ARTIAN INVESTMENTS United Kingdom Trademark Information

Gold;Gold alloys;Gold ingots;Gold coins;Gold chains;Gold earrings;Gold jewellery;Gold necklaces;Gold medals;Gold rings;Gold bullion;Imitation gold;Gold bracelets;Gold base alloys;Gold plated rings;Gold plated chains;Gold-plated earrings;Gold plated bracelets;Gold thread [jewellery];Jewellery containing gold;Gold-plated necklaces;Gold-plated rings;Gold bullion coins;Gold thread jewelry;Gold plated earrings;Gold alloy ingots;Gold thread [jewelry];Square gold chain;Figurines made from gold;Jewellery made from gold;Gold and its alloys;Watches made of gold;Gold, unwrought or beaten;Gold plated brooches [jewellery];Watches made of plated gold;Cuff links made of gold;Figurines made of imitation gold;Horological instruments made of gold;Watches made of rolled gold;Gold, unworked or semi-worked;Objet d'art of enamelled gold;Gold thread [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Cuff links made of imitation gold;Silver;Spun silver [silver wire];Silver ingots;Silver watches;Unwrought silver;Silver alloys;Silver rings;Silver-plated earrings;Silver bullion;Silver necklaces;Silver earrings;Silver thread;Silver bracelets;Silver-plated necklaces;Clips of silver [jewellery];Unwrought silver alloys;Silver-plated...

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goldgold   alloysgold   ingotsgold   coinsgold   chainsgold   earringsgold   jewellerygold   necklacesgold   medalsgold   ringsgold   bullionimitation   goldgold   braceletsgold   base   alloysgold   plated   ringsgold   plated   chainsgoldplated   earringsgold   plated   braceletsgold   thread   jewelleryjewellery   containing   goldgoldplated   necklacesgoldplated   ringsgold   bullion   coinsgold   thread   jewelrygold   plated   earringsgold   alloy   ingotsgold   thread  

Abandonment Notice! On , status on the ARTIAN INVESTMENTS trademark changed to Withdrawn. Apply Now for this name starting at $449!

CAUTION: Although UK registration for this particular filing is inactive, the mark may still enjoy common law rights, or may have been applied for again in a separate application. Further research may be warranted to determine where this mark is truly abandoned in commerce.

On Monday, September 12, 2022, a united kingdom trademark registration was filed for ARTIAN INVESTMENTS by ARTIAN INVESTMENTS LIMITED ********, ********, ***** ****. The United Kingdom IP office has given the trademark application number of UK00003828965. The current status of this trademark filing is Withdrawn. The ARTIAN INVESTMENTS trademark is filed in the category of Jewelry Products , Leather Products (not including clothing) , Advertising, Business & Retail Services , Insurance & Financial Services , Education and Entertainment Services , Computer & Software Services & Scientific Services , Personal & Legal & Social Services , Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products .
