MEIYA United Kingdom Trademark Information

Abacuses;Abdomen protectors for protection against injury [other than parts of sports suits or adapted for use in specific sporting activities];AC adapters for consumer video game apparatus;AC adapters for handheld electronic game apparatus;AC/DC converters;AC/DC inverters;AC/DC power supplies;Acceleration sensors;Accelerometers;Access control apparatus (Automatic -);Access control apparatus (Electric -);Access control cards [encoded or magnetic];Access control devices;Access control installations (Automatic -);Access control installations (Electric -);Access control systems (Automatic -);Access control systems (Electric -);Access control units (Automatic -);Access control units (Electric -);Access interfaces for managed private circuit networks;Access security apparatus (Automatic -);Access security apparatus (Electric -);Accounting apparatus;Accounting machines;Accounting software;Accumulator boxes;Accumulator jars;Accumulators;Accumulators [batteries];Accumulators, electric;Accumulators, electric, for vehicles;Accumulators for photovoltaic power;Acid hydrometers;Acidimeters for batteries;Acidity analysers;Acidity meters;Acoustic alarms;Acoustic conduits;Acoustic couplers;Acou...

Words that describe this mark

abacusesabdomen   protectors   protection   injury   parts   sports   suits   adapted   use   specific   sporting   activitiesac   adapters   consumer   video   game   apparatusac   adapters   handheld   electronic   game   apparatusacdc   convertersacdc   invertersacdc   power   suppliesacceleration   sensorsaccelerometersaccess   control   apparatus   automatic   access   control   apparatus   electric   access   control   cards  
On Sunday, July 10, 2022, a united kingdom trademark registration was filed for MEIYA by Xu, Yueting ********, ********, ***** ****. The United Kingdom IP office has given the trademark application number of UK00003808239. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The correspondent listed for MEIYA is BIUBIUBIU LTD of ********, ********, ***** **** The MEIYA trademark is filed in the category of Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products .
Word Mark: MEIYA
Current Status:
LIVE (Circa: 2022)
Application Number: UK00003808239
Filing Date: Sunday, July 10, 2022
Registration Date: Friday, October 14, 2022
Type of Mark: Individual
Mark Feature: Word
2022/030: Friday, July 29, 2022
Last Applicant/Owner: ********
***** ****
***** ****

Classification Information

Class Description: 009 - Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products
Goods & Services: Abacuses;Abdomen protectors for protection against injury [other than parts of sports suits or adapted for use in specific sporting activities];AC adapters for consumer video game apparatus;AC adapters for handheld electronic game apparatus;AC/DC converters;AC/DC inverters;AC/DC power supplies;Acceleration sensors;Accelerometers;Access control apparatus (Automatic -);Access control apparatus (Electric -);Access control cards [encoded or magnetic];Access control devices;Access control installations (Automatic -);Access control installations (Electric -);Access control systems (Automatic -);Access control systems (Electric -);Access control units (Automatic -);Access control units (Electric -);Access interfaces for managed private circuit networks;Access security apparatus (Automatic -);Access security apparatus (Electric -);Accounting apparatus;Accounting machines;Accounting software;Accumulator boxes;Accumulator jars;Accumulators;Accumulators [batteries];Accumulators, electric;Accumulators, electric, for vehicles;Accumulators for photovoltaic power;Acid hydrometers;Acidimeters for batteries;Acidity analysers;Acidity meters;Acoustic alarms;Acoustic conduits;Acoustic couplers;Acoustic coupling devices;Acoustic discs;Acoustic membranes used in sound recording or reproducing apparatus;Acoustic meters;Acoustic [sound] alarms;Acoustic sound alarms;Acoustic transformers;Actinometers;Action cameras;Active coolers for electronic components;Active infra-red sensors;Active matrix displays;Adapter cables (Electric -);Adapter cables for headphones;Adapter connectors (Electric -);Adapter plugs;Adapter rings for attaching objectives on cameras;Adapter rings