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3D decals for use on any surface;3D wall art made of card;3D wall art made of paper;Absorbent paper;Absorbent sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging;Account books;Account slip pads;Accounting forms;Acid-resistant paper;Activity books;Adding machine paper;Address books;Address labels;Address lists;Address plates;Address plates for addressing machines;Address stamps;Addressing machines;Adhesive bands for stationery or household purposes;Adhesive bands for stationery purposes;Adhesive corners for photographs;Adhesive foils stationery;Adhesive labels;Adhesive labels of paper;Adhesive lettering;Adhesive materials for office use;Adhesive note pads;Adhesive note paper;Adhesive notepads;Adhesive packaging tapes;Adhesive pads [stationery];Adhesive paper;Adhesive plastic film for packaging;Adhesive plastic film for wrapping;Adhesive plastic film used for mounting images;Adhesive printed labels;Adhesive stickers;Adhesive tape cutters being stationery;Adhesive tape dispensers for household or stationery use;Adhesive tape dispensers [office requisites];Adhesive tape dispensing machines [office requisites];Adhesive tape for stationery purposes;Adhesive tapes for stationery or hous...

Words that describe this mark

3d   decals   use   surface3d   wall   art   card3d   wall   art   paperabsorbent   paperabsorbent   sheets   paper   plastic   foodstuff   packagingaccount   booksaccount   slip   padsaccounting   formsacidresistant   paperactivity   booksadding   machine   paperaddress   booksaddress   labelsaddress   listsaddress   platesaddress   plates   addressing   machinesaddress   stampsaddressing   machinesadhesive   bands   stationery   household   purposesadhesive  
On Saturday, January 9, 2021, a united kingdom trademark registration was filed for Good Dream Design by Nur Bursali ********, ********, ***** ****. The United Kingdom IP office has given the trademark application number of UK00003576991. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The Good Dream Design trademark is filed in the category of Paper Goods and Printed Material , Advertising, Business & Retail Services .
Word Mark: Good Dream Design
Current Status:
LIVE (Circa: 2021)
Application Number: UK00003576991
Filing Date: Saturday, January 9, 2021
Registration Date: Friday, May 21, 2021
Type of Mark: Individual
Mark Feature: Figurative
2021/011: Friday, March 12, 2021
Last Applicant/Owner: ********
***** ****
Correspondent: Not Available

Classification Information

Class Description: 016 - Paper Goods and Printed Material
Goods & Services: 3D decals for use on any surface;3D wall art made of card;3D wall art made of paper;Absorbent paper;Absorbent sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging;Account books;Account slip pads;Accounting forms;Acid-resistant paper;Activity books;Adding machine paper;Address books;Address labels;Address lists;Address plates;Address plates for addressing machines;Address stamps;Addressing machines;Adhesive bands for stationery or household purposes;Adhesive bands for stationery purposes;Adhesive corners for photographs;Adhesive foils stationery;Adhesive labels;Adhesive labels of paper;Adhesive lettering;Adhesive materials for office use;Adhesive note pads;Adhesive note paper;Adhesive notepads;Adhesive packaging tapes;Adhesive pads [stationery];Adhesive paper;Adhesive plastic film for packaging;Adhesive plastic film for wrapping;Adhesive plastic film used for mounting images;Adhesive printed labels;Adhesive stickers;Adhesive tape cutters being stationery;Adhesive tape dispensers for household or stationery use;Adhesive tape dispensers [office requisites];Adhesive tape dispensing machines [office requisites];Adhesive tape for stationery purposes;Adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes;Adhesive tapes for stationery purposes;Adhesive transfers;Adhesive wall decorations of paper;Adhesive-backed letters and numbers;Adhesive-backed vinyl letters and numbers;Adhesives for art use;Adhesives for do-it-yourself purposes;Adhesives for household purposes;Adhesives for stationery;Adhesives for stationery and household use;Adhesives for stationery or household purposes;Adhesives for stationery or household use;Adhesives for stationery purposes;Adhesives [glues] for stationery or household purposes;Advent calendars;Advertisement boards of card;Advertisement boards of cardboard;Advertisement boards of paper;Advertisement boards of paper or cardboard;Advertising pamphlets;Advertising posters;Advertising publications;Advertising signs of cardboard;Advertising signs of paper;Advertising signs of paper or cardboard;Agenda books;Agendas;Air bubble plastics for packaging;Air bubble plastics for wrapping;Airtight packaging of cardboard;Airtight packaging of paper;Albums;Albums for collecting magnetic cards;Albums for stickers;Almanacs;Anatomical models for instructional and educational purposes;Angle guides [drawing instruments];Angle plotters [drawing instruments];Animation cels;Anniversary cards;Announcement cards;Announcement cards [stationery];Annuals [printed publications];Apparatus for mounting photographs;Appliques in the form of decals;Appliqués of paper;Appointment books;Aquarelles;Architects' models;Architectural models;Architectural plans;Archival storage pages;Arithmetical tables;Aromatic modeling materials;Art etchings;Art mounts;Art paper;Art pictures;Art prints;Artists' brushes;Artists' canvas;Artists' charcoals;Artists' easels;Artists' materials;Artists' modelling materials;Artists' paint brushes;Artists' pastels;Artists' pencils;Artists' pens;Artists' water colour saucers;Artists' watercolor saucers;Artists' watercolor [watercolour] saucers;Artists' watercolour saucers;Arts and craft paint kits;Arts and crafts paint kits;Arts, crafts and modelling equipment;Atlases;Attachments for pencils;Autograph albums;Autograph books;Automatic adhesive dispensers for office use;Automatic adhesive tape dispensers for office use;Automatic paper clip dispensing machines for office or stationery use;Automatic pencils;Babies' bibs of paper;Baby books;Baby books [storybooks];Baby memory books;Badge holders of plastic [office requisites];Badge holders [office requisites];Baggage claim check tags of cardboard;Baggage claim check tags of paper;Baggage tags of paper;Bags and articles for packaging, wrapping and storage of paper, cardboard or plastics;Bags (Conical paper -);Bags [envelopes, pouches] of paper or plastics, for packaging;Bags for microwave cooking;Bags for packaging made of biodegradable paper;Bags for packaging made of biodegradable plastic;Bags (Garbage -) of paper or of plastics;Bags incorporating bubble plastics for packaging;Bags made of paper;Bags made of paper for packaging;Bags made of plastics for packaging;Bags of bubble plastics for packaging;Bags of paper;Bags of paper for foodstuffs;Bags of paper for roasting purposes;Bags of plastics for lining refuse bins;Baking paper;Baking parchment;Ball pens;Ball point pens;Ball-point pen and pencil sets;Ballpoint pen refills;Ballpoint pens;Ball-point pens;Ballpoint refill cartridges;Balls for ball-point pens;Bamboo rolls used as writing brush holders;Bank checks;Banknotes;Banners of paper;Bar code ribbons;Barcode ribbons;Baseball cards;Bathroom tissue;Bathroom tissues;Beer mats;Beer mats of paper;Betting slips;Bibles;Bibs of paper;Bibs, sleeved, of paper;Bill books;Billbooks;Bin liners of paper;Bin liners of plastics;Binder clips;Binder paper;Binders;Binders for office use;Binders for the office;Binders (Loose-leaf -);Binders [office supplies];Binders (office supplies);Binders [stationery];Binding materials for books and papers;Binding strips [bookbinding];Biodegradable paper pulp-based to-go containers for food;Biological samples for use in microscopy [teaching materials];Birthday books;Birthday cards;Blackboard erasers [chalk erasers];Blackboard rulers;Blackboards;Blank cards;Blank flip charts;Blank forms;Blank journal books;Blank journals;Blank note cards;Blank paper computer tapes for recording programs;Blank paper notebooks;Blank writing journals;Blister cards;Blister packs for packaging;Block notepads;Blocks for printing;Blotter;Blotters;Blotting pads;Blotting paper;Blueprints;Bond paper;Book binders;Book binding material;Book binding materials;Book bindings;Book covers;Book ends;Book jackets;Book markers;Book markers of precious metal;Book marks;Book wrappings;Bookbinding apparatus and machines [office equipment];Bookbinding cloth;Bookbinding cords;Bookbinding covers;Bookbinding machines for office use;Bookbinding material;Bookbinding materials;Bookbinding strips;Bookbinding tape;Bookbinding wire;Bookbindings;Book-cover paper;Bookends;Bookkeeping forms;Booklets;Booklets relating to games;Bookmarkers;Bookmarks;Bookmarks, not of precious metal;Bookplates;Books;Books featuring fantasy stories;Books featuring fictional stories;Books for children;Books in the field of golf instruction;Books in the fields of games and gaming;Bottle envelopes of cardboard or paper;Bottle envelopes of paper or cardboard;Bottle wrappers of cardboard or paper;Bottle wrappers of paper or cardboard;Bows (Decorative -) for wrapping;Bows for decorating packaging;Bows (Paper -);Box files;Boxes for pens;Boxes made of cardboard;Boxes made of fibreboard;Boxes made of paper;Boxes of cardboard;Boxes of cardboard or paper;Boxes of paper;Boxes of paper or cardboard;Brag books [photo albums];Bristol boards;Broadsheets;Brochures;Brochures in the field of real estate sales;Brown paper for wrapping;Brush pens;Brushes for decorators;Brushes for the application of paints;Bubble packs;Bubble packs for packaging;Bubble packs for wrapping;Bubble packs (Plastic -) for wrapping or packaging;Bulk paper;Bulldog clips;Bulletins;Bumper stickers;Bunting of paper;Bunting [paper];Business card paper [semi-finished];Business cards;Business forms;Business record books;Cabinets for stationery [office requisites];Calculating tables;Calendar desk pads;Calendar desk stands;Calendar refills;Calendar stands;Calendars;Calendered paper;Calender-finished paper;Calligraphic works;Calligraphy ink;Calligraphy paper;Canvas boards;Canvas for painting;Canvas panels for artists;Canvas prints;Canvas stretcher bars for artists;Cap erasers;Car stickers;Carbon paper;Carbon paper [finished products];Carbonising base paper;Carbonless copying paper;Carbonless paper;Card files;Card indexes;Cardboard;Cardboard backing for binding books;Cardboard badges;Cardboard boxes;Cardboard cake boxes;Cardboard cartons;Cardboard containers;Cardboard gift boxes;Cardboard hangtags;Cardboard household storage boxes;Cardboard labels;Cardboard made from paper mulberry (senkasi);Cardboard mailing tubes;Cardboard packaging;Cardboard packaging boxes in collapsible form;Cardboard packaging boxes in made-up form;Cardboard picture mounts;Cardboard pizza boxes;Cardboard shipping containers;Cardboard tubes;Cards;Caricatures;Carrier bags;Carrying cases made of paper;Carrying cases specially adapted to hold collectible trading cards;Carrying cases specially adapted to hold sports trading cards;Cartons for eggs;Cartons made from corrugated board;Cartons of card for packaging;Cartons of cardboard for packaging;Cartoon prints;Cartoon strips;Cartoon strips [printed matter];Cartridges (Ink -) for writing instruments;Cases for passports;Cases for pens;Cases for stamps [seals];Cases for stationery;Cases made of corrugated cardboard;Cash receipt books;Cat box liners in the form of plastic bags;Catalogues;Catalogues relating to computer software;CD shredders for home or office use;Celestial globes;Cellulose acetate film for packaging;Cellulose acetate film for wrapping;Cellulose wipes;Chalk;Chalk boards;Chalk boards [blackboards];Chalk erasers;Chalk for lithography;Chalk holders;Chalk (Marking -);Chalk sticks;Chalkboards;Chalks;Chalks for artists' use;Chalks for colouring;Chalks for drawing;Charcoal for drawing;Charcoal for painters;Charcoal pencils;Chart pointers, non-electronic;Charts;Check book cases;Check book covers;Check book holders;Check books;Checkbook cases;Checkbook covers;Checkbook holders;Checkbooks [cheque books] (Holders for -);Cheque book cases;Cheque book covers;Cheque book holders;Cheque books;Chequebook cases;Chequebook covers;Chequebook holders;Chequebooks;Cheques;Children's activity books;Children's books;Children's books incorporating an audio component;Children's comics;Children's paint-boxes;Children's slates;Children's storybooks;Chinese ink sticks;Chinese inks;Christmas cards;Christmas gift wrap;Chromolithographs;Chromolithographs [chromos];Chromos;Cigar bands;City directories;Classified directories;Cliches [stereotypes];Cling film;Cling film plastics for packaging;Clip boards;Clipboards;Clips for letters;Clips for name badge holders [office requisites];Clips for offices;Clips for paper [stationery];Clips (Money -);Cloth for bookbinding;Cloth paper;Clothing patterns;Coarse tissue [for toiletry use];Coarse tissue for toiletry use;Coasters made of paper;Coasters of cardboard;Coasters of paper;Coated paper;Cocktail mats of paper;Coffee filters of paper;Coffee filters (Paper -);Coffee table books;Coin albums;Coin mats;Coin wrappers;Collages;Collapsible boxes of paper;Collapsible cardboard boxes;Collators for office use;Collectable cards;Collectable trading cards;Collector albums;Collector's photographs of players;Color pencils;Color prints;Colorboard [colored paperboard];Colored craft and art sand;Coloring books;Coloring books for adults;Colour charts;Colour pencils;Colour pens;Colour sample cards;Coloured chalk;Coloured lead pencils;Coloured pencils;Coloured pens;Colouring books;Colouring crayons;Colouring pencils;Colouring pens;Comic books;Comic magazines;Comic strips;Comic strips' comic features;Comic strips [printed matter];Comics;Commemorative books;Commemorative postage stamps;Commemorative stamp sheets;Commemorative stamps [seals];Compasses for drawing;Composing frames [printing];Composing sticks;Composition books;Computer game hint books;Computer game instruction manuals;Computer game strategy guidebooks;Computer handbooks;Computer hardware reference manuals;Computer hardware users guide;Computer instruction manuals;Computer magazines;Computer manuals;Computer paper;Computer printer ribbons;Computer printers (Inking ribbons for -);Computer programmes in printed form;Computer programmes (Paper tapes and cards for the recordal of -);Computer programs in printed form;Computer reference manuals;Computer software in printed form;Computer software operating manuals;Computer user manuals;Conical paper bags;Containerboard;Containers for ice made of paper or cardboard;Containers of card for packaging;Containers of cardboard for packaging;Containers of paper for packaging;Containers of paper for packaging purposes;Cook books;Cookbooks;Cookery books;Copy books;Copybooks;Copyholders;Copying paper;Copying paper [stationery];Cords for bookbinding;Corkboard pins;Correcting and erasing implements;Correcting film for type;Correcting fluids [office requisites];Correcting ink [heliography];Correcting liquids for documents;Correcting liquids for printer's block;Correcting pencils;Correcting pencils for type;Correcting tape for type;Correcting tapes [office requisites];Correction