Current Status:
DEAD (Circa: 2022)
Application Number: UK00003828965
Filing Date: Monday, September 12, 2022
Registration Date: Not Available
Type of Mark: Individual
Mark Feature: Word
2022/038: Friday, September 23, 2022
Last Applicant/Owner: ********
***** ****
Correspondent: Not Available

Classification Information

Class Description: 014 - Jewelry Products
Goods & Services: Gold;Gold alloys;Gold ingots;Gold coins;Gold chains;Gold earrings;Gold jewellery;Gold necklaces;Gold medals;Gold rings;Gold bullion;Imitation gold;Gold bracelets;Gold base alloys;Gold plated rings;Gold plated chains;Gold-plated earrings;Gold plated bracelets;Gold thread [jewellery];Jewellery containing gold;Gold-plated necklaces;Gold-plated rings;Gold bullion coins;Gold thread jewelry;Gold plated earrings;Gold alloy ingots;Gold thread [jewelry];Square gold chain;Figurines made from gold;Jewellery made from gold;Gold and its alloys;Watches made of gold;Gold, unwrought or beaten;Gold plated brooches [jewellery];Watches made of plated gold;Cuff links made of gold;Figurines made of imitation gold;Horological instruments made of gold;Watches made of rolled gold;Gold, unworked or semi-worked;Objet d'art of enamelled gold;Gold thread [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Cuff links made of imitation gold;Silver;Spun silver [silver wire];Silver ingots;Silver watches;Unwrought silver;Silver alloys;Silver rings;Silver-plated earrings;Silver bullion;Silver necklaces;Silver earrings;Silver thread;Silver bracelets;Silver-plated necklaces;Clips of silver [jewellery];Unwrought silver alloys;Silver-plated bracelets;Silver-plated rings;Silver thread [jewelry];Silver alloy ingots;Silver objets d'art;Sterling silver jewellery;Silver thread [jewellery];Silver and its alloys;Silver, unwrought or beaten;Jewellery made from silver;Figurines made from silver;Cuff links made of silver plate;Objet d'art of enamelled silver;Silver thread [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)];Precious metals;Earrings of precious metal;Trophies of precious metals;Ingots of precious metals;Alloys of precious metal;Sculptures of precious metal;Figurines of precious metal;Jewellery in precious metals;Bracelets of precious metal;Jewellery of precious metals;Necklaces of precious metal;Ring holders of precious metal;Diamonds;Diamond [unwrought];Cut diamonds;Diamond jewelry;Jewellery incorporating diamonds;Precious stones;Precious and semi-precious stones;Jewellery incorporating precious stones;Jewellery made of precious stones;Objet d'art made of precious stones;Articles of jewellery with precious stones;Jewellery being articles of precious stones;Jewellery stones;Precious and semi-precious gems;Precious jewels;Precious jewellery.
Class Description: 018 - Leather Products (not including clothing)
Goods & Services: Wallets incorporating RFID blocking technology .
Class Description: 035 - Advertising, Business & Retail Services
Goods & Services: Business advice relating to growth financing;Retail services relating to jewelry;Retail services in relation to computer software;Business management of insurance agencies and brokers on an outsourcing basis;Business brokerage services;Brokerage of name and address based lists;Advertising services for promoting the brokerage of stocks and other securities;Real estate marketing;Real estate auctions;Real estate marketing analysis;Advertising of commercial or residential real estate;Arranging and conducting of real estate auctions;Business intermediary services relating to the matching of potential private investors with entrepreneurs needing funding;Provision of business information relating to joint ventures;Business services relating to the arrangement of joint ventures;Business consultancy relating to the administration of information technology;Business management consulting services in the field of information technology;Advertising services relating to financial services;Advertising services relating to financial investment;Data-based stock control;Computerised stock management;Computerised stock ordering;Stock control services;Stock management services;Electronic stock management services;Data-based stock location services;Computerised compilation of stock control records;Administrative services relating to employee stock plans.
