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Jellies;Meat jellies;Seafood jellies;Vegetable jellies;Fish jellies;Almond jelly;Jellies [bread spreads];fruit jelly spreads;Jellies for food;Fruit jelly spreads;Fruit jellies [not being confectionery] ;Kanten [dried pieces of agar jelly];Jellies for food, other than confectionery;Dried pieces of agar jelly (kanten);Jelly made from devils' tongue root (konnyaku);Jellies, jams, compotes, fruit and vegetable spreads;Fruit spread;Dairy spreads;Lemon spread;Vegetable-based spreads;Spreads consisting of hazelnut paste;Spreads consisting mainly of eggs;Fish, seafood and molluscs spreads;Truffle-based spread products (truffle creams);Fat-based spreads for bread slices;Milk beverages;Kumyss [milk beverage];Kumys [milk beverage];Koumiss [milk beverage];Soy milk beverages;Dairy-based beverages;Kephir [milk beverage];Coconut milk [beverage];Creamers for beverages;Yoghurt-based beverages;Yogurt-based beverages;Milk-based beverages;Kefir [milk beverage];Kumiss [milk beverage];Kumys [kumyss] [milk beverage];Beverages made from milk;Almond milk-based beverages;Beverages made from yogurt;Beverages made with yoghurt;Soy milk-based beverages;Milk beverages with cocoa;Salads (Fruit -);Legume salad...

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jelliesmeat   jelliesseafood   jelliesvegetable   jelliesfish   jelliesalmond   jellyjellies   bread   spreadsfruit   jelly   spreadsjellies   foodfruit   jelly   spreadsfruit   jellies   confectionery   kanten   dried   pieces   agar   jellyjellies   food     confectionerydried   pieces   agar   jelly   kantenjelly   devils   tongue   root   konnyakujellies     jams     compotes     fruit  
On Wednesday, September 28, 2022, a united kingdom trademark registration was filed for cryptofortunes by sanjay patel ********, ********, ***** ****. The United Kingdom IP office has given the trademark application number of UK00003834617. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The cryptofortunes trademark is filed in the category of Meats and Processed Food Products , Staple Food Products , Light Beverage Products .
Word Mark: cryptofortunes
Current Status:
LIVE (Circa: 2022)
Application Number: UK00003834617
Filing Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Registration Date: Friday, March 10, 2023
Type of Mark: Individual
Mark Feature: Word
2022/052: Friday, December 30, 2022
Last Applicant/Owner: ********
***** ****
Correspondent: Not Available

Classification Information

Class Description: 029 - Meats and Processed Food Products
Goods & Services: Jellies;Meat jellies;Seafood jellies;Vegetable jellies;Fish jellies;Almond jelly;Jellies [bread spreads];fruit jelly spreads;Jellies for food;Fruit jelly spreads;Fruit jellies [not being confectionery] ;Kanten [dried pieces of agar jelly];Jellies for food, other than confectionery;Dried pieces of agar jelly (kanten);Jelly made from devils' tongue root (konnyaku);Jellies, jams, compotes, fruit and vegetable spreads;Fruit spread;Dairy spreads;Lemon spread;Vegetable-based spreads;Spreads consisting of hazelnut paste;Spreads consisting mainly of eggs;Fish, seafood and molluscs spreads;Truffle-based spread products (truffle creams);Fat-based spreads for bread slices;Milk beverages;Kumyss [milk beverage];Kumys [milk beverage];Koumiss [milk beverage];Soy milk beverages;Dairy-based beverages;Kephir [milk beverage];Coconut milk [beverage];Creamers for beverages;Yoghurt-based beverages;Yogurt-based beverages;Milk-based beverages;Kefir [milk beverage];Kumiss [milk beverage];Kumys [kumyss] [milk beverage];Beverages made from milk;Almond milk-based beverages;Beverages made from yogurt;Beverages made with yoghurt;Soy milk-based beverages;Milk beverages with cocoa;Salads (Fruit -);Legume salads;Salad oil;Vegetable salads;Salads (Vegetable -);Poultry salads;Fruit salads;Potato salad;Potato salads;Prepared salads;Chicken salad;Antipasto salads;Caesar salad;Potato-based salads;Mullet roe salad;Pre-cut vegetable salads;Pre-cut vegetables for salads;Edible nuts;Candied nuts;Seasoned nuts;Salted nuts;Prepared nuts;Nuts, prepared;Roasted nuts;Preserved nuts;Spiced nuts;Ground nuts;Nut oils;Roast nuts;Shelled nuts;Processed nuts;Dried nuts;Nut toppings;Blanched nuts;Flavored nuts;Flavoured nuts;Nut paste spreads;Prepared torreya nuts;Candied pine nuts;Nuts being preserved;Nuts being cooked;Butter (Chocolate nut -);Cashew nut butter;Prepared pine nuts;Prepared macadamia nuts;Cashew nuts (Prepared -);Nuts being dried;Chocolate nut butter;Nut-based spreads;Processed betel nuts;Powdered nut butters;Processed tiger nuts;Butter made of nuts;Pastes made from nuts;Nut-based snack foods;Nut oils for food;Nut-based food bars;Mixtures of fruit and nuts;Nut-based meal replacement bars;Snack foods based on nuts;Fruit- and nut-based snack bars;Nut and seed-based snack bars;Processed fruits, fungi, vegetables, nuts and pulses;Organic nut and seed-based snack bars;Snack mixes consisting of dehydrated fruit and processed nuts;Snack mixes consisting of processed fruits and processed nuts;Frozen shellfish;Frozen meat;Frozen seafood;Frozen poultry;Frozen chicken;Frozen vegetables;Frozen fish;Frozen fruits;Frozen turkey;Frozen chips;Meat, frozen;Frozen eggs;Frozen spinach;Deep frozen chicken;Frozen brackens (Gosari);Frozen frog legs;Frozen meat products;Deep-frozen poultry;Frozen bamboo shoots;Frozen cooked fish;Frozen french fries;Frozen celery cabbages;Frozen sweet corn;Fish products being