for camera lenses;Adapters [electricity];Adapters for connecting telephones to hearing aids;Adapters for connection between media devices;Adapters for use with telephones;Adapters for wireless network access;Adaptive software;Adaptors (Electric -);Add-in cards;Add-in cards for micro computers;Adding machines;Add-on cards;Add-on circuit boards;Add-on circuit boards for connecting computers to networking software;Add-on-cards for computers;Adjustable desktop mounts for tablet computers;Advertising boards [mechanical or luminous];Advertising display apparatus [mechanical or luminous];Advertising display signs [mechanical or luminous];Advertising signboards [luminous];Advertising signboards [mechanical];Aerial amplifiers;Aerial boosters;Aerial cables for heavy currents;Aerial combiners;Aerial converters;Aerial sockets;Aerials;Aerials for radios;Aerials for telecommunications networks;Aerials for wireless communications apparatus;Aerometers;Aeronautical communications apparatus;Aeronautical radio communication machines and apparatus;Agendas (Electronic -);AI software;Aiming sights [telescopic];Aiming telescopes;Air analysis apparatus;Air current measuring apparatus;Air current testing apparatus;Air/fuel ratio gauges;Air measuring apparatus;Air pollution measuring devices;Baby alarms;Baby monitors;Baby scales;Backlit signs;Backup drives for computers;Bags adapted for carrying photographic apparatus;Bags adapted for laptops;Bags adapted to carry video apparatus;Bags for cameras;Bags for cameras and photographic equipment;Bags specially adapted for projectors;Balaclavas for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire;Balance installations;Balances (Precision -);Balances [steelyards];Balancing apparatus;Ballasts for electrical lighting fittings;Ballasts for gas discharge lamps;Ballasts for halogen lamps;Ballasts for halogen lights;Balloons (Meteorological -);Balun blocks;Baluns;Banana plugs;Banking cards [encoded or magnetic];Banking software;Bar code decoders;Bar code labels, encoded;Bar code printers;Bar code readers;Bar code scanners;Bar code terminals;Barcode scanner;Barcode scanners;Bare wires;Barometers;Baroscopes;Bars for spectacles;Base plates for surveying purposes;Base Station Controllers [BSC] for telecommunications;Baseball batting helmets;Bathroom scales;Batteries;Batteries, electric;Batteries, electric, for vehicles;Batteries for electric vehicles;Batteries for electronic cigarettes;Batteries for electronic smokers' articles;Batteries for lighting;Batteries for mobile phones;Batteries for phones;Batteries for pocketlamps;Batteries for projectors;Batteries for use in hearing aids;Batteries for use with mobile telecommunication devices;Batteries for vehicles;Battery adapters;Battery booster cables;Battery boxes;Battery cables;Battery cases;Battery charge devices;Battery chargers;Battery chargers for electronic cigarettes;Battery chargers for home video game machines;Battery chargers for laptop computers;Battery chargers for mobile phones;Battery chargers for tablet computers;Battery chargers for use with telephones;Battery charging devices for motor vehicles;Battery charging equipment;Battery compensation chargers;Battery jars;Battery jump starters;Battery leads;Battery packs;Battery preheaters;Battery separators;Battery starters;Battery terminals;Battery testers;Battery testing apparatus;Beacon lamps;Beacon lights [safety equipment];Beacon receivers;Beacons, luminous;Beakers [laboratory glassware];Beeper carrying cases;Bell pushes;Bellows [for cameras];Bellows for cameras;Bells (Alarm -), electric;Bells (Signal -);Bells [warning devices];Benzine meters;Betatrons;Betting software;Bevels [measuring apparatus];Bicycle helmets;Bicycle speedometers;Cabinets adapted to hold computers;Cabinets adapted to hold electrical apparatus;Cabinets for loudspeakers;Cable adapters;Cable boxes (Electric -);Cable channels (Electric -);Cable connectors;Cable couplings (Electric -);Cable covers [conduits];Cable detectors;Cable ducts (Electric -);Cable harnesses;Cable identification markers for electric cables;Cable jump leads;Cable junctions for electric cables;Cable locators;Cable modems;Cable splices for electric cables;Cable television converters;Cable television receivers;Cable television transmitters;Cables