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Abalones [not live];Abalones, not live;Abura-age [pieces of fried tofu];Acidophilus milk;Agar-agar for culinary purposes;Air-dried sausages;Ajvar [preserved peppers];Albumen for culinary purposes;Albumin milk;Algae prepared for human foods;Alginates for culinary purposes;Almond butter;Almond jelly;Almond milk;Almond milk for culinary purposes;Almond milk-based beverages;Almonds, ground;Almonds (Prepared -);Aloe vera prepared for human consumption;Anchovy;Anchovy fillets;Anchovy, not live;Anchovy paste;Animal fats for food;Animal kidneys [offal];Animal marrow for food;Animal oils for food;Antipasto salads;Apple butter;Apple chips;Apple flakes;Apple puree;Apple purée;Apple sauce (compote);Ark shells, not live;Ark-shells [not live];Ark-shells, not live;Aromatized fruit;Arrangements of cut fruit;Arrangements of processed fruit;Artichoke paste;Artichokes, preserved;Artificial cream;Artificial cream (dairy product substitutes);Artificial fish roes;Artificial milk based desserts;Artificial sausage skins;Aspic;Aubergine paste;Bacon;Bacon bits;Bacon rinds;Baked beans;Banana chips;Bean curd;Bean dip;Beancurd sticks;Beans;Beans cooked in soy sauce (Kongjaban);Beans, preserved;Beef;Beef bou...

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abalones   liveabalones     liveaburaage   pieces   fried   tofuacidophilus   milkagaragar   culinary   purposesairdried   sausagesajvar   preserved   peppersalbumen   culinary   purposesalbumin   milkalgae   prepared   human   foodsalginates   culinary   purposesalmond   butteralmond   jellyalmond   milkalmond   milk   culinary   purposesalmond   milkbased   beveragesalmonds     groundalmonds   prepared   aloe   vera   prepared   human   consumptionanchovyanchovy  
a united kingdom trademark registration was filed for the above pictured logo by . The United Kingdom IP office has given the trademark application number of UK00003438581. The current status of this trademark filing is . The trademark is filed in the category of Meats and Processed Food Products , Staple Food Products , Natural Agricultural Products , Light Beverage Products , Wines and Spirits Products .
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Current Status:
Application Number: UK00003438581
Registration Date: Not Available
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2019/044: Friday, November 1, 2019
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Correspondent: Not Available

Classification Information

Class Description: 029 - Meats and Processed Food Products
Goods & Services: Abalones [not live];Abalones, not live;Abura-age [pieces of fried tofu];Acidophilus milk;Agar-agar for culinary purposes;Air-dried sausages;Ajvar [preserved peppers];Albumen for culinary purposes;Albumin milk;Algae prepared for human foods;Alginates for culinary purposes;Almond butter;Almond jelly;Almond milk;Almond milk for culinary purposes;Almond milk-based beverages;Almonds, ground;Almonds (Prepared -);Aloe vera prepared for human consumption;Anchovy;Anchovy fillets;Anchovy, not live;Anchovy paste;Animal fats for food;Animal kidneys [offal];Animal marrow for food;Animal oils for food;Antipasto salads;Apple butter;Apple chips;Apple flakes;Apple puree;Apple purée;Apple sauce (compote);Ark shells, not live;Ark-shells [not live];Ark-shells, not live;Aromatized fruit;Arrangements of cut fruit;Arrangements of processed fruit;Artichoke paste;Artichokes, preserved;Artificial cream;Artificial cream (dairy product substitutes);Artificial fish roes;Artificial milk based desserts;Artificial sausage skins;Aspic;Aubergine paste;Bacon;Bacon bits;Bacon rinds;Baked beans;Banana chips;Bean curd;Bean dip;Beancurd sticks;Beans;Beans cooked in soy sauce (Kongjaban);Beans, preserved;Beef;Beef bouillon;Beef fat;Beef jerky;Beef meatballs;Beef slices;Beef steaks;Beef stew;Beef tallow [for food];Beef tripe;Beefburgers;Berries, preserved;Beverages consisting primarily of milk;Beverages consisting principally of milk;Beverages having a milk base;Beverages made from milk;Beverages made from or containing milk;Beverages made from yoghurt;Beverages made from yogurt;Beverages made with yoghurt;Beverages made with yogurt;Birds eggs and egg products;Bisques;Black caviar;Black currants, processed;Black pudding;Black pudding [blood sausage];Blackberry jam;Black-bone chickens, not live;Blackcurrants, processed;Blanched nuts;Blended butter;Blended cheese;Blended oil [for food];Blended oil for food;Blended vegetable oils for culinary purposes;Blocks of boiled, smoked and then dried bonitos (katsuo-bushi);Blood sausage;Blue cheese;Blue mussels [not live];Blue mussels, not live;Blueberry jams;Boiled and dried fish;Boiled potatoes;Bologna;Bombay mix;Bone oil, edible;Bone oil [for food];Bone oil for food;Botifarra sausages;Bottled cooked meat;Bottled fish;Bottled fish products;Bottled fruits;Bottled sliced fruits;Bottled vegetables;Bouillon;Bouillon concentrates;Bouillon (Preparations for making -);Bratwurst;Brawn;Breaded and fried jalapeno peppers;Broad beans;Broccoli;Broth;Broth concentrates;Broth [soup];Bulgogi;Bulgogi [Korean beef dish];Bulgogi [Korean dish consisting of sliced and seasoned barbecued beef];Bullfrog meat;Bullfrogs, not live;Burgers;Butter;Butter (Chocolate nut -);Butter (Cocoa -);Butter (Coconut -);Butter for use in cooking;Butter made of nuts;Butter oil;Butter (Peanut -);Butter preparations;Butter substitutes;Butter with herbs;Buttercream;Buttermilk;Cabbage rolls stuffed with meat;Cacao butter for food;Caesar salad;Camellia seed oil for food;Cancoillotte;Candied fruit;Candied fruit snacks;Candied fruits;Candied nuts;Canned beans;Canned cooked meat;Canned fish;Canned fruits;Canned meat;Canned peanuts;Canned pork;Canned pork and beans;Canned processed olives;Canned pulses;Canned quail eggs;Canned seafood;Canned sliced fruits;Canned sliced vegetables;Canned snails;Canned soups;Canned spinach;Canned tomatoes;Canned vegetables;Canola oil;Canola oil for food;Capelin, not live;Caponata;Carp [not live];Carp, not live;Carps, not live;Carrots;Cashew nut butter;Cashew nuts (Prepared -);Cassava chips;Casseroles [food];Cassoulet;Caviar;Century eggs;Chantilly cream;Charcuterie;Cheddar cheese;Cheese;Cheese containing herbs;Cheese containing spices;Cheese dips;Cheese fondue;Cheese in the form of dips;Cheese mixtures;Cheese powder;Cheese products;Cheese spreads;Cheese sticks;Cheese substitutes;Cheese-based snack foods;Cheeses;Cheonggukjang jjigae [Korean dish consisting primarily of tofu with rich soybean paste];Chia seed oil for food;Chicharron;Chicken;Chicken balls;Chicken breast fillets;Chicken burgers;Chicken croquettes;Chicken gizzards;Chicken legs;Chicken meatballs;Chicken mousse;Chicken nuggets;Chicken pieces;Chicken salad;Chicken sausages;Chicken stock;Chicken wings;Chile con queso;Chile rellenos;Chili con carne;Chilled dairy desserts;Chilled foods consisting predominately of fish;Chilled meals made from fish;Chilli beans;Chilli oil;Chipped potatoes;Chips [french fries];Chips (Fruit -);Chips (Potato -);Chitterlings;Chocolate nut butter;Chop suey;Chorizo;Choucroute garnie;Chowder;Clam juice;Clams, not live;Clams [not live];Clarified butter;Coated peanuts;Cocktail onions;Cocoa butter;Cocoa butter for food;Cocoa flavored milk beverages;Coconut butter;Coconut chips;Coconut, desiccated;Coconut fat;Coconut flakes;Coconut milk;Coconut milk [beverage];Coconut milk for cooking;Coconut milk for culinary purposes;Coconut milk powder;Coconut milk used as beverage;Coconut milk-based beverages;Coconut oil;Coconut oil and fat [for food];Coconut oil for food;Coconut powder;Coconut shrimp;Coconut-based snacks;Codfishes, not live;Cods [not live];Cods, not live;Coffee cream in the form of powder;Coffee creamer;Coffee creamers;Coffee whiteners consisting principally of dairy products;Coleslaw;Colza oil for food;Common plaice fish, not live;Common plaice, not live;Compote;Compotes;Concentrated butter;Concentrates (Bouillon -);Concentrates (Broth -);Condensed milk;Condensed tomatoes;Consommes;Cooked beans;Cooked chicken;Cooked dish consisting primarily of chicken and ginseng (samgyetang);Cooked dish consisting primarily of fermented vegetable, pork and tofu (kimchi-jjigae);Cooked dish consisting primarily of rich soybean paste and tofu (cheonggukjang-jjigae);Cooked dish consisting primarily of soybean paste and tofu (doenjang-jjigae);Cooked dish consisting primarily of stir-fried beef and fermented soy sauce (Sogalbi);Cooked dish consisting primarily of stir-fried chicken and fermented hot pepper paste (dak-galbi);Cooked duck;Cooked fish;Cooked fruits;Cooked jackfruit;Cooked meals consisting principally of fish;Cooked meat;Cooked meat dishes;Cooked meats;Cooked olives;Cooked poultry;Cooked seafood;Cooked snails;Cooked spinach;Cooked truffles;Cooked turkey;Cooked vegetables;Cooking fats;Cooking oil;Cooking oils;Corn dogs;Corn fats;Corn oil;Corn oil [for food];Corn oil for food;Corned beef;Corned beef hash;Cornichons;Cottage cheese;Cottage cheese fritters;Cottage cheese preparations;Cows' milk;Crab;Crab cakes;Crab meat;Crab roe for human consumption;Crab roe paste;Crabs [not live];Crabs, not live;Cranberry compote;Cranberry jam;Cranberry sauce [compote];Crayfish, not live;Cream;Cream, being dairy products;Cream cheese;Cream [dairy products];Cream fraiche;Cream powder;Cream (Whipped -);Creamers for beverages;Creme fraiche;Crisps;Crisps (Potato -);Croquettes;Crucian carps, not live;Crushed sesame;Crustaceans, not live;Crystallised Fruit;Crystallised ginger;Crystallized fruit;Crystallized fruits;Crystallized ginger;Crystallized gingers;Cucumber Kimchi [Oi-sobagi];Curd;Curd cheese;Curdled milk;Cured meats;Cured sausages;Currants;Custard style yoghurts;Cut fruits;Cut vegetables;Cuttlefish, not live;Dahls;Dairy desserts;Dairy products;Dairy products and dairy substitutes;Dairy puddings;Dairy spreads;Dairy-based beverages;Dairy-based beverages containing oats;Dairy-based dips;Dairy-based spreads;Dairy-based whipped topping;Dak galbi [Korean dish consisting primarily of chicken stir-fried in a fermented hot pepper paste];Dates;Deep frozen chicken;Deep-frozen poultry;Dehydrated chicken;Dehydrated vegetables;Desiccated coconut;Desserts made from milk products;Desserts of yogurt;Dill pickles;Dips;Dishes of fish;Doenjang jjigae [Korean dish consisting primarily of tofu with soybean paste];Dolmas;Double cream;Dried bamboo fungus;Dried bamboo shoot;Dried bamboo shoots;Dried beans;Dried beef;Dried blueberries;Dried chinese cabbage;Dried Chinese yams;Dried clam meat;Dried coconuts;Dried cranberries;Dried dates;Dried durians;Dried edible algae;Dried edible black fungi;Dried edible daylilies;Dried edible day-lily buds;Dried edible mushrooms;Dried edible seaweed;Dried edible seaweed (hoshi-wakame);Dried edible tremella fuciformis;Dried eggs;Dried figs;Dried fish;Dried fish meat;Dried flakes of laver for sprinkling on rice in hot water (ochazuke-nori);Dried fruit;Dried fruit mixes;Dried fruit products;Dried fruit-based snacks;Dried fruits;Dried fruits in powder form;Dried funghi;Dried herring roe;Dried kelps;Dried lentils;Dried lichee;Dried long net stinkhorn;Dried longan;Dried mangoes;Dried meat;Dried milk;Dried milk for food;Dried milk powder;Dried nuts;Dried okra;Dried olives;Dried pawpaws;Dried persimmon (Got-gam);Dried pieces of agar jelly (kanten);Dried pineapples;Dried prawns;Dried pulses;Dried razor clam meat;Dried sea hares;Dried seafood;Dried shiitake mushrooms;Dried shrimps;Dried soya beans;Dried squid;Dried strawberries;Dried truffles [edible fungi];Dried turnip;Dried vegetables;Dried vegetables in powder form;Dried whelk meat;Drinking yoghurt;Drinking yoghurts;Drinking yogurts;Drinks based on yoghurt;Drinks based on yogurt;Drinks made from dairy products;Dry whey;Duck;Duck confits;Duck eggs;Duck gizzards;Duck meat;Edible bird's nests;Edible birds' nests;Edible bone oil;Edible crystallised fruits;Edible crystallized fruits;Edible dried flowers;Edible fat-based spreads for bread;Edible fats;Edible flowers, dried;Edible frogs, not live;Edible insects, not live;Edible nuts;Edible oil;Edible oils;Edible oils and fats;Edible oils derived from fish [other than cod liver oil];Edible oils for glazing foodstuffs;Edible oils for use in cooking foodstuffs;Edible seaweed;Edible seeds;Edible shavings of dried kelp (tororo-kombu);Edible sunflower seeds;Eels, not live;Egg nog (Non-alcoholic -);Egg substitute;Egg substitutes;Egg whites;Egg yolks;Eggplant parmigiana;Eggplant paste;Eggs;Eggs (Powdered -);Eggs (Snail -) for consumption;Escamoles [edible ant larvae, prepared];Escargots;Evaporated milk;Extra virgin olive oil;Extra virgin olive oil for food;Extracts for soups;Extracts of meat;Extracts of poultry;Extracts of vegetables [juices] for cooking;Extra-virgin olive oil;Faggots [food];Falafel;Fat (Coconut -);Fat-containing mixtures for bread slices;Fatty substances for the manufacture of edible fats;Fermented bamboo shoots boiled and preserved in salt (menma);Fermented bean curd;Fermented fruits;Fermented milk;Fermented soybeans;Fermented soybeans (natto);Fermented tofu;Fermented vegetable foods [kimchi];Fermented vegetables;Fermented vegetables (kimchi);Ferments (Milk -) for culinary purposes;Filled potato skins;Fillets (Fish -);Fish;Fish balls;Fish cakes;Fish, canned;Fish crackers;Fish croquettes;Fish eggs for human consumption;Fish extracts;Fish fillets;Fish fingers;Fish floss;Fish (Food products made from -);Fish in olive oil;Fish jellies;Fish maw;Fish meal for human consumption;Fish mousses;Fish, not live;Fish paste;Fish, preserved;Fish preserves;Fish products being frozen;Fish products prepared for human consumption;Fish roe, prepared;Fish (Salted -);Fish sausages;Fish, seafood and molluscs, not live;Fish, seafood and molluscs spreads;Fish spawn (Processed -);Fish spread;Fish steak;Fish steaks;Fish sticks;Fish stock;Fish, tinned;Fish, tinned [canned (Am.)];Fish with chips;Fish-based foodstuffs;Fishmeal for human consumption;Flakes of dried fish meat (kezuri-bushi);Flakes (Potato -);Flavored nuts;Flavoured edible oils;Flavoured milk;Flavoured milk beverages;Flavoured milk drinks;Flavoured milk powder for making drinks;Flavoured nuts;Flavoured oils;Flavoured yoghurts;Flaxseed oil for culinary purposes;Flaxseed oil for food;Flounders, not live;Foie gras;Food pastes made from meat;Food preparations predominantly of milk;Food products made from fish;Foods made from fish;Foods prepared from fish;Formed textured vegetable protein for use as a meat substitute;Frankfurters;Freeze-dried meat;Freeze-dried tofu pieces (kohri-dofu);Freeze-dried vegetables;French fries;Fresh chicken;Fresh meat;Fresh poultry;Fresh turkey;Fresh unripened cheeses;Fried chicken;Fried meat;Fried platano;Fried potatoes;Fried tofu pieces (abura-age);Frittatas;Fritters;Fromage frais;Frosted fruits;Frozen appetizers consisting primarily of chicken;Frozen appetizers consisting primarily of seafood;Frozen bamboo shoots;Frozen brackens (Gosari);Frozen celery cabbages;Frozen chicken;Frozen chips;Frozen cooked fish;Frozen eggs;Frozen fish;Frozen french fries;Frozen frog legs;Frozen fruits;Frozen meals consisting primarily of chicken;Frozen meals consisting primarily of fish;Frozen meals consisting primarily of meat;Frozen meals consisting primarily of poultry;Frozen meals consisting primarily of vegetables;Frozen meat;Frozen meat products;Frozen poultry;Frozen pre-packaged entrees consisting primarily of seafood;Frozen prepared meals consisting principally of vegetables;Frozen seafood;Frozen shellfish;Frozen spinach;Frozen sweet corn;Frozen turkey;Frozen vegetables;Fruit- and nut-based snack bars;Fruit based snack foods;Fruit chips;Fruit conserves;Fruit desserts;Fruit flavoured yoghurts;Fruit jams;Fruit jellies;Fruit jellies [not being confectionery];Fruit juices for cooking;Fruit leathers;Fruit marmalade;Fruit paste;Fruit pectin;Fruit peel;Fruit pie fillings;Fruit Powders;Fruit, preserved;Fruit preserved in alcohol;Fruit preserves;Fruit, processed;Fruit pulp;Fruit pulps;Fruit purees;Fruit rinds;Fruit salads;Fruit snacks;Fruit spread;Fruit spreads;Fruit, stewed;Fruit-based concentrate for cooking;Fruit-based fillings for cakes and pies;Fruit-based fillings for cobblers;Fruit-based meal replacement bars;Fruit-based snack food;Fruits, canned;Fruits (Crystallized -);Fruits in preserved form;Fruits preserved in alcohol;Fruits, tinned;Fruits, tinned [canned (Am.)];Galbi [grilled meat dish];Game;Game, not live;Garlic butter;Garlic paste;Garlic [preserved];Garlic-based spreads;Gelatine;Ghee;Gherkins;Ginger jam;Glazed fruits;Goat cheese;Goat milk;Goose liver pate;Got-gam [dried persimmons];Grapeseed oil;Grapeseed oil for food;Grated potato nuggets;Green split-peas;Grilled chicken (Yakitori);Grilled pork belly (samgyeopsal);Grilled vegetables;Ground almond;Ground almonds;Ground meat;Ground nuts;Groundnut oil;Guacamole;Guacamole [mashed avocado];Guava paste;Gumbo;Haggis;Ham;Ham hocks;Hamburgers;Hard cheese;Hardened oils for food;Hardened oils [hydrogenated oil for food];Hash brown potatoes;Hash browns;Haw slices;Hawthorn flakes;Hazelnut spread;Hazelnut spreads;Hazelnuts, prepared;Hemp milk used as a milk substitute;Hen eggs;Herrings, not live;Herrings [not live];Honey butter;Honeyed peanuts;Hot dog sausages;Hotdog sausages;Hummus;Hummus chick pea paste;Hummus [chickpea paste];Hydrogenated oils for food;Imitation crab meat;Infused raisins;Instant mashed potato;Instant miso soup;Instant soup;Instant stew;Isinglass for food;Jams;Jellies;Jellies [bread spreads];Jellies for food;Jellies, jams, compotes, fruit and vegetable spreads;Jelly made from devils' tongue root (konnyaku);Jerky;Juices (Vegetable -) for cooking;Kale chips;Kanten [dried pieces of agar jelly];Kefir;Kefir [milk beverage];Kelp [processed];Kephir;Kephir [milk beverage];Kielbasa;Kimchi;Kimchi [fermented vegetable dish];Kimchi jjigae [Korean dish consisting primarily of fermented vegetables, pork and tofu];King boletes, dried;Kipper fillets;Kiwifruit flakes;Kkakdugi [Korean fermented radish dish];Klipfish [salted and dried cod];Knockwurst;Knuckle of ham;Koumiss;Koumiss [kumiss] [milk beverage];Koumiss [milk beverage];Krill, not live;Kumiss [milk beverage];Kumys;Kumys [kumyss] [milk beverage];Kumys [milk beverage];Kumyss [milk beverage];Lactic acid bacteria drinks;Lactic acid drinks;Lamb products;Lamb skewers;Lard;Lard [for food];Lard for food;Laver;Laver, preserved;Laver (Toasted -);Lecithin for culinary purposes;Legume salads;Legume-based snacks;Legume-based spreads;Lemon curd;Lemon juice for culinary purposes;Lemon spread;Lentils;Lentils, preserved;Linseed oil for culinary purposes;Linseed oil for food;Linseed oils [edible];Liquid eggs;Liver;Liver pastes;Liver pâté;Liver pate;Lobsters, not live;Lobsters (Spiny -), not live;Lotus seed paste;Low fat cheese;Low fat dairy spreads;Low fat yoghurts;Low-fat potato chips;Low-fat potato crisps;Luncheon meats;Lyophilised meat;Lyophilised vegetables;Lyophilized meat;Lyophilized vegetables;Maize oil;Maize oil for food;Maraschino cherries;Margarine;Margarine substitutes;Marinated eggs;Marmalade;Marmalades;Marrow (Animal -) for food;Marrowfat peas;Mascarpone;Mashed potato;Mashed potatoes;Matzo ball soup;Meat;Meat boiled down in soy sauce (tsukudani meat);Meat burgers;Meat, canned;Meat extract;Meat extracts;Meat floss;Meat, frozen;Meat gelatines;Meat jellies;Meat paste;Meat, preserved;Meat [preserved];Meat preserves;Meat products being in the form of burgers;Meat spreads;Meat stocks;Meat substitutes;Meat, tinned;Meat, tinned [canned (Am.)];Meatballs;Meat-based mousses;Meat-based snack foods;Meats;Meats (Salted -);Milk;Milk (Albumin -);Milk based beverages [milk predominating];Milk based drinks [milk predominating];Milk beverages;Milk beverages containing fruits;Milk beverages, milk predominating;Milk beverages with cocoa;Milk beverages with high milk content;Milk curds;Milk drinks;Milk drinks containing fruits;Milk ferments for culinary purposes;Milk of almonds for culinary purposes;Milk powder;Milk powder for food purposes;Milk powder for foodstuffs;Milk powder for nutritional purposes;Milk products;Milk shakes;Milk solids;Milk substitutes;Milk tea, milk predominating;Milk-based beverages;Milk-based beverages containing coffee;Milk-based beverages containing fruit juice;Milk-based beverages flavored with chocolate;Milk-based snacks;Milkshakes;Minced meat;Mincemeat [chopped meat];Mincemeat made from fruits;Mincemeat [preserved fruit];Miso soup;Mixed pickles;Mixed vegetables;Mixes for making broths;Mixes for making soup;Mixtures of fruit and nuts;Mold-ripened cheese;Mold-ripened cheeses;Molluscs, not live;Mollusks, not live;Mortadella;Mould-ripened cheese;Mousses (Fish -);Mousses (Vegetable -);Mozzarella sticks;Mullet roe salad;Mushrooms, prepared;Mushrooms, preserved;Mushrooms puree;Mussels, not live;Mutton slices;Natto [fermented soybeans];Non-alcoholic egg nog;Non-alcoholic eggnog;Non-dairy creamer;Non-living crustaceans;Non-living molluscs;Noodle soup;Nut and seed-based snack bars;Nut oils;Nut oils for food;Nut paste spreads;Nut toppings;Nut-based food bars;Nut-based meal replacement bars;Nut-based snack foods;Nut-based spreads;Nuts being cooked;Nuts being dried;Nuts being preserved;Nuts, prepared;Oat milk;Oat-based beverages [milk substitute];Octopuses [not live];Octopuses, not live;Offal;Oils and fats;Oils and fats for food;Oils for food;Olive oil;Olive oil for food;Olive oil [for food];Olive oils;Olive paste;Olive pastes;Olive puree;Olives, [prepared];Olives, preserved;Olives stuffed with almonds;Olives stuffed with feta cheese in sunflower oil;Olives stuffed with pesto in sunflower oil;Olives stuffed with red peppers;Olives stuffed with red peppers and almonds;Omelets;Omelettes;Omlettes;Onion rings;Onions, preserved;Orange and ginger marmalade;Organic coconut oil for culinary purposes;Organic milk;Organic nut and seed-based snack bars;Ox bone based broth (seolleongtang);Oyster mushrooms, dried;Oysters, not live;Oysters [not live, for human consumption];Packaged meats;Palm hearts, processed;Palm kernel oil for food;Palm oil for food;Palm oil [for food];Pastes (Liver -);Pastes made from nuts;Pastrami;Pâté (Liver -);Peach flakes;Peanut butter;Peanut milk;Peanut milk for culinary purposes;Peanut milk-based beverages;Peanut oil [for food];Peanut oil for food;Peanut paste;Peanut spread;Peanuts, prepared;Peanuts, processed;Peas, preserved;Peas, processed;Pecans, prepared;Pectin for culinary purposes;Peel (Fruit -);Peeled carrots;Peeled potatoes;Peeled tomatoes;Peeled vegetables;Pepperoni;Perches, not live;Perilla oil for culinary purposes;Pickled cucumbers;Pickled dried Spanish mackerel;Pickled eggs;Pickled fish;Pickled fruits;Pickled gherkins;Pickled ginger;Pickled hot peppers;Pickled jalapenos;Pickled kohlrabi;Pickled onions;Pickled peppers;Pickled pigs' feet;Pickled radishes;Pickled vegetables;Pickled watermelon rind;Pickles;Pie fillings of meat;Pieces of chicken for use as a filling in sandwiches;Pine pollen prepared as foodstuff;Plaices, not live;Plum jam;Pollen prepared as foodstuff;Pork;Pork cutlets;Pork loin;Pork preserves;Pork rinds;Pork steaks;Pork tripe;Potato cakes;Potato chips;Potato crisps;Potato crisps in the form of snack foods;Potato dumplings;Potato flakes;Potato fries;Potato fritters;Potato pancakes;Potato salad;Potato salads;Potato snack foods;Potato snacks;Potato sticks;Potato-based dumplings;Potato-based gnocchi;Potato-based salads;Potato-based snack foods;Poultry;Poultry extracts;Poultry meatballs;Poultry, not live;Poultry salads;Poultry substitutes;Powdered cream;Powdered eggs;Powdered fruits;Powdered goat milk;Powdered milk;Powdered milk for food purposes;Powdered nut butters;Powdered soya milk;Prawns, not live;Pre-cooked curry stew;Pre-cooked miso soup;Pre-cooked soup;Pre-cut vegetable salads;Pre-cut vegetables;Pre-cut vegetables for salads;Pre-packaged dinners consisting primarily of game;Pre-packaged dinners consisting primarily of seafood;Preparations for making bouillon;Preparations for making broths;Preparations for making soup;Preparations for making soups;Preparations for making yoghurt;Prepared almonds;Prepared beef;Prepared coconut;Prepared dishes consisting primarily of fishcakes, vegetables, boiled eggs, and broth (oden);Prepared dishes consisting principally of meat;Prepared dried fruit mixes;Prepared entrees consisting primarily of seafood;Prepared fish dishes;Prepared fruits;Prepared insects and larvae;Prepared macadamia nuts;Prepared meals consisting primarily of chicken;Prepared meals consisting primarily of duck;Prepared meals consisting primarily of fish;Prepared meals consisting primarily of kebab;Prepared meals consisting primarily of meat;Prepared meals consisting primarily of meat substitutes;Prepared meals consisting primarily of poultry;Prepared meals consisting primarily of turkey;Prepared meals consisting primarily of vegetables;Prepared meals consisting principally of game;Prepared meals consisting principally of vegetables;Prepared meals consisting substantially of seafood;Prepared meals containing [principally] bacon;Prepared meals containing [principally] chicken;Prepared meals containing [principally] eggs;Prepared meals made from meat [meat predominating];Prepared meals made from poultry [poultry predominating];Prepared meat;Prepared meat dishes;Prepared nuts;Prepared onions;Prepared peppers;Prepared pine nuts;Prepared pistachio;Prepared pistachios;Prepared rootstocks;Prepared salads;Prepared snails [escargot];Prepared torreya nuts;Prepared vegetable dishes;Prepared vegetable products;Prepared walnuts;Prepared watermelon seeds;Preserved and flattened oranges;Preserved balloon flower root (Doraji);Preserved beans;Preserved chilli peppers;Preserved chopped chilli peppers, not being seasonings or flavorings;Preserved fish;Preserved fruits;Preserved garlic;Preserved jujubes;Preserved meat;Preserved mushrooms;Preserved nuts;Preserved olives;Preserved peas;Preserved plums;Preserved potatoes;Preserved pulses;Preserved sausages;Preserved soy beans for food;Preserved soya beans;Preserved soya beans for food;Preserved soybeans for food;Preserved truffles;Preserved vegetables;Preserved vegetables (in oil);Preserves made from vegetables;Preserves of game;Preserves of poultry;Preserves, pickles;Pressed fruit paste;Pressed salted ducks;Processed algae for human consumption;Processed almonds;Processed apples;Processed apricots;Processed artichokes;Processed asparagus;Processed avocados;Processed bean sprouts;Processed beans;Processed bee pupae for human consumption;Processed bee pupae, for human consumption;Processed beetroots;Processed beets;Processed betel nuts;Processed black currants;Processed blackcurrants;Processed blueberries;Processed brussel sprouts;Processed brussels sprouts;Processed cabbage;Processed cactus for food;Processed cheese;Processed cherries;Processed chia seed for food;Processed chia seeds;Processed chickpeas;Processed coconut;Processed collard greens;Processed dates;Processed edible cordyceps;Processed edible flowers;Processed edible flowers in crystallised form;Processed edible flowers in crystallized form;Processed, edible seaweed;Processed edible seaweed;Processed edible seeds;Processed eggplant;Processed eggs;Processed fish;Processed fish products for human consumption;Processed fish roe;Processed fish spawn;Processed fruits;Processed fruits, fungi and vegetables (including nuts and pulses);Processed grape leaves;Processed lamb;Processed legumes;Processed lemongrass;Processed lemons;Processed lychee fruit;Processed mangos;Processed meat;Processed meat products;Processed mustard greens;Processed nuts;Processed olive puree;Processed olives;Processed onions;Processed oranges;Processed papayas;Processed parsnips;Processed peaches;Processed peanuts;Processed peas;Processed pepperoncinis;Processed peppers;Processed pignoli;Processed pimientos;Processed plantain seeds;Processed potatoes;Processed Pulses;Processed pumpkin seeds;Processed quinces;Processed roots;Processed scallions;Processed seafood;Processed seafood products;Processed seeds;Processed shallots [used as a vegetable, not seasoning];Processed soya beans;Processed soybeans;Processed spirulina;Processed sunflower seeds;Processed sweet potatoes;Processed tomatoes;Processed vegetables;Processed walnuts;Processed watermelon seeds;Processed yams;Prosciutto;Prostokvasha [soured milk];Protein milk;Prunes;Pudding (Black -) [blood sausage];Puffed pork rind;Pulled beef;Pulled chicken;Pulled pork;Pulp (Fruit -);Pumpkin seed oil for food;Purple sweet potato chips;Quail eggs;Quark;Quenelles;Quenelles [fish];Quenelles [meat];Quick-frozen vegetable dishes;Radish cubed kimchi (kkakdugi);Ragouts;Raisins;Rape oil for food;Rape oil [for food];Rapeseed oil for food;Raspberry jam;Ratatouille;Ready cooked meals consisting primarily of chicken;Ready cooked meals consisting primarily of meat;Ready cooked meals consisting primarily of poultry;Ready cooked meals consisting primarily of turkey;Ready cooked meals consisting wholly or substantially wholly of game;Ready cooked meals consisting wholly or substantially wholly of meat;Ready cooked meals consisting wholly or substantially wholly of poultry;Ready grated cheese;Refried beans;Relishes [pickles];Rennet;Rhubarb in syrup;Rhubarb jam;Rice bran oil [for food];Rice bran oil for food;Rice milk;Rice milk for culinary purposes;Rice milk for use as a milk substitute;Rice milk [milk substitute];Ripened cheese;Ripened cheeses;Roast beef;Roast beef flavoured extract;Roast chestnuts;Roast chicken;Roast ducks;Roast goose;Roast lamb;Roast meat;Roast nuts;Roast pork;Roast poultry;Roast turkey;Roasted nuts;Roasted peanuts;Rosti [fried grated potato cakes];Ryazhenka [fermented baked milk];Salad oil;Salads (Fruit -);Salads (Vegetable -);Salami;Salmon caviar;Salmon croquettes;Salmon [not live];Salmon, not live;Salted and fermented seafood (jeotgal);Salted cashews;Salted eggs;Salted fish;Salted jellyfish;Salted meat;Salted meats;Salted nuts;Salted vegetables;Salt-fermented sea urchin roe;Samgyetang [Korean ginseng chicken soup];Sardines [not live];Sardines, not live;Sashimi;Satay;Sauerkraut;Sausage casings, natural or artificial;Sausage meat;Sausage skins and imitations thereof;Sausage skins [synthetic];Sausages;Sausages in batter;Saveloys;Savory butters;Scotch eggs;Sea basses [not live];Sea basses, not live;Sea bream, not live;Sea breams [red snappers, not live];Sea breams [red snappers], not live;Sea cucumbers, not live;Sea salmon roe for food;Sea trout roe for food;Sea urchins [not live];Sea urchins, not live;Sea-cucumbers, not live;Seafood;Seafood extracts;Seafood jellies;Seafood [not live];Seafood, not live;Seafood paste;Seafood preserves;Seafood products;Seafood spread;Seafoods boiled down in soy sauce (tsukudani);Seasoned laver (Jaban-gim);Seasoned nuts;Seaweed extracts for food;Seed butters;Seeds, prepared;Seeds (Processed -);Seeds (Processed sunflower -);Seitan [meat substitute];Seolleongtang [Korean ox bone broth];Sesame oil;Sesame oil [for food];Sesame oil for food;Shashliks;Sheep cheese;Sheep milk;Sheets of dried laver (hoshi-nori);Shelled nuts;Shelled prawns;Shellfish, not live;Shepherd's pie;Shish kabobs;Shortening;Short-necked clams [not live];Short-necked clams, not live;Shredded coconut;Shrimp floss;Shrimp paste;Shrimps, not live;Silkworm chrysalis, for human consumption;Silkworm chrysalis for human consumption;Silver carps, not live;Skimmed milk;Skyr;Sliced and seasoned barbequed beef (bulgogi);Sliced fruit;Sliced meat;Sliced sea whelks;Smetana;Smetana [sour cream];Smoked cheese;Smoked fish;Smoked fish spread;Smoked meats;Smoked salmon;Smoked sausages;Snack food (Fruit-based -);Snack foods based on legumes;Snack foods based on nuts;Snack foods based on vegetables;Snack mixes consisting of dehydrated fruit and processed nuts;Snack mixes consisting of processed fruits and processed nuts;Snacks of edible seaweed;Snail eggs for consumption;Snails prepared for human consumption;Snakehead fish, not live;Snow crabs, not live;Soft cheese;Soft white cheese;Soft-ripened cheeses;Soft-shelled turtles [not live];Sole fish, not live;Soup;Soup concentrates;Soup cubes;Soup mixes;Soup pastes;Soup powders;Soup (Preparations for making -);Soup preparations (Vegetable -);Soups;Soups and stocks, meat extracts;Sour cream;Sour cream substitutes;Sour milk;Soured milk;Soy bean oil [for food];Soy burger patties;Soy chips;Soy sauce marinated crab (Ganjang-gejang);Soya bean curd;Soya bean milk;Soya bean oil for food;Soya beans, preserved, for food;Soya chips;Soya milk;Soya milk [milk substitute];Soya patties;Soya [prepared];Soya yoghurt;Soya-based beverages used as milk substitutes;Soy-based food bars;Soy-based snack foods;Soybean milk [soy milk];Soybean oil;Soybean oil for cooking;Soybean oil for culinary purposes;Spanish mackerel, not live;Spiced nuts;Spiced oils;Spicy beef broth (yukgaejang);Spicy pickles;Spinach [prepared];Spiny lobsters;Spiny lobsters, not live;Split peas;Spreads consisting mainly of eggs;Spreads consisting mainly of fruits;Spreads consisting of hazelnut paste;Squashes [plants, preserved];Squid ink;Squid, not live;Squid [prepared];Steaks of fish;Steaks of meat;Steamed cakes of smashed fish and yam (hampen);Steamed egg hotchpotch;Steamed or toasted cakes of fish paste (kamaboko);Stewed apples;Stewed fruit;Stews;Stir-fried chestnuts with sugar;Stock;Stock cubes;Stock in the form of granules;Stock [prepared];Strained cheese;Strained soft white cheese;Strained soft white cheeses;Strawberries being preserved;Strawberry jam;Stuffed cabbage rolls;Stuffed olives;Stuffed potatoes;Sturgeon eggs;Suet for food;Sultanas;Sunflower oil for food;Sunflower oil [for food];Sunflower seeds, prepared;Surimi;Sweet corn, processed;Sweetcorn [preserved];Sweetfish [not live];Sweetfish, not live;Swordfish, not live;Tagine [prepared meat, fish or vegetable dish];Tahini;Tahini [sesame seed paste];Tajine [prepared meat, fish or vegetable dish];Tangerines [preserved];Tapenades;Tea flavored eggs;Tempeh;Teriyaki chicken;Tinned fish;Tinned fruits;Tinned meat;Tinned meats;Tinned olives;Tinned seafood;Tinned tomatoes;Tinned vegetables;Toasted laver;Toasted sheets of laver (yaki-nori);Tofu;Tofu burger patties;Tofu patties;Tofu skin;Tofu skin (Yuba);Tofu-based snacks;Tomato concentrates [puree];Tomato extracts;Tomato juice for cooking;Tomato paste;Tomato preserves;Tomato purée;Tomatoes [preserved];Tripe;Trouts, not live;Truffle cheeses;Truffle juice;Truffle paste;Truffle-based oils;Truffle-based spread products (truffle creams);Truffles, preserved;Tube-shaped toasted cakes of fish paste (chikuwa);Tuna fish;Tuna fish [not live];Tuna fish, not live;Tuna fish [preserved];Tuna in oil;Tuna, not live;Turkey;Turkey burger patties;Turkey burgers;Turkey meat;Turkey pieces;Turkey products;Tzatziki;Uncongealed tofu (Tofu nao);Uncooked hamburger patties;Uncooked sausages;Veal;Veal stock;Vegetable burgers;Vegetable chips;Vegetable crisps;Vegetable extracts for cooking;Vegetable extracts for culinary purposes;Vegetable extracts for food;Vegetable fats for cooking;Vegetable fats for food;Vegetable jellies;Vegetable juice concentrates for food;Vegetable juices for cooking;Vegetable marrow paste;Vegetable mousses;Vegetable oils for food;Vegetable pastes;Vegetable pate;Vegetable powders;Vegetable preserves;Vegetable puree;Vegetable purees;Vegetable salads;Vegetable soup preparations;Vegetable spreads;Vegetable stock;Vegetable-based chips;Vegetable-based concentrate for cooking;Vegetable-based cream;Vegetable-based entrees;Vegetable-based meat substitutes;Vegetable-based snack foods;Vegetable-based spreads;Vegetables, canned;Vegetables, cooked;Vegetables, dried;Vegetables in vinegar;Vegetables pickled in soy sauce;Vegetables (Prepared -);Vegetables, preserved;Vegetables preserved in oil;Vegetables, processed;Vegetables, tinned;Vegetables, tinned [canned (Am.)];Vegetarian charcuterie;Vegetarian sausages;Veggie burger patties;Venison;Waffle fries;Walnut kernels;Walnuts, prepared;Weed extracts for food;Whale fat for food;Whale oil for food;Whales [not live];Whales, not live;Whey;Whipped cream;Whipping cream;White cheese;White of eggs;White pudding;Whiteners [dairy] for beverages;Yakitori;Yellow croakers, not live;Yellow morels, dried;Yellow split peas;Yoghurt;Yoghurt based drinks;Yoghurt beverages;Yoghurt desserts;Yoghurt drinks;Yoghurt made from goats milk;Yoghurt-based beverages;Yoghurts;Yogurt;Yogurt drinks;Yogurt-based beverages;Yolk of eggs;Yuba [tofu skin];Yuca chips;Yucca chips.