frozen;Quick-frozen vegetable dishes;Frozen prepared meals consisting principally of vegetables;Frozen appetizers consisting primarily of seafood;Frozen meals consisting primarily of poultry;Frozen meals consisting primarily of chicken;Frozen meals consisting primarily of fish;Frozen meals consisting primarily of vegetables;Frozen appetizers consisting primarily of chicken;Frozen meals consisting primarily of meat;Frozen pre-packaged entrees consisting primarily of seafood;Vegetables, processed;Canned vegetables;Vegetables, tinned;Vegetables, canned;Vegetable preserves;Vegetable stock;Cut vegetables;Salted vegetables;Vegetables (Prepared -);Pickled vegetables;Vegetable pate;Vegetable burgers;Dried vegetables;Vegetables, preserved;Lyophilised vegetables;Vegetable purees;Vegetable chips;Processed vegetables;Peeled vegetables;Vegetable mousses;Vegetables, cooked;Tinned vegetables;Vegetable puree;Vegetable powders;Vegetable crisps;Vegetable spreads;Grilled vegetables;Bottled vegetables;Mixed vegetables;Mousses (Vegetable -);Preserved vegetables;Vegetables, dried;Dehydrated vegetables;Cooked vegetables;Lyophilized vegetables;Vegetable pastes;Fermented vegetables;Prepared vegetable dishes;Vegetable-based chips;Prepared vegetable products;Soup preparations (Vegetable -);Freeze-dried vegetables;Vegetable marrow paste;Fermented vegetables (kimchi);Vegetables in vinegar;Vegetable soup preparations;Vegetable-based entrees;Vegetable-based cream;Canned sliced vegetables;Pre-cut vegetables;Vegetable extracts for food;Vegetable extracts for cooking;Vegetables preserved in oil;Vegetable fats for food;Kimchi [fermented vegetable dish];Vegetable fats for cooking;Vegetable-based snack food;Fermented vegetable foods [kimchi];Vegetable juices for cooking;Juices (Vegetable -) for cooking;Preserves made from vegetables;Preserved vegetables (in oil);Vegetable-based meat substitutes;Vegetable oils for food;Clam juice;Truffle juice;Tomato juice for cooking;Fruit juices for cooking;Vegetable juice concentrates for food;Lemon juice for culinary purposes;Milk-based beverages containing fruit juice;Extracts of vegetables [juices] for cooking;Beans;Broad beans;Chilli beans;Preserved beans;Cooked beans;Canned beans;Bean dip;Beans, preserved;Processed beans;Refried beans;Bean curd;Dried beans;Baked beans;Preserved soya beans;Processed soya beans;Soya bean milk;Dried soya beans;Processed bean sprouts;Soya bean curd;Fermented bean curd;Canned pork and beans;Preserved soya beans for food;Soya beans, preserved, for food;Soy bean oil [for food];Preserved soy beans for food;Soya bean oil for food;Beans cooked in soy sauce (Kongjaban);Noodle soup;Breaded and fried jalapeno peppers;Edible fat-based spreads for bread;Fat-containing mixtures for bread slices;Stewed apples;Processed apples;Apple chips;Apple purée;Apple puree;Apple butter;Apple flakes;Apple sauce (compote);Fruit-based fillings for cakes and pies;Yoghurt beverages;Flavoured milk beverages;Beverages having a milk base;Oat-based beverages [milk substitute];Coconut milk-based beverages;Tea flavored eggs;Milk tea, milk predominating;Coffee creamers;Coffee creamer;Burgers;Chicken burgers;Meat burgers;Turkey burgers;Soy burger patties;Veggie burger patties;Tofu burger patties;Turkey burger patties;Meat products being in the form of burgers;Crisps;Potato crisps;Crisps (Potato -);Low-fat potato crisps;Potato crisps in the form of snack foods;Prepared meals containing [principally] bacon;Fruit-based meal replacement bars;Prepared meals containing [principally] eggs;Fish meal for human consumption;Prepared meals consisting primarily of poultry;Prepared meals consisting primarily of kebab;Prepared meals consisting principally of vegetables;Prepared meals consisting primarily of fish;Prepared meals consisting primarily of chicken;Prepared meals consisting substantially of seafood;Cooked meals consisting principally of fish;Vegetable-based prepared meals for toddlers;Fruit desserts;Yoghurt desserts;Dairy desserts;Chilled dairy desserts;Desserts of yogurt;Artificial milk based desserts;Desserts made from milk products;Potato cakes;Fish cakes;Crab cakes;Rosti [fried grated potato cakes];Steamed cakes of smashed fish and yam (hampen);Steamed or toasted cakes of fish paste (kamaboko);Poultry substitutes;Margarine substitutes;Milk substitutes;Cheese substitutes;Meat substitutes;Butter substitutes;Egg substitutes;Egg substitute;Seitan [meat substitute];Sour cream substitutes;Non-dairy milk substitutes;Plant-based milk substitutes;Soya milk [milk substitute];Rice milk [milk substitute];Artificial cream (dairy product substitutes);Dairy products and dairy substitutes;Soya-based beverages used as milk substitutes;Prepared meals consisting primarily of meat substitutes;Hemp milk used as a milk substitute;Rice milk for use as a milk substitute;Formed textured vegetable protein for use as a meat substitute;Flavoured yoghurts;Flavoured milk;Flavoured oils;Flavoured milk drinks;Fruit flavoured yoghurts;Flavoured edible oils;Roast beef flavoured extract;Flavoured milk powder for making drinks;Peanut spread;Hazelnut spread;Hazelnut spreads;Fish spread;Meat spreads;Cheese spreads;Seafood spread;Fruit spreads;Dairy-based spreads;Smoked fish spread;Garlic-based spreads;Legume-based spreads;Low fat dairy spreads;Spreads consisting mainly of fruits;Drinking yoghurt;Milk drinks;Yogurt drinks;Drinking yogurts;Drinking yoghurts;Yoghurt drinks;Lactic acid drinks;Yoghurt based drinks;Milk drinks containing fruits.