and wires;Cables (Coaxial -);Cables, electric;Cables (Fibre [fiber Am.] optic -);Cables for earthing;Cables for electrical signal transmission;Cables for optical signal transmission;Cables for the transmission of sounds and images;Cables for transmitting and receiving cable television signals;Cables (Junction sleeves for electric -);CAD software;CAD-CAM software;CAE software;Calculating apparatus;Calculating devices;Calculating disks;Calculating machines;Calculating scales;Calculators;Calibrated glassware;Calibrated photovoltaic reference cells;Calibrating apparatus;Calibrating rings;Calibration devices;Calibrators;Calipers;Call logging apparatus;Calorimeters;CAM software;Camcorder cases;Camcorder covers;Camcorder waterproof cases;Camcorders;Camera bipods;Camera cases;Camera casings;Camera closures;Camera containing a linear image sensor;Camera covers;Camera filters;Camera flashes;Camera goggles;Camera hoods;Camera lens adapters;Camera lens mounts;Camera lenses;Camera monopods;Camera mounts;Camera shutters;Camera stands;Camera straps;Camera tripods;Cameras;Cameras (Bags adapted or shaped to contain -);Cameras (Cinematographic -);Cameras for monitoring and inspecting equipment in a nuclear power station;Cameras for self-developing film;Cameras for smartphones;Cameras for vehicles;Cameras [photography];Cameras shutters;Candy thermometers;Capacitance boxes;Capacitance meters;Capacitators;Capacitive styluses for touch screen devices;Capacitive voltage transformers;Capacitors;Capillary tubes;Capillary tubing;Car aerials;Car antennas;Car audio apparatus;Car automatic driving control devices;Car batteries;Car cassette players;Car charger;Car jump starters;Car multimedia players;DAB radios;Daisy wheel printers;Darkroom filters;Darkroom lamps [photography];Darkroom lights;Darkrooms [photography];Dashboard cameras;Dashboard mounts for mobile phones;Dashboard mounts for navigation devices;Dashboard software;Dashboard warning lamps;Data and file management and database software;Data and image processing software for making three dimensional models;Data banks;Data buffers;Data bus interface units;Data cables;Data capture apparatus;Data cards;Data carriers;Data carriers containing stored typographic typefaces;Data carriers for computers having software recorded thereon;Data cartridges;Data collection apparatus;Data communications apparatus;Data communications hardware;Data communications receivers;Data communications software;Data compact discs;Data compression software;Data conversion apparatus;Data encoding apparatus;Data encryption apparatus;Data engines;Data entry terminals;Data exchange units;Data exit terminals;Data gloves;Data link cables;Data loggers;Data loggers and recorders;Data management software;Data media (Magnetic -);Data media (Optical -);Data mining software;Data networks;Data processing apparatus;Data processing apparatus and instruments;Data processing equipment;Data processing equipment and accessories (electrical and mechanical);Data processing programs;Data processing programs recorded on machine-readable data carriers;Data processing software;Data processing software for graphic representations;Data processing software for word processing;Data processing systems;Data processing terminals;Data processors;Data protection backup units;Data recorded electronically;Data recorded electronically from the internet;Data retrieving devices;Data storage apparatus;Data storage devices;Data storage devices and media;Data storage discs;Data storage media;Data storage programs;Data suits;Data switches;Data switching apparatus;Data synchronization cables;Data terminals;Data transmission apparatus;Data transmission cables;Data transmission networks;Data transmitters;Data transmitting apparatus;Data wires;Database engines;Database management software;Database server software;Database synchronization software;Databases;Databases (electronic);Data-processing apparatus;Daughterboards;Day trading software;DC/AC converters;DC/AC inverters;DC input power supplies;Debugging software;Decade switches;Decibel meters;Decision circuits;Decision-making software;Decoder software;Decoders;Decoders for television sets;Decoding apparatus;Ear buds;Ear pads for headphones;Ear phones;Ear plugs for divers;Earbuds;Earphones;Earphones