Class Description: 030 - Staple Food Products
Goods & Services: Acanthopanax tea (Ogapicha);Achar pachranga (fruit pickle);Acid drops [confectionery];Adlay flour for food;Aerated beverages [with coffee, cocoa or chocolate base];Aerated chocolate;Aerated drinks [with coffee, cocoa or chocolate base];Agave syrup for use as a natural sweetener;Agave syrup [natural sweetener];Aioli;Alimentary pasta;Alimentary paste [dough];Alimentary seasonings;Allspice;Almond cake;Almond confectionery;Almond cookies;Almond flavorings, other than essential oils;Almond flour;Almond paste;Almond pastries;Almonds covered in chocolate;Angelica;Aniseed;Aniseeds for use as a seasoning;Aperitif biscuits;Apple cider vinegar;Apple flavoured tea [other than for medicinal use];Apple fritters;Apple pies;Apple sauce [condiment];Apple tarts;Aromatic preparations for cakes;Aromatic preparations for candies;Aromatic preparations for food;Aromatic preparations for ice-creams;Aromatic preparations for making non-medicated infusions;Aromatic preparations for making non-medicated tisanes;Aromatic preparations for pastries;Aromatic teas [other than for medicinal use];Artichoke sauce;Artificial coffee;Artificial rice [uncooked];Artificial tea;Artificial tea [other than for medicinal use];Asian apricot tea (maesilcha);Asian noodles;Bacon buns;Bagels;Baguettes;Bakery goods;Baking powder;Baking powders;Baking soda;Baking soda [bicarbonate of soda for baking purposes];Baking soda [bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes];Baking spices;Baking-powder;Baklava;Balsamic vinegar;Banana fritters;Baozi;Baozi [stuffed buns];Baps;Barbecue sauce;Barley (Crushed -);Barley flakes;Barley flour [for food];Barley flour for food;Barley for use as a coffee substitute;Barley (Husked -);Barley meal;Barley prepared for human consumption;Barley tea;Barley-leaf tea;Barm cakes;Bars based on wheat;Bars of sweet jellied bean paste (Yohkan);Bases for making milk shakes [flavourings];Basil, dried;Batter for making crepes;Batter for making pancakes;Batter mixes;Batter mixes for Japanese–style pancakes (Okonomiyaki);Batter mixes for okonomiyaki [Japanese savory pancakes];Batter mixes for okonomiyaki [Japanese savoury pancakes];Bavarian creams;Bean jam buns;Bean meal;Bean paste;Bean-jam filled wafers (monaka);Bean-starch noodles (harusame, uncooked);Bee glue;Beer vinegar;Beverages based on chocolate;Beverages based on coffee;Beverages based on coffee substitutes;Beverages based on tea;Beverages (Chocolate-based -);Beverages (Cocoa-based -);Beverages (Coffee-based -);Beverages consisting principally of chocolate;Beverages consisting principally of cocoa;Beverages consisting principally of coffee;Beverages containing chocolate;Beverages (Flavorings [flavourings], other than essential oils, for -);Beverages (flavorings [flavourings], other then essential oils, for -);Beverages made from chocolate;Beverages made from cocoa;Beverages made from coffee;Beverages made of coffee;Beverages made of tea;Beverages made with chocolate;Beverages (Tea-based -);Beverages with a chocolate base;Beverages with a cocoa base;Beverages with a coffee base;Beverages with a tea base;Beverages with coffee base;Beverages with tea base;Bibimbap [Korean dish consisting primarily of cooked rice with added vegetables and beef];Bibimbap [rice mixed with vegetables and beef];Bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes;Bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes [baking soda];Binding agents for edible ices;Binding agents for ice cream;Binding agents for ice cream [edible ices];Binding preparations for ice cream [edible ices];Biological honey for human consumption;Biscotti;Biscotti dough;Biscuit mixes;Biscuit rusk;Biscuits;Biscuits containing chocolate flavoured ingredients;Biscuits containing fruit;Biscuits flavoured with fruit;Biscuits for cheese;Biscuits for human consumption made from cereals;Biscuits for human consumption made from malt;Biscuits having a chocolate coating;Biscuits having a chocolate flavoured coating;Biscuits [sweet or savoury];Biscuits with an iced topping;Black tea;Black tea [English tea];Black treacle;Blends of seasonings;Blueberry pies;Boiled confectionery;Boiled sugar;Boiled sugar confectionery;Boiled sugar sweetmeats;Boiled sweets;Bonbons;Bonbons made of sugar;Boxed lunches consisting of rice, with added meat, fish or vegetables;Bran preparations for human consumption;Bread;Bread and buns;Bread biscuits;Bread buns;Bread casings filled with fruit;Bread concentrates;Bread crumbs;Bread doughs;Bread flavored with spices;Bread flavoured with spices;Bread (Ginger -);Bread improvers being cereal based preparations;Bread made with soya beans;Bread mixes;Bread pudding;Bread rolls;Bread sticks;Bread with soy bean;Bread with sweet red bean;Bread-based stuffing mixes;Breadcrumbs;Breads;Breadsticks;Breakfast cake;Breakfast cereals;Breakfast cereals containing a mixture of fruit and fibre;Breakfast cereals containing fibre;Breakfast cereals containing fruit;Breakfast cereals containing honey;Breakfast cereals flavoured with honey;Breakfast cereals made of rice;Breakfast cereals, porridge and grits;Breath mints for use as a breath freshener;Breath-freshening chewing gum;Brine for cooking;Brine for pickling;Brine for use in cocktails;Brioches;Brittle;Brown rice;Brown sauce;Brown sugar;Brownie dough;Brownie mixes;Brownies;Bubble gum;Bubble gum [confectionery];Buckwheat flour;Buckwheat flour [for food];Buckwheat flour for food;Buckwheat jelly (Memilmuk);Buckwheat noodles;Buckwheat pasta;Buckwheat, processed;Buckwheat tea;Bulgur;Bun mix;Buns;Burdock root tea (Wooungcha);Burgers contained in bread rolls;Burritos;Butter biscuits;Butterscotch chips;Cacao powder;Cachou [confectionery], other than for pharmaceutical purposes;Caffeine-free coffee;Cake bars;Cake batter;Cake decorations made of candy;Cake dough;Cake doughs;Cake flour;Cake frosting;Cake frosting [icing];Cake icing;Cake mixes;Cake mixtures;Cake Pops;Cake powder;Cake preparations;Cakes;Cakes (Flavorings [flavourings], other than essential oils, for -);Cakes of sugar-bounded millet or popped rice (okoshi);Cakes (Rice -);Calzones;Canapes;Candied cakes of popped rice;Candies;Candies (Non-medicated -);Candies (Non-medicated -) with alcohol;Candies (Non-medicated -) with honey;Candies (Non-medicated -) with mint;Candies [sweets];Candy;Candy bars;Candy cake;Candy cake decorations;Candy canes;Candy coated apples;Candy coated confections;Candy coated popcorn;Candy decorations for cakes;Candy mints;Candy (Non-medicated -);Candy, other than for medical purposes;Candy [sugar];Candy with caramel;Candy with cocoa;Candy-coated apples;Candy-coated popcorn;Canned pasta foods;Canned sauces;Canned spaghetti in tomato sauce;Cannelloni;Capers;Cappuccino;Caramel;Caramel coated popcorn;Caramel coated popcorn with candied nuts;Caramel popcorn;Caramel-coated popcorn;Caramelised sugar;Caramels;Caramels [candies];Caramels [candy];Caramels [sweets];Caraway seeds for use as a seasoning;Carbohydrate preparations for food;Carbonated and non-carbonated tea based beverages;Castor sugar;Catchup;Catsup;Celery salt;Cereal bars;Cereal bars and energy bars;Cereal based energy bars;Cereal based food bars;Cereal based foodstuffs for human consumption;Cereal based prepared snack foods;Cereal based snack foods;Cereal based snacks;Cereal breakfast foods;Cereal cakes for human consumption;Cereal flour;Cereal powders;Cereal preparations;Cereal preparations coated with sugar and honey;Cereal preparations consisting of bran;Cereal preparations consisting of oatbran;Cereal preparations containing oatbran;Cereal products in bar form;Cereal seeds, processed;Cereal snack foods flavoured with cheese;Cereal snacks;Cereal-based bars;Cereal-based meal replacement bars;Cereal-based savoury snacks;Cereal-based snack bars;Cereal-based snack food;Cereals;Cereals for food for consumption by humans;Cereals for use in making pasta;Cereals prepared for consumption by humans;Cereals, processed;Chai tea;Chalupas;Chamomile tea;Chamomile-based beverages;Cheese balls [snacks];Cheese curls [snacks];Cheese flavored puffed corn snacks;Cheese puffs;Cheese sauce;Cheeseburgers [sandwiches];Cheesecake;Cheesecakes;Cheese-flavored biscuits;Chemical seasonings [cooking];Chewing candy;Chewing gum;Chewing gum for breath freshening;Chewing gum, not for medical purposes;Chewing gums;Chewing sweets (Non-medicated -);Chewing sweets (Non-medicated -) having liquid fruit fillings;Chicken gravy;Chicken pies;Chicken sandwiches;Chicken wraps;Chickpea flour;Chickpea pasta;Chicory and chicory mixtures, all for use as substitutes for coffee;Chicory based coffee substitute;Chicory [coffee substitute];Chicory extracts for use as substitutes for coffee;Chicory for use as substitutes for coffee;Chicory mixtures, all for use as substitutes for coffee;Chicory mixtures for use as substitutes for coffee;Chili oil for use as a seasoning or condiment;Chili oils being condiments;Chili paste for use as a seasoning;Chili pepper paste being condiment;Chili pepper pastes being condiments;Chili powder;Chili powders;Chili sauce;Chili seasoning;Chili seasonings;Chilled pizzas;Chimichanga;Chimichangas;Chimney cakes;Chinese batter flour;Chinese matrimony vine tea (Gugijacha);Chinese noodles;Chinese noodles [uncooked];Chinese rice noodles (bifun, uncooked);Chinese steamed dumplings (shumai, cooked);Chinese stuffed dumplings;Chinese stuffed dumplings (gyoza, cooked);Chips [cereal products];Chocolate;Chocolate bark containing ground coffee beans;Chocolate bars;Chocolate based drinks;Chocolate based fillings;Chocolate based products;Chocolate beverages;Chocolate beverages containing milk;Chocolate beverages with milk;Chocolate biscuits;Chocolate brownies;Chocolate bunnies;Chocolate cake;Chocolate cakes;Chocolate candies;Chocolate candy with fillings;Chocolate caramel wafers;Chocolate chips;Chocolate coated biscuits;Chocolate coated fruits;Chocolate coated macadamia nuts;Chocolate coated marshmallow biscuits containing toffee;Chocolate coated nougat bars;Chocolate coated nuts;Chocolate coating;Chocolate coffee;Chocolate confectionary;Chocolate confectionery;Chocolate confectionery containing pralines;Chocolate confectionery having a praline flavour;Chocolate confectionery products;Chocolate confections;Chocolate covered biscuits;Chocolate covered cakes;Chocolate covered pretzels;Chocolate covered wafer biscuits;Chocolate creams;Chocolate decorations for cakes;Chocolate decorations for christmas trees;Chocolate decorations for confectionery items;Chocolate desserts;Chocolate drink preparations;Chocolate drink preparations flavoured with banana;Chocolate drink preparations flavoured with mint;Chocolate drink preparations flavoured with mocha;Chocolate drink preparations flavoured with nuts;Chocolate drink preparations flavoured with orange;Chocolate drink preparations flavoured with toffee;Chocolate eggs;Chocolate essences for the preparation of beverages;Chocolate extracts;Chocolate extracts for the preparation of beverages;Chocolate fillings for bakery products;Chocolate flavoured beverage making preparations;Chocolate flavoured beverages;Chocolate flavoured coatings;Chocolate flavoured confectionery;Chocolate flavourings;Chocolate fondue;Chocolate food beverages not being dairy-based or vegetable based;Chocolate for confectionery and bread;Chocolate for toppings;Chocolate fudge;Chocolate marzipan;Chocolate mousses;Chocolate pastes;Chocolate pastries;Chocolate powder;Chocolate sauce;Chocolate sauces;Chocolate shells;Chocolate spread;Chocolate spreads;Chocolate spreads containing nuts;Chocolate spreads for use on bread;Chocolate sweets;Chocolate syrup;Chocolate syrups;Chocolate syrups for the preparation of chocolate based beverages;Chocolate topped pretzels;Chocolate topping;Chocolate truffles;Chocolate vermicelli;Chocolate wafers;Chocolate waffles;Chocolate with alcohol;Chocolate with Japanese horseradish;Chocolate-based bars;Chocolate-based beverages;Chocolate-based beverages with milk;Chocolate-based fillings for cakes and pies;Chocolate-based meal replacement bars;Chocolate-based ready-to-eat food bars;Chocolate-based spreads;Chocolate-coated bars;Chocolate-coated nuts;Chocolate-coated rice cakes;Chocolate-coated sugar confectionery;Chocolate-covered nuts;Chocolates;Chocolates in the form of pralines;Chocolates in the form of sea horses;Chocolates in the form of sea shells;Chocolates presented in an advent calendar;Chocolates with mint flavoured centres;Chocolatines;Chow chow [relishes];Chow mein;Chow mein [noodle-based dishes];Chow mein noodles;Chow-chow [condiment];Christmas puddings;Christmas tree decorations [edible];Christmas trees (Confectionery for decorating -);Chrysanthemum tea (Gukhwacha);Churros;Chutney;Chutneys;Chutneys [condiment];Chutneys [condiments];Cilantro, dried;Cinnamon;Cinnamon powder [spice];Cinnamon rolls;Cinnamon [spice];Cinnamon sticks;Citron tea;Clear gums [confectionery];Clove powder [spice];Cloves;Cloves [spice];Coated nuts [confectionery];Cocoa;Cocoa based creams in the form of spreads;Cocoa beverages;Cocoa beverages with milk;Cocoa drinks;Cocoa extracts for human consumption;Cocoa for use in making beverages;Cocoa mixes;Cocoa powder;Cocoa preparations;Cocoa preparations for use in making beverages;Cocoa products;Cocoa [roasted, powdered, granulated, or in drinks];Cocoa-based beverages;Cocoa-based ingredients for confectionery products;Coconut macaroons;Coconut meal for human consumption;Coffee;Coffee (Artificial -);Coffee bags;Coffee based beverages;Coffee based drinks;Coffee based fillings;Coffee beans;Coffee beverages;Coffee beverages with milk;Coffee capsules;Coffee capsules, filled;Coffee concentrates;Coffee drinks;Coffee essence;Coffee essences;Coffee essences for use as substitutes for coffee;Coffee extracts;Coffee extracts for use as substitutes for coffee;Coffee flavorings;Coffee flavorings [flavourings];Coffee flavourings;Coffee in brewed form;Coffee in ground form;Coffee in whole-bean form;Coffee mixtures;Coffee oils;Coffee pods;Coffee [roasted, powdered, granulated, or in drinks];Coffee substitutes;Coffee substitutes [artificial coffee or vegetable preparations for use as coffee];Coffee substitutes [grain or chicory based];Coffee substitutes (Vegetal preparations for use as -);Coffee, teas and cocoa and substitutes therefor;Coffee (Unroasted -);Coffee-based beverage containing milk;Coffee-based beverages;Coffee-based beverages containing ice cream (affogato);Coixseed flour;Common salt for cooking;Concentrated sauce;Condiments;Condiments in powder form;Cones for ice cream;Cones for icecream;Confectioners' glaze;Confectionery;Confectionery bars;Confectionery chips for baking;Confectionery chocolate products;Confectionery containing jam;Confectionery containing jelly;Confectionery for decorating Christmas trees;Confectionery having liquid fruit fillings;Confectionery having liquid spirit fillings;Confectionery having wine fillings;Confectionery ices;Confectionery in frozen form;Confectionery in liquid form;Confectionery in the form of tablets;Confectionery items coated with chocolate;Confectionery items formed from chocolate;Confectionery items (Non-medicated -);Confectionery made of sugar;Confectionery (Non-medicated -);Confectionery products (Non-medicated -);Cooked rice;Cooked rice mixed with vegetables and beef (bibimbap);Cookie dough;Cookie mixes;Cookies;Cooking essences;Cooking salt;Cooking sauces;Cooling ice;Coriander, dried;Corn candy;Corn chips;Corn curls;Corn flakes;Corn flour;Corn flour [for food];Corn kernels being roasted;Corn kernels being toasted;Corn meal;Corn, milled;Corn (Pop -);Corn (Processed -);Corn, roasted;Corn starch derivatives in powder form for making into drinks;Corn starch flour;Corn starch [for food];Corn syrup;Corn syrup for culinary purposes;Corn-based savoury snacks;Corn-based snack foods;Cornflakes;Cornflour;Cornflour bun bread (almojábana);Cornmeal;Cornstarch for culinary purposes;Cotton candy;Coulis (Fruit -) [sauces];Couscous;Couscous [semolina];Covered tarts;Crab boil [seasoning];Cracked wheat;Crackers;Crackers [edible];Crackers filled with cheese;Crackers flavoured with cheese;Crackers flavoured with fruit;Crackers flavoured with herbs;Crackers flavoured with meat;Crackers flavoured with spices;Crackers flavoured with vegetables;Crackers made of prepared cereals;Cranberry sauce [condiment];Cream buns;Cream cakes;Cream crackers;Cream (Ice -);Cream of tartar for cooking purposes;Cream of tartar for culinary purposes;Cream pies;Cream puffs;Creamed rice;Crème brûlée;Crème brûlées;Creme brulees;Crème caramel;Creme caramels;Crepes;Crisp breads;Crisp rolls;Crispbread;Crispbread snacks;Crisps made of cereals;Croissants;Croutons;Croûtons;Crumb;Crumble;Crumpets;Crushed barley;Crushed oats;Crusty rolls;Crystal sugar [not confectionery];Crystal sugar pieces [confectionery];Cube sugar;Culinary herbs;Cumin powder;Cupcakes;Currant bread;Curried food pastes;Curry mixes;Curry paste;Curry pastes;Curry powder;Curry powder [spice];Curry powders;Curry sauces;Curry [seasoning];Curry [spice];Curry spice mixes;Curry spices;Custard;Custard mixes;Custard powder;Custard tarts;Custard-based fillings for cakes and pies;Custards;Custards [baked desserts];Dairy chocolate;Dairy confectionery;Dairy ice cream;Dairy-free chocolate;Danish bread;Danish bread rolls;Danish butter cookies;Danish pastries;Darjeeling tea;Dashi-tsuyu;Decaffeinated coffee;Decorations [edible] for christmas trees;Deep chocolate cake made with chocolate sponge;Deep frozen pasta;Deep-fried dough sticks (Youtiao);Dental health gum [other than medicated];Deproteinised flour for use in the production of beer;Dessert mousses [confectionery];Dessert puddings;Dessert souffles;Dough;Dough flour;Dough for cakes;Dough mix;Doughnut mixes;Doughnuts;Doughs, batters, and mixes therefor;Dragees [non-medicated confectionery];Dressings for salad;Dried and fresh pastas, noodles and dumplings;Dried basil;Dried chili peppers seasoning;Dried chives;Dried cilantro;Dried cooked-rice;Dried coriander;Dried coriander for use as seasoning;Dried