Class Description: 036 - Insurance & Financial Services
Goods & Services: Corporate finance;Finance leasing;Financing services;Loans [financing];Project financing;Credit financing;Project finance;Loan financing;Corporate financing;Providing financing;Commodities financing;Equity financing;Finance services;Financing of loans;Automobile lease financing;Equipment financing services;Lease-purchase financing;Financing (Hire purchase -);Lease purchase finance;Corporate finance consultancy;Financing of mergers;Financing of acquisitions;Sales credit financing;Arranging of finance;Raising of finance;Financing of sureties;Financially-guaranteed financing;Instalment loan financing;Loans (Financing of -);Financing of investments;Corporate finance services;Accounts receivables financing;Trade finance services;Mortgage financing services;Finance (Provision of -);Finance (Raising of -);Instalment credit financing;Personal finance services;Industrial financing services;Real estate financing;Asset-based financing;Financing of purchases;Provision of finance;Financing of guarantees;Venture capital financing;Hire-purchase financing;Auto financing services;Retail financing services;Provision of trade finance;Financing of home loans;Property (Real estate -) finance;Financing of communal loans;Financing of land acquisition;Financing relating to automobiles;Arranging finance for businesses;Financing and funding services;Financing of consumer purchases;Provision of aircraft financing;Financing of cash advances;Lease-purchase financing services;Financing of development projects;Arranging finance for films;Farm credit financing agencies;Automobile lease-purchase financing;Insurance premium financing services;Provision of equipment finance;Financing of industrial activities;Financing of personal loans;Hire purchase financing services;Financing of lease purchase;Banking and financing services;Financing of building projects;Provision of commercial finance;Financing and loan services;Financing services for companies;Financing of bridging loans;Financing of property loans;Management of corporate finances;Financing of property development;Facilitating and arranging financing;Financing services relating to hotels;Arranging the provision of finance;Advice on finance during retirement;Advice on finance for retirement;Advisory services relating to financing;Information services relating to finance;Provision of finance for sales;Providing finance for credit sales;Provision of finance for enterprises;Advisory services relating to finance;Arranging finance for radio programs;Lease financing of telecommunication equipment;Consultations relating to corporate finance;Research services relating to finance;Financing services for sponsoring businesses;Financing of short-term loans;Provision of finance for companies;Provision of finance for leasing;Mortgage loans and financing services;Arranging finance for construction projects;Consultancy services relating to finance;Arranging finance for television programs;Financing of loans against security;Lease purchase financing of vehicles;Financing services relating to trade;Financing services for securing funds;Financing of mortgages and sureties;Professional consultancy relating to finance;Advisory services relating to corporate finance;Financing services relating to maternity care;Provision of lease-purchase finance facilities;Provision of finance for leisure centres;Provision of finance for credit sales;Advisory services relating to investment finance;Consultancy concerning financing of energy projects;Building society services relating to finance;Consultancy services relating to personal finance;Provision of finance for hire-purchase;Provision of finance for business ventures;Provision of finance for health care;Arranging the finance for home loans;Arranging of financing for humanitarian projects;Consultancy services relating to corporate finance;Consulting services relating to corporate finance;Loans [financing] and discount of bills;Financing services relating to dental care;Arranging for financing of insurance premiums;Provision of finance for trade credit;Financing of loans, mortgages and sureties;Planning of finances relating to taxation;Trade credit (Provision of finance for -);Credit sales (Provision of finance for -);Provision of finance for equipment leasing;Provision of finance for property development;Financing of real estate development projects;Provision of finance for civil engineering constructions;Advisory services relating to investments and finance;Provision of finance for real estate development;Financing services for the purchase of ships;Electronic funds transfer provided via blockchain technology;Providing funding for the development of new technology;Insurance brokering;Brokering services;Mortgage brokering;Brokering of financial services;Insurance brokers (Services of -);Services of a stock broker;Brokerage;Commodity brokerage;Financial brokerage;Stock brokerage;Estate brokerage;Commodities brokerage;Insurance brokerage;Brokerage (Insurance -);Exchange brokerage;Brokerage (Financial -);Pawn brokerage;Brokerage services;Futures brokerage;Mortgage brokerage;Bonds brokerage;Money brokerage;Security brokerage;Credit brokerage;Reinsurance brokerage;Investment brokerage;Securities brokerage;Real estate brokerage;Life assurance brokerage;Brokerage of futures;Stock debenture brokerage;Brokerage of commodities;Motor insurance brokerage;Securities brokerage services;Traded options brokerage;Stock brokerage services;Brokerage of securities;Automated securities brokerage;Financial investment brokerage;Transit insurance brokerage;Bonds brokerage services;Stock bond brokerage;Capital investment brokerage;Mortgage brokerage services;Brokerage house services;Insurance brokerage services;Financial brokerage services;Exchange brokerage services;Bullion brokerage services;Commercial mortgage brokerage;Life insurance brokerage;Brokerage of bonds;Mutual fund brokerage;Precious metals brokerage;Brokerage of insurance;Brokerage of currency;Transport insurance brokerage;Brokerage of carbon credits;Brokerage of futures contracts;Brokerage of casualty insurance;Brokerage of carbon offsets;Securities brokerage account services;Securities and commodities brokerage;Medical insurance brokerage services;Securities and assets brokerage;Insurance agency and brokerage;Brokerage of credit agreements;Mortgage banking and brokerage;Real-estate brokerage services;Stocks and bonds brokerage;Brokerage for securities liquidation;Financial customs brokerage services;Brokerage of real estate;Insurance brokerage for property;Computerised securities brokerage services;Brokerage services for bonds;Brokerage for hire-purchase;Brokerage of financial derivatives;Brokerage of emission rights;Brokerage of share subscriptions;Auto loan brokerage services;Stocks and bonds brokerage services;Brokerage of non-life insurance;Brokerage services in financial markets;Securities brokerage and trading services;Brokerage services for capital investments;Mortgage banking and mortgage brokerage;Property (Real estate -) brokerage services;Insurance brokerage consultancy and information;Brokerage advisory services relating to insurance;Financial brokerage services for real estate;Agencies or brokerage for renting land;Brokerage of shares and other securities;Brokerage services on the financial markets;Brokerage services relating to financial instruments;Brokerage services for stocks and bonds;Brokerage agency relating to ship insurance;Mortgage lending and mortgage brokerage services;Brokerage services relating to corporate bonds;Brokerage of building society savings agreements;Brokerage services relating to debt instruments;Brokerage services relating to municipal bonds;Brokerage in the field of stocks;Brokerage services relating to securities offering;Futures brokerage services relating to freight;Brokerage services relating to mutual funds;Brokerage services relating to the securities markets;Agencies or brokerage for renting of buildings;Providing information relating to life insurance brokerage;Brokerage of financial investments in energy companies;Consultancy and brokerage services relating to health insurance;Consultancy and brokerage services relating to accident insurance;Brokerage of shares or stocks and other securities;Consultancy and brokerage services relating to home insurance;Brokerage services in the field of financial instruments;Consultancy and brokerage services relating to life insurance;Brokerage services for the purchase and sale of obligations;Brokerage services for arranging financing by other financial institutions;Agencies or brokerage for leasing or renting of land;Real estate investment;Valuations (Real estate -);Real estate agency;Real estate consultancy;Real estate consultations;Real estate management;Real estate services;Real estate syndication;Real estate leasing;Real estate administration;Appraisal (Real estate -);Estate management (Real -);Real estate agencies;Estate agencies (Real -);Real estate affairs;Real estate broking;Real-estate valuations;Real estate appraisal;Real estate consultation;Real estate lending services;Real estate investment advice;Property (Real estate -) insurance;Evaluation of real estate;Property (Real estate -) evaluations;Appraisal of real estate;Property (Real estate -) management;Real estate agents services;Real estate agency services;Real estate affairs services;Real estate investment consultancy;Real estate management services;Real estate escrow services;Leasing of real estate;Real estate (Leasing of -);Property (Real estate -) investment;Real estate time-sharing;Real estate insurance services;Real estate valuation services;Real estate appraisal services;Financial evaluations [real estate];Valuation of real estate;Management of real estate;Real estate lease surrender services;Real estate acquisition [for others];Trusteeship of real estate property;Property (Real estate -) consultancy services;Real estate 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interval installment payments;Electronic processing of payments via a global computer network;Electronic banking via a global computer