for cellular telephones;Earphones for consumer video game apparatus;Earphones for handheld electronic game apparatus;Earphones for smartphones;Earphones for use with mobile telecommunication devices;Earpieces for remote communication;Earth cables;Earth connections;Earth terminals;Earth test leads [Electrical];Earth testers;Earthing apparatus;Earthing clamps;Ebook readers;E-books;Echo cancellers;Echo sounders;Echo sounding devices;E-commerce and e-payment software;E-commerce software;Editing appliances for cinematographic films;Editing machines for movie films;Editing software;Education software;Educational computer applications;Educational computer software;Educational mobile applications;Educational software;Educational software featuring instructions for playing games;Educational tablet applications;Egg timers;Egg timers [sandglasses];Eggcandlers;Egg-candlers;Ejector seat training apparatus;Elbow protectors (protective -) for use against accidents [other than sports articles];Electric accumulators;Electric accumulators for vehicles;Electric adapter cables;Electric adaptors;Electric alarm bells;Electric alarms;Electric alarms for fire;Electric alarms for smoke;Electric and electronic components;Electric and electronic effects units for musical instruments;Electric and electronic musical effects equipment;Electric and electronic security apparatus and instruments;Electric and electronic video surveillance installations;Electric apparatus for commutation;Electric apparatus for remote ignition;Electric batteries;Electric batteries for powering electric vehicles;Electric batteries for vehicles;Electric battery chargers;Electric blanking plugs;Electric boosters;Electric breakers [switches];Electric buzzers;Electric cables;Electric cables and wires;Electric cables for the transmission of sounds and images;Electric call bells;Electric capacitors;Electric capacitors [for telecommunication apparatus];Electric capacitors for telecommunication apparatus;Electric cells;Electric charging cables;Electric circuit boards;Electric circuit breakers;Electric circuit closers;Electric circuit components;Electric circuit interrupters;Electric circuit testers;Electric circuits;Electric coils;Electric communication apparatus;Electric condensers;Electric conductors;Electric connections;Electric connectors;Electric contacts;Electric contacts of precious metal;Electric control apparatus;Electric control devices for energy management;Electric control devices for heating management;Electric control panels;Electric control valves;Electric converters;Electric convertors;Electric cords;Electric couplings;Electric current adaptors;Electric current control devices;Face guards for protection against accident or injury;Face plates for cellular telephones;Face shields, other than for medical purposes;Face-protection shields;Face-shields for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire;Face-shields (Workmen's protective -);Facial analysis software;Facial recognition apparatus;Facial recognition software;Facsimile apparatus;Facsimile machines;Facsimile transmission machines;Facsimile transmitting and receiving apparatus;Facsimile-transmitting and receiving apparatus;Factory automation software;Fall arrest apparatus;False coin detectors;Faraday rotator glass;Fare collecting machines;Fashion eyeglasses;Fashion spectacles;Fashion sunglasses;Fast chargers for mobile devices;Fathometers;Fault current breakers;Fault voltage breakers;Fax devices;Fax machines;Feeder cables;Feeler gauges;Fences (Electrified -);Fermentation (Apparatus for -) [laboratory apparatus];Fermenter apparatus for laboratory use;Fiber optic cable;Fiber optic cables;Fiber optic couplings;Fiber optic modems;Fiber optics;Fibre [fiber (Am.)] optic cables;Fibre optic cables;Fibre optic connectors;Fibre optic couplings;Fibre optic panels;Fibre optic periscopes;Fibre optic receptors;Fibre optic telecommunications apparatus;Fibre optic viewers [not for medical purposes];Fibre optics;Fibre-optic cables;Fibres for the transmission of sounds and images;Fibrescopes, other than for medical use;Field-glasses;File management software;File server software;File servers;File sharing software;File synchronization software;Filling level detectors;Film advancing winders;Film cameras;Film (Cinematographic -), exposed;Film cutting apparatus;Film developers;Film developing apparatus;Film dryers;Film lenses;Film magazines for cameras;Film matrices;Film processing apparatus;Film processors;Film production apparatus;Film projectors;Film recorders;Film recording apparatus;Film reproducing apparatus;Film screens;Film splicers;Film strip viewers;Films (Editing appliances for cinematographic -);Films, exposed;Films (X-ray -), exposed;Filter diaphragms for laboratory use;Filter screens for computer screens;Filtering units for laboratory use;Filters for antennas;Filters for blood and blood components for laboratory experiments;Filters for blood and blood components for laboratory use;Filters for optical devices;Filters for radio interference suppression;Filters for respiratory masks;Filters for television screens;Filters for television sets;Filters for ultraviolet rays, for photography;Filters for ultraviolet rays for photography;Filters for use in photography;Filters [photography];Financial management software;Fine dust analyzing apparatus;Fine dust measuring apparatus;Finger sizers;Galena crystal detectors for use in electronics;Galena crystals [detectors];Galvanic batteries;Galvanic cells;Galvanometers;Gambling software;Game development software;Game programs for arcade video game machines;Game software;Games cartridges for use with electronic games apparatus;Games software;Games software for use with computers;Games software for use with video game consoles;Gaming software;Gaming software that generates or displays wager outcomes of gaming machines;Gamma counters;Gamma radiation detectors;Garments and clothes for protection against fire;Garments for protection against fire;Gas alarms;Gas chromatography apparatus for laboratory use;Gas detecting apparatus;Gas flow meters;Gas flow monitors;Gas leak alarm systems;Gas masks;Gas meters;Gas mixers for laboratory use;Gas pressure indicators;Gas sensors;Gas testing instruments;Gasifiers for laboratory use;Gasoline gauges;Gasometers [measuring instruments];Gauge blocks;Gauge rods;Gauges;Gauges for discomfort index;Gauges with digital readout;Geiger counters;Gender changers [cable adapters];Gender changers [cable adapters] for cell phones;Gender changers for coaxial cables;Gender changers in the nature of electrical adapters;Gene amplifiers;Generators (Signal -);Geographic information system [GIS] software;Geophysic apparatus;Geophysical research apparatus;Geoseismic apparatus;Gesture recognition software;Glacier eyeglasses;Glass breakage detectors;Glass covered with an electrical conductor;Glass driers for laboratory purposes;Glass driers for laboratory use;Glass graduated scales;Glass ophthalmic lenses;Glass tubes for scientific purposes;Glasses;Glasses cases;Glasses for sports;Glasses frames;Glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses;Glassware for scientific experiments in laboratories;Glassware for scientific use [specifically adapted];Glassware for use in a laboratory;Glassware (Graduated -);Glazing apparatus for photographic prints;Global positioning apparatus;Global positioning instruments;Global Positioning System [GPS] apparatus;Global positioning system (GPS) apparatus;Global positioning system [GPS] computer software;Global positioning system (GPS) devices;Global positioning system [GPS] receivers;Global positioning systems;Global positioning systems for use with bicycles;Global positioning systems (GPS);Gloves for divers;Gloves for industrial purposes for protection against injury;Gloves for protection against accidents;Gloves for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire;Gloves for protection against injury;Gloves for protection against X-rays for industrial purposes;Glow modulators;Glow plug testers;Go/no-go gauges;Go/no-go plug gauges;Go ring gauges;Goggles;Goggles for scuba diving;Goggles for sports;Goggles for use in sports;Golf club gauges;Goniometers;GPS navigation device;GPS navigation devices;GPS navigation systems;GPS receivers;Hairdressing training head [teaching apparatus];Hairdressing training heads [teaching apparatus];Hand scanner;Handgun scopes;Hand-held 3D scanners;Hand-held calculators;Handheld CD players;Handheld communication devices;Handheld computers;Hand-held computers;Handheld computing