fluid;Correction fluids for documents;Correction fluids for printing blocks;Correction pencils;Correction pens;Correction sticks;Correspondence cards;Correspondence folders;Correspondence holders;Correspondence racks;Corrugated board;Corrugated boxes;Corrugated cardboard;Corrugated cardboard boxes;Corrugated containers;Corrugated paper;Corrugated paperboard;Corrugated record storage boxes;Cosmetic pencil sharpeners;Coupon books;Coupons;Covering materials for books;Covers for agendas;Covers for books;Covers for cheque books;Covers for postage stamps;Covers for weekly planners;Covers of paper for flower pots;Covers [stationery];Craft paper;Crayons;Cream containers of paper;Credit card imprinters, non-electric;Credit cards without magnetic coding;Crepe paper;Crepe paper for domestic use;Crepe paper streamers;Crossword puzzles;Curve templates [drawing instruments];Cushioning or padding made of paper for packing purposes;Cutters (Paper -) [office requisites];Daily newspaper;Daily planners;Data books;Data processing programmes in printed form;Date books;Date indicators;Date stamps;Date stamps [daters];Day planners;Debit cards without magnetic coding;Decalcomanias;Decals;Decoration and art materials and media;Decorations for pencils;Decorations of cardboard for foodstuffs;Decorations of paper for foodstuffs;Decorative paper bows for wrapping;Decorative paper centerpieces;Decorative paper garlands for parties;Decorative pencil-top ornaments;Decorative stickers for cars;Decorative stickers for helmets;Decorative stickers for soles of shoes;Decorative wrapping paper;Decorators' paintbrushes;Dental tray covers made of paper;Dental tray covers of paper;Desk agendas;Desk baskets for desk accessories;Desk blotters;Desk calendars;Desk diaries;Desk mats;Desk organisers;Desk pads;Desk sets;Desk tidies;Desk top organizers;Desk top planners;Desk trays;Desktop business card holders;Desktop cabinets for stationery [office requisites];Desktop document racks;Desktop document stands;Desktop organizers;Desktop revolving rotary card files;Diagrams;Diaries;Diaries [printed matter];Dictation books;Dictionaries;Die-cut paper shapes;Digital printing paper;Dinner mats of card;Dinner mats of cardboard;Dinner mats of paper;Directories;Directory paper;Dispensers (Adhesive tape -) [office requisites];Display banners made of cardboard;Display banners of paper;Display binders;Display boxes of cardboard;Disposable absorbent training pads for pets;Disposable absorbent underpads for pets;Disposable napkins;Document binding machines for office use;Document covers;Document destroyers [office machines];Document file racks;Document files;Document files [stationery];Document folders in the form of wallets;Document holders being articles of stationery;Document holders [stationery];Document laminators for office use;Document markers;Document page markers;Document portfolios;Document stamp racks;Dot matrix printer ribbons;Double sided adhesive tapes for household use;Double sided adhesive tapes for stationery use;Double-sided adhesive tapes for household use;Drafting compasses;Drafting curves;Drafting instruments;Drafting rulers;Drafting squares;Drafting templates;Drafting triangles;Drawer liners made of scented paper;Drawer liners of paper, perfumed or not;Drawing board pins;Drawing boards;Drawing boards [painters' article];Drawing boards [painters' articles];Drawing books;Drawing brushes;Drawing compasses;Drawing curves;Drawing ink;Drawing instruments;Drawing instruments for blackboards;Drawing materials;Drawing materials for blackboards;Drawing pads;Drawing paper;Drawing pencils;Drawing pens;Drawing pins;Drawing protractors;Drawing rulers;Drawing sets;Drawing shields;Drawing squares;Drawing stencils;Drawing tablets [drawing pads];Drawing templates;Drawing triangles;Drawing T-squares;Drawings;Dress making patterns;Dressmakers' patterns;Dressmaking patterns for drawing;Dressmaking stencils for drawing;Drip mats of card;Drip mats of cardboard;Drip mats of paper;Dry erase markers;Dry erase writing boards;Dry transfer characters;Dry transfer lettering;Drying towels of paper;Duplicating inks;Duplicating paper;Duplicator (Inking sheets for -);Duplicators;Duplicators (Inking sheets for -);Dustbin bags;Dustbin liner bags of plastic;Dye-sublimation print paper;Easel pads;Easels;Easels for use by artists;Easels (Painters' -);Educational and instructional material;Educational books;Educational equipment;Educational publications;Elastic bands for offices;Electric and electronic franking machines;Electric erasers;Electric hole punches;Electric letter openers;Electric pencil sharpeners;Electric staplers for offices;Electric typewriters;Electrical and electronic typewriters;Electrical heat sealing apparatus for office use;Electrical wood burning artists' pens;Electrocardiograph paper;Electro-cardiograph paper;Electronic and electric franking machines;Electronic typewriters;Electrostatic paper;Electrotypes;Embroidery design patterns;Embroidery designs [patterns];Encyclopaedias;Engraving plates;Engraving sheets;Engravings;Engravings and their reproductions;Engravings [prints];Entry tickets;Envelope paper;Envelope papers;Envelope sealing machines, for offices;Envelope sealing machines for offices;Envelopes;Envelopes for stationery use;Envelopes [stationery];Eraser dusting brushes;Erasers;Erasers (Writing board -);Erasing products;Erasing shields;Etching needles;Etching pens;Etching sheets;Etchings;Event albums;Event programs;Events albums;Events programmes;Exercise books;Exercise-book covers;Expanding files;Expense books;Extensions for pencils;Fabric glue for household use;Fabrics for bookbinding;Face cloths made of paper;Face tissues of paper;Face towels of paper;Facial tissue;Facial tissues of paper;Facsimile transmission paper;Fantasy books;Fanzines;Felt marking pens;Felt mats for calligraphy;Felt mats for Chinese calligraphy (stationery);Felt pens;Felt tip markers;Felt tip pens;Felt writing pens;Felt-tip pens;Fiber paper;Fiberboard boxes;Fiber-tip markers;Fibertip pens;Fiber-tip pens;Fibre-tip markers;Fibre-tip pens;Fiction books;Figures made of paper;Figurines made from cardboard;Figurines made from paper;Figurines of papier mâché;Figurines [statuettes] of papier mâché;File binders;File boxes for storage of business and personal records;File boxes for storage of magazines;File cards;File cases;File covers;File dividers;File folders;File guides;File indexes;File pockets for stationery use;File sorters;File sorters [office requisites];File trays;Files [office requisites];Files [stationery];Filing cards;Filing cases;Filing containers;Filler paper;Film pens;Film (Plastic cling -) extensible, for palletization;Films for wrapping foodstuffs;Filter material of paper;Filter paper;Filtering materials of paper;Filtering materials [paper];Filters of paper;Filters (Paper coffee -);Fine art prints;Fine paper;Finger moisteners;Finger tip moisteners being office requisites;Fingerprint kits;Fingerstalls being office requisites;Fingerstalls for office use;Finger-stalls [office requisites];Flags made from paper;Flags of paper;Flash cards;Flip books;Flip chart carrying cases;Flip chart cases;Flipcharts;Flow sheets [printed matter];Flower-pot covers of paper;Fluorescent paper;Fluting paper [corrugating medium];Flyers;Foils of plastic for packaging;Foils of plastic for wrapping;Folders;Folders for blueprints;Folders for letters;Folders for papers;Folders [stationery];Folios;Food bag tape for freezer use;Food waste bags of paper for household use;Food wrappers;Food wrapping plastic film;Food wrapping plastic film for household use;Food-wrapping paper;Forms, printed;Fountain