farrier services;Fertilizer spreading;Fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals (Aerial and surface spreading -);Fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals (Aerial and surface spreading of -);Fish farming services;Fitness testing;Fitting of artificial limbs;Fitting of artificial limbs, prosthetic devices and prostheses;Fitting of contact lenses;Fitting of eyeglasses;Fitting of hearing aids;Fitting of optical lenses;Fitting of orthopaedic devices;Fitting of orthopedic devices;Fitting of orthotic devices;Fitting of prosthetic devices;Fitting of prosthetics;Floral arrangement design services;Floral arranging;Floral design;Floral design services;Floral display hire services;Floristry;Flower arrangement design services;Flower arrangements (Rental of -);Flower arranging;Food nutrition consultation;Foot care;Foot massage services;Forest habitat restoration;Forestry services;Fumigation in agriculture;Garden design services;Garden maintenance;Garden or flower bed care;Garden tree planting;Gardener and gardening services;Gardening;Gardening advice;Gardening information and advice;Gardening (Landscape -);Gardening services;Genetic counseling;Genetic testing for medical purposes;Genetic testing of animals;Genetic testing of animals for diagnostic or treatment purposes;Geriatric nursing;Grass cutting services;Greenhouse services;Grooming (Animal -);Grooming of animals;Grooming of pets;Grooming (Pet -);Grooming salon services for pet animals;Guidance on nutrition;Gynecological pap examination;Gynecology services;Hair braiding services;Hair care services;Hair coloring services;Hair colouring services;Hair curling services;Hair cutting;Hair cutting services;Hair dressing salon services;Hair highlighting services;Hair implantation;Hair implantation services;Hair perming services;Hair replacement;Hair restoration;Hair restoration services;Hair salon services;Hair salon services for children;Hair salon services for men;Hair salon services for military service members;Hair salon services for women;Hair straightening services;Hair styling;Hair styling services;Hair tinting services;Hair treatment;Hair treatment services;Hair weaving;Hair weaving services;Haircare services;Hairdressing;Hairdressing salon services;Hairdressing salons;Hairdressing services;Harvesting crops for others;Health advice and information services;Health assessment surveys;Health care;Health care consultancy services [medical];Health care in the nature of health maintenance organizations;Health care relating to acupuncture;Health care relating to chiropraxis;Health care relating to fasting;Health care relating to homeopathy;Health care relating to hydrotherapy;Health care relating to naturopathy;Health care relating to osteopathy;Health care relating to relaxation therapy;Health care relating to remedial exercise;Health care relating to therapeutic massage;Health care services for assisting individuals to stop smoking;Health care services offered through a network of health care providers on a contract basis;Health center services;Health centers;Health centre services;Health centres;Health clinic services;Health clinic services [medical];Health consultancy;Health counseling;Health counselling;Health farm services [medical];Health hydro services;Health resort services [medical];Health risk assessment surveys;Health screening;Health screening services;Health screening services in the field of asthma;Health screening services in the field of sleep apnea;Health spa services;Healthcare;Health-care;Healthcare advisory services;Healthcare consultancy services;Healthcare information services;Healthcare services;Health-care services;Hearing aid fitting services;Hearing tests;Heat therapy [medical];Hepatitis screening services;Herbalism;Hire of farm apparatus;Hire of interior plants;Hire of roller-towel apparatus;Hire of washroom facilities;Hiring of dental instruments;Hiring of flowers;Hiring of medical instruments;Hiring of plants;Hiring of surgical instruments;Hiring of veterinary instruments;Holistic psychotherapy;Home health care services;Home nursing aid services;Homeopathic clinical services;Homes (Convalescent -);Homes (Convalescent -) services;Homes (Nursing -);Homes (Nursing -) services;Home-visit manicure services;Home-visit nursing care;Horse breeding and stud services;Horse breeding services;Horse farms;Horse stud services;Horticultural services;Horticulture;Horticulture, gardening and landscaping;Horticulture services;Hospice services;Hospices;Hospital nursing home services;Hospital services;Hospitals;Hot stone massage;Hot stone massage therapy services;Human fertility treatment services;Human healthcare services;Human hygiene and beauty care;Human sperm donation services;Human tissue bank services;Hydroponic farming services;Hydrotherapy;Hydrotherapy home services;Hydrotherapy services;Hygienic and beauty care;Hygienic and beauty care for animals;Hygienic and beauty care for human beings;Hygienic and