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LegalForce RAPC Worldwide
446 E Southern Ave
Tempe, Arizona 85282
Phone: 650-965-8731 (U.S., Canada)
Phone: +44-203-300-0125 (Europe)

LegalForce RAPC is the largest Patent & Trademark filing law firm in the World.

LegalForce RAPC is headquartered in Mountain View, California in the heart of Silicon Valley. With over 55,000 clients worldwide, LegalForce RAPC has a loyal and growing client base. The success of LegalForce RAPC Worldwide is a result of its intimate focus on every client, regardless of size or status.

We represent businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes from more than 80 countries around the world. Our clients include celebrities, multinational corporations, venture-funded startups, movie studios, musicians, record labels, artists, universities, investment banks, and venture capital firms.

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Haidong Abhyanker Trademark Inc.
Suite B1-1180, Building# 3,
YongAn Road 20
Shilong Economic Development District,
Mentougou, Beijing, China.

We advise and assist our clients in the development, obtention, protection and implementation of their industrial and Trademarks throughout China.

我们帮助中文客户在全球申请注册你的商标。有了我们的帮助,你在美国,欧盟,加拿大,韩国,或其他180多个国家和地区的商标注册将会很轻松。 如果你在过去的6个月内在中国提出过商标注册申请,你将能够在全球大部分国家和地区申请商标注册时主张优先权。如果你近期内没有在中国提起过商标申请,那也没有关系。 只要没有在先的混淆商标,你仍然能够在这些国家和地区提出商标申请。

如果你有需求,请发邮件到。 告诉我们你的问题和你的联系方式,我们会尽快和你进行电话或邮件联系。