pen ink cartridges;Fountain pens;Franking machines for office use;Freezer bags;French curves;Galley racks [printing];Garbage bags of paper [for household use];Garbage bags of paper or of plastics;Garbage bags of plastic;Garbage bags of plastics [for household use];Garbage bags of vinyl for household use;Gazetteers;Gel roller pens;Gelatine glue for stationery or household purposes;General feature magazines;General purpose plastic bags;Geographical maps;Giclee prints;Gift bags;Gift books;Gift boxes;Gift boxes made of cardboard;Gift cards;Gift cartons;Gift cases for writing instruments;Gift certificates;Gift packaging;Gift paper;Gift tags;Gift vouchers;Gift wrap;Gift wrap cards;Gift wrap paper;Gift wrapping foil;Gift wrapping paper;Gift wraps;Giftwrapping paper;Gift-wrapping paper;Glassine paper;Glitter for stationery purposes;Glitter glue for stationery purposes;Glitter pens for stationery purposes;Globes;Globes (Terrestrial -);Glue for stationery or household purposes;Glue for stationery or household use;Glue for the office;Glue pens for stationery purposes;Glues for office use;Glues for the office;Gluten [glue] for stationery or household purposes;Golf scorecard holders;Golf scorecards;Golf yardage books;Graining combs;Graph paper;Graphic art books;Graphic art prints;Graphic art reproductions;Graphic drawings;Graphic novels;Graphic prints;Graphic prints and representations;Graphic representations;Graphic reproductions;Graphs;Greaseproof paper;Greeting cards;Greetings cards;Grocery paper;Guest books;Guide books;Guillotine machines for office use;Gum arabic glue for stationery or household purposes;Gummed cloth for stationery purposes;Gummed paper;Gummed tape [stationery];Gums [adhesives] for stationery or household purposes;Gunpowder wrapping paper;Hand books;Hand labelling appliances;Hand towels of paper;Handbooks;Handbooks [manuals];Handbooks relating to computers;Handheld label printers [office requisites];Hand-held paper knives;Handkerchiefs made of paper;Handkerchiefs of paper;Handles made of plastics for paint brushes;Handpainted paper wine bottle labels;Hand-rests for painters;Handwriting specimens for copying;Hanging folders;Hat boxes of cardboard;Hat boxes of paper;Headed notepaper;Heat sensitive paper;Heat transfer paper;Heat transfers;Hectographs;Highlighter pens;Highlighters;Highlighting markers;Highlighting pens;Histological sections for teaching purposes;Holders for adhesive tapes;Holders for checkbooks;Holders for checkbooks [cheque books];Holders for cheque books;Holders for desk accessories;Holders for files;Holders for letters;Holders for notebooks;Holders for notepads;Holders for stamps [seals];Holders (Passport -);Hole punchers for office use;Hole punches for office use;Hole punches [office requisites];Holiday cards;Home shopping catalogs;Home shopping catalogues;Honeycomb paper;Hotel directories;House painters' roller brushes;House painters' rollers;Household paper;Humidity control sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging;Hygienic hand towels of paper;Hygienic paper;Hymn books;Ice cube bags;Illustrated notepads;Illustrated wall maps;Illustrated wall maps for educational purposes;Illustration boards;Imitation leather paper;Impression stamps;Imprinters (Credit card -), non-electric;Imprinters for office use;Index books;Index cards;Index cards [stationery];Index files;Indexes;India ink;India ink pens;India paper;Indian inks;Industrial packaging containers of paper;Industrial paper;Industrial paper and cardboard;Inflight magazines;Information booklets;Information books;Informational flyers;Informational letters;Informational sheets;Ink;Ink blotters;Ink cartridges for fountain pens;Ink cartridges for pens;Ink erasers;Ink for fountain pens;Ink for pens;Ink for writing instruments;Ink pads;Ink pads for seals;Ink pen refill cartridges;Ink pens;Ink reservoirs;Ink ribbons;Ink rollers for office machines;Ink sheets for use in reproducing images in the printing industry;Ink stamps;Ink sticks;Ink sticks (sumi);Ink stones;Ink stones [ink reservoirs];Inked ribbons for typewriters;Inking pads;Inking pads for seals;Inking ribbons;Inking ribbons for computer printers;Inking sheets for document reproducing machines;Inking sheets for duplicators;Inkless pens;Inks;Inks for pads;Inkstands;Inkstones;Inkstones [ink reservoirs];Inkwells;Instruction manuals;Instruction manuals for exercise equipment;Instruction manuals for music synthesizers;Instruction manuals relating to computer software;Instruction sheets;Instructional and teaching material;Instructional and teaching material (except apparatus);Instructional and teaching materials;Instructional manuals;Instructional manuals for teaching purposes;Instructional material (except apparatus);Instructional materials;Invitation cards;Invitations;Iron-on transfers;Iron-on transfers of paper;Isinglass for household purposes;Isinglass for stationery or household purposes;Ivory manilaboard;Ivory paper;Jackets for papers;Jackets of paper for books;Jacquard looms (Perforated cards for -);Japanese ceremonial paper strings (mizuhiki);Japanese handicraft paper;Japanese paper;Japanese paper (torinoko-gami);Japanese paper [torinoko-gami];Jotters;Journals;Kitchen paper;Kitchen rolls [paper];Knitting patterns;Kraft paper;Label paper;Label printing machines for household and stationery use;Labelling machines for office use;Labels, not of textile;Labels of paper;Labels of paper or cardboard;Laminated paper;Laminating machines for office use;Laminators (Document -) for office use;Laser cut paper;Laser print paper;Laser printing paper;Latex glue for stationery or household purposes;Lavatory paper;Law digests;Law reports;Lead holders [propelling pencils];Leaflets;Leather appointment book covers;Leather book covers;Leather bookmarks;Leather covered diaries;Leather pencil cases;Ledger books;Ledgers [books];Legal journals;Legal pads;Lenticular postcards;Letter clips;Letter files;Letter holders;Letter inserter machines for office use;Letter openers;Letter openers of precious metal;Letter paper;Letter paper [finished products];Letter racks;Letter trays;Letterhead paper;Letterheads;Lettering guides;Lettering stencils;Letter-openers;Letters [type];Lever arch files;Linerboard for corrugated cardboard;Liners of paper for toilet boxes for domestic animals;Liners of paper for toilet trays for domestic animals;Liners of plastic for toilet boxes for domestic animals;Liners of plastic for toilet trays for domestic animals;Lining paper;Lining papers for packaging;Lining papers for wrapping;Lithographic engravings;Lithographic prints;Lithographic stones;Lithographic works of art;Lithographs;Log books;Logbooks [aviation];Logbooks [book-keeping];Logbooks [ship's log];Loose leaf binders;Loose leaf paper;Loose-leaf binders;Loose-leaf pads;Luggage tags of cardboard;Luggage tags of paper;Luminous paper;Machines for office use for folding documents;Machines for office use for sorting documents;Machines for office use for stamping mail;Machines for office use in addressing mail;Magazine covers;Magazine paper;Magazine supplements for newspapers;Magazines;Magazines featuring video and computer games;Magazines in the fields of games and gaming;Magazines [periodicals];Magnetic boards for scheduling activities and appointments;Magnetic levitation floating globes;Magnetic paint brush holder clips;Magnetic three-ring binders;Mail order catalogues;Mailing labels;Make-up pads of paper for removing make-up;Manga comic books;Manga graphic novels;Manifolds [stationery];Manila board;Manila envelopes;Manila folders;Manila paper;Manually operated credit card imprinters;Manuals;Manuals for computer