devices;Hand-held electronic dictionaries;Hand-held electronic scales;Handheld graphing calculators;Handheld media players;Handheld multimedia players;Handheld personal computers;Hand-held protective shields for use by the police;Handheld security wands;Hand-held security wands;Hands free devices for mobile-phones;Hands free kits for phones;Hands-free headsets for cell phones;Hands-free holders for cell phones;Hands-free kits for cell phones;Hands-free kits for telephones;Hands-free microphones for cell phones;Haptic communications apparatus;Hard discs;Hard disk controllers;Hard disk drives;Hard disks;Hard drives;Hardware (Computer -);Hardware for electronic driving assistance systems;Hardware for processing electronic payments to and from others;Hardware reliability software;Hardware testing software;HD (High Definition) televisions;HDD duplicators;Head cleaning tapes for audio cassette recorders;Head cleaning tapes for video recorder;Head cleaning tapes for video recorders;Head cleaning tapes [recording];Head demagnetisers;Head guards for sports;Head mounted 2D monoscopic displays;Head mounted 3D stereoscopic displays;Head mounted augmented reality displays;Head mounted monoscopic displays;Head mounted stereoscopic displays;Head protection;Headgear being protective helmets;Headgear for protection against accident;Headgear for protection against injury;Head-mounted display apparatus;Head-mounted holographic displays;Head-mounted video display apparatus;Head-mounted video displays;Headphone amplifiers;Headphone consoles;Headphone-microphone combinations;Headphones;Headphones for smart phones;Headsets;Headsets for mobile telephones;Headsets for smartphones;Headsets for telephones;Headsets for use with computers;Headsets for virtual reality games;Heads-up displays for motor vehicles;Heads-up displays [HUD] for motor vehicles;Head-up displays;Head-up displays for vehicles;Headwear for sporting activities for protection against injury;Health monitoring software;Heat detecting apparatus;Heat detectors;Heat exchange crucibles for scientific use;Heat regulating apparatus;Heat regulators;Heat resistant electric cables;Heat resistant electric wires;Heat sensing identification indicators;Heat sensors;Heat sinks;Heat sinks for use in computers;Heating furnaces specifically adapted for laboratory experiments;Heating meters;Height charts;Height controls;Height gauges;Height measuring instruments;Heliographic apparatus;Helmet camera mounts;Helmet cameras;Helmet communications systems;Helmets for American football;Helmets for bicycles;Helmets for motorcyclists;IC card readers;IC memory cards;Ice hockey helmets;Identification bracelets (Encoded -), magnetic;Identification labels [encoded];Identification labels [machine readable];Identification labels [magnetic];Identification sheaths for electric wires;Identification strips [encoded];Identification strips [magnetic];Identification threads for electric wires;Identity cards, encoded;Identity cards, magnetic;Igniting apparatus, electric, for igniting at a distance;Ignition batteries;Ignition cables;Ignition (Electric apparatus for remote -);Ignition leads;Ignition spark detectors;Illuminated advertisements;Illuminated advertising signs;Illuminated exit signs;Illuminated signposts;Illuminated signs;Illumination regulators;Illuminometers;Image amplifiers;Image analyzers;Image capturing and developing devices;Image converter tubes;Image identifier night vision devices;Image intensifier tubes;Image intensifiers;Image management software;Image processing apparatus;Image processing equipment;Image processing instruments;Image processing software for in-vehicle cameras;Image processors;Image projectors;Image recognition software;Image recording apparatus;Image reproducing apparatus;Image scanners;Image scanning apparatus;Image setting apparatus;Image stabilisers;Image synthesizers;Image transmission apparatus;Image transmitting apparatus;Imaging apparatus;Imaging devices for scientific purposes;Immersion probes;Immunostaining instruments [for scientific purposes];Impact printers;Impact sensors;Impedance transformers;In Car Entertainment [ICE] systems;In-car audiovisual entertainment systems;In-car entertainment systems;In-car telephone handset cradles;Inclinometers;Incubation dishes for