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Trademarkia is a large search engine website that offers unique opportunities to qualified law firm advertisers.

Do I qualify to advertise on Trademarkia?

Are you a qualified attorney in your jurisdiction in good standing with a state or federal bar? Do you pride yourself in the quality of your legal services? Do you have the highest ethical and professional responsibility practices? Do you perform conflict checks and have documented procedures to maintain client confidentiality? If so, you may be eligible to advertise on the Trademarkia.com website.

Why should I advertise on Trademarkia?

Many prospective clients turn to the Internet to research legal issues themselves before retaining an attorney. By advertising on the Trademarkia.com search engine, potential new clients can find you. Trademarkia.com is one of the largest websites on the Internet in terms of unique visitors and page views with more than 500,000 unique visitors every month visiting from more than 190 countries/territories around the world each month. The Trademarkia.com search engine receives over 1,300,000 page views each month – which is a remarkable 1 new unique visitor every 5 seconds, 24 hours a day.

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Trademarkia.com offers display advertising, text advertising, pay-per-conversion, Google® Adwords advertising, video production, and exclusive advertising options to meet specific law firm specialization areas and skills. We also have built a suite of private automation, private docketing, and software tools that are licensable by our law firm advertisers, so that you can confidentially communicate with your clients.

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