coriander seeds for use as seasoning;Dried cumin seeds;Dried fig-based condiment;Dried herbs;Dried herbs for culinary purposes;Dried mint;Dried noodles;Dried pasta;Dried pasta foods;Dried pieces of wheat gluten (fu, uncooked);Dried sauce in powder form;Dried seaweed rolls [gimbap];Dried sugared cakes of rice flour (rakugan);Dried tortellini;Dried wheat gluten;Drinking chocolate;Drinking cocoa paste;Drinks based on chocolate;Drinks based on cocoa;Drinks containing chocolate;Drinks containing cocoa;Drinks flavoured with chocolate;Drinks in powder form containing cocoa;Drinks prepared from chocolate;Drinks prepared from cocoa;Drip bag coffee;Dry and liquid ready-to-serve meals, mainly consisting of pasta;Dry and liquid ready-to-serve meals, mainly consisting of rice;Dry condiments;Dry seasoning mixes for stews;Dry seasonings;Dulce de leche;Dumpling skins;Dumplings;Dutch gingerbread (taai taai);Dutch rusk;Earl Grey;Earl Grey tea;Earl grey tea;Easter eggs;Eclairs;Edible essences for foodstuffs [other than etheric substances and essential oils];Edible flour;Edible fruit ices;Edible ice;Edible ice powder for use in icing machines;Edible ice sculptures;Edible ices;Edible paper;Edible paper wafers;Edible rice paper;Edible salt;Edible spices;Edible turmeric;Edible wafers;Egg noodles;Egg pies;Egg roll cookies;Egg rolls;Egg tarts;Eight-treasure rice pudding;Empanada dough;Empanadas;Enchiladas;English muffins;Enriched farina [meal];Enriched rice;Enriched rice [uncooked];Espresso;Essences for cooking [other than essential oils];Essences for food [other than essential oils];Essences for foodstuffs, except etheric essences and essential oils;Essences for use in cooking [other than essential oils];Essences for use in food preparation [other than essential oils];Extracts of cocoa for use as flavours in beverages;Extracts of cocoa for use as flavours in foodstuffs;Extracts of coffee for use as flavours in beverages;Extracts of coffee for use as flavours in foodstuffs;Extracts used as flavoring [not essential oils];Extruded corn snacks;Extruded food products made of maize;Extruded food products made of rice;Extruded food products made of wheat;Extruded snacks containing maize;Extruded wheat snacks;Fajitas;Farina;Farina [meal];Farinaceous food pastes;Farinaceous food pastes for human consumption;Farinaceous foods;Fermented hot pepper paste (gochujang);Fermented tea;Fermenting malted rice (Koji);Ferments for pastes;Fern root starch for food;Filled baguettes;Filled bread rolls;Filled buns;Filled caramels;Filled chocolate;Filled chocolate bars;Filled chocolates;Filled pasta;Filled rolls;Filled sandwiches;Filled sweetmeats;Filled yeast dough with fillings consisting of fruits;Filled yeast dough with fillings consisting of meat;Filled yeast dough with fillings consisting of vegetables;Filo dough;Filo doughs;Filo pastry;Filters in the form of paper bags filled with coffee;Fish dumplings;Fish sandwiches;Fish sauce;Flaked corn;Flaked wheat;Flakes (Corn -);Flakes (Maize -);Flakes (Oat -);Flaky pastry containing ham;Flan base wafers;Flans;Flapjacks;Flapjacks [griddle cakes];Flat bread;Flavored ices;Flavoring syrup;Flavorings and seasonings;Flavorings [flavourings], other than essential oils, for beverages;Flavorings [flavourings], other than essential oils, for cakes;Flavorings for beverages;Flavorings for beverages, other than essential oils;Flavorings for cakes;Flavorings, other than essential oils, for beverages;Flavorings, other than essential oils, for cakes;Flavour enhancers for food [other than essential oils];Flavoured coffee;Flavoured popcorn;Flavoured rices;Flavoured sugar confectionery;Flavoured vinegar;Flavouring syrups;Flavourings and seasonings;Flavourings for beverages;Flavourings for butter;Flavourings for cakes;Flavourings for cakes other than essential oils;Flavourings for cheeses;Flavourings for foods;Flavourings for snack foods [other than essential oils];Flavourings for soups;Flavourings for soups [other than essential oils];Flavourings in the form of concentrated sauces;Flavourings in the form of dehydrated sauces;Flavourings made from fish;Flavourings made from fruits;Flavourings made from fruits [other than essential oils];Flavourings made from lobsters;Flavourings made from meat;Flavourings made from pickles;Flavourings made from poultry;Flavourings made from shrimps;Flavourings made from snails;Flavourings made from vegetables [other than essential oils];Flavourings [not essential oils];Flavourings of almond;Flavourings of almond for food or beverages;Flavourings of almond, other than essential oils, for food or beverages;Flavourings of lemons;Flavourings of lemons for food or beverages;Flavourings of lemons, other than essential oils, for food or beverages;Flavourings of tea;Flavourings of tea for food or beverages;Flavourings, other than essential oils, for beverages;Flavourings, other than essential oils, for butter;Flavourings, other than essential oils, for cakes;Flavourings, other than essential oils, for cheeses;Flavourings, other than essential oils, for foods;Flavourings, other than essential oils, for soups;Flaxseed for culinary purposes [seasoning];Floating islands;Flour;Flour based chips;Flour based savory snacks;Flour concentrate for food;Flour confectionery;Flour for baking;Flour for doughnuts;Flour for food;Flour for making dumplings of glutinous rice;Flour mixes;Flour mixtures for use in baking;Flour of barley;Flour of corn;Flour of millet;Flour of oats;Flour of rice;Flour preparations for food;Flour ready for baking;Flour-based dumplings;Flour-based gnocchi;Flowers or leaves for use as tea substitutes;Foamed sugar pastilles;Foamed sugar sweets;Fondants;Fondants [confectionery];Food condiment consisting primarily of ketchup and salsa;Food dressings [sauces];Food essences [except etheric essences and essential oils];Food flavorings [non-essential oils];Food flavorings, other than essential oils;Food flavourings;Food flavourings, other than essential oils;Food flavourings [other than essential oils];Food leavening agents;Food mixtures consisting of cereal flakes and dried fruits;Food preparations based on grains;Food seasonings;Foods (Farinaceous -);Foods produced from baked cereals;Foods with a cocoa base;Foodstuffs containing chocolate [as the main constituent];Foodstuffs containing cocoa [as the main constituent];Foodstuffs (Essences for -), except etheric essences and essential oils;Foodstuffs made from cereals;Foodstuffs made from dough;Foodstuffs made from maize;Foodstuffs made from oats;Foodstuffs made of a sweetener for making a dessert;Foodstuffs made of a sweetener for sweetening desserts;Foodstuffs made of rice;Foodstuffs made of sugar for making a dessert;Foodstuffs made of sugar for sweetening desserts;Fortune cookies;Frankfurter sandwiches;Frappes;Freeze-dried coffee;Freeze-dried dishes with main ingredient being pasta;Freeze-dried dishes with main ingredient being rice;Freeze-dried dishes with the main ingredient being pasta;Freeze-dried dishes with the main ingredient being rice;French toast;Fresh bread;Fresh pasta;Fresh pasties;Fresh pies;Fresh pizza;Fresh pizzas;Fresh sausage rolls;Fried corn;Fried dough cookies;Fried dough cookies (karintoh);Fried dough twists;Fried noodles;Fried rice;Frosting [icing] (Cake -);Frosting mixes;Frostings;Frozen biscotti dough;Frozen brownie dough;Frozen cakes;Frozen confectionery;Frozen confectionery containing ice cream;Frozen confections;Frozen confections on a stick;Frozen cookie dough;Frozen custards;Frozen dairy confections;Frozen dough;Frozen ices;Frozen lollipops;Frozen meals consisting primarily of pasta;Frozen meals consisting primarily of rice;Frozen pastries;Frozen pastry;Frozen pastry sheets;Frozen pastry stuffed with meat;Frozen pastry stuffed with meat and vegetables;Frozen pastry stuffed with vegetables;Frozen pizzas;Frozen prepared rice;Frozen prepared rice with seasonings;Frozen prepared rice with seasonings and vegetables;Frozen yoghurt;Frozen yoghurt [confectionery ices];Frozen yoghurts;Frozen yogurt;Frozen yogurt cakes;Frozen yogurt [confectionery ices];Frozen yogurt confections;Frozen yogurt pies;Fructose for food;Fructose syrup for use in the manufacture of foods;Fruit bread;Fruit breads;Fruit cake snacks;Fruit cakes;Fruit coulis [sauces];Fruit drops [confectionery];Fruit filled pastry products;Fruit flavorings, other than essential oils;Fruit flavoured tea [other than medicinal];Fruit flavoured water ices in the form of lollipops;Fruit flavourings, except essences;Fruit flavourings for food or beverages, except essences;Fruit gums [other than for medical use];Fruit ice;Fruit ice bars;Fruit ice cream;Fruit ice creams;Fruit ices;Fruit infusions;Fruit jellies [confectionery];Fruit jelly candy;Fruit pastries;Fruit pies;Fruit sauces;Fruit sugar;Fruit tea [other than for medical purposes];Fruit teas;Fruit vinegar;Fruited malt loaf;Fruited scones;Fudge;Garden herbs, preserved [seasonings];Garlic bread;Garlic juice;Garlic powder;Garlic puree;Gateaux;Gâteaux;Gelatin-based chewy candies;German ravioli [Maultaschen];Gimbap [Korean dish consisting of cooked rice wrapped in dried seaweed];Gimbap [Korean rice dish];Ginger bread;Ginger paste [seasoning];Ginger [powdered spice];Ginger puree [condiment];Ginger [spice];Ginger tea;Gingerbread;Gingerbread nuts;Gingersnaps;Ginseng confectionery;Ginseng tea;Ginseng tea [insamcha];Glazed popcorn;Glucose for culinary purposes;Glucose for food;Glucose powder for food;Glucose preparations for food;Glucose syrup for use as a fermenting aid for food;Glucose syrup for use as a gelling agent for food;Glucose syrup for use as a preservative for food;Glucose syrup for use as a sweetener for food;Glucose syrup for use as a texture improver for food;Glucose syrup for use in the manufacture of foods;Glucose syrups for food;Glutamate for food;Gluten additives for culinary purposes;Gluten prepared as foodstuff;Gluten-free bread;Glutinous pounded rice cake coated with bean powder (injeolmi);Glutinous rice;Glutinous rice flour;Glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves (Zongzi);Glutinous starch syrup (mizu-ame);Gnocchi;Golden syrup;Graham crackers;Grain-based chips;Grain-based snack foods;Granola snacks;Granulated sugar;Grape sugar;Gravies;Gravies (Meat -);Gravy;Gravy mixes;Gravy mixes in granular form;Green onion pancake [pajeon];Green onion pancake (pajeon);Green tea;Grist;Grits;Groats;Groats for human food;Ground barley;Ground coffee;Ground coffee beans;Ground coriander;Ground ginger;Ground pepper;Gruel, with a milk base, for food;Guar gum;Gukhwacha;Gum sweets;Gum sweets (Non-medicated -);Gummy candies;Half covered chocolate biscuits;Half-moon-shaped cake of rice containing sweet or semi-sweet fillings (songpyeon);Half-moon-shaped rice cake [songpyeon];Halvah;Ham glaze;Hamburger sandwiches;Hamburgers being cooked and contained in a bread roll;Hamburgers contained in bread buns;Hamburgers contained in bread rolls;Hamburgers in buns;Hand made candies;Hard candy;Hard caramels [candies];Hardtack [biscuits];Harissa [condiment];Helichrysum [flavour];Helichrysum (flavour);Helichrysum honey;Helichrysum [spices];Helichrysum (spices);Herb sauces;Herb tea [infusions];Herb teas, other than for medicinal purposes;Herb teas, other than for medicinal use;Herbal flavourings for making beverages;Herbal flavourings, other than essential oils, for making beverages;Herbal honey;Herbal honey lozenges [confectionery];Herbal infusions;Herbal infusions [other than for medicinal use];Herbal preparations for making beverages;Herbal tea;Herbal tea [other than for medicinal use];Herbal teas;Herbal teas [infusions];Herbal teas, other than for medicinal use;High-protein cereal bars;Hominy;Hominy grits;Honey;Honey [for food];Honey glazes for ham;Honey substitutes;Honeycomb toffee;Honeys;Hon-mirin-type flavouring sauce;Horseradish [relishes];Horseradish sauce;Horseradish sauces;Hot breakfast cereals;Hot chili bean paste;Hot chili pepper sauce;Hot chocolate;Hot chocolate mixes;Hot dog sandwiches;Hot pepper powder [spice];Hot sauce;Hot sausage and ketchup in cut open bread rolls;Hushpuppies [breads];Husked barley;Husked oats;Husked rice;Ice;Ice beverages with a chocolate base;Ice beverages with a cocoa base;Ice beverages with a coffee base;Ice blocks;Ice candies;Ice candy;Ice confectionery;Ice confectionery in the form of lollipops;Ice confections;Ice cream;Ice cream bars;Ice cream (Binding agents for -);Ice cream cakes;Ice cream cone mixes;Ice cream cones;Ice cream confectionery;Ice cream confections;Ice cream desserts;Ice cream drinks;Ice cream gateaux;Ice cream infused with alcohol;Ice cream mixes;Ice cream powder;Ice cream powders;Ice cream sandwiches;Ice cream stick bars;Ice cream substitute;Ice cream with fruit;Ice creams;Ice creams containing chocolate;Ice creams flavoured with chocolate;Ice cubes;Ice for refreshment;Ice [frozen water];Ice, ice creams, frozen yogurts and sorbets;Ice in block form;Ice lollies;Ice lollies being milk flavoured;Ice lollies containing milk;Ice milk bars;Ice milk [ice cream];Ice, natural or artificial;Ice pops;Ice-cream;Ice-cream cakes;Iced cakes;Iced coffee;Iced confectionery (Non-medicated -);Iced fruit cakes;Iced lollies;Iced sponge cakes;Iced tea;Iced tea mix powders;Iced tea (Non-medicated -);Iced teas;Ices;Ices and ice;Ices (Binding agents for edible -);Ices (Edible -);Ices (Powder for edible -);Ices (Powders for edible -);Icing;Icing for cakes;Icing mixes;Icing sugar;Icings;Imitation chocolate;Imitation custard;Imitation ice cream;Imitation mayonnaise;Infusions, not medicinal;Injeolmi [glutinous rice cakes coated with powdered beans];Instant black tea;Instant chinese noodles;Instant cocoa powder;Instant coffee;Instant cooking noodles;Instant dessert puddings;Instant doughnut mixes;Instant green tea;Instant ice cream mixes;Instant noodles;Instant Oolong tea;Instant pancake mixes;Instant porridge;Instant powder for making tea [other than for medical use];Instant pudding mixes;Instant rice;Instant soba noodles;Instant tea;Instant tea [other than for medicinal purposes];Instant udon noodles;Instant white tea;Instant yeast;Invert sugar;Invert sugar cream [artificial honey];Jam buns;Jam filled brioches;Japanese arrowroot powder for culinary purposes;Japanese arrowroot powder (kudzu-ko, for food);Japanese green tea;Japanese horseradish powder spice (wasabi powder);Japanese noodle-based dish (Ramen);Japanese pepper powder spice (sansho powder);Japanese savoury pancakes (Okonomiyaki);Japanese sponge cakes (kasutera);Japanese style steamed cakes (mushi-gashi);Japanese–style pancakes (Okonomiyaki);Jasmine tea;Jasmine tea bags, other than for medicinal purposes;Jasmine tea, other than for medicinal purposes;Jellies (Fruit -) [confectionery];Jelly beans;Jiaozi;Jiaozi [stuffed dumplings];Kasha [meal];Kebab sauce;Kelp tea;Ketchup;Ketchup [sauce];Ketchups;Kettle corn;Kettle corn [popcorn];Kheer mix (rice pudding);Kimchi pancakes;Kimchi pancakes (kimchijeon);Kimchijeon [fermented vegetable pancakes];Kimchijeon [Korean-style pancakes made with fermented vegetables];Kombucha;Konjac starch for food;Korean soy sauce [ganjang];Korean traditional pressed sweets (Dasik);Korean traditional rice cake [injeolmi];Korean traditional sweets and cookies [hankwa];Korean-style dried seaweed rolls containing cooked rice (gimbap);Korean-style dumplings (mandu);Laksa;Lapsang souchong tea;Lasagna;Lasagne;Leaven;Lemon flavorings, other than essential oils;Lentil flour;Lentil pasta;Licorice;Lily bulb starch for food;Lime blossom tea;Lime tea;Linden tea;Linseed for culinary purposes [seasoning];Liqueur chocolates;Liquid sugar;Liquorice;Liquorice [confectionery];Liquorice flavoured confectionery;Lo mein;Lo mein [noodles];Lollipops;Lollipops [confectionery];Lomper [potato-based flatbread];Long-life pastry;Lotus root starch for food;Low-carbohydrate confectionery;Low-salt bread;Lozenges [confectionery];Lozenges [non-medicated confectionery];Lyophilised dishes with main ingredient being pasta;Lyophilised dishes with main ingredient being rice;Lyophilised dishes with the main ingredient being pasta;Lyophilised dishes with the main ingredient being rice;Lyophilized dishes with main ingredient being pasta;Lyophilized dishes with main ingredient being rice;Lyophilized dishes with the main ingredient being pasta;Lyophilized dishes with the main ingredient being rice;Macaroni;Macaroni cheese;Macaroni salad;Macaroni [uncooked];Macaroni with cheese;Macarons;Macaroons [pastry];Madeleines;Maize based snack products;Maize flakes;Maize flour;Maize meal;Maize, milled;Maize (Processed -) for consumption by humans;Maize, roasted;Mallows [confectionery];Malt biscuits;Malt bread;Malt cakes;Malt coffee;Malt coffee extracts;Malt dextrin glazings for confectionary;Malt dextrin glazings for foodstuffs;Malt extract for food;Malt extracts for food;Malt extracts used as flavoring;Malt for human consumption;Malt-based food preparations;Malted barley prepared for human consumption;Malted bread mix;Malted wheat;Maltodextrins for nutritional use [other than medical];Maltose;Maltose for food;Manuka honey;Maple syrup;Marinades;Marinades containing herbs;Marinades containing seasonings;Marinades containing spices;Marshmallow;Marshmallow confectionery;Marshmallow filled chocolates;Marshmallow topping;Marshmallows;Marzipan;Marzipan substitutes;Mate [tea];Matzo;Mayonnaise;Mayonnaise and ketchup-based spreads;Mayonnaise with pickles;Mayonnaise-based sauces;Mayonnaise-based spreads;Meal;Meals consisting primarily of pasta;Meals consisting primarily of rice;Meat gravies;Meat pies;Meat pies [prepared];Meat tenderizers, for household purposes;Meat tenderizers for household purposes;Meringue;Meringues;Microwave popcorn;Milk chocolate;Milk chocolate bars;Milk chocolate teacakes;Milk chocolates;Milk tablet candy;Milled rice for human consumption;Mille-feuilles;Millet cakes;Minced garlic;Minced garlic [condiment];Mincemeat pies;Mineral salts for preserving foodstuffs;Mint based sweets [non-medicated];Mint, dried;Mint flavoured confectionery (Non-medicated -);Mint flavoured sweets (Non-medicated -);Mint for confectionery;Mint-based sweets;Mints [candies, non-medicated];Mints for breath freshening;Mirror icing [mirror glaze];Miso;Miso bean paste;Miso [condiment];Mixed flour for food;Mixed spice powder;Mixed spices;Mixes for making bakery products;Mixes for making cakes;Mixes for making puddings;Mixes for preparing sauces;Mixes for the preparation of bread;Mixes of sweet adzuki-bean jelly [mizu-yokan-no-moto];Mixtures for making cakes;Mixtures for making frozen confections;Mixtures for making ice cream;Mixtures for making ice cream confections;Mixtures for making ice cream products;Mixtures for making ice creams;Mixtures for making pastries;Mixtures for making water ices;Mixtures of chicory for use as coffee substitutes;Mixtures of chicory for use as substitutes for coffee;Mixtures of coffee;Mixtures of coffee and chicory;Mixtures of coffee and malt;Mixtures of coffee essences and coffee extracts;Mixtures of malt coffee extracts with coffee;Mixtures of malt coffee with cocoa;Mixtures of malt coffee with coffee;Mizu-yokan-no-moto [Japanese confectionery made from sweet adzuki bean jelly];Modified corn starch;Modified pregelatinized starches for food [not medical];Modified starches for food [not medical];Molasses;Molasses for food;Molasses syrup;Molasses syrup for culinary purposes;Molasses syrup for food;Moon cakes;Mooncakes;Mousse confections;Mousse (sweet);Mousses;Mousses (Chocolate -);Mousses (Dessert -) [confectionery];Muesli;Muesli bars;Muesli consisting predominantly of cereals;Muesli desserts;Muffin mixes;Muffins;Mugi-cha [roasted barley tea];Multigrain bread;Multigrain-based snack foods;Mung bean flour;Mung bean pancakes (bindaetteok);Mung bean porridge;Mushroom sauces;Mustard;Mustard for food;Mustard meal;Mustard powder for food;Mustard powder [spice];Mustard preparations for food;Mustard vinegar;Naan bread;Nachos;Nan bread;Natural flavourings for use in ice cream [other than etheric essences or essential oils];Natural flavourings for use in ices [other than etheric essences or essential oils];Natural honey;Natural low calorie sweeteners;Natural rice flakes;Natural rice [processed] for food for human consumption;Natural ripe honey;Natural starches for food;Natural sweetener;Natural sweeteners;Natural sweeteners in the form of fruit concentrates;Natural sweetening substances;Nerikiri [traditional Japanese confectionery consisting of a soft sugared bean-based shell containing sweet bean jam];Non-dairy ice cream;Non-meat pies;Non-medicated candy;Non-medicated chocolate;Non-medicated chocolate confectionery;Non-medicated confectionery;Non-medicated confectionery candy;Non-medicated confectionery containing chocolate;Non-medicated confectionery containing milk;Non-medicated confectionery for use as part of a calorie controlled diet;Non-medicated confectionery having a milk flavour;Non-medicated confectionery having toffee fillings;Non-medicated confectionery in jelly form;Non-medicated confectionery in the form of lozenges;Non-medicated confectionery in the shape of eggs;Non-medicated confectionery products;Non-medicated flour confectionery;Non-medicated flour confectionery coated with chocolate;Non-medicated flour confectionery coated with imitation chocolate;Non-medicated flour confectionery containing chocolate;Non-medicated flour confectionery containing imitation chocolate;Non-medicated flour confections;Non-medicated infusions;Non-medicated lozenges;Non-medicated mint confectionery;Non-medicated mouth freshening lozenges;Non-medicated mouth freshening tablets;Non-medicated sugar confectionery;Non-medicated sweets;Non-medicinal burdock root tea (Wooungcha);Non-medicinal herbal infusions;Non-medicinal herbal tea;Non-medicinal infusions;Nonpareils;Noodle-based prepared meals;Noodles;Nougat;Nut confectionery;Nut flours;Nutmeg;Nutmegs;Oat bars;Oat biscuits for human consumption;Oat cakes for human consumption;Oat clusters containing dried fruit;Oat flakes;Oat meal;Oat porridge;Oat-based food;Oat-based food for human consumption;Oat-based foods;Oatmeal;Oatmeal for human consumption;Oats (Crushed -);Oats for human consumption;Oats (Husked -);Oilseed flour for food;Okonomiyaki [Japanese savory pancakes];Okonomiyaki [Japanese savoury pancakes];Oligosaccharides for culinary purposes;Onigiri;Onigiri [rice balls];Onigiri (rice balls);Onion biscuits;Onion or cheese biscuits;Oolong tea;Oolong tea [Chinese tea];Open sandwiches;Orange based confectionery;Orange based pastry;Orange blossom water for culinary purposes;Orange flavoured tea [other than for medicinal use];Organic binding agents for ice cream;Organic thickening agents for cooking foodstuffs;Ornaments for christmas trees [edible];Oyster sauce;Packaged tea [other than for medicinal use];Pad thai (Thai stir-fried noodles);Paella;Pains au chocolat;Pajeon [Korean-style pancakes made with green onions];Palm sugar;Pancake mixes;Pancake syrup;Pancakes;Pandoro;Panettone;Panettoni;Panned sweets (Non-medicated -);Papads;Papadums;Paprika;Parfaits;Pasta;Pasta containing eggs;Pasta containing fillings;Pasta containing stuffings;Pasta dishes;Pasta for incorporating into pizzas;Pasta for soups;Pasta in the form of sheets;Pasta preserves;Pasta products;Pasta salad;Pasta sauce;Pasta sauces;Pasta shells;Pasta-based prepared meals;Pasta-wrappings for gyoza;Paste (Almond -);Paste (Soya bean -) [condiment];Pastes (Farinaceous food -);Pasties;Pastila [confectionery];Pastilles [confectionery];Pastilles [other than for medical purposes];Pastries;Pastries, cakes, tarts and biscuits (cookies);Pastries consisting of vegetables and fish;Pastries consisting of vegetables and meat;Pastries consisting of vegetables and poultry;Pastries containing creams;Pastries containing creams and fruit;Pastries containing fruit;Pastries filled with fruit;Pastries with fruit;Pastry;Pastry cases;Pastry dough;Pastry mixes;Pastry shells;Pastry shells for monaka;Pâté [pastries];Pâtés en croûte;Pavlovas flavoured with hazelnuts;Pavlovas made with hazelnuts;Peanut brittle;Peanut butter confectionery chips;Peanut confectionery;Pearl barley;Pearl barley [prepared];Pearled barley;Pecan logs;Pellet-shaped rice crackers (arare);Pelmeni;Pelmeni [dumplings stuffed with meat];Pepper;Pepper powder [spice];Pepper sauces;Pepper spice;Pepper vinegar;Peppercorns;Peppermint bonbons [other than for medicinal use];Peppermint candy;Peppermint for confectionery;Peppermint pastilles [confectionery], other than for medicinal use;Peppermint sweets;Peppermint sweets [other than for medicinal use];Peppermint tea;Peppermints [other than for medicinal use];Peppers [seasonings];Perilla powder for food;Pesto;Pesto [sauce];Petit fours;Petit-beurre biscuits;Petits fours [cakes];Phyllo dough;Picante sauce;Piccalilli;Pickle relish;Pickled ginger [condiment];Pickling salt for pickling foodstuffs;Pie crusts;Pie shells;Pies;Pies containing fish;Pies containing game;Pies containing meat;Pies containing poultry;Pies containing vegetables;Pies (Meat -);Pies [sweet or savoury];Pikelets;Pimento used as a condiment;Pineapple fritters;Pita bread;Pita chips;Pitta bread;Pizza;Pizza bases;Pizza crust;Pizza crusts;Pizza dough;Pizza flour;Pizza mixes;Pizza pies;Pizza sauce;Pizza sauces;Pizza spices;Pizzas;Pizzas [prepared];Plant flavourings [other than essential oils] for beverages;Plum cakes;Plum-cakes;Polenta;Polysaccharides for use as food for human consumption;Pop corn;Popadoms;Popcorn;Popcorn seasoning;Poppadoms;Poppadums;Popped popcorn;Poppy seed pastry;Poppy seeds for use as a seasoning;Pork pies;Porridge;Porridge oats;Pot pies;Potato flour;Potato flour confectionery;Potato flour for food;Potato flour [for food];Potato starch for food;Potpies;Potstickers [dumplings];Poultry and game meat pies;Poultry pies;Pounded rice cakes (mochi);Pounded wheat;Powder (Cake -);Powder for edible ices;Powder for making cakes;Powder for making edible ices;Powder for making ice cream;Powdered coffee in drip bags;Powdered garlic;Powdered preparations containing cocoa for use in making beverages;Powdered starch syrup [for food];Powdered sugar;Powdered sugar for preparing isotonic beverages;Powders for ice cream;Powders for ices;Powders for making ice cream;Pralines;Pralines made of chocolate;Pralines with liquid filling;Prawn crackers;Pre-baked bread;Pre-baked pizzas crusts;Pre-mixes ready for baking;Pre-packaged lunches consisting primarily of rice, and also including meat, fish or vegetables;Preparations based on cocoa;Preparations for making bakery products;Preparations for making beverages [chocolate based];Preparations for making beverages [cocoa based];Preparations for making beverages [coffee based];Preparations for making beverages [tea based];Preparations for making gateaux;Preparations for making gravy;Preparations for making of sugar confectionery;Preparations for making pizza bases;Preparations for making sauces;Preparations for making up into sauces;Preparations for making waffles;Preparations for stiffening whipped cream;Preparations for use as rising agents in food;Preparations made from cereals;Preparations of chicory for use as a substitute for coffee;Prepared baking mixes;Prepared cocoa and cocoa-based beverages;Prepared coffee and coffee-based beverages;Prepared coffee beverages;Prepared desserts [chocolate based];Prepared desserts [confectionery];Prepared desserts [pastries];Prepared foodstuffs in the form of sauces;Prepared horseradish [condiment];Prepared meals consisting primarily of pasta;Prepared meals consisting primarily of rice;Prepared meals containing [principally] pasta;Prepared meals containing [principally] rice;Prepared meals in the form of pizzas;Prepared oats for human consumption;Prepared pasta;Prepared pie crust mixes;Prepared pizza meals;Prepared rice;Prepared rice dishes;Prepared savory foodstuffs made from potato flour;Prepared wasabi;Preservatives for animal feeds [salt];Preservatives for food [salt];Preserved chervil;Preserved garden herbs as seasonings;Preserved ginger;Preserved ginger [condiment];Preserved herbs;Preserved pizzas;Preserving foodstuffs (Salt for -);Pretzels;Processed cereals;Processed cereals for food for human consumption;Processed corn;Processed garlic for use as seasoning;Processed ginseng used as a herb, spice or flavoring;Processed grains;Processed grains for food for human consumption;Processed grains, starches, and goods made thereof, baking preparations and yeasts;Processed herbs;Processed hops;Processed maize;Processed oats;Processed oats for food for human consumption;Processed popcorn;Processed quinoa;Processed seeds for use as a seasoning;Processed seeds used as a flavoring for foods and beverages;Processed semolina;Processed shallots for use as seasoning;Processed sorghum;Processed teff;Processed unpopped popcorn;Processed wheat;Profiteroles;Propolis;Propolis [bee glue] for human consumption;Propolis for food purposes;Pudding powders;Puddings;Puddings for use as desserts;Puddings in powder form;Puff pastry;Puffed cheese balls [corn snacks];Puffed corn snacks;Puffed rice;Pulse flour for food;Pumpernickel;Pumpkin pies;Pumpkin porridge (Hobak-juk);Pykelets;Quesadillas;Quiche;Quiche [tart];Quiches;Quiches [tarts];Quinoa pasta;Quinoa, processed;Ramen;Ramen [Japanese noodle-based dish];Ravioli;Ravioli [prepared];Raw honeycombs;Raw sugar;Ready to eat savory snack foods made from maize meal formed by extrusion;Ready-made baking mixtures;Ready-made sauces;Ready-to-bake dough products;Ready-to-eat cereal-derived food bars;Ready-to-eat cereals;Ready-to-eat puddings;Red bean porridge (patjuk);Red ginseng candy;Red ginseng tea;Red pepper powder (Gochutgaru);Relish [condiment];Relish [condiments];Relishes;Relishes [condiments];Remoulade sauce;Ribbon vermicelli;Rice;Rice based dishes;Rice biscuits;Rice cake snacks;Rice cakes;Rice chips;Rice crackers;Rice crackers [senbei];Rice crisps;Rice crusts;Rice dumplings;Rice dumplings dressed with sweet bean jam (ankoro);Rice flour;Rice flour porridge;Rice glue balls;Rice mixed with vegetables and beef [bibimbap];Rice mixes;Rice noodles;Rice pasta;Rice porridge;Rice pudding;Rice puddings;Rice puddings containing sultanas and nutmeg;Rice pulp for culinary purposes;Rice salad;Rice snacks;Rice starch flour;Rice sticks;Rice tapioca;Rice vermicelli;Rice-based prepared meals;Rice-based pudding dessert;Rice-based snack food;Rice-based snack foods;Risotto;Roasted and ground sesame seeds for use as a seasoning;Roasted barley and malt for use as substitute for coffee;Roasted barley tea;Roasted barley tea [mugicha];Roasted brown rice tea;Roasted coffee beans;Roasted corn;Roasted maize;Rock [confectionery];Rolled oats;Rolled oats and wheat;Rolled wafers [biscuits];Rolls [bread];Rolls (Bread -);Rooibos tea;Rose hip tea;Rosemary tea;Royal jelly;Rusks;Rye bread;Rye flour;Rye full grain grist;Sachima;Saffron;Saffron for use as a seasoning;Saffron salt for seasoning food;Saffron [seasoning];Sage [seasoning];Sage tea;Sago;Sago palm starch [for food];Sal ammoniac liquorice sweets (Non-medicated -);Salad cream;Salad dressing;Salad dressings;Salad dressings containing cream;Salad (Dressings for -);Salad sauces;Saleratus for culinary purposes;Salsa;Salsa sauces;Salsas;Salt;Salt (Cooking -);Salt crackers;Salt for cooking;Salt for flavouring food;Salt for popcorn;Salt for preserving fish;Salt for preserving food;Salt for preserving foodstuffs;Salt pellets for preserving fish;Salt pellets for preserving food;Salt pellets for preserving foodstuffs;Salted biscuits;Salted butter caramel;Salted butter fudge;Salted wafer biscuits;Salts, seasonings, flavourings and condiments;Salty biscuits;Sambal oelek (ground red pepper sauce);Sambal oeleks being condiments;Sambal sauce (ground red pepper sauce);Sambals;Samosas;Sandwich spread made from chocolate and nuts;Sandwich wraps [bread];Sandwiches;Sandwiches containing chicken;Sandwiches containing fish;Sandwiches containing fish fillet;Sandwiches containing hamburgers;Sandwiches containing meat;Sandwiches containing minced beef;Sandwiches containing salad;Sansho powder [Japanese pepper seasoning];Satay sauces;Sauce [edible];Sauce mixes;Sauce powder;Sauce powders;Sauce (Tomato -);Sauces;Sauces [condiments];Sauces containing nuts;Sauces flavoured with nuts;Sauces for barbecued meat;Sauces for chicken;Sauces for frozen fish;Sauces for ice cream;Sauces for pasta;Sauces for pizzas;Sauces for rice;Sauces for use with pasta;Sausage binding materials;Sausage rolls;Savarins;Savory biscuits;Savory food flavourings for animal foods [other than essential oils];Savory food flavourings for food [other than essential oils];Savory pastries;Savory sauces;Savory sauces, chutneys and pastes;Savory sauces used as condiments;Savoury biscuits;Savoury sauces;Scones;Sea salt for cooking;Sea salt for preserving foodstuffs;Sea water for cooking;Seasoned bean paste;Seasoned breading mix for deep frying;Seasoned coating for meat, fish, poultry;Seasoned popcorn;Seasoned salt;Seasoned salt for cooking;Seasoned soy sauce (Chiyou);Seasoning marinade;Seasoning mixes;Seasoning mixes for stews;Seasonings;Seasonings for instant-boiled mutton;Seaweed [condiment];Seaweed flavoured corn chips;Seaweed for use as a condiment;Seitan [dried wheat gluten];Semi-baked bread;Semolina;Semolina pudding;Senbei [rice crackers];Senbei (rice crackers);Sesame candy bars;Sesame confectionery;Sesame paste;Sesame seeds [seasonings];Shao mai;Shaved ice with sweetened red beans;Shaved ices with sweetened red beans;Sherbet [confectionery];Sherbet mixes;Sherbets [confectionery];Sherbets [confectionery ices];Sherbets [ices];Sherbets [sorbets];Sherbets [water ices];Shortbread;Shortbread biscuits;Shortbread part coated with a chocolate flavoured coating;Shortbread part coated with chocolate;Shortbread with a chocolate coating;Shortbread with a chocolate flavoured coating;Shortbreads;Shortcake;Shortcrust pastry;Shrimp chips;Shrimp dumplings;Shrimp noodles;Shrimp sauce;Sichuan pepper powder;Sichuan peppers being condiments;Skin for spring rolls;Skin [pastry] for spring rolls;Sloppy joe seasoning mix;Smoke distillates from wood for flavouring foodstuffs;Snack bars containing a mixture of grains, nuts and dried fruit [confectionery];Snack food (Cereal-based -);Snack food products consisting of cereal products;Snack food products made from cereal flour;Snack food products made from cereal starch;Snack food products made from cereals;Snack food products made from maize flour;Snack food products made from potato flour;Snack food products made from rice;Snack food products made from rice flour;Snack food products made from rusk flour;Snack food products made from soya flour;Snack food (Rice-based -);Snack foods consisting principally of bread;Snack foods consisting principally of confectionery;Snack foods consisting principally of extruded cereals;Snack foods consisting principally of grain;Snack foods consisting principally of pasta;Snack foods consisting principally of rice;Snack foods made from cereals;Snack foods made from corn;Snack foods made from corn and in the form of puffs;Snack foods made from corn and in the form of rings;Snack foods made from wheat;Snack foods made of wheat;Snack foods made of whole wheat;Snack foods prepared from maize;Snack foods prepared from potato flour;Snack products made of cereals;Snacks made from muesli;Snacks manufactured from cereals;Snacks manufactured from muesli;Soba noodles;Soba noodles [japanese noodles of buckwheat, uncooked];Soda bread;Sodium chloride for preserving foodstuffs;Soft caramels;Soft ices;Soft pin-rolled cakes of pounded rice (gyuhi);Soft pretzels;Soft rolls [bread];Somen noodles;Somen noodles [very thin wheat noodle, uncooked];Songpyeon [half-moon-shaped rice cakes with sweet or semi-sweet fillings];Sopapilla;Sopapillas [fried bread];Sopapillas [fried pastries];Sorbet;Sorbet infused with alcohol;Sorbet mixes [ices];Sorbets;Sorbets [ices];Sorbets [water ices];Sour dough;Soy sauce;Soy sauce [soya sauce];Soya based ice cream products;Soya bean paste [condiment];Soya flour;Soya flour for food;Soya sauce;Soya sauces;Soya-based ice cream substitutes;Soy-based