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Clothing;Clothes;Outer clothing;Cashmere clothing;Bandeaux [clothing];Women's clothing;Bodies [clothing];Embroidered clothing;Knitwear [clothing];Cloth bibs;Cyclists' clothing;Playsuits [clothing];Slipovers [clothing];Jerseys [clothing];Weatherproof clothing;Casual clothing;Denims [clothing];Combinations [clothing];Furs [clothing];Shorts [clothing];Collars [clothing];Babies' clothing;Ties [clothing];Clothing layettes;Beach clothes;Beach clothing;Gabardines [clothing];Aprons [clothing];Men's clothing;Boys' clothing;Fishing clothing;Paper clothing;Bottoms [clothing];Mufflers [clothing];Handwarmers [clothing];Cowls [clothing];Visors [clothing];Headbands [clothing];Baby clothes;Infants' clothing;Drawers [clothing];Mitts [clothing];Rainproof clothing;Linen clothing;Dance clothing;Woven clothing;Wristbands [clothing];Tops [clothing];Knitted clothing;Oilskins [clothing];Motorcyclists' clothing;Hoods [clothing];Leisure clothing;Infant clothing;Children's clothing;Childrens' clothing;Sports clothing;Leather clothing;Gloves [clothing];Waterproof clothing;Plush clothing;Girls' clothing;Swaddling clothes;Clothing for men, women and children;Footwear for men;Coats for men;Outerclothing for m...

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On Thursday, February 24, 2022, a united kingdom trademark registration was filed for BLOOD SWEAT TEARS by Aftab khan ********, ********, ***** ****. The United Kingdom IP office has given the trademark application number of UK00003758994. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The BLOOD SWEAT TEARS trademark is filed in the category of Clothing Products , Toys and Sporting Goods Products .
Current Status:
LIVE (Circa: 2022)
Application Number: UK00003758994
Filing Date: Thursday, February 24, 2022
Registration Date: Friday, June 17, 2022
Type of Mark: Individual
Mark Feature: Figurative
2022/014: Friday, April 8, 2022
Last Applicant/Owner: ********
***** ****
Correspondent: Not Available

Classification Information

Class Description: 025 - Clothing Products
Goods & Services: Clothing;Clothes;Outer clothing;Cashmere clothing;Bandeaux [clothing];Women's clothing;Bodies [clothing];Embroidered clothing;Knitwear [clothing];Cloth bibs;Cyclists' clothing;Playsuits [clothing];Slipovers [clothing];Jerseys [clothing];Weatherproof clothing;Casual clothing;Denims [clothing];Combinations [clothing];Furs [clothing];Shorts [clothing];Collars [clothing];Babies' clothing;Ties [clothing];Clothing layettes;Beach clothes;Beach clothing;Gabardines [clothing];Aprons [clothing];Men's clothing;Boys' clothing;Fishing clothing;Paper clothing;Bottoms [clothing];Mufflers [clothing];Handwarmers [clothing];Cowls [clothing];Visors [clothing];Headbands [clothing];Baby clothes;Infants' clothing;Drawers [clothing];Mitts [clothing];Rainproof clothing;Linen clothing;Dance clothing;Woven clothing;Wristbands [clothing];Tops [clothing];Knitted clothing;Oilskins [clothing];Motorcyclists' clothing;Hoods [clothing];Leisure clothing;Infant clothing;Children's clothing;Childrens' clothing;Sports clothing;Leather clothing;Gloves [clothing];Waterproof clothing;Plush clothing;Girls' clothing;Swaddling clothes;Clothing for men, women and children;Footwear for men;Coats for men;Outerclothing for men;Socks for men;Footwear for men and women;Suspender belts for men;Bathing suits for men;Layettes [clothing];Jackets [clothing];Kerchiefs [clothing];Chaps (clothing);Maternity clothing;Thermal clothing;Belts [clothing];Muffs [clothing];Capes (clothing);Slips [clothing];Veils [clothing];Wraps [clothing];Athletic clothing;Triathlon clothing;Windproof clothing;Silk clothing;Work clothes;Woolen clothing;Ladies' clothing;Latex clothing;Womens' outerclothing;Womens' underclothing;Womens' undergarments;Coats for women;Underclothing for women;Underwear for women;Footwear for women;Bathing costumes for women;Suspender belts for women;Motorists' clothing;Boas [clothing];T-shirts;Printed t-shirts;Short-sleeved T-shirts;Shirts;Golf shirts;Casual shirts;Sport shirts;Tennis shirts;Sleep shirts;Camouflage shirts;Sweat shirts;Collared shirts;Soccer shirts;Night shirts;Aloha shirts;Yoga shirts;Shirt-jacs;Maternity