scientific or laboratory use;Incubation plates for scientific or laboratory use;Incubators for bacteria culture;Incubators for bacteria cultures;Incubators for laboratory use;Indication panels;Indicator lights [for telecommunication apparatus];Indicator lights for telecommunication apparatus;Indicator panels;Indicators (Quantity -);Indicators (Speed -);Indicators (Water level -);Indoor positioning systems [IPS];Inductance capacitance filters;Induction transmitters;Induction voltage regulators;Inductive resistors;Inductor coils;Inductors;Inductors [electricity];Industrial automation controls;Industrial automation software;Industrial betatrons;Industrial controls incorporating software;Industrial process control software;Industrial software;Industrial X-ray apparatus;In-ear headphones;Inertial navigational instruments;Inflatable apparatus for life-saving purposes;Inflatable jackets for use in life saving;Inflatable vests for use in life saving;In-flight testing equipment;Information carriers [electric or electronic];Information carriers [encoded or magnetic];Information display terminals;Information retrieval applications;Information retrieval software;Jack cables;Jack plugs;Jackets [bullet proof];Jackets for computer disks;Jackets for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire;Jackets for video cassettes;Japanese style box-shaped volume measure (masu);Jars (Accumulator -);Jewellery that communicates data;Jigs [measuring instruments];Job performance recorders;Joining units [electrical contacts];Joint boxes for housing cable joints;Joint meters;Joystick chargers;Joysticks adapted for smartphones;Joysticks for use with computers, other than for video games;Juke boxes;Juke boxes for computers;Juke boxes, musical;Jump cables;Jump gauge rods;Jump leads;Jump start cables;Jumper cables;Junction boxes;Junction boxes [electricity];Junction boxes for electric wires;Junction sleeves for electric cables;Junction sleeves for electrical cables;Junction sleeves for fibre optics;Junctions [electrical];Karaoke equipment;Karaoke machines;Karate head guards;Keyboard amplifiers;Keyboard cases for smartphones;Keyboard terminals;Keyboards;Keyboards for mobile phones;Keyboards for smartphones;Keyboards for tablets;Keypads;Keypads for routing audio, video, and digital signals;Keypads for security alarms;Keys (Encoded -);Kilometer recorders for vehicles;Kilometre recorders;Kitchen scales;Kitchen timers;Kitchen timers, non-electric;Kitchen weighing scales;Kits (Hands free -) for phones;Knee-pads for workers;Label readers [decoders];Labels carrying electronically recorded or encoded information;Labels carrying magnetically recorded or encoded information;Labels carrying optically recorded or encoded information;Labels with integrated RFID chips;Labels with machine-readable codes;Laboratories (Clothing especially made for -);Laboratory apparatus and instruments;Laboratory beakers;Laboratory centrifuges;Laboratory chemical reactors;Laboratory countertops;Laboratory devices for detecting genetic sequences;Laboratory filters;Laboratory furniture [specifically adapted];Laboratory glassware;Laboratory incubators [other than for medical use];Laboratory instrument for the detection of pathogens and toxins in a biological sample for research use;Laboratory instruments [other than for medical use];Laboratory mixers;Laboratory optical apparatus;Laboratory oscilloscopes;Laboratory pipettes;Laboratory robots;Laboratory storage tubes;Laboratory swabs [laboratory instruments];Laboratory thermometers;Laboratory trays;Lactodensimeters;Lactometers;Laminar flow cabinets for laboratory use;Laminar flow hoods for laboratory use;Lamp starters;Lamps (Darkroom -) [photography];Lamps for use as warning beacons;LAN access points;LAN computer cards;LAN [local area network] access points for connecting network computer users;LAN [local area network] computer cards for connecting portable computer devices to computer networks;LAN [local area network] operating software;LAN [local operating network] hardware;Language translating apparatus;Lanterns (Magic -);Lanterns (Optical -);Lanyards for safety purposes for fall protection;Lap Top computers;Laptop bags;Laptop carrying cases;Laptop cases;Laptop computers;Laptop covers;Laptop docking stations;Laptop