software;Manuals for instructional purposes;Manuals for use with software;Manuals [handbooks];Manuscript books;Map cases;Map tacks;Mapping pins;Maps;Maps (Geographical -);Maps made of flexible plastics;Marine logs [printed matter];Marker caddies;Marker pens;Marking chalk;Marking ink containing biologics for use in authentication of objects;Marking inks for stationery purposes;Marking pen refills;Marking pens;Marking pens [stationery];Marking stamps;Marking tabs;Marking templates;Masking paper;Masking papers;Materials for artists;Mats for beer glasses;Mats of paper for beer glasses;Mats of paper for drinking glasses;Mechanical pencil sharpeners;Mechanical pencils;Mechanically operated pencils;Medical journals;Memo blocks;Memo pad holders;Memo pads;Memo sorters;Memorandum boards;Memorandum books;Memorandum pads;Menu cards;Menus;Metal drawing pins;Metal money clips;Metallic gift wrap;Metallic gift wrapping paper;Metallic paper party decorations;Microwave cooking bags;Microwave cooking (Bags for -);Mildewproof paper;Milk bottle caps [trading cards];Millboard;Mimeograph apparatus and machines;Mimeograph paper;Mimeograph stencils;Mimeographs;Mini photo albums;Modeling clay;Modeling clay for children;Modeling compounds;Modeling paste;Modeling wax, not for dental purposes;Modelling clay;Modelling clays (Molds for -) [artists' materials];Modelling clays (Moulds for -) [artists' materials];Modelling materials;Modelling paste;Modelling wax, not for dental purposes;Models (Architects' -);Moisteners for gummed surfaces [office requisites];Moisteners [office requisites];Molds for modelling clays [artists' materials];Money clips;Money clips of precious metals;Money holders;Monographs;Monthly planners;Motivational cards;Moulds for modelling clays [artists' materials];Mounted and/or unmounted photographs;Mounted and unmounted photographs;Mounted posters;Mounting boards;Mounting photographs (Apparatus for -);Mounts for stamps;Mounts for X-ray negatives for non-medical purposes;Mounts of paper for pictures;Mulch paper;Music books;Music in sheet form;Music instruction manuals;Music magazines;Music note books;Music scores;Music sheets;Musical greeting cards;Musical greetings cards;Musical score books;Musical scores;Nail stencils;Name badge holders [office requisites];Name badges [office requisites];Name cards;Napkin paper;Napkins made of paper for household use;Napkins of cellulose for cosmetic purposes;Napkins of cellulose for household purposes;Napkins of paper;Napkins of paper for removing make-up;Napkins of paper (Table -);Navigation charts for use in sailing craft;News bulletins;Newsletters;Newsletters in the fields of games and gaming;Newspaper cartoons;Newspaper comic strips;Newspapers;Newsprint paper;Nibs;Nibs for writing instruments;Nibs of gold;Nibs of gold for writing instruments;Non metal money clips;Non-electric chart pointers;Non-fiction books;Note books;Note cards;Note pad holders;Note pads;Note paper;Note papers;Noteboards;Notebook covers;Notebook dividers;Notebook paper;Notebooks;Notelets;Notepads;Notepaper;Novels;Numbering apparatus;Numbering guides;Numbering stamps;Numbers [type];Obliterating stamps;Occasion cards;Office binders;Office decollating machines;Office glues;Office hole punchers;Office labeling machines;Office labelling machines;Office lettering machines;Office machines;Office paper drill machines;Office paper stationery;Office perforating machines;Office perforators;Office requisites;Office requisites, except furniture;Office seals;Office staplers;Office stationery;Offset paper;Offset printing paper for pamphlets;Oil pastels;Oiled paper for paper umbrellas (kasa-gami);Oilproof paper;Oleographs;Omikuji [sacred lots] [printed strips of paper used for fortune telling];Onion skin paper;Opaque paper;Operating manuals for use with computers;Order forms;Order forms for use in home shopping;Organizers for stationery use;Origami folding paper;Ornamental sculptures made of papier mache;Ovenproof paper;Packaging bags of paper;Packaging boxes of card;Packaging boxes of cardboard;Packaging boxes of paper;Packaging cartons of card;Packaging cartons of cardboard;Packaging containers of card;Packaging containers of paper;Packaging containers of regenerated cellulose;Packaging material made of starches;Packaging materials;Packaging materials made from mineral-based paper substitutes;Packaging materials made of cardboard;Packaging materials made of recycled paper;Packaging materials of plastic for sandwiches;Packaging wrappers of plastic;Packing cardboard;Packing cardboard containers;Packing containers of cardboard;Packing [cushioning, stuffing] materials of paper or cardboard;Packing paper;Padded bags of card;Padded bags of paper;Padding materials of paper or cardboard;Pads for applying paint;Pads of paper;Pads of party invitations;Pads [stationery];Pads (Writing -);Page holders;Page markers;Paint applicator pads;Paint applicator rollers;Paint applicators in the nature of sponges;Paint boxes;Paint boxes and brushes;Paint boxes [articles for use in school];Paint boxes for use in schools;Paint brushes;Paint paddles;Paint roller covers;Paint roller handles;Paint roller trays;Paint rollers;Paint stick markers;Paint trays;Paintbrushes;Painters' brushes;Painters' easels;Painting books;Painting canvas;Painting mitts for applying paint;Painting pencils;Painting sets for artists;Painting sets for children;Paintings;Paintings and calligraphic works;Paintings [pictures], framed or unframed;Palettes for painters;Pamphlets;Pantographs [drawing instruments];Paper;Paper and cardboard;Paper baby bibs;Paper badges;Paper bags;Paper bags and sacks;Paper bags for household use;Paper bags for packaging;Paper bags for use in the sterilisation of medical instruments;Paper bags for use in the sterilization of medical instruments;Paper banners;Paper bibs;Paper bibs for babies;Paper binding machine for office use;Paper board;Paper book markers;Paper bows;Paper bows for gift wrap;Paper bows, other than haberdashery or hair decorations;Paper boxes;Paper boxes for storing greeting cards;Paper bunting;Paper cake decorations;Paper cake toppers;Paper carton sealing tape;Paper cartons for delivering goods;Paper clasps;Paper clip holders;Paper clips;Paper coasters;Paper coated with silicone oil for use on barbeque grills;Paper cocktail parasols;Paper coffee filters;Paper containers;Paper containing mica;Paper crafts materials;Paper creasers [office requisites];Paper cutters;Paper cutters for office use;Paper cutters [office requisites];Paper cutting crafts;Paper cuttings;Paper doilies;Paper doylies;Paper egg cartons;Paper (Electro-cardiograph -);Paper emblems;Paper embossers [office requisites];Paper envelopes for packaging;Paper expanding files;Paper face towels;Paper fasteners;Paper file jackets;Paper filters for coffee;Paper filters for coffee makers;Paper flags;Paper folders;Paper folders [stationery];Paper folding machines as office requisites;Paper for bags and sacks;Paper for Japanese indoor sliding partitions (fusuma-gami);Paper for Japanese sliding screens (shoji-gami);Paper for making bags and sacks;Paper for medical examination tables;Paper for photocopies;Paper for photocopying;Paper for printing photographs;Paper for radiograms;Paper for recording machines;Paper for use as material of stock certificates (shokenshi);Paper for use in the graphic arts industry;Paper for use in the manufacture of surgical drapes;Paper for use in the manufacture of tea bags;Paper for use in the manufacture of wallpaper;Paper for use on examination tables;Paper for wrapping books;Paper garlands;Paper gift bags;Paper gift boxes;Paper gift tags;Paper