Class Description: 030 - Staple Food Products
Goods & Services: Jelly beans;Royal jelly;Fruit jellies [confectionery];Fruit jelly candy;Flavored jelly crystals for making jelly confectionery;Flavoured jelly crystals for making jelly confectionery;Buckwheat jelly (Memilmuk);Jellies (Fruit -) [confectionery];Confectionery containing jelly;Sugar for making jellies;Bars of sweet jellied bean paste;Non-medicated confectionery in jelly form;Bars of sweet jellied bean paste (Yohkan);Mixes of sweet adzuki-bean jelly [mizu-yokan-no-moto];Mizu-yokan-no-moto [Japanese confectionery made from sweet adzuki bean jelly];Chocolate spreads;Chocolate spread;Sweet spreads [honey];Chocolate-based spreads;Mayonnaise-based spreads;Mayonnaise and ketchup-based spreads;Chocolate spreads for use on bread;Sandwich spread made from chocolate and nuts;Cocoa beverages;Tea beverages;Coffee beverages;Cocoa-based beverages;Beverages (Tea-based -);Beverages (Cocoa-based -);Beverages (Coffee-based -);Chocolate-based beverages;Beverages containing chocolate;Flavourings for beverages;Chocolate flavoured beverages;Coffee based beverages;Beverages (Chocolate-based -);Flavorings for beverages;Tea-based beverages;Coffee-based beverages;Chamomile-based beverages;Prepared coffee beverages;Beverages with coffee base;Beverages based on chocolate;Beverages made from chocolate;Cocoa beverages with milk;Beverages made of coffee;Chocolate beverages with milk;Chocolate beverages containing milk;Salad cream;Salad sauces;Salad dressing;Rice salad;Macaroni salad;Dressings for salad;Salad dressings;Pasta salad;Salad (Dressings for -);Salad dressings containing cream;Sandwiches containing salad;Nut confectionery;Gingerbread nuts;Nut flours;Sauces containing nuts;Coated nuts [confectionery];Chocolate-coated nuts;Chocolate-covered nuts;Chocolate coated nuts;Chocolate coated macadamia nuts;Sugar coated pine nuts;Chocolate spreads containing nuts;Sauces flavoured with nuts;Caramel coated popcorn with candied nuts;Chocolate drink preparations flavoured with nuts;Sweet rice with nuts and jujubes (yaksik);Snack bars containing a mixture of grains, nuts and dried fruit [confectionery];Yaksik [Korean dish consisting primarily of sweet rice with added nuts and jujubes];Frozen confections;Frozen pastries;Frozen pastry;Frozen confectionery;Frozen cakes;Frozen pizzas;Frozen pastry sheets;Frozen brownie dough;Frozen biscotti dough;Deep frozen pasta;Frozen custards;Frozen dough;Frozen yoghurt;Frozen pizza;Frozen ices;Frozen waffles;Frozen yogurt;Frozen yoghurts;Frozen lollipops;Frozen pancakes;Frozen prepared rice;Ice [frozen water];Frozen pizza crusts;Frozen cookie dough;Frozen dairy confections;Frozen yogurt pies;Frozen French toast;Frozen yogurt confections;Frozen yogurt cakes;Frozen yoghurt [confectionery ices];Frozen prepared rice with seasonings;Frozen confectionery containing ice cream;Frozen pastry stuffed with vegetables;Yoghurt (Frozen -) [confectionery ices];Frozen yogurt [confectionery ices];Confectionery in frozen form;Yogurt (Frozen -) [confectionery ices];Sauces for frozen fish;Frozen French toast sticks;Frozen confections on a stick;Mixtures for making frozen confections;Frozen pastry stuffed with meat;Frozen meals consisting primarily of rice;Frozen meals consisting primarily of pasta;Frozen pizza crusts made of cauliflower ;Frozen pastry stuffed with meat and vegetables;Frozen prepared rice with seasonings and vegetables;Ice, ice creams, frozen yogurts and sorbets;Vegetable thickeners;Vegetable flour;Vegetable pies;Vegetable pastes [sauces];Pies containing vegetables;Vegetable purees [sauces];Vegetable pulps [sauces - food];Vegetable based coffee substitutes;Kimchijeon [fermented vegetable pancakes];Vegetable flavoured corn chips;Garlic juice;Crystallized lemon juice [seasoning];Sherbet [confectionery];Fondants [confectionery];Sugar confectionery;Zephyr [confectionery];Zefir [confectionery];Clear gums [confectionery];Confectionery containing jam;Ice cream confectionery;Stick liquorice [confectionery];Mint for confectionery;Chocolate confectionery products;Chocolate confectionery containing pralines;Non-medicated confectionery products;Dragees [non-medicated confectionery];Non-medicated confectionery candy;Peanut butter confectionery chips;Non-medicated flour confectionery;Chocolate for confectionery and bread;Confectionery for decorating Christmas trees;Mint flavoured confectionery (Non-medicated -);Non-medicated confectionery containing milk;Non-medicated confectionery having toffee fillings;Cocoa-based ingredients for confectionery products;Peppermint pastilles [confectionery], other than for medicinal use;Non-medicated confectionery for use as part of a calorie controlled diet;Coffee beans;Bean paste;Bean meal;Vanilla beans;Soya bean paste;Roasted coffee beans;Ground coffee beans;Seasoned bean paste;Mung bean porridge;Bean jam buns;Miso bean paste;Mung bean flour;Soya bean paste [condiment];Hot chili bean paste;Paste (Soya bean -) [condiment];Red bean porridge (patjuk);Sugared beans (ama-natto);Bread with soy bean;Sugar-coated coffee beans;Mung bean pancakes (bindaetteok);Bread made with soya beans;Sweet bean jam coated with sugared-bean based soft