ice cream substitute;Soybean paste condiment [doenjang];Spaghetti;Spaghetti and meatballs;Spaghetti sauce;Spaghetti [uncooked];Spaghetti with meatballs;Speciality gateaux;Spice extracts;Spice mixes;Spice preparations;Spice rubs;Spiced salt;Spices;Spices in the form of powders;Spicy sauces;Sponge cake;Sponge cakes;Sponge fingers [cakes];Spray crystallized maltose for food;Spring roll skin [pastry];Spring rolls;Sriracha hot chili sauce;Star aniseed;Starch derivatives for food human consumption;Starch for food;Starch noodles;Starch products for food;Starch syrup for culinary purposes;Starch syrup [for food];Starch vermicelli;Starch-based candies;Starch-based candies (ame);Steamed bread;Steamed buns stuffed with minced meat (niku-manjuh);Steamed buns stuffed with red bean paste;Steamed buns stuffed with red beans;Steamed rice;Steamed sponge cakes (fagao);Steel cut oats;Stew seasoning mixes;Stick liquorice [confectionery];Sticky rice cakes (Chapsalttock);Stiffening whipped cream (Preparations for -);Stir fried rice cake [topokki];Stir-fried noodles with vegetables (Japchae);Stir-fried rice;Strawberry gateaux;Stuffed bread;Stuffed pasta;Stuffing mixes containing bread;Stuffing mixes [foodstuffs];Substances for binding ice cream;Substances imparting flavour for addition to drink [other than essential oils];Substances imparting flavour for addition to food [other than essential oils];Substances imparting savour for addition to drink [other than essential oils];Substances imparting savour for addition to food [other than essential oils];Substances imparting smell for addition to drink [other than essential oils];Substances imparting smell for addition to food [other than essential oils];Substances imparting taste for addition to drink [other than essential oils];Substances imparting taste for addition to food [other than essential oils];Substitutes (Chocolate -);Substitutes (Coffee -);Sugar;Sugar almonds;Sugar candies (Non-medicated -);Sugar candy [for food];Sugar coated pine nuts;Sugar confectionery;Sugar confectionery (Non-medicated -);Sugar for making conserves of fruit;Sugar for making jams;Sugar for making jellies;Sugar, honey, treacle;Sugar [other than for medical purposes];Sugar, other than for medical use;Sugar substitutes;Sugar-coated coffee beans;Sugar-coated hard caramels;Sugared almonds;Sugared beans (ama-natto);Sugarfree chewing gum;Sugar-free chewing gum;Sugar-free mint candies;Sugarfree sweets;Sugar-free sweets;Sugarless candies;Sugarless chewing gum;Sugarless sweets;Sugars;Sugars, natural sweeteners, sweet coatings and fillings, bee products;Sugars [other than for medical purposes];Sumac for use as a seasoning;Sushi;Sweet and sour sauce;Sweet bean jam coated with sugared-bean based soft shell [nerikiri];Sweet biscuits for human consumption;Sweet dumplings (dango);Sweet glazes and fillings;Sweet pickle [condiment];Sweet potato starch;Sweet potato starch for food;Sweet pounded rice cakes (mochi-gashi);Sweet rice with nuts and jujubes (yaksik);Sweet spreads [honey];Sweeteners consisting of fruit concentrates;Sweeteners (Natural -);Sweeteners (Natural -) in granular form;Sweetmeat made of sesame oil;Sweetmeats;Sweetmeats [candy];Sweetmeats [candy] being flavoured with fruit;Sweetmeats [candy] containing fruit;Sweetmeats made of sesame oil;Sweets;Sweets [candy];Sweets (candy), candy bars and chewing gum;Sweets (Non-medicated -);Sweets (Non-medicated -) being acidulated;Sweets (Non-medicated -) being acidulated caramel sweets;Sweets (Non-medicated -) being alcohol based;Sweets (Non-medicated -) being honey based;Sweets (Non-medicated -) containing herbal flavourings;Sweets (Non-medicated -) in compressed form;Sweets (Non-medicated -) in the nature of caramels;Sweets (Non-medicated -) in the nature of chocolate eclairs;Sweets (Non-medicated -) in the nature of fudge;Sweets (Non-medicated -) in the nature of nougat;Sweets (Non-medicated -) in the nature of sugar confectionery;Sweets (Non-medicated -) in the nature of toffees;Sweets (Peppermint -);Synthetic thickeners for foodstuffs;Syrup for food;Syrup of molasses for food;Syrups and treacles;Tabbouleh;Table salt;Table salt mixed with sesame seeds;Table syrup;Tablet (confectionary);Tablets (Non-medicated -) made of glucose with a caffeine base;Tabouleh;Taco chips;Taco seasoning;Taco seasonings;Taco shells;Tacos;Taffy;Taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped cakes with various fillings);Tamales;Tamarind [condiment];Tapioca;Tapioca flour;Tapioca flour for food;Tapioca flour [for food];Tart shells;Tartar sauce;Tartare sauce;Tarts;Tarts [sweet or savoury];Tea;Tea bags;Tea bags for making non-medicated tea;Tea bags (Non-medicated -);Tea based beverages (Non-medicated -);Tea beverages;Tea beverages (Non-medicated -);Tea cakes;Tea essence (Non-medicated -);Tea essences;Tea essences (Non-medicated -);Tea extracts;Tea extracts (Non-medicated -);Tea for infusions;Tea (Iced -);Tea leaves;Tea mix powders;Tea mixtures;Tea (Non-medicated -);Tea (Non-medicated -) consisting of cranberry extracts;Tea (Non-medicated -) consisting of cranberry leaves;Tea (Non-medicated -) containing cranberry extracts;Tea (Non-medicated -) containing cranberry leaves;Tea (Non-medicated -) sold loose;Tea of parched powder of barley with husk (mugi-cha);Tea of salty kelp powder (kombu-cha);Tea pods;Tea substitutes;Tea-based beverages;Tea-based beverages with fruit flavoring;Teas;Teas (Non-medicated -);Teas (Non-medicated -) containing lemon;Teas (Non-medicated -) flavoured with lemon;Tempura batter mix;Teriyaki sauce;Theine-free tea;Theine-free tea sweetened with sweeteners;Theine-free tea with added sweeteners;Thick breadsticks;Thickeners for cooking foodstuffs;Thickening agents for cooking foodstuffs;Thickening agents for use in cooking;Thin breadsticks;Tieguanyin tea;Tiramisu;Tisanes made of tea (Non-medicated -);Toast;Toasted bread;Toasted cheese sandwich;Toasted cheese sandwich with ham;Toasted corn kernels;Toasted grain flour;Toasted natural wood chips added to wine to improve its flavour;Toasted sandwiches;Toasts;Toasts [biscuits];Toffee;Toffees;Tomato based sauces;Tomato ketchup;Tomato sauce;Topping syrup;Topping syrups;Tortellini;Tortes;Tortilla chips;Tortilla shells;Tortilla snacks;Tortillas;Treacle;Treacle cake;Treacle tarts;Treacles;Truffle cream sauces;Truffle flour;Truffle honey;Truffle ices;Truffle pasta;Truffle salt;Truffles [confectionery];Truffles (rum -) [confectionery];Turbinado sugar;Turkey sandwiches;Turkish delight;Turkish delight coated in chocolate;Turmeric;Turmeric for food;Turmeric for use as a condiment;Turmeric powders for use as a condiment;Udon (Japanese style noodles);Udon noodles;Udon noodles [uncooked];Uncooked dried pieces of wheat gluten;Uncooked pizzas;Unfermented bread;Unleavened bread;Unleavened bread in thin sheets;Unroasted coffee;Unsorted wheatflour;Vanilla;Vanilla beans;Vanilla [flavoring] [flavouring];Vanilla [flavoring] flavouring;Vanilla flavorings;Vanilla flavorings for culinary purposes;Vanilla flavourings for culinary purposes;Vanilla flavourings for food or beverages;Vanillin;Vanillin [vanilla substitute];Vareniki [stuffed dumplings];Vegan cakes;Vegan mayonnaise;Vegetable based coffee substitutes;Vegetable concentrates used for seasoning;Vegetable flavoured corn chips;Vegetable flour;Vegetable pastes [sauces];Vegetable pies;Vegetable pulps [sauces - food];Vegetable purees [sauces];Vegetable thickeners;Vegetable-based seasonings for pasta;Vegetal preparations for use as coffee substitutes;Vermicelli;Vermicelli [noodles];Vermicelli (Ribbon -);Viennese pastries;Viennoiserie;Vinegar;Vinegars;Vla [custard];Vol-au-vent cases;Vol-au-vents;Wafer biscuits;Wafer dough;Wafer doughs;Wafered pralines;Wafers;Wafers [biscuits];Wafers [food];Waffles;Waffles with a chocolate coating;Wasabi paste;Wasabi powder;Water chestnut starch for food;Water ice;Water ices;Water (Sea -) for cooking;Weeds [condiment];Wheat (Flakes of -);Wheat flour;Wheat flour [for food];Wheat germ;Wheat germ for human consumption;Wheat germ [other than a dietary supplement];Wheat meal;Wheat starch flour;Wheat-based snack foods;Wheaten flour;Wheatgerm;Whipped cream (Preparations for stiffening -);White lotus tea (Baengnyeoncha);White sugar;White tea;Whole wheat bread;Whole wheat grains being cooked;Whole wheat grains being dried;Whole wheat grains being precooked;Whole wheat grains being preserved;Wholemeal bread;Wholemeal bread mixes;Wholemeal noodles;Wholemeal pasta;Wholemeal rice;Wholewheat crisps;Wild rice [prepared];Wine vinegar;Won ton wrappers;Won tons;Wonton chips;Wontons;Worcestershire sauce;Wrap sandwiches;Wraps [sandwich];Xylitol-sweetened sweets;Yaksik [Korean dish consisting primarily of sweet rice with added nuts and jujubes];Yeast;Yeast and leavening agents;Yeast extracts;Yeast extracts for food;Yeast extracts for human consumption;Yeast for use as an ingredient in foods;Yeast powder;Yerba mate;Yoghurt based ice cream [ice cream predominating];Yoghurt (Frozen -) [confectionery ices];Yogurt (Frozen -) [confectionery ices];Yorkshire puddings;Yuja-cha (Korean honey citron tea);Zefir [confectionery];Zephyr [confectionery];Ziti;Zwieback.
Class Description: 031 - Natural Agricultural Products
Goods & Services: Abalones [live];Abrasive liners for cat litter pans;Active dried yeast for animals;Agricultural and aquacultural crops, horticulture and forestry products;Agricultural grains for planting;Agricultural produce (Unprocessed -);Agricultural seeds;Algae for animal consumption;Algae for human consumption;Algae for human or animal consumption;Algae powder for animal consumption;Algae, unprocessed, for human or animal consumption;Algarovilla for animal consumption;Almonds [fruits];Aloe vera, fresh, for food;Aloe vera plants;Anchovy, live;Animal beverages;Animal biscuits;Animal embryos;Animal fattening preparations;Animal feed;Animal feed preparations;Animal feeds;Animal feedstuffs;Animal food;Animal foodstuffs;Animal foodstuffs consisting of soya bean products;Animal foodstuffs containing air-cured hay;Animal foodstuffs containing hay;Animal foodstuffs derived from air-cured hay;Animal foodstuffs derived from hay;Animal foodstuffs derived from vegetable matter;Animal foodstuffs for the weaning of animals;Animal foodstuffs in the form of nuts;Animal foodstuffs in the form of pellets;Animal foodstuffs in the form of pieces;Animal forage (Lime for -);Animal litter;Animal litter for cats;Animal litter made from hydrated calcium silicate;Animals (Edible chews for -);Animals (Live -);Animals (Menagerie -);Apple tree seeds;Apple trees;Apples (Fresh -);Apples (Unprocessed -);Aquarium fish;Ark-shells [live];Aromatic sand for pets [litter];Aromatic sand [litter] for pets;Arrangements of dried flowers for decorative purposes;Arrangements of fresh fruit;Arrangements of natural flowers;Artichokes, fresh;Artificial milk prepared for use as a feeding stuff for calves;Asparagus (Fresh -);Asparagus plant material (Fresh -);Asparagus plants;Asparagus (Unprocessed -);Baby corns, fresh;Bagasses of cane [raw material];Bagasses of cane [raw materials];Bait (Fishing -), live;Bait [live];Baled air-cured hay;Bark for mulches;Bark for use as animal litter;Bark for use in mulching;Bark mulches;Bark-based products for use as animal litter;Bark-based products for use in mulching;Barks (Raw -);Barley;Barley for use in brewing beer;Barley (Unprocessed -);Beans, fresh;Beans (Locust -);Bedding and litter for animals;Bedding material for fowl;Bedding materials for animals;Bee pollen being raw material for industrial use;Bee pollen (Raw -);Bee pollen (Unprocessed -);Beef cattle;Beer barley;Bees;Beet;Beet, fresh;Berries, fresh;Berries, fresh fruits;Berries (Raw -);Berries (Unprocessed -);Betel nuts, fresh;Beverages for animals;Beverages for canines;Beverages for cats;Beverages for dogs;Beverages for pets;Biodegradable mulching plates made of wood fibres;Bird food;Bird seed;Biscuits (Dog -);Biscuits for animals;Biscuits for dogs;Biscuits for puppies;Biscuits made from cereals for animals;Biscuits made from malt for animals;Blue mussels [live];Boars for breeding purposes;Bones for dogs;Bouquets of dried flowers;Bouquets of fresh flowers;Bran;Bran mash for animal consumption;Bred stock;Breeder birds;Brine shrimp for fish food;Buckwheat, unprocessed;Bulbs;Bulbs (Flower -);Bulbs for agricultural purposes;Bulbs for horticultural purposes;Bulbs for planting;Bulbs (Plant -);Bulbs (Plant -) for agricultural use;Bulbs (Plant -) for horticultural use;Bumblebees;Bushes;Bushes [shrubs];By-products of the processing of cereals, for animal consumption;Cake (Oil -);Cake (Peanut -) for animals;Cake (Rape -) for cattle;Calamari, live;Cannabis plants;Cannabis, unprocessed;Canned foods for dogs;Canned foodstuffs consisting of meat for young animals;Canned foodstuffs containing meat for young animals;Canned foodstuffs for cats;Canned foodstuffs for dogs;Canned or preserved foods for animals;Capelin, live;Capsicums;Carp [live];Carrots (Fresh -);Cat biscuits;Cat food;Cat litter;Cat litter and litter for small animals;Cat litters;Cat treats [edible];Catnip;Catnip [fresh];Cats;Cattle cake;Cattle feed;Cattle food;Cellulose for use as animal bedding;Cellulose sheets for use as animal bedding;Cereal based foodstuffs for animals;Cereal cakes for animals;Cereal grains (Unprocessed -);Cereal seeds, unprocessed;Cereals preparations being food for animals;Cereals products for consumption by animals;Cereals (Residual products of -) for animal consumption;Cereals (Unprocessed -);Cheese flavoured foodstuffs for dogs;Cherries (Fresh -);Cherries (Unprocessed -);Chestnuts, fresh;Chewing bones for dogs;Chews for animals (Edible -);Chicks;Chicory, fresh;Chicory roots;Chicory [salad];Chillies;Chillies (Unprocessed -);Chinese artichoke, fresh vegetable;Chinese roses;Chinese roses, natural;Chinese toon sprout, fresh vegetable;Chopped straw for animal bedding;Christmas trees;Citrus fruit;Citrus fruit, fresh;Climbing plants;Cocoa beans, raw;Cocoa beans (Unprocessed -);Cocoanut shell;Coconut fibre mulches;Coconut shell;Coconut shells;Coconuts;Cocoons for egg production;Cocoons for silkworm breeding;Cola nuts;Cones (Hop -);Cones (Pine -);Conifer trees;Copra;Cork (Rough -);Corms;Corn husks, dried, for decoration;Corn (Unprocessed -);Courgettes (Fresh -);Crabs [live];Crabs, live;Crayfish, live;Crop seeds;Crustaceans, live;Cucumbers, fresh;Culinary herbs (Fresh -);Cut Christmas trees;Cut flowers;Cuttings (Plant -);Cuttle bone for birds;Cuttle bone [for cage birds];Cuttlebones for birds;Cuttlefish bones;Decorative woodchip mulch;Digestible chewing bones and bars for domestic animals;Digestible chewing bones for dogs;Distillery waste for animal consumption;Dog biscuits;Dog food;Dog foods;Dog treats [edible];Dogs;Draff;Dried alfalfa for animals;Dried boutonnieres;Dried cattails for decoration;Dried corn husks for decoration;Dried corsages;Dried flower arrangements;Dried flower wreaths;Dried flowers;Dried flowers for decoration;Dried herbs for decoration;Dried plants;Dried plants for decoration;Durian saplings;Edible aquatic animals [live];Edible baits;Edible bird treats;Edible bones and sticks for pets;Edible chewing products for domestic animals;Edible chews for animals;Edible chews for dogs;Edible dog treats;Edible flaxseed, unprocessed;Edible flowers, fresh;Edible food for animals for chewing;Edible horse treats;Edible insects, live;Edible linseed, unprocessed;Edible nuts [unprocessed];Edible pet treats;Edible seeds [unprocessed];Edible sesame, unprocessed;Edible silvervine powder for pet cats;Edible treats for animals;Egg laying poultry (Preparations for -);Eggplants;Eggs for hatching;Eggs for hatching, fertilised;Eggs for hatching, fertilized;Fattening preparations (Animal -);Feeding preparations for bees;Feeding substances for bees;Feedingstuffs for animals;Ferns;Fertilised eggs for hatching;Fertilized eggs for hatching;Fir trees for grafting purposes;Fir trees for propagation purposes;Fish eggs for hatching;Fish food;Fish, live;Fish meal [animal feed];Fish meal for animal consumption;Fish spawn;Fishing bait, live;Flax [linseed] plant seeds;Flax [linseed] plants;Flax meal [fodder];Flaxseed for animal consumption;Flaxseed meal for animal consumption;Floral decorations [dried];Floral decorations [fresh];Floral decorations [natural];Flounders, live;Flower bulbs;Flower corms;Flower seeds;Flowering plants;Flowers;Flowers, dried, for decoration;Flowers, natural;Flowers [natural];Flowers (Wreaths of natural -);Fodder;Foliage plants;Food for animals;Food for aquarium fish;Food for birds;Food for cats;Food for dogs;Food for fish;Food for goldfish;Food for hamsters;Food for racing dogs;Food for rodents;Food for wild birds;Food (Pet -);Food preparations for cats;Food preparations for dogs;Food products for animals;Foods containing beef for feeding cats;Foods containing beef for feeding dogs;Foods containing chicken for feeding cats;Foods containing chicken for feeding dogs;Foods containing liver for feeding cats;Foods containing liver for feeding dogs;Foods flavoured with beef for feeding cats;Foods flavoured with beef for feeding dogs;Foods flavoured with chicken for feeding cats;Foods flavoured with chicken for feeding dogs;Foods flavoured with liver for feeding cats;Foods flavoured with liver for feeding dogs;Foods in the form of rings for feeding to cats;Foods in the form of rings for feeding to dogs;Foodstuff for animals;Foodstuff for dogs;Foodstuffs and fodder for animals;Foodstuffs (Animal -);Foodstuffs containing phosphate for feeding animals;Foodstuffs for animals;Foodstuffs for animals containing botanical extracts;Foodstuffs for animals on a milk basis;Foodstuffs for birds;Foodstuffs for calves;Foodstuffs for cats;Foodstuffs for cats based on or consisting of fish;Foodstuffs for cattle;Foodstuffs for chickens;Foodstuffs for dairy animals;Foodstuffs for dogs;Foodstuffs for domestic animals;Foodstuffs for ewes;Foodstuffs for farm animals;Foodstuffs for fish;Foodstuffs for horses;Foodstuffs for marine animals;Foodstuffs for pet animals;Foodstuffs for