sleeves;Laptops [computers];Large scale integrated circuits;Large-scale integrated circuits;Large-screen LCDs;Laser beam printers;Laser cards;Laser color printers;Laser color printers for documents;Laser detectors;Laser diodes;Laser disc players;Laser discs;Laser discs for use in storing music;Laser document printers;Laser equipment for non-medical purposes;Laser installations, other than for medical use;Laser level measuring apparatus;Laser measuring systems;Laser pointers;Laser printer controllers;Laser printers;Laser printers for dry films;Laser projection televisions;Laser range finders;Laser recordable discs;Laser scalpels, other than for medical use;Laser scanning densitometers;Laser sensors;Laser speed detectors;Laser-readable discs;Lasers;Lasers for industrial use;Lasers for measuring;Lasers for measuring purposes;Lasers for non-medical purposes;Lasers for scientific use;Lasers, not for medical purposes;Lasers not for medical use;LCD large-screen displays;LCD [liquid crystal display];LCD [Liquid Crystal Display] monitors;LCD [liquid crystal display] projectors;LCD monitors;LCD panels;LCD projectors;LCDs [liquid crystal displays];Leak detection apparatus;Machine control software;Machine learning software;Machine learning software for advertising;Machine learning software for analysis;Machine learning software for finance;Machine learning software for healthcare;Machine learning software for surveillance;Machine readable computer programs for use in the reproduction of music;Machine readable data carriers;Machine readable information carriers;Machine readable media;Machine-readable data carriers recorded with programs;Machine-to-Machine [M2M] applications;Macroscopes;Magic lanterns;Magnet plates for laboratory use;Magnetic agitators for laboratory use;Magnetic badges;Magnetic card readers;Magnetic cards [encoded];Magnetic cards for carrying data;Magnetic clip-on sunglass lenses;Magnetic coded card readers;Magnetic coded cards;Magnetic coils;Magnetic compasses;Magnetic compasses [for surveying];Magnetic compasses for surveying;Magnetic cores;Magnetic credit cards;Magnetic data carriers;Magnetic data carriers bearing recorded software;Magnetic data carriers, recording discs;Magnetic data media;Magnetic data recording media;Magnetic data storage media;Magnetic detectors;Magnetic discs;Magnetic disk drives;Magnetic diskettes;Magnetic disks;Magnetic encoded card readers;Magnetic encoded cards;Magnetic encoders;Magnetic field generators, other than for medical use;Magnetic filaments;Magnetic filters;Magnetic flux sensors;Magnetic gyrocompasses;Magnetic hard disc drives;Magnetic hard discs;Magnetic head cleaners [apparatus];Magnetic identifying cards;Magnetic identity cards;Magnetic media registers;Magnetic metal detector monitors;Magnetic object detectors;Magnetic payment cards;Magnetic pens;Magnetic recording charts;Magnetic recording discs;Magnetic recording supports;Magnetic recording tapes;Magnetic recordings;Magnetic resistance sensors;Magnetic resonance imaging [MRI] apparatus, not for medical purposes;Magnetic sensors;Magnetic separators for scientific use;Magnetic strip cards;Magnetic strip readers;Magnetic switches;Magnetic tape cleaners;Magnetic tape drives;Magnetic tape erasers;Magnetic tape recorders;Magnetic tape units for computers;Magnetic tapes;Magnetic telephone wires;Magnetic wall stud finders;Magnetic wires;Magnetically encoded bank cards;Magnetically encoded cards;Magnetically encoded cards for carrying data;Magnetically encoded charge cards;Magnetically encoded credit cards;Magnetically encoded debit cards;Magnetically encoded gift cards;Magnetically encoded identification bracelets;Magnetically encoded key cards;Magnetic-tape recorders;Magnetizers;Magnetometers;Magneto-optical discs;Magneto-optical pens;Magnetrons;Magnets;Magnets (Decorative -);Magnets for industrial purposes;Magnets, magnetizers and demagnetizers;Magnifiers;Nanoparticle size analysers;Nanoparticle size analyzers;NAS (Network attached Storage);Natural gas alarms;Nautical apparatus and instruments;Nautical rescue apparatus and instruments;Naval signalling apparatus;Navigating apparatus [compasses];Navigating apparatus (Electric -);Navigating apparatus (Electronic -).
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