shell [nerikiri];Coffee in whole-bean form;Bean-jam filled wafers (monaka);Bean-starch noodles (harusame, uncooked);Bread with sweet red bean;Chocolate bark containing ground coffee beans;Shaved ices with sweetened red beans;Shaved ice with sweetened red beans;Steamed buns stuffed with red beans;Steamed buns stuffed with red bean paste;Nerikiri [traditional Japanese confectionery consisting of a soft sugared bean-based shell containing sweet bean jam];Injeolmi [glutinous rice cakes coated with powdered beans];Rice dumplings dressed with sweet bean jam (ankoro);Glutinous pounded rice cake coated with bean powder (injeolmi);Confectionery;Sherbets [confectionery];Liquorice [confectionery];Rock [confectionery];Dairy confectionery;Pastilles [confectionery];Confectionery bars;Flour confectionery;Boiled confectionery;Chocolate confectionery;Pastila [confectionery];Confectionery ices;Marshmallow confectionery;Truffles [confectionery];Peanut confectionery;Lozenges [confectionery];Ice confectionery;Sesame confectionery;Fruit confectionery;Mallows [confectionery];Lollipops [confectionery];Almond confectionery;Ginseng confectionery;Liquorice flavoured confectionery;Prepared desserts [confectionery];Peppermint for confectionery;Bubble gum [confectionery];Flavoured sugar confectionery;Potato flour confectionery;Orange based confectionery;Confectionery (Non-medicated -);Low-carbohydrate confectionery;Sherbets [confectionery ices];Chocolate flavoured confectionery;Acid drops [confectionery];Truffles (rum -) [confectionery];Fruit drops [confectionery];Non-medicated confectionery;Boiled sugar confectionery;Confectionery chocolate products;Non-medicated chocolate confectionery;Lozenges [non-medicated confectionery];Crystal sugar pieces [confectionery];Confectionery having wine fillings;Chocolate-coated sugar confectionery;Herbal honey lozenges [confectionery];Confectionery chips for baking;Crystal sugar [not confectionery];Confectionery items (Non-medicated -);Sugar confectionery (Non-medicated -);Confectionery in liquid form;Confectionery products (Non-medicated -);Non-medicated sugar confectionery;Iced confectionery (Non-medicated -);Non-medicated mint confectionery;Confectionery made of sugar;Christmas trees (Confectionery for decorating -);Confectionery items coated with chocolate;Non-medicated confectionery containing chocolate;Confectionery having liquid spirit fillings;Confectionery items formed from chocolate;Confectionery having liquid fruit fillings;Chocolate decorations for confectionery items;Chocolate confectionery having a praline flavour;Preparations for making of sugar confectionery;Confectionery in the form of tablets;Confectionery in the form of mousses;confectionery in the form of mousses;Non-medicated flour confectionery containing chocolate;Snack foods consisting principally of confectionery;Non-medicated flour confectionery containing imitation chocolate;Non-medicated confectionery having a milk flavour;Cachou [confectionery], other than for pharmaceutical purposes;Non-medicated flour confectionery coated with chocolate;Ice confectionery in the form of lollipops;Non-medicated flour confectionery coated with imitation chocolate;Non-medicated confectionery in the form of lozenges;Non-medicated confectionery in the shape of eggs;Sweets (Non-medicated -) in the nature of sugar confectionery;Noodles;Buckwheat noodles;Starch noodles;Udon noodles;Shrimp noodles;Wholemeal noodles;Somen noodles;Rice noodles;Dried noodles;Egg noodles;Instant noodles;Asian noodles;Soba noodles;Vermicelli [noodles];Fried noodles;Instant soba noodles;Chinese noodles;Ramen noodles;Somen noodles [very thin wheat noodle, uncooked];Soba noodles [japanese noodles of buckwheat, uncooked];Instant cooking noodles;Udon noodles [uncooked];Chinese noodles [uncooked];Lo mein [noodles];Instant chinese noodles;Chow mein noodles;Instant udon noodles;Noodle-based prepared meals;Udon (Japanese style noodles);Ramen [Japanese noodle-based dish];Chinese rice noodles (bifun, uncooked);Chow mein [noodle-based dishes];Japanese noodle-based dish (Ramen);Pad thai (Thai stir-fried noodles);Stir-fried noodles with vegetables (Japchae);Noodle-based prepared meals for toddlers;Dried and fresh pastas, noodles and dumplings;Bread;Breads;Bread biscuits;Bread (Ginger -);Ginger bread;Nan bread;Malt bread;Bread pudding;Fresh bread;Flat bread;Pita bread;Unfermented bread;Danish bread;Rye bread;Multigrain bread;Bread buns;Toasted bread;Bread doughs;Bread concentrates;Bread sticks;Stuffed bread;Wholemeal bread;Currant bread;Danish bread rolls;Bread and buns;Sandwich wraps [bread];Corn bread mix;Steamed bread;Hushpuppies [breads];Naan bread;Bread mixes;Unleavened bread;Pitta bread;Fruit breads;Fruit bread;Crisp breads;Garlic bread;Bread rolls;Rolls (Bread -);Rolls [bread];Bread crumbs;Soda bread;Soft rolls [bread];Pre-baked bread;Wholemeal bread mixes;Malted bread mix;Semi-baked bread;Bread flavoured with spices;Sopapillas [fried bread];Filled bread rolls;Whole wheat bread;Gluten-free bread;Low-salt bread;Bread flavored with spices;Bread-based stuffing mixes;Cornflour bun bread (almojábana);Stuffing mixes containing bread;Hamburgers contained in bread rolls;Hamburgers