beauty care for humans;Hygienic and beauty care services;Hygienic care for animals;Hygienic care for human beings;Hypnotherapy;In vitro fertilisation services;In vitro fertilization services;In vitro fertilization services for animals;Individual and group psychology services;Individual medical counseling services provided to patients;Infestations (control of -), fleas [in agriculture];Information relating to beauty;Information relating to beauty care;Information relating to blood donation;Information relating to health;Information relating to massage;Information relating to nutrition;Information services relating to contact lenses;Information services relating to farming;Information services relating to flora;Information services relating to health care;Information services relating to the use of chemicals used in agriculture;Information services relating to the use of chemicals used in forestry;Information services relating to the use of chemicals used in horticulture;Information services relating to the use of fertilisers used in agriculture;Information services relating to the use of fertilisers used in forestry;Information services relating to the use of fertilisers used in horticulture;Information services relating to the use of manures used in agriculture;Information services relating to the use of manures used in forestry;Information services relating to the use of manures used in horticulture;Information services relating to the veterinary pharmaceutical industry;Information services relating to veterinary pharmaceuticals;Infrared sauna services;Injectable filler treatments for cosmetic purposes;Insect farming services;Insecticide spraying for agricultural, horticultural and forestry purposes;Insecticide spraying for agriculture;Insecticide spraying for forestry;Insecticide spraying for horticulture;Insecticide spraying in agriculture;Insertion of subcutaneous microchips into pets for purposes of tracking and identification;Insomnia therapy services;Interpretation of electrocardiographic signals;Issuing of medical reports;Laboratory analysis services relating to the treatment of animals;Laboratory analysis services relating to the treatment of persons;Lactation consulting services;Landscape architecture services;Landscape design;Landscape design services;Landscape gardening;Landscape gardening design for others;Landscape gardening of floral displays for the interior of buildings;Landscape gardening services;Landscaping [gardening];Laser hair removal services;Laser removal of spider veins;Laser removal of tattoos;Laser removal of toenail fungus;Laser removal of varicose veins;Laser skin rejuvenation services;Laser skin tightening services;Laser vision correction services;Laser vision surgery services;Lawn care;Lawn care services;Lawn maintenance services;Lawn mowing services;Lawn trimming equipment rental;Laying of artificial turf;Laying of turf;Leasing of livestock;Leasing of medical equipment;Leasing of showers;Leasing skin care equipment;Light therapy services;Liposuction services;Livestock farming services;Lung cancer screening services;Lymphatic drainage services;Lymphodrainage services;Make-up application services;Make-up consultation and application services;Make-up consultation services provided on-line or in-person;Make-up services;Mammography testing services;Managed health care services;Manicure and pedicure services;Manicure services;Manicuring;Manicuring services;Massage;Massage and therapeutic shiatsu massage;Massage services;Massages;Medical advice for individuals with disabilities;Medical advice in the field of pregnancy;Medical advisory services;Medical analysis for the diagnosis and treatment of persons;Medical analysis services;Medical analysis services for cancer diagnosis and prognosis;Medical analysis services for diagnostic and treatment purposes provided by medical laboratories;Medical analysis services for the diagnosis of cancer;Medical analysis services relating to the treatment of patients;Medical analysis services relating to the treatment of persons;Medical analysis services relating to the treatment of persons provided by a medical laboratory;Medical and health services relating to DNA, genetics and genetic testing;Medical and healthcare clinics;Medical and healthcare services;Medical assistance;Medical assistance consultancy provided by doctors and other specialized medical personnel;Medical assistance services;Medical care;Medical care and analysis services relating to patient treatment;Medical care of feet;Medical care services;Medical clinic day care services for sick children;Medical clinic services;Medical clinics;Medical consultancy for selecting appropriate wheelchairs, commodes, invalid hoists, walking frames and beds;Medical consultancy relating to hearing loss;Medical consultancy services;Medical consultation;Medical consultations;Medical counseling;Medical counseling relating to stress;Medical counseling services;Medical counselling;Medical