gift wrap;Paper gift wrap bows;Paper gift wrapping ribbons;Paper hand towels;Paper handkerchiefs;Paper handtowels;Paper hand-towels;Paper hangtags;Paper hole punches;Paper hole punches [office requisites];Paper identification tags;Paper impregnated with oil for wrapping purposes;Paper jogging machines for office use;Paper knives;Paper knives being parts of paper cutters for office use;Paper knives [letter openers];Paper labels;Paper lace;Paper letters and numbers;Paper loyalty cards;Paper luggage labels;Paper lunch bags;Paper made from paper mulberry (kohzo-gami);Paper made from paper mulberry (tengujosi);Paper mail pouches;Paper mats for beer glasses;Paper name badges;Paper napkins;Paper padding;Paper pads;Paper pads for changing diapers;Paper party bags;Paper party decorations;Paper passe-partouts;Paper patterns;Paper pennants;Paper pennons;Paper pet crate mats;Paper picture mounts;Paper place mats;Paper pouches for packaging;Paper racks [office requisites];Paper report covers;Paper ribbon;Paper ribbons;Paper ribbons, other than haberdashery or hair decorations;Paper rolls for calculating machines;Paper sacks;Paper serviettes;Paper sheets for note taking;Paper sheets [stationery];Paper shopping bags;Paper shredders for office use;Paper signboards;Paper signs;Paper staplers;Paper staples;Paper stationery;Paper stock;Paper stock [printing paper];Paper table cloths;Paper table covers;Paper table linen;Paper table mats;Paper table napkins;Paper tablecloths;Paper tags;Paper take-out cartons for food;Paper tapes;Paper tapes and cards for the recordal of computer programmes;Paper tapes for calculating machines;Paper tapes for calculators;Paper tea filters;Paper teaching materials;Paper tissues;Paper tissues for cosmetic use;Paper toilet bowl liners;Paper toilet seat covers;Paper towels;Paper washcloths;Paper (Waxed -);Paper weights;Paper wine gift bags;Paper wipes;Paper wipes for cleaning;Paperboard;Paperboard blanks;Paperboard boxes [for industrial packaging];Paperboard boxes for industrial packaging;Paperboard [cardboard];Paperboard trays for packaging food;Paper-clips;Papers for painting and calligraphy;Papers for use in the graphic arts industry;Paperweights;Papier mâché;Papier mache statuettes;Paraffined paper;Paraffined paper [waxed paper];Parchment;Parchment paper;Partially printed forms;Party favor boxes of cardboard;Party invitations;Party ornaments of paper;Party stationery;Passbook covers;Passenger tickets;Passport cases;Passport covers;Passport holders;Paste board;Paste for handicraft, for stationery or household purposes (banjaku-nori);Paste for stationery or household purposes;Pasteboard;Pastel crayons;Pastels;Pastels [crayons];Pastes and other adhesives for stationery or household purposes;Pastes for stationery or household purposes;Patterns for dressmaking;Patterns for embroidery;Patterns for making clothes;Pen and pencil boxes;Pen and pencil cases;Pen and pencil holders;Pen boxes;Pen calligraphy copybooks;Pen cartridges;Pen cases;Pen clips;Pen holders;Pen ink cartridges;Pen ink refills;Pen nibs;Pen or pencil holders;Pen refills;Pen rests;Pen sets;Pen stands;Pen trays;Pen wipers;Pencil boxes;Pencil caps;Pencil cases;Pencil cups;Pencil eraser refills;Pencil erasers;Pencil extenders;Pencil grips;Pencil holders;Pencil lead holders;Pencil lead refills;Pencil leads;Pencil ornaments;Pencil ornaments [stationery];Pencil ornaments (stationery);Pencil point protectors;Pencil sets;Pencil sharpeners;Pencil sharpeners, electric or non-electric;Pencil sharpening machines;Pencil sharpening machines, electric or non-electric;Pencil tins;Pencil top ornaments;Pencil trays;Pencils;Pencils for colouring;Pencils with erasers;Penholders;Pennants of paper;Pens;Pens for marking;Pens of precious metal;Pens [office requisites];Perforated cards for jacquard looms;Perforated cards for Jacquard looms;Perfumed drawer liners;Periodical magazines;Periodical publications;Periodicals;Personal organisers;Personal organizers;Pharmaceutical information leaflets;Philatelic stamps;Photo albums;Photo albums and collectors' albums;Photo mounting corners;Photo prints;Photo storage boxes;Photocopy paper;Photocopy papers;Photo-engravings;Photograph album pages;Photograph albums;Photograph corners;Photograph mounts;Photograph stands;Photographic albums;Photographic or art mounts;Photographic printing paper;Photographic prints;Photographic reproductions;Photographs;Photographs (Apparatus for mounting -);Photographs [printed];Pictorial prints;Picture books;Picture cards;Picture framing mat boards;Picture postcards;Pictures;Pigeon holes;Pins [stationery];Placards of cardboard;Placards of paper;Placards of paper or cardboard;Place cards;Place mats made of paper;Place mats of paper;Planners [printed matter];Plans;Plastic adhesives for stationery or household purposes;Plastic bags for disposable diapers;Plastic bags for disposing of pet waste;Plastic bags for general use;Plastic bags for household use;Plastic bags for packaging;Plastic bags for packaging ice;Plastic bags for packing;Plastic bags for pet waste disposal;Plastic bags for securing valuables;Plastic bags for undergarment disposal;Plastic bags for wrapping;Plastic bags for wrapping and packaging;Plastic baseball card holders;Plastic bin liners;Plastic bubble packs for wrapping;Plastic bubble packs for wrapping or packaging;Plastic cling film, extensible, for palletization;Plastic coated copying paper;Plastic disposable diaper bags;Plastic envelopes;Plastic film for packaging;Plastic film for wrapping;Plastic film roll stock for packaging;Plastic film roll stock for packaging electronic devices;Plastic film roll stock for packaging food;Plastic film roll stock for packaging pharmaceuticals;Plastic films for packaging;Plastic films for wrapping;Plastic films for wrapping and packaging;Plastic foil for packaging;Plastic foil for wrapping;Plastic food storage bags for household use;Plastic gift wrap;Plastic material for packaging;Plastic materials for packaging;Plastic oven cooking bags;Plastic pages with pockets for holding photographs;Plastic pages with pockets for holding receipts;Plastic pages with pockets for holding trading cards;Plastic sandwich bags;Plastic sheets for packaging;Plastic sheets for wrapping;Plastic sheets for wrapping and packaging;Plastic shopping bags;Plastic transparencies;Plastic wrap;Plastics for modelling;Plates for addressing machines;Plates for addressing machines (Address -);Plotting papers [graph paper as finished products];Pocket books [stationery];Pocket calendars;Pocket diaries;Pocket handkerchiefs of paper;Pocket memorandum books;Pocket notebooks;Pocket pen shields;Pocket secretaries;Pointers (Chart -), non-electronic;Polymer modelling clay;Polypropylene foil for packing;Polythene films for wrapping or packaging;Pop-up books;Pop-up greetings cards;Porous tip pens;Portable printing sets;Portraits;Post cards;Postage meters for office use;Postage stamps;Postcard paper;Postcards;Postcards and picture postcards;Poster books;Poster magazines;Posters;Posters made of paper;Pouches for writing instruments;Pouches of plastic for wrapping;Prayer books;Precious metal money clips;Pre-paid purchase cards, not magnetically encoded;Pre-paid telephone calling cards, not magnetically encoded;Prescription reminder pads;Presentation folders;Price lists;Price tags;Print blocks;Print characters;Print letters;Print wheels;Printed advertisements;Printed advertising boards of cardboard;Printed advertising boards of paper;Printed answer sheets;Printed art reproductions;Printed award certificates;Printed awards;Printed booklets;Printed books;Printed books in the field of