contained in bread buns;Bread casings filled with fruit;Unleavened bread in thin sheets;Bread improvers being cereal based preparations;Mixes for the preparation of bread;Snack foods consisting principally of bread;Seasoned breading mix for deep frying;Hamburgers being cooked and contained in a bread roll;Hot sausage and ketchup in cut open bread rolls;Doughnuts;Doughnut mixes;Flour for doughnuts;Instant doughnut mixes;Biscuits;Toasts [biscuits];Malt biscuits;Filled biscuits;Rice biscuits;Wafer biscuits;Hardtack [biscuits];Wafers [biscuits];Salty biscuits;Savory biscuits;Biscuit rusk;Aperitif biscuits;Biscuit mixes;Chocolate biscuits;Butter biscuits;Shortbread biscuits;Salted biscuits;Savoury biscuits;Onion biscuits;Chocolate covered biscuits;Petit-beurre biscuits;Biscuits for cheese;Biscuits containing fruit;Rolled wafers [biscuits];Salted wafer biscuits;Chocolate coated biscuits;Cheese-flavored biscuits;Half covered chocolate biscuits;Biscuits [sweet or savoury];Chocolate covered wafer biscuits;Biscuits flavoured with fruit;Onion or cheese biscuits;Oat biscuits for human consumption;Biscuits containing chocolate flavoured ingredients;Biscuits with an iced topping;Biscuits having a chocolate coating;Sweet biscuits for human consumption;Biscuits having a chocolate flavoured coating;Pastries, cakes, tarts and biscuits (cookies);Chocolate coated marshmallow biscuits containing toffee;Biscuits for human consumption made from malt;Biscuits for human consumption made from cereals;Tarts;Apple tarts;Quiche [tart];Covered tarts;Treacle tarts;Tart shells;Egg tarts;Quiches [tarts];Custard tarts;Tarts [sweet or savoury];Crumble;Apple fritters;Apple pies;Apple cider vinegar;Candy coated apples;Candy-coated apples;Apple sauce [condiment];Apple flavoured tea [other than for medicinal use];Pot pies;Pork pies;Chicken pies;Pies;Meat pies;Pizza pies;Egg pies;Pumpkin pies;Cream pies;Blueberry pies;Non-meat pies;Meat pies [prepared];Fruit pies;Poultry pies;Pies (Meat -);Fresh pies;Mincemeat pies;Pies containing game;Pies containing poultry;Pies containing meat;Pies containing fish;Pies [sweet or savoury];Poultry and game meat pies;Chocolate-based fillings for cakes and pies;Custard-based fillings for cakes and pies;Chocolate beverages;Beverages based on coffee substitutes;Herbal flavourings for making beverages;Chocolate flavoured beverage making preparations;Beverages made from coffee;Beverages made with chocolate;Tea beverages (Non-medicated -);Beverages based on tea;Beverages with tea base;Tea beverages with milk;Teas;Tea;Oolong tea [Chinese tea];Black tea [English tea];Mate [tea];Sage tea;Tea bags;Ginger tea;White tea;Tieguanyin tea;Buckwheat tea;Rooibos tea;Tea substitutes;Oolong tea;Barley tea;Tea (Iced -);Tea essences;Tea mixtures;Darjeeling tea;Lime tea;Herbal tea;Linden tea;Kelp tea;Ginseng tea;Tea leaves;Chai tea;Tea extracts;Iced tea;Iced teas;Tea cakes;Rosemary tea;Citron tea;Peppermint tea;Artificial tea;Instant tea;Green tea;Black tea;Jasmine tea;Fruit teas;Herbal teas;Tea pods;Chamomile tea;Fermented tea;Yellow tea;Tea for infusions;Ginseng tea [insamcha];Lapsang souchong tea;Acanthopanax tea (Ogapicha);Tea (Non-medicated -);Herbal teas [infusions];Instant black tea;Tea bags for making non-medicated tea;Earl grey tea;Earl Grey tea;Instant green tea;Instant Oolong tea;Barley-leaf tea;Flavourings of tea;Japanese green tea;Chrysanthemum tea (Gukhwacha);Teas (Non-medicated -);Theine-free tea;Tea mix powders;Red ginseng tea;Herb tea [infusions];Roasted barley tea;Lime blossom tea;Rose hip tea;Instant white tea;Tea essence (Non-medicated -);Roasted barley tea [mugicha];Roasted brown rice tea;Tea essences (Non-medicated -);Burdock root tea (Wooungcha);Asian apricot tea (maesilcha);Non-medicinal herbal tea;Tea extracts (Non-medicated -);Beverages made of tea;White lotus tea (Baengnyeoncha);Iced tea mix powders;Iced tea (Non-medicated -);Tea bags (Non-medicated -);Tea (Non-medicated -) sold loose;Coffee;Coffee substitutes;Ground coffee;Coffee essence;Decaffeinated coffee;Coffee pods;Coffee mixtures;Flavoured coffee;Unroasted coffee;Iced coffee;Coffee bags;Substitutes (Coffee -);Coffee concentrates;Coffee oils;Coffee essences;Instant coffee;Coffee capsules;Coffee drinks;Malt coffee;Coffee extracts;Coffee (Unroasted -);Chocolate coffee;Coffee flavourings;Coffee flavorings;Prepared coffee and coffee-based beverages;Mixtures of malt coffee with coffee;Freeze-dried coffee;Coffee substitutes [artificial coffee or vegetable preparations for use as coffee];Mixtures of coffee essences and coffee extracts;Coffee extracts for use as substitutes for coffee;Coffee based drinks;Coffee capsules, filled;Mixtures of malt coffee extracts with coffee;Mixtures of coffee;Coffee based fillings;Drip bag coffee;Malt coffee extracts;Coffee flavorings [flavourings];Caffeine-free coffee;Chicory [coffee substitute];Coffee essences for use as substitutes for coffee;Coffee in ground form;Coffee in brewed form;Beverages based on coffee;Coffee beverages with milk;Chicory based coffee substitute;Beverages consisting principally of coffee;Beverages with a coffee base;Mixtures of coffee and chicory;Jasmine tea bags, other than for medicinal