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Owned by:
Monnickendamkade 1
, NL
Legal Correspondent:
Brent E. Routman
Merchant & Gould
P.O. Box 2910
150 South 5th Street, Suite 2200
Minneapolis MN 55402
Goods and Services:
017: Flexible pipes, not of metal; Flexible pipe and pipe systems comprised primarily of tubes, hoses, valves and fittings therefor, the pipes being all non-metal and made of plastic and fibres; Fibre reinforced thermoplastic flexible pipes for conveying natural gas; Nonmetallic flexible pipe and pipeline products, namely, tubes, hoses, valves and fittings therefor made of plastic and fibers for use...
019: Rigid pipes and rigid and flexible ducts, not primarily made of metal, for mining, extracting and transporting mineral materials; Rigid pipes and rigid and flexible ducts, not primarily made of metal, for transporting concrete, cement and gravel
042: Product design and development of design methodologies in the field of thermoplastic composite pipe and its ancillaries; Scientific laboratory work services; Engineering services, namely, installation, renovation, maintenance, repair and modernization of pipeline infrastructures; Engineering for design and development of production equipment and processes in the field of oil and gas and hydroge...
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