pigs;Foodstuffs for poultry;Foodstuffs for puppies;Foodstuffs for sheep;Forage;Forage for animals;Formula animal feed;Fortified food substances for animals;Fresh adzuki beans;Fresh almonds;Fresh apple mangos;Fresh apples;Fresh apricots;Fresh artichokes;Fresh arugula;Fresh asparagus;Fresh avocados;Fresh balloon flower root (Doraji);Fresh bamboo fungus;Fresh bamboo shoots;Fresh bananas;Fresh basil;Fresh bean sprouts;Fresh beans;Fresh beetroots;Fresh beets;Fresh bell peppers;Fresh berries;Fresh black raspberry (Bokbunja);Fresh blackberries;Fresh blackcurrants;Fresh blood oranges;Fresh blueberries;Fresh bok choy;Fresh boysenberries;Fresh Brazil nuts;Fresh broad beans;Fresh brussel sprouts;Fresh burdock root;Fresh cabbage;Fresh carambolas;Fresh carrots;Fresh cashew apples;Fresh cashew nuts;Fresh champignons;Fresh chanterelles;Fresh cherries;Fresh cherry tomatoes;Fresh chervil;Fresh chestnuts;Fresh chick peas;Fresh chickpeas;Fresh chilies;Fresh Chinese yams;Fresh chives;Fresh cilantro;Fresh citrus fruit;Fresh citrus fruits;Fresh cloudberries;Fresh coconuts;Fresh cola nuts;Fresh corn;Fresh corni fructus (Sansuyu) in the nature of live plants;Fresh cranberries;Fresh cucumbers;Fresh culinary herbs;Fresh currant;Fresh cut garlands;Fresh cut wreaths;Fresh dates;Fresh dragon fruits;Fresh durians;Fresh edible aloe vera;Fresh edible black fungi;Fresh edible cacti;Fresh edible flowers;Fresh edible mushrooms;Fresh edible rootstocks;Fresh eggplants;Fresh fava beans;Fresh fern (Gosari);Fresh figs;Fresh finger limes;Fresh flavoring leaves of Japanese pepper tree (Sansho);Fresh flower arrangements;Fresh flowers;Fresh fruit;Fresh fruits;Fresh fruits and vegetables;Fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables and herbs;Fresh funghi;Fresh garden herbs;Fresh garlic;Fresh garlic scapes;Fresh ginger;Fresh gingko nuts;Fresh ginkgo nuts;Fresh ginseng;Fresh goji berries;Fresh golden berries;Fresh gooseberries;Fresh grape tomatoes;Fresh grapefruits;Fresh grapes;Fresh green garlic;Fresh green split-peas;Fresh guavas;Fresh hawthorn fruits;Fresh hazelnuts;Fresh herbs;Fresh horseradish root;Fresh ice cream beans;Fresh jackfruit;Fresh Japanese edible horseradishes (wasabi);Fresh Japanese leeks;Fresh Japanese persimmons;Fresh kale;Fresh kelps;Fresh khorasan wheatgrass;Fresh kiwi fruit;Fresh kohlrabi;Fresh kumquats;Fresh leafy Asian vegetables;Fresh leeks;Fresh legumes;Fresh lemons;Fresh lentils;Fresh lettuce;Fresh limes;Fresh loganberries;Fresh long net stinkhorn;Fresh longan;Fresh loquats;Fresh lotus roots;Fresh lychees;Fresh mandarin oranges;Fresh mandarins;Fresh mangos;Fresh mangosteens;Fresh melons;Fresh mint;Fresh mugwort (Yakssuk) in the nature of live plants;Fresh mulberries;Fresh mushrooms;Fresh napa cabbage (Baechu);Fresh naranjillas;Fresh noni fruit;Fresh nuts;Fresh oak mushroom;Fresh oats;Fresh okra;Fresh olives;Fresh onions;Fresh oranges;Fresh oregano;Fresh oriental melon (Cham-oe);Fresh palm fruits;Fresh papayas;Fresh parsley;Fresh parsnips;Fresh passion fruit;Fresh peaches;Fresh peanuts;Fresh peas;Fresh pecans;Fresh peppers;Fresh perilla leaves (Shiso);Fresh pine mushroom;Fresh pine nuts;Fresh pineapple guavas (feijoa);Fresh pineapples;Fresh pistachio nuts;Fresh plantains;Fresh plants;Fresh plum tomatoes;Fresh plums;Fresh pomegranates;Fresh potatoes;Fresh pulses;Fresh pumpkins;Fresh quince;Fresh radicchio;Fresh rambutans;Fresh raspberries;Fresh redcurrants;Fresh rosemary;Fresh sage;Fresh sapodillas;Fresh sapotes;Fresh scallions;Fresh seaweed;Fresh shallots;Fresh shiitake mushrooms;Fresh soursops;Fresh soy beans;Fresh soya beans;Fresh Spanish limes;Fresh spinach;Fresh star fruit;Fresh strawberries;Fresh strawberry guavas;Fresh string beans;Fresh sugar-apples;Fresh sweet potatoes;Fresh tangerines;Fresh thyme;Fresh tomatoes;Fresh truffles;Fresh vegetables;Fresh walnuts;Fresh water chestnuts;Fresh wax apples;Fresh waxberries;Fresh wheat;Fresh wheatgrass;Fresh white carrots (arracacha);Fresh wine grapes;Fresh yams;Fresh zucchini;Fruit bushes;Fruit, fresh;Fruit plants;Fruit residue [marc];Fruit seeds;Fruit shrubs;Fruit trees;Fuller's earth for use as animal litter;Funeral wreaths;Fungi;Garden herbs, fresh;Garden salads;Garlands of natural flowers;Garlic, fresh;Garlic [fresh];Germ grains;Germ (Seed -) for botanical purposes;Gift baskets of fresh fruits;Ginger, fresh;Goldfish;Grains [cereals];Grains for animal consumption;Grains [seeds];Grape vine trees;Grapefruits;Grapes, fresh;Grass;Grass seed;Grass seeds;Grasses [plants];Gravel paper for bird cages;Groats for poultry;Ground bait [live or natural];Hamster food;Hamsters;Hanging basket liners [moss];Hay;Hazelnuts;Hazelnuts, fresh;Helichrysum [shrub];Helichrysum (shrub);Herbs, dried, for decoration;Herbs (Fresh -);Herbs, fresh (Garden -);Herrings, live;Hop cones;Hop pellets;Hop saplings;Hops;Horse feed;Horticultural mulches;Horticultural mulches made from cocoa shell waste;House plants;Hovenia acerba, fresh;Hybrid wheat seeds;Hydroponic plants;Hydroponic seeds;Irish moss, other than for medical purposes;Juniper berries;Kitty litter;Koi carp, live;Kola nuts;Krill, live;Kumquats;Lawn/turf;Leaf mustard, fresh;Leeks, fresh;Leguminous plants;Lemons, fresh;Lentils, fresh;Lettuce, fresh;Lichees, fresh;Lime for animal forage;Linseed for animal consumption;Linseed meal for animal consumption;Litter for animals;Litter for birds;Litter for cats;Litter for dogs;Litter for domestic animals;Litter for small animals;Litter peat;Live abalones;Live anchovies;Live animals;Live animals, organisms for breeding;Live aquarium coral;Live aquatic creatures;Live ark-shells;Live arthropods for the control of pests;Live bait;Live bait for fishing;Live baits;Live bee pupae;Live birds;Live black-bone chickens;Live blue mussels;Live bullfrogs;Live bushes;Live butterflies;Live carp;Live carps;Live cattle;Live Christmas trees;Live Christmas trees [cut];Live clams;Live codfishes;Live coral;Live corsages;Live cows;Live crabs;Live crayfish;Live crucian carps;Live cuttlefish;Live ducks;Live edible aquatic animals;Live eels;Live fish;Live fish for food purposes;Live fish for human consumption;Live fish [not for food];Live fish, other than for human consumption;Live fishing bait;Live flower arrangements;Live flower wreaths;Live flowers;Live game;Live goats;Live goldfish;Live hamsters;Live hatching eggs;Live hens;Live horses;Live insects;Live laboratory animals;Live langoustines;Live lobsters;Live mammals;Live octopuses;Live oysters;Live perches;Live pigs;Live plaices;Live plants;Live plants used as aquarium landscapes;Live plants with symbiotic microorganisms;Live poultry;Live prawns;Live rootstocks;Live roses;Live salmon;Live sardines;Live sea basses;Live sea breams [red snappers];Live seafood;Live sheep;Live shellfish;Live short-necked clams;Live shrimp;Live shrimps;Live silver carps;Live snails;Live topiaries;Live trees;Live trouts;Livestock;Livestock fattening preparations;Livestock feed;Living animals;Living christmas trees [cut];Living flowers;Living fruit plants;Living natural flowers;Living plants;Living poultry;Living salad;Lobsters, live;Lobsters (Spiny -), live;Locust beans, raw;Loose hemp for use as animal bedding;Maize;Maize cake for cattle;Maize for consumption by animals;Maize (Processed -) for consumption by animals;Maize products for consumption by animals;Maize products (Processed -) for consumption by animals;Malt;Malt albumen for animal consumption [other than for medical use];Malt albumin for animal consumption [other than for medical use];Malt extracts for consumption by animals;Malt for animals;Malt for brewing;Malt for brewing and distilling;Malt for distilling;Malt germs;Malt grains [unprocessed];Malted barley;Malts and unprocessed cereals;Mandarins [fruit, fresh];Marc;Marrows;Marrows, fresh;Mash for fattening livestock;Meal for animals;Meal for consumption by animals;Melons;Menagerie animals;Milk for use as foodstuffs for animals;Milk for use as foodstuffs for dogs;Milk replacers for animals;Milk substitutes for use as foodstuffs for animals;Milk-based foodstuffs for animals;Milled food products for animals;Milled peat;Mineral salt licking bricks for livestock;Mineral salts for cattle;Mint [fresh];Mixed animal feed;Mixed fruits [fresh];Molluscs, live;Mollusks, live;Moss (Irish -), other than for medical purposes;Mulch;Mulch mats made of natural materials for use in suppressing weeds;Mulch (Straw -);Mulch (Straw -) for weed suppression;Mulches of natural materials for use in suppressing weeds in horticultural environments;Mushroom spawn for propagation;Mushrooms, fresh;Mushrooms, fresh, for food;Mussels, live;Mycelium for agricultural purposes;Natural edible plants [unprocessed];Natural flowering plants;Natural flowers;Natural greenery for decoration;Natural plants;Natural plants and flowers;Natural plants [live];Natural rice for use as animal fodder;Natural seeds;Natural turf;Nettles;Non-artificial turf;Non-debarked timber;Nursery plants;Nutrients [foodstuffs] for fish;Nuts being fresh;Nuts [fruits];Nuts, unprocessed;Oat biscuits for consumption by animals;Oat cakes for consumption by animals;Oat-based food for animals;Oatmeal for consumption by animals;Oats;Oats for consumption by animals;Oil cake;Oilseed meal for animals;Olives, fresh;Onions;Onions, fresh;Onions, fresh vegetables;Oranges;Oranges, fresh;Organic fresh fruit;Organic fresh herbs;Organic fresh vegetables;Oyster mushrooms, fresh;Oysters, live;Paddy;Palm fronds;Palm tree leaves [unworked or partly worked material];Palm trees;Palms [leaves of the palm tree];Paper for use as animal bedding;Peanut cake for animals;Peanut meal for animals;Peanuts, fresh;Peanuts, unprocessed;Pearl barley [in the husk];Pears, fresh;Peas, fresh;Peat (Litter -);Peat litter for animals;Peat moss;Pennyroyal [plants];Peppers [plants];Pet animals;Pet beverages;Pet birds;Pet food;Pet food for birds;Pet food for dogs;Pet foods;Pet foods in the form of chews;Pet foodstuffs;Pet treats in the nature of bully sticks;Pets (Aromatic sand for -) [litter];Pets (Sanded paper for -) [litter];Pig feed;Pigs;Pine cones;Pineapples [fresh];Plant bulbs for horticultural use;Plant residues (raw materials);Plant seeds;Plants;Plants, dried, for decoration;Plants for aquaria [live];Plants for ponds [live];Plants (Live -);Pollen [raw material];Pollen [raw materials];Pomegranates;Pomelos, fresh;Potatoes, fresh;Potted dwarfed trees (bonsai);Potted fresh herbs;Potted plants;Poultry for breeding;Poultry grit;Poultry, live;Powdered milk for kittens;Powdered milk for puppies;Prawns, live;Prawns [live];Preparations for egg laying poultry;Prepared oats for consumption by animals;Preserved crops for animal feeds;Preserved flowers;Processed cereals for consumption by animals;Processed grains for consumption by animals;Processed oats for consumption by animals;Propagation material [seeds];Pulses [foodstuffs for animals];Purslane, fresh vegetable;Pyrethrum [plants];Quassia trees;Quebracho trees;Quinoa, unprocessed;Rabbit food;Rape cake for cattle;Rapeseed meal for animal consumption;Raw agricultural products;Raw and unprocessed agricultural products;Raw and unprocessed aquacultural products;Raw and unprocessed forestry products;Raw and unprocessed grains;Raw and unprocessed horticultural products;Raw and unprocessed seeds;Raw apples;Raw apricots;Raw aquacultural products;Raw artichokes;Raw asparagus;Raw avocados;Raw bark;Raw barks;Raw beans;Raw beets;Raw blueberries;Raw cabbage;Raw cereals [unprocessed];Raw cocoa beans;Raw coconuts;Raw corn;Raw dates;Raw forestry products;Raw fruit;Raw fruits;Raw garlic;Raw ginger;Raw grain;Raw herbs;Raw horseradish root;Raw horticultural products;Raw lemons;Raw mushrooms;Raw nut kernels;Raw nuts;Raw oats;Raw olives;Raw onions;Raw oranges;Raw peaches;Raw peppers;Raw potatoes;Raw quince;Raw red beans;Raw seeds;Raw sugar cane bagasses;Raw timber;Raw tomatoes;Raw vegetables;Raw wheat;Raw zucchini;Reinforced turf;Residual products of cereals for animal consumption;Residue in a still after distillation;Residues from malt treatment for use as an animal feed;Rhizomes;Rhubarb;Rhubarb, fresh;Rice bran [animal feed];Rice meal for forage;Rice, unprocessed;Root vegetables [fresh];Roots for animal consumption;Roots for food;Rose bushes;Roses;Roses [plants];Rough cork;Round timber;Rye;Rye seed;Salad crops;Salad vegetables [fresh];Salmon, live;Salt for cattle;Salt licks;Sanded paper for domestic animals (litter);Sanded paper for pets [litter];Sanded paper for use in animal cages;Sanded paper for use in bird cages;Sanded paper [litter] for pets;Saplings;Sardines, live;Sardines [live];Savory biscuits for animals;Sea basses [live];Sea breams [red snappers, live];Sea hares, live;Sea whelks, live;Sea-cucumbers, live;Seaweed for human or animal consumption;Seaweed, unprocessed, for human or animal consumption;Seed germ for botanical purposes;Seed (Mats containing -) for laying lawns;Seed potatoes;Seedlings;Seedlings for planting;Seeds;Seeds, bulbs and seedlings for plant breeding;Seeds coated with a fertilizer;Seeds coated with an anti-parasitic preparation;Seeds for agricultural purposes;Seeds for agricultural use;Seeds for flowers;Seeds for fruit;Seeds for growing herbs;Seeds for growing plants;Seeds for horticultural purposes;Seeds for horticultural use;Seeds for planting;Seeds for sowing;Seeds for vegetables;Seeds in pellet form;Seeds of urushi;Seeds (Plant -);Seeds prepared for consumption by animals;Seeds pre-sown in a propagation media for grassing between plants;Seeds pre-sown in a propagation media for grassing between trees;Seeds pre-sown in a propagation media for grassing drainage channels;Seeds pre-sown in fibrous propagation media for grassing banks;Seeds pre-sown in matted fibrous propagation media for grassing banks;Seeds pre-sown in matted fibrous propagation media for grassing fields;Seeds pre-sown in matted fibrous propagation media for grassing golf courses;Seeds pre-sown in matted fibrous propagation media for grassing lawns;Seeds pre-sown in matted fibrous propagation media for grassing paths;Seeds pre-sown in matted fibrous propagation media for grassing sports fields;Seeds pre-sown in matted fibrous propagation media for grassing tracks;Sheep;Shell (Cocoanut -);Shellfish, live;Short-necked clams [live];Shrimp, live;Shrimps, [live];Shrimps, live;Shrubs;Shrubs (Live -);Silkworm eggs;Silkworms;Small animal bedding made of recycled paper;Small animal litter;Smolt [live];Snails [live];Snakehead fish, live;Snow crabs, live;Sod;Soft-shelled turtles [live];Soft-shelled turtles, live;Sole fish, live;Sowing seeds;Soy bean meal [animal feed];Soy sauce cakes [animal feed];Soya beans, fresh;Spanish mackerel, live;Spawn (Fish -);Spawn for agricultural purposes;Spinach, fresh;Spiny lobsters, live;Spores and spawn [for agricultural purposes];Spores for agricultural purposes;Squashes;Squashes, fresh;Squid [live];Squid, live;Stall food for animals;Starch pulp [animal feed];Straw;Straw [forage];Straw litter;Straw mulch;Strawberries [fresh];Strengthening animal forage;Sugar cane;Sugarcane;Sunflower seeds;Sweet biscuits for consumption by animals;Sweetcorn [fresh];Synthetic animal feed;Tangerines [fresh];Timber (Undressed -);Timber (Unsawn -);Tomatoes [fresh];Tree trunks;Trees;Trees and forestry products;Trees (Trunks of -);Tropical fruits [fresh];Truffles, fresh;Trunks of trees;Tubers for plant propagation;Tuna, live;Turf [natural];Turf, natural;Turkey hens [live];Turkey [live];Turkeys [live];Undaria pinnatifida, fresh;Undressed timber;Unprocessed agar (Tengusa seaweed);Unprocessed agricultural products;Unprocessed algae for human consumption;Unprocessed apples;Unprocessed apricots;Unprocessed aquacultural products;Unprocessed artichokes;Unprocessed asparagus;Unprocessed avocados;Unprocessed barley;Unprocessed beans;Unprocessed beets;Unprocessed blueberries;Unprocessed brown algae (Hijiki seaweed);Unprocessed buckwheat;Unprocessed cabbage;Unprocessed cereal seeds;Unprocessed cereals;Unprocessed chia seeds;Unprocessed coconuts;Unprocessed corn;Unprocessed dates;Unprocessed edible laver;Unprocessed edible seaweeds;Unprocessed flax seeds;Unprocessed forestry products;Unprocessed foxtail millet;Unprocessed fruits;Unprocessed garlic;Unprocessed ginger;Unprocessed ginseng;Unprocessed grain;Unprocessed grains for eating;Unprocessed herbs;Unprocessed hops;Unprocessed horticultural products;Unprocessed Japanese barnyard millet;Unprocessed kelp (Kombu seaweed);Unprocessed laver;Unprocessed lemons;Unprocessed lychee fruit;Unprocessed mushrooms;Unprocessed nuts;Unprocessed oats;Unprocessed oil seeds;Unprocessed olives;Unprocessed onions;Unprocessed oranges;Unprocessed peaches;Unprocessed peppers;Unprocessed potatoes;Unprocessed proso millet;Unprocessed quince;Unprocessed quinoa;Unprocessed rice;Unprocessed sea lettuce (Aosa seaweed);Unprocessed seaweed (Wakame);Unprocessed seeds;Unprocessed seeds for agricultural use;Unprocessed shallots;Unprocessed sorghum;Unprocessed spirulina;Unprocessed sugar beets;Unprocessed sugar crops;Unprocessed sweet corn ears [husked or unhusked];Unprocessed tea leaves;Unprocessed teff;Unprocessed tomatoes;Unprocessed vegetables;Unprocessed wheat;Unprocessed zucchini;Unsawn timber;Unseasoned timber;Urushi tree seeds;Vegetable marrows, fresh;Vegetable seeds;Vegetables, fresh;Vine plants;Waste (Distillery -) for animal consumption;Water chestnuts, fresh;Watermelon, fresh;Weeds for human or animal consumption;Wheat;Wheat bran;Wheat germ for animal consumption;Wheat proteins for animal food;Wheat seed;Wild blueberries, fresh;Wildlife seed mixtures;Wood chips for the manufacture of wood pulp;Wood chips for use as ground cover;Wood shavings for use as animal bedding;Wood shavings for use as animal litter;Woodshavings for use as animal bedding;Woodshavings for use as animal litter;Wreaths of dried herbs for decoration;Wreaths of natural flowers;Yeast extracts for consumption by animals;Yeast for animal consumption;Yeast for animal fodder;Yeast for consumption by animals;Yeast tablets for consumption by animals;Yellow croakers, live;Young fresh soybeans in the pod (eda-mame).