purposes;Cereals;Cereal powders;Cereal flour;Breakfast cereals;Cereal preparations;Cereal snacks;Cereal bars;Processed cereals;Cereals, processed;Hot breakfast cereals;Cereal based snacks;Chips [cereal products];Cereal seeds, processed;Cereal-based bars;Cereal breakfast foods;Breakfast cereals containing fruit;Crisps made of cereals;Cereal-based savoury snacks;Cereal preparations containing oatbran;Snacks manufactured from cereals;Snack food (Cereal-based -);Ready-to-eat cereals;Breakfast cereals containing fibre;Cereal-based snack bars;Breakfast cereals containing honey;Muesli consisting predominantly of cereals;Cereal preparations consisting of oatbran;Breakfast cereals made of rice;Crackers made of prepared cereals;Cereal-based meal replacement bars;Foodstuffs made from cereals;Cereal based food bars;High-protein cereal bars;Cereal-based snack food;Cereal based snack foods;Preparations made from cereals;Cereal based energy bars;Cereal preparations consisting of bran;Cereal based prepared snack foods;Snack products made of cereals;Cereal products in bar form;Cereal cakes for human consumption;Cereal bars and energy bars;Foods produced from baked cereals;Snack foods made from cereals;Breakfast cereals flavoured with honey;Breakfast cereals, porridge and grits;Snack food products made from cereals;Cereals for use in making pasta;Cereal snack foods flavoured with cheese;Cereals prepared for consumption by humans;Cereal based foodstuffs for human consumption;Snack food products made from cereal starch;Snack foods consisting principally of extruded cereals;Cereal preparations coated with sugar and honey;Processed cereals for food for human consumption;Snack food products made from cereal flour;Ready-to-eat cereal-derived food bars;Snack food products consisting of cereal products;Cereals for food for consumption by humans;Food mixtures consisting of cereal flakes and dried fruits;Breakfast cereals containing a mixture of fruit and fibre;Fresh pizzas;Pizza;Pizzas;Uncooked pizzas;Pizza crusts;Pizza sauces;Pizza mixes;Pizzas [prepared];Pizza flour;Chilled pizzas;Pizza sauce;Fresh pizza;Pizza dough;Pizza spices;Preserved pizzas;Pizza crust;Pizza bases;Preparations for making pizza bases;Sauces for pizzas;Prepared pizza meals;Pizza dough mix;Gluten-free pizza;Pre-baked pizzas crusts;Pasta for incorporating into pizzas;Prepared meals in the form of pizzas;Burgers contained in bread rolls;Rice crisps;Crisp rolls;Wholewheat crisps;Meal;Mustard meal;Kasha [meal];Barley meal;Maize meal;Wheat meal;Corn meal;Farina [meal];Oat meal;Enriched farina [meal];Rice-based prepared meals;Pasta-based prepared meals;Meals consisting primarily of rice;Coconut meal for human consumption;Chocolate-based meal replacement bars;Meals consisting primarily of pasta;Prepared meals consisting primarily of pasta;Prepared meals containing [principally] rice;Chocolate desserts;Dessert souffles;Muesli desserts;Dessert puddings;Custards [baked desserts];Instant dessert puddings;Prepared desserts [pastries];Ice cream desserts;Rice-based pudding dessert;Prepared desserts [chocolate based];Puddings for use as desserts;Foodstuffs made of sugar for sweetening desserts;Foodstuffs made of a sweetener for sweetening desserts;Foodstuffs made of sugar for making a dessert;Foodstuffs made of a sweetener for making a dessert;Popcorn;Seasoned popcorn;Popped popcorn;Caramel popcorn;Flavoured popcorn;Popcorn seasoning;Microwave popcorn;Processed popcorn;Glazed popcorn;Caramel coated popcorn;Kettle corn [popcorn];Caramel-coated popcorn;Candy-coated popcorn;Processed unpopped popcorn;Candy coated popcorn;Salt for popcorn;Cakes;Fruit cakes;Cake doughs;Cream cakes;Breakfast cake;Barm cakes;Cake powder;Millet cakes;Cake bars;Plum-cakes;Plum cakes;Iced cakes;Rice cakes;Cakes (Rice -);Cake preparations;Cake dough;Chimney cakes;Treacle cake;Candy cake;Cake flour;Almond cake;Moon cakes;Cake frosting;Cake mixes;Sponge cake;Cake Pops;Chocolate cakes;Chocolate cake;Malt cakes;Cake icing;Powder (Cake -);Cake mixtures;Cake batter;Sponge cakes;Vegan cakes;Dough for cakes;Flavourings for cakes;Flavorings for cakes;Ice cream cakes;Petits fours [cakes];Chocolate covered cakes;Frosting [icing] (Cake -);Sponge fingers [cakes];Fruit cake snacks;Iced fruit cakes;Iced sponge cakes;Ice-cream cakes;Rice cake snacks;Candy cake decorations;Flapjacks [griddle cakes];Cake frosting [icing];Icing for cakes;Chocolate decorations for cakes;Sticky rice cakes (Chapsalttock);Powder for making cakes;Pounded rice cakes (mochi);Japanese sponge cakes (kasutera);Mixes for making cakes;Steamed sponge cakes (fagao);Aromatic preparations for cakes;Candy decorations for cakes;Mixtures for making cakes;Chocolate-coated rice cakes;Korean traditional rice cake [injeolmi];Stir fried rice cake [topokki];Cake decorations made of candy;Crystallized sugar for decorating cakes;Oat cakes for human consumption;Candied cakes of popped rice;Japanese style steamed cakes (mushi-gashi);Half-moon-shaped rice cake [songpyeon];Sweet pounded rice cakes (mochi-gashi);Flavourings for cakes other than essential oils;Flavourings, other than essential oils, for cakes;Flavorings, other than essential oils, for cakes;Deep chocolate