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Owned by:
Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park
Zhubei City, Hsinchu, TW 302058
Legal Correspondent:
7F.-1, NO. 100, ROOSEVELT RD. SEC. 2
Goods and Services:
001: Reagents for scientific and medical research use; Chemical solutions and preparations consisting of pre-mixed reactants and reagents for scientific and research use in connection with amplification, analysis or labeling of nucleic acid; Chemical reagents, namely, reagent strips for body fluid testing for use in the scientific research industry; Chemical, biochemical and biotechnological product...
005: Medical diagnostic reagents; Chemical reagents, namely, diagnostic medical reagent strips for use by individuals to test their own body fluids and for use by the medical profession; Diagnostic biological reagents and chemical reagents for medical purposes; Cartridges containing medical diagnostic reagents for use in blood analyzers, hematology analyzers, and analyzers for measuring, testing and...
009: Apparatus detecting the amount of DNA binding fluorescence dye or the amount of fluorescence dye released from DNA binding probe for laboratory or research use; Computer software and hardware for medical diagnostic instrument for real-time qPCR instrument, digital PCR instrument; Computer software and hardware for processing diagnostic medical testing or laboratory data; Hardware and software f...
010: Medical diagnostic instruments, namely, sample handlers in the nature of holder for clinical sample wells, tubes and vials, sample preparation equipment, equipment for obtaining and testing bodily fluids for medical diagnosis; Blood analyzing instrument for medical diagnostic purposes and disposable cartridges and reagents for use therein; Medical diagnostic apparatus for the analysis of body f...
042: Scientific research and development; Science and technological services, namely, research in the field of medicine, medical and biological technologies; Research and development in the field of biochemistry and biological technology; Clinical diagnostic laboratory services; Medical laboratory services; Providing technical support services for laboratory equipment and systems, namely, troublesho...
044: Medical diagnostic testing, monitoring, analyzing and reporting services; Medical diagnostics testing, monitoring, reporting services for the diagnosis of conditions of the human body; Medical testing for diagnostic or treatment purposes; Medical evaluation of endometrial receptivity by determining the expression level of microRNAs in bodily fluid and tissue samples; Health care services for tr...
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