network [internet banking];Provision of financial services by means of a global computer network or the internet;Financial services provided over the telephone and by means of a global computer network or the internet;Private equity fund investment services;Management of private equity funds;Equity release services;Equity capital investment;Private banking;Equity investment in international companies;Provision of pricing information about equities;Financial services relating to personal equity plans;Fund management for private clients;Private placement and venture capital investment services;Financial administration of a private dental plan;Private client unit trust administration services;Private client unit trust management services;Evaluation of the credit worthiness of companies and private individuals;Hedge fund services;Hedge fund management;Hedge 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services;Financial guarantees [surety services];Financial strategy consultancy services;Computerised financial advisory services;Financial services relating to airports;Financial services relating to bonds;Financial consulting and advisory services;Financial consultancy and information services;Financial information services relating to financial stock markets;Financial services relating to savings;Financial advisory and consultancy services;Financial advisory services for individuals;Financial exchange;Studies (Financial -);Financial underwriting;Sponsorship (Financial -);Financial valuations;Financial advice;Financial consultancy;Financial planning services relating to taxation;Financial evaluation services relating to insurance;Financial services relating to cash disbursement;Advisory services relating to financial investment;Advisory services relating to financial investments;Consultancy services relating to financial investment;Financial analysis services relating to investments;Financial lending;Financial transactions;Financial forecasting;Financial evaluation;Financial assessments;Financial guardianship;Financial appraisal;Appraisals (Financial -);Consultations [financial];Financial information;Information (Financial -);Financial advisory services provided for bankers;Financial services relating to bank cards;Financial lending services for personal purposes;Financial advisory services provided for controllers;Financial and monetary services, and banking;Advisory services relating to financial matters;Financial advisory services relating to insolvency;Financial services provided by electronic means;Management of stocks;Trading in stocks;Custodian services for stocks;Stock price quotation services;Computerised information services for stocks;Trading in contracts on stocks;Quotation of stock market prices;Provision of information relating to stock broking;Provision of information relating to stock exchange prices;Provision of financial information relating to the stock exchange;Stock exchanges for dealing in shares and other financial securities;Providing on-line stock exchange information from a computer database or the Internet;Stock trading;Stock market services;Stock exchange services;Stock broking services;Stock exchange quotations;Trading of stocks;Stock exchange information services;Stock exchange quotation services;Stock exchange price quotations;Providing stock market information;Financial management of stocks;Electronic stock exchange services;Stock option valuation services;Electronic stock transfer initiation services;Information services relating to stocks;Provision of stock exchange quotations;Employee stock plan administration services;Stock exchange prices (Quotation of -);Recording the transfer of stocks;Provision of stock market information;Quotation of stock exchange prices;Computer analyses of stock exchange information;Stock exchange quotation and listing services;Organization of stock exchanges for the benefit of the trade of stocks and other financial values;Provision of information and data concerning stock exchanges;Preparation and quotation of stock exchange prices and indices;Recording of inter parties transactions in respect of stocks;Stock exchange information provided on-line from a computer database or the Internet.
Class Description: 041 - Education and Entertainment Services
Goods & Services: Coaching relating to finance;Educational courses relating to finance;Courses (Training -) relating to finance;Training services relating to finance;Provision of instruction courses in finance;Lending of books relating to finance;Adult education services relating to finance;Art exhibitions;Art gallery services;Art exhibition services;Gallery services (Art -);Organizing cultural and arts events;Technological education services;Educational services relating to information technology;Training in the field of communication technologies;Publishing of scientific papers in relation to medical technology;Teaching and training in business, industry and information technology;Provision of courses of instruction in the management of information technology;Organisation of stock car racing events.