cake made with chocolate sponge;Dried sugared cakes of rice flour (rakugan);Cakes (Flavorings [flavourings], other than essential oils, for -);Soft pin-rolled cakes of pounded rice (gyuhi);Vegan mayonnaise;Vegan hot chocolate;Vegan ice cream;Marzipan substitutes;Honey substitutes;Substitutes (Chocolate -);Sugar substitutes;Cocoa substitutes;Ice cream substitute;Vanillin [vanilla substitute];Sugar substitutes for culinary purposes;Soy-based ice cream substitute;Soya-based ice cream substitutes;Coffee substitutes [grain or chicory based];Vegetal preparations for use as coffee substitutes;Coffee substitutes (Vegetal preparations for use as -);Coffee, teas and cocoa and substitutes therefor;Chicory for use as substitutes for coffee;Barley for use as a coffee substitute;Flowers or leaves for use as tea substitutes;Mixtures of chicory for use as substitutes for coffee;Chicory mixtures for use as substitutes for coffee;Mixtures of chicory for use as coffee substitutes;Chicory extracts for use as substitutes for coffee;Preparations of chicory for use as a substitute for coffee;Chicory mixtures, all for use as substitutes for coffee;Roasted barley and malt for use as substitute for coffee;Chicory and chicory mixtures, all for use as substitutes for coffee;Pastries;Pastry;Danish pastries;Savory pastries;Puff pastry;Fruit pastries;Shortcrust pastry;Chocolate pastries;Pastry mixes;Macaroons [pastry];Almond pastries;Pastry shells;Pastry cases;Viennese pastries;Pastry dough;Pâté [pastries];Filo pastry;Pastries containing fruit;Sopapillas [fried pastries];Long-life pastry;Poppy seed pastry;Pastries with fruit;Pastries containing creams;Orange based pastry;Flaky pastry containing ham;Mixtures for making pastries;Pastry shells for monaka;Spring roll skin [pastry];Pastries filled with fruit;Aromatic preparations for pastries;Fruit filled pastry products;Skin [pastry] for spring rolls;Pastries containing creams and fruit;Pastries consisting of vegetables and poultry;Pastries consisting of vegetables and fish;Pastries consisting of vegetables and meat;Flavoured vinegar;Flavouring syrups;Food flavourings;Flavoured rices;Chocolate flavourings;Helichrysum [flavour];Helichrysum (flavour);Chocolate flavoured coatings;Vanilla [flavoring] [flavouring];Vanilla [flavoring] flavouring;Flavourings and seasonings;Flavourings of lemons;Flavourings for soups;Flavourings for foods;Flavourings for cheeses;Flavourings for butter;Flavourings of almond;Seafood flavoured condiments ;Flavourings made from snails;Flavourings made from fish;Crackers flavoured with fruit;Seaweed flavoured corn chips;Pavlovas flavoured with hazelnuts;Drinks flavoured with chocolate;Flavourings made from fruits;Crackers flavoured with spices;Crackers flavoured with herbs;Flavourings made from meat;Crackers flavoured with cheese;Crackers flavoured with meat;Flavourings made from poultry;Fruit flavourings, except essences;Flavourings made from lobsters;Flavourings made from shrimps;Crackers flavoured with vegetables;Flavourings made from pickles;Salt for flavouring food;Flavourings [not essential oils];Mint flavoured sweets (Non-medicated -);Salts, seasonings, flavourings and condiments;Hon-mirin-type flavouring sauce;Chocolates with mint flavoured centres;Vanilla flavourings for culinary purposes;Ice lollies being milk flavoured;Ice creams flavoured with chocolate;Shortbread with a chocolate flavoured coating;Chocolate drink preparations flavoured with orange;Chocolate drink preparations flavoured with mocha;Food flavourings, other than essential oils;Food flavourings [other than essential oils];Chocolate drink preparations flavoured with mint;Sweets (Non-medicated -) containing herbal flavourings;Teas (Non-medicated -) flavoured with lemon;Chocolate drink preparations flavoured with banana;Chocolate drink preparations flavoured with toffee;Fruit flavoured tea [other than medicinal];Bases for making milk shakes [flavourings];Vanilla flavourings for food or beverages;Sweetmeats [candy] being flavoured with fruit;Flavourings in the form of dehydrated sauces;Flavourings, other than essential oils, for cheeses;Flavourings of tea for food or beverages;Smoke distillates from wood for flavouring foodstuffs;Flavourings of almond for food or beverages;Flavourings of lemons for food or beverages;Flavourings in the form of concentrated sauces;Flavourings, other than essential oils, for beverages;Flavourings for soups [other than essential oils];Flavourings, other than essential oils, for soups;Flavourings, other than essential oils, for foods;Flavourings, other than essential oils, for butter;Beverages (flavorings [flavourings], other then essential oils, for -);Baking soda;Baking soda [bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes];Baking soda [bicarbonate of soda for baking purposes];Bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes [baking soda];Bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes;Cocoa based creams in the form of spreads;Drinking chocolate;Cocoa drinks;Chocolate based drinks;Drinking cocoa paste;Chocolate drink preparations;Drinks containing cocoa;Drinks containing chocolate;Ice cream drinks;Drinks based on chocolate;Beer vinegar.
