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13 Loyola Drive
Hot Springs Village, AR, 71909
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009: Computer software, namely, machine learning and cognitive computing software for use in capturing, processing, editing, viewing, sharing, recognizing, and tagging digital photos, digital videos and images; computer software, namely, machine learning and cognitive computing software for use in providing user-specific content recommendations, sponsored advertisements and semantic interpretations ...
035: Advertising, marketing and promotional services using online mobile network; Promotional services, namely, promotion relating to multimedia content, particularly audio, video and image content
041: Providing a webpage featuring recommendations of digital content, namely, audio, video and images, in the field of entertainment and education; Entertainment services, namely, providing advice and information in the field of production of multimedia entertainment content, namely, audio, video, and image production services; Provision of information in the field of fashion, lifestyle, culture an...
042: Providing temporary use of a non-downloadable mobile software application for providing users with specific informed recommendations in the field of online audio, video, images and other multimedia content, based on user behavior trends and user data for commercial use
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