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Evidence of issued marks to support arguments

Evidence of issued marks to support arguments

In Trademark Office Action Responses    -  updated on 11/11/2009
When responding to a TM rejection, can I use evidence of other similar marks that have been issued to overcome a descriptiveness rejection?

For example, I received a rejection for "potato vodka" for vodka made from potatoes.  However, there are registered marks allowed by the PTO for "sea ice vodka" for vodka made from glaciers, and "lemon vodka" for vodka made from lemons. Can evidence that these marks were allowed be used to make persuasive arg...
Use of Servicemark...Evidence

Use of Servicemark...Evidence

In Service Marks    -  updated on 11/11/2009
I am planning on applying for a Servicemark for doing business on the retail services selling collectibles antiques, etc.
I want to known how I can show that this "Servicemark" is actually used in the course of my doing business.

Question:  What evidence can I give them through the Web Application that I use the Servicemark selling products on the Web?
Question:  Is my situation sufficient to satisfy the requirement that I am doing business u...