shirts;Corduroy shirts;Under shirts;Pique shirts;Yokes (Shirt -);Sports shirts;Football shirts;Knit shirts;Fishing shirts;Turtleneck shirts;Rugby shirts;Polo shirts;Shirt yokes;Tee-shirts;Dress shirts;Shirt fronts;Ramie shirts;Hunting shirts;Woven shirts;Shirts for suits;Short-sleeve shirts;Short-sleeved shirts;Open-necked shirts;Hooded sweat shirts;Long-sleeved shirts;American football shirts;Button down shirts;Shirts and slips;Mock turtleneck shirts;Sports shirts with short sleeves;Button-front aloha shirts;Moisture-wicking sports shirts;Padded shirts for athletic use;Snap crotch shirts for infants and toddlers;Hoodies;Pants;Dress pants;Pirate pants;Nurse pants;Cargo pants;Lounge pants;Chino pants;Corduroy pants;Leather pants;Sweat pants;Baby pants;Waterproof pants;Sports pants;Hunting pants;Petti-pants;Capri pants;Ski pants;Jogging pants;Wind pants;Tap pants;Weatherproof pants;Cycling pants;Track pants;Denim pants;Pants (Am.);Camouflage pants;Stretch pants;Yoga pants;Sleep pants;Snow pants;Maternity pants;Babies' pants [underwear];Warm-up pants;Nappy pants [clothing];Horse-riding pants;American football pants;Babies' pants [clothing];Moisture-wicking sports pants;Padded pants for athletic use;Footwear;Footwear [excluding orthopedic footwear];Pumps [footwear];Infants' footwear;Children's footwear;Sneakers [footwear];Rubbers [footwear];Golf footwear;Athletics footwear;Athletic footwear;Footwear uppers;Casual footwear;Footwear soles;Fishing footwear;Ladies' footwear;Beach footwear;Climbing footwear;Sports footwear;Trainers [footwear];Uppers (Footwear -);Leisure footwear;Tips for footwear;Wooden shoes [footwear];Soles for footwear;Heelpieces for footwear;Insoles for footwear;Footwear (Tips for -);Footwear for sport;Footwear for sports;Footwear for snowboarding;Welts for footwear;Footwear (Welts for -);Footwear made of wood;Traction attachments for footwear;Inner socks for footwear;Footwear made of vinyl;Footwear not for sports;Footwear for use in sport;Fittings of metal for footwear;Japanese split-toed work footwear (jikatabi);Footwear for track and field athletics;Non-slipping devices for footwear;Footwear (Fittings of metal for -);Flip-flops for use as footwear;Japanese footwear of rice straw (waraji);Parts of clothing, footwear and headgear;Headwear;Peaked headwear;Children's headwear;Caps [headwear];Visors [headwear];Bonnets [headwear];Leather headwear;Fishing headwear;Caps being headwear;Visors being headwear;Sun visors [headwear];Socks;Men's socks;Bed socks;Trouser socks;Ankle socks;Anklets [socks];Sports socks;Sock suspenders;Tennis socks;Thermal socks;Slipper socks;Woollen socks;Pop socks;Footless socks;Water socks;Toe socks;Yoga socks;Anti-perspirant socks;Socks and stockings;Men's dress socks;Sweat-absorbent socks;Japanese style socks (tabi covers);Socks for infants and toddlers;Underwear;Briefs [underwear];Disposable underwear;Jockstraps [underwear];Thermal underwear;Trunks [underwear];Maternity underwear;Knitted underwear;Women's underwear;Men's underwear;Functional underwear;Ladies' underwear;Long underwear;Anti-sweat underwear;Boy shorts [underwear];Sweat-absorbent underwear;Underwear (Anti-sweat -);Sweat-absorbent underclothing [underwear];Gussets for underwear [parts of clothing];Sports headgear [other than helmets];Gym boots;Gym suits;Gym shorts;Articles of sports clothing;Articles of underclothing;Articles of clothing;Sport stockings;Sports overuniforms;Sports shoes;Sports garments;Sports bibs;Sports vests;Sports singlets;Sports wear;Sports jerseys and breeches for sports;Sports jackets;Sports caps;Sports jerseys;Sport shoes;Sports bras;Sport coats;Foulards [clothing articles];Boxing shorts;Boxing shoes;Toe boxes;Football boots;Football jerseys;Football shoes;Replica football kits;American football shorts;American football bibs;American football socks;Football boots (Studs for -);Studs for football boots;Studs for football shoes;Tennis shorts;Tennis sweatbands;Tennis shoes;Tennis skirts;Tennis dresses;Tennis pullovers;Tennis wear;Shorts;Cycling shorts;Fleece shorts;Bib shorts;Walking shorts;Short trousers;Trousers shorts;Bermuda shorts;Sliding shorts;Swim shorts;Maternity shorts;Short petticoats;Boxer shorts;Rugby shorts;Sweat