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PLEASE NOTE: Please CAREFULLY enter your serial number and double check it. By filling out this form, you represent that you have legal authority as the owner or legal correspondent of the owner to act with respect to decisions related to a U.S. trademark application having the serial number above. This information will be relied upon by the U.S. trademark attorney representing your matter to prepare a response to your Office Action, and therefore it is very important that you correctly enter your Serial Number. If you are not sure what your serial number is, please email us at to help you find it. You can also search for your serial number on
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Owned by:
SMG Investment Holdings, LLC
8000 Avalon Blvd, Suite 100
Alpharetta, GA 30009
Legal Correspondent:
Goods and Services:
004: Renewable energy, namely, solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy
007: AC generators; DC generators; Electrical and electronic apparatus and equipment all for use in generating energy obtained from alternative energy sources; Electricity generators; Emergency power generators
009: Batteries; Charging stations for electric vehicles; Electric batteries; Electric storage batteries; Solar batteries
035: Business consulting services for the electric energy industry; Energy management services, namely, providing a service that allows customers to purchase energy, namely, electricity, natural gas and renewable energy, at a fixed price
037: Charging station services for electric vehicles; Charging of electric vehicles; Construction project management services in the field of construction of renewable energy and energy generation equipment support structures and ancillary structures for supporting meteorological data gathering equipment; Home energy assessment services for the purpose of determining home improvements needed to impr...
039: Distribution of energy; Distribution of renewable energy; Utility services, namely, electricity power grid load shifting
Does the office action you received mention a likelihood of confusion to another trademark?
That's good. This means that the government does not think your trademark is confusingly similar to other trademarks.

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