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Owned by:
Workforce Integrity Network, LLC
8001 Conner Road
Knoxville, TN 37849
Legal Correspondent:
Goods and Services:
035: Negotiating of commercial transactions for the provision of drug testing services or products with drug and alcohol testing laboratories, collection sites, substance abuse professionals, and drug test kit vendors, for clients; retail store services featuring drug testing kits
036: Providing third party administrator services in the field of drug testing, namely, bill payment services related to the clients drug and alcohol testing program
044: Providing medical review officer services consisting of results interpretation of drug and alcohol use tests and independent review of drug and alcohol use tests; collection of urine, hair, and oral fluid for drug and alcohol use testing; providing drug testing services via a clinical toxicology lab; conducting random drug use testing protocols for clients; maintaining files and records concern...
045: Regulatory compliance consulting in the field of drug and alcohol testing
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