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By completing this questionnaire, you confirm that you are the owner or legal correspondent for this trademark no. 90257150
Owned by:
Dermal Diagnostics Ltd
Advanced Technology & Innovation Centre
Loughborough, GB LE113QF
Legal Correspondent:
11730 PLAZA AMERICA DR. #600
Goods and Services:
005: Dietary supplements and dietetic preparations; nutritional supplements for weight management; dietary and nutritional preparations; dietetic preparations adapted for medical purposes
009: Mobile apps; artificial intelligence apparatus; artificial intelligence software; artificial intelligence software for healthcare
010: Measuring devices for medical use; blood glucose monitoring apparatus; heartbeat measuring apparatus; blood pressure measuring apparatus; diagnostic measuring apparatus for medical use; pulse measuring devices; body mass index (BMI) measuring devices for medical use; electronic monitoring instruments for medical use; medical apparatus and instruments
041: Personal training services; dietary education services; conducting training courses relating to diet online
044: Medical services; healthcare services; providing medical information in the healthcare sector; medical analysis for the diagnosis and treatment of persons; dietetic advisory services; dietary and nutritional guidance; providing information about dietary supplements and nutrition; consultation services in the field of weight management; providing medical information in the field of weight loss
Does the office action you received mention a likelihood of confusion to another trademark?
That's good. This means that the government does not think your trademark is confusingly similar to other trademarks.

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