Class Description: 042 - Computer & Software Services & Scientific Services
Goods & Services: Design of information systems relating to finance;Software authoring;Software research;Software installation;Software engineering;Software development;Software customisation services;Computer software integration;Computer software engineering;Software consulting services;Consultancy (Computer software -);Design of software;Computer software maintenance;Software maintenance services;Smartphone software design;Design and development of virtual private network (VPN) operating software;Technological research;Technological studies;Technological services;Technological consultancy;Chemical technological research;Information technology consulting;Technological analysis services;Computer technology consultancy;Technological engineering analysis;Technological planning services;Technological advisory services;Technological research services;Technological design services;Information technology services;Telecommunications technology consultancy;Scientific technological services;Technological consultation services;Technological project studies;Information technology consultancy;Preparation of technological reports;Safety technological testing services;Information technology [IT] consultancy;Research in measurement technology;Cell separation technology services;Scientific and technological services;Control technology consulting services;Information technology support services;Science and technology services;Providing science technology information;Research relating to technology;Information technology consulting services;Scientific and technological design;Expert opinion relating to technology;Consultancy relating to filtration technology;Professional consultancy relating to technology;Preparation of technological research reports;Consultancy relating to membrane technology;Expert advice relating to technology;Technological services relating to manufacture;Technological services relating to rheology;Technological research relating to computers;Technological services relating to design;Technological services relating to computers;Technological services relating to rheometrics;Information technology [IT] consulting services;Consultancy services relating to technological research;Advisory services relating to technological research;Information services relating to information technology;Computer and information technology consultancy services;Expert reporting services relating to technology;Technological services and research relating thereto;Technological services and design relating thereto;Design and development of medical technology;Engineering services relating to information technology;Consultancy services relating to information technology;Professional consultancy relating to marine technology;User authentication services using blockchain technology;Technological studies relating to machine tools;Development of new technology for others;Rental of science and technology equipment;Technological consulting services for digital transformation;Services for the provision of technological information;Issuing of information relating to information technology;Consultancy in the field of technological design;Research in the field of communications technology;Technological advisory services relating to computer programs;Compilation of information relating to information technology;Provision of information relating to information technology;Technological research for the building construction industry;Consultancy in the field of technological research;Safety technology services relating to land vehicles;Research in the field of telecommunication technology;Research in the field of telecommunications technology;Engineering services relating to data processing technology;Research in the field of information technology;Private cloud hosting provider service;Digital asset management;Enterprise content management;Architectural project management;IT project management;Provision of information relating to technological research;Professional advisory services relating to food technology;Technical consultancy services relating to information technology;Research in the field of artificial intelligence technology;Providing information in the field of information technology;Engineering services in the field of energy technology;Research in the field of data processing technology;Design and development of new technology for others;Information technology services provided on an outsourcing basis;Consultancy and information services relating to information technology;Technology consultation in the field of artificial intelligence;Information technology services for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries;Research in the field of technology provided by engineers;User authentication services using technology for e-commerce transactions;Technical consultancy regarding the field of road cutting technology;Assessment in the field of technology provided by engineers;Estimations in the field of technology provided by engineers;Consultancy and information services in the field of information technology;Technological analysis relating to energy and power needs of others;Scientific and technological research in the field of natural disasters;Providing information on computer technology and programming via a web site;Design and development of computer software for use with medical technology;Technical advice and consultancy services in the field of information technology;Providing information relating to computer technology and programming via a website ;Consultancy and information services relating to information technology architecture and infrastructure;Providing information relating to computer technology and programming via a website.
Class Description: 045 - Personal & Legal & Social Services
Goods & Services: Software licensing;Licensing of technology;Legal research relating to real estate transactions .
Class Description: 009 - Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products
Goods & Services: Software testing software;Software reliability software;Software;Collaboration software platforms [software];Software applications;Computer software;Educational software;Simulation software;Workflow software;Industrial software;Enterprise software;Payment software;Server software;Banking software;Privacy software;Accounting software;Business software;Cryptography software;Email software;Risk detection software;VPN [virtual private network] hardware;VPN [virtual private network] operating software;Business technology software;Information technology and audiovisual equipment;Private branch exchanges;Access interfaces for managed private circuit networks;Downloadable digital assets;Image management software;Building management software;Display management software;File management software;Business management software;Traffic management software;Content management software;Data management software;Project management software;Downloadable computer software for blockchain technology;Measuring and control devices for air conditioning technology;Electronic publications in the field of interactive technology;Information technology and audio-visual, multimedia and photographic devices;Downloadable computer software for managing cryptocurrency transactions using blockchain technology;Multifunction cards for financial services.
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