counselling services;Medical diagnostic services;Medical equipment rental;Medical evaluation services;Medical examination of individuals;Medical examination of individuals (Provision of reports relating to the -);Medical examinations;Medical health assessment services;Medical house call services;Medical imaging services;Medical information;Medical information (Provision of -);Medical information retrieval services;Medical information services;Medical information services provided via the Internet;Medical laboratory services for the analysis of blood samples taken from patients;Medical laboratory services for the analysis of samples taken from patients;Medical nursing;Medical nursing services;Medical screening;Medical screening relating to the heart;Medical screening services in the field of asthma;Medical screening services in the field of sleep apnea;Medical screening services relating to cardiovascular disease;Medical services;Medical services for the diagnosis of conditions of the human body;Medical services for the treatment of conditions of the human body;Medical services for the treatment of skin cancer;Medical services for treatment of the skin;Medical services in the field of diabetes;Medical services in the field of in vitro fertilization;Medical services in the field of nephrology;Medical services in the field of oncology;Medical services in the field of treatment of chronic pain;Medical services, namely, in vitro fertilization;Medical services relating to the removal, treatment and processing of bone marrow;Medical services relating to the removal, treatment and processing of human blood;Medical services relating to the removal, treatment and processing of human cells;Medical services relating to the removal, treatment and processing of stem cells;Medical services relating to the removal, treatment and processing of umbilical cord blood;Medical spa services;Medical tele-reporting [medical services];Medical testing;Medical testing for diagnostic or treatment purposes;Medical testing services, namely, fitness evaluation;Medical testing services relating to the diagnosis and treatment of disease;Medical treatment services;Medical treatment services provided by a health spa;Medical treatment services provided by clinics and hospitals;Meditation services;Mental health screening services;Mental health services;Meridian scraping therapy (Gua Sha);Microdermabrasion services;Microneedling treatment services;Micropigmentation services;Midwife services;Midwifery services;Monitoring of patients;Mounting gemstones in dentures;Moxibustion;Moxibustion therapy;Music therapy for physical, psychological and cognitive purposes;Music therapy services;Nail care services;Nail salon services;Naprapathy;Narcotic rehabilitation;Nuisance wildlife control services;Nurseries (Plant -);Nursing care;Nursing care (Provision of -);Nursing care services;Nursing home services;Nursing homes;Nursing, medical;Nursing services;Nursing services (Medical -);Nutrition and dietetic consultancy;Nutrition consultancy;Nutrition counseling;Nutrition counselling;Nutritional advice;Nutritional advisory and consultation services;Nutritional advisory services;Nutritional guidance;Obstetric services;Occupational psychology services;Occupational therapy and rehabilitation;Occupational therapy services;On-line make-up consultation services;Operation of public baths for sanitary purposes;Operation of sauna facilities;Ophthalmological services;Ophthalmology services;Optical imaging for medical diagnostic use;Optical services;Optical tests;Optician services;Opticians' services;Optometric services;Optometry;Optometry services;Orthodontic services;Osteopathy;Osteoporosis screening;Outpatient and inpatient care services;Oxygen bar services;Palliative care;Paramedical services;Pathology services;Pathology services relating to the treatment of persons;Pediatric nursing services;Pedicure services;Pedicurist services;Performing diagnosis of diseases;Permanent hair removal and reduction services;Permanent makeup services;Personal hair removal services;Personal therapeutic services relating to cellulite removal;Personal therapeutic services relating to circulatory improvement;Personal therapeutic services relating to fat dissolution;Personal therapeutic services relating to hair regrowth;Personality assessment services [mental health services];Personality testing for psychological purposes;Personality testing [mental health services];Pest control for agriculture;Pest control in agriculture;Pest control services for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry;Pest control services for agriculture, horticulture and forestry;Pet bathing services;Pet beauty salon services;Pet grooming;Pet grooming services;Pet hospital services;Pharmaceutical advice;Pharmaceutical advisory services;Pharmaceutical consultation;Pharmaceutical services;Pharmacists' services to make up prescriptions;Pharmacy advice;Pharmacy advisory services;Pharmacy