Class Description: 032 - Light Beverage Products
Goods & Services: Sorbets [beverages];Beverages (Whey -);Waters [beverages];Sherbets [beverages];Sherbet beverages;Isotonic beverages;Soy beverage;Beverages containing vitamins;Grape juice beverages;Tomato juice beverages;Frozen carbonated beverages;Mung bean beverages;Ginger juice beverages;Fruit-based beverages;Iced fruit beverages;Fruit-flavoured beverages;Pineapple juice beverages;Aloe juice beverages;Beer-based beverages;Coconut-based beverages;Vegetable juices [beverages];Vegetable-based beverages;Frozen fruit beverages;Tomato juice [beverage];Fruit-flavored beverages;Flavoured carbonated beverages;Syrups for beverages;Fruit juice beverages;Vegetable juices [beverage];Non-alcoholic beverages;Alcohol free beverages;Beverages (Non-alcoholic -);Orange juice beverages;Apple juice beverages;Mineral water [beverages];Mineral waters [beverages];Smoked plum beverages;Nutritionally fortified beverages;Essences for making beverages;Fruit beverages (non-alcoholic);Pastilles for effervescing beverages;Syrups for making beverages;Syrup for making beverages;Smoked plum juice beverages;Kvass [non-alcoholic beverage];Squashes [non-alcoholic beverages];Malt syrup for beverages;Effervescing beverages (Pastilles for -);Effervescing beverages (Powders for -);Red ginseng juice beverages;Nut and soy based beverages;Frozen fruit-based drinks;Frozen fruit drinks;Part frozen slush drinks;Frozen fruit-based beverages;Frozen hops for brewing beer;Vegetable juice;Vegetable smoothies;Vegetable drinks;Green vegetable juice beverages;Juices;Aerated juices;Orange juice;Melon juice;Grape juice;Juice drinks;Mango juice;Watermelon juice;Fruit juice;Cranberry juice;Coconut juice;Guava juice;Pomegranate juice;Fruit juices;Juice (Fruit -);Blackcurrant juice;Grapefruit juice;Mixed fruit juice;Lime juice cordial;Fruit juice concentrates;Fruit juice drinks;Aloe vera juices;Apple juice drinks;Concentrated fruit juice;Aerated fruit juices;Organic fruit juice;Mixed fruit juices;Fruit juice bases;Concentrated fruit juices;Orange juice drinks;Condensed smoked plum juice;Concentrates for making fruit juices;Non-alcoholic vegetable juice drinks;Fruit juice beverages (Non-alcoholic -);Non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages;Non-alcoholic grape juice beverages;Fruit beverages and fruit juices;Beverages consisting principally of fruit juices;Non-alcoholic beverages containing vegetable juices;Non-alcoholic sparkling fruit juice drinks;Non-alcoholic beverages containing fruit juices;Fruit juice for use as beverages;Lemon juice for use in the preparation of beverages;Lime juice for use in the preparation of beverages;Beverages consisting of a blend of fruit and vegetable juices;Douzhi (fermented bean drink);Whey beverages;Fruit beverages;Smoothies [non-alcoholic fruit beverages];Tonic water [non-medicated beverages];Coffee-flavored beer;Coffee-flavored ale;Coffee-flavored soft drinks;Soya-based beverages, other than milk substitutes;Rice-based beverages, other than milk substitutes;Oat-based beverages [not being milk substitutes];Brown rice beverages other than milk substitutes;Soy-based beverages, not being milk substitutes;Flavoured waters;Flavoured beers;Flavoured mineral water;Fruit flavoured waters;Fruit flavoured drinks;Fruit flavoured carbonated drinks;Syrups for making flavoured mineral waters;Non-alcoholic beverages flavoured with tea;Non-alcoholic beverages flavoured with coffee;Non-alcoholic soda beverages flavoured with tea;Soda water;Soda pops;Cream soda;Ramune (Japanese soda pops);Aerated water [soda water];Energy drinks;Energy drinks containing caffeine;Energy drinks [not for medical purposes];Protein drinks;Isotonic drinks;Drinking water;Carbohydrate drinks;Guarana drinks;Cola drinks;Fruit drinks;Sports drinks;Slush drinks;Drinking waters;Soft drinks;De-alcoholized drinks;De-alcoholised drinks;Carbonated soft drinks;Fruit flavored drinks;Bottled drinking water;Colas [soft drinks];Non-alcoholic drinks;Drinking mineral water;Drinking spring water;Distilled drinking water;Purified drinking water;Fruit-flavored soft drinks;Drinking water with vitamins;Beers;Beer;Malt beer;Flavored beers;Bock beer;Beer wort;Wheat beer;Flavored beer;Imitation beer;Black beer [toasted-malt beer];Root beer;Craft beer;Root beers;Ginger beer;Black beer;Craft beers;Saison beer;Non-alcoholic beers;Low-alcohol beer;De-alcoholized beer;Barley wine [Beer];Low alcohol beer;Beer-based cocktails;Barley wine [beer];Non-alcoholic beer;Alcohol-free beers;De-alcoholised beer;Beer and brewery products;Beers enriched with minerals;Non-alcoholic beer-based cocktails;Root beers, non-alcoholic beverages;Hop pellets for brewing beer;Non-alcoholic beer flavored beverages;Hop extracts for manufacturing beer;Hops (Extracts of -) for making beer;Extracts of hops for making beer.
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