shorts;Board shorts;Golf shorts;Short sets [clothing];Short overcoat for kimono (haori);Padded shorts for athletic use;Arm warmers [clothing];Wrist bands;Wrist warmers;Shoulder wraps;Beach wraps;Sweat bands for the wrist;Shoulder wraps [clothing];Shoulder wraps for clothing;Wrap belts for kimonos (datemaki);Garter belts;Waist belts;Fabric belts;Tuxedo belts;Suspender belts;Leather belts [clothing];Money belts [clothing];Belts of textile;Belts (Money -) [clothing];Fabric belts [clothing];Belts for clothing;Belts made of leather;Knee highs;Knee-high stockings;Knee warmers [clothing];Vests;Athletics vests;Fishing vests;Quilted vests;Vest tops;Waistcoats [vests];Camouflage vests;Fleece vests;Scrimmage vests;Running vests;Vests (Fishing -);Hunting vests;Long sleeved vests;Wind-resistant vests;Men's and women's jackets, coats, trousers, vests;Vests for use in barber shops and salons;Wind vests;Down vests;Athletics shoes;Athletic uniforms;Athletics hose;Athletic tights;Athletic shoes;Bras;Bra straps;Nursing bras;Strapless bras;Adhesive bras;Moisture-wicking sports bras;Bra straps [parts of clothing];Fitted swimming costumes with bra cups;Clothes for sports;Sports over uniforms;Clothes for sport;Boots for sports;Clothing for sports;Combative sports uniforms;Sports [Boots for -];Boots for sport.
Class Description: 028 - Toys and Sporting Goods Products
Goods & Services: Toys, games, and playthings;Toys, games and playthings for pet animals;Playthings;Rattles [playthings];Masks [playthings];Tricycles [playthings];Baby playthings;Swings [playthings];Toys and playthings for pets;Children's playthings;Gliders [playthings];Bouncers [playthings];Slides [playthings];Educational playthings;Sleighs [playthings];Sledges [playthings];Sandboxes [playthings];Buckets [playthings];Roundabouts being playthings;Toys and playthings for pet animals;Water pistols [playthings];Train sets [playthings];Snow sledges [playthings];Spinning tops [playthings];Skill and action games;Water guns [playthings];Children's riding vehicles [playthings];Video game apparatus, arcade games, and amusement machines ;Scale model cars [playthings];Animal replicas as playthings;Face masks being playthings;Costumes being childrens playthings;Chips and dice [gaming equipment];Playing cards and card games;Model vehicles (scale -) [playthings];Costumes being children's playthings;Games;Tabletop games and gambling devices;Scale model vehicles [playthings];Aerosol actuator guns [playthings];Model cars [toys or playthings];Electronic targets for games and sports;Parlor games;Arcade games;Target games;Quiz games;Go games;Checkers games;Cards [games];Skittles [games];Memory games;Buckets [playthings] made of plastics;Children's four-wheeled vehicles [playthings];Action figures [toys or playthings];Children's multiple activity tables [playthings];Sports games;Parlour games;Electronic games;Backgammon games;Hockey games;Musical games;Horseshoe games;Boule games;Draughts [games];Miniature car models [toys or playthings];Chess games;Gaming chips;Ring games;Mechanical games;Board games;Boards games;Dart games;Building games;Game cards;Gaming apparatus;Pinball games;Game consoles;Games consoles;Gaming keypads;Gaming mice;Dice games;Party games;Bowls [games];Manipulative games;Gaming tables;Checkers [games];Card games;Gaming machines;Play mats incorporating infant toys [playthings];Portable games and toys incorporating telecommunication functions;Interactive gaming chairs for video games;Game boards for trading card games;Beanbags in the form of playthings;Table-top games;Balls for games;Games (Balls for -);Quoits [ring games];Trading card games;Electronic dart games;Video game consoles;Portable gaming devices;Handheld game consoles;Coin-operated games;Paddle ball games;Handheld electronic games;Ring toss games;Racing car games;Role playing games;Ring games [quoits];Sugoroku board games;Computer game apparatus;Computer games apparatus;Hunting game calls;Console gaming devices;Role play games;Video game joysticks;Gloves for games;Mah jong games;Arcade game machines;Bag toss games;Manipulative logic games;Chinese checkers [games];Chinese checkers games;Gaming chip sets;Computer game joysticks ;Steering wheel shaped