music education;Printed brochures;Printed calendars;Printed cardboard invitations;Printed cards;Printed cartoon strips;Printed certificates;Printed charts;Printed comic strips;Printed consumer reports;Printed correspondence course materials;Printed coupons;Printed curricula;Printed diagrams;Printed diplomas;Printed educational materials;Printed emblems;Printed emblems [decalcomanias];Printed event admission tickets;Printed flip charts;Printed flyers;Printed forms;Printed greeting cards with electronic information stored therein;Printed guides;Printed horoscopes;Printed information sheets;Printed informational cards;Printed informational flyers;Printed informational folders;Printed informational sheets;Printed instructional material on telecommunications;Printed invitations;Printed leaflets;Printed lectures;Printed lessons;Printed luggage labels;Printed mail response cards;Printed manuals;Printed material in the nature of color samples;Printed matter;Printed matter for instructional purposes;Printed menus;Printed music;Printed music books;Printed news releases;Printed newsletters;Printed novelty wine labels;Printed packaging materials of paper;Printed pamphlets;Printed paper invitations;Printed paper labels;Printed paper signs;Printed paper signs featuring names for use for special events;Printed paper signs featuring table numbers for use for special events;Printed patterns;Printed patterns for costumes;Printed patterns for dressmaking;Printed periodical publications;Printed periodicals;Printed periodicals in the field of dance;Printed periodicals in the field of figurative arts;Printed periodicals in the field of movies;Printed periodicals in the field of music;Printed periodicals in the field of plays;Printed periodicals in the field of tourism;Printed photographs;Printed plans;Printed price lists;Printed programmes;Printed promotional material;Printed publications;Printed publications relating to computers;Printed questionnaires;Printed recipe cards;Printed recipes sold as a component of food packaging;Printed reports;Printed research reports;Printed seminar notes;Printed sewing patterns;Printed sheet music;Printed stationery;Printed stories in illustrated form;Printed survey answer sheets;Printed tables;Printed teaching activity guides;Printed teaching material;Printed teaching materials;Printed tickets;Printed timetables;Printed training materials;Printed transfers for embroidery or fabric appliqués;Printed visuals;Printed vouchers;Printers' blankets, not of textile;Printers' galley racks;Printers' letters [type];Printers' reglets;Printers' reglets [interline leads];Printer's type;Printers' type;Printing and bookbinding equipment;Printing blocks;Printing characters;Printing fonts;Printing paper;Printing papers;Printing sets;Printing sets, portable [office requisites];Printing type;Prints;Prints [engravings];Prints in the nature of pictures;Printwheels for typewriters;Professional magazines;Promotional publications;Proofing paper;Propelling pencil refills;Propelling pencils;Prospectuses;Protective covers for books;Protractors as drawing instruments;Protractors [for stationery and office use];Prozines;Publication paper;Publications (Printed -);Punched cards for the recordal of computer programmes;Punches [office requisites];Push pins;Quick reference pocket guides;Radiograms (Paper for -);Recipe binders;Recipe books;Record cards;Recycled bond paper;Recycled paper;Red algae gelatine glue, for stationery or household purposes (funori);Red algae gelatine glue, for stationery or household purposes [funori];Red ink paste used for seals;Reel paper for printers;Reference books;Reference cards;Refills for ballpoint pens;Refuse bags of paper;Register files;Reinforced stationery tabs;Relief duplicators;Religious books;Religious circular letters;Removable self-stick notes;Removable tattoos [decalcomania];Reporters' notebooks;Reproduction paper;Reproductions (Graphic -);Reproductions of paintings;Resource books;Retractable pencils;Retractable reels for name badge holders [office requisites];Revolving circular charts;Ribbons for handheld label printers [office requisites];Ribbons for typewriters;Ribbons of paper;Ribbons (Paper -);Rice paper;Ring binders;Ring files;Road maps;Role playing game equipment in the nature of manuals;Roller ball pens;Roller date stamps;Rollerball pens;Rollers for applying paint;Rollers for typewriters;Rollers (House painters' -);Rolls of plastic film for packaging;Roll-up pencil cases;Romance novels;Rosettes of paper;Rotary duplicators;Route maps;Rub down transfers;Rubber bands [office requisites];Rubber bands [stationery];Rubber cements for stationery;Rubber document stamps;Rubber erasers;Rubber finger tips;Rubber stamp;Rubber stamps;Rubbers for erasing written text;Rubbish bags;Rubbish bags (made of paper or plastic materials);Rule books;Rule books for playing games;Ruled paper [finished products];Rulers;Rulers (Drawing -);Rulers for drawing;Rulers (Square -);Safety paper;Sandwich bags;Sandwich bags [paper];Saucers (Watercolor [watercolour] -) for artists;Savings stamps;Scented paper drawer liners;Scented stationery;School cones, empty;School photographs;School supplies [stationery];School writing books;School yearbooks;Scoops made of card for the disposal of pet excrement;Score books;Score charts;Score pads;Score sheets;Score-books;Score-cards;Scoring cards;Scrap books;Scrapbook albums;Scrapbook pages;Scrapbooks;Scrapers [erasers] for offices;Scratch pads;Scribble pads;Scribbling pads;Sculptures made from papier mache;Seal ink pads;Sealing compounds for stationery purposes;Sealing machines for offices;Sealing stamps;Sealing tape for stationery use;Sealing wafers;Sealing wax;Seals for offices;Seals for the office;Seals [stamps];Seals [stationery];Seaweed glue for stationery;Self-adhesive paper for notes;Self-adhesive plastic sheets for lining shelves;Self-adhesive tapes for stationery and household purposes;Self-adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes;Self-adhesive tapes for stationery use;Semi-processed paper;Series of computer game hint books;Series of fiction books;Series of non-fiction books;Serviettes of paper;Set squares for drawing;Sewing patterns;Sharpeners for cosmetic pencils;Sharpeners (Pencil -);Sheet music;Sheet music in printed form;Sheets for wrapping made of paper;Sheets for wrapping made of plastic material;Sheets of reclaimed cellulose for wrapping;Sheets of recycled cellulose for wrapping;Shelf paper;Shields (Erasing -);Shields of paper;Shields [paper seals];Shipping labels;Ships logs [printed matter];Shoji-gami [paper for Japanese sliding partitions];Shredding machines for office use;Signature books;Signboards of paper or cardboard;Signed photographs;Silk canvas [painters' article];Silk screen prints;Silver paper;Sketch boards;Sketch books;Sketch pads;Sketchbooks;Sketches;Sketching boards;Skin marker pens;Slate boards for writing;Slate pencils;Sleeves for holding and protecting stamps;Small blackboards;Social note cards;Software programmes in printed form;Song books;Souvenir event programs;Souvenir programmes;Spiral-bound notebooks;Spirit gum for household use;Spirit gum for stationery purposes;Spirit masters for mimeographing;Spools for inking ribbons;Spools for typewriters;Sports trading cards;Spray chalk;Square rulers;Square rulers for drawing;Squares (Drawing -);Squares for drawing;Stamp albums;Stamp canceling machines;Stamp cases;Stamp holders;Stamp inks;Stamp mounts;Stamp pad inks;Stamp pads;Stamp stands;Stamping inks;Stamping machines for office use;Stamps;Stamps (Address -);Stamps (Postage -);Stamps [seals];Stamps [seals] (Cases for -);Stands