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Owned by:
Sketchor LLC
14431 W Dixie Highway Bay #3
North Miami Beach, FL 33162
Legal Correspondent:
UTICA, OH 43080
Goods and Services:
002: acrylic paints; watercolor paints; oil paints; paint for artists, picture frames, fabric paints, leather paints, pouring paints
008: Palette knives; canvas pliers; hand tools for use in carving, namely, carving knives; hand tools, namely, engravers; sculpting tools, namely, potter's ribs, wooden modeling tools, double ended ribbon tools, double ended styluses, stylus tools, clay hole cutters, metal handle needling tools, loop tools, curved-needle points, curved-large spear heads, angled-needle points, spoolie tools, curved-l...
016: Arts and craft kits for making mosaic art works comprising printed canvas and mosaic resin tiles; printed canvas specifically used for the application of mosaic resin tiles to create art work. Paint markers; highlighter pens; drawing easels; artist painting kits; crayons; oil pastels; artists' pastels; drafting tubes; sketch drawing boards; erasers; matte cutters, namely, cutters for creating y...
026: Faceted mosaic resin tiles in the nature of rhinestones used to create mosaic art works; applicator sticks in the nature of styluses specially adapted for placing mosaic resin tiles used to create mosaic art works on canvas
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