services;Phlebotomy services;Physical examination;Physical examination services;Physical rehabilitation;Physical therapy;Physical therapy services;Physician services;Physicians' services;Physiotherapy;Physiotherapy [physical therapy];Physiotherapy services;Pig breeding services;Planning [design] of gardens;Plant care services [horticultural services];Plant nurseries;Plant nursery services;Planting of flora;Planting of trees;Plastic surgery;Plastic surgery services;Podiatrist;Postnatal care services for women;Poultry breeding services;Pre-employment drug screening;Pregnancy testing;Preparation and dispensing of medications;Preparation of prescriptions by pharmacists;Preparation of prescriptions in pharmacies;Preparation of psychological profiles for medical purposes;Preparation of psychological reports;Preparation of reports relating to health care matters;Preparation of reports relating to medical matters;Preparing psychological profiles;Private hospital services;Professional consultancy relating to agriculture;Professional consultancy relating to diet;Professional consultancy relating to health;Professional consultancy relating to health care;Professional consultancy relating to nutrition;Prostate cancer screening services;Providing bath houses;Providing breastfeeding information;Providing cancer screening services;Providing health care information by telephone;Providing health information;Providing hot tub facilities;Providing hot-spring facilities;Providing information about agriculture, horticulture, and forestry services;Providing information about beauty;Providing information about dietary supplements and nutrition;Providing information about gardening;Providing information about public bath facilities;Providing information about Turkish bath facilities;Providing information in the field of hair styling;Providing information in the field of health via a website;Providing information regarding plant and flower identification for horticultural purposes;Providing information relating to acupuncture;Providing information relating to animal breeding;Providing information relating to beauty salon services;Providing information relating to chiropractics;Providing information relating to dentistry;Providing information relating to dietary and nutritional guidance;Providing information relating to dietary and nutritional supplements;Providing information relating to farming equipment rental;Providing information relating to garden tree planting;Providing information relating to medical services;Providing information relating to moxibustion;Providing information relating to nursing care services;Providing information relating to physical examinations;Providing information relating to the preparation and dispensing of medications;Providing information relating to the rental of lawnmowers;Providing information relating to the rental of medical machines and apparatus;Providing information relating to the rental of potted plants;Providing information relating to the spreading of fertilizers;Providing information relating to the treatment of dislocated joints, sprains or bone fractures;Providing information relating to the use of fertilizers;Providing information relating to traditional Japanese massage;Providing information relating to vermin exterminating for agriculture, horticulture or forestry;Providing information relating to veterinary services;Providing information relating to weed killing;Providing information to patients in the field of administering medications;Providing information via the Internet in the field of diabetes;Providing laser therapy for treating medical conditions;Providing long-term care facilities;Providing medical advice in the field of dermatology;Providing medical advice in the field of geriatrics;Providing medical advice in the field of weight loss;Providing medical information;Providing medical information from a web site;Providing medical information in the field of dermatology;Providing medical information in the field of geriatrics;Providing medical information in the field of weight loss;Providing medical information in the healthcare sector;Providing medical support in the monitoring of patients receiving medical treatments;Providing mental rehabilitation facilities;Providing news and information in the field of medicine;Providing nutritional information about drinks for medical weight loss purposes;Providing nutritional information about food;Providing nutritional information about food for medical weight loss purposes;Providing online information about agriculture, horticulture, and forestry services;Providing on-line information relating to oncology;Providing on-line information relating to the prevention of cardiovascular disease and strokes;Providing online medical record services other than dentistry;Providing physical rehabilitation facilities;Providing portable toilets for events;Providing psychological treatment;Providing public bath facilities;Providing