for pen and pencil;Stands for pens;Stands for pens and pencils;Stands for writing implements;Staple removers;Staple removers [office requisites];Stapler holders;Staplers (Electric -), for office use;Staplers for office use;Staplers for offices;Staplers for paper;Staplers [office machines];Staplers [office requisites];Staples;Staples for offices;Staples [office requisites];Stapling guns (Electric -) for stationery use;Stapling guns (Hand-operated -) for stationery use;Stapling presses [non-electric staplers];Stapling presses [office requisites];Starch paste [adhesive] for stationery or household purposes;Starch paste for stationery;Starches (Packaging material made of -);Stationery;Stationery and educational supplies;Stationery boxes;Stationery (Cabinets for -) [office requisites];Stationery cases;Stationery folders;Stationery-type portfolios;Statuettes of papier mâché;Statuettes of papier mache;Steatite [tailor's chalk];Steel letters;Steel pens;Steel pens [styluses or stencil pens];Stencil cases;Stencil paper;Stencil paper [finished product];Stencil paper [finished products];Stencil paper [mimeograph paper];Stencil plates;Stencils;Stencils for decorating food and beverages;Stencils for face painting;Stencils [stationery];Stenographers' note books;Stick markers;Sticker activity books;Sticker albums;Sticker books;Stickers;Stickers [decalcomanias];Stickers [stationery];Sticky tape;Stipple applicators for use by painters;Stock certificate paper;Stones (Lithographic -);Storage containers made of paper;Story books;Storybooks;Straight edges;Straight edges for drawing;Strategy guide books for card games;Strategy guide books for computer games;Strategy guide magazines for card games;Strategy guide magazines for video games;Strategy guidebooks for video games;String dispensers for use in packaging;String dispensers for use in wrapping;Strips of fancy paper (tanzaku);Study guides;Stuffing of paper or cardboard;Stylographic pens;Supercalendered printing paper;Synthetic bond paper;Synthetic paper;Table cloths of paper;Table decorations of paper;Table linen of paper;Table mats of card;Table mats of cardboard;Table mats of paper;Table napkins of paper;Table place setting mats of card;Table place setting mats of cardboard;Table place setting mats paper;Table runners of cellulose;Table runners of paper;Tablecloths of paper;Tablemats of paper;Tables (Arithmetical -);Tables (Calculating -);Tags for index cards;Tailors' chalk;Tamper evident tapes of plastic;Tapes (adhesive -) [stationery];Tapes for typewriters;Teaching manuals;Teaching materials;Teaching materials [except apparatus];Tear-off calendars;Tee squares [drawing];Telephone books;Telephone directories;Television listing magazines;Temporary tattoo transfers;Temporary tattoos;Terrestrial globes;Textbooks;Thank you cards;Thermal paper;Thick Japanese paper [hosho-gami];Three dimensional models for educational purposes;Three-dimensional decalcomanias for use on any surface;Thumb tacks;Thumbtacks;Thumbtacks [stationery];Tickets;Till rolls;Timetables;Timetables (Printed -);Tips for ballpoint pens;Tissue paper;Tissue paper for making stencil paper;Tissue paper for use as material of stencil paper (ganpishi);Tissue papers;Tissues;Tissues of paper;Tissues of paper for removing make-up;Toilet paper;Toilet paper in roll form;Toilet rolls;Toilet tissue;Toilet tissue made of paper;Toilet tissues;Toilet tissues of paper;Towels of paper;Towels of paper for cleaning purposes;Towels of paper for removing make-up;Tracing cloth;Tracing needles for drawing purposes;Tracing paper;Tracing papers;Tracing patterns;Trade journals;Trading card milk bottle caps;Trading cards;Trading cards other than for games;Trading cards, other than for games;Training manuals;Transfer paper;Transfers;Transfers [decalcomanias];Transparencies;Transparencies [stationery];Transparent viscose wrapping film;Trash can liners;Travel books;Travel guide books;Travel guides;Travel magazines;Travellers' cheques;Trays for holding drafting instruments;Trays for holding drawing instruments;Trays for sorting and counting money;Treated paper for wrapping flowers and floral displays;Triangles being drawing instruments;Trimming machines for office use;Trivia cards;T-squares (Drawing -);T-squares for drawing;Tubes (Cardboard -);Type fonts for typewriters;Type [numerals and letters];Typeface;Typefaces;Typewriter correction ribbons;Typewriter keys;Typewriter paper;Typewriter printwheels;Typewriter ribbons;Typewriter typeballs;Typewriter typing elements;Typewriters;Typewriters, electric or non-electric;Typographic characters;Unfitted furniture covers of paper;Ungraduated rulers;Unmounted and mounted photographs;User manuals;UV ink markers;Vehicle bumper stickers;Vellum paper;Video game strategy guidebooks;Vignetting apparatus;Viscose sheets for wrapping;Visiting cards;Visitors books;Vouchers;Vouchers of value;Wall calendars;Wall charts;Wall decals;Wall decorations of paper;Wall maps;Wall planners;Wallcoverings (Books containing samples of -);Wallpaper pattern books;Wallpaper sample book;Wallpaper stencils;Washi;Water colours [finished painting];Water filters of paper;Watercolor boards;Watercolor moisturizing palettes;Watercolor paintings;Watercolor pictures;Watercolor saucers (Artists' -);Watercolor [watercolour] saucers for artists;Watercolors [paintings];Watercolour paintings;Watercolour saucers (Artists' -);Watercolours [finished paintings];Watercolours [paintings];Waterproof paper;Waterproof paper [other than for use in building];Waterproofing film (Plastic -) for packaging;Waterproofing film (Plastic -) for wrapping;Water-writing cloths for calligraphy practice;Wax bond paper;Wax paper;Wax (Sealing -);Waxed paper;Waxed paper [other than for use in building];Wedding albums;Wedding books;Weekly planners;Wet erase markers;Wet erase paper labels;White paperboard;White papers;Whiteboard erasers;Whiteboards;Whiteboards having magnetic properties;Wirebound books;Wood glue for household use;Wood pulp board [stationery];Wood pulp paper;Workbooks containing exercises;Works of art and figurines of paper and cardboard, and architects' models;Works of art made of paper;Works of art of paper;Wrappers [stationery];Wrapping foils for books;Wrapping materials made of card;Wrapping materials made of cardboard;Wrapping materials made of paper;Wrapping paper;Wristbands for the retention of writing instruments;Writing and stamping implements;Writing board erasers;Writing books;Writing brush calligraphy copybooks;Writing brush for calligraphy;Writing brush for Shodo;Writing brush hangers;Writing brush holders;Writing brush washers;Writing brush washing saucers;Writing brushes;Writing brushes for calligraphy;Writing brushes for ground calligraphy;Writing cases [sets];Writing cases [stationery];Writing chalk;Writing grips;Writing implements;Writing implements [writing instruments];Writing ink;Writing instruments;Writing materials;Writing or drawing books;Writing pads;Writing paper;Writing paper holders;Writing paper pads;Writing sets;Writing slates;Writing stationery;Writing tablets;Writing utensils;Writing utensils made of fibres;Xerographic paper;Xuan paper for Chinese painting and calligraphy;Year planners;Yearbooks in the field of soccer.
Class Description: 035 - Advertising, Business & Retail Services
Goods & Services: Retail services connected with stationery;Advertising;Advertising and marketing;Advertising and marketing consultancy;Advertising and marketing services;Advertising and marketing services provided by means of social media;Advertising consultation;Advertising for others.
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