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Photography and Trademark Infringement

Photography and Trademark Infringement

In Trademark Ownership    -  updated on 11/11/2009
Sorry folks I have no where else to turn...

I have a photograph that is taken of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa Canada.  The photo was taken on Remembrance day so it is covered in the Royal Canadian Legion's Poppy.

I received a letter from the Legion that if I were to sell this image it would be an infringement on their trademark.

Can someone comment on this?  Can they possibly restrict the artistic representation of a public monument because their t...
Photography business

Photography business

In Someone is copying my Trademark, what do I do?    -  updated on 2/19/2015
I have photography business name that has been on the world wide web since 2011. In 2014, I started the trademark process. I have now finished the process in 2015. I have found the someone is now using a similar name to mine, but has not copied it to its entirely. What can be done in this case?