public baths for sanitary purposes;Providing sauna facilities;Providing smoking cessation treatment services;Providing turkish bath facilities;Providing weight loss program services;Provision of dietetic advice;Provision of health care services;Provision of health care services in domestic homes;Provision of hygienic and beauty care services;Provision of information relating to behavioural modification;Provision of information relating to birds;Provision of information relating to medicine;Provision of information relating to nutrition;Provision of information relating to psychology;Provision of information relating to vaccination for overseas travel;Provision of medical assistance;Provision of medical facilities;Provision of medical facilities at sporting events;Provision of medical information;Provision of medical information relating to poisons;Provision of medical services;Provision of medical treatment;Provision of nursing care;Provision of pharmaceutical information;Provision of public bath facilities for personal hygiene;Provision of public conveniences;Provision of sauna facilities;Provision of solarium [sun tanning] facilities;Provision of spa facilities;Provision of trial plots for crop testing;Provision of trial plots for crop testing by chemical application;Provision of washroom facilities;Psychiatric consultation;Psychiatric services;Psychiatric testing;Psychiatry;Psychological assessment and examination services;Psychological assessment services;Psychological care;Psychological consultation;Psychological counseling;Psychological counseling of staff;Psychological counseling services in the field of sports;Psychological counselling;Psychological diagnosis services;Psychological examination;Psychological profiles for medical purposes (Preparation of -);Psychological testing;Psychological testing for medical purposes;Psychological testing services;Psychological tests;Psychological therapy for infants;Psychological treatment;Psychologist (Services of a -);Psychometric testing for medical purposes;Psychotherapists' services;Psychotherapy;Psychotherapy services;Public bath facilities [for hygienic purposes];Public bath facilities (Provision of -) for personal hygiene;Public bath services for hygiene purposes;Public baths for hygiene purposes;Public health counseling;Rat extermination in agriculture;Reflexology;Reflexology services;Reforestation services;Regenerative medicine services;Rehabilitation for substance abuse patients;Rehabilitation (Narcotic -);Rehabilitation of alcohol addicted patients;Rehabilitation of drug addicted patients;Rehabilitation of narcotic addicted patients;Rehabilitation of substance abuse patients;Rehabilitation services for substance abuse patients;Reiki services;Reintroduction and conservation of wildlife;Removal of body cellulite;Rental of agricultural equipment;Rental of agricultural implements;Rental of agricultural machinery;Rental of agricultural spraying machinery;Rental of animals for gardening purposes;Rental of apparatus and installations in the field of medical technology;Rental of beds specially made for medical treatment purposes;Rental of beehives;Rental of equipment for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry;Rental of equipment for human healthcare;Rental of equipment for human hygiene and beauty care;Rental of equipment for medical purposes;Rental of farming equipment;Rental of flower arrangements;Rental of gardening implements;Rental of hair styling apparatus;Rental of hospital equipment;Rental of lawnmowers;Rental of machines and apparatus for use in beauty salons or barbers' shops;Rental of medical and health care equipment;Rental of medical apparatus;Rental of medical apparatus and instruments;Rental of medical equipment;Rental of medical machines and apparatus;Rental of medical x-ray apparatus;Rental of mobile sanitary facilities;Rental of plants;Rental of portable restrooms;Rental of portable toilets;Rental of potted plants;Rental of sanitary installations;Rental of sanitation facilities;Rental of surgical robots;Rental of toilets (Portable -);Rental of ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus;Residential medical advice services;Residential medical treatment services;Respite care (provision of);Respite care services in the nature of home nursing aid;Respite care services in the nature of nursing aid services;Rest home services;Rest homes;RNA or DNA analysis for cancer diagnosis and prognosis;Salon services (Beauty -);Salon services (Hairdressing -);Salons (Beauty -);Salons (Hairdressing -);Sanatorium services;Sanatoriums;Sanitarium services;Sanitariums;Sauna facilities (Provision of -);Sauna services;Sedation dentistry;Seeds (Sowing of -);Semen extraction (Animal -);Services for the care of pet animals;Services for the care of pet birds;Services for the care of pet fish;Services for the care of the face;Services for the care of the feet;Services for the care of the hair;Services for the care of the