Class Description: 032 - Light Beverage Products
Goods & Services: Aerated fruit juices;Aerated juices;Aerated mineral waters;Aerated water;Aerated water (Preparations for making -);Aerated water [soda water];Aerated waters;Alcohol free aperitifs;Alcohol free beverages;Alcohol free cider;Alcohol free wine;Alcohol-free beers;Ale;Ales;Aloe juice beverages;Aloe vera drinks, non-alcoholic;Aloe vera juices;Aperitifs, non-alcoholic;Apple juice beverages;Apple juice drinks;Barley wine [Beer];Barley wine [beer];Beer;Beer and brewery products;Beer wort;Beer-based beverages;Beer-based cocktails;Beers;Beers enriched with minerals;Beverages consisting of a blend of fruit and vegetable juices;Beverages consisting principally of fruit juices;Beverages containing vitamins;Beverages (Non-alcoholic -);Beverages (Preparations for making -);Beverages (Whey -);Bitter lemon;Black beer;Black beer [toasted-malt beer];Blackcurrant cordial;Blackcurrant juice;Bock beer;Bottled drinking water;Bottled water;Brown rice beverages other than milk substitutes;Carbohydrate drinks;Carbonated mineral water;Carbonated non-alcoholic drinks;Carbonated soft drinks;Carbonated water;Carbonated waters;Cider, non-alcoholic;Cocktails, non-alcoholic;Coconut juice;Coconut water;Coconut water as a beverage;Coconut water as beverage;Coconut-based beverages;Coffee-flavored ale;Coffee-flavored beer;Coffee-flavored soft drinks;Cola;Cola drinks;Colas [soft drinks];Concentrated fruit juice;Concentrated fruit juices;Concentrates for making fruit drinks;Concentrates for making fruit juices;Concentrates for use in the preparation of soft drinks;Concentrates used in the preparation of soft drinks;Condensed smoked plum juice;Cordials;Cordials [non-alcoholic];Cordials (non-alcoholic beverages);Craft beer;Craft beers;Cranberry juice;Cream soda;De-alcoholised beer;De-alcoholised drinks;De-alcoholised wines;De-alcoholized beer;De-alcoholized drinks;De-alcoholized wines;Dilutable preparations for making beverages;Distilled drinking water;Douzhi (fermented bean drink);Drinking mineral water;Drinking spring water;Drinking water;Drinking water with vitamins;Drinking waters;Dry ginger ale;Effervescing beverages (Pastilles for -);Effervescing beverages (Powders for -);Energy drinks;Energy drinks containing caffeine;Energy drinks [not for medical purposes];Essences for making beverages;Essences for making flavoured mineral water [not in the nature of essential oils];Essences for making non-alcoholic beverages;Essences for making non-alcoholic beverages [not in the nature of essential oils];Essences for making non-alcoholic drinks, not in the nature of essential oils;Extracts for making beverages;Extracts for making non-alcoholic beverages;Extracts of hops for making beer;Extracts of unfermented must;Flavor enhanced water;Flavored beer;Flavored beers;Flavored mineral water;Flavored waters;Flavoured beers;Flavoured carbonated beverages;Flavoured mineral water;Flavoured waters;Frozen carbonated beverages;Frozen fruit beverages;Frozen fruit drinks;Frozen fruit-based beverages;Frozen fruit-based drinks;Fruit beverages;Fruit beverages and fruit juices;Fruit beverages (non-alcoholic);Fruit drinks;Fruit extracts (Non-alcoholic -);Fruit flavored drinks;Fruit flavored soft drinks;Fruit flavoured carbonated drinks;Fruit flavoured drinks;Fruit flavoured waters;Fruit juice;Fruit juice bases;Fruit juice beverages;Fruit juice beverages (Non-alcoholic -);Fruit juice concentrates;Fruit juice drinks;Fruit juice for use as beverages;Fruit juices;Fruit nectars;Fruit nectars, nonalcoholic;Fruit nectars, non-alcoholic;Fruit smoothies;Fruit squashes;Fruit-based beverages;Fruit-based soft drinks flavored with tea;Fruit-flavored beverages;Fruit-flavored soft drinks;Fruit-flavoured beverages;Functional water-based beverages;Ginger ale;Ginger beer;Ginger juice beverages;Glacial water;Grape juice;Grape juice beverages;Grape must, unfermented;Grapefruit juice;Green vegetable juice beverages;Guarana drinks;Guava juice;Honey-based beverages (Non-alcoholic -);Hop extracts for manufacturing beer;Hop extracts for use in the preparation of beverages;Hops (Extracts of -) for making beer;Iced fruit beverages;Imitation beer;India pale ales (IPAs);IPA (Indian Pale Ale);Isotonic beverages;Isotonic beverages [not for medical purposes];Isotonic drinks;Isotonic non-alcoholic drinks;Juice drinks;Juice (Fruit -);Juices;Kvass;Kvass [non-alcoholic beverage];Kvass [non-alcoholic beverages];Lager;Lagers;Lemon barley water;Lemon juice for use in the preparation of beverages;Lemon squash;Lemonade;Lemonades;Lime juice cordial;Lime juice for use in the preparation of beverages;Liqueurs (Preparations for making -);Lithia water;Low alcohol beer;Low calorie soft drinks;Low-alcohol beer;Low-calorie soft drinks;Malt beer;Malt syrup for beverages;Malt wort;Mango juice;Melon juice;Mineral and aerated waters;Mineral enriched water [beverages];Mineral water;Mineral water [beverages];Mineral water (Non-medicated -);Mineral waters;Mineral waters [beverages];Mixed fruit juice;Mixed fruit juices;Mixes for making sorbet beverages;Mung bean beverages;Must;Nectars (Fruit -), non-alcoholic;Non alcoholic aperitifs;Non-alcoholic beer;Non-alcoholic beer flavored beverages;Non-alcoholic beers;Non-alcoholic beverages;Non-alcoholic beverages containing fruit juices;Non-alcoholic beverages containing vegetable juices;Non-alcoholic beverages flavored with coffee;Non-alcoholic beverages flavored with tea;Non-alcoholic beverages flavoured with coffee;Non-alcoholic beverages flavoured with tea;Non-alcoholic beverages with tea flavor;Non-alcoholic carbonated beverages;Non-alcoholic cinnamon punch with dried persimmon (sujeonggwa);Non-alcoholic cocktail bases;Non-alcoholic cocktail mixes;Non-alcoholic cocktails;Non-alcoholic cordials;Non-alcoholic dried fruit beverages;Non-alcoholic drinks;Non-alcoholic drinks enriched with vitamins and mineral salts;Non-alcoholic essences for making beverages;Non-alcoholic flavored carbonated beverages;Non-alcoholic fruit cocktails;Non-alcoholic fruit drinks;Non-alcoholic fruit extracts;Non-alcoholic fruit extracts used in the preparation of beverages;Non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages;Non-alcoholic fruit punch;Non-alcoholic grape juice beverages;Non-alcoholic honey-based beverages;Non-alcoholic malt beverages;Non-alcoholic malt drinks;Non-alcoholic malt free beverages [other than for medical use];Non-alcoholic preparations for making beverages;Non-alcoholic punch;Non-alcoholic punches;Non-alcoholic rice punch (sikhye);Non-alcoholic soda beverages flavoured with tea;Non-alcoholic sparkling fruit juice drinks;Non-alcoholic syrups for making beverages;Non-alcoholic vegetable juice drinks;Non-alcoholic wine;Non-alcoholic wines;Non-carbonated soft drinks;Nut and soy based beverages;Nutritionally fortified beverages;Nutritionally fortified water;Oat-based beverages [not being milk substitutes];Orange barley water;Orange juice;Orange juice beverages;Orange juice drinks;Orange squash;Organic fruit juice;Orgeat;Pale ale;Part frozen slush drinks;Pastilles for effervescing beverages;Pineapple juice beverages;Pomegranate juice;Porter;Powders for effervescing beverages;Powders for the preparation of beverages;Powders used in the preparation of coconut water drinks;Powders used in the preparation of fruit-based beverages;Powders used in the preparation of fruit-based drinks;Powders used in the preparation of soft drinks;Preparation for making non-alcoholic beverages;Preparations for making aerated water;Preparations for making beverages;Preparations for making carbonated water;Preparations for making liqueurs;Protein drinks;Protein-enriched sports beverages;Purified drinking water;Quinine water;Ramune (Japanese soda pops);Red ginseng juice beverages;Rice-based beverages, other than milk substitutes;Root beer;Root beers;Root beers, non-alcoholic beverages;Saison beer;Sarsaparilla [non-alcoholic beverage];Seltzer water;Shandy;Sherbet beverages;Sherbets [beverages];Slush drinks;Smoked plum beverages;Smoked plum juice beverages;Smoothies;Smoothies containing grains and oats;Smoothies [fruit beverages, fruit predominating];Smoothies [non-alcoholic fruit beverages];Soda pops;Soda water;Soft drinks;Soft drinks flavored with tea;Soft drinks for energy supply;Sorbets [beverages];Sorbets in the nature of beverages;Soy beverage;Soya-based beverages, other than milk substitutes;Soy-based beverages, not being milk substitutes;Sparkling water;Sports drinks;Sports drinks containing electrolytes;Spring water;Spring waters;Squashes [non-alcoholic beverages];Still water;Still waters;Stout;Stouts;Syrup for making beverages;Syrup for making lemonade;Syrups and other non-alcoholic preparations for making beverages;Syrups for beverages;Syrups for lemonade;Syrups for making beverages;Syrups for making flavoured mineral waters;Syrups for making fruit-flavored drinks;Syrups for making non-alcoholic beverages;Syrups for making soft drinks;Syrups for making whey-based beverages;Syrups used in the preparation of soft drinks;Table water;Table waters;Tomato juice [beverage];Tomato juice beverages;Tonic water;Tonic water [non-medicated beverages];Unfermented preserved must;Vegetable drinks;Vegetable juice;Vegetable juices [beverage];Vegetable juices [beverages];Vegetable smoothies;Vegetable-based beverages;Vitamin enriched sparkling water [beverages];Vitamin fortified non-alcoholic beverages;Water;Water enhanced with minerals;Water (Lithia -);Water (Seltzer -);Water-based beverages containing tea extracts;Watermelon juice;Waters;Waters [beverages];Waters (Table -);Wheat beer;Whey beverages.
Class Description: 033 - Wines and Spirits Products
Goods & Services: Absinthe;Acanthopanax wine (Ogapiju);Aguardiente [sugarcane spirits];Akvavit;Alcohol (Rice -);Alcoholic aperitif bitters;Alcoholic aperitifs;Alcoholic beverages containing fruit;Alcoholic beverages, except beer;Alcoholic beverages (except beer);Alcoholic beverages except beers;Alcoholic beverages (except beers);Alcoholic beverages [except beers];Alcoholic beverages of fruit;Alcoholic bitters;Alcoholic carbonated beverages, except beer;Alcoholic cocktail mixes;Alcoholic cocktails;Alcoholic cocktails containing milk;Alcoholic cocktails in the form of chilled gelatins;Alcoholic coffee-based beverage;Alcoholic cordials;Alcoholic egg nog;Alcoholic energy drinks;Alcoholic essences;Alcoholic extracts;Alcoholic fruit beverages;Alcoholic fruit cocktail drinks;Alcoholic fruit extracts;Alcoholic jellies;Alcoholic preparations for making beverages;Alcoholic punches;Alcoholic tea-based beverage;Alcoholic wines;Alcopops;Amontillado;Anise [liqueur];Anisette;Anisette [liqueur];Aperitif wines;Aperitifs;Aperitifs with a distilled alcoholic liquor base;Aquavit;Arak;Arak [arrack];Arrack;Arrack [arak];Baijiu [Chinese distilled alcoholic beverage];Beverages (Alcoholic -), except beer;Beverages containing wine [spritzers];Beverages (Distilled -);Bitters;Black raspberry wine (Bokbunjaju);Blackberry wine;Blackcurrant liqueur;Blended whisky;Bourbon whiskey;Brandy;Cachaca;Calvados;Canadian whisky;Cherry brandy;Chinese brewed liquor (laojiou);Chinese mixed liquor (wujiapie-jiou);Chinese spirit of sorghum (gaolian-jiou);Chinese white liquor (baiganr);Chinese white liquor [baiganr];Cider;Ciders;Cocktails;Coffee-based liqueurs;Cooking brandy;Cooking wine;Cordials [alcoholic beverages];Cream liqueurs;Curacao;Dessert wines;Digesters [liqueurs and spirits];Distilled beverages;Distilled rice spirits [awamori];Distilled spirits;Distilled spirits of rice (awamori);Dry cider;Extracts of spiritous liquors;Fermented spirit;Flavored tonic liquors;Fortified wines;Fruit (Alcoholic beverages containing -);Fruit extracts, alcoholic;Fruit wine;Gaolian-jiou [sorghum-based Chinese spirits];Gin;Ginseng liquor;Grape wine;Grappa;Herb liqueurs;Hulless barley liquor;Hydromel [mead];Japanese liquor containing herb extracts;Japanese liquor containing mamushi-snake extracts;Japanese liquor flavored with Japanese plum extracts;Japanese liquor flavored with pine needle extracts;Japanese regenerated liquors (naoshi);Japanese sweet grape wine containing extracts of ginseng and cinchona bark;Japanese sweet rice-based mixed liquor (shiro-zake);Japanese sweet rice-based mixed liquor [shiro-zake];Japanese white liquor (shochu);Japanese white liquor [shochu];Kirsch;Korean distilled spirits (soju);Korean traditional rice wine (makgeoli);Liqueurs;Liqueurs containing cream;Liquor-based aperitifs;Low alcoholic drinks;Low-alcoholic wine;Malt whisky;Mead [hydromel];Mulled wine;Mulled wines;Natural sparkling wines;Naturally sparkling wines;Nira [sugarcane-based alcoholic beverage];Peppermint liqueurs;Perry;Piquette;Potable spirits;Pre-mixed alcoholic beverages;Pre-mixed alcoholic beverages, other than beer-based;Preparations for making alcoholic beverages;Prepared alcoholic cocktails;Prepared wine cocktails;Red ginseng liquor;Red wine;Red wines;Rice alcohol;Rose wines;Rum;Rum [alcoholic beverage];Rum infused with vitamins;Rum punch;Rum-based beverages;Sake;Sake substitutes;Sangria;Schnapps;Scotch whisky;Scotch whisky based liqueurs;Sherry;Shochu (spirits);Sorghum-based Chinese spirits;Sparkling fruit wine;Sparkling grape wine;Sparkling red wines;Sparkling white wines;Sparkling wine;Sparkling wines;Spirits;Spirits and liquors;Spirits [beverages];Still wine;Strawberry wine;Sugar cane juice rum;Sweet cider;Sweet wine;Sweet wines;Table wines;Tonic liquor containing herb extracts (homeishu);Tonic liquor containing mamushi-snake extracts (mamushi-zake);Tonic liquor flavored with japanese plum extracts (umeshu);Tonic liquor flavored with pine needle extracts (matsuba-zake);Vermouth;Vodka;Whiskey;Whiskey [whisky];Whisky;White wine;White wines;Wine;Wine coolers [drinks];Wine punch;Wine-based aperitifs;Wine-based drinks;Wines;Wines of protected appellation of origin;Wines of protected geographical indication;Yellow rice wine.
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