game controllers for driving games;LCD game machines;Games (Apparatus for -);Apparatus for games;Action skill games;Automatic gaming machines;Marbles for games;Games (Marbles for -);Video game apparatus;Video game machines;Electronic board games;Mah-jongg games;Free-standing video games apparatus;Arcade video game machines;Hand held video games;Video game machine cases;Joysticks for video games;Home video game machines;Bags specially adapted for handheld video game apparatus;Electronic games apparatus;Stand-alone video game machines;Hand-held electronic video games;Joysticks for video game machines;Token-operated video game machines;Controllers for video game machines;Gamepads for video game machines;Coin-operated arcade video game machines;Apparatus for corinthian games;Coin-operated video amusement apparatus;Hand-held consoles for playing video games;Apparatus for playing electronic games;Joysticks being parts of video game consoles;Arcade video game machines with multi-terminals;Video game machines for use with televisions;Hand held units for playing video games;Bags specially adapted for handheld video games;Protective cases for video game device remote controls;Protective films for video game device remote controls;Video output game machines for use with televisions;Protective carrying cases specially adapted for handheld video games;Gymnastic and sporting articles;Gymnastic articles;Sporting articles and equipment;Sporting articles;Slingshots [sporting articles];Slingshots [sports articles];Bats [sporting articles];Sleighs [sports articles];Sledges [sporting articles];Sandboxes [sporting articles];Sleds [sports articles];Javelins [sporting articles];Skeletons [sports articles];Harpoon guns [sports articles];Fist protectors [sporting articles];Curling brooms [sports articles];Golf flags [sports articles];Screens (Camouflage -) [sports articles];Spring boards [sporting articles];Fist guards [sporting articles];Sling shots [sports articles];Hunting blinds [sports articles];Elbow guards [sports articles];Balls being sporting articles;Camouflage screens [sports articles];Target launchers [sports articles];Hunting stands [sports articles];Duck blinds [sports articles];Grips for sporting articles;Sleds being sports articles;Spring boards [sports articles];Guns (Harpoon -) [sports articles];Shin guards [sports articles];Shin protectors [sports articles];Shin pads [sports articles];Knee guards [sports articles];Leg weights [sports articles];Forearm guards [sports articles];Belts (Weight lifting -) [sports articles];Cases adapted for sporting articles;Men's athletic supporters [sports articles];Weight lifting belts [sports articles];Covers (Shaped -) for sporting articles;Supporters (Men's athletic -) [sports articles];Bags adapted for sporting articles;Protective supports for shoulders and elbows [sports articles];Bags adapted for carrying sporting articles;Harpoons for harpoon guns [sporting articles];Gymnastic apparatus;Spring-activated spearguns being sports articles;Gymnastics rings;Gymnastic benches;Gymnastic training stools;Springboards [for gymnastic];Gymnastic uneven bars;Rings for gymnastics;Clubs for gymnastics;Gymnastic parallel bars;Gymnastics (Appliances for -);Appliances for gymnastics;Beams [gymnastic apparatus];Rhythmic gymnastics ribbons;Parallel bars [for gymnastic];Benches for gymnastic use;Ribbons for rhythmic gymnastics;Shock absorbtion pads for protection against injury [sporting articles];Parallel bars for gymnastics;Clubs for rhythmic gymnastics;Portable home gymnastic apparatus;Horizontal bars [for gymnastic];Pommel horses [for gymnastic];Protectors for elbows for use when skateboarding [sports articles];Balance beams [for gymnastic];High bars for gymnastics;Ropes for rhythmic gymnastics;Hoops for rhythmic sportive gymnastics;Protectors for elbows for use when riding bicycles [sports articles];Protectors for the knees for use when skateboarding [sports articles];Sport hoops;Sports equipment;Sports balls;Sport balls;Putters [sporting apparatus];Sports training apparatus;Springboards for sports;Christmas tree decorations;Decorations for Christmas trees;Tinsel for decorating Christmas trees;Decorations and ornaments for Christmas trees;Christmas tree decorations and ornaments;Christmas tree decorations [other than edible or for illumination];Christmas crackers;Christmas dolls;Festive decorations, party novelties and artificial Christmas trees;Ornaments for Christmas trees;Artificial snow for Christmas trees;Christmas stockings;Artificial Christmas trees;Christmas tree [synthetic];Bells for Christmas trees;Snow for Christmas trees (Artificial -);Christmas crackers [party novelties];Toy Christmas trees;Christmas tree ornaments;Christmas tree stands;Christmas trees (Artificial -);Christmas tree skirts;Candle holders for Christmas trees;Bonbons (Explosive -) [Christmas crackers];Christmas tree stand covers;Non-edible christmas tree ornaments;Explosive bonbons [Christmas crackers];Musical Christmas tree ornaments;Christmas trees of synthetic material;Cricket bats;Cricket balls;Cricket bags [adapted];Leg guards [cricket pads];Protective padded articles for use in playing the game of cricket;Protectors for elbows for use when participating in the sport of cricket;Boxing gloves;Gloves (Boxing -);Vaulting boxes;Boxing rings;Toy musical boxes;Toy music boxes;Music box toys;Fishing tackle boxes;Toy mail boxes;Fishing lure boxes;Fishing fly boxes;Footballs;Rugby footballs;Football gloves;American footballs;Football equipment;Reduced sized footballs;Table football tables;Football blocking sleds;Indoor football tables;Miniature replica football kits;Indoor football (Tables for -);Football or soccer goals;Gloves for American football;Football field model toys;Football (Tables for indoor -);Tables for indoor football;Tables for table football;Girdles for American football;Shoulder pads for American football;Elbow pads for American football;Leg pads for American football;Knee pads for American football;Chest pads for American football;Body protectors for American football;Tennis 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tennis;Shaped covers for tennis rackets;Table tennis ball serving machines;Shaped covers for table tennis bats;Coverings for table tennis bats;Grip bands for tennis rackets;Paddles for playing platform tennis;Safety paddings for tennis uprights;Natural gut strings for tennis racquets;Tennis bags shaped to contain a racket;Tapes for wrapping tennis racquet handle grips;Grip bands for table tennis bats;Racket cases [for tennis or badminton];Natural gut strings for tennis rackets;Tapes with weights for balancing tennis racquets;Guts for rackets [for tennis or badminton];Table tennis trainers with elastic soft shafts ;Fitted protective covers specially adapted for tennis rackets;Wrist straps for weightlifting ;Back supports [belts] for weightlifters;Athletic protective elbow pads for skating;Elbow guards for use in skateboarding;Athletic protective elbow pads for cycling;Athletic protective elbow pads for skateboarding;Archery arm guards;Arm floats for swimming;Arm guards for baseball;Arm 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tally balls;Water polo balls;Bowling ball returns;Ball inflator adaptors;Golf ball markers;Inflatable beach balls;Golf ball retrievers;Lacrosse ball bags;Pool tally balls;Field hockey balls;Racquet ball gloves;Balls for sports;Children's punch balls;Balls for juggling;Soccer ball bags;Pilates toning balls;Billiard ball racks;Punching balls for boxing;Balls for playing lacrosse;Balls for playing sports;Stress relief exercise balls;Ball-jointed dolls [BJD];Bendy balls being toys;Balls for playing bowls;Floor-mounted punch balls;Balls for racket sports;balls for playing bowls;Inflatable balls for sports;Spring-supported punch balls;Balls for playing petanque;Nets for ball games;Soccer ball goal nets;Balls for playing racketball;Balls for playing dodgeball;ball-jointed dolls [BJD];Balls for playing games;Balls for playing paddleball;Balls for playing handball;Bats for ball games;Balls for playing bocce;Bowling machines;Bowling bumpers;Playing bowls;Bowling gloves;Bowling pins;Bowling pinsetters;Bowling bags (adapted);Bowling apparatus and machinery;Nine-pin bowling alleys;Bags adapted for bowling balls;Toy candy bowl mechanical dispensers;Slot machines [gaming machines].
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