scalp;Services for the care of the skin;Services for the drilling of seeds;Services for the planning of weight reduction programmes;Services for the preparation of medical reports;Services for the provision of medical care information;Services for the provision of medical facilities;Services for the provision of sauna facilities;Services for the provision of solarium facilities;Services for the testing of blood;Services for the testing of sera;Services for the testing of urine;Services of a barber;Services of a hair and beauty salon;Services of a make-up artist;Services of a psychologist;Services of a solarium;Services of a sperm bank;Services of sanatoriums;Services rendered by a dietician;Shampooing of the hair;Sheep breeding services;Shockwave therapy;Shoeing horses and maintaining horses' hooves;Sight-testing [opticians'] services;Skin care salon services;Skin care salons;Skin tanning service for humans for cosmetic purposes;Slimming salon services;Slimming treatment services;Smoking (Anti -) therapy;Solarium facilities (Provision of -);Solarium services;Sowing of seeds;Spa services;Spas;Speech and hearing therapy;Speech therapy;Speech therapy services;Sperm-bank services;Sports massage;Sports medicine services;Spray tanning salon services;Spray tanning services;Spraying (Insecticide -) in agriculture;Spraying of crop protection products for agricultural purposes;Spreading of agricultural chemicals;Spreading of fertilisers;Spreading of fertilizers;Spreading of horticultural chemicals;Stem cell storage;Stem cell therapy services;Sterilising of animals;Stress management services;Stud services;Stud services (Animal -);Stud services for cattle;Stud services for horses;Sun tanning salon services;Supervision of weight reduction programmes;Supervision services in the field of weight management;Surface spreading of fertilizers;Surgery;Surgery (Cosmetic -);Surgery (Plastic -);Surgery (Tree -);Surgical diagnostic services;Surgical treatment services;Tanning salon and solarium services;Tanning salons;Tanning (Sun -) salon services;Tattoo parlors;Tattooing;Tattooing of pets for identification purposes;Tattooing services;Technical consultancy services relating to medical health;Technical consultation in the fields of feeding and raising fish, shrimp and other farm-raised marine life;Teeth cleaning services;Teeth whitening services;Telemedicine services;Tele-reporting (medical services);Termite control in agriculture;Testicular cancer screening services;Thai massage;Thalassotherapy;The planting of trees for carbon offsetting purposes;Therapeutic treatment of the body;Therapeutic treatment of the face;Therapeutical pilates;Therapy (Physical -);Therapy services;Toilets (Portable -) rental of;Tonsorial services;Traditional Japanese massage;Trans-telephone heart monitoring services;Treatment of allergies;Treatment to joint-dislocation, sprain, bone-fracture or the like (judo-seifuku);Tree nurseries;Tree nursery services;Tree nurseryman services;Tree planting;Tree planting for carbon offsetting purposes;Tree surgeons' services;Tree surgery;Tree trimming equipment rental;Trichology services;Turkish bath facilities (Provision of -);Turkish bath services;Turkish baths;Vaccination services;Vascular screening;Vermin exterminating for agriculture;Vermin exterminating for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry;Vermin exterminating (for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture or forestry);Vermin exterminating for agriculture, horticulture and forestry;Vermin exterminating [for agriculture, horticulture or forestry];Vermin exterminating for agriculture, horticulture or forestry, and providing information relating thereto;Vermin extermination for agriculture;Veterinary advisory services;Veterinary and agricultural services;Veterinary assistance;Veterinary dentistry;Veterinary information services provided via the Internet;Veterinary services;Veterinary services (Professional consultancy relating to -);Veterinary surgeons' services;Veterinary surgery;Veterinary surgical services;Visagists' services;Vision screening services;Viticulture services;Voice and speech therapy services;Weed control;Weed killing;Weed killing for agriculture, horticulture and forestry;Weedkilling services;Weight control evaluation;Weight control treatment;Weight management services;Weight reduction diet planning and supervision;Weight reduction diet planning services;Weight reduction services;Weight-reduction programmes (Planning of -);Weight-reduction programmes (Supervision of -);Wildlife casualty euthanasia services;Wildlife casualty handling services;Wildlife inventory services;Winching services for agriculture, horticulture and forestry;Withdrawal treatment services for addicts;Withdrawal treatments for addicts;Wreath making;X-ray examinations for medical purposes;X-ray imaging for medical purposes;X-ray services;X-ray technician services;Yard care services.
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