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vintage trico wiper blades

vintage trico wiper blades

In Famous Marks    -  updated on 7/14/2011
how do you date vintage trico wiper blades?
Schick injector blades

Schick injector blades

In Branding    -  updated on 4/4/2013
i have a Schick injector razor and am looking for replacement bladesfor it blade number is m92-5. where can i find them?
can you please tell me if the K-Tel Int

can you please tell me if the K-Tel Int'l Hair Magician is still available anywhere. I am in New Zealand and have one I have had since the 1970;s but I only have the one blade. I need some more blades

In Expired Trademarks    -  updated on 4/25/2020
since lockdown there have been no hairdressers open so I have resurrected my hair magaician but I need more blades or a whole product, not fussy. Do you possible know